“You screwed me over. If You take away my lifelong dream and ability to start a family you do not have my vote”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner: Monte
Veto Ceremony: Veto isn’t being used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation – Nothing much going on other than cards, Studying, Snuggling and Brittany’s delusions

6:00 am Monte, Taylor and Turner
Enjoying the backyard for the last time this season. Making sure nothing was forgotten.
Turner “Alright Big Brother Backyard we love you”
Monte – Truly been a wonderful summer
Monte – we will miss the fresh air
Turner – get your last breath of fresh air

blinds close.

7:02 am Taylor and Monte
Taylor – I didn’t ask someone to rub lotion on my back so I’m a little dry
Monte – I would have been more than willing to help out with that
Taylor – are you too tired now?
They start kissing.. Feeds flip

7:30 am Zzzzzz on the feeds

Noon Wake up call

2:00 pm Shuffling Cards..

3:00 pm Zzzzz

3:20 pm Cards and chit chat

4:16 pm Taylor Studying

4:30 pm Cards

4:35 pm Brittany and Taylor
Brittany says Monte has played too safe of a game to win “You have to take risks that is what this game is.. he’s played such a safe game”
Brittany goes on about how Monte’s game has been too safe to win the game.
Brittany – you don’t win Big Brother if you don’t take a risk.. I tool plenty of risks. Last week. I took a risk.
Brittany – he has such an inflated sense of what a good clean game he’s played. To certain people but do you think I think you played a clean game? NO
Brittany – we had a final 3 and you’re not taking me to final 3. that’s not good and clean. Most of the people you think liked you left MONTHS ago.
Brittany says the jury’s perception of Monte will change to the negative.
Brittany – this game is rated based on the moves you made not Honour. Turner has made the bigger moves taken more risk and survived those risks. That is how you win. He evicted his final 2 and is still here.
Brittany – it’s like if I evicted Michael and I still managed to be here.
Brittany says if Monte takes Taylor to final 2 “I’ll rally the girls and try to make a social move”
Brittany – I don’t know if Michael will swing .. but if Michael sees he didn’t take Turner out and he had the chance multiple times I don’t think Michael will respect that as a game move that’s not playing Big Brother. (Brittany’s trainwreck of a game is how you play Big Brother)
B – I don’t know what that is but it’s not Big Brother.
Taylor – it will be 5 v 4 if it’s the girls and Michael
B – you only need 5 to win
B – Joe and Kyle see too much of their own game in Monte so they will vote for Monte. I would not bank on it there could be a chance.
They agree Taylor has to take Monte to final 2
T – there’s no chance with Turner I have to take Monte and I have to be the one taking him.
B – if the girls are on the fence and want to see a woman win I could see that being a reason to justify
Brittany – I’m sorry do you not know me do you not know Alyssa? Do you not know Indy? That’s three votes right there. Guess what? We’re Jury we get to decide which rubric we grade things on. You screwed me over. if You take away my lifelong dream and ability to start a family you do not have my vote (Damn Brittany sucks)
Brittany – that is the rules of this Big Brother Game
Taylor – the rules are your rules
B – Guess what you put me in a position to decide.
B – I love this game so much. I think it’s funny Monte gets so caught up .. oh my god he made me roll my eyes. You and your courage.. Who do you think you are? Superman?
B – you are human like the rest of us. The rules do not say play the cleanest game that is not Big Brother (Rules don’t say it’s a charity show either)
B – just because you think you played a clean game doesn’t mean you have.. you do not win because of it. Michael would have won this game and he betrayed me than anybody and he should still have won if he got to the end.
Brittany says what Monte is doing is “So embarrassing” She wonders what “Twitter and the podcastas” are firing off right now.
Brittany sighs “My stomach is in knots”
T – you ever wonder who America is rooting for?
B – All the time. I do wonder how much America is going to know. How Michael went against me. If that’s not shown that will be disappointing.

Brittany goes on about how she’ll sit michael down in the Jury and talk to him.
Brittany says she doesn’t want to have to choose between Monte and Turner

6:05 pm Brittany is still talking. Turner has made a omelette for Monte and himself.

6:44 pm just waiting and studying.. Feeds flip to Brittany.. I’m out.

7:40pm – 8pm Brittany talking about past events of the season to the live feeders and what she what’s to happen after the season ends. Meanwhile on the other cams Monte and Turner are sleeping.

8:07pm Turner, Monte and Brittany are sleeping..

8:35pm HOH room Taylor studying the days/events/comps of the season.

10:40pm – 11:30pm Monte and Brittany play cards.

12am – 2am The final four play cards.

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Surf all day

Yesterday, Brittany’s biggest dream was to be on BB. Now it’s Monte fault that she can’t have a baby, because she didn’t win. What a total freaking loser. She reminds me of that nut from Misery. Taylor put her big ass on the block, so Taylor is actually the one she should be mad at. No, she should be mad at herself for acting like a jealous weirdo over M/T. Stabbing Taylor in the back and getting busted. That’s on her stupid ass.

Captain Kirk

There are no waves there.
Flat as glass.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Exactly. She would never have made it to Jury had Michael not dragged her along. In fact, Michael now deserves MVP because he had to listen to her go on and on and on. She has the memory of a gnat. I hope Michael and others remind her of all the “Michael has to go” bread crumbs she left all over the house. Maybe Jasmine ate them.


I don’t have a problem with Brittany but it’s no one’s fault she can’t have children. She should not pin that on anyone not even herself. She should not have gone there. Sad for her. They shouldn’t let any player stay and stew for a week. It can make you, well, mental. Such bad production this year. I know they meddle and if you’re going to, do it better. And no monte has not played a clean courageous game. This is just sad to see her break like this. Too much time. Life is depressing enuf without watching these people”win”.

Captain Kirk

“I don’t have a problem with Brittany but it’s no one’s fault she can’t have children”
That’s not the point. You are throwing a red herring and irrelevancy to the main issue

The Beef

The main issue being what – Brittany is a bitch?

She lost and she needs to get over herself. She wouldn’t even be there had she not been dragged there by Michael, and that too is a fact. She seems impressed by her own game, when in fact she’s done absolutely NOTHING to advance herself, with the lone exception being winning the final 5 veto, against 3 basically brain dead players, where it took over 23 minutes to put 27 gears onto a clock face and make them touch each other. Any person with a lick of sense could probably get that comp done in 7 or 8 minutes, but not this crew – 52 seconds per gear average it took her to get it done – just think about that. All you have to do is stick them in a hole and make the teeth line up – it just couldn’t be that hard, but with this bunch of non-competitors every comp was an adventure after Michael left.

Brittany’s self entitled ass can kiss mine from now on and for all eternity!


Gee – you sound like Monte.

The Beef

Well let’s not forget that Turner played in that comp as well as Brittany and Taylor, so he falls into the non-competitor camp too, as well as the other two.

Or is it the the term bitch or self entitled that’s upset you this time? Is it that I’m wrong for thinking anybody who thinks they should have funds associated with winning a game show just handed to them, because they’re “cause” is a better one than the other people’s reasons for wanting to win is entitled, or is it that you just think I’m wrong that I feel she’s mad that she lost, so therefore going to withhold her vote for winning the season to punish the person who beat her which is a bitch move in my eyes? Not only that, but she’s been bitching and moaning about it for days on end now, and frankly, I’ve just gotten tired of it.

It may have been different if she had actually done something in the game, like Michael did, and was then kind of unjustly booted from it, but she hasn’t and she wasn’t. I’m sorry I offended you (again), but I haven’t noticed you posting notices to anybody else talking about Brittany’s endless entitled complaining so I’ll assume this is just special for me, and I understand why. I get it, and sorry again for offending you, and for hurting your feelings earlier. Wasn’t my intention then or now. Just wanted to set the record straight back then. Sorry that doing that upset you so. Definitely wasn’t my intention.


All good


Her bitter side is showing again

Captain Kirk

Like her or not, she does bring up good points.
The problem that she runs into is this: There are not many brain cells left in the house. It’s also a reason why she got along very well with Michael—he can appreciate her logical arguments and strategy based on the dynamics of the house. Not much can do with what’s left.


Her main point to Monte was that Turner would be more competitive than she in the final HOH comps. That actually works against her, not for her.

Monte was won the last three comps he’s participated in. Brittany was nine seconds behind him in the haunted house and should have won the days.

There’s a recency bias that Brittany has actually been better in comps recently than Turner (and she won the veto Monte missed).

Regardless, he knows she’s not taking him to F2 and Turner most likely will. Her campaign is moot — and has been since she screwed the pooch on Day 3 vs. Day 4.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

the girls will vote for a girl anyways. its obvious.

The Beef

Which is a pretty shitty reason for voting for somebody to win, as is voting for them because they are a male, or any particular color or lack of color. Voting should be based on game play, competitions, strategy and social interaction. All this “If you vote me out, you are NOT getting my jury vote!” is total chickenshit game play and the mark of a bad player. I might MIGHT understand using that line to try and get someone to keep you in the game, but to actually cast your vote because of it is just wrong, IMHO. It’s no different than Britt saying you kept me from having a baby, which is total BS.


Simon, she doesn’t go to jury? There are still 3 days before finally night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until show time.

so theoretically she could have 2 days with the jury.

but given the handlers prevention of game talk not sure she would be allowed except at the round table


Brittany is a sore loser. She took away her own chance of winning by being drug by Michael.


I’m not sure she makes jury if she doesn’t ride michael’s coattails. America’s vote made her a target and most of the women at that point didn’t like her while the men were indifferent

Captain Kirk



They all had help getting where they are. Not just Brittany.

No Name

Let’s look at the big moves of the final 3.
Monte’s big move was taking out Michael.I would say his other big move was setting the tone of the season week 1 by releasing the bullies.
Turner’s big move……hmmm let’s see….his 3 HOHs were each turning points in the game with the evictions of Ameera Kyle and Michael but he had little to do with any of it.His big move is just happening to be there.
Taylor’s big move…yup got nothing,does surviving count,oops wrong show,but she is the survivor of the season.
I will hate to see it but Monte is deserving the win by default based on gameplay,but I would like to see Taylor somehow pull off a win just because Monte and Turner are worst.Overall I’m unimpressed by all their gameplay.There was also a lot of nuance in their gameplay but I won’t get into that.I had high hopes at the beginning of the season that were quickly dashed.As quickly as Paloma spun out.

