“you need to convince her to convince me not to vote you out”

POV Holder: Jmac POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: Steve and Johnnymac
After POV Nominations: Steve and Austin

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 14-56-54-660

2:57pm Austin cleaning his pores

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 15-00-56-052

2:58pm Steve
Steve – I’m so comfortable with Johnny Mac and Vanessa..
He plans to practice the pitch to Vanessa with Johnny Mac and Practice the pitch to JOhnny mac to Vanessa. The difference is the Pitch to Vanessa won’t be used.

Steve – Expect the unexpected.. Expect the unexpected.. I didn’t expect the unexpected.. Expect the unexpected…Expect the unexpected

Steve is going to tell Johnnymac a showmance in the final for is “Kinda dangerous”

Steve – did you know they’re is 41 petals in the back yard..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 15-06-23-557

3:05pm Austin and Liz watching Steve in the backyard talking game to himself..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 15-08-33-570

3:05pm Steve walking around talking about how he never thought he could make it this far, “My wildest dreams have been beyond exceeded”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 15-34-58-201

3:13pm Jmac and Steve
Steve saying he doesn’t know what to say to Vanessa.
Jmac – It’s tough
Steve – I’m crunching numbers right now.. I’m going to run it by you before I tell her just to have another head go through it
Jmac – you need to convince her to convince me not to vote you out

Jmac says he’s sick of this final 2 thing haunting them, “I was on the bad end of it and I don’t want to be on the bad end again”
Steve – Scamper squad isn’t a thing anymore

They agree Scamper Squad was a pretty good name. (I agree I liked it)

Steve – so Vanessa thinks we will turn on each other, She wants me to promise her the sun the moon the stars
Steve warns him that Austin and LIz will promise him everything
Steve – they already got to you
Jmac – ya
Steve- wow they wasted no time.. is it even in the realm of what is believable
Jmac – ya
Steve – it wasn’t for me (When he was HOH last week)
Jmac won’t tell him what Austin and Liz offered to him Steve asks.
Jmac “I want to keep that to myself”
Steve – what’s that word Vanessa likes.. Incentives..
vanessa – yeah I know
Steve – your incentives make no sense keeping Austin
Jmac – Ohh… I got Chocolate all over my finger
Jmac says he offered to throw the veto to Austin and Liz
Steve – you think I would have been gone if the veto wasn’t used
Jmac – ya, if it hadn’t been used that is what I would try to do
Steve- that would have been your only move.. they hate me I put them up last week that makes sense.. they want me out of here..
Jmac- well ya it’s either you or them right now..
Steve – you’re not in a bad spot
Jmac – I am in a bad spot.. you all hate each other but why won’t you take me out.. RWWWWWJJJHHAAAA
Steve – why would we?

Steve – I’m doubting you have my vote
Jmac – if you can get Vanessa to convince me..
Steve – what do I saw to Vanessa
Jmac – I have no f****g clue
Jmac says Vanessa sounds pretty indifferent about who she wants out
Steve – why do you think she put up Austin over Liz
Jmac thinks it’s because liz was up last week.

Jamc says Vanessa is assuming that she will win the next POV the final four Veto, “The wasy she’s always talkign about it, like all she’s done it prepare for this competition”
Steve – OK than.. so as far as I know we are still loyal to each other
Jmac – hmm hnmmm

Steve – Who do you want to go to final 3 with
Jmac – Honestly I don’t care I just know I have to win out..
Steve nice to have your bases covered
Jmac – doesn’t matter I just need to win out.. i’m not part of the scamper squad and Jury votes are going to be a issue.

Steve says because Jmac isn’t scamper squad means everyone will want to sit against him. The Jury will be full of Scamper squad players.
(Also filled with scamper squad hating goblins)

[envira-gallery id=”133394″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 15-18-56-786

3:17pm Vanessa and Austin Kitchen
Studying dates. Comparing questions offering tips.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 15-52-04-291

Jmac about Steve “He has no idea what to do.. ”
Jmac – he’s pretty down right now
Austin – he has absolute faith in you
Jmac – yeah, not happening
Jmac says Steve isn’t campaigning against Austin
Austin isn’t either, “I don’t want to call him names and shit”
Jmac – I’m not going to stop him from fighting
Austin – I hope this ends quick Monday would be great.. Probably Tuesday..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 15-58-19-542

3:57pm Chess
on the other cam Steve continues to mutter to himself.. .sounds like he’s planning on cutting Vanessa next week and taking Jmac/Liz to final 3.
Steve – what a stamp to be the one to get Vanessa out of this game… i’ll have to lie.. I’m sorry
Steve – I did what I had to do… and I’m sorry… (Laughs).. I told my family I was goign to do…. What I’ve been threw..

