“If that was not the most painfully awkward boring conversation I have ever had, then I don’t know what was!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Turner & Brittany
POV Players: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Monte
POV Winner: Monte
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7pm Brittany talking to the cameras.
Brittany – will Monte and I be friends? Well.. there is probably a 99.99% chance no.. unless he does not vote to evict me this week in which case then I will for sure be his friend. Monte I will hold it personally because there were so many opportunities that we could have voted him out. It would have been so easy to vote him out and we didn’t despite my better judgement. And despite my better judgement, Michael didn’t and I didn’t. We stuck to the plan and the fact that when it came down to it he didn’t have my back. That is hurtful. The fact that I think he is making a huge mistake by not keeping me over Turner.. so no I don’t think Monte and I will be friends after this. Maybe I would go on his podcast. Maybe I would reach out to ask about his business. I don’t know.. if he made an effort maybe .. but I will not be making an effort .. I don’t think.. unless he keeps me then we could be friends. I think I deserve to be a little salty. Then there is Turner.. would I be friends with Turner after this? Sure. I don’t know, we’ve been at odds. I think he might want to be friends with me more after I talk with him on Wednesday. Once I am for sure that I am leaving, I want to try to clear the air with him a little bit. No sense doing it now but before goodbye messages maybe. But I think he is a pretty amazing guy and I definitely want to stay in touch. I feel like there is a lot I could learn from him about being a business owner and making your dreams happen. I think that is pretty cool. At the end of the day I would like to keep in touch with as many people as I can just because its a huge accomplishment and a huge thing that we’re all sharing. I really wanted to leave with a BB family. I really wanted to leave with that so I am excited about that.

7:40pm Hammock. Brittany and Turner.
Brittany – I cannot imagine not watching the show that you’re one ..like wouldn’t you just be curious? Turner – yeah right. Brittany – I really do hope for the most part that we all stay in touch. Turner – I think there will be a text chat. Brittany – I think that at least right!? Turner – that sounds like a bare minimum. Brittany – I can’t wait to see all the stuff you end up doing. I can’t believe we’re 9 years a part. Brittany gets called to the diary room. Turner – If that was not the most painfully awkward boring conversation I have ever had, then I don’t know what was! Oh my god! OI have had enough of that! What’s next are we going to talk about Austin Texas? So we have two people locked in the HOH. We have one person that is just UGHGHH.. I don’t love the environment of this house right now. IF there was more than two weeks left of this I would be going insane but thankfully it is just about a week. I can make it through that.

HOH room – Monte and Taylor showmancing.
Taylor – I think as long as you are being honest with me and you don’t have something locked in with Turner I can live with.. the three. Monte – I am telling you right now, like I’ve told you before .. I am choosing you. Those words have not come out of my mouth to Turner. And I can very much live with that decision. That is fine with how I feel morally about the game and how what I feel would best benefit my game and yours. And also it wouldn’t make sense to pick Turner and have the jury debate over who had the biggest impact this season .. even with me having one more competition over him .. he still had a lot of very.. Taylor – flashy. Monte – big moves .. yeah. Taylor – I am glad that we’re just being honest about it because you could have just fed me some BS about sitting next to me. Monte – no.. and that is why I appreciated Brittany’s conversation because she wanted to have a very logical conversation about why it would be better if she stayed. And I was like oh this is very interesting.. and I didn’t disagree with anything she said .. I just brought up two other points that she didn’t bring up .. the likelihood of me making it to final two if she is there and I just happen to slip up in one competition versus if Turner is here … and also the likelihood of beating Turner and what has typically been mental comps as the third competition… And she also brought up the fact that Turner would choose you over me because he is so unpredictable.. And I am like to you maybe he is. Taylor – but you’ve been there. Monte – outside of when he put you two up he has been very predictable. Taylor – it just keeps coming down to last week you trust one person more, I trust the other person more. This week its you think you can beat one person more, I believe I can beat the other more. Monte – which is very fair. Taylor – and we split the power this week. Monte – and this is another instance where I am asking you to trust me. Every time I have asked you to trust me, I believe I have come through 100% of those occasions whenever I had anything to do with it. Taylor – you put me on the block twice! Monte – the first time didn’t count.. you wanted me to put you up. Even the last time, I knew the worst that could happen is a split vote. Taylor – the worst that could happen is both of them flipping on me.

