Monte – “well.. I’m a very humble.. I don’t don’t think I come natural to brag about myself”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner: Monte
Veto Ceremony: Veto isn’t being used.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation – Brittany getting evicted. Finale is Sunday.

12:20 pm Monte and Taylor
Going over the season’s events. Talking about the people in the jury house
Monte – they all have so much explaining to do to each other.
Taylor – all the people that have the most explaining to do. the three of us have the least explaining to do. We’re the least messy people
Monte – the truest to whatever we said we were going to do with the alliances we had.

Taylor – Alyssa’s eviction is interesting to me. She seemed like she really had a chance of staying. I have hugged many a person on that block and by the time the votes announced they say it coming Alyssa saw it coming but it seemed like even when Julie said it she still had serious hope that it would work out in her favour. it was interesting.

Taylor – Yesterday was good for Brittany. She reached the conclusion on her own to have a good week like Jasmine.
Monte – She’ll be fine, I think she knows things are coming full circle. Thinking about how much of her game depended on Michael the fact she latest this long after his eviction is something to be said too for her.
Taylor – she won the veto, A couple second away from HOH and another Veto.
Monte – yeah it was not like she wasn’t a competitor
Taylor – she showed up. Her social game is something else but..
Monte – Yeah..
Taylor – she was the surprise competitive threat. I like to see that in people. I makes good TV.
Monte – 7 days closer to being back to reality.. a new reality.

Monte – Even though I didn’t like how Michael and Brittany did it one of us were going home that week. I couldn’t have thought there was something that serious being brought up to force Turner to make that decision. I really thought either I had to politic as hard as I could with Turner to see if he would put up Alyssa or Terrance.

Monte – For my ego I would have loved to have said I can control anything
Taylor – we know you love your ego rubbed
Monte – well.. I’m a very humble.. I don’t don’t think I come natural to brag about myself. I’m not that type of person. I don’t walk around saying how tall or strong I am
Taylor – Okay .. go on
Monte – I don’t find it natural to take credit for things. I like the fact I was part of a unit that got this far. What I am trying to say the way things happened it works fine because it fits into my personality.. Things just worked out dude I don’t want to take credit.
Feeds cut to Brittany sleeping when we’re back they’re talking about who they will hangout with after the season is over.

Monte brings up Pooch saying “I need a wingman get a wingman for me”
Monte – sorry POOCH this is a solo mission. You’re on Big brother
Monte – F***ing Pooch baby.. he’s such a character
Taylor – I love that guy. I hope he’s got something lined up right now. that kid deserves.
Monte – He’s so naturally gifted he just doesn’t know he is. the ability to speak so naturally. He can do that all damn day.
Monte brings up when POOCH explained the entire plot of the movie Hurricane “I was like POOCH I’ve seen the movie.. he just went on and on explaining every scene.”
Monte – I hope Paloma comes out that will be fun
T – I want the opportunity to get to know her
M – yeah .. You felt like you never really talked to her?
T – yeah no.. it was always in a group situation
M – who did you have the most one on one conversation with that first week?
T – Brittany
M – that first week I was closest to Kyle and Paloma.
M – Paloma didn’t start acting weird until after you got put up. Before that I think she was a little sleep deprived and what have you. Paloma and I both had a conversation or at least I wanted to have a conversation where the three of us could clear the air.
feeds flip to brittany sleeping. When we’re back.
Monte – I couldn’t make sense of it.
Taylor – I didn’t realize you were so close to Paloma.
M – I was so in my head

1:20 pm Monte and Taylor
Monte – Did you ever hear jasmine said you said something about her weight?
Taylor – WHAT
M – yeah she.. A matter of fact I do remember that. That was a specific thing that I heard from Jasmine. She told me directly to my face. She didn’t say exactly what it was. She said it was a comment.. like not directly like you are a heavier woman. It was something indirectly like she mentioned a dress fitting into it and you made a comment.
T – I hope I can at least see what that’s about
M – It came out after the Paloma situation
feeds flip to Brittany sleeping.
When we’re back Monte is talking about how Jasmine wanted to get weight control surgeries and both Joe and him were telling her “love your body love yourself and see what happens when you WORK. Change lifestyle habits before trying that”
Monte – it was so early and so rushed by I can’t remember what she said. She clearly had it out for you since day one
They go back to studying

1:20 pm Sleeping

2:00 pm Monte and taylor Studying

3:14 pm Eating and Chit chat

4:24 pm – 8:25pm Cards

8:30pm The house guests take a break from cards. Turner and Brittany start packing their suitcases. In the HOH room – Monte showers. Taylor starts making dinner for everyone.

9:13pm Bedroom – Brittany practicing her eviction speech – Monte you are a man who’s sole purpose is to help other achieve their dreams so please do not take away my life long dream tonight. You have the opportunity right here in this moment to take out .. the person that is the front runner to win this game. Turner took out Michael, Monte can take out Turner. If you do, you differentiate yourself in the eyes of the jury and you make the big move that your game has been waiting for. All you have do is bet on yourself and your proven track record to win. Which should be easy because in the 13 competitions you and I have played in together, you have out performed in 11 of them. Whereas of the 9 you’ve competed in against Turner you’ve out performed him in 4, that’s not even half.

10:15pm – 10:45pm Dinner and sitting around chatting about what they’ve missed while being in the house.

11:40pm Brittany goes to sleep.

11:40pm – 1:50am The other three keep playing cards

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Feeds flip to Brittany melting into the mattress.


Dude so funny. Just wish the feeds would flip to Jasmines sexy ass in JH.

Captain Kirk



BARF!! Don’t worry .she is most likely feeding that ass like an oversized pig, so it will be twice as big next time ya see her!! She is disgusting!!

Captain Kirk

“BARF!! Don’t worry .she is most likely feeding that ass like an oversized pig”
Think Monte would feed that “pig” from the rear over Taylor’s objection? lol. 🙂



You are Such a jerk


Thank you.

Captain Kirk



Is anyone going to address the humble elephant in the room?


What humble elephant in the room…Dawg is very humble 🙂

No Name

Mr. All-Ego doesn’t have much to take credit for game wise but I’m sure that won’t stop him on finale night.


Monte definitely has revisionist history, he talks about Paloma and Jasmine being against Taylor in the beginning, but fails to mention that he was one of the lead instigators. Humble is the last word that comes to mind when thinking of Monte.

Captain Kirk

Can’t decide who is more full of themselves Monte or Joseph

And to prevent the “optics” police from blowing their horns (gotta keep it fair and balance here….lol)…Taylor or Brittany.


“at the end of the day” they all will be full of themselves


Those two narcissists BELONG together. Neither of them (Monte NOR Taylor) ever admit when they are wrong’s ALL about IMAGE! Those 2 make me utterly ILL & just TURN my stomach!!

Captain Kirk



I honestly don’t know who this season’s AFP should be. Meanwhile, the next season of The Challenge which will be on MTV soon has Tommy on it


my guess would be it’s between michael and taylor as twitter seems to like their games more than they should.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Same! I lost alot of respect for Michael because of how he handled the Kyle thing. But he was a beast, and no one knew he’s and attorney. Loved Joe, but he didn’t last. Game play – Turner and Monte? Taylor, to irk the mean girls. I really got nothing.


I would assume it’s Kyle judging from all the KKK members here rallying around him


Have they opened voting for America’s Favorite Houseguest? It seems really late!


hopefully it’s not a thing this year. no one from this season deserves the title and the ego trip that will go with it.


when I find the website it says it’s closed!

The Beef

I found it, was able to log in using my email and vote 10 times for my favorite house guest. Pretty easy actually.

keshawn wyman

taylor needs to be evicted next turner needs to go not brittany


Completely agree but it won’t happen. She’ll win BB which once again will show how pathetic this show is.

Captain Kirk

Monte made a bonehead move tonight by evicting Brittany.

Turner must win HOH or he’s OUT.

A Monte or Taylor win will send Turner packing.

Turner wins HOH = Taylor OUT.


Just think. only a half week left of this pathetic boring season, since Michael has left, that is. He truly instilled excitement into a game show that should have folded years ago. It was fun and inspiring to see his physical skill and strategy and intellect create season of BB exciting to watch.

I feel fortunate after ten years of not watching, I decided to give it a try this season. I picked the right one.

Having said this I still think Taylor will be voted AFP because she’s been there for the long haul.

Which is so in line with how bad BB has become…I respected her until she used sex to stay. That’s not a great message for her to send out to girls of her race but she cares more about the money it will bring in!!

Does anyone know if AFP voting is still open? Sadly Taylor will probably win..

Regarding Brittany, I feel for her infertility but come on people, if she really wanted to nurture a child, there are SO many children who need families. So I find that very insincere. All she was was Michael’s tag a long, and then she rewarded that by throwing him under the bus by conspiring for his eviction.

Michael’s a good sport though. In all of his many interviews, he knows they did the right game move.


What does Taylor having sex have anything to do with her race? And why are the women slut shamed so much when they get some while in the house…the guys participate too!

Captain Kirk

“why are the women slut shamed so much when they get some while in the house…the guys participate too!”

Because a “slut” is commonly defined as “a woman” who has many casual sexual partners.


Circular argument. Defined by the very same patriarchies that aim to maintain masculine power and hold back women.