5:17pm Austin has been playing Vanessa in chess.. looks like he’s on the ropes. Liz has been chilling in the hammock. I assume everyone else is sleeping or scampering.

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JMAC is seriously going to align with Liz and Austin? Ugh!

Vanessa's Broomstick

I hope he does because that means Vanessa must win the next veto or she is gone because Austin, Liz and JMAC will all be targeting her.



Frankie, Liz and Vanessa...


I just saw them together watching Arianna in concert!

Okay straight up, this is without doubt a great season for BB, bringing back Frankie was over the top.

Thank you BB gods!



the coreys

This is what makes jmac frustrating. He hasn’t made the right move all season. Not even once.

Jmac might get a token invite to the final 2 depending on how it plays out but honestly the odds are in liz and austin favor


not if he has his way. He wants Steve but is telling Van he wants Steve out. If he is too aggressive in saying he wants Steve, she will think Steve and Jmac are best friends. So he needs Steve to get Van to think it’s her decision to keep Steve and convince Jmac that keeping Steve is their best move.




Ya…and he said he was going to throw the veto too…lol


Frankie!!!!!!!! Ariana wuz hot too.

No More Glitter

Frankie is disgusting and I have two words for Ariana…..Woof Woof.

Yeah he is

Jmac had about two weeks to sit back, eat, sleep and observe. While the others were scammpering around and driving themselves crazy, jmac chilled. He now has the power and turned into the ultimate bad ass! He’s done with the deals. He’s done with the drama. He’ll tell the HGs what HE wants – not what they want to hear. He’s in it to win it. Go get ’em JMAC !

48 Hour Blackout-What?

Simon/Dawg…Feeds just ran a banner that a Blackout will last from Monday 9am – Tuesday 9pm. Do they cut feeds like this every year to force us to wait & watch the network broadcast for Final 4? Or is this a special schedule due low ratings or problems they’ve had with houseguests calling out Production after comps?

If they dropped the feeds altogether I don’t know if I’d watch BB. I hope CBS hasn’t read our posts and found out we all prefer your updates to the sanitized edited show. Ooops!


JMAC may not get rid of Steve. In his DR session, he said,”Whatever Vanessa says to me, I say the reverse, so she’ll think and think and think until her mind explodes.(LOVE IT!) Yet he is scared of Steve’s ability for remembering minutia facts. Hope he takes out Austin. As I’ve said before, don’t underestimate the Rock Star Dentist.He’s been a great observer and listener (which is an art.)


Steve and Jmac should have wised up by now about where Vanessa’s loyalties lay. She put up them which says to me she is more true to Austin/Liz. If everyone was smart they would make the vote a tie just to see what Vanessa does. But in the end it still works out for her, b/c a duo gets broken up. Once again, everyone’s “plan” is to get out Vanessa next week, but I have a feeling she will win POV so there that goes again. I never understand why everyone is so afraid to take out the strongest player and then are surprised when that person makes it to the end and ultimately wins.


Because its a rigged load of shit.

Nessa and I are both first!!


Sorry Gambler

Count again, you got blindsided and came in 3rd!

He who laughs last laughs loud.


I’ve been waiting all season for something exciting to happen. I think this has been the most boring lame season.
No good laughs.
No good comps.
No good drama.
No good players.
CBBUK16 had more in its first episode.
BB should give the prize money to the homeless and tell the winner to piss off.
I’m going to pretend this season never happened.

James Loves Frankie

Audrey is that you?



Brooklyn says:

Oh my goodness
John just told Steve that he needs to convice Van not to vote him out. Why is Steve not losing his mind. STEVE GET YOUR ——Upstairs and confront your mommie. NOW!


Steve thinks Jmac is worried that Vanessa will be upset that he forced her to be the tie breaker if he votes against Austin. That’s why he’s not worried, bc he believes that Vanessa wants him to stay and that it will be made clear to Jmac soon enough.


