Veto Ceremony Results! “Well Bucko! Its down to me and you!”

POV Holder: Jmac POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: Steve and Johnnymac
After POV Nominations: Steve and Austin

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 12-06-13-049

11:15am – 12pmBig Brother blocks the live feeds for the Veto Ceremony to take place. When the live feed return – we learn that Johnny Mac used veto to remove himself from the block. As head of household Vanessa then nominated Austin as the replacement nominee. Either Steve or Austin will be evicted before the special eviction episode airs on Tuesday.

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12pm – 12:10pm The live feeds return to Liz and Austin in the kitchen looking for vitamins. Austin tells Johnny Mac they should get ready to workout. Austin tells Steve Well Bucko! Its down to me and you! Steve heads into the comic bedroom and tells Johnny Mac its down to Vanessa. Johnny says yeah. Johnny Mac says he’s going to go workout. He asks if Steve is going to come out. Steve says no I need to figure out what I’m going to do. Johnny Mac says come up with some ideas and then let me know. In the living room – Liz hugs Austin and tells him she love him. He says I love you too. Austin and Johnny mac head outside to workout. Austin says I wonder if Steve expected me to go up? I think he thought Liz was going to go up. He acted surprised. Johnny Mac says I think it was Vanessa’s speech. I think he’s nervous. Austin says I was going to try and talk to him but he just ran off. Johnny says I know how he’s feeling but at the same time it could have been me. Austin says yeah then it would have be up next to you. And he (Steve) would have been voting how Vanessa wanted. Johnny Mac says yeah and I would have been going to jury.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 12-08-15-578

12:20pm Johnny Mac and Austin are working out in the backyard.

In the kitchen – Vanessa and Liz celebrate on being in the final 4. Vanessa says 50% of the people are girls! Liz says I know! Thank you! Vanessa says he (Austin) is trying to talk him (Johnny Mac) into the vote. Liz says I know. Vanessa says I actually think he will. From my conversation with him, I think he will. Liz says he (Johnny Mac) is easily swayed. Vanessa says I’m just excited we’re there. Liz says this is a huge week to win HOH and veto. Vanessa says please do with Steve gone. If he (Johnny Mac) wins HOH, I’m f**ked. As long as he doesn’t win HOH, the three of us are good. I want you to win HOH. Liz says we can’t beat him for sure. Steve we can’t. I’ve been studying every night. Liz asks so we don’t know when the eviction is? Vanessa says he (production) just said lets just get through today. Liz says its so nerve racking.. its going to go so fast from now on. Vanessa says since we’re in final 4.. one of us is for sure in final 3. Liz says I can tell he (Austin) is a little nervous but he’s handling it well. Steve is only concerned about himself.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 12-28-46-691

12:30pm – 12:45pm In the backyard – Austin tells Johnny Mac if it comes down to you and I in the HOH I could throw it to you. That’s the one thing I can offer you for voting for me other than thank you. Johnny Mac says yeah I like that. Plus I don’t think I can beat him (Steve) in the end. The one thing we need to do .. is if I get rid of Steve we just need to keep Vanessa from freaking out. Austin agrees. Johnny Mac says she is doing to me what she did to you. She’s putting the decision on me which I’m okay with. She just had to bring up that I’ve won 4 vetos. Austin says yeah she’s subtle. Johnny Mac heads inside to the diary room. Austin says to himself I’m up on the block right now. It might come back to bite me. You have to put your trust in the right people. Its day 88!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 12-36-41-441

12:55pm – 1:05pm Austin asks Liz how her talk went? Liz says you have nothing to worry about, Vanessa wants Steve gone. Johnny Mac joins them. Austin comments on how these comps are like video games. Liz says its like mario party. Austin gets called to the diary room. Johnny asks Liz if she is doing alright. Liz says yeah I’m just glad its not me and I don’t have to come up with another speech. Liz says we made it to final 4! These next HOHs are huge! Johnny asks was Liz excited to party in the jury house? Liz says yeah but I’m sure she misses me. Johnny says she’s the only one of the scamper squad there. Austin comes back out to continue working out. Liz starts working out on the elliptical.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 12-56-42-804