Booyaka tribe

It always baffles me how people seem to hate the gameplay of all the finalists when the object of the game is to make it to the end. I could argue that Michaels gameplay was bad because he made it so he would have had to win an HOH or pov every week to win. He should have learned that from Jedi janelle. I do however, want to see Taylor in the final 2 just to see if those girls who shunned her..would really give her their vote.
The only thing I hate about this season is that Paloma flaming out robbed us of the twist that probably would have had her vs Taylor in a head to head battle to stay in the game.


paloma was a disaster and i was happy to lose her. but the real problem with the season was not intervening sooner on kyle’s racial biases and/or not calling out the ridiculousness of taylor’s refusal to put up jasmine. everything that went wrong this season basically spun out from that week.

Captain Kirk

“problem with the season was not intervening sooner on kyle’s racial biases and/or not calling out the ridiculousness of taylor’s refusal to put up jasmine”


1/ The alleged “kyle” s racial biases” was in fact “game play” that got obfuscated by the BS allegation of racism.

2/ You forgot to complete your sentence: “…Taylor’s refusal to put up jasmine” BASED ON RACE.


The Kats Meow

She really has to stop acting like not winning BB is a personal affront to her livelihood and future as a mother. There’s so many children out there just waiting to be adopted and there are so many ways that she can get help raising the money for more in vitro treatments. Right now her mental health seems very compromised. I hope her husband is strong enough to help get her grounded again. I always took her as a generally happy person, but I’m starting to think that was all a mirage hiding a very deeply sad woman.

Captain Kirk

Therapist generally have more missing nuts and bolts than patients.

Tuts Tuts

Brittany is deranged, I pick that up the first night of the show. She shows it in her essence and body language. Actually it’s in her whole being. The world wasn’t meant for every woman to have a baby, that’s God call. But going forward I hope she sees a Therapist to get her through her life…she really needs it.

The Beef

Her parents have plenty of money, and I don’t think Brittany and her husband are on food stamps either, based on her own description of the home they just built. As I said in a previous post, I’m sure she’d rather pay for the IVF costs on her own, versus relying on her parents for help, but if it comes to baby or no baby, I’m betting she’ll accept the help, if they need it, to get what she needs to get.

Everybody wants to win, and not one person in there signed up to “help Brittany have a baby”. Not one!

Captain Kirk

“T – there’s no chance with Turner I have to take Monte and I have to be the one taking him”
Kyle Doctrine anyone?


While no one can her in her head, actions and words are good indicators.

I wonder how the “optics” are going to look to those Kyle Doctrine critics and deniers when the members of the “Cookout” make a special / guest appearance.

The corollary to the Kyle Doctrine is that if one is not willing to put someone “on the block” to kick them OUT to the jury, then one must be willing to keep them IN the house. (But THAT is okay). Calling it like it is.

Think about it.


I like Britney’s passion and drive

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

almost as much as her self absorbed entitlement?

Captain Kirk

How can Brittany be claiming an “entitlement” to ANYTHING here?

She’s only doing what she believes are “moves” that will help her with her game— the objective to WIN the prize money?

If she was invoking “entitlement, it would be: “I’m here. Give me the prize money”.


Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

the comments she makes go beyond game. she thinks people owe her something because of her story. not sure how you do not see this.

Captain Kirk

You failed to specifically cite a particular statement in the dialogue, but let’s say we view it differently.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

yes I think you might be watching a different show than the rest of us. or just trolling. no way anyone actually see’s things this way unless they are related to brittany or something. I was a fool to fall for the bait. but now the comments I see you make on here it is clear trolling or biased delusion. have a wonderful day.

The Beef

That’s pretty much what she’s saying!


Oh for Christ sakes Brittany you and everyone else on BB has a ‘dream’. What if you weren’t even chosen to be on BB you clueless fool ?! Would you have written them a letter saying “but but but you’re taking away my dream, you’re betraying me !!”. It’s how YOU chose to play your game that finds you where you are right now. Jeez why not be grateful you got this far. Don’t wonder why most of us don’t care for you, all you do is whine and when you’re not whining you say dumb stuff. Bottom line: nobody owes any of us anything. Play the blame game why don’t ‘cha — damn.

Captain Kirk

“Oh for Christ sakes Brittany you and everyone else on BB has a ‘dream’. What if you weren’t even chosen to be on BB you clueless fool ?! Would you have written them a letter saying “but but but you’re taking away my dream, you’re betraying me !!”.




Sue CBS for weight discrimination? Not appropriate, Captain Kirk.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

this is big brother, not big charity. stay mad, stay biased, stay bitter, stay delusional. just go to jury already. we are sick of your toxic self absorbed hostility. the show does not revolve around you. get a clue.


I think Monte is playing for second or third place…. you got this turner and Taylor 🙂

Game fan

if things arent biased and rigged , indy and jas are soppuse to be on his side no matter what . cause indy was the closest to him out of the 3 and jas really hates the other two.
terrance was hig biggest fan and joe is his guy.. he is also getting tylor\turner vote , if they are not too sour

The Beef

Right before they were evicted both Indy and Jasmine severely “disliked” Taylor. Hell, Indy was even evicted on Taylor’s HOH. Now we’re supposed to believe that two dresses secretly packed into her suitcase are going to make her love her? And Jasmine, the one non-Leftover who was not only evicted, but TOLD she was going to be evicted several days early in the name of enjoying her last few days in the house, supposedly “got to know” Taylor during those few days, and now all of a sudden adores her after hating her for, what, the previous 6.5 weeks?

If they vote for her, there’s some serious production interference going on.


Right before they were evicted both Indy and Jasmine severely “disliked” Taylor.