Van: What do you like, chicken or fish? Steve: chicken? Van: No, that’s wrong. Steve: What kind of fish? Van: So I have to do this for you? JMac: GROUPER, Steve! Or SNAPPER! Come on now. Stop acting stooped!

James Loves Frankie

Steve is not acting.

It's a Medical Condition

Look up Aspergers Autism and find someone sitting next to you to bully. CBS should not have cast Steve, no matter how high functioning, to be abused like this. Vanessa & Jase are disgusting in the way they treat Steve and show AusTwits how. At least Jase apologized and was ashamed, not Vanessa who knows his condition and abuses it. Vote him out or not, be loyal to an alliance or not, have integrity or don’t but carry your Bible around and torture him the whole game when he is unable to fight back? Sick. Get a conscience, there are lines, and hazing is illegal on the outside, can’t be legal on the inside. CBS get your life, and fire casting. After Vanessa is disqualified for breaking rules too numerous to list. Why is watching Audrey & Steve pushed to nervous breakdowns and Vanessa bi-polar psychosis entertainment?

Dr. Phil

Yep, after this experience, Boy is going to need a lobotomy.

You Called It!

I have said all along that Steve has Aspergers and Autism. He is high functioning and knows how to present himself as fairly normal.Yes, Vanesa knows this. I believe this the secret that Steve told her and Meg. She treats him in a demeaning manner because she knows this is the way to control him. He has probably been treated this way all his life in some manner. He is so close to his family because they love and accept him as he is and most people don’t. She is nothing more than a bully that will do anything to get what she wants.
BTW, Clay has Tourette’s. That explains his mumbling that makes no sense. That is why he seemed so uncomfortable when the others joked about his unusual muttering.


Thanks for putting into words what I’ve been thinking all season. I quit watching the show for 6 weeks because of the way Vanessa treated Steve. She’s a bully who wants to win at any costs.
BB is getting more disturbing with every season. In their effort to find guests who will provide “good viewing” they’re putting some sketchy people at risk. I wonder why reality TV isn’t regulated more diligently by the FCC.




If JMAC votes out Steve he’s done, and he deserves to be…..BB16 was the worse but, these ar


Really? Jmac is FINALLY playing the game. Jmac already has his mind made up because of the way Steve has been kissing Vanessa’s ass. Hopefully he also wants Vanessa gone. She can’t play next week. So unless she is able to convince one of the idiots to keep her, she is gone no matter what. I think he can beat Austin and Liz. Austin has already said how he doesn’t want to be F2 with Liz no matter what. I think he’ll leave the decision up to Jmac. So he will be in F2 no matter what if he evicts Steve now.


Yes, I’ve often seen JMac look askance at Steve even tho they’re supposed to be allies. I think he believes that Steve is too weak to stand against anyone, mostly Vanessa, and he’s playing his own game by floating around through all of them. He’ll take whatever deal looks good and has said clearly he has zero allies. Steve is just too distant emotionally from other people and JMac just doesn’t need it.

Brooklyn says:

Please let it be a tie. So Van makes the eviction. More blood on her hands.


Stupid J-wack is going to win AFP wtf for he’s done nothing all season.


I think Johnny is going to be in final two and James will win AFP.


J-mac is ahead of James in most polls I’ve seen.
I hope James wins it too but its not looking good.


If Jmac gets to the final 2 he deserves to win as much as anyone else. He will have survived playing against basically the whole house the last few weeks.


If JMAC votes out Steve he’s done, and he deserves to be…..BB16 was the worse but, these are the worse HG…not one of them has a clue…Van really thinks she has votes in the Jury


The Jury is mostly girls Juju & Liz want a girl to win I bet the others do as well.
They will vote for Van because she’s a girl.


I’m confused. Is Jmac actually going to vote Steve out or is he just playing possum with everyone???? The wisest thing to do is vote to keep Steve and let Vanessa get “the blood on her hands”.

Min O'Pause

Asstin would qualify ’cause he’s a girl..


Vanessa will not keep Steve in the game. Vanessa just tries to set up Johnny Mac to Liztin. If Johnny Mac votes for Steve to stay and Vanessa keeps Austin over Steve, then Johnny is in serious trouble with Liztin. Johnny Mac is smart to recognize Vanessa’s plan. Unless Vanessa convinces Johnny to keep Steve, Johnny knows Vanessa is not going to keep Steve. Steve still blames Vanessa for his eviction because she put him on the block. Blood is on Vanessa’s hand already. Johnny’s vote does not matter anyway. Voting to keep Austin is a smart move for Johnny right now so that Vanessa will not have a chance to throw Johnny under the bus to Liztin. Vanessa is just frustrated and shocked to know Johnny actually wants to vote Steve out. Vanessa’s plan this week is failed.