8:15pm Kitchen – Turner and Brittany playing cards.

9:05pm State of the feeds…

9:15pm – 10:21pm Kitchen Cards with Monte, Brittany and Turner.

11pm – 11:41pm Taylor – here’s a thought.. all night-er, hot tub, sunrise! Tuner – I am down! Our last sunrise. Taylor – last sunrise. Brittany – I did not sleep all day. Monte – oh come on. Taylor – you can take naps outside. Turner – there are multiple boxes of red bull in my room and I am down for donations. Brittany – I will try and hang.

12am – 2:57am Cards out in the backyard.

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No Name

Monte needs a daily reminder that the only reason he is still in the house is because Michael exposed Kyle.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

He is in the house and that is all that matters. We can analyze any players evictions from all the seasons if we choose to.

Julie Chen

I think you mean the only reason Taylor is still in the house.

No Name

Your husband is a horrible man.


Julie Chen Moonvez’ spouse? Why bring that up on the comment board. That’s a rhetorical comment, no answer needed.


It’s a sound off board, so what


Because someone using her name seems to lack self-awareness regarding the ills of her spouse, and the way she proudly added his surname to her own after those allegations.




No – because Kyle was running Turner’s HOH and he had already told him when Brittany came down he wanted Monte going up.

So it’s true the reveal saved Monte. It can’t even be debated that Turner wouldn’t nominate Monte bc he did a DR & told feeders that was his plan. What he didn’t know is Kyle/Ally had already agreed to take out Monte instead of Taylor & since Britt/Michael would’ve voted to save Taylor for sure Monte would’ve been evicted.

The other tell was Turner never told Monte anything until AFTER the reveal when he placed all the blame on Kyle saying he was pushing for him to go up as the re-nom when in reality that was something he agreed to do.

Steph Poston

Monte would have been the replacement that week but Taylor would have been evicted, so Kyle being exposed saved Taylor not Monte

The Beef

“No – because Kyle was running Turner’s HOH and he had already told him when Brittany came down he wanted Monte going up.”

Of course he wanted Monte up! Monte had just spent the week inside with the other 3 Leftovers from Brochella, and seemed “locked in” with them when the house reunited, so the AfterParty members weren’t 100% certain he was with them in voting out Taylor over whoever AfterParty member was sitting next to her OTB if it wasn’t Monte. That’s why it had to be Monte OTB.

“So it’s true the reveal saved Monte. It can’t even be debated that Turner wouldn’t nominate Monte bc he did a DR & told feeders that was his plan”

He did, and he told them WHY it was his plan, for the reason I stated above, they weren’t sure Monte could be trusted to vote out Taylor. He continued to talk and act like he was a member of the Brochella 4 even after joining the AfterParty, so they just weren’t 100% sure. It was the right move to make, and it even provided plausible deniability to Monte regarding the AfterParty, so it was the right move.

“What he didn’t know is Kyle/Ally had already agreed to take out Monte instead of Taylor & since Britt/Michael would’ve voted to save Taylor for sure Monte would’ve been evicted.”

This is where you lose me. I do NOT recall Kyle and Alyssa agreeing to take out Monte at all, although Kyle may have mentioned him being on the block opened up that possibility. Considering something and agreeing to do it are two entirely different things. It’s been a while, and I could be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time), but I honestly don’t remember them agreeing to vote Monte out, but things were moving pretty fast that particular weekend, with the reveal and all. I absolutely maintain Michael and Brittany’s goal was to SAVE TAYLOR, NOT MONTE, and his being saved was just happenstance. In fact, if they had thought Monte was going instead of Taylor, the information may never have seen the light of day! Now I obviously don’t know that for a fact, but if they held it for that long, and only played it to save Taylor, and were seriously considering evicting Monte the week before anyway (which you KNOW they were), why not just continue to hold it and let Monte go? Hell, Michael always wanted somebody else to take Monte out didn’t he? He just didn’t want to be the one to take the shot!

