“You need a backup plan.. a backdoor and a mini backdoor” – Vanessa

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 25th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

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8:37pm James, Jackie and Jason
Jackie – you guys have to help me out wit this
James – you’re in a tough spot
Jason – no matter who from out side she puts up we can beat Liz and Steve
Jackie wants to stay HOH, she wants to convince Steve to throw the BOB.
Jason says he helped Vanessa study with Meg and she went against them during the HOH competition
Meg and Shelli join them. they start talking about Steve being America’s player. Jason is convinced it’s steve.

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8:54pm Vanessa and Jackie
Deciding to work together this week (Oh f****g great)
They agree not to backdoor each other if they get dethroned.
Jackie wants to bt the HOH.
Vanessa is cool with that.
Jackie proposes she puts up LIz and Steve.
Vanessa says those were her noms she knows what the house wants.
Jackie suggesting they take out Austin.
Vanessa says she was friends with them but they broke her trust last week. Vanessa says there’s twins and a showmance she’s low on the totem pole.
Jackie – You are OK with one of them going home, Liz, Austin and Steve
Vanessa – yes
Vanessa says she’s going to talk to the people that have betrayed her, “I think we should talk later tonight”
She stresses they have to keep what they say to each other secret.
Vanessa tells her if they make this move she wants to make a long term commitment
(Vanessa is saying she’s willing to turn on Austin and the twins if Jackie wants to join with them)
Vanessa – I’m a srtraight shooter I’m not a bullsh1ter
Jackie – who are you more afraid of
Vanessa – Austin is a big competitor but the twins there’s two of them.
Jackie says if they can get rid of Austin this week next week the twins come in. The house can rally together to get them out “2 easy weeks”
Vanessa says she’s very tight with Shelli and Clay so they can work together with them. Jackie is also close with Shelli and Clay.
Jackie wants to have an easy week let’s stick with what they say.
Jackie says if Austin goes home it would be best.

Jackie says they have 7 votes to get Austin out. THey cannot decide who should be the pawn. VAnessa suggests someone that hasn’t been on the block yet
Jackie – like clay
Vanessa – nobody will vote him out.. ask him… ask him..
Vanessa says Clay might be nervous because of the Shelli-Austin showmance people might see them as targets now.
Jackie – Who else.. Austin.. will he throw it ?

Vanessa says if they put up Becky and Clay they’ll win the BOB for sure. Jackie would put up Steve and Liz lose the BOB. THey win the veto save Steve and put up Austin beside Liz.

Jackie says she’s fine now after Jeff leaves he was trustworthy.
Vanessa says Shelli is very very trustworthy.
Jackie agrees adds that so is Becky

Trying to finalize their plans. Jackie says if the Veto is played Austin goes home if the Veto isn’t played Austin goes home.
Vanessa asks what happens if Austin wins the veto. “You need a backup plan.. a backdoor and a mini backdoor”
Vanessa suggests Meg as the pawn over Steve. Jackie says Meg doesn’t like being on the block.
Jackie is worried clay and shelli won’t be up for throwing competitions because it’s kinda dirty play
Vanessa says Shelli and Clay will be 100% down with throwing comps.

Vanessa tells her she has no loyalty with Liz.
Jackie says this is such a big move taking them out.
Vanessa says Austin will hate her if he finds out she knew about the backdoor plan.
Jackie won’t say anything
Vanessa wants them to have figured out who they are nominating before they go to bed.
Vanessa says she ready to pick a side and wants Jackie on that side.

Vanessa now saying she could put up Meg and Austin, “You have to put Liz up with someone .. innocuous Like.. JohnnyMac”
Vanessa says Austin is trustworthy, With liz here he’s thinking with his little brain
Jackie points out that when she mentions America’s player Austin was acting funny and pacing around.

(There “initial” plan is Jackie puts up Liz and Steve, Vanessa puts up 2 people that will win the BOB. If POV is played Austin goes home, If POV isn’t played Liz goes home, If Austin wins POV Steve goes home.)