Well said! I believe you hit the nail on the head! Johnny Mac is calling Vanessa’s bluff. Go JMAC!

bb b

you guys just love Jmac so much that you don’t want to acknowledge that he sucks at the game. vanessa wants to evict Austin, but Jmac wants to evict steve.

Convince me

Love Jmac’s comment: “You need to convince her to convince me not to vote you out”. That about sums up this whole season in a nutshell.


What a ridiculous statement! What does it even mean….smh


It means make her think it’s her idea. It also tells Johnny who Vanessa wants to keep. I can’t believe that with all the skittles and m&ms Vanessa cant see that she will start two jury votes down with either Liz or Austin.

JMac Sucks!!!

Didn’t you hear? JMac has this following that thinks he’s the sh*ts…I’m surprise this idiot followers of his haven’t erected some kind of monument to him…Idiocracy, if you ask me…


My problem with this season is that there were not many twists.
Where is a pandora box , a chance to win some extra money, I think
CBS got a little cheap this year. That trip out of the house to see Ariana
Grande and hang out with Frankie sounds more like a punishment than a


Johnny’s record this season:
He has survived 8 times on the block (more than half of the seasons, there are 13 weeks of BB17)
He has won 4 POVs and set the record for KING OF VETO.
He has been fighting for himself every week.
Even he got stressful when he was on the block but he tried to be funny for us to entertain.
Who has been on the block 8 times without crying once and frustration once?

James Loves Frankie

Don’t forget that he won his way back into the house too,


He was a pawn all those times. He kept getting put up because he would throw everything for the HOH.
Him throwing comps got good people out he has the blood on his hands.
Da vonne should punch him out at the after party for what he did to her.

JMac Still Sucks Though!!!

Go ahead and give me the record for the most thumbs down…RRWWWRHHHRRWWWHHH!!!




By asking Steve to go get Vanessa to admit she wants Steve to stay, he would then be able to go to Austin and tell him and Liz that Vanessa is not on their side. So if they stay, then they would not know she is not on their side and be more willing to vote her out. Right now, Austin and Liz believe she wants Stev out. I think Johnny is setting things up so Vanessa has to finally show her hand.

JMac Sucks

Nice try, Debs, but he, along with the other ‘casts” are to stupid to figure that out.


Why do people like Johnny again


Fans like Johnny because he is an undercover superfan who has hidden that fact all season and is funny as hell on the TV shows. He has survived so many times on the block and had evaded all eliminations except for one and won his way back in. Also, he doesn’t really kiss anyone’s ass.


Because they are in love with him and cant think straight.

Frostbite Falls

Because he is going to take out Bullwinkle Vanessa for us.


More like take Steve’s spot kissing her ass


Nope! He knows Vanessa’s game and plays dumb. She doesn’t like him because she can’t read him. Watch the DRs and you will see. He has played by himself and stayed in the game.

JMac is the Frankie this year

Had I been on Big Brother, I would’ve nominated then voted JMac’s HOH/POV throwing-stupid laugh-American’s Favorite-rich dentist a$$ out, instead of Jace. JMAC SUCKS!!!!!

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

I think that Jace would have been a $hit disturber in the house [which would have been a good thing] When he confronted Audrey at the beginning of the season it was fantastic! Could you imagine how he would have handled Vanessa?


Scamper Squad is going to self distruct. JMAC will win by default.


What in the world is he talking about?? Convince her to convince me? Huh? Am I missing something because I don’t get it at all. Lol

Min O'Pause

He’s hiding their alliance.


It hides the alliance, keeps blood off her hands (she doesn’t vote to evict anyone) and you convince her it’s her plan – she loves only her plans


It’s a game of chicken. He wants to hear it from Vanessa directly that she wants Steve to stay. She hasn’t been direct with him because that would show her hand. (Remember, she told Steve: JMac CANNOT know you’re safe.) JMac wants to force her into the open, so he can take that info to Liztin. If Vanessa doesn’t get direct with JMac, I don’t know what he’ll do. All I know is that JMac does not want to help Vanessa’s game, and he just might risk his own in the process, by voting out Steve.