Captain Kirk

Ad hominem


omit “casual”

Captain Kirk


Captain Kirk

“What does Taylor having sex have anything to do with her race? ”


Consider the following “FACTS” about unwed Black women giving birth (without even addressing the burden on society when “daddy” then disappears after junior is born):

“The black community’s 72 percent rate eclipses that of most other groups: 17 percent of Asians, 29 percent of whites, 53 percent of Hispanics and 66 percent of Native Americans were born to unwed mothers in 2008, the most recent year for which government figures are available. The rate for the overall U.S. population was 41 percent.”







Because Taylor was about to be evicted and she decided to use the only thing available: having sex with Monte.

As a black woman, the message she sends to black girls who might watch and idolize her because of her presentation and style is if she has no real skill in the game, do it with sex.


Why do you keep pushing this lie that Taylor was about to be evicted? She was not his target when or after she began her sexual relationship with Monte.

You didn’t answer the question. Why are women slut shamed for the very same behavior that men engage in?

Why is it always assumed that the men just want sex, while the women are seen as using sex for manipulation?

That is the very core of misogyny and sexism. The entire premise of your arguments.

Why do you believe that Taylor has nothing else available to her? Because as a beautiful Black women, you can’t possibly fathom or perceive how much more there is to her?

The message you perceive is based on a very low opinion you have of Taylor.

That is not what Black girls will see. You don’t get to speak for them.


Monte did not approach her for sex. She wants the money so she seduced him with sex in order for him not to put her on the block.

I have many interactions with black and white women and I think black women especially would cringe at the method by which the first black winner of BB used to get to the end!

Captain Kirk

“I have many interactions with black and white women and I think black women especially would cringe at the method by which the first black winner of BB used to get to the end”

And for good reasons. The statistics speak for themselves.

The Beef

Uh, you ARE aware the entire top SIX last season were all African Americans, are you not? That means of course, last years winner, Xavier, is BLACK, as was the runner-up, and the 3rd through 6th place finishers.

You really need to think before posting drivel like this.

Captain Kirk

“Why do you keep pushing this lie that Taylor was about to be evicted?

That was NOT A LIE. That was her perception of ” FACTS”.

A LIE is to perpetually say, ad nauseam,, that Pooch or Paloma (as an example) won the cash prize….that the game was “rigged”…… that the houseguest were engaged in a “witch hunt”….that Pooch (or Paloma) got the most votes but were never awarded the prize money, (should I go on?).



I’d also like to ask.

Do you care about young Black women and girls? Do you have actual interactions with any? Any in your life that you wish to actively help?

Captain Kirk

Agreed, with the caveat that “the message” is / should be RACE NEUTRAL, but otherwise we agree.

Your comment / observation equally applies to Alyssa, correct??


Your concept of adoption is very naive…the wait time can be up to 7 years, costing you up to $40,000!!! Despite how you you feel about someone as a BB player, don’t criticize their struggles to have children unless you have personally been involved in the adoption process. You really have no clue!

Captain Kirk

“I respected her (Taylor) until she used sex to stay”

Nothing but holding out her “power play” for the end.

And some would say racist too, as she denied Turner opportunity to ” dip” (even though HIGHLY UNLIKELY that Turner would have accepted (no blame there !!! )


Kyle should be AFP because of all the lies that were told about him and everything done to him and his family.

The Kats Meow

What lie was told about Kyle? lol


So calling him racist wasn’t a lie? Well then why isn’t Taylor being called racist and Monte they were talking about the cookout also. Taylor has made several remarks that could be racist. What was done to Kyle was to just further Michael’s game he isn’t racist. What was done to Kyle was disgusting. I wouldn’t vote for anyone to win this season.

The Kats Meow

I’m sorry dude, but I live in this world called reality. That world doesn’t allow me to lie to myself to keep a narrative going in my own head that never happened. Everything Michael and Brittany told the other house guest were exactly the words Kyle used numerous times. They both took the time to say that they didn’t think he was a racist. They understood because of his upbringing and what his life has been up till then, that he was unaware of his biases. Clearly the biases were there though. Those biases were overshadowing fact that his fellow HG’s we’re not exhibiting working together, colluding against white people or having an alliance based on them all being minorities. Sometimes facts in front of you matter more than fiction rolling around in your knucklehead. But do continue to make up stories that Michael and Brittany called him a racist. Flat out wrong and not telling the truth. You don’t have to believe me go back and listen and watch for yourself it didn’t happen. plus nobody held it against him. He apologized for his stupid comments and everyone gave him forgiveness. Don’t complaint What was happening in social media and what people were calling him with those in the house.


Kyle got SIMILE’D by Michael! (and Brittany)
People who Hate Kyle will only believe what they want.But the rest of us saw/seen what really happened, (all the receipts are on utube).

