“I hate all of you, you all need to go.. I don’t feel bad about any of this”

POV Holder: Jmac POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: Steve and Johnnymac
After POV Nominations: Steve and Austin

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 17-39-51-566

5:38pm Jmac and Vanessa

Jmac says she’s made a lot of moves she’ll get a lot of Jury votes.
Vanessa says the things she did are unknown.

Vanessa says Liz can win HOH’s, if they Keep Steve and they win the Veto they take her.

Jmac says if they get rid of Steve and he doesn’t win HOH they aren’t f****d
Vanessa – we just have to win Veto.. the thing that is in our favour that Austin.. he’s the kinda player we can convince to not play for Veto as long as she doesn’t win HOH.
Vanessa tells him mathematically they should keep Steve.. but it’s really close.

Vanessa says Keeping steve means it’s easier for them to get to finals but keeping Steve means it’s harder for them to win in finals.
Vanessa says Both Austin and Steve want an answer from here.
Vanessa says Austin leaving this week is better for Liz’ game. “For the same reason it’s better for Austin to get Liz out.. He benefits with her in Jury”
Vanessa wants to catch Austin in something to make it easier for her to scumbag him this week, “If I can’t catch him being a douchebag”

Jmac says Both Steve and Austin think he is keeping them so he’s going to f** someone over
Jmac – I hate all of you you all need to go.. I don’t feel bad about any of this
Vanessa – I agree we all have to go But I want to go last

Vanessa – Austin thinks you are voting for him he feels comfortable
Jamc – I know.. the more we talk the less comfortable he gets..
Jmac says he’s telling Austin he doesn’t need Vanessa’ vote (As tie breaker) all he needs is Jmac’s vote

Vanessa says Steve is a computer brain

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 17-58-32-611
They Find a praying mantis

6:02pm Austin and Jmac
Jmac says Vanessa is 50/50 but leaning away from keeping Steve because she’s scared of him in Competitions.
Jmac tells him he’s been nominated 8 times.

6:08pm Hammock room
(Steve not asking but asking for a vote from Liz… just going through the motions )
liz – how are you doing
Steve – I don’t know.. is this rude of me.. .
Liz says it isn’t, “You’re so cute Stop”
They Hug
liz – Good luck Campaigning Bucko

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 18-07-32-623

6:13pm Steve and Vanessa HOH
Vanessa says he should break up the conversation with JohnnyMac and Austin.
Vanessa says she’s had strange conversation with Jmac, “Doesn’t matter I’ll get the result I need”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 18-14-58-782

6:13pm Steve and Vanessa HOH
Vanessa says he should break up the conversation with JohnnyMac and Austin.
Vanessa says she’s had strange conversation with Jmac, “Doesn’t matter I’ll get the result I need”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 18-27-22-252
6:24pm Jmac says he hasn’t “Camped” in a year and a half

Liz joins them they talk about how Girls get swarmed ‘Hundreds” on Tinder but a guy would be happy to get ‘one” once a day.
“Swipe right”
“Swipe Left”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 19-04-22-516

7:03pm Backyard
nothing going on.. you hear the odd Shout out for @NikolaPoe. They wonder if @NikolaPoe is opening for the “Biebs” because he didn’t open for avocado Granada

Austin starts talking about his friend who is a behind the screen trainer for the biggest loser. Adds that the entire show runs 6 months but on TV it’s 3 months. Mentions a lot of people on it gain the weight back.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 19-25-12-450
7:23pm Backyard Jmac and Steve

Steve – scampering has been strong today
Jmac – I know
Steve – there has been much scampering today
Jmac- I know, The Fear is real
Steve – on whos part
Jmac – you and Austin
Steve – I’m not worried about your vote

Steve – does Austin thinks he’s making progress..
Jmac – I just farted..
Steve – ohh..
Jmac – Smells funny
Steve – does Austin thinks he’s making progress or are we intentionally avoiding that
Jmac nods
Steve – Cool.. there’s nothing wrong with that
Jmac – I know

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 19-50-04-315
7:51pm THIS

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 19-59-07-697

8:01pm Liz and Austin are having some kind of flirty, fake fight over the Chicken Marinade. At one point he throws vegetables at her.
Liz – You’re in the dog house .. you are staying there.. you called me a bitch
Austin – “I said you are acting like a bitch but didn’t call you a bitch”
Jmac – that’s reminds me of Donnie Darko
Liz – I’ve Dated a lot of guys but now guy has thrown f****g food at me… you’ve lost some points
Jmac – those guys were boring
Austin – were are they now

Austin – it was a harmless food fight you threw it right back at me
Liz – I would never had unless you did

Vanessa comes down and tries the chicken.. says it’s good, “Liz you said you didn’t like it”
Liz says it wasn’t her favorite didn’t expect it to start world war three, “What triggered your button so much that you had to throw vegatbels at me, Johnnymac did you find it funny”
Jmac – I find a lot of things funny…. RWWWHAAAGGGZZVB*^&$WWW
Vanessa says the chicken was spicy.
Austin – I like Spicy
Jmac – did you like the spice girls
Austin – we all had our favorite spice girl
Vanessa asks who their favorite spice girl was
Austin liked Ginger and baby.. his favorite was ginger
John liked sporty
Johnnymac – nobody liked scary spice, Posh was kinda man-ish
Liz joins them says that scary spice wasn’t cute
Austin – baby was the prettiest but ginger was the sexist

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 20-37-11-716

8:36pm HOH Austin and Vanessa
Vanessa – I can’t ask him to vote for you.. Maybe I’ll get lucky and he votes for you
Austin says Jmac wants to blind side Steve, “Alright, OK if that’s how you want it to happen”

Vanessa says Jmac thinks she’s going to keep Austin so he knows his vote is meaningless but he’s trying to get something out of it.
Vanessa – his vote is meaningless
Austin – thank you
Liz joins them.

Big Brother Calls Vanessa to the Diary room.
Vanessa says it’s for her meds
Liz asks if it’s adderall
Vanessa say no it’s Straterra, “It’s a non amphetamine ADHD adderall alternative”

Austin says the reason Jmac voted to keep Jeff was because of him. Explains that Jeff told him he was going to out an alliance. Austin told Jmac this at the time. Jamc went to Jeff said he will give Jeff his vote if Jeff doesn’t out the alliance. It was, Shelli, Clay, Jackie, Jmac and Jeff

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 21-16-07-239

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 21-16-15-242

9:20pm Sling band is back

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 21-55-48-199

9:54pm Liz and Austin playing pool. Inside Jmac is telling Steve and Vanessa about keeping a Giraffe in a giant take of water. (They are talking nonsense Steve and Jmac)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 22-06-38-215

Austin – why are you so pretty
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 22-12-47-088

10:10pm Austin is using the barbell as a foam roller trying to fix his mess up hip. Liz points out how it looks like he’s doing inappropriate things to it.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 22-15-56-005

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 22-19-54-210

10:15pm HOh Vanessa and jmac
Vanessa says she’s ready to make a big move and blindside someone, she wasn’t to make her mark on Big Brother “Quit frankly Steve’s not it.. Austin’s a Big target”

Jmac – I want to win or I want Money
Vanessa says Steve or Austin cannot know they are voting out Austin, Vanessa will deal with the Liz aftermath

Vanessa – I really didn’t think I would do it until right now
Jmac – Ya ya ya
Vanessa asks him if he believes that Keeping austin is the better play,
Jmac – Ya ya ya
Vanessa – it’s a big move.. the people in Jury will probably cheer.. Steve is not a threat look at how he’s falling apart down they’re.

Vanessa say when they take out Austin it’s going to be like a Big bomb going off in the Big Brother house.

11:04pm Steve and Vanessa.
She lets him know she told Johnnymac she wants Steve to stay.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 23-21-35-569

11:20pm Steve is walking around the backyard talking about taking Vanessa out.
11:40pm Steve studying dates alone on the hammock Liz and Ausitn playing Chess.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 23-55-31-292

11:55pm Vanessa sleeping, Ausitn, Jmac, Steve and LIz on their way.
Feeds will be down from Monday 9am to Tuesday 9pm

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Awe JMac….the old fart and distract….priceless!

the coreys

I like jmac, he’s been my fav all season. Even if sometimes his antics seem forced and weird.

However, as a dentist i find it weird he says he cant beat ANY of the remaining houseguest in mental challenges.