That’s not completely accurate… Indy was telling everyone she believed Taylor didn’t want her evicted & placed her full wrath on Kyle for not using the POV. Her relationship with Monte took a hit the minute he put her OTB bc Indy thought she was in a F3 with him/Joseph.

Two weeks prior to her exit Jasmine didn’t touch the block during Taylor’s HOH & was made aware that others pushed for her to go up/be the target but Taylor refused. And then there was the kumbaya Brochella week.

So my recall was Indy was most furious with Kyle for not using the POV and Jasmine with Brittany especially since she did most of the talking when they told her was leaving. Do you have receipts that show otherwise?

If they vote for her, there’s some serious production interference going on.

You think? What would make that any different than every season of BB? Do you think they influenced what happened at various stages of this season via the DR or production notes? Do you think the feeds being off during Dyre Fest & the outside group having to all come inside wasn’t accompanied by some production direction? Do you think the jury segment was completely organic or partially/wholly manufactured?

Besides this cast is predominantly clout chasers. Jasmine already is active, particularly on Instagram, and wants to be an influencer while Indy desperately wants to get onto Big Brother in her native Brazil bc those players become mega rich.

All jurors get a prep session by the handlers prior to doing their exit interviews so it wouldn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out Taylor is an external talking point and popular.

Both ladies are close to Joseph & Michael who’ll have sway in the jury and I’d put more emphasis on how they might influence their votes which could be advocating for Monte or Taylor but I suspect the latter.

The Beef

Totally agree with you about Indy’s feelings about Kyle. There’s no doubt he told her he was using the veto (that’s my memory, and then when the whole let’s put up Alyssa push happened, that obviously changed) and then didn’t, which pissed her off at him.

That has nothing to do with her feelings towards Taylor.

Jasmine SHOULD have felt very good about Taylor since she refused to put her OTB during her HOH and after Jas put her up during hers, but even after that, Jasmine was STILL talking about putting Taylor OTB when asked “Who would you put up?” by allies, and you know that’s true. The whole split house week was a bit of a cluster, so nobody truly knows what was said by who and when, and again, if she was madder at Brittany, that doesn’t really impact her feelings about Taylor unless it somehow drove her closer to her during that week, which I guess is possible.

I’m not saying Jasmine or Indy dislike ONLY Taylor, which is what you seem to have gotten out of what I posted, since you started listing other players they disliked or blamed more for their immediate demise. My point was I don’t think they like or LOVE Taylor enough to vote for her, like for example we know Michael would vote for Brittany if she made it to final 2, or Kyle would vote for sure for Alyssa if she made it to final 2. It just goes without saying, you know that would happen. I still think Indy votes for Monte over Taylor based on their relationship in the house. I also think Jasmine votes for Monte, but I missed most of the jury segment when Kyle entered the house due to two cops being shot and killed serving a warrant in my area that night and the Atlanta local news kept breaking in with updates, so there was no way for me to see that. Obviously I don’t know that for sure, and I’m not SAYING I know that for sure, so maybe my comment about production interference was too strong. There’s been so much stuff going on this season, people could vote a lot of different ways for a lot of different reasons. I WISH they’d vote based on game, but even if they do that, it’s been a pretty weak season game play wise IMO, with only one or two really big moves (Michael, and I think taking out Ameerah was big, but it was so early do we really know?) and the four left are just not that great.


First – sorry to hear about what happened in your area – that’s terrible & hope you are safe.

You’re correct this season’s cast is all over the map & therefore could vote for anyone. I also don’t think your comment about production interference is out of line bc it sort of feels like that’s the new age BB (tons of production interference on every aspect of the game: DR, plot, comps etc).

As for the votes, I think there are only a few locks – Terrance voting for Monte — even though he said in an interview he was playing the worst game but that shouldn’t surprise anyone based on Terrance’s poor reads all season. And it’s a pretty safe bet Jasmine would vote for the empty chair over Turner.

Semi-locks are probably Kyle for Monte (not sure if he’d lean Turner bc of their F2), and Ally voting for Taylor (bc she wants a woman to win & will blame Monte/Turner for her exit).

As a super fan, Michael cited Monte’s game but also noted Taylor’s story. I think bc he was also OTB week one & she spent so many eviction nights up there he probably gives that more leeway than some of the jury. I would’ve thought he’d lean Monte but Michael will know the history (no black woman has won regular season BB) & bc he worked with her all season I could see him shift to her.

Joseph is the vote I’m least sure of bc he had a F2 with Monte but was super close to Taylor.

Well know in a few days but I don’t think Turner can win versus either player bc of poor jury management & believe it would be a 5-4 or 6-3 vote for Taylor versus Monte with Joe/Michael being the swing votes.

Captain Kirk

B to Taylor- “You screwed me over. You took away my dream and ability to start a family you do not have my vote”

Taylor – “the rules are your rules”

B – “The rules do not say play the cleanest game that is not Big Brother (Rules don’t say it’s a charity show either)”

Brittany is merely articulating her plans (with the money) if she wins the prize money, just like other contestants may have their own plans if they win. Fair??

There is absolutely no solicitation for “charity” here from Brittany. NONE. She’s merely playing the “game”. Charity is typically the voluntary giving of help from one to another, typically in the form of money, to those in need. THE SIDEBAR EDITORIAL COMMENT IN PARENTHESIS IS UNFOUNDED AND UNWARRANTED).