The Kats Meow

You know what people hate more, people who feel the need to make up bs that didn’t happen. We all have thoughts in our brain that sometimes we keep behind our lips, because it’s called being an adult. To some folks every season after the “Cookout” is going to now mean every minority is going to be suspected of being in an alliance together(whether or not there is evidence to support it.) That’s the bias lol. Being suspect and blamed because someone who looks like you did something wrong. Nobody thought that in all the other seasons where it was always white folks kicking out minorities and older HG’s first. Nobody thought that when only five times in 24 seasons did a minority win the game. Having a bias doesn’t make you a good or bad person, using it to hide behind does. So does straight up lying about what they said, like Terry and others have continued to do.

Captain Kirk

“. We all have thoughts in our brain that sometimes we keep behind our lips, because it’s called being an adult”



I’m wondering about the consequential results, if any, had MKL had acted as an “adult” had he kept “the thoughts in [his] brain…behind [his] lips”.


Captain Kirk

” (all the receipts are on utube”
Except those that never made to youtube.

Captain Kirk

That he was not playing Big Brother????


I don’t think America cares for Kyle enough to be voted AFP.


Actually alot of people do care about Kyle and what was done to him.

Captain Kirk

“I don’t think America cares for Kyle enough to be voted AFP”
My understanding is that one is allowed to vote TEN (10) times with email address. TEN TIMES !!!!!!!!!!

Are they (production and those in charge of online voting) using Mexican ballots ???????

un autre nom

What lies?
I mean… every thing that was revealed, he said. By his own admission, everything that was revealed was something he said and a thought process he had in the game.
What was revealed: Kyle wanted to pull in Alyssa, Turner, Michael, Britt and himself because he was worried that every person of color was possibly part of some Cookout style alliance. From early days he mentioned worrying about that.
I mean, given one of the things we know that wasn’t revealed, it’s not difficult to see that he does operate with implicit bias. He had no indication from experience that Monte or Taylor on the block would be loud, aggressive and scary. Didn’t stop him from saying to Pooch on week 1 and Turner on week 8 that Taylor and Monte would become threatening and aggressive when they were nominated. What part of their personalities or behavior would lead to that conclusion? Nothing. In fact, both have stated that because of stereotyping, they feel that they have to filter their reactions and hold it in, because blowing up will only serve to perpetuate that stereotype.
There were no lies told about him.

Captain Kirk

“What lies?
I mean… every thing that was revealed, he said. By his own admission”

That “admission” was nothing but an illicitly coerced admission/confession NOT grounded in “FACTS”.

PATHETIC how that KYLE/BRITTANY/MICHAEL incident has been spun (by the contestants) as a sword against alleged racism.

Tonight’s episode (or is it Sunday’s??) should be VERY TELLING on how the “special guests” of the Cookout alliance (all Blacks) are questioned, and what will they have to say in their defense.

Let’s predict: “Me takes the 5th”.


Mike Honcho

Just the opposite. No lies, all truth. He just said what was in the back of everyone’s mind and got railroaded for it. IMO playing on the basis of any protected class ( race, gender, age, sexual orientation, ect.) should be banned by production.

Captain Kirk

“He just said what was in the back of everyone’s mind and got railroaded for it.”


The Beef

When you can explain to me why game play that was fully acceptable the season before is now racist and seemingly banned, then maybe I’ll understand why the guy was basically lynched on national TV. If it was not only OK, but cheered and revered as legendary play by the Cookout, I just don’t see how all of a sudden it’s “biased”, “prejudiced” or “racist” when a non black person even brings it up, and let’s be clear here, that’s all he did was bring it up and suggest this could be happening. Do I like the optics? No, but I didn’t like it last season when the Cookout did it either, as it was clearly game play based on racial bias, but everybody signed off on it then, so why not this season? There’s absolutely no logic in that.

If it’s so bad, why are they bringing the Cookout back for an encore performance tonight? I guarantee you, they will probably get a standing O if they bring them out in front of a live audience, all while Kyle is getting cancelled, probably for the rest of his life. They’ll lob them a few softball questions and then ask them about what Kyle did in regards to what they did, and they’ll justify their own actions with the whole “no black winners” routine, and that will more than satisfy everybody, while hanging Kyle out to dry as a biased, if not racist person. I expect they will continue with the whole redemption line, and urge “growth and forgiveness” for him though, as part of the whole story line.

We’ve got to stop with the double standards. There’s no place for bias, prejudice or racism in our society today, or at least there shouldn’t be. It’s not okay for ANYBODY to do it to anybody else, for ANY reason. But you sure as Hell can’t call it heroic one season, and call it damning the very next.


Well said!


I agree, “equity” if you will.


No, Kyle absolutely should not be AFP! I’m voting for the person who actually worked their ass off….