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8:59 Becky and J-to-the-Mac
Becky saying that Jason is pissed that she helped Vanessa study and she turned on them in the HOH.,
Becky says Clay and Shelli are good with everyone she doesn’t see them going up for a long time.
Jmac – how much of this show have you seem

Becky – 11 to 15 in five weeks and part of season 10 .. my game gets super confused.. i wahts’ 12, 16, 11, 13, 15, 14, 10 “
THey are both glad Jackie won.
Becky says Jackie will make bold moves not in a dirty way
Becky – are you close to Shelli and Clay..
Jmac – they got my back
Becky – I need to get closer to them.. I like them I trust them..
9:54pm Still in the have nots.. chatting about travelling. Becky has done a lot of travelling and lived in Europe for a while.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 22-02-40-382_jpg

Steve says people calling him steve is like people Liz elizabeth. (His name is steven but production said it sounds too much like Ian)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 22-16-19-549_jpg

10:16pm HOH room time

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 22-21-49-255_jpg

Jackie gets a letter from her dad in Columbia who is recovering from brain surgery. (He has Parkinson’s disease)
(Her teddy bear is called Freddy teddy)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 22-22-19-262_jpg

Austin looks worried

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-23 22-22-28-258_jpg

Vanessa’s letter from her mom.
Her music is Alanis Morissette jagged little pill.

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10:40pm Chit chat n the HOH meat burning in the kitchen

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Shelli is better then I thought. I expected Vanessa to stick with liz and Austin over them but she had no problem throwing them and steve under the bus I hope this bitch gets backdoored


Well, she’s suggesting clay be nominated and she was trying to get her to go Austin Meg, instead of Steve Liz. She’s definitely laying some seeds.


I think Vanessa realizes, as she said, Austin is playing with the little brain. All emotion, no thinking. She also realizes that the 3 (austin and the twins) might be a problem.

Also, she is afraid Jackie might back door her if she stays HoH (even though she said she wouldnt), so she wants Jackie on her side.


i think it is bizarre that vanessa is ready to believe anyone other than Austin, to prove he is lying to her. Why does she believe everyone else over him?? I mean, i have already watch Jackie either deliberately or mistakenly lie about something he said to her, during the last HOH noms.

Oh, but the real issue i have with Vanessa is why doesn’t she have enough faith in their alliance and loyalty to tell him when someone is talking about him saying or doing something? instead, she believes the other person, and doesn’t warn Austin, someone who has her back and who she’s been working with for quite some time.

plus, why would you deliberately try to get out someone other people would like to get out, when they are willing to stand up in front of you to save you? makes no sense for her to try to get the twins/Austin out over just about anyone else.

Jackie's letter from dad moved me to tears

That was pretty moving.

Brain surgery and all (my dad died of heart attack, u see?)

First time this show touched my heart button :: sniff ::


I’m so sorry for your loss. I pray you find comfort in the memories of your Dad. My Dad passed away in 1996, I still miss him but my memories are a precious treasure that I hold on to tightly.

the coreys

Jackie wu earn serious brownie points from me if she’s able to be the first person to strike at the 6th sense.

Lemon balls

Welcome to the game Jackie!!!!!!!


OMG vanessa will remain hoh because austin said he would throw to liz comes off.


I think Vanessa will pick Becky and Clay so they can win? At least thats what she said. And the plan is to backdoor Austin..and if he doesn’t use the veto, get out Liz/Julia


Best wishes to Jackie’s dad. Now to the game

Not sure how but Shelli and Clay skate free AGAIN. It would be fine to see Austin or the twins to go home but I can’t imagine that being pulled off unless The Twins plus Austin are on the block and lose the BOB. Jackie needs to make the nomes for herself but Vanessa will steer Jackie away from Vanessa’s allies.

This week is all on Jackie……..Could be great, could be bad. Let’s see !!

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC

Power Trip

She’s going to let Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli walk all over her, watch. Her and everyone is still completely clueless that they’re on top. Everyone else is too wrapped up in this stupid twin thing. As soon as she hears Austin is Vanessa’s target she’ll be all in with her. Then trust her more from here on out even if she two sense she would think what happened with Jeff. The trio just planning in the HOH for over an hour again and nobody cares.


Frick shelli is deadly !! Still not on the radar. Van would have been better off losing this hoh. She showed her hand (never good in poker). Just glad that van is working with Jackie. Austin or one of the twins need to go. Van knows that Austin is there for a showmance and not in the game. Getting him out is in her best interest. Ha ha hope he doