“You need to work on your relationship with Johnny. You need to have his vote locked in”

POV Holder: Jmac POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: Steve and Johnnymac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 08-47-11-311

8:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Steve says they woke us up before 9am today. Vanessa asks but why? Steve says maybe we have the veto meeting coming up. Vanessa says yeah because its sunday. Are we not supposed to. Steve asks do you know what you’re doing? Vanessa jokingly says no, I’m going to flip a coin. Steve asks don’t tell me what you’re doing.. you know what you’re doing? Vanessa says yes. Steve says okay. Vanessa says I know why we have to do it soon. They want us to sit out side while I do it so then they could set up the comp. Steve asks for the next HOH? Vanessa says yes. Steve says I am getting so tired of this bullsh*t! I know some people would kill to be here but I am getting so tired of it. Its the same thing I said on day 3. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 08-49-58-724

When the feeds return – Vanessa is in the backyard. Steve and Vanessa lower the outside awnings. Vanessa asks did you talk to Johnny last night? Steve says no. I just congratulated him on winning the veto. Vanessa says you need to work on your relationship with him because you need to have his vote locked in. He is either doing a really good job of convincing me that Rockstars isn’t anything to worry about or he has no idea what he is going to do. He asked me straight up if we had a deal you and me and I said no. You realize he can’t know about that because if he does he will vote you out. I had to simultaneously not care who stays and who goes. Like it was a big decision we would make together. When in reality you know what I want, I just have to get him around to it. My biggest obstacle is .. I think he thought you would go and I would be the tie break. He needs to feel really comfortable that you will take him and that it is smarter to take you than them. Steve says will do. Steve and Vanessa head back to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 08-58-09-062

9:15am All the house guests are back to sleeping.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 09-13-54-118

10am HOH room – Austin comes up to the HOH room to talk to Vanessa. He asks if there is anything new with Steve scampering around? Vanessa says no. He wanted to know what I was going to do. I told him I wasn’t going to tell him what to do but I said I know what I’m going to do. Austin says that again last night Johnny Mac said he has no problem voting him out. Vanessa says I have to act very careful with that dance because I can’t act eager. If I act like .. well yeah that’s something I would def… Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Vanessa says that competition will happen probably later today or tomorrow. I think if we have the eviction tomorrow night at the earliest, if not Tuesday. If I act to eager he has time to talk to Steve and get his mind changed. Plus I don’t want him to feel like he is going into final 4 with 3 people. I have to act completely ambivalent. You understand? Austin says I know exactly how you have to play with him. I need to figure out how to act with him too. Austin says its both of us getting blood on our hands because Steve doesn’t know how long we’ve been locked in. Vanessa says we’ll more me. I need to deal with another person hating me in jury. Johnny Mac seemed a little too cool about voting out Steve. Like they’ve been working together since the beginning and he’s that okay with it!? Johnny Mac is taxi driver. Johnny Mac is really weird. Austin says I’m worried he is going to flip and vote me out. Its actually really good for you if he does vote out Steve. Vanessa says my worst case scenario is if he wins HOH. Austin says if he does then I need to throw that veto to you. Vanessa says our best case scenario is if you win HOH. Can you do that? Austin says yeah I can, as long as its not a puzzle. Puzzles are for dumb kids because moms make them do them. Vanessa says if I ever get a shot to come back on big brother I would practice puzzles and get better endurance.

10:20am Austin says he thinks the next HOH will be the shovel or the before/after comp. But Liz wasn’t here for some of that so I don’t think it would be before/after. Vanessa asks If its me, you and Johnny Mac in final 3 .. I have your word you won’t scumbag me? Austin says no. Vanessa says and I won’t do that to you. I have your word you aren’t taking taxi driver to finals. Austin says no. Vanessa says I don’t think Johnny Mac would be very good at jury questions. Vanessa says Johnny Mac did say .. he doesn’t know who the better strategist is between you and Liz. The best thing you can do is let Liz do some talking to him. We need him to lock in him picking you. He thinks of himself as a taxi driver savant. You really need to be more careful what things you say to him. He is going to final 4 so we have to be careful with him. I want him to feel like its almost like him making the decision. Vanessa asks how does Liz feel about this. Austin says she is thankful I am willing to do this for her but wonders if we can trust what Johnny Mac will do. Vanessa says he doesn’t think he can beat Steve in finals. He really can’t beat anyone. Steve thinks he (Johnny) can win. Vanessa says I would actually vote for Johnny Mac over Steve. Austin says Steve hasn’t really done anything. Vanessa says Johnny has won more comps and did when he needed to when his back was against the wall. Austin says he slept through half the season and was never a target until week 7. Steve was fine being in an alliance with us until our a$$es were on the line .. so f**K him too. Austin says Johnny Mac has a long way to go to lock in votes. Vanessa says 4 vetos is impressive and 10 second places. Austin says but Johnny Mac as a representative of our season!? I don’t think so. Austin heads downstairs.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 10-00-35-879

10:25am – 10:35am Backyard – Austin tells Johnny Mac I trust you and our conversation. Johnny says its what makes sense to me. Austin says if you need anything or want me to shake on anything let me know. Johnny says yeah I would like to increase my odds of winning that HOH next week. Let me think on it. Austin says yeah. Vanessa thinks she will win that veto next week. I would be confident if you won the veto and got to make the decision. Johnny says yeah I would like to win both. Austin says yeah that would be the ultimate power. Johnny says my worst case situation for me is I end up on the block next to Vanessa. I hope you guys would.. Like she will have good reasons to get rid of me. Like I am more likely to win at the end. Austin says my worst case would be me up on the block next to Liz so maybe we can work things out. Johnny says I’ll take care of things you can’t. Austin says it would be up to you guys to decide. I would assume Vanessa would take me over Liz if she had the veto. We’ll talk it out. So many damn scenarios.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 10-27-31-939

10:45am – 11am Backyard – Steve joins Johnny Mac in the backyard. Johnny asks him if he has his speech ready. Steve says yes, its simple. Steve brings up how Dr. Will said he hates them all and told them to vote him out and he stayed.

11:10am HOH room – Steve tells Vanessa if I show him I’m nervous it might make him less likely to vote for me. You see what I’m saying. I’ll poke at it a bit more. Vanessa asks is it in his best interest to keep him? Steve says Yes because there’s some tension between you and him this week. If I left it would make you have to work with him out of necessity to get out the showmance. Vanessa says if that’s your best argument .. you need a better one than that. Steve says thats what I have in mind I would need more time to think. Vanessa says what does anyone want to hear? Steve says that I would take him to the end. Vanessa says and if they’re in the game its 50/50 they would take him. With you in the game he always makes final 3. Steve asks you think so? Vanessa says no Steve this is what you need to tell him! Why I am I playing your game for you right now!? You need to do the math for him and show him. Steve says yes, sorry. Thank you for the wake up call. Vanessa tells Steve he needs to think you’re going to take him over me. He doesn’t know about our deal. Steve says he didn’t talk to much game with Johnny Mac because he didn’t know who the replacement nom would be.. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 11-10-11-130

11:15am Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Veto Ceremony to take place.

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Is Vanessa just doing this so she doesn’t have to be the tie breaker? It really doesn’t matter who Jmac votes for It would be smart for him to vote Steve out and make Vanessa break the tie and pick a side!

Canadian Kevin

Again she is dictating who will go, but trying to avoid blood on her hands.

She is thinking about jury votes. If someone goes, she can claim it wasn’t her fault – if the vote is 2-0.

She was already working liz about Austin.

She doean’t realize they’ve all spoken to one another, and have her figured out.

Except Steve. She was outright rude and condescending to him last night.

Tur ed my stomach a bit – but he let her, so it is his own bed to sleep in

My opinion

I actually think Vanessa knows that if Steve goes she has a problem, coz JMAC is not as big of a threat as she is…if Steve stays and Liz wins HOH she will probably target Steve, if Steve goes -Liztin has a great chance to win HOH and no way in hell they ll go after JMAC who won no HOHs, while Vanessa won 4-also JMAC has proven he s a POV king so it s a bad thing sit next to him in f4 where everything revolves around HOH. Anyway Vanessa crapped all over her game this week so she s gonna have it hard whatever happens.


If moose wants to win here’s what she needs to do: put up austin as the replacement nom this week. Austin gets voted out. Next time jmac and steve goes up. Jmac gets evicted. Liz steve and moose, final 3. Vanessa gets rid of liz. Steve and Moose F2. I think jury will not like the teddy bear raper over the moose amd vote her to win.

I sat up with my bag of skittles last night for five hours. This has to work.

Buckle Up

Hey Moose, love your cut to the chase perspective. I agree with your analysis of the situation. Also very funny.


It is genius, Van gets no blood on her hands. Steve is her biggest threat in future intellectual comps too.

If Van wins next POV, she will win the game. Plus Liz or Austin will target Jmac if they win POV.

Jmac either has to win HOH or POV, or he is heading out the door.


If JMac votes Steve out, Austin will stay as he will most likely get Liz’ vote. Austin will be loyal to Liz no matter what so they will take each other to the final 2, so it’s better for all the other players to stop that from happening if possible.

Yes, it would be more damaging to Vanessa in keeping Austin’s jury vote if she has to be the tie breaker and vote out Austin, but he has already said privately he respects her game so I think he might overlook it in the end.