“The other tell was Turner never told Monte anything until AFTER the reveal when he placed all the blame on Kyle saying he was pushing for him to go up as the re-nom when in reality that was something he agreed to do.”

This is just Turner being Turner and trying to cover his own ass. Of course he’s going to do that, especially after Kyle was thrown under the bus (justified or not, he flat got run over by a fleet of them) and was an easy target to blame. I don’t know how he got off scot free when he clearly asked if it was still okay to vote out Taylor even after the reveal, yet he stands there talking about how horrified he was by the information and how he doesn’t want to be associated in any shape form or fashion with anyone who thinks like that, yet he wants to save him?


August 27th (from recaps):

2:25 PM: Brittany talks with Alyssa

Brittany: I think the real targets are Monte and Michael.


4:50 PM BBT Have Not room Kyle and Alyssa:

Alyssa wonders to Kyle if they should vote out Monte instead of Taylor if the noms change because I just have a really bad gut feeling that we would be his (Monte) next option. Kyle says for sure, I think I was kind of getting that feeling too.

[The Kyle/Alyssa talk was more detailed but I can’t find the long version and don’t feel like searching all night for it].


4:55pm – 5:45pm Bedroom – Brittany and Michael:

Michael: he came up to me and said that we were good this week. He was the one that said to me its Terrance and Alyssa without me saying anything. Like you (Turner) opened up all these conversations .. like you didn’t have to. You brought all that which is unnecessary.

Brittany: he just didn’t have to do it like that.

Michael: I think it’s me or Monte for sure. He didn’t have to do it that way.

Michael: and I get if there is a backdoor plan you don’t want to reveal it but you can still treat us like people. Like talk to us and hang out.

Brittany: things can change.

Michael: he is just not going to use his HOH to take out Terrance or Alyssa.

1am Bedroom – Michael and Taylor.

Michael: maybe we can all talk tomorrow but the options are if I leave it the same.

Taylor: its me.

Michael: its you. If I pull you down, Monte goes up. If I pull Brittany down, Monte goes up. So what do we do? Like they’re against us either way. I would rather try try try to get him to put someone else up. because we’re going to go up next week anyway.

Taylor: exactly.

Michael: so maybe we can formulate a plan of attack.


The Beef

Most of what you said here is about Monte going up, and I already agreed with you that clearly Monte was the choice to go OTB, and the reason why he was going up was because the AP members weren’t sure they could trust him to vote Taylor out over either Kyle, Alyssa or possibly Terrance.

As for your talk between Kyle and Alyssa, you kind of cherry picked and left something out didn’t you? Here’s the direct quote from the update…

4:45pm Havenot room – Kyle and Alyssa.
Alyssa – if its Monte and Taylor on the block .. you really think we should vote out Monte? Kyle – not necessarily. I am open to whatever. Alyssa – I just have a really bad gut feeling that we would be his (Monte’s) next option. Kyle – for sure. I think I was kind of getting that feeling too.

Now why would you leave out Kyle’s response to Alyssa where he says “NOT NECESSARILY. I am open to whatever.”? Maybe because it goes against that Kyle and Alyssa had an agreement to vote to evict Monte?

Like I said above but was unsure of, they talked about it, but this exchange does not prove they had an agreement by a long shot, especially when Kyle says “not necessarily. I am open to whatever.” It just means he’s willing to consider it if it happens. I already checked the next couple of updates following the two on the 27th (in fact, I checked them before I made the response above – believe it or not, I do try to be accurate when I respond here) through the reveal, and there was no further discussion between Kyle and Alyssa about voting out Monte, at least that I saw. Again, I’m not infallible and maybe missed something, but I don’t think so.

I’m really not trying to piss you off here or “ruin” your experience. But if they didn’t really agree to vote him out, as you say they did, I don’t think it’s right or fair to just let that inaccuracy go without saying anything about it. That’s it. Hope you understand it’s not personal.