1:35pm – 1:55pm Austin, Liz and Johnny Mac continue to workout in the backyard. They head inside to eat. Liz asks Johnny Mac what he thought of Jason. Johnny says he didn’t do anything to me until he needed to campaign to try and stay. Liz he was a little weasel he didn’t even try and campaign to me. Johnny says after he and Becky did the promance together everyone started calling us a couple .. and we were like ah sh*t we can’t be hanging out together. Liz says she really liked Becky.

2pm – 2:15pm Liz comments on how the eviction won’t be live. Austin says you (Steve) can’t hide behind your mommy. Austin tells Liz I get to be romantic going on the block for my babe. I like that, keep you safe. As long as everything goes okay then everything is a win!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 14-09-40-011

2:30pm – 2:50pm Liz showering / Austin hanging out chatting to her. Meanwhile up in the HOH room Vanessa ponders all of their incentives. Vanessa joins Austin and Liz in the bathroom. Austin tells her that he talked to Johnny Mac and told him if he needs anything to just let him know. It seems too generous. He said he would think about and let me know. Vanessa heads back to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 14-27-26-371

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Ok perfect! Now send this stinkin tree packing! Long overdue!

Pinocchio Obama

No matter what happens this time Vanessa can not play in the next HOH and somebody needs to cut her loose.


I’m not positive but I thought everyone got to play in the final 4 hoh. Does anyone else know if this is true or not?

Meg is Hot

She does not get to play.

In Canada we Love Harper and the PC's!

And we love Liz and Vanessa!

Win one for us girls.


I’m a girl but I don’t want Liz or Vanessa to win just cuz they r girls. The best player should win!

in Canada we Love Harper and the PC's!

they are clearly clearly clearly the best players.

Achtung struchly togya mantibbe


Right, so Vanessa by a mile. I know you’re not implying jmack is the best player?

Fingers crossed!

The only way I think she’ll be staying is if Liz wins HOH after Austin is voted out. I can only hope the guys would finally man up and do the job.

Teddy Bear

“Johnny Mac says he’s going to go workout. He asks if Steve is going to come out. Steve says no I need to figure out what I’m going to do. ”

Whatever you do Boy, don’t hang yourself. It’s just a game.


Steve has to first ask permission from his Mommy, Vanessa if he can go outside and play


You’re both wrong. Vanessa tipped him off that Austin is using a strategy of overworking the others in the workouts so they’ll be weak in the competitions. They don’t recover the same speed he does. Steve was warned not to work out with him.

Chill Town

Hahahahaha!!! Love it! That’s an awesome Instagram page. Poor Vanessa LOL!


No steve cant work out he needs to lay down and count things repeatedly.


Exactly! Steve just say nothing and let Vanessa play your game for you. He DESERVES to be evicted. You are just going to “play it cool,” while Austin and JMac work out and get closer. What a f’n tool bag!!! I want Austin evicted so badly, but honestly, Austin is the one actually PLAYING THE GAME!!!!

Teddy Bear Raper

Steve sucks balls. When jmac asked him if he was going to work out with him and Austin, steve should haved responded, “Hell, Yes!” That is why his social game sucks: he doesn’t have one.

Vanessa Sucks His Balls

Vanessa says she’s smart and knows Steve is Aspergers, which is a serious mental illness even playing on his mommy issues and calls herself a supernerd introvert non social brainiacs like him — then systematically breaks him down, bullies him worse than Jace while Production watches her go overmedicated bi-polar psycho on him and bribe everyone else in the house with cash. You’re not evil Vanessa?? Whatta joke. Get out Steve, Get my permission first Steve, there goes crazy scamper Steve, give him an alliance name and a souvenir he’ll be happy, we are sound technicians Steve, we are F2 Steve, I’m your mommy Steve, throw it to me Steve, you’re nothing Steve, your no one Steve, give me your info Steve, your my pawn Steve, you have no right to ask questions Steve… And Production gives her more meds and watches her do it again, Their goes pacing counting crying for mommy Steve. Pround Vanessa you meth addict fake gay card calling cheating bribing law school reject scum bag broke ass con wigger.