Canadian Kevin

No one actually trusts jmac, and i am certain he doesn’t trust any of them. So it would be awesome if he bullshits his way to eviction night then votes to evict Austin. That way Vanessa HAS to choose. And whomever goes, poisons the jury for her.


If looking like a moose was a crime,
Vanessa should be doing some time.

Steve's diaper change

Seriously? Wtf is the deal with the moose and the boy? What is up with this sadistic, pseudo mother-and-son relationship they have? It’s gross. Worse than the showmance.

Austin has critters

Lol, I said before that jmac is hermie (dentist from rudolph) and he is stuck on the island of misfits! Hopefully john wins everything from here on out! He has to!


At this point I really don’t care who wins it, as long as that conniving Bitch doesn’t get any of it. I know that sounds harsh, but I just can’t stand her!!!


You people are strange. I bet you also think that the person with the most points in basketball shouldn’t win.


These people think this game is a truth telling contest and the underdog who plays the nicest in the sand box should win. How boring would it be it the last players standing were Becky, Meg, James, Jason and Jackie? Awful. Their group would be called The House Plants.


Pretty much. That is why the first season was such a bust with America picking votes there was no drama or backstabbing because they kept boring underdogs lol. This site needs to remember what big brother is about and it is doing anything to win the title and grand prize. That is why Vanessa DESERVES it. I dont watch Big Brother to see a summer camp.

Missing Ranceypants

It’s Jeff and Jordan syndrome. Ever since BB11, people think every winner should play the game like Jordan Lloyd. Blinded by the pretty little blond haired girl. Never acknowledging that she had an unusual amount of help getting to the final 2 (her boyfriend got a coup de tat half way through the season, evicting Jessie, who had it out for them and their alliance). She also had a bitter jury in her favor, who voted against her opponent Natalie in the Final 2…because she lied about her age??? Wow. In retrospect, just wow. Production interference much?

Jordan also lied, particularly to Kevin in the final 3-4 weeks. Everyone overlooks that though. They like to believe everyone should play honest, cute, and a bit ditzy, like the Jordan CBS portrayed. She was one of the worst things to happen to this game. Hate to say it, but ever since, people’s perspectives on how to play have been horrifically warped.

This is Big Brother. You lie, you deceive, you manipulate, or you get evicted.


If BB is about lying, deceiving and manipulating. Then what she did to Steve last night was just wrong. It was demeaning, degrading, bullying and uncalled for. It wasn’t used to better her game it was done to belittle him. You can play the game and win without doing that to someone. He already does what ever she says so it was completely unnecessary. That’s why I hope she doesn’t win.

Why does it take so many producers to come up with this pile of steaming _______.

It’s not entertaining watching a barracuda swallow goldfish or a pit bull maul a child.
House guest is looking at a blue cloth. Vanessa tells house guest the cloth is red. Within micro-seconds the house guest agrees the cloth is red. Other house guests, seeing the cloth is blue, allow this scenario or a variation thereof to play out over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over……….. so afraid of the barracuda or the pit bull they are frozen with inaction. It’s not that Vanessa is a bully; it’s that she’s placed into a house with a bunch of sheeple. Even worse with some people who are apparently retarded. You may find taking advantage of retarded people entertaining; but under these circumstances can you really say Vanessa “deserves” to win. Last season it was an adult with a bunch of children. Of course the adult “deserved” to win, but it wasn’t much of a contest either.

Are you serious?

What’s more boring than a bunch of grown ass adults walking on egg shells for months as to not upset the queen and let her dictate everything that happens?


Whose fault is that? Vanessas or the people doing it? lol

Austin has critters

Not when one of the players on the court is like hitler and barking orders at the other players! I can see vanessa having razor blades hidden in the soles of her shoes….just in case she needs them


I’m with you..I can’t stand that Bitch either.

A Fan

WOW! That is harsh. You do realize this is just a game and your life will not change
whether Vanessa wins or not.


That’s right just a game and there’s a bitch in it that I can’t stand, wow what a shocker about that….. life is good, why would it not be…you don’t know nothing about mine….I don’t know nothing about yours….what I do know is you got all butthurt over your girl.
Just a game, just a comment, just people getting defensive…shocker


And you’re obviously “butthurt” that she’s sent home your favorite players lmao. It’s ok. There’s always next year 🙂

I grilled your Chilean sea bass

No you butthurt haha… no your butthurt haha ….no your butthurt… no you… no you..no you….
Gotcha good didn’t I, still stings don’t it..feel the burn

to the fans of rigged fakeness

Oh I forgot to say………Derrick Suuuuuucks!!!! BB16 worst season ever, this season sure comes close but not.