The ONLY solicitation for charity has come, arguably, from TAYLOR and ALYSSA when they were willing to spread legs to others in angling for votes or ” protection” as a way of angling for the money prize.

That’s the gutter “play” from the hood. And if someone does it in the streets for money is called …what? Humm.

Brittany is nonetheless a winner here insofar as she’s played by the rules of ethics and character in the context of the “game”.

Contrast that with the rules of the hood and the gutter by spreading legs for the sake of a vote or “protection”.



Captain Kirk, I believe you’ve lost your mind.

Captain Kirk

lol…..why? 🙂


This is most definitely Brittany’s husband


I do agree that was unnecessary about that sidebar editorials

The Beef

I believe the charity comment is not only legitimate but fair, based on the fact Brittany herself has stated earlier that both Monte and Turner “do not need the money” and the things they want to spend the money on are (paraphrasing) not nearly as worthy as what SHE wants to spend it on, which is getting pregnant and having a baby or adopting one. So, since she’s no longer in a position to WIN the game, she’s basically BEGGING Monte to keep her in the game so she has the chance to advance and play on and get more money, because she thinks she DESERVES it more than they do. Not because she played a winning game, but because her “cause” to her is more worthy.

So, in a sense, she’s asking Monte almost to make a “contribution” to her “Brittany baby fund” because she has no other way to win her way to final 3 now does she?

Simon was right, it’s NOT a charity, where money is handed out to the “most worthy” cause, or even ANY “worthy” cause. Money goes to whoever wins, whoever places second and whoever gets voted AFP, and Brittany isn’t getting any of those three things. She gets the stipend everybody gets plus whatever stipend 4th place gets, so she needs to quit bitching about it and get over herself.

Captain Kirk

” Brittany herself has stated earlier that both Monte and Turner “do not need the money” and the things they want to spend the money on are (paraphrasing) not nearly as worthy as what SHE wants to spend it on”

Nah. Not in agreement.

First, who is she to determined (or evaluate) whether Monte or Taylor do not need the prize money? What’s her factual basis for saying THAT?

Second, who is she (or you) (or anyone of us) to give valuation to her choice or decision on what to do with the prize money, and whether THAT use has more or less merit that Monte’s or Turner’s decision on how to invest or waste (depending on your point of view) the prize money is either of the two were to win.


Brittany, who died and made YOU Queen ??
Asking for a friend.


Ok, so while Brittany was bashing Monte to Taylor up in the HOH, complaining how Monte is betraying her, he’s broken his word, not taking Brittany to Final 3, he’s messed up her chances of starting a family, blah, blah.

I know this is mean, but I have to say it. Brittany starting a family, making more little Brittany’s, ohhhhhhhhhh Hell No !!! I can’t imagine more little Brittany’s running around, that would be annoying as hell.

So per Brittany, Monte has not done enough to win the game? But she thinks that she has taken risks, she has made moves, I wish Taylor would have asked her what moves or risks she feels she can tell the Jury she made ?

Michael carried her sorry Ass, Brittany had no power, she won 1 Veto that Michael threw to her, then last week she won a Veto on her own. That is the 1 and only thing she has won on her own this entire season, everything else, She rode Michael’s back, Michael made the moves, not Brittany.

I am so glad Monte is not taking Brittany to final 3, I don’t know how the hell she feels that she earned the right to advance to final 3 !!!! What did she do ?? Brittany said, Monte is breaking his word, not taking her to final 3, Brittany, you tried to evict your so called friend Taylor last week!!!! Oh, it’s ok for you to back stab people, but they better not back stab you.

I fell out laughing when Brittany said she will rally the girls, and they will vote against Monte. Jasmine, Indy, Alyssa, they can’t stand Brittany, they will not listen to anything Brittany says.

Get ready to be ignored as you were when all the girls were in the house, Michael is most likely the only person who’s going to listen to your rants, nobody else is going to give you the time of day.

Brittany needs to stop playing the sympathy card about needing the money so that she can start a family, I’m sure everyone this season other than Alyssa, had a reason for coming on the show trying to win 750k or 2nd place 75k.

Brittany, this is not a charity event, Monte owes you nothing, get a real job that will pay you big bucks, I don’t see you really being that great of a hypnotherapist, that crap you did with Alyssa, where you thought you hypnotized her, and healed her back pain, listening to you, I was like, what the hell, you don’t even sound like someone who’s professional in this arena of being a really good hypnotherapist that makes big bucks.

Can’t wait to see your lazy, messy, hypocritical, back stabbing Ass hit the door, you should have won HOH, made risky moves, not ride Michael’s back, trying to share his victories, go away, go far far away Brittany, you don’t have a chance at making Final 3. You Suck !!!


Perfect. You nailed it !!

Captain Kirk

“I know this is mean, but I have to say it. Brittany starting a family, making more little Brittany’s, ohhhhhhhhhh Hell No !!! I can’t imagine more little Brittany’s running around, that would be annoying as hell”

Objectively, the way we have witnessed how EASILY Taylor and Asylla go around spreading the word of the day around the house (LEGS), it is statistically MORE frightening when considering the possible consequences; lots of little Taylors and Alyssas burdening public welfare and social programs, the court system, healthcare, education (or the lack thereof, etc. The consequences are endless and catastrophic.

LESS likely with the Brittanies.

Buh Bye

Congrats. After following OBB for years, that’s the most racist comment I’ve ever read on this site. Grow up…

Captain Kirk

Racist? LOL….PLEASE.