Captain Kirk

“! I’m voting for the person who actually worked their ass off…”
Arbeit macht frei ??


As far as I know, Kyle did have those thoughts and admitted they were “rooted in race”. He will grow from the experience but entered the game with the wrong mentality.

Captain Kirk

“As far as I know, Kyle did have those thoughts and admitted they were “rooted in race”.



L.L. Bean Dip

I honestly don’t get all the hate for Brittany. I think she’s a great player and has played this game the way she wanted to. Everyone talks about how Michael carried her. I feel like it’s the opposite. She carried him socially. His whole strategy was winning comps. Her game was more social. They both needed eachother to get this far.

Surf all day

Brittany socially?? No one liked her except Taylor and Micheal. Micheal had a good social game with everyone except, Daniel and Nicole. He had a better relationship with the girls then Brittany, for sure. She would have been gone if it wasn’t for the Leftovers alliance and Micheal winning comps.


So who liked Taylor socially? Brittany and Michael.and now Monte and Turner because they want something from her. Taylor rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.


I agree there was an element of Brittany being there for Michael to talk out strategy but she’s done nothing in this game that shows any kind of skill.

Game fan

she didnt help him with ANYONE not even one person, socially…
he was actually in the pos back without her at first
than they both got pulled to the leftovers
and they both were in tylor f3
than kyle talked mostly with michael to move forward with alyssa
and monte built with them something in brotchelle cause MICHAEL was hoh..


And Joseph . sorry. I forgot about him.


I totally agree. She hasn’t given up and that says something, too.

The Kats Meow

Monte is so full of himself, that I’m waiting for him to bend over and blow himself lol. Because everyone else is so beneath him in his mind, they can’t possibly do it like he can. I hope for Taylor and Turner F2. Just to see either of them shove a proverbial knife in his fake morally superior back.

Captain Kirk

“Monte is so full of himself, that I’m waiting for him to bend over and blow himself lol”

(You might want to ask Taylor)

Surf all day

Some of you people have selective memory. Monte actually did tell Taylor the things he said and how he felt about her in the first week. The things that were told to him plus the things he heard her say under her breath, made him think that, things relayed to him was true. He told her Joseph was the one that opened his eyes to the bs and he apologized to Taylor. Monte also told her about the derogatory comment that Jasmine said, Taylor made to her about Monty. Which Taylor did not say. He told her, he didn’t want her to watch the live feeds and see that and never have apologized. And by the way, Brittany’s social game was crap. Micheal carried her most of the game. Brittany would have been gone before Daniel if it wasn’t for Micheal. And her social game was shit because she constantly ran her mouth. She kept getting caught in her own web and then would start the whole crying breakdowns. She said, production told her she wasn’t built for the game.

New Kid

I 1000% agree with you on all points. I don’t get the hate around Monte. He literally apologized to Taylor for his part on the Taylor bashing earlier this season and even told her about the disgusting lies that Jasmine and some of the other houseguests were making about her. If anyone’s game should be hated it should be Brittany’s. She has to be one of the worse houseguests we’ve seen in a long time. She has done nothing this entire game except withhold information about the Kyle situation which she should have told immediately to Taylor if she claims to actually be her friend. And then she tries to flip the vote on Taylor her so called friend and STILL hasnt owner up to it! And now she’s bashing Monte just because he doesn’t want to throw his game away for her? It’s absolutely ridiculous! She’s done nothing for Monte or Taylor to build trust with them. The only reason Taylor wants her there is because she knows Brittany is the easiest for her to beat. But for Monte it would be a stupid move for him to take her any further. And with all the crap she’s saying she’s literally become the definition of a bitter juror and the reason that Big Brother shouldn’t allow ppl like her on the show.


PLEASE. Get the weasel turned out!!!!



Captain Kirk

Might be too late. At this juncture, Turner can only defend and save himself by winning the last HOH. Two against one. B vs W



Anybody else done watching BB after this season? I can’t take the double standard on racism. One example of many—Imagine if a white woman said I cannot nominate another white woman. Why is it ok for Taylor to say I cannot nominate another black woman? Neither is ok.


Yeah, I was done ten years ago and by luck turned it on in the first week and saw potential in Michael for some fun and excitement. I stopped this snooze fest right after he was evicted. It was pure fun watching his intellect and skill, against all odds, to wake up this game.

i stopped watching ten years ago because I couldn’t stay awake!!


Yes if a white woman said that it would be worse.

I think the thing that people forget when they set up a paper tiger like “what if a white person did that?” is that there is not a recent history of racism against white people in this country, where as there is with black people. Black people in this country still deal with stereotypes and racism. You can see that just by reading the comments on this site.

Her not wanting to nominate a woman of color probably does not come from a place of disliking people of other races, but from a place of wanting to protect someone who has had the same struggles in life that she has. Struggles that I imagine you have no clue about.