What? I’m no scientist but I imagine hitting the books and studying and learning basic oral health isn’t all that easy, otherwise wed all be dentist.

Just a thought


I find the fact that he is a dentist and has a green smile quite disturbing

Min O'Pause

He may have had to take tetracycline as a kid and it stained his permanent teeth.

are we there yet

But is he keeping Steve or Austin


It is hard to figure out the real plan but it seems JM and Steve are still working together but for Steve to stay everyone needs to think thy are not but for it to work Vanessa has to think she is convincing john to keep Steve that way when splits the vote she votes Austin out. John saying he wants Steve out seems to be part of their plan if this works then it will be halarious also I want Austin gone.

Sorry Boy

Sorry Steve! JMac just isn’t that into you!

Ooops, She Let it Slip

So Vanessa was talking about her meds again saying she switched from Adderall to Strattera which is less addictive for ADHD/Bi-Polar and the side effects are:
anxiety, irritability
hostility, aggressiveness
impulsive behavior
panic attacks
trouble sleeping, insomnia
suicidal thoughts
Jeez, what is this supposed to cure? And it doesn’t list religious fanaticism so she came up with the Bible ranting on her own. No wonder everyone’s on eggshells worrying about meltdowns if they flip their votes. She’s rambling now about evicting Austin so she can get bonus points in Jury for a big move… after weeks of screeching about her integrity, trust, F2 and working with Austin the longest. Now she’ll toss him for a Bomb that will rock the house. JMACS reverse reverse reverse psychology is working. Van’s proud her torment as reduced Steve to a drooling shadow, and sure he won’t be functioning for comps. Give her some more Skittles to calculate what Liz will do with her remains, cuz she’ll cut a bitch. Until then we get to watch 6 hours of Slingband before blackout. Yiippee.



This is a video of what’s going on in vans mind after the bear


The more I watch it the more its Van.
Its her all over.

Ian's lament

Vanessa’s law- anything needlessly trivial annoying and paranoid that can happen will happen…………………… and be passed off by her drug supplier AG as brilliance.


What are the common possible side effects of Strattera?
Common side effects in children and teenagers include upset stomach, decreased appetite, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, tiredness, and mood swings.
Common side effects in adults include constipation, dry mouth, nausea, decreased appetite, dizziness, sexual side effects, and problems passing urine.

Also when taking this drug you should be in therapy, not on a game show……


Was Vanessa born
or did Hell throw up?

Chill this Town

I can’t read MAC at all, but THIS is very telling about his awareness

“Jamc – I know.. the more we talk the less comfortable he gets..”

and the voice…a couple times I swear he sounds normal, then brings out this extra dumbed down version.

again, he may be completely oblivious in there, at this point I am leaning towards “half a Dr Will” which is darn entertaining right now. there is very little in the house that makes me laugh or really even think about game…but MAC messing with Vanessa is by far one of the most entertaining mind bleeps of the summer. I feel like I am watching Mr Robot with MAC ATTACK. you think you know, then you think otherwise, then you end up right back where you started but a twist is tossed in that you somehow didn’t think of while they had you so focused elsewhere.

I have no freaking clue if this guy is about to be a hero for playing dumb all year, or if he just has brief moments of brilliance. he needs to make final 2 just so we can hear the speech and find out once and for all. there are strong arguments both ways at this point.


Watching jmac’s youtube videos make me 99.99% sure that his BB character is a façade. I am willing to bet he is pulling one Emmy winning performance in that house, and it will be a moment worth the entire season when we find out his true personality! Hilarious.


Same with steve


Look at the credits Steve’s faking the baby crap Deke Sharon is famous he did pitch perfect 1&2

And the emmy goes to...

I agree and really hoping it’s all for show. But the only thing that doesn’t add up is why he wouldn’t drop the act in the DR? Severe method acting I suppose?


It could be like Donny and the beard. He grew it out for the winter because he works outside and wasn’t attached to it. He wanted to shave it off before entering the house but production asked him to keep it.

Production tries too hard to create characters.


The one item I remember most is when his dental office was interviewed… all of them said he is nothing like he is on BB! They never saw this side of him.


After the show…
“Who’s your dentist?”
“Taxi Driver!”


Frankie and his glitter skin, ruined this episode, and that was a “Reward”?? Jessie Godderz entering the house as a “Punishment” was less annoying, and I suffered through Homeless looking TrashBag Wedding of Brenchal.

Don’t you ever do this to us again CBS…

Vanessa with a V

In the future everyone will have their fifteen minutes of fame (Warhol). This moron’s time is up and then some. I agree, that this pathetic, prancing, preening, pink, phony spoiled tonight’s episode. CBS take a hint. It is time to give some other freak their fifteen minutes of fame. Frankie’s best before date has passed.

Liz loves the Shocker

If I saw my luxury was a reward with Frankie to see his skanky sister, I would have told him no thanks. I would have said, you suck and your sister sucks too. All I want for my luxury is a ride around the neighborhoo, keep your skanky sister. Frankie is the worst.


I agree. What a crappy “prize”!!!


she is hot


I actually thought the prize was to spend a romantic night with Arianna and if it were, I wouldn’t complain.


I actually think Frankie is entertaining in a way. He’s like a crazy machine that runs a certain program. Reminds me of Shellie.


I immediately changed the channel.


When Liz was standing there trying to decide who to take, the camera pans by all the “PLEASE NOT ME” looks on all the guys’ faces and Austin POINTED TO VANESSA……haha haha! BEST Austin moment EVER.

Frankie seemed different to me. He is more…. dead inside, maybe? It all seemed very forced to me, especially when he was inside the house.

James for AFP

Frankie reminds me so much of Richard Simmons.


Oh no!.. The suspense is going to kill me!!.. Who is going to be evicted??.. Have to wait until Tuesday night!!


I flippin love it!! JMac has their heads spinning in circles!! They have no clue what he’s thinking, but I guarantee it’s GAMEplay – unlike what some of you Jmac HATERS are saying!!

are we there yet

So who is JMAC voting to keep. Anyone know

Zingbot 9000

I’m sure he’s voting to keep your mom. ZING!!!


My favorite Spice girl was Garlic, but she always had bad breath.


mine was old.

Uh huh

My favorite was Spice Rack and was she stacked! But she wouldn’t come out of the closet.


Dude, I was addicted to K2 Spice…oh what were you guys talking about?

are we there yet

who is Jmac keeping?

Austin's "friend"

Have you noticed that Austin is a friend one upper? If someone talks about something they’ve done…he has “friend” that has done it or even done it better. He always has a “friend”.


HAHA I do that I have to force myself to stop.


just like Joe. My family owned the property the white house is on and we sold it for a carrot and shot of moonshine

My Friend

Yeah, well i have a friend, who has a friend, who has a friend, who has a friend who works behind scenes for The Bold and the Beautiful. He makes like a butthurtillion dollars a year.


The only friend Austink has is an imaginary friend.


You think that’s funny? I know a guy who does it 10 times more than Austin!


I don’t understand why everyone hates Austin. He played an amazing game. I know viewers don’t like all that kissing, etc. but he was the one that basically decided who was sent out each week by playing Vanessa for weeks. I just wish that viewers would give him more credit. He may have even been playing the twins as well and go back to his girlfriend. Perhaps she (his girlfriend) said do what ya gotta do to win. That would be the bomb. Him and Vanessa in final two would be VERY interesting. Really, they are the smartest players since the beginning. JMAC can win obviously but really, who played each and every week? Austin and Vanessa. They put in hours and hours of work. JMAC just sat back and waited to play. Just saying!


I agree he played a good game but no one cares because he’s a huge stinky creep.

Yo Yo Yo

The only game Austin played was begging Vanessa to keep him and then creeping all over Liz’s you know what. He is gross. And what is this Judas thing he has going on?! “I can change my mind if I wear a black top hot!” Crazy. So does he think he has two personalities?


It’s a pathetic attempt to portray a wrestling character. Judas is a betrayer… as long as it’s alright with Liz and Vanessa.


Did you read his pretentious HOH blog? He went from waxing philosophical to explaining how Judas was spawned. Then he actually signed it with both names. Asstain is a finger-smuggling creeptard. His partner-in-dlime, Diz, is going to need to be locked in a room with a cult-victim deprogrammer…when her family drags her away after the show.

