Johnny Mac “I’m sick of everyone playing nice! Its time for me to do bad things!”

POV Holder: Jmac POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: Steve and Johnnymac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 01-37-12-774
12:30am Backyard Hammock – Johnny is talking to Austin & Liz. Johnny says I was really only loyal to Becky. When she was gone I had to work with what I got (Steve). Austin says when she (Becky) came up and told them all about how much she hated Vanessa she left you out of it so we didn’t know. It would have been good to know you guys were together. That might have changed things. We just assumed she was with the gremlins. Johnny says it felt like at the time there was nothing they could say to get James and Meg nominated over him and Becky. Austin says he just doesn’t get why Becky jumped in with them so hard being like this is my group, my group, my group. Johnny says even from the beginning we felt like we needed to get in with someone. Steve joins them. Liz says I was scared of her. She could beat me at anything. Johnny Mac heads to bed. Liz asks Austin do you know why I love you so much. You’re my best best best friend. I feel so comfortable with you. Austin asks that’s it .. just your best friend? Liz says I wouldn’t know otherwise.. Austin asks what about all these kisses? You kiss your best friend? Liz says you know what I mean. Austin says you’re my best friend too. I’ve never had that in a relationship.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 01-41-21-950

Steve alone in the hot tub talks to himself. I love how all three alliances I’ve been in I’ve names. SOS, Scamper Squad and Rockstars. No knows about SOS though, that’s the secret. (Students of Sound alliance with him and Vanessa) Can I beat Vanessa in the finals? Can I beat Johnny Mac in the finals? I think I made final 4 but don’t count your chickens until they hatch.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 02-04-08-503

12:40am In the bathroom – Austin tells Johnny Mac – Let me know if you need anything from me going forward to solidify your vote because this is obviously ..critical so whatever you need. If you need me to shake on something. Johnny Mac says I will. Austin says because this is big, big, big! Johnny says yeah I hear ya. Well as far as Vanessa is concerned its her and me so .. against you two. Austin says that’s fine. Johnny Mac says she pretty much wants me to decide the vote and I’m pretty confident this final 2 with Steve has been what’s been kicking me out of the game. Austin asks do you think you’ll tell him before hand or leave it up till the last minute? Johnny Mac says I’m sick of everyone playing nice! Austin says oohhhh.. so you’re going to leave it up till the last minute and blind side the sh*t? Whatever you want. I’ll probably talk to him after nominations. And tell him, I’m going to campaign for my self and he can campaign for himself. Let just not get dirty. If you want to get nuts lets get nuts.. bring the king out! I love how you’re sick of everyone playing nice! Me too. Johnny says when I watched the other seasons there weren’t so many unanimous votes you know what I mean?! Austin says because everyone is so scared to do anything. That’s why I brought Judas out at the last meeting. Johnny Mac says yeah I was up there (HOH with Vanessa) and she was like you and I are final 2 for sure .. like you would be crazy enough to bring a showmance to the final 3. I was like yeah. Johnny laughs. Austin says excellent. She asked me to volunteer and said she didn’t want to put Liz up again. I’m volunteering to go up and I hope she doesn’t scumbag me because that’s kind of dirty at this point. Johnny says MMmmHmm. Nope its time for me to do bad things. You know what I won, I get to stay .. but there are consequences for staying.
FLASHBACK and watch everything you missed: Live Feed 7 day FREE Trial!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 01-55-09-578

1am – 1:40amWhen Liz comes out the diary room she joins Austin in their bed. Austin asks what is he (Steve) going to do when I go up next to him? He’s going to know he’s going. He just going to have to know. Liz says I hope he does. She is his saving grace. He is going to suck up to Vanessa because he knows she has the final say. Austin says I told Johnny Mac if he needs anything to just tell me. I think they’re both working for us. If either one of them win veto .. I think we’re going to final 3. I think we’re good. Liz says I want to get this show on the road. Austin says maybe they’ll do it Monday morning but have the eviction Tuesday. Liz says its true Steve left him (Johnny Mac) in the dark. That’s why I hate Steve, he only cares about himself. Austin comments on how Steve is walking around all cocky now. Austin and Liz head to the kitchen to eat and then head back to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 02-29-32-054