I’m really not trying to piss you off here or “ruin” your experience. But if they didn’t really agree to vote him out, as you say they did, I don’t think it’s right or fair to just let that inaccuracy go without saying anything about it. That’s it. Hope you understand it’s not personal.

AS I NOTED ABOVE I searched for the full conversation of the Kyle/Ally chat. In fact, I went to several sites & social media bc I KNEW you would walk back through with a fine tooth comb. Contrary to what you say you are looking for a reason and based on experience with you – this IS personal. If not my simple explanation that I couldn’t find the long version would’ve sufficed.

What you posted above is STILL not the full conversation but just as you say a cherry-picked portion of that conversation.

The Beef

Wow, it certainly seems personal for you. Maybe that’s why it’s so important for you to be right here? Damn, if they had a conversation then they had it! Let me remind you of what I said in my original post above……

“It’s been a while, and I could be wrong (wouldn’t be the first time), but I honestly don’t remember them agreeing to vote Monte out, but things were moving pretty fast that particular weekend, with the reveal and all.”

Do I think they agreed to vote Monte out? I do not. Am I saying they absolutely did NOT agree to vote Monte out? I am not saying that! I’m saying I don’t remember them agreeing to do it, and I don’t think they did, but I guess since you’ve never made a mistake in your life, I and everybody else here is just supposed to take your word for it and know you are totally infallible and have total recall on things of this nature, right?

But you keep being the perfect you, cherry picking quotes to support your infallible positions and hiding information that doesn’t. That always makes people feel good about knowing they can trust the information you do bring forward and that it is SOLID!

And also changing your opinion and agreeing with somebody one week and turning around two weeks later and saying you totally disagree with that same statement is no way to build trust with fellow posters. You gotta expect them to call you out when you do that, or at least I would. But then again, I know I’m not perfect nor do I always get it right, as you seem to do.

Good luck with that. Perfection is a hard standard to uphold, but then I’ve never had to do it.

Booyaka tribe

Michael and Kyle are currently both gone. Case closes

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

Brittany can’t leave soon enough.

un autre nom

Monte telling Taylor he’d take her to final 2 tonight?
I don’t buy it because she questioned him. That’s going to be his justification.
‘you didn’t have faith in me the first time, so that means you don’t trust me, a strong man…so that means you’d betray me foul she devil, so ipsofactopresto…. i can’t take you.’
As far as Turner goes?
He HAS mentioned final 2 to Turner. Since the “breakup” of the showmance.
So his profession of loyalty has a baked in lie.
He has talked to Turner about final 2. There was the whole big show of loyalty and playing a clean game talk been together since week one talk.
So… which is it?
The fact that I personally think Monte is an asshole aside,
If he’s given his word to two people in the last 24 hours, which promise is real?
Given his character?
Practice those days while you’re lying there in that HOH bed for hours on end Taylor, cus winning the final HOH is the only way you’re getting there. You dared question the integrity of Monte. He ain’t taking you nowhere. ESPECIALLY when you brought up having trust issues because he put you on the block twice.
Gee who else put her on the block multiple times AS A TARGET…. Turner? Riiiiight. But she shouldn’t question that final 3 deal. Sideye. Riiiiiight.

Of note, Monte is asking Taylor to just trust him. But…. it doesn’t work the same in reverse. He doesn’t trust her to take him to final 2 if Britt is there. But she’s been told she must trust him if Turner is there. And she’s not pointing it out that she’s made every move to gain trust, and he’s never had to place his trust in her, so it’s not an equal partnership. Hey, that’s at least semi-logical.

Yeah, I’ve got a heavy bias running through my head. But then again I’ve had it since the week the Leftovers was made when I kept saying the leftovers is fake and a cover for the pound, all their anti-bullying shit is just that… shit. So my bias has been baking since week three.


it’s been an extremely bizarre endgame. i get keeping your cards close to your vest to an extent. you want to have deals with everyone and not expose your hand. but this is really about how many competitions are left and who competes in them.

turner had next to no incentive to keep taylor over alyssa and could have at least told alyssa before she left that he wanted her gone because monte said so.

taylor barely talks to people outside her allies and for some reason both she and the viewers seem to think she’ll somehow get their votes.

monte seems to have worse tunnel vision than daniel in terms of how the best move for monte isn’t necessarily the best move for someone else (taylor and turner also seem to only be able to see what the best move for monte is too).

i’ll give brittany a little credit for trying, but it’s way too late for her.

and then it’s back to why do people always put so much stock in what the hoh wants. the hoh doesn’t vote, nor does the hoh compete in consecutive hoh competitions. they grant safety. the house should decide who goes between the noms, not just blindly follow the hoh’s decree. turner and taylor seem to completely fail to realize this and they’ve made several bad game moves near the end as a result. you build your resume not just by being hoh and getting everyone to obey, but also by bucking the hoh and strategizing your own plan regardless of the hoh’s decree. turner has torched his resume by not acknowledging this, taylor has relied way too much on the hoh approving her target instead of using any subterfuge, and then monte has taken that shot at michael at least (i don’t think turner would have done it without monte’s reassurance) and seems likely to take another shot at brittany this week, and brittany did split the vote on monte so monte and turner couldn’t have that bs “the house wanted it” shield.


Everyone gets to play for the last HOH. Thers no veto comp. Winner gets to pick final 2.


wasn’t talking about final hoh. was talking mostly about final 4 and final 5 comps, but also relevant to earlier hoh comps as well.


Monte is trying to be clever for once. But Turner is his best F2 because the jury dislikes the lies and cons of Turner. So with Turner, Monte wins BB.

With Taylor, it would be close but she could easily win,


yeah, turner’s evictions of kyle, michael, and the vote for alyssa are all likely to poison the jury against him. turner was in a really good spot before he won that tweezer hoh, and then absolutely blew it with his jury management.


Jury management was never part of Turner’s game. Just lies and deceits.


Monte v Taylor: Indy, Jasmine, Kyle, Turner, Terrance, Joe vote MONTE without a doubt. There is no actual speculation with Monte in an F2 – he beats everyone. In an F2 with Turner: Monte v Turner. Indy, Jasmine, Kyle, Joe, Alyssa, Terrance [actually Kyle and Alyssa’s 2 votes could control the final result; bc of the controversy, strategic choice is Monte in the end]

Game fan

But if turner takes monte to f2, tylor is voting monte. Maybe she can give it to monte even if he takes her out. I think turner is voting monte even if he is the reason he got out.


Kyle would be scared not to vote for Monte after the unnessary drama Michael caused. JMO….Taylor will beat Monte and anyone she goes to the end with, because Julie has made everyone that disliked Taylor aware of their unkind comments towards Taylor and made them feel bad. So they will vote Taylor to “redeem” themselves. Monte should win over anyone that he goes to the end with, yes, Turner won comps, but he rarely made his own decisions. Plus when he did not vote out Taylor he lost this game.

un autre nom

is that what the house thinks the jury dislkes?
I mean, I know what we see in the production influenced jury visits, but what does the house believe? This has been a repeated thought on my mind.

un autre nom

Things that have raised my antennae and made me reach for tinfoil this season:

  • Why was the house warned about public perception of their behavior so much? I’m not saying prodo shouldn’t have stepped in for some cases… but we had Kyle running from d/r to HOH camtalks a half dozen times, we had the house warned their behavior regarding Taylor wasn’t received well (causing Paloma’s crack), we had Michael and Britt and Kyle warned the bbq talks were no bueno with the fans, and we’ve had Taylor and Monte both leaving d/r with concerns about this screwmance for game thing. What’s going on… isn’t one of the basic premises no contact with the outside world?
  • What was going on with all of that feed cutting for Kyle and those camtalks post d/r that he and Turner were having, anyway? They really did try to help them clean their images didn’t they?
  • Why wasn’t the backstage vote part of the storyline? Two Paloma supporters talked with disgust about Britt getting ‘it’ not Paloma in week 2 (Daniel and Pooch with Turner listening)… so why the hush hush?
  • Why did festie besties end a week early without the ‘game advantage’ julie mentioned to the last pair surviving ever happen?
  • how much of Jasmine’s injury time without nomination was due to production trying to avoid a legal issue? Yes, they can be injured during comps, and they take that risk, but this wasn’t part of the comp. this was jumping off a raised platform. Especially after she touched the ground but the show was running out of time for the live component so they didn’t call it.
  • As the house tries to twist the belt break in the double veto into not a production issue and a Michael issue after calling it a production issue for over a week…. what gives? Oh right… they’re saying this to Monte whose game can’t be sullied. eyeroll. Why do i feel like if Monte’s belt had broken there’d have been a different call on the most recent spin? Another live component abnormality that wouldn’t play out on a normal taped comp. remember the mirror in lasers for OTT? Remember buzzkill’d in bbcan10?
  • Why were have nots cancelled so early this season?
  • Why did bb plant a story with tmz that no wall yellers happened when houseguests have talked about wall yellers happening, and the indoor people knew the content of the yells. sideye.