Actually it’s a tv show and as an audience we demand to be entertained. That’s just not happening with this cast. I think that’s why everyone is upset.


I think she’s easily the best player there. She’s manipulated the most people, easily. Has worked her way out of several bad situations. She’s a comp beast. Tied for the most wins in bb history.

Granted I could do without the crying but for whatever reason it seems to work for her. I think she deserves to win. I prefer players that come to play and she has done that since day one. Kudos to her.


Bribing and bullying is not a good game. Treating Steve the way she did last night, was wrong.


Yes, but NO ONE does anything about it. Shame on them not her. FWIW, I don’t want her to win, but c’mon, no one has the balls to stand up to her.


I’m sorry but I cannot tell you how much I disagree with the whole bullying thing. They are all adults, they have a mouth, speak up.

MAYBE someone could’ve bullied me as a kid but now, as an adult? Not a chance.

Steve's mom

There are no good players left to root for. Only least-worst of the worst. Although, anyone who goes so low as to swear on their own mom’s life needs to get kicked in their teeth. (Or have their teddy bear taken away)

Chill this Town

hahaha. I really enjoy how much JMAC throws Vanessa off. she can basically “read” everyone in that house except the Rock and Roll Dentist.

makes sense though considering many of us watching feeds/spoiler sites really had/have no idea what is going through his head.


Vanessa bragged him up as being brilliant. She thinks he has a unique strategy. If he does, he’s keeping it in his head. He’s not sharing it with the fans even. I think he wants to come across as the devil’s mischievous advocate and wants to do something bad, but it’s a little late to be able to do anything dirty IMO. I think if he laid out a strategy we could get behind he would be more worthy. I still don’t think he should be America’s favourite. All he’s done is sit there and stare and laugh. His DR sessions are winning people over, but that’s about it.


I don’t know why everybody likes John if he votes out Steve
that will be the absolute stupid move of the season. A couple of weeks ago
Austin put up voted you out and now you want to keep hi. In the game.
John if you vote out Steve I hope Austin wins HOH and ships your ASS out
right after Steve.


But if John votes Steve it will be a tie. And it will force Vanessa to turn on someone who she has final two deals with and get more blood on her hands. If she breaks the tie and actually keeps Austin she would be stupid!


If John votes out Steve, it won’t be a tie because Liz will vote out Steve too. John would be the one betraying Steve, not Vanessa.


Exactly! That confused me for a sec.

Min O'Pause

Here’s my two cents. I think that nobody expects to win against Van because they know the jury always votes for the best player. The jury gains that perspective outside the house. Whoever is left after next eviction will team with JMac and take out Van. Then it will be a free for all in final 3.


John has been onto Steve working with Vanessa. He’s mentioned it more than once. So if he does vote Steve out and isn’t bullsh*tting it’s to try to weaken and isolate her game if the Austin and Liz are on board. John is only working with her in the this last leg to further his game. So he knows his own intentions. Where as Steve is really working with him and he’s been aware of it. But who can he even talk to about it confidently since everyone is gone. John may figure he can try to navigate as best his can the rest of the game.He’s been doing that anyway and really shouldn’t technically be in there without the second chance so I get his logic if he’s thinking of voting his little weasel faux friend Steve out if that’s really the case.


John is only working with her to….. Vanessa is the whole reason he’s still there. Not because of any great strategy or gameplay on johns part. He would’ve went right back out if it weren’t for her. The smartest thing he did was work with her.

Sunday Night BB

The issue I have with John voting out Steve is that it puts him in a weaker position in the next round. If Steve stays and then Austin goes, then Liz, John, and Steve can work together to get out Vanessa and make it to final 3. In that scenario, John is golden because I think both Steve and Liz would take him to the end. But … if John votes out Steve now, he can still work with Austin and Liz to take out Vanessa in the next round … but then he is stuck in the final 3 with a couple and he has to win that final HOH if he wants to get to final 2.



Who do you think Jmac should keep? As much as I do not want him to do what Vanessa wants, I think Steve is ultimately the better option for Jmac. Steve will always be more of a target for Liz, and no matter how betrayed Austin feels at the moment by Vanessa, he always goes back to her and tells her EVERYTHING. At least Steve doesn’t fully trust Vanessa, and I think his loyalties are more towards Jmac. Plus, Austin is just a really, really, annoying human being; not to mention that the freakin’ showmance needs to be broken up!

Amy N

As much as I agree with not wanting to see those two together, if Jmac and Liz voted out Steve, that would leave Austin, Liz and JMac against Vanessa for the next HoH…because she can’t play, so wouldn’t that be a good thing? Because Steve has the final 2 with Vanessa, and with Austin out I’m afraid he’s just going to do Vanessa’s bidding and JMac would be out next.