2:20am – 2:50am Steve can’t sleep. He gets up and heads out into the backyard. He starts counting things. He says this counting comp better be good. He scampers around and then heads back to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-13 03-20-01-345

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are we there yet

so who is going home at this point? anyone know


I do not know. However, something tells me that JMac will not vote the way Austin and Liz wants him to. I wonder if what JMac said went over Austin’s head.


I hope Jmac just votes opposite so Van has to GETS BLOOD on her hands. Jmac winning the Pov and hearing him now I think he’s had a plan for a while I now think he was just trying to adapt like Van does. He plays nice with Van because he new these other not so bright bulbs were always manipulated by her. I found it interesting that she said she never threw anything I remember when she was trying to make Austin and Liz feel bad she was saying something about throwing an Hoh or something either to Liz or Austin cant remember which. She is always putting things in peoples heads. I loved it when she asked Jmac about his talk with Austwins and he said YOU told me to make a deal with them and she said oh did I. Wow she cant even remember her own sh** but unlike Austwins Jmac is like no YOU said this!!!!! Jmac feeling so much better about your game now!!!


Probably, Steve! The way JMAC talked to austin it seems he would get blindsided Steve!


LOL, what a dumbass. He is going to vote out his closest alliance. Leaving Litzin/Van together.

Van gets no blood on her hands. Steve is her biggest threat in future intelluctual comps too.

Only the Skittles know

I think only the Skittles know the answer to who’s going home.


I think the Skittles are hoping to get voted out!


Whoever Van wants out.
Mr Niceguy who says he will be like Dr Evil will crumble to her whim!

Bring dr will back

Whomever Vanessa decides because everyone is so scared of upsetting her, they would rather hand her the game than be subjected to her intimidation tactics….

Pinocchio Obama

Well we know Vanessa’s plan is to evict Austin but I think Johnny Mac might throw a wrench into that and go with the Austin/Liz side since they want to target Vanessa.


Litzin is not targeting Van, just to let you know.

If jmac doesn’t win hoh or pov on Wed. He is gone.

Jmac is voting out Steve is hilarious. The only person left in the house that would possibly take him to final 3.

JMAC Targets Vanessa

“Austin saying he hopes Vanessa is still onboard with them but if she switches her targets and comes after us we’ll team up with Johnnymac ‘Lets do this”

JMAC and Austwin are working together to take out Vanessa this week after Steve goes. It is now or never to get her out.


You need the feeds. Don’t go by the cherry picked comments on this blog.

Van Isn't Going to F3-Calls OUT Production for Cheating

Have another cup of coffee and concentrate, NO ONE is taking Van to Final 3, that would be lunacy. That’s why she complains she’s gay and doesn’t have a showmance to take her, instead she’s making 20-step deals and manufacturing lies about Steve JMac & Austin targeting each other – “you know I’ve got sooo much information you have no idea he’s after yooouuu”. Zzzzzzzzz

She’s shitting bricks since Johnny won POV screaming overnight Production fixed it. On feeds, BB kept yelling over speakers “SHUT IT DOWN VANESSA, BB DOESN’T CHEAT” then she had to come out of DR and apologize she’s knows she’ll get disqualified she keeps this up, just like the bribing warnings. Yeah, wanna see how many more know-it-all lawyer wannabes BB casts after Vanessa? Zero. Austin said he’d never seen her so mad except when James won POV (then threw it thinking he was safe showing loyalty, idiot). Moonves won’t hire her for crap now, kill Amazing Race, All Stars and Hate Face whatever show deals, she’s shit canne thank gawd.