…If I get back on BB I’m gonna practice puzzles and endurance more…really? millions would pay to tale you into kick boxing hexagon comp and kick the living bullying shit outta you. You’re gonna write a book how to beat mental patients with a stick, what’s next BB Downs Syndrome Rainman hobo fights the heavyweight. Disgusting. Vanessa needs to pay, glad she doesn’t livein in our town, she’d wouldn’t make it down the street without swallowing her teeth. Who’s your mommy now Waahhnessa? Someone being Vanasty to you? Do you kick your dog at home, like you kick the house bitch you trained? Guess who’s not going to F3, sociopathic psycho. She better use her stipend for rehab and therapy before someone fixes her mouth for her. Stand up to her Production-JMAC can only do so much while you treats her for her abusive drama.


I have to say that the way Vanessa has used Steve’s obvious social problems against him is sickening. Watching her badger him until he gets confused and so upset isn’t fun. It’s like watching him getting beat up emotionally, she’s a real piece of crap.

Thank You!

Thank you. I had to get that outta my system. I’m never violent-I’m a 97 lb. kindergarten teacher who also owns a dog rescue shelter and retrains all abused breeds including pit bulls- but Vanessa horrible treatment of others, makes me so angry I can only imagine jumping her myself. She sets him up, know he’s unable to fight back, psychoanalyzes him, let’s him lay his head down in her lap, only to choke him watching him beg for his life, letting go, then choking him some more. Thank you Vanessa, sorry Vanessa, you’re right Vanessa, I’m stupid Vanessa, can i walk in Vanessa, can I tell you tomorrow Vanessa… She’s literally mentally cruel while abusing him and BB allows it, in fact rewards it. She behaves in classic abuser fashion, verbally, mentally and emotionally in a position of authority as a psuede celebrity lIke Frankie. There are so many people without a conscience who feel there shouldn’t be rules in BB, like hazing is legal? CBS should be ashamed and not allowed to cast mentally ill, under psychotropic drugs and psychiatric treatment- Van Audrey Jase and Steve would not be there. Additionally, Vanessa needs to be disqualified for breaking – how many rules multiple warnings? Lets see; bullying, cheating, intimidation, bribing, calling CBS Production cheaters, communicating with relatives during the show, abusing drugs. It’s sick. OK I’m done till they taunt him as their Boy again and Austin makes his mommy speech at evictions tomorrow.


I dont care who you are if you wanna be on big brother you better be able to take what ever comes your way. I cant stand vannessa but i see nothing wrong with how she treats steve, if he has issues then maybe he shouldnt be on the show. You guys think this is bad what about dan doing ian. Its a game and if your on bb then your fair game.


I hope Jmac win the next HOH and put up Vanessa and get the bitch out once and for all!!!!!

won't happen but I'm hoping

Yeah please get this bitch out next week

It's not what you think, Moose!

Jmac is the only player whos balls are big enough to take out good ‘ole Moose. Go Johnny!

Johnymac is lame

I don’t know why you think Johny Mac has balls, Had he voted out Julia instead of Meg, Then that would of been a big move. Had he voted out Liz over Julia, that would of been a big move. You guys are giving this weak player more credit than he deserves.


There’s 2 eviction this week Tuesday & Wednesday. Vanessa needs to go out Wednesday night.

Guy from Canada

I hope jmac says in the Dr that this luxury is more like a punishment lol!

Double D

HOH doesn’t matter but for safety. The POF controls the vote and who goes home.


Ugh! Is anybody else repulsed that Frankie is back on tonight’s episode? This season keeps getting worse & worse!!!