BTW this comment is coming from someone who is a 43 year old white, hetro, married conservative man. If I can try to appreciate someone else’s point of view and give them the benefit of the doubt you can too…..just pull your head out of your ass, get out of your bubble, and try to look at things from someone else’s perspective and life will start to make sense I promise.

Captain Kirk

“Her not wanting to nominate a woman of color probably does not come from a place of disliking people of other races, but from a place of wanting to protect someone who has had the same struggles in life that she has.”
Your overall comment is well taken.

HOWEVER, (there is always a “however”, right Hahahaha ?? ).

It’s interesting how you decided to cast your theory of what’s inside Taylor’s head (I don’t understand how you managed to get in there) as an affirmation of her motives SOLELY BASED ON HER BEING BLACK.

While there is NO DENYING that, HISTORICALLY, Blacks have suffered atrocities at the hands of White bigots (usually carrying a badge and a gun)(Ahmad Aubrey, George Floyd, Rodney King, Frank Jude, just to name a few) i find it hard to reconcile those experiences from the past BY OTHERS with Taylor’s OWN personal experiences.

To assume there is a nexus between the two, in the absence of any facts, is basically extrapolating the conclusion to a falsity.

For all we know here, Taylor may very well come from a “well to do” family, and she’s only playing on the obvious facts of her being (demographics) as a tool to discriminate against others.


The privilege of money does not stop police from shooting members of those families.

Nor does it impact the store owner suspiciously eyeing the Black man who entered the store, while showing no concern about the Whit man.

You cannot remove that instinct of race protection from Taylor’s very core.

Floating other possibilities is akin to invalidating the Black experience for all race members.

It’s for each Black individual to say if it’s otherwise.

As well, in this conversation, there are people using the tired old fallacy of reverse racism.

A direct argumentative point against that notion is exactly as Hahahaha said.

By the time my son started freshman year Eng Comp in college, he had gotten used to mesmerizing his HS teachers with an advanced vocabulary and a penchant for eloquence.

His Comp professor ignored that and help him to a standard for improved organization and syntax. In the end though, she did give him an A, even though she was harsh with grading throughout the semester.

Honestly, you don’t write anywhere near as well as he does. But you seem to like to throw around certain language flow that could intimidate those with poorer writing skills.

It’s smoke, mirrors, and trickery.

You literally did not address a point with logical or evidence-based reason.For you did not prove any assumption, or invalidate any of the well established sociological dogmas regarding racism and privilege.

It’s usually harmless enough to ignore these discussion tactics, but right now you really went to a very harmful position of invalidating what it means to be underprivileged by very definition of being Black.

Also. Saying ‘Blacks’ is considered contributory to racism. It’s an ‘othering’ mentality, even if not intentional.

The road to hell is paved by good intentions. Just as bad are ‘no intentions’.

Captain Kirk

“The privilege of money does not stop police from shooting members of those families”
Well, lets see (but should I even bother?):
The premise that wealth (“privilege of money” as you put it), will not deter police from shooting is difficult to validate without a needless fatality. I’m assuming that you would not wish the event to occur to validate your premise (but maybe I’m assuming too much).

Wealth, however, will deter (or influence) police against arresting those that perhaps should be.

Take, for example, the two cases of the same “well-to-doooo” Black male known for his golfing abilities as well as for his non-related golf performances with the “ladies” (of the night?) not his wife.

The first incident, in Florida, was a single car crash where he totalled his Cadillac. It was reported that he, ALLEGEDLY, had glassy eyes, slurred speech, and an odor considered to be alcohol was noted at the scene. Joe the Plumber, in that particular circumstance, would have been cited and arrested for DUI. But with monayyy, no arrest, no citation, no nada. Adios! Auf wiedersehen!!

Second incident in Los Angeles. Facts practically the same (single car crash, early morning hours, car totalled, etc). Here, the police went out of their way to find justifications not to arrest or issue citation(s) (probably a justified arrest for DUI; careless driving at minimum). He was so confused that night that he thought he was in Florida!!! In addition, the curve ahead was perceived by him to be a straight road. No citation. No arrest. A free bird indeed.

AS TO THE REST OF YOUR NARRATIVE,  ad hominem, straw man, appeal to ignorance, false dilemma or false dichotomy, slippery slope, circular arguments, hasty generalization, red herring,
appeal to hypocrisy, false cause, sunk cost, appeal to pity,


Also telling that as of this writing…..only 6 thumbs up. Says a lot about the commenters. Smh.