There’s a lot of weird and fishy tinfoil worthy things about this season.


Jasmine admitted that she milked that injury for all the pity she could get out of it. She would have been evicted just for her screechy sickening voice alone had it not been for her injury. She said she was fine several weeks before she acted “at long last fine”! I don’t think production was in on it though because I’m sure they sign reams of legal disclaimers.

I have wondered too about the game advantage that never happened. What gives with that?

Taylor’s belt also broke. Why wasn’t there a reset?

BB is so pathetic. I stopped watching right after Michael left and would love to see him in The Amazing Race.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Scmichael never needs to be on TV again! Hope he loses everything…job, fiance, EVERYTHING.


I bet he’s kill it on the Amazing Race. He has such a methodical way of thinking and, despite his body type, is very physical. It might make a nice honeymoon trip for him & his fiancé.


Yeah – the belt breaking during the comp really stood out for me bc Monte discussed it with Turner & Taylor in separate convos the night of the DE but the stories were drastically different the next day.

I don’t remember the exact wording but with Taylor it was something like ‘it was divine intervention & he felt bad for him but sorry we’re here to win too & need you gone.’ And with Turner, it was his typical male bravado in which he explained Michael was pleading with him not to use the POV bc he didn’t have a fair chance due to his belt breaking & Monte said something like ‘so? it’s not my fault – you gotta go buds’ & laughing about it.

The next day after a DR visit he brought it up in the kitchen saying ‘production told us if your equipment breaks it’s on you’. After ANOTHER DR visit later, he changed it to – production told us not to pull on the rope. Clear & obvious production PR spin doctoring.

To be honest, I actually wondered if TPTB gave him a defective belt as their way of ensuring he lost bc they were still pissed he exposed what they’d asked him not to. Since they aren’t allowed to discuss what they were really told (contracts) — I guess until the time limit expires. I’m assuming there is an expiration date given the recent video of a compilation of prior players (Da’Vonne, Zach Rance, Janelle etc) as per below with them all talking about how BB is rigged.


It’s funny looking back at BB16 b/c I remember that comp with Frankie & wondering about it so Zach saying they changed the comp knowing Caleb wasn’t going to participate & then when he decided to play but to sabotage Frankie winning production told him he ‘wasn’t allowed to but gave him no reason why (it was bc they restructured the comp so it was easier for one person to win in order to keep Frankie in the house).

It’s everything you frequently point to but that video is actual confirmation of & sort of even worse than we imagine (like DR giving away strategy to players – such as telling Victoria that people don’t like her & are taking negatively about her). Seriously that’s messed up, especially when you consider they’re doing that but then hear how they refuse to step in & deal with harassment (like what Frank was doing to Da’Vonne). So you either have to come onto the show knowing your Grodner’s 1A or 1B or get extremely lucky with social media falling in love with you to give you an outside chance of knocking off a favorite.


there are actually pretty strict regulations regarding game show competitions. i think bb is in legal trouble if they design a challenge that prevents someone from winning if a partner chooses to voluntarily not participate or sabotage (injury is fair game). the manipulating the storyline stuff is also fair game and it’s why you see certain contestants, vanessa russo probably being the most notable, not discussing strategy with production at all as they don’t want to tip production off (and how much did people hate on vanessa just for not keying the viewers in on her game?). some players even use production to gain an advantage, derrick and dan certainly seemed to. production is not really contestants’ friend, closer to another opponent really. da’vonne and zach are mostly bitter betties. while there’s some truth in what they’re saying, it’s not illegal and their claims are highly exaggerated.