Paranoid Van pulled the trigger too soon and shouldn’t have won HOH this week. But she peed her pants, and can’t play when she needs to, bonanza for everyone else. Either way, JMAC tells Van what she wants to hear while also telling Austin he’s safe to partner and pave the way for Van’s eviction is golden. Van changes her mind so many times, then catches someone saying they’ll vote according to her last orders, sealing the fate of another so-called liar she purposely set up. Her paranoia is psychotic and self created so it’s that much fun to watch screw herself into the ground. Take your bribes and shove’em they don’t work for her no more.

Her game’s over bay-bay. Whew! No one’s taking her to F3, no one’s playing with that psycho anymore, not even if she ties a pork chop around her neck.

Pinocchio Obama


Please make sure you save that last picture of Steve and Teddy in bed. It might be evidence.

Best Week Ever for GuitarHero

Johnny’s enjoying this week, big sigh of relief, using strategy to play both sides, honesty, not turning on Van too soon. He’s learned alot observing the crazy kingdom Vanessa and James ran both wildly inconsistent, while stupidly voting unanimously.

Austin regrets not getting familiar with other options than Vanessa, blaming it on John but really guilty of sitting on his ass protected by Van and bowing to Twin-whims to stay in their pants.

Summer camping, backstabbing Becky, keeping Van were James big mistakes ruining the season for everyone. Being military minded, how he acquiesced to Van and Shelli without staying loyal to his own unit is dumbfounding. He of all people shouldn’t have been intimidated by her or let Meg’s petty jealousies and pining for Clay cloud his judgement. But this is the season of Sig”freud” and Roy where mommy issues and showmance replaced familiarity with the show and reason.

Ultimately, the kingdom of fear Van-ish Inquisitions created did her in. She fears abandonment the most, but turns on everyone on a dime, for crazy unpredictable reasons means it’s every man for themself to survive, and no one will tell her the truth. She doesn’t collaborate and med use paranoia makes her irrational, overactive and inhuman. No matter how many Skittles she counts out, she’s french so she understands, she hoisted herself on her own petard, or got blown up by her own bomb. Poetic justice. Her “game theory math”, resulted in too much gunpowder, too many alliances, too many twins, too many panic attacks, too many lies, too much cheating, too many pills, and no trust– boom-overkill blew up her game, the fatal mistake of playing too hard.

So the lone cowboy gets to watch his arch enemies take each other out. Doesn’t matter which one goes, just that Vanessa doesn’t get to pick up her gun again. She’s Custer at Little Bighorn, with wagons circled around her, however, with the intention of turning in and shooting at her, their common target, next.


I wish!


Johnny Mac should convince Austin&Liz they have no chance to win over Vanessa in F2 and that Vanessa plans to take Steve to F2 because she has the most chances of winning against him. Also he needs to get Austin&Liz on board with evicting Vanessa next week if he agrees to send Steve packing over Austin. This way Johnny Mac has some chances to win BBUS 17 IF he wins F3.

are we there yet

So who is going home. Do we know yet

Pinocchio Obama

All I know for sure is that if JMac will sneak into the HOH room and mess with Vanessa’a skittles he has my AFHG vote.


Should it bother me that I wasn’t thanked for donating to this site?
I feel so petty asking for a nod or a tip of the hat but a thank-you
means so much. This is a great site and I wouldn’t feel right not
contributing. Won’t mention it again.


No it shouldn’t bother you unless you are petty.


Don’t feel bad, I didn’t get one either


I had to reply to this. Do you thank Dawg and Simon every time they post and stay up all night and post what happened? Do you thank Dawg and Simon for putting in all of the time to keep us updated every single day and few times a day?

Here is my thank you Dawg and Simon!!! I personally appreciate all for your work, so that I can work and bring in my pay checks. I do not buy the feeds because I want my life outside of BB each summer. When I did I was addicted to my computer, Evil Dick fault. lol

Thank you


Do u?


I am very poor so I can’t donate. But I love your feeds and have read them all religiously. I appreciate you and Simon so much! THANK YOU FOR YOUR DEVOTION!