Not so fast. Liz won’t go after Vanessa. She’s already said multiple times she wants a girl to win and would take van to final 2 if she can. She even told Austin she wants a girl to win. Liz hates jmack. She would definitely go after him if given the chance.


I agree with part of what both Amy N and this most recent ‘Anon’ said. Here’s my take with the bias of wanting JMac to win:

1) NO-body wants to go to F2 with Vanessa. Nobody thinks they can beat her. A bitter jury is unreliable and everybody knows she’ll out-talk anybody.
2) EVERY-body wants Steve in F2 because they think they can win. And I agree, each would beat him. He will not be Liz’s target – JMac will be (If she were smart, it would be Vanessa).
3) So…JMac wants Steve in F2 as well, but his dilemma is who is Steve more loyal to? Vanessa or JMac? I don’t know either. Keeping Steve in the game helps Vanessa’s game.

I think the best shot for JMac is to keep Steve, but what really matters is that he keeps winning comps.

PS: To the posters who berate others for not “realizing” that BB is about “lying, manipulating and doing whatever it takes to win”…who are you to say what BB is about? It is only your opinion that the game is about rewarding the lowest common denominator in social behaviour. It’s not mine. And that’s why I’d like JMac to win.

JMAC Targets Vanessa

I love seeing Johnny increase his AFHG lead. Wait until he takes Vanessa out.

JMAC Targets Vanessa

I’m hoping that Vanessa makes it clear to Johnny Mac that she wants Steve to stay and he snaps it off on her and votes off Steve.


Uh she said it the update you are commenting on that she is making sure jmac doesn’t know for sure what she wants. She’s not pushing him either way.

JMAC Targets Vanessa

That is what she told Steve but she just can’t let it go and will make it obvious to JMAC that she wants Steve to stay. She just can’t help herself.


Although Steve is a big BB fan, he has no mind of his own, Vanessa is a substitute mother figure, which is why he does what she says. He even said he was afraid of her, he should go.


Jmac is a fan of the show right?

Or was sequester really his first time watching?


I thought so. I knew I read it in his bio. I’ve just never seen him mention anything in DR I don’t think.

He had me fooled for a second last night. Steve and Vanessa explaining what’s suppose to happen in the game next and Jmac playing dumb.

He’s playing that angle well! I’m surprised he hasn’t slipped up.

Thank you Dawg for the response! Yall are doing a FANTASTIC job! Always have!


I thought Jmac was the one that say he considered himself a superfan because the always watched the show each season BUT then admitted he never watched the feeds or BBAD nor followed online. To me only watching the broadcasted show doesn’t really reflect the way is played and all the strategy involved.

Lookin good

Doesn’t matter who JMac votes out because he knows he’s on his own. If he keeps Steve then he will take Vanessa to the end. If he keeps Austin then he will take Liz to the end. Nobody will take him to the end so at this point he needs to win the next HOH or POV and keep winning!!!! Next eviction should target Vanessa. She can’t win this they are all on to her. They need to wear some ear plugs are avoid her like crazy. She will cry, play the victim or bribe you to be in the final two

here at home

Why do people assume Steve will take Vanessa to Final 2? I think he’ll take JMac. They must all know they can’t win against Vanessa and her “words”. Although Steve submits to Vanessa’s bullying, I think if he wins F4 POV he’ll choose JMac or Liz and cut Vanessa. Good by bully!


I am so tired of Vanessa, when she is HOH, she demands everyone vote the way she wants. But when someone else is HOH, she is the first person to run around and say that you cannot let the HOH bully you into voting the way that they want. Not that I am a fan of Steve, but the way she spoke with him last night telling him, “You are in no position to be asking questions”, I really do wish there was someone in the house that was not afraid of doing what they want to do.

When Steve was HOH, she demanded that he not use her as a Pawn, she is not to be nominated. But when she is HOH, it is ok for her to nominate Steve, and she tells him he has to trust her, why can’t these people just put her on the Block, and stop worrying about her being upset. Vanessa has no personality, no social skills, she is annoying to be around, she is annoying watching on TV.

Johnny Mac needs to vote Austin out, then Liz will vote Steve out, I’d make Vanessa show her hand by having to break the tie. This way, whoever is evicted, they will know 100% it is Vanessa’s fault that they were evicted, and then she could possibly loose their vote in Jury.

I am so sick of hearing Vanessa talk, hearing her stupid scenarios about what is going to happen, hearing her say her word is good and she has so much integrity. This bitch is annoying as hell, every conversation that she has with anyone is the house, it’s all Game Talk, this is the same thing she said about Audrey, but it is ok for her to always talk Game.