Big o'le ant eggs

Not watching tonight just cause of him.
No air time to morons


But he is “America’s Favorite” after all, being all condescending to everyone because of his famous bratty sister and talking about raping Victoria, he’s a real prince alright! lol what a pig…

Frankie likes Fudge

Donny was Americas Favorite. Frankie is America’s Least Favorite.


Also, let’s not forget Frankie saying that Jocasta should kill herself after she threw a funeral for his dead grandfather.

Min O'Pause

Thank God for the mute button and fast forward button.

Big Jim

Which one does Vanessa want out?

Vanessa's Broomstick

All of them.


I think she initially wanted Steve out. That’s what I got from her conversation yesterday. And now that she realizes Jmac isn’t going to do what she wants, she’s playing the “I can’t push him too hard” card with Austin to cover her tracks. What Jmac needs to do is make it crystal clear to Austin that Vanessa was pushing to keep Steve. But even if he did, it wouldn’t matter; Austin always goes back to her with his tail between his legs.

The manipulative moose

Vanessa wanted Austin out for two reasons: 1. He is an equal competitor to her, comps are a toss up; 2. She can’t manipulate him as easily as the Boy


I actually think that JMAC should vote to keep AUSTIN. He knows deep down he CANNOT TRUST Steve and that Steve will NOT take him to Final 2. He knows that Steve will take Vanessa over him. I also think that he could work with Austin & Liz to take out VANESSA. That is the ONLY WAY Vanessa does NOT go to the finals. If he votes to keep Steve and gives Vanessa the power to break the TIE, she will end up keeping Steve (although I wish she wouldn’t) and then JMAC knows he will be next to go. He needs to cut Steve now, work with AustLiz and get that nut job Vanasty OUT of the house. I don’t care for any of these idiots since all the goblins are gone (James, Jackie, Meg) – I would rather see JMAC, Austin & Liz in Final 3 than Steve & Vanessa. I am so disappointed in the game that Steve played and aligning with Vanessa and doing all her dirty work. He doesn’t deserve to be in the Finals and she has deals with everyone so get her the HELL out and send her to the JURY HOUSE. That group needs some retribution!


I think the real question is who does J Mac want out 1st. I have no idea if he’d really cut Steve loose and save Austin. I really hope he doesn’t scumbag it up. I realize Steve is dangerous to keep around as he could easily take Vanessa over JM F2. Could save Van F4 with POV won also. Not easy keeping him if your Johnnie Mac.

He just has to split the vote and let Vanessa do the dirty work. Austin understands Steve is JM’s buddy in the house. He’s throwing a hail Mary trying to get Johnnie Mac’s vote. He expects Van to keep him. The douche in all this is Liz who threw Austin under the bus hard. Boy is she a trash bag.

I usually have a bad guess at this point. The dam skittles and the bloody incentives I have no idea what Nessa will do. One minute I’m ok with Steve going the jury has to be a healthier environment for him. Then I wake up and think you gotta split up the couple. My greatest fear Liz wins HOH and Van wins POV. Let the puke fest begin.
Eviction tomorrow, then HOH. POV F4 on Tuesday and eviction Wednesday. I’m just guessing that look right guys? Also are they going to black out if you know?


Kinda want Steve to leave just cause Vanessa can’t control Johnny like she can Steve. I know Steve is depending on a tie breaker and for Vanessa to keep him but he needs to stand up for himself more, she walks all over him and orders him around and he just takes it. It’s been like that all season.
I could honestly see anyone winning this season at this point, I think Vanessa will win if she makes it to F2 however people will probably cut her next week or in F3 if they get the chance, she’d need to win her way there.
Also it’s refreshing to see a player that re-entered actually doing well and having a legit second chance at winning. Johnny Mac has proven to be a competitor, let’s see if he can pull out this next HoH now.