Sad in America.

Just when I think this season cant get any worse they bring in Frankie and his America hating sister for a 9/11 concert.
Wow CBS how low can you go?

Misty Beethoven

ALERT: Hell is going to freeze over now. I turned my TV on just as Frankie (barf) was prancing around the house. That’s not the Hell freezing part; this is: I am going out on limb to SAY SOMETHING NICE about Liz and Vanessa. They both looked very attractive after the hair and makeup squad got done with them. There. I said it, I meant it, and now I’m going to go back to being my usual bitchy self.


I agree! Blonde or Orange Blonde is not a good on either one of them. The colors looked great on them. Liz can pull off short, but didn’t care for the style. They both would be much prettier if they went darker which would be more natural. We all know they’re not natural blondes!

No More Glitter

CBS why do you think anyone cares about Frankie? Tonights show was ruined by you spending so much time on Frankiestein. Please no more.

Min O'Pause

Totally agree!
I’m Min O’Pause and I approve this message.

Modesty Blaise

God, you’ve made us laugh at my house all season with your posts!! From your mouth to God’s ear; I hope Les and his Chenbot wife read our comments and give them some serious consideration. Having 3 loser seasons in a row really doesn’t sit well with the shareholders.

Keep them coming, Min!!


Wow, Johnny Mac, really? Are you seriously considering getting rid of Steve? Honestly that would be his biggest mistake of the game. Let’s pull out the Skittles here and do some math.
***If he votes Steve out, he plays against Austin and Liz in the next HOH. So it’s like 2 against 1, whereas if he kept Steve it would b 2 against 1 in his favor.
*** Let’s say Steve is gone and he doesn’t win HOH he is guaranteed to go up on the block. Austin wins he puts up John/Vanessa. Liz wins HOH, she does the exact same thing.
***On the other hand, if Austin is gone he only goes up if Liz wins. She would put up John/Steve with Steve being her target. Yes, it would come down to POV or Vanessa’s vote if noms stayed the same, but Liz would ask Vanessa to vote out Steve. She probably wouldn’t do it, but there’s a chance there, bc Vanessa doesn’t want to piss Liz off.
***Or by voting out Austin he’d force Vanessa to break the tie which she would do by sending Austin out, which could piss Liz of enough to go after her. In that case Liz would nominate Vanessa/Steve. So both ppl he’s playing in the HOH comp with wouldn’t nominate him. That’s really good odds. However, even if Vanessa did send Austin out I think Vanessa would be able to convince Liz she did it to help her. Lol. Since Liz is so damn ignorant she’d believe her therefore she’d go after Steve and Johnny Mac. There’s a chance there though, so that’s more of a reason for him to vote out Austin.
*** Another reason for him to want to keep Steve is; Steve would take him to F2. Austin will not. Neither will Liz. And Austin and Liz will not cut Vanessa, but Steve would.
Gosh, I hope he realizes this. I just don’t know what the hell he’s thinking. Why would he want to take a pair that will ALWAYS choose each other over him? Makes ZERO sense.

Come on Johnny Mac, do the right thing here! Plz send Austin out, forcing Vanessa to break the tie:)

Jmac's vote irrelevant

Jmac vote is irrelevant and he knows it. Liz is automatically going to vote to keep Austin. So, if Jmac votes to keep Steve then he puts the outcome in Vanessa’s hands. More then likely she will send Steve home. Then Vanessa can throw Jmac under the buss to Liztin. Especially after all the promises Jmac has been making Austin. The ONLY way Jmac is going to vote to keep Steve is if he is 100% sure that Vanessa will also vote to keep him since she votes in the event of a tie. Thus the convince her to convince me to keep you. Vanessa has to think it was her idea to keep Steve. In a perfect world Jmac would love to have Steve stay over Austin. At the end of the day though he has to look out for himself. I am sure he realizes what it means to lose Steve, he said it himself “I need to win out from here”. If he doesn’t win HOH or the veto next week his game is over, I don’t think Austin or Liz have the balls to go against Vanessa.I don’t think there is a single person who would take Vanessa to the final two although Vanessa might take Jmac taking Austin or Liz is an automatic two votes against her in the Jury. Jmac realizes this. He has thought this out very carefully, and he has his eye on the prize..


Best explanation I have read on here. So hard to explain, but you did it well. Go JMac!