I Want to Bully Steve on Live Eviction Night But They Never Give Me a Live Mic

Jeez, let us count the ways, his enormous ego, no shirt, food in his 2 banded pony beard…did I mention ego? He’s thinking of how many ways he can bully Steve in his eviction speech, The Boy and Hiding Behind Mommy Van features prominently. He says I want to shout it out on Live Eviction, but they never give me a live mic. I wonder why? Could it be your screeching for a Bold & Beautiful gig? Are they worried we could smell you? How about you shouting F*ck You to Production when they call you to DR? For someone who blathers on about airtime and wrestling contracts due to his entertainment value, he sure blew it.

Production doesn’t like you much less give you a mic, wait til he sees the edits. And bc fingerbanging on feeds. Seriously dude? You think his GF at home and his family are proud? Eeeeww. He had a decent social game at times, but far too cliquish, elitist, and never talked game with anyone preferring to hide behind Vanessa.

I’m being totally serious…but does Austin have any balls…let alone a penis!?!? Every time I see the guy in those nasty shorts, I don’t even notice any kind of bulge…Hmmmmm!?!?

He’s a 31 year old man acting like he’s 12. It’s sad and don’t see how this will get him a career!


No more feeds? They must’ve been worried they would get caught rigging the comps and Vans bribes coming out when she has to break a alliance.


They’ve do the eviction before Tuesday night so they’ll block them until after that so people won’t know who got voted out. The HoH is less important this week. It’ll keep you safe but you have no vote. The veto is this week’s prize.


Did anyone see Austin’s face (it was priceless) when Julie asked Johnny a question during last live eviction? Johnny answered with his crazy talk and Austin was like “WTF”?


That’s what my face does when he goes full retard


so who is JMAC keeping steve or Austin


Based on his “I just need to win out” answer to anything Steve asked him, I would say he’s voting out Steve… But, I really think he would vote out whomever Vanskanky thinks he’s NOT going to vote out. At this point it’s fairly evident he wants to play with her mind, piss her off, and generally show her he doesn’t give a flying fuck what she wants… That’s my read on him anyhow


Didn’t Vanessa just say that she’s going to take out Austin, cuz it’ll be her “big move”…she just told Steve that she’s keeping him. Re-read if you have too.


Yeah you’re right, I posted that right before Simon updated, but, I’m still goin with the “Fuck you Vanessa” mindset on Jmacs side


Feeds will be down from Monday 9am to Tuesday 9pm

Well CBS had to figure some way to put some kind of anticipation in this show……………

Enjoy your time off Simon & Dawg……………


Jmac knows he is going to jury the very next chance they get, not one of them will keep him. He’s just messing around now, he can do and say whatever he wants. If he wins HOH that will be hugely entertaining!!!


If Jmac wins HOH, i picture him barricading himself in the HOH room. He wouldn’t let anyone in and would eat and sleep all the timr.

Chill this Town

it seems like MAC is going to force Vanessa’s hand. make her make the decision

its something no one has done all year, I am interested to see if it works. he may learn what she wants him to do at the last minute, then flip his vote, leaving Vanessa forced to break the tie.

its what I would do. she doesn’t want blood on her hands, well….dump the blood on her hands yourself.


How does BB/CBS go about establishing their luxury prizes? I mean there’s no way they could’ve decided that a Frankie escort to an Arianna Grande concert would’ve excited everyone in the house. Or did they? Are they that delusional to think that either John, Austin, or Steve would’ve been interested? Ok maybe Steve would’ve been… *rolls eyes* But the look on Austin’s face when Liz had to make a decision on who to take, and, the look on John’s face when Frankie came through the door was priceless. “Thanks, but no thanks.” My sentiments exactly.

Come on BB. Even your prizes have become lazy and uninspired. It’s time to clean house and rid BB of all those comatose directors/producers. Otherwise, the show won’t be on the air for much longer.


Well said!!! Ugh!!!


I skipped tonight episode, refused to watch anything that has to do with Skankie. I’d like another country to take him away, I can throw in a one year Netflix subscription to sweeten the deal.

Austin Has Ugly Feet

..I’ll throw in some pre-licked donuts to sweeten your deport-Frankie deal (you’ll need to include vomit bags too)

Big Jacket

I think Frankie should have licked a bunch donuts and said i hate Arianna, I mean doughnuts, I mean … all you haters.


Send him to Iran they will take good care of him and his sister.


Sorry for saying that I think it went way to far.


I didn’t even watch one of my favorite shows this season, America’s Best Dance Crew because Frankie was a judge on there this season. I just don’t like him and his perverted ways of putting his hands down men’s pants last season on BB


After Skankie walked through the door and I got a good look at all his mascara and eyeliner, I couldn’t change the channel fast enough! Same thing with muscle-head Jesse and the tutu. Really, BB, why do you always have to bring back the most annoying houseguests, Jeff included!


There are not enough words to describe the loathing I feel for Vanessa. I can’t stand her. I’d break down the worst things she’s done, but I can’t because they are ALL terrible. It pisses me off that she thinks she is the only houseguest that is allowed to talk game strategies with anyone…on her terms, because any ideas that aren’t hers aren’t good enough. Vanessa is TOOOO high strung to function. She is the biggest hypocrite!! I can only hope she is taken out next week by……JMac. JMac can then be the hometown hero and get that crazy bitch out!!!! Paranoia, paranoia, paranoia gonna get ya!


Lmao…Johnny Mac that fat was the best answer I ever heard in the big brother house. My cheeks are hurting!! Haha

Yo Yo Yo

I’m still not getting who is leaving. Is it Steve or Austin?
I hope it’s Austin.


Best auto correct ever…….avocado Granada


Finally, a vote that isn’t going to be obvious!


Austin needs to go!!! I believe that’s what will happen this week. If austin goes this week I think you will see vanessa on the block next week. Question is will production rig the POV in her favor?


Thank goodness I was able to fast forward through tonight’s episode and completely miss the concert footage and he who shall not be named.


ha ha I did that as well


Straterra has some nasty side affects like.
Abdominal pain (7%)
Irritability (5%)
Abnormal Dreams (4%)
Hot flashes (3%)
Menstrual disorder (3%)
Weight loss (2%)
Mood swings
Suicide-related events
Emotional lability
Plus many more
I think she showing signs of a few of these.
Why would anyone take that shit it seems to be making her insane and sick?


relevant side effects of Vans ADHD med, Straterra:
“Mood changes, aggressiveness, irritability, depression”
“Seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there, believing things that are not true”
sounds about right….


You forgot that she’s been picking at her face all year…add dermatitis to her list.



The good old days...

I miss James scaring the crap out of people:(


Vote JMAC for AFP!


Moose takes medications for ADHD? Noooooo!

Big Jacket

Hey Vannnasty,
If you wanna know how how Liz and me wanna vote why don’t you pull us into a room together and and aske us. But the word Bitch suits you just fine, so ride the fence until you get raw, and you will never win.


Bye Austin what Vanessa wants she always gets!!

Chill this Town

and yet, also what MAC wants.

unless he really wants to play dangerous, which I really think he does, and he throws his vote onto Steve. forces Vanessa to break the tie, Vanessa will be completely caught off guard, have no idea what to do, and likely will evict Austin. blood all over her, you go into the next HOH with Steve(who will take JMAC in a f3 scenario) and MAC vs Liz for HOH….

maybe I am hoping for too much from MAC. but I’d risk it, he could cost Vanessa her precious jury votes.

Jersey Shore Rises

Finally, this is the time for Johnny Mac to wake up and finally see the golden path to final 3. Now that Vanessa has told him she wants to dump Austin and keep Steve he needs to tell the Austwins about it and finally have a solid Liz/Austin/Jonmac vs Vanessa for the final 4…

I love ya Johnny Mac, now is the time to make the move against Vanessa…

You Called It!

Well, Vanessa just gave JMac his marching orders. Vote out Austin. She seems to think she is still in control. Will someone please do something about this psycho bitch?

Yo Yo Yo

Agree…. But I do want Austin to go.
Go JMac!

You Called It!

Steve stated today that Vanessa is his target next in his mumbling to himself. Please let him really follow through!!!


If Austin does go and its not a CBS filled audience like they said we could get some epic boos YAAAAAAAAY


Couple of big “if’s” there, but I’m with ya! He simply can’t be liked


I’m not sure if Babysteve would get boos I would boo him but I haven’t seen too much hate from others.
I hope Steve does if he goes 🙂 lets face it they all should be booed.

You Called It

I have said all along that Steve has Aspergers and Autism. He is high functioning and knows how to present himself as fairly normal.Yes, Vanesa knows this. I believe this the secret that Steve told her and Meg. She treats him in a demeaning manner because she knows this is the way to control him. He has probably been treated this way all his life in some manner. He is so close to his family because they love and accept him as he is and most people don’t. She is nothing more than a bully that will do anything to get what she wants.
BTW, Clay has Tourette’s. That explains his mumbling that makes no sense. That is why he seemed so uncomfortable when the others joked about his unusual muttering.


What’s your source that Clay has Tourette’s? Tourette’s causes sudden, repeated movements or vocalizations, not mumbling.


Steve is putting on a show he said he was going to play the baby man.


Vanessa is a bully!


She cant help it she’s insane and tripping of drugs it all makes sense now.


I like Austin.

Right on!

I tune into Big Brother for some entertainment , but what really bothers me is when the players start to use statistics and m&ms too. Just too much plotting and probability stuff. It just makes my head hurt. In the end, the human factor will play in, hopefully one of the players will feel like Vanessa’s bothersome ways have just been too much and say “get out of my face!”
I would like to see “expect the unexpected”; Let’s have Dr. Phil interview each of the contestants on live tv before the evicitions and call them out!

Jersey Shore Rises

I really believe that Johnny Mac is going to flip with the Austwins-1 as when he was talking with Steve he said he would not give certain info what Austin told him…… I hope he stays true so that he and the Austwins-1 can get rid of the worse player of the year, Vanessa….


Vanessa is going to take out some competition in her mind so I guess that means Austin’s going….however Vanessa will go on the block next week no matter what…Steve, Johnny Mac and Liz(esp if Vanessa votes out Austin) will put her there her game I believe solely rests on this weeks veto! If they don’t take a shot at her now she’s winning this game!!

Best case scenario

Vanessa will be the tie breaker and vote out Austin because she knows she won’t have his vote at the end anyway – he’s voting for Liz. The jury will once again be impressed by Vanessa getting Austin out.
She’s probably betting on Liz winning the next hoh getting rid of Steve. Liz won’t be that mad austins gone she wants to win or at least make it to final 2 will another female. Liz and Vanessa are better competitors than Jmac will take each other to final 2 and I think they are the most deserving of those left. I’d be interested to see how the jury would vote…


So why JMAC + Van are not telling Austin he will be voted out? Why not just tell Austin the truth ?



skeptical onlooker

If Austin is evicted..there will be enough food to last the next 9 days. I think he came on the show for 3 months of free food.
And he eats like a pig….disgusting.
Has he shampooed his hair once? He looks really dirty and smelly. UGH.
I wish there was a photo of his eyes bugged out. He looks insane. It happened again in the bathroom this evening. It was a * WHOA* moment.
On the live feeds….he’s all about how their showmance will make BB History.
I just hope JMac sweeps the comps now.
Go Johnny Go….bring it home…salvage this Season.
Oh..and seeing rankie the Freak on tonight’s episode. Teeth grinding time.
I forgot how sickening he is. Thanks CBS….you obviously don’t give a flying fig for BB fans.

Butter Nuts

I really hope Jmac surprises us


I am watching BBAD and noticed that austin is walking around like he just had hip replacement surgery. Was he hurt during a comp.


He hurt himself years a go but lied and said he was healed


Maybe Austin wants everyone to think he is injured so he doesn’t pose a threat in comps?

bet u she changes her mind tmr

shes gonna change her mind after sleeping and after austin lies about taking a crap in her toilet and blames it on steve. i bet someone put her toothbrush in the toilet cause everything comin out her mouth was shit

BB leak

I hope Jmac does vote Austin out then Vanessa has to break the tie n bye bye Austin. Did anyone see Austin hug Frankie it looked like he was tryin to bump uglies. Kinda weird hug n even Frankie was like uggggg.

Missing Ranceypants

Whoever you vote for AFP, please let it be because they were entertaining, or because they played well.

I liked James, but voting for him (or anyone, not meaning to pick on him), “because they have a kid” is not a good reason. If James, or any parent on Big Brother, really wants to provide for their child, they need to do so in a way that doesn’t take them away from their family for 3 MONTHS for a 1/16 chance at 500,000. Come on….take a step back and really ask yourself if that’s what you would do to provide for your child if you REALLY needed the money.