Unreal! No Vanessa convos and I completely understood what the other HGs said. I hope she’s not like this at her home because here she’s extremely unfun.

Pinocchio Obama

“Vanessa says she’s going to nominate Austin “You and I decide what to do. We should let Austin think he’s staying”
Jmac – you all evicted me I can do whatever the hell I want.”

Is this the line in he sand? Is Johnny Mac finally going to be the one who stands up to Vanessa? I sure hope so.


LOL at production getting called out by Vanessa, apparently the rigging does not stop at the diary room but now extends towards the competitions.
Vanessa or Austin needs to win this season, as much as i despise those two, Steve or Jmac (mostly JMac) winning will be the same as how I felt when Jordan won her season. Unless the rockstars are sitting side by side at the finale, the other three had done so much more than the two of them in the entirety of the show.

Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts

10 DAYS LEFT !!!


Only 12 days til TAR

Go Liz go

She is an amazing player, making moves that others wouldn’t dare! Her and Vanessa for the finals and let the best players in BB history battle it out.

This is the most exciting season ever and it is all because of Liz and her crazy game play!

Plus she is really really really hot.


Come on people. Why is Dawg barely beating Liz and why is Liz beating Simon for America’s Favorite Player?


Everytime I think Jmac is gonna do something to go against Vanessa, he doesn’t…. so probably Austin is out the door.

Buckle Up

I have always felt that Vanessa was most loyal to SOS. She will get rid of Liz or Austin. LOL Jmac “You voted me out, I can do whatever the hell I want”. Vanessa’s worst nightmare. Skittles does not make that color. Rock on Johnny Mac!


I hope Steve goes. The look ln his face will be priceless if Johnny Mac
blindsides him. Karma for getting Jackie out. Get out & take your damn
Teddy Bear & pacifer with you, you BIG BABY!!!


God Steve is such an embarassment laying there with his Teddy Bear.
Really sad creature he is


Austin says to JMac everyone is so scared to do anything. That’s why I brought Judas out at the last meeting.

You showed them Austin….they were running scare..hahaha….Not!


OMG…did anyone watch AfterDark? Wow…Vanessa…i got no words…

High on drugs

A two-hour show with an open-mouthed creature with rapid eye movement and verbal diarrhea.


Yes I watched it and, although tired, she was relaxed, self-depricating and joking around. She calmly made logical points to each house guest about their best moves forward. Somehow everthing she does in this game is seen through a biased and cynical filter, at least by a few of the haters that baselessly attack her in these comments.

Lil penny


Old man

I still think V is using NLP to keep everybody on the edge and just pushes them to one side when she wants.

It’s unethical to me as she is a professional and that should no be allowed.

Bunny Slipper

Liz: I hate stevvvvveeeuh. He only cares about himselfffffuh. Austinnnnuh whyyyy didn’t you winnnnuh?! Don’t you care about meeeee? How could steveuhhhh do this to meeee? meeee, meeeeeuh, meeeeuh!

Do it jmac

Stab Vanessa in the back
Win hoh and send her out
Austin Tuesday
Vanessa Thursday
Jmac Steve Liz f3
Steve jmac f2
That would make for s great season!


If the four of them (Steve, Austin, Liz and Jmac) were smart they would get together and discuss the fact that Vanessa is not playing in this next HOH and if they are ever going to try and get her out now is the time regardless of which one of them stays. They need to face facts that if Vanessa stays she is going to win. Even if she wins POV at least they took a shot. I hope Johnny realizes that Van is setting him up to take the fall for voting Steve out so she does not have to do it and “get blood on her hands”.