Austin, Liz, Steve & Jmac need to get together and work on getting her out of the house. If Vanessa was playing the game with someone like Evil Dick, Janelle, Dan, Chill Town, I guarantee you that she would have been voted out weeks ago. Everyone in the house lets Vanessa summon them up to the HOH, she tells you who you should not talk with, who you should not hang out with, but when she was on the block, she complained how everyone was avoiding her ! What a bitch, I just want to see Vanessa evicted, I would love to see her face when she has to walk out the door and go to Jury.

I don’t know if it is true, but I read on here where someone posted that Vanessa was allowed to have Production send her girlfriend flowers ? If this is true, that is so unfair to the other people in the house, why is Production breaking the rules and allowing Vanessa to have communication with the outside world.

I am so tired of hearing the Houseguests guess which competition they will play, CBS needs to switch things up, come up with new competitions, get rid of BOB, I love Big Brother and I have been watching since the first show. I really do wish Production, and the recruiters would read this site, see how America feels about the people they continue to put on the show, stop pushing people like Frankie, Jessie, Jeff & Jordan down our throats.

Switch up the way the show is played, stop being so predictable, put people on the show that have a mind of their own, and they do not feel they have to vote with the house, stop putting people on the show that have no back bone. Put some people in the house who are ready to play the game and actually do what works best for their game, stop production from interfering with the game.

There should be a rule where you cannot tell the houseguests who you are putting up, who you are voting out, it really does take away from the game. Bring back the element of surprise and shock.


Next time right your thoughts in separate posts so we can vote on the points we agree and disagree with.

I agree with this: “There should be a rule where you cannot tell the houseguests who you are putting up, who you are voting out, it really does take away from the game. Bring back the element of surprise and shock”


Technically there is a rule. But it’s so rarely enforced it might as well not exist. I remember Steve checking the HoH rule sheet thing to see what he can say about his targets. It’s really just splitting hairs, like calling production Fairies…


Unfortunately, Vanessa’s style is a dictatorship. She would be more liked if she were teachable and let others play their game too. I hated she attacked James when he suggested she was playing too hard. I think he meant she didn’t need to have hissy fits at people and she didn’t need big reasons to put people up. Instead of taking his advice, she attacked him.


The Best thing for their games is Austin go’s up and then go’s to jury.
I think the votes will come out
Liz evict: Steve
Johnny Mac evict: Austin

Vanessa for all of her smarts she has had three HUGE mistakes in the game… Austin, Liz and Julia
There is no way Vanessa will make it to the final three let alone the final two with Austin and Liz. It is just not going to happen.

Honestly I think as far as game play and moves Vanessa deserves to be in the final two and possible winner. The other person who I would like in the final two is Johnny Mac. I know Vanessa is the most unpopular player… but Austin, Liz and Steve have all rode on Vanessa’s coat tails the entire game, when ever they made a move on their own, it was the wrong move and Vanessa had to clean it up. TBH I also do not really care about Austin and Liz … as far as Steve, he reminds me of a relative I just do not like… he a true rat and snake.

So the best move is to split the vote Austin v Steve and for Vanessa to send Austin to jury. I think out all of them Austin would be the most OK with being evicted and less likely to poison the jury.

Liz, Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac have NO loyalty to each other. There are tons of fake final 2’s… the only thing I am sure of is if Liz does not win HoH or PoV she is the next evicted houseguest. No One can afford a guaranteed 2 votes from the jury.

My hope is Johnny Mac takes Vanessa to final two (I know not a popular belief, I can see the thumbs down already.), but Vanessa or Johnny Mac are the only two I want to win. I think I would be more annoyed with a Liz, Austin or Steve win… pretty equal on those three… I just do not think they deserve the win.


I agree with most of your points, but I would like it to be Liz and Vanessa final 2. Liz may have ridden on Vanessa’s and Austin’s coattails, but she did win when needed. She ensured Austin’s safety way back. It is true he wouldn’t be there still if it weren’t for her pulling a win in that BoB that was to be thrown.

She also had the twin challenge. She did effectively use her tears to convince them to let her stay over Julia. She did a lot more than Steve or JMac.


I really do hope Jmac makes it to the final 2, I’m very confused by the game he is playing, and I really do not know why he does not give 100% to wining the HOH. Until he has power, he cannot make a big move, I would hope he would win an HOH and then put Vanessa and Liz on the block, Austin would vote to keep Liz, Steve most likely will vote to keep Vanessa.

Johnny Mac can break the tie and seen Vanessa’s ass packing, if I was in the house, when Vanessa starts her fake crying, I’d out her in front of the whole house, I’d ask her why don’t we see any tears, you never actually cry, you FAKE CRY, no tears.