I want Steve to leave for the exact same reasons. If he stays and wins the next HOH, he is not going to put Vanessa up cause he’s too much of a wuss. He will put Jmac and one of Liztin on the block. People only want Austin to leave because he cheated on his girlfriend with Liz. People are acting as if he cheated on THEM. I personally don’t give a shit. Jmac’s only chance to make it to F2 is to evict Steve because everyone will be on board to get Vanessa out. Austin against Liz in the F2 is a huge risk for both of them and they don’t want to scumbag each other. So I think they’ll leave the decision up to Johnny and this guarantees him a spot in the F2.

Buckle Up

I have no idea how Jmac should or will vote. A showmance F4 is never good but the Steve Vanessa SOS alliance isn’t much better- although Jmac does not officially know about SOS. I think his best bet is to vote out Austin and force Vanessa to break the tie. Then she has finally chosen a side. Liztin or Rockstars. Johnny needs to get HOH or POV regardless of who goes out next. Rock on Johnny Mac.


Vote out they get evicted tomorrow?? Tuesday eviction is not live…?

Canadian Kevin

Vanessa is really treating Steve like shit these past few hours; she’s really an ugly person.

She’s asking why she’s playing Steve’s game? Because she didn’t let him play it himself up until now.

Her true colors are coming out; and they make the beanies look good/nice/cool by comparison.


U ppl are dumb..thats but t even her..

Canadian Kevin

English please?


Can anyone translate stupid please?


Stupid….is you….


U ppl are dumb..that’s not even her gf.,lol


It’s about Vanessa gf.. The comment was erased… Someone commented on Vanessa gf intragram., she changed it.

Min O'Pause

Are you stoned?

Steve Austin

Steve Austin is the name of the Six Million Dollar Man played by Lee Majors.
Steve is about to get axed by JMac and Austin will get played by Vanessa and Liz


Stone cold Steve Austin



So Liz gets to play the game with her sister, the geniuses see this as a number on their side and keep her in there, nobody bothers to try to get rid of her at all, she gets into a grossmance and is now part of TWO teams/alliances that will no doubt take her to the end or be guaranteed votes in jury.

She is finally put up on the block against her grossmance who takes himself off, she ends up on the block next to her sister and they vote off the useless sister who hasn’t won anything and who doesn’t have a creepy horny guy willing to do anything for her. The next week she isn’t even nominated and when one of the nominees wins POV she doesn’t end up on the block, instead her gross kinda bf does.

Who in their ever loving right mind would keep her this deep into the game knowing she will have a GUARANTEED 2 votes out of 5 needed to win. Whoever is next to her is not only in a big hole starting out but has a mountain to climb to get 5 of the remaining 7 jury votes. Oh and her sister is already at the jury house doing damage control for her (and Vanessa was stupid to ask Julia to tell the jury she isn’t a bad person, as if Julia would do that and hurt her sister’s chances, yeah that’s happening Vanessa).

These people are unbelievable idiots.

Buckle Up

LOL! Grossmance. Wish I had thought of that. Too funny,


I can’t take credit for it. Many here have been using it for some time now but it fits those two perfectly.


I believe it’s believable that they are idiots, they’ve proven it all season….maybe with a lil help from the DR, but nonetheless, idiots


Production also has the ability to edit the television show to make it “appear” the HG’s Have a higher I.Q. than a Cocker Spaniel.


Lovely and colorful bouequt.I am not sure what you are after. Colors is a hard thing. Cameras don t always see what we see. Try different white balances. Also try to put the objekt in different lights. Cloudy, backlight, shadow, indoors… whatever. There is no fixed rules for enything. Maybe you have to use an editor to get what you want.


How in the hell does Vanessa keep things straight!? I get so confused when she talks to one HG then another. Totally different scenario’s for each one.

Shelli's Chompers

I wonder if Vanessa will take a long nap when this is over. She must be exhausted! I know I am just listening to her.

Frankie likes Fudge

She keeps things straight with her magic Skittles.