I feel so sad about the direction BB has gone. I think I have really disliked it since season 16 but every year figure that this year is the year they will get back in line so continue to watch it. BB used to be my very favorite reality show, not just for the entertainment value but because it was a study in the psychology of society & how people use each other to get ahead. This year, I had such big hopes. Hated the theme but the people were ok. It didn’t take long & I was once again disgusted. I’m watching the show to the end this year, but won’t watch the feeds. they are just too boring. Next season, I’m not sure if I’ll be back. Thank God, Amazing Race & Survivor are back.


Isn’t this still the same premise? People do base things and think along gender and race lines in the real world today whether they should or not. It is still a microcosm of what happens in the real world.

Captain Kirk

“I got your back”


I agree. People can justify whatever they want to suit their narrative, but if you want OTHERS to be “color” blind, then DO NOT make it an issue. It’s a GAME .& most people aren’t even looking at race …until it is made an issue by that particular race. Same goes for gender. If you cannot win on your own merit, don’t play the game & definitely DO NOT use your race as an excuse as to why you are not able to win or succeed. The Cookout is the first time I even THOUGHT of race in the game…& they made it an issue. It is a GAME..NOT a political or special interest forum. I am disabled…should I whine on why there are NEVER any disabled people on there? And if I got evicted, complain how it is discriminatory ? It’s ridiculous & outright lame way of thinking. I think it just makes those individuals hold themselves back. Just my 2 cents


I think the reason the cookout was formed is because there had never been a person of color who won in 20 seasons. Our society makes a big deal of certain achievements based on race and gender anyway. First woman in space, first black president…etc etc.

BTW what does tyrantual mean? is that supposed to say tarantula? or tyrannical? did a tarantula and a T-Rex have a baby?

The Beef

Absolutely not true. Josh won Season 20. Casey won Season 19. Jun Song won Season 4. All 3 are POC.

Captain Kirk

2 cents AND 2 pounds.


POC do not want a colorblind world.

The goal is acknowledgement of differences and how that negatively impacts the non-dominant cultures.

Those of dominant culture use the term colorblind to whitewash everyone to their own standard.

It’s just more of the same oppression.


Then POC get exactly back what they are putting forth. You want to exclude yourself & define yourself by skin color, FINE. But that only brings about negative repercussions from it & creates a bigger barrier in the long run. And you have no one to blame but yourself. And when that happens, just keep telling yourself that is what your ” cause” is & stop complaining when others keep up that barrier you prefer to keep up. Btw, my significant other is a POC & agrees with me 1000%. And is a successful person without using skin color to define himself. Which I absolutely appreciate & respect.


None of the cast this season were very good. Yes, Michael was a great competitor, but after seeing what he’s really like when cornered, I have no interest in watching him in a future All Stars. Of the rest, I suppose Turner is first, but even then doesn’t approach even the best mid-tier players from previous years.


Well to each his own, but the only all stars season I’d have any interest in is one in which Michael participated. Now that would very worth watching!


“after seeing what he is like when cornered” What is he like ? Determined? Goes down fighting? He is smart and calculated. If you are referring to “the Kyle incident” dont forget Big Brother is always watching. Everything said and done, plus a whole lot more when feeds were down that only production knows , happened. Not just what we know. Production made that whole situation worse for everyone. Same with the Brittany speech at eviction. To be able to put that speech together that fast was brilliant She said and did just what he said in his speech. Her feelings were hurt when called out by her friend for her game moves. Once it is out there it is not a secret and can be used against you.


Nothing brilliant about weaponizing information in order to make someone else look bad for one’s own benefit. That’s just regular toxic personality, very practiced at it from real life.


I actually think Kyle was playing a pretty good game if not for the racism fiasco. I’m not defending him on that in any way.

True his flaws were in tending at times to be sloppy and impulsive.

Yet, if he had not made those biased comments, the rest of this season would have looked very, very different going forward.

If he actually managed to make it to the end after all that maneuvering once the LOs had made him into a target, it would have been up there as pretty masterful.

He was influencing Turner that week to go for the bigger target while still maintaining a surface connection with Monte.

I enjoyed watching him.

Mike Honcho

Kyle was railroaded. Plain and simple.


Have you forgotten how Kyle threw the LO under the bus at Dyre Fest and manipulated Terrance to evict Joe? Kyle saved his sorry behind to betray Joseph.


Kyle did another very bad thing. He manipulated the very weak Terrance to evict Joe so Kyle could save his own hide.

I would have loved to see Joe’s competition skills along with Michael. This would have surfaced as something very worth watching. Instead we had to continue to watch man child Kyle.


It was smart of Kyle to get Joe evicted.

I’m glad the LO bromance block was broken.


Totally agree!

Captain Kirk

“Monte – “well.. I’m a very humble.. I don’t don’t think I come natural to brag about myself”

He’s aSS humble aSS apple pie !!! lol

Which brings up the questions:

1/ Whether (or at what point) Brittany’s behavior in towards securing a F3 for herself turns from “play” to “personal attack” on sweet Apple Pie?