Bug Bye, while I agree that at times Caption Kirk’s comments show a lack of maturity, I saw nothing in the comments made that could be considered racist.


How is it racist when he included both a white and black woman in the statement?


Captain Kirk for the win!

lol you are awesome! Thanks for providing some sound logic and unbiased opinion!


I hope you don’t have kids. lol

You know it is mean but have to say it? So you’re a much better example for children right?

Captain Kirk

I’m wondering what antics Brittany will pull out of her cap to outdo Michael and Daniel when she stomps out of the house !!!! lol


If I was in the house, when Monte sends Brittany packing, I wouldn’t even stand up to hug her and say goodbye.

I’d remain seated, tell her I wish her the best life has to offer. See Ya.


I think Brittany knows exactly what she is doing and saying. She’s trying to get Monte to save her and using sympathy to do so or threatening to withhold her vote when that time comes. At the same time, she wants Taylor to hear her story, so that if Monte saves her and the situation arises, Taylor will take her to final 2. If neither of those two work, she’s trying to get America’s vote for AFP. She hasn’t lost her marbles. She’s perfectly sane. Don’t forget she learned manipulation from Michael.

Captain Kirk


It’s interesting to observe how Brittany’s narrative is now being characterized by some as a solicitation for “charity” as opposed to “game strategy”

No Name

Gotta shoot every bullet even if they’re blanks.

Game fan

It’s not strategy , she said those things to herself (and the cameras) as well .
To become AFP? Maybe. But that’s so wrong by her, thinking being bitter would help america love her.

No Name

What is everyone going to bitch about once Brittany is evicted?Monte/Taylor hookups,Turner sleeping.


I kinda think we’ll still be bitching about Brittany… it’s what we do best.

No Name


Captain Kirk

To bitch about having to put up with Brittany and Michael next season in The Amazing Race !!!

Game fan

Taylor win. Hopefully not.


Hope not but she probably will.

Don't hate the player

Has no one else realized Brit is trying to win AFP…If she talks about it enough, it may make it to an Episode… Casual watchers may vote for her for her reason… haven’t heard anyone else express what they are going to do with the money…She is still playing… you may hate it, but she isn’t giving up.


I would like to see Monte and Turner in the final. I never really liked Taylor and have wanted her gone every eviction. She is a snake that will do anything she must to win. She lost any respect when she spread her legs for Monte. It would be a huge slap in her face if she whored herself out for nothing, only to be evicted last!

The Canadian girl

Jezzzzz! What happened to just being young and enjoying life.

Monte and Taylor are both young, single and good-looking. What happened (them having sex after two months of abstinence) is completely normal. They both enjoyed it.

Was it solely for the game? Maybe but why the title of “who’re” is attached to Taylor only? From what I saw they were 2 in that bed. Monte could have done it with the same intent as Taylor…Idk… I find it weird that quickness to name call women… She wasn’t alone doing it, remember…


Touche’, Canadian girl.

Avid watcher

Wooooo! Nobody asked you that!

The Kats Meow

Wow what a hot take you’re running with there…”Since she spread her legs for Monte” Well I didn’t see Monte having any trouble pulling his dick out. That twisted logic of only blaming a woman shit makes you look ridiculous. I hope you’re sitting down, because this might make you feel faint, but Monte wasn’t tempted and fell like a biblical figure. He wasn’t forced by a siren. He wasn’t coerced or taken advantage of. Is it really such a shock to your sensibilities that two single people might just be physically attracted to each other and want to f*ck? They’ve been locked up in that house all summer and mutually wanted to have sex, who cares. Some of you make me wonder who left you with genital cobwebs. People have sex, it’s pleasurable, get over it.

Captain Kirk

“Wow what a hot take you’re running with there…”Since she spread her legs for Monte” Well I didn’t see Monte having any trouble pulling his dick out. That twisted logic of only blaming a woman shit makes you look ridiculous”

“With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!”


This fan group did the same slut shaming to Baleigh when she slept with Swaggy C. Four years later they are still happily married, well off and just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Having sex doesn’t make you a “whore”. I swear people like you who hate like this have the dryest crotch and nobody would probably sleep with you even if they were paid to do so….


Brittany was right about everything. Michael and Taylor should have list to her from the beginning

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

stop the cap


Brittney’s issue is not her logic, its her delivery, spiraling, and over sharing everything outside her trusted relationships. And she is annoying.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

You know how there are sometimes people who get on your nerves, and eventually even the benign things about them irk you? That’s how I feel when Brittany over annunciates and elongates EVVERRRY SINGLE WORRRDDD.

Captain Kirk


Captain Kirk

Well, consider the alternatives:

“You know what I mean?”
“I got your back”
“I was like…”
“He/She was like….”
Using “is” instead of “are”
“that’s dope”
“FACTS !!!”

The Kats Meow

Been there, just irritated by their entire existence after a point…Ugh look at her breathing up all the air lolol.

Daisy may123

Production really ruined this show this year from pinning racism on a player to it a players fault that another can’t have a baby. When people have been in their too long and their mental state starts to show and production thinks that’s a good thing there is something wrong with the show. I know in my family we have been watching bb for many years and this crap with Kyle my Michael and Brittney has my family disscusted. Has them turned off and maybe they will never watch it again.now we are saying another player is not going to get her vote because she is not being handed the 750 . Play better! Bb do better!