Oh and one last thing, I’d tell her, you have told everyone in this house about your “WORD, LOYALTY”, if you have to keep telling me that you are loyal, and you have integrity, that means you do not have it !!! Please stop being so two faced, when you heard Steve asked the twins to swear on their family, you said he was wrong, but it is ok for you to ask Steve to swear on his Mom, that he will take you go final 2.

Vanessa is a two faced, back stabbing, annoying, bitch ! I am so ready for her to be evicted. Once that happens, I don’t care who wins, I just do not want to see Vanessa make it to the end, and I wish CBS would allow the audience to BOO people. CBS needs to step it up for next summer, please, please give us a cast with some strong minded people, people who are not afraid to make big moves, put people on the show that will create good TV.

I stopped watching Big Brother After Dark, I just come to this site and get the information, Simon & Dawg do an excellent job on providing us with information. Big Brother After Dark is boring as hell, it was so much better when it was on Showtime, and when we had interesting people that actually plotted, planned, and stuck to their guns on what they would do, None of this, “I have to Vote with the House” CRAP !!!


And now hoh is not really relevant. Veto will be the big one. They all better get their game faces on for those comps.


I REALLY, REALLY don’t like Vanessa but I do think she deserves to win even though I don’t like the way she goes about it. I HATE that she intimidates the others so much. I noticed last night when she was talking to Johnny that she was sitting on the bed & he was laying, facing her in a very subservient way, much like in the King & I when everyone had to be lower than the king, even if it meant lying prone on the ground. That is Vanessa. Also the way she treats Steve. I don’t like him either; he’s too wish-washy & way too easily swayed. She asks for his opinion & then immediately tells him it’s wrong & he THANKS her for cutting him down. YECH. Get a spine!
She mentioned that if she ever comes back to play, she will have practiced the games & challenges. I hope she is invited back for an all-star season. Everyone would know what to expect from her & would chew her up & spit her out. Probably 1st eliminated. Can you imagine her against Boogie, Will, …?


I didn’t think this season was boring. There were some dull spots but better than last year’s.That’s not to say that there doesn’t need to be some tweaking. And the potential was there for it to be a really really good season but it wasn’t in my opinion. But not horrible and no one did anything were they need to be booed or eternally hated and relentlessly trolled. Even Vanessa who I can’t stand in house as far as her personality and her whole way of being. But it’s just a game/TV show
But next year I hope they don’t start off with the BOB. If they do I will likely turn it of and not watch. I think the intention was to get people to start off playing the game. But that’s something for an MTV show. Or for a show where everyone in the whole has equal an equal investment in losing or winning.Or if it was something strictly physical between two teams and all that is a different type of show. I don’t know who applied the social psychology of people and how Big Brother is set up to think that was a good idea. All it does is escalate the mentally of people basically joining a gang. So you are going to have ones who can’t and refuse to think for themselves and it promotes a lot of spineless behavior and reactions due to fear. Because sticking with the numbers become the safest route. And having people like JohnnyMac isn’t entertaining in the game. I know peole like to think he’s some mastermind but he isn’t. And I do really like him but I wonder if people like him and even Becky would have actually taken a stand earlier on to work with people outside the ones they liked if Vanessa would have even made it this far. You can’t even give some of the stats credence because John threw most of them and I bet he could have won some. And then you had the BOB with two HOH winners which basically means you a first and second place winner nominating people. I hope they get their sh*t together next season. The basic foundation of the game promotes drama especially when you throw in a mix bag of nuts who have different personalities and not necessarily stereotypes or being ageist by not putting enough older people in like they do on Survivor or even the Amazing Race.


Time to take out another one of the asstwits…I don’t necessarily like Steve but I can’t stand the asstwits anymore…Jmac vote to keep your buddy steve, force vanessa to vote out one of them..


I want johnny to win.im disgusted by the dummies listening to venessa. What happened to thier game? Not hers.stupid people! Go johnny kick venessa butt!!!

Coco says .....

What muppet characters are the house guests?
Steve: Scooter
JM: combo of Dr. Teeth and Floyd minus 70s mustache
Vanessa: combo Dr. Benson Honeydew and Beaker
Austin: Animal (too easy)
Julia: Janice
Liz: Miss Piggy
Meg: Oscar the grouch
James: Grover
Jeff: Gonzo
Audrey: Camille the chicken
Shelli: Sam the eagle
Clay: Swedish Chef
Jace: who’s Jace? to be cont’d…


How come the houseguest know so much about what are in these posts? Are they allowed to read them?


I was wondering that too. Have you noticed that they started referring to Liz, Julia, & Austin as the Austwins? We had been calling them that for a long time… or did someone pick that up from them?