That’s actually not a bad thing. Austin and Liz would be eternally grateful, which may come in handy if either are there next Thursday and win HOH or POV. Both Liz and Austin have a better chance of beating JMac in the finals over Vanessa. Jmac knows Steve is blindly loyal to Vanessa. Taking Steve out and getting credit for it looks good. The goblins in the jury house would be grateful for it—Jackie, Meg, Becky and James would definitely vote for Jmac. If Jmac is in a F2 w/ either Liz or Austin, Shelli would also vote for him. That’s five votes for the win. Be smart Jmac and get rid of Steve while you have the chance. Its clear Van wants him to stay , so that should be a strong indication its not in your best interest to keep him. With Austin gone, Van knows if Steve wins Veto or HOH , he will probably take her and she will also have a F2 with Liz.

oh my

Jmac always does the opposite of what you expect. I bet vanessa was shocked when he said he was thinking of voting steve out.


I believe her reply was “ummm, you should go talk to Steve” and the megalomaniac dictator was again dumbfounded that he wasn’t under her spell.
JMac sure f*cks with her air of superiority


Yes, please!!!

Show everyone they underestimated you from the start.


Not understanding the logic about Vanessa having the final say when votes can be opposite of what Vanessa wants. They all voted opposite of what James wanted. My whole problem with this cast is they are a bunch of flip floppers. They talk how they’re going to do this and that and do the complete opposite. I’m guessing that it’s heavy production interference to make Vanessa the winner, I guess


Jon will vote to save Steve. Liz will vote to save Austin. So Vanessa has the tiebreaker vote.


I had high hopes for this year, then lost interest, and haven’t read or poseted in weeks. Vanessa is a mess and I hated seeing her become wht she has. I hope she doesn’t win. I haven’t had a favorite in over a month and kept picking Dawg. Watching the HoH deman everyone vote their way has tainetd the game. Everyone should ALWAYS vote best for their game, not just the week.


Ok..jmac for the WIN


You all bitch about this season being so “boring” and you can’t even figure out who going home. Not boring at all. It’s only “boring” to those who are all butthurt their favorite player got steam rolled out the door by Vanessa.

Audrey has a penis

Steve’s assburgers is so hard to watch. I hope he musters up the courage to do what he wants and sleep with jmac.


Does Liz really like Austin or is she with him because she thinks he might win BB?

sick of grandes

i know we love to hate on vanessa, but the anyone else notice what liz said about the luxury? she got to meet frankie, his mother and arianna. another year of cbs trying to push these two lowlifes down our throats. this is the reason i have boycotted cbs since last year. they want to control us and we let them because the majority of the watchers don’t do they one thing that would get their attention. quit watching their progamming, not just big brother but the other stuff as well. at the very least watch only the one program that you can’t live without and give up the rest. if everyone who complains about production did this then that would get noticed.

Vanessa's Broomstick

I agree with you I have seen enough of the Grandes for life. You can add Jessie to that list too.


Actually kind of sad that CBS couldn’t find anyone with any real fame to spend time with their cast, really pathetic that Frankie is trying so hard to be relevant to BB and maybe “earn” another chance. Hilarious that Frankie can’t get out of his sisters shodow.
His sisters career must be in overdrive if she gets to spend some time with two no-class skanks from BB


Hope she didn’t eat the donuts! I think the bad thing about this season, was the obvious failure (once again) of the casting. Vanessa is so much smarter than the rest, they’re not an intelligent bunch. They should do an over 50 big brother or an all black big brother-at least that’ll ensure a brother or sister to win. Or a psych medicine free season- wouldn’t that be a treat? Or a non cliché gay season? A season without folks “playing for my kid”.
I use to be really into BB, for me I lost interest in the racist season, and it’s never recovered its momentum.
One other thing, the dentist with his Beavis and Butthead voice- I cringe every time he’s on air with Julie Chen. I read that she lost 25 lbs! Les Moonves must be getting ready to turn her in for a new model!


She looks really skinny again. I was wondering how much she loss

sick of grandes

i know we love to hate on vanessa, but the anyone else notice what liz said about the luxury? she got to meet frankie, his mother and arianna. another year of cbs trying to push these two lowlifes down our throats. this is the reason i have boycotted cbs since last year. they want to control us and we let them because the majority of the watchers don’t do they one thing that would get their attention. quit watching their programming, not just big brother but the other stuff as well. at the very least watch only the one program that you can’t live without and give up the rest. if everyone who complains about production did this then that would get noticed.