Min O'Pause

Sure wish JMac would sneak in and eat all the purple ones and spell out “empirical evidence” with the rest. Just to mess with her mind.

Austin has critters

You think the way I do! If i was in the house, I would be doing stuff like that to her! Use her skittles to Spell out zero adderall left! Kind of like Americas player but without the direction of production! Lol I also would like to help liz and vanessa with their terrible brown oily regrowth hair issues. It is distracting!


I am looking forward to seeing Vanessa and JMac interact more next week, especially if he wins HOH. I do like Vanessa’s attempts at explaining her actions–she annoys me greatly–but I find her backtracking entertaining. Like explaining the Veto choice 100million times last week and outing the Scamper Squad so she can mend bridges with Johnny this week…I had to stay loyal to my original alliance but now that you saved yourself we can maintain our secret alliance that I really feel more comfortable with…wink wink. I wonder if she thinks he’s an idiot.


Oh no. She knows john is a big brother God. Lololollll


I think JM is reveling in his veto comp win. I think he feels he can say whatever he wants to these people, and if he goes back on his word “he doesn’t care”, they never kept their word to him, and he is not going to keep his to them.
If he wins HOH and Veto, Vanessa will be gone. At least I hope so. { I hope he is smart enough to put Liz and Vanessa up.} I hate JM’s gameplay, but with the people he has had to work with, he really had no choice. James couldn’t see the forest for the trees, and Becky’s gameplay was so odd, she didn’t read people properly. Jackie understood some things, but she was not a BB fan and did not know how to play.
Vanessa’s is playing the game, I just hate the way she has played the game. She has made it very uncomfortable to watch at time, and made me dislike her. {Of course, she could be like Rachel, they say in the house she is a mess, outside of the house she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.} Austin and Liz have just made it uncomfortable period.
I think if Austin is up on the block with Vanessa, there is no guarantee Liz will vote Vanessa out. She wants a girl to win.


I agree, its hard to watch someone when they look and act like they are on crack.


Also to consider is how much of what she does is for TV. They have to have enough takes of conversations to have something to show. I have wondered if she rattles on in anger mode out of play acting.


PLEASE …. Can we have one episode where everyone turns on Vanessa and totally blows her game up… I would like to get a little excitement out of this season .. I can’t STAND her, she ruined the whole show.

Real deal

I blame Clelli for that. Clay was the most arrogant houseguest I’ve every seen, and Shelli was guilty by association. Because of them, the house missed their chance of getting rid of Vanessa (thanks to the weak Goblins who decided to evict Shelli instead of Vanessa). That week was a turning point in the show and it hasn’t been the same since. I can’t stand Vanessa either. She ads no value to the show. She’s always in her bed, with a deer in the headlighst look and that nasty beany. She has such an unpleasant face to watch, she does not provide any entertainment value and she acts like a bully on crystal meth. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but at this point, I’m rooting for Liz. I hope she single handedly evicts Vanessa.


Van needs Austin to go;
If Steve goes and JM wins HOH she has 100% chance of going on the block with Austin ( I think he keeps Liz)
If Austin goes she has a 50/50 chance of going on the block if Steve wins HOH (but I think he would backdoor her) and he just might stay true to JM and put her up
If Austin stays and wins HOH, she is 100% going on the block
If Austin stays and Liz wins HOH she is 100% on the block. Let’s see if she figures it out ,, Hope Not!!! Can’t wait for her to go…


so when do feeds stop today or tomorrow morning. Its going to be interesting episode on tuesday who is vanessa real final 2. So it the pussy vs the asshole. He bb do not forget to put meg james jmac jason on the bold and beautiful.


I hoping jmac wins the next hoh. I have feeling he can win against liz and austin, but with steve I don’t think so. If I was jmac winning the final 4 hoh automatically gives you final 3.


It sucks there won;t be boos for austin on tuesday episode because it will be staff audience.


“Austin says you (Steve) can’t hide behind your mommy.”
Not behind his mom. Behind his teddy bear.