un autre nom

rules and regulations for gameshows do not cover shows classified as reality entertainment programming, such as big brother.
I’m pretty sure the state supreme court that decided that issue was 2019-2020 (decision was made before the filming of season 21) and was a northern midwest state. i wish I could remember the exact case name. sorry.


the competition portion i’m pretty sure is still covered. you can make a comp that a contestant is more likely to win by accounting for height, weight, or other advantages, but you couldn’t alter equipment in such a way that it’s impossible for a contestant to win. other parts of the show, yes the producers have more latitude, but you can even see in the video there was nothing actively preventing the contestants from continuing storylines the producers didn’t like, they were just strongly encouraged not to pursue those storylines and manipulated in certain ways like being called to d/r at specific times.

un autre nom

no, the shows in their entirety are not held to the rules of gameshows because they are called reality entertainment programming.
It’s not a part but not all situation. While we can hope that comps aren’t meddled with like everything else for the sake of storyline, that doesn’t mean that there’s some governing body that will say reality entertainment programming part isn’t covered, but those comps are. That’s not how it works.


The wording I’m reading would definitely cover the competitions and you can certainly see it in otev, which is a competition that would be easy to rig and hard to fake. Most manipulations are “twists” which are not covered


interesting video! Having seen that, I’m surprised that they even do a Double Eviction where Production can’t influence anyone! I doubt production ever wanted these 4 to be the final 4. Who do y’all think Production would have picked, had they been able to, for the final 4?


I think the pound would have been final 4. But an all male even tho diverse was prob thought a bad idea halfway thru so throw in a split house to take out Kyle or joe.

Turners Unused Deodorant

Dont be fooled folks.. thats not a new hat Brittany has on. She tie-dyed her black hat that she always wears…..dirty girl


If your stupid choice of a troll handle didn’t give it away, your stupid comment does: asshat.

Carlito's Way

Cannot believe Taylor begged Monte back to her bed. Don’t think this is game play on her part, sadly it’s desperation. Taylor tries to play hard and strong but is a very insecure woman. This is the true big reveal. Begging for a morsel of affection. Cringe to watch. After all his disrespect and gaslighting, just when you’d think she’d be so done with Monte, Taylor walked up to him in the kitchen and meekly asked him, “Do you still need some space?” Like he makes all the rules. And then she begged (cringe!), “I could use a hug or something.” To which Monte awkwardly answered (obviously not wanting her), well…uh…I still haven’t had a shower or anything… Next thing you know he is back in HER hoh room, preening and strutting like he owns the place, degrading and lecturing her about her nice Taylor and bad Taylor. And Taylor is acting so submissive and well, just damn pathetic. Monte is a total tool and ass. Taylor you look like a desperate, pathetic woman craving for crumbs of attention. C’mon girl wake up and stop with the sappy, cringely begging. He is SO NOT WORTH IT. Taylor is going to hate herself after this. For all her bravado, Taylor is really just a very insecure woman. It’s a shame because she has a lot going for her and now has lots of clean-up and self reflection to do once she gets out of this joint.


Turner: We have one person that is just UGHGHH

I used to think Turner was a decent guy, but the final four has been painful to watch. Monte and Turner have been as mean as the girl alliance at the beginning of the show. In all the seasons that I have watched BB, I have NEVER watched a final four where I didn’t want any of them to win.


Turner, stop being so mean, whatever happened to, I don’t believe in bullying. Being cruel is kind of the same, certainly not necessary ?


Yes! I read that and thought what a turd. I was rooting for him mid game but not now. And monte has become an even bigger pompous ass. So I guess this will be the final 2.

Not Gonna Happen

One season I would like for the jury to remain living in the house. It would be more entertaining and a well informed jury is a good thing.

Captain Caveman!