Captain Kirk

“Production really ruined this show this year from pinning racism on a player to it a players fault that another can’t have a baby. When people have been in their too long and their mental state starts to show and production thinks that’s a good thing”
That’s why there are some who may argue, quite persuasively, that the show has more to do about an unvalidated study in sociology, psychology, and human behavior than playing a “game” or making “strategic moves” on others. It’s amusing and cheap production and entertainment.

But your observation does not go unnoticed, and is valid. What is bizarre to digest is how these test subjects freely acquiesced to these pathetic narratives that production pushes on them without any throwback from them or the “houseguests”.

Its an amazing unvalidated study (LOL) on how some individuals are willing participants, willing to subject themselves to anything, including being ridiculed and scorned, for a few bucks.

But, to each his/her own. Right?
” What a country!” (lol)


They (BB) shot themselves in the foot this season.

Game fan

brittany – you suck and have double standart .
you are saying monte is too clean yet if he back stab you , thats still not good
i dont get where you going other than being a baby and a loser

Captain Kirk

“brittany – you suck”

HOW can you cast such a spurious allegation against Brittany !!! ????

Frankly, from what has been observed thus far, any of THAT (the “suck”) probably came from Taylor and Alyssa (gotta keep it fair and balanced for the optics, right?)

And since the issue of HOW MUCH (sucking) was never presented or made (by you), then further comment or speculation is unwarranted. (But we all have a good idea if we base it on how far a contestant makes it in the “game”)


So we have gone from voting/nominating based on race to doing so based on gender? Hey guys, how about voting based on who you thought played the best game start to finish, Taylor and Brittany?


but then i’d be voting paloma for being smart enough to gtfo the earliest from this disaster.

Captain Kirk

KAPOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What would you doooooooo 4 a Klondike bar?

Captain Kirk

Are you asking Taylor or Alyssa?

The more specific technical question would be:
Where would you hide a Klondike bar if you didn’t have the money to buy it, and decided to steal one when nobody was looking, and all the cameras and microphones were turned off??

I’m sure Brittany feels Taylor is a “person of interest”.


Brittany has added another profession to the list that I wouldn’t trust. Just imagine her thoughts subconsciously put in your mind while you’re in a deep sleep.

Trogdor the Burninator

I never thought I’d see the day where I would find myself saying that I’d rather spend a whole summer watching Jasmine over and over instead of Brittany…but here we are.

Michaels Cat

I don’t know about that. Ms. Chicken Wing Grits Butter Bean Corn Squash Biscuit Muffin Food Horder and talking about her birthday century while scooting on her butt, I think i’ll take Brittany bug eyes and crazy brain working over time. I’m glad we are not stuck with Jaz and Brit at this point in the game. Jaz “Monte pick me because it’s my birthday year and I don’t want to go home during my birthday year” Brit ” Monte pick me because my baby can be born during Jaz birthday year and then it will be my babys birthday year”.

Trogdor the Burninator

Since you put it that way. Turner may just get my vote for AFP simply because he had to be Festie Bestie with Butterbeans and then be part of an alliance and have to constantly listen to Brittany. That alone should be worth something.


I wanted Butter Beans and Crazy Eyes to go Pre-Jury. I was hoping that BB would go back to having a 7 person Jury like they did until season 15


Reading Brittney’s rant and watching her kind of scares me. She reminds me of Kathy Bates in Misery. I hope they are doing mental health check ups.


You gotta hand it to Brittany, she’s gonna beg for every dime she can get out of this. Sad how she banked on being on this show for her happiness.

Captain Kirk

I’m sure she placed applications elsewhere too, and now she has Big Bro on her resume.


Simon, your “favorite” Big Brother Houseguest was on tv today- Frankie Grande lololol!! He was on the Tamron Hall show discussing his throuple, his new marriage to his husband, name dropping Madonna, Ariana Grande’s marriage advice, his Broadway Show, etc. I knew you would just love to hear this update(joking)


Lololol! I know you are “sad” you missed it, sorry I watched it lol

un autre nom

Which ever idiot in the office decided “let’s fast track noms and veto at the final four” needs to be hunted down and forced to listen to Paloma’s entire inception speech…. As screech sung by Indy. 5 days of sit around and wait. Eyeroll.

un autre nom

So Monte is going over a play by play of what happened week one to make the house hate Taylor. Only… he’s leaving out his specific part. He talks about Paloma’s sleep deprivation and believing Paloma over Taylor, and talks about Jasmine’s supposed fat comment.
What does he massively downplay?
He says he believed Paloma and Taylor will see his part in what was done.
He and the boys decided Taylor had to go BEFORE Taylor even talked to Monte about Paloma targeting men (day 3). The day before at the pool table (day 2) she became the men’s target. Monte didn’t like how she spoke to him. He and Pooch agreed (in front of Turner) she was the most dangerous woman. Later, Kyle and Pooch thought she’d become loud aggressive and frightening when she was put on the block, so better to have Daniel do it and take all of her (microaggression number one) angry black woman heat.
This led to the boys going to Daniel after Michael won veto to convince him that Taylor was the only acceptable renom. Monte was batting cleanup for the boys and got Daniel to agree. TAYLOE WAS ALREADY GOING TO BE RENOM BEFORE THE HATE TRAIN monte conducted.
ONLY after that did Monte go to five houseguests to tell them about the Taylor/Paloma talk, before going to Paloma. He had to have justification to gain group consensus that Taylor was the house target. It worked. The house banded together to hate Taylor.
However, Monte isn’t saying any of that. He’s leaving out his role… THE ROLE… in creating the environment.
Monte isn’t telling Taylor that he was the ringleader in the plot to get rid of Taylor, that Paloma and Jasmine were just idiot tools running their mouths to the benefit of Monte’s already existing plan. Even in the mea culpa version, Monte is reacting to what was happening in that part of the story, not the one that actually created the situation.