Johnny Mac uses the veto on himself…
Vanessa nominates Austin.
It all depends on 2 things
1) Johnny Macs Vote
2) If Vanessa can pull a trigger

If Johnny Mac votes to evict Steve it will not be a tie…. for that matter if Liz and Mac vote evict Austin there will be NO tie, but I do not see that happening

Johnny Macs best move is to split the votes, make a tie…. then it is all on Vanessa. No matter what she is the one who sends a person home.

If Liz votes to evict Steve and JMac votes to evict Austin… it will all be on Vanessa to decide. My guess is she will do what she did last week and send Steve packing to Jury so she can keep Austin. Vanessa is really afraid of two things 1) Bitter Jury and 2) Conflict with someone that knows where the bodies a buried. Her best move (even though personally I am not a Steve, Austin or Liz fan, I find them equally annoying.) is to evict Austn and break up the showmance the surviving four are not loyal to her at all, but, they is no loyalty to each other… she is a target any way she just has a better chance with Steve, Johnny Mac and Liz… than she does Austin, Liz and Johnny Mac.

Knowing Vanessa she will start campaigning for Johnny Mac to evict Steve.

Oh god

Jmac voting out Steve is cutting off your nose in spite of your face. Liz and Austin take each other. With Steve and Vanessa, jmac has a strong position in that alliance. But jmac teaming with Austin and Liz makes no sense. If its to bounce Vanessa, go for it Jmac. But then wonder to yourself why you’re sitting in 3rd place w/ just jury $ instead of 50k or 500k. I find Austin and Liz insufferable. If they are final 2, I won’t be watching anymore. Jmac gets evicted, comes back. Then gets in Vanessa’s good graces. And now he’s suddenly not wanting Steve it Vanessa around. He’s teaming with those who are responsible for getting them out in the first place. Vanessa needs to tell jmac that Austin & Liz are plotting with Vanessa on geting jmac out.


I vote cocky Steve out — He is just so annoying to me.

Coco says goodbye

Coco doesn’t want to leave. “Please don’t send me back home with Steven – too many kisses from his and his momma. I want to stay and snuggle with Liz so vote out Judas”. Silly bear, this is Big Brother!

Best Frenemy

I didn’t realize that Austin was Liz’s best friend. So she would tell the whole world that her best friend is a bad kisser before she actually told her best friend? That doesn’t sound too friendly to me.

Bunny Slipper

Apparently she finds odoriferous as well. Bet she just looovvessuh the head locks he puts her in. Or are they sleeper holds? Hmmm, Simon or Dawg, can we see a replay so we can decide if they are legal moves?


I really think Vanessa wants to keep Steve. I think she feels she could win over any of them. Which is exactly why Johnny Mac should vote out Steve. Austin/Liz have to know their best chance to win is if they get Vanessa out next. Liz saying she’s playing for herself makes me think that she’d rather go to final two against JMac b/c she’ll have Austin, Julia, Vanessa & Steve’s votes wrapped up.
Go Johnny Mac!!


JMac is a bigger idiot for keeping Austin in this game. Like I said… Austin will win this… ick!!


If John votes out Steve, Van does need to get blood on her hands. but that was last night. Van will have another 200 scenarios by mid morning, when her MEDS kick in again. she is trying to MIST john but he has his own plan. John is just going along with Van because he cannot keep up with her scenarios. The bottom line is he Must win HOH or veto because he will be GONE!!
A day late and a dollar short, John.


You underestimate her I’d say between 2,000 and up depending on how many skittles they can stuff in that house.


This is why I detest vanasty. This is her talking to steve “Vanessa scold him tells him he is not in a position to be asking her questions.
Vanessa- I’m telling you i’m in no mood right now”. Who died and made her dictator, which BTW she is. The turning point for me was the shelli/clay fight when v actually pushed jmac aside and said “don’t b.s. me, you couldn’t come up with that on your own.”. Over and over the condescension and the I am the best and smartest and better than you attitude does not make her a likeable person. She will most likely win tfb, she is exhausting. Integrity my ass

Arya Stark Badass

Arya needs to introduce Vanessa to needle.