No girl i cannot kiss you i have to crunch numbers


Crunch the numbers

Expect the unexpected

Crunch the numbers

Expect the unexpected

“Social experiments” like big brother, in the future, should not be performed on adults who have yet to leave their mothers basement like Steve


Wow, watching the latest episode .. The call going to see a donut licking, American hating person a luxury comp.. Unreal.. Vanessa is totally CRAZY … And I’m only 15 min in… I can’t stand listening to here level of crazy, she has GOT to go …

Min O'Pause

Hey I think Vannasty’s head’s gonna explode! Whenever she does the fish lips thing she also holds her face together so her eyeballs don’t shoot outta their sockets!


Does anyone when feeds go down

Big Tom

If I would have won the luxury prize and found out it was a night out with Frankie to see his donut-licking sister, I would have self-evicted…talk about a fate worse than a summer of Have-Nots and Slop


Been watching CBS version of BB, I still dislike Frankie, he is so obnoxious!!
I thought Liz makes a great redhead!!


Frankie can be endured…it’s his twit sister, Ariana, that’s such a fu*king c*nt!!!


Austin or Steve will be gone tomorrow night the new HOH will be
And BBAD will be filmed during the day tomorrow.


If Vanessa is the “great player” everyone claims she is, she will vote out Austin, in the inevitable event of a tie. She has to realize “Liztin” is a solid alliance that will never go against each other in the final 4, Rockstars individually will play their own game, and could take the other one out early. If Vanessa goes ahead and votes out Steve it will show she’s not that good, she’s just been in the game with some of the dumbest players ever to enter the game, and Liztin will end up taking her out over Jmac.


After the Egg Comp quite a few people were here freaking out about Vanessa cheating because she had an egg resting, not in it’s resting place.
I watched closely during the Egg Comp and Vanessa did have 1 egg resting but she also had all of her egg cups full. So that resting egg looked more like a wasted egg than a cheater egg.
Can the Vanessa is a cheater conspiracy theorists please explain the egg situation? I don’t need a summary of all a of Van’s other cheats and lies but would be very thankful if someone could explain the Egg Comp cheat. Thank you.

It looks like CBS is finally sick of Vanessa’s b.s. She got a crap but real edit tonight.

Did You See...

Van has finally pissed Production off staging her diva antics accusations and fights ON LIVE FEEDS DESPITE THE HOURS THEY ACCOMMODATE HER IN DR challenging BB rules, comp calls, drug dispensary, bribes, splits, stakes, gifts etc. They screamed at her last night when she pulled it again, manipulating public perception & social media on Live Feeds & BBAD accusing BB of cheating bring it up again with everyone in the house. She said they scared the shit out of her in DR they threatened disqualification like with the bribes and required she give an open apology. She’s threatens the franchise when she undermines authority and outs dirty laundry in tirades AFTER multiple fish, blackouts, multiple warnings. She had to apologize again last night and reassure Live Feeders she didn’t intend to accuse, blame, threaten and she totally agrees with the John POV results she just can’t control her anger blah blah blah. Production is done covering her ass when Les Moonves is gonna be firing casting after this season’s humiliation.

If you didn’t see it–Van fight with Production yesterday & last night about POV John won? Van called Production cheaters trying to push JMAC through and get rid of her when some problem occurred and Steve & JMAC had to stop & start again, awarded extra time for time lost. Anyway, she was angry shouting conspiracy, then talked about it all night. We saw fish often & then Producton scared the shit out of her, yelling over the speakers, Vanessa, BB DOES NOT CHEAT, SHUT IT DOWN! She was back in DR then out apologizing for making accusations after seeing replays. Said she was paranoid bc of the result. Austin said he’d never seen her that angry since James won POV. Yeah, cuz she’s a good sport when she loses. She thought Liz could’ve won, she showed miserably says she’s horrible at puzzles. Then fish while Liz Van complain too many puzzle comps.

Vanessa is not evil, and she’s got integrity, and the Skittles Book of BB Game Theory coming out, so she’ll be fine when they kick her out for cheating AGAIN before F4. But she already said they probably won’t be having her back for All Stars now, DUH ya think?

What time did that happen?

Id like to go back on the feeds and see that? Do you know what time that happened?