I don’t like it.

So, in essence Monte is rehashing the show edit version of what happened, NOT the feeds edit version of what happened. How he knows what the show edit version is to spin that to Taylor? Hmmm. You tell me. Actually I’ll just say it, the houseguests are very aware of the edit not just through the usual d/r questioning giving them a hint… but because they’ve actually been told by production. It’s happened way too much this season.



This show and (other reality shows…) are not what they used to be.

The Beef

Wouldn’t surprise me if they informed him so that he could clean up only the “mess” she’s likely to see when she views the programming once she gets out of the house. I mean there’s no way anybody could possibly have access to ALL of the live feeds for anybody to view afterward, although I understand there are snippets here and there recorded for posterity, and that will live on forever on Twitter, YouTube and maybe Instagram, that could be incriminating against him, but not copies of the entire feeds for her to see and scrutinize, if she were truly so inclined to find the real truth.

After all, Monte has probably convinced himself he’s done nothing wrong here, don’t you agree? He’s mister clean game, and has played with total integrity all the way through, don’tchaknow. No doubt in my mind he believes that from the top of his head to the tip of his toes.

un autre nom

he told both Taylor and Turner he was staying away from twitter after the show because he was sure he would be criminalized by bbtwitter for some of the things he said.
That implies he’s aware and knows he was an asshole.

Captain Kirk

“You know what i mean?”
‘I gotcha”
“I was like…”
“She was like….”



Cue the TOOMS twitter compilation video of receipts (LOL).

It’s been noted on social media throughout the season by Taylor’s friends they have been keeping receipts & bc they saw how it all started they (& her mother) have a clear idea of what happened.

Additionally, Tiffany & Hannah are big Taylor fans and Tiff, in particular, is NOT a Monte fan & has commented throughout the season about him — getting especially offended when he/Terrance would go on one of their Taylor bashing rants & most recently the misogynist manner Monte used when talking to her.


Monte: first
Turner: second
Michael: America’s Favorite Player


I understand that Brit’s mannerisms, nervous energy and rambling tendencies can, on a visceral sensory level, be a real turn off to some people. Hence, the impression that she is ‘annoying’.

Beyond that, it looks like distaste for her has morphed into a self-reinforcing group think that she is considered unworthy of living on the planet.

Seriously if you have lived and learned, she is nowhere near the level of toxic personality that most of us have encountered out there.

Those type of individuals know how to be deceitful and manipulative.

She blew her game bc she has no clue how to function in that manner.

She is transparent.

Brit simply exists without any sort of fabricated shell.

That is why she rubs people the wrong way. Her base entity is impulsive and she easily boxes herself into desperation.

She certainly has gone too far off the rails to be holding Monte accountable for the loss of baby money that she never actually ‘earned’ or deserved.

I do think we have to remember one important point in that development.

She is quite furious with Monte bc of his choice to use his position of power to be sanctimoniously judgmental towards her. That is, the HOH game power, his social power and his alpha male power/inflated confidence, vs the fact she has been feeling alone since Michael left.

Let us recall how Derrick made a point to take Victoria under his wing if for no other reason than improving his odds in the game.

It did not have to be this way, this tension, this ugliness.

Monte chose to crush someone’s remaining shreds of game self-esteem while he held the cards.

Brit is absolutely responsible for herself, for unraveling, especially to the point of making herself look poorly with this baby narrative right now.

But her behavior is founded on the house culture that Monte created. That Turner certainly contributed to .That Taylor did nothing to alleviate.

Actions lead to reactions.

I wish at this point she would pull her shoulders back and stop feeding the Monte. She’s giving him way too much power over her very existence.

Captain Kirk

“Actions lead to reactions.”


Newton’s third law of motion: For every action (force) (in nature) there is an equal and opposite reaction.

But Monte and Taylor would want us to think of it this way: For every wave we create under our sheets, there is a boat that is rocking and taking in water elsewhere.


I just saw via Twitter that there’s a Canadian version of The Amazing Race!

Captain Kirk

Yeah I’ve seen that.

But watching AR (US) earlier tonight was as good as ever. Arguably, the best show out there (IMHO). None of the BS that’s required to be “played” in other shows.

Also, Survivor kicked off tonight as well.

Now let’s hear it (again).
Blah, blah, blah.


If she would only have a child if she won bunch of money then she should not even consider having a child. To me, that means that she would not sacrifice her wants to be able to provide for a child’s needs. I had 3 kids and never had a boatload of money saved up first. I wanted kids and a loving family and not stuff or grand vacations, etc. if you truly want kids money will take care of itself.

Captain Kirk

Well stated.


On BB23, why did that group of six call themselves The Cookout?


Simon and Dawg: Just made a donation to OBB. I hope I did it correctly. I don’t use PayPal. Thanks for your hard work and diligence year after year. I’m still waiting for the BB producers to put y’all on the show with the rest of the BB website people. That would be a season to watch.