Lmao, good one but personally I prefer Ramsey’s tactics

steve needs serious help.....

I hope steve, they are all crazy but he’s like Norman bates crazy!


We had Dr Will. Now we have JMAC DDS!!!!!!!!

Could you imagine if JMAC DDS had a real partner in this game from week 1? JMAC felt this season out early and saw his only strategy was to lay low and win when needed. Refreshingly he learned Steve has hurt his game more than helped him and JMAC realized he needs to win out regardless to make F2.

For any JMAC haters I hope you realize he has game and he needed to change it up once the season started. Can he win out against Austwin in F4 HOH ? I think so. Then get rid of Vanessa. Then in F3 he should win either Part 1 or 2 and has a solid chance to beat either of them in the last part.

JMAC DDS has all the control and it’s beautiful !! #NoLongerIncognitoDentist


Steve needs to go this week. If Vanessa wins POV next week, she has to take John over the couple. If Liztin wins POV next week, they might take John over Vanessa because they know they cannot beat Vanessa in final HOH. In addition, with Steve going will give Johnny better chance to win HOH and POV next week. With Steve going will give John a better chance to get to final 3.
If Steve stays, Vanessa will be benefit the most. If Liz and Vanessa wins POV next, they will send John home over Steve. Vanessa really wants Steve to stay because she knows she can only beat Steve in final 2.
If Vanessa is the tie breaker, she will take another credit to send people to the jury.
Even though I want Steve to stay, but I am not so sure Steve will be good for John’s game anymore. With Steve staying will put the huge target on John because they see them as a couple and John as a threat.


If Vanessa knows she is a tie breaker, she will start to make deal again like she did 3-part deal with Liztin.
If Vanessa is a tie breaker, she will take a credit for sending people to jury but will also take a credit to save someone’s game and make him/her indebt to her.

Roll Tide

With Austin you never know which way he is going to go. I think he is a Vanessa Minion, but he could join John to get rid of the evil queen.

Did Production tell Steve to count the things in the house? If that is the comp we know that CBS wants Steve and Vaness in the final two.

disappointed BB fan

im beginning to think taking out steve is better for jmac. i know leaving a showmance in the game is not wise but they are more loyal to each other then to van. jmac may be able to work with them to take out van (he was laying some groundwork with his convo with aust/liz) if austin is taken out, liz and steve are van’s zombies and will do whatever she says. if liz is taken out, again van has two loyal followers in austin and steve. it’s all about the numbers and i think jmac knows exactly what he’s doing by taking out steve.

Coco says goodbye

The voices in Stevie’s head told him to count, count everything! Just like The muppets The Count ah ah ah ah(cue lighting and thunder)


If I’m right about Vanessa, she’s going to use her ways to get Jmac to vote Steve out. Seems he’s leaning that way already. She doesn’t like to own her lies and strategy even in the DR. She will not want to own Austins eviction alone. If she owns anything it has to be more than just her. She was never the only one who wanted someone out. If she “saves” someone that was all her. Even if she was the one who went after them to begin with. Plus she is so worried about what the jury feels, that she will be afraid she may lose those 3 votes. She will blame Steve’s eviction on Jmac. She made sure to get Jmac to say the words first. Then she will say it was out of her hands. If Van and Jmad are f2. She never intended for him to be voted out. tryimg to figure Vanessa out isn’t an easy thing to do but no way will Liz vote out Austin and the past says she does not want to own an eviction all by herself.


Come on Jmac, start talking to Judas, make that big move finally and take out Vanessa. Her paranoia is getting the better of her.
If I was playing the game and he told me he and Judas both promised, I would take it as a sign that I was playing Austin and Judas. I mean, wouldn’t that be similar to someone telling you something then crossing their fingers?