At this point they need to decide who is most disliked. Then sit next to them at the end. I hope the winner and second place goes to Jmac and Steve. Can’t see rewarding the Nastin, Twat, or Mini Castro.


Last night after the VETO, production called Vanessa out. Told her, “No one is cheating, Vanessa. Shut it DOWN!” She accused production of rigging the Veto not in her favor. She was complaining to Austin when this all went down


JMac needs to vote Austin, Liz votes Steve. Vanessa will choose and if she breaks austin and Liz, she loses 3 votes in Jury (Austwins). But she will have to pick a side and show she had final 2 deals with everyone.


Ever play… What if? during a Big Brother Season.

I don’t think changing the results of the first three eviction would have changed much in the game.
Except possibly keeping Jace, might have sent home Liz/Juia earlier because vanessa may not have teamed up with Jace Austin and Liz if Julia was still there. Shell and Clay would have never worked with Austin, Liz and Jace.

Da’Vonne would have sen Johnny Mac Home earlier, but that is about all it would have changed.

Now What if Vanessa had backdoored Austin?
That would have completely changed the game. Liz and Julia would not have their meat shield and probably would have been targeted when James put up Shelli and Clay instead. The house may have voted to evict Liz, because at that time Shelli and Clay preferred Julia and so did Meg.
My guess is that the next week the block would be Steve and Julia with Vanessa as the backdoor or Becky would have put Vanessa upfront.

What if the house had kept Shelli and evicted Vanessa?
The final five would look drastically different. Shell was never as close to the Austwins as Vanessa was and Clay had gone home to protect Austin. That would have been all broken up. Shell would have teamed up with Becky, Johnny Mac and Steve and they probably would have chosen to go with James, Jackie and Meg than Austin and the twins.
Steve would have been the one to go after Austin and Liz… leaving Meg (the floater), James, Jackie, Becky, Shelli and Johnny Mac.
Then it would more than likely be Meg going home… possibly Jackie
I think the final five would be
Johnny Mac, James, Shelli, Becky with either Jackie or Meg

Would you prefer that outcome more than this one… I have to say knowing Big Brother fans… rarely are we happy with a final 5. Meg/ Jackie would be called useless floaters, James a disgusting Hornball, Shelli rhymes with witch, Becky rhymes with witch and Everybody loves Johnny Mac.


I think CBS wants a girl to win this season, so the writing is on the wall so to speak.


If JMac makes F2 he wins no matter who he’s against because no one has ever come back into the game after being evicted and won. I believe this jury will award that. The only “real” competition in F2 for him is Liz because of the twin twist. They both have wins, they both beat crazy odds but JMac was better liked.
I think keeping Austin is a good play for Johnny. Johnny knows Austin doesn’t want to go to F2 with Liz (for the reasons above) and needs someone to take her out because he can’t do it and look like a jerk–he doesn’t know it’s too late for that 🙂 He also knows this is the THIRD SHOT Vanessa has taken at Austin (Van’s first HOH, last week with Julia, and now). I see him spelling it out for Austin and Liz and them all working next week to get Vanessa out.
F3 Johnny, Austin, Liz. Johnny wins final HOH and takes Austin. Johnny wins (Shelli, Jackie, Meg, James, Becky vote Johnny…maybe Steve and Vanessa too) and (Liz, Julia, maybe Steve and Vanessa vote Austin).

Ariana Grande stinks!

I totally and absolutely despise Ssssssssssteve the Boogereating Sssssnake! Vanessa carrying him to the final two because the production wants that to happen becomes a pathetic and too transparent a scenario.

Totally disgusted! Give us back BBCAN! 100 times better than BBUS!


Yeah BBUS sucks


If Austin goes Tuesday, then that leaves 4 people playing with only tenuous connections between them. Steve and John, John and Vanessa, maybe Steve clings to Vanessa, and Vanessa and Liz. None of those ties are super tight.

Liz as HoH puts up Steve and John, John puts up Vanessa and Liz, Steve puts up Liz and maybe Vanessa…the Veto holder is the only voter unless the HoH wins veto then the HoH decides who votes…


I think this is a really good season myself. No Victoria in the end this season , all of them have good comp records although I don’t think Austin, Liz or Steve would have made it this far without Vanessa and vice versus. Jmac doesn’t seem to have much gameplay but it is working for him.
Unlike the last few season there is less than 2 weeks to go and I can’t figure who is going next much less who F3 or F2 will be. After last night’s talk I still don’t know who does Vanessa really wants out. Who Jmac is really planning on voting out? If Austin stays, will he really flipped to Jmac or stay loyal to Vanessa? Good Season for me!