2/ Does Brittany’s promise to rally the troops in the jury against Monty is nothing but transgressive from “play” to “bitterness” and resentfulness, and a personal attack for holding Apple Pie personally responsible for her eviction?

GRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!!! lol


This to me has been the most boring season I have ever seen. I can count on one hand the number of interesting episodes and can only think of three off the top of my head. There has been just about 0 percent drama. Speaking of drama, has anyone else heard rumors of someone being removed from the jury house because of an argument/fight? Supposedly, Terrance and Michael really got into it to the point that Terrance had to be removed. This may be why we have not seen any footage since Kyle made it there.

Captain Kirk

NOTHING BUT the South Side of Chicago striking in LA….. WOW.!!!!!

And that’s a narrative / topic that hasn’t been discussed here yet……CRIME and related RACE / SEX connected to most crimes of violence and property….in the context of Big Brother.

SHOW US THE TAPE !!!!!!!!!!

Captain Kirk

” rumors of someone being removed from the jury house because of an argument/fight? Supposedly, Terrance and Michael really got into it to the point that Terrance had to be removed”

T vs M ??
B on W crime??

Nah? Really??

Can’t even fathom THAT ever happening.


I don’t think this could be true because in Terrance’s post eviction interview he described Michael as intelligent.
Terrance is a big fool and was tricked into evicting Joe. So maybe something did happen.

Mike Honcho

I have also seen that rumor. Not sure if it’s true or not.


Wouldn’t it be an astonishing blindside if Monte sent Turner to jury tonight??

I doubt it but it would breathe some life into this show.

Captain Kirk

That’s what I was looking for, but it did nit materialized.


Pretty sickening that Michael will probably win America’s Favorite. Probably one of the worst people to play. Just shows what a sad state of imaginary wokeness the country is in


I completely disagree. The only reason this summer was even remotely worth watching was to see his iconic skill and intellect ultimately break a BB record for most vetoes in a single season. Other than Michael, there were a bunch of pathetic HG in that house.

Unfortunately though, I think Taylor will win AFP. Which speaks volumes for this pathetic game: having sex with Monte is the reason she’s there!


There was nothing exciting about him. Winning comps is thrilling to see only if the HG is a beloved underdog, the way Janelle was. Michael has none of her charm or endearing qualities.

He dutifully went along with his alliance. No interesting or bold moves or manipulations.

The Kyle reveal was not crafty. It was a low bar move born of desperation.


Are you even aware that Michael broke and tied BB records this summer?


Vote for Kyle.

Captain Kirk

“1:20 pm Sleeping
2:00 pm Monte and taylor Studying”

No need for Brittany to study anything at this juncture, BUT, WHAT EXACTLY DO THEY STUDY??

Is it some kind of notes or outlines prepared by production, OR notes contestants take for themselves as they “play along”. Quite bizarre, really.



I’m making up these questions, but these are the types of things they study. How many tiles are triangular in the shower? How many stripes total are there in bedspreads in the car bedroom? How many houseguests are wearing glasses in their picture on the wall? From day one, considering all houseguests until they left the BB house, how many times were batteries changed in their microphones? How many rolls of toilet paper were placed on the toilet paper holder in the toilet room, not counting the one on the holder at the moment? Sometimes, houseguests will compare answers and sometimes not.

Captain Kirk



Ok, so the added part of determining who to vote for in regards to AFP is that a week-long cruise is part of it. Maybe if the wrong person gets it, we can make sure the cruise goes through the Bermuda Triangle 🙂

Mad Max

This week is an snooze-fest! Waste of time!


1000% agree!


I really hope Brittany goes to jury!

L j

I once enjoyed your site right…now it’s a bigoted, racist, and misogynistic free-for-all.

Captain Kirk

I was actually waiting for BIG move tonight, but nothing.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

Brittany just take your bitter biased toxic entitled face to jury.


Yeah but when Michael left it returned to pathetic..


Each to his own! To me the snooze fest began when he left.


Paloma, Alyssa and pound fan though right? You were never Team Nerd.

Captain Kirk

Paloma was actually the only one with a brain.


Friday’s show is the recap episode, so I’m not volunteering to be bored. Then onto Sunday putting an end to this ho-hum season (at least it ended-up that way).

(Juli Chen needs a new stylist, the 70’s called they want their clothes back)


As soon as a person has to claim they are humble, they most certainly are not. That’s the thing about a humble person, they have no idea they are such.

uncreative department

Monte is just an overtly “virtuous” version of Terrance. He talks a lot, but his guiding light is the same chauvinistic shade of shit.

He’s not even close to a lesser Xavier.