Poor Steve

Production used someone with clear Aspergers Autism spectrum as supernerd character and set him up against fight girls club cool kids so we can watch him get bullied from beginning to end from Jace to Vanessa to Austin. They promote him as Mommy’s Boy, give him his teddy bear, tell him to act adorable and brag he’s a virgin. Show promos call him Sheldon of Big Bang Theory against pseudo poker game theory law school reject. And Less Moonface says Oopps, it’s not our fault we took out all the comps, random games to balance the playing field, it’s not or fault we let the lawyer bribe everyone and Jace Vanessa break rules against bullying intimidation, it’s the casting departments fault they hired too many mental patients on pills, too many mommas boy wusses.

Production set it up to fail, and they don’t care who gets hurt. Now we get to watch Steve bullied into a nervous breakdown all the way to Jury while he counts paces and hugs teddy like autistics do. Wasn’t Audreys transgender hormone imbalance & Van’s paranoid schizo rages and pill popping enough? This season has been painful to watch from beginning to end while viewers take to their hospice beds to avoid bullying and turn off feeds. Drama like this we can get in high school pre-columbine days. Grow up BB, Less and Julie you know what you did and it was no accident.

missing ranceypants

Oh my god, the salty vanessa hate in here is laughable. No one else deserves to win more than her this season. And im sorry, but at least shes better to watch than, “youre taking food out my daughters mouth.” Derrick. Man what a loser. Vanessa takes charge and has the comp wins to back it up. The more you all whine, the more I want to see her win.


Well, football season has started and since Vanessa has made it to final 4, I’m done. I just wanted to come and thank Simon and Dawg (I LOVE that name) for posting the wonderful updates and posting them so quickly. I WILL NOT watch ANYTHING with Frankie and Arrianna Grande on it and feel certain that it wasn’t a coincidence that Liz chose Vanessa to go on that luxury trip with her instead of Austin. I wonder what production had Frankie tell them while they were getting drunk and stoned. It’s so sad that the producers/creators of this show can’t just put 14 people in the house who are legit and let them play the game the way they do in BBUK. It’s a GREAT show with a GREAT concept, except in the USA they have to “fix” every little thing and pump these people full of drugs. I’ll probably come back (to THIS site) after Monday night football and before I go to bed Tuesday night to see what happens. Bless those of you who have a strong enough stomach to watch the rest of this mess on TV, I just don’t. Everyone remember to drop Simon and Dawg a ten spot for all the hard work and foolishness they have to sift through to bring us these GREAT updates. <3 <3 <3


Thanks YO!


JM is being very clever, he wants Vanessa to talk him into keeping Steve. LOL I hope this works


Vanessa is scared for once! If she has to break a tie, she shows her cards. If I was JMac, I would make it a tie and watch Vanessa go down.

mama mia

I believe Vanessa about the veto comp probably being rigged for Johnny to win. I also believe without a shadow of a doubt that Johnny will win the next HOH/Veto. Fans want it that way and that’s the way its going to be.I feel badly for Vanessa and Austin because they worked the hardest to be there.


Legit . In the whole wide world their is not a bigger 6’4. 235 lb pussy than Austin . Waste of size and a man . He is afraid dudes are Guna hit on Liz. ? He’s clearly petrified of vannessa. He could not deal with mr . Pectacular invading his space. Judas? C’mon – I’m not kidding he really is a giant puss bag . And if I see him on afta dark go into the toilet and not wash his hands I’m Guna Puke. Besides the jmac kid I legit hate them all .

I love my DVR because....

I can watch a game of American football In 30 minutes, and an episode of BB in 12 to15 minutes. Since tonight is GRANDE night, I might break into single digits!


I hope Steve can somehow stay miraculously

Jersey Shore Rises

That last photo of Vanessa is Priceless….


That’s the first thing Vanessa’s done that I’ve liked. What goes around comes around, and I love that he’s going to work on the Jury to vote anyone but her.
See us Austin,