You know what is funny. Everyone keeps acting like Monte will be the one making the final decision who will be the F2. It could be Taylor and she is as cut throat as they come. So its not 100% guarantee that she would pick him. If Turner tells her everything that Monte has done behind her back. She is vindictive. The type that would slice your tires. So i hope that she wins one HOH and the final one. So and picks Turner. LOL


I wish Turner had it in him to work on Taylor. Seems unlikely.

I do think she may come to that conclusion on her own to cut Monte.

Her DRs will be interesting on Thursday. How she feels about his showmance behavior.

I do think she may be intentionally keeping him close right now. She likely knows he is pivoting back to Turner at this point.

un autre nom

What Britt’s logic campaign succeeded in doing:
made Monte believe Turner is the house mastermind comp champ in the eyes of the jury and that Monte can’t beat him.
Taylor, knowing what points Britt used, because Britt told Taylor… has been subtly pushing that part of the logic equation.
So when people say nobody did anything for Taylor she’s self made from week one to the end, let’s remember, if Monte DOES take Taylor over Turner, it’s because of Britt’s campaign. It hasn’t saved Britt, but it did give Taylor some leverage going into the finals.
Just saying. Go ahead and say it’s Taylor’s move for pushing it, but it’s Britt’s move that has benefitted Taylor. That’s just the fact.
Only part of her campaign he actually listened to: Turner is the big move maker comp guy of the season and the two guys were in the same alliance… so Monte doesn’t win automatically.
The rest? He didn’t hear a word because it didn’t fit his plan, and didn’t have to do with sticking it to the dirty information revealer who is more vile than the actual information.
Even then, taking Taylor isn’t the sure thing everyone is thinking. He says final 2 to her because he’s horny again, and saying the equivalent of ‘gosh you’d look pretty sitting next to me on my throne’ seems to Stepford Taylor perfectly well.


I don’t think it matters. If Monte makes Part 3 of the HOH, he’s throwing it so that he doesn’t have to explain Final 2s. Unless the juror evicted at three asks, of course…..

un autre nom

given that the winners of final HOH every season in the new era (post 19) have been the winners of the season? Actually, the winner of final 4 veto has gone on to win the final HOH and the season since season 19. That’s why i wanted a chaos veto win from Britt, because it wouldn’t matter if she won final 5 veto, final 4 hoh, final 4 veto, and final 3 hoh… nobody is voting for her to win. I wanted that pattern to be completely broken and chaos to return.


I think that would be as foolish as Marcus not using veto on himself.

To leave your fate to others because you can’t own up to your game.

That is what the F2 speeches are all about. What you actually did and how it shows your smarts and power.

It weakens his resume compared to the F2 HOH winner.

I threw F2 because I didn’t want to look like a hypocrite, being my entire game was hypocritical BS?

Or, no, I legitimately lost F2 bc the other HG was better at that final important comp.

He has to own up at some point. No one in jury is granting him that much grace.

No Name

That’s the legacy of Britts game,push subtle moves that benefit her allies game.


With just 4 people left in the house, the feeds are extremely boring.

Why doesn’t production tell them they cannot just lay around and sleep all day?

Taylor spends 80% of the day in he HOH laying in bed, snuggled up next to Monte, or trying to get Monte to come upstairs and lay around in the HOH.

She has become the new Alyssa, Monte told her he needed space, what does Taylor do, she goes and asks him later on does he still need space, she could use a hug.

Wow, I thought Taylor wanted to show she’s a strong independent woman, I think Monte is kind of tired of spending so much alone time with just him and Taylor up in the HOH room.

This makes the feeds very boring, Production needs to make them do more than just sleep all day, or stay snuggled up in the HOH.

Turner is left alone trying to find ways to entertain himself, Brittany is being her usual annoying self, talking to the Cameras, the feeds have been extremely boring since last Thursday.

All these people do is sleep, it’s like Taylor and Monte spend 10% – 15% of the day being downstairs, then they are back together 85% of the day in the HOH. This is very Boring !!

I’m ready to move on, looking forward to BB25. Hope they have a better group of people.


This season is the worst so boring I wouldn’t vote for any of the last 4. Can we end this misery Thursday?