Thanks for filling me in in the Veto thing. I don’t watch the feeds, just read the updates.
The question I am asking is: during the last HOH comp (under the rainbow, eggs and children wire) a lot of posters who were watching the feeds were accusing Vanessa of cheating . They were saying that one of her eggs was resting and not in the egg holder. While watching tonight’s show I noticed a resting egg but it looked like a wasted egg, not a cheater egg. Can anyone please explain how that was cheating?


I wanted to know that too and asked at the time but no one answered me.
I do know the feeds went down a few time and she was in the lead after one of them.


Listen…Jmac is playing the GAME by playing everyone and telling them what they want to hear! Is it not evident by him saying he would throw the last veto and then winning it?! At the end of the day, Liz will prob not have it in her to vote out Austin which means Vanessa will likely have the deciding vote. What he is saying on the feeds is irrelevant to what he actually has planned…


Liz needs to cut her hair and color it red. So much cuter than that limp long blond mess. Even Vanessa looked better but that wasn’t difficult. She always looks nasty.


I saw a picture of Juju when she was younger she had black hair she looked like Drusilla from Buffy I’ll admit she looked very beautiful.
I’m not a fan of the blond hair on them at all.


That’s because it’s not natural. Have you seen how dark those roots are? Who ever their hair stylist in Miami is, sucks!

Bb anonymous

It doesn’t really matter at this point even if Jmac votes to keeps Steve ,Vanessa will be the tie breaker and she won’t want to get blood on her hands and vote out Austin cause that will piss off Austwins 3 votes.. And it’s not in jmac’s best interest to do this right now cause the Rest of the house we will be even more out to get him so might as well vote with the house ….


Best DR all season. Reverse reverse reverse psychology. Her head just might explode and jmac will be safe. Lol. Good on you Jmac for not letting Vanessa treat you like a child like she does Steve. And Liz can use those tears just as well as Vanessa can. Good show tonight and good to see even a small part of what the houseguests get to deal with on a daily basis. Anyone who has ever aligned with her deserves 500 grand just for surviving her when she is HOH. I would seriously just want to run as far as I could.

Operation bye bye

They need to vote Austin out but i also wouldnt mind steve going either cuz he is sooo annoying and on a ego trip n doesnt deserve to be final 3. He hasnt done much and only reason hes even there is because of vanessa… He acts like hes made these huge moves and is playing soo good and im sorry steve you really havnt u only won the last hoh cuz jmac let u have it.

BB leak

Final 3 Vanessa, Liz & Johhny Mac…. Get rid of Austin then steve n let the games begin. Out of those 3 I dont care who wins just not Weirdo Steve or Stanky Austin…


Could someone tell me how this works. If eviction is actually tomorrow but not shown until Tuesday, will the feeds be blocked until after Tuesday’s show or will we know who was evicted tomorrow ?

Steve's a goner!

There is no way Vanessa will break a tie in Steve’s favor. It is not in her best interest to screw over a possible 3 out of 9 jury votes especially because she knows she isn’t a jury house favorite. With Steve out of the picture, I am really starting to wonder who Jmac would take to final 2? He is extremely hard to read and he doesn’t talk to much. My guess would be Vanessa, only because he thinks everyone in the Jury hates her. Even if Vanessa get the votes of Liz, Austin and Julia in the Jury, I think Steve, Meg, James, Shelli, Becky and Jackie would all vote Jmac.
My prediction.
Final 2: Jmac vs Vanessa
Winner: Jmac 6 votes to 3

Twins Extra Wide Eye Spacing

They made Nessums wear sunglasses to the punishment concert because everyone would have recognized those gross bugged out eyeballs and would have instinctively start hitting her in the face and throat.


HAHA so true

Nothing Personal

BB episode televised tonight was boring beyond expectation. Vanessa in actual voice is way worse than reading Vanessa.


Bb uk is more exciting then bb us. You got Farrah from teen mom and jenna jameson causing havov in the house


I like BBUK better now as well.
I really hope BBUS spends more time setting up the next season.


Have tonight’s show on DVR…not sure I want to watch

Time for a Take Over?

What happened to the BB Takeovers we were promised? Anyone think it’s time for a Twisto’s Twist, eh?


I have very mixed feelings about Vanessa. On one hand, she is playing her A$$ off to win the money, but I don’t like how she treats Steve, at all! She will stop at nothing to get what she wants, but is that how she acts in the real world?? that’s the question. . . The BB house can make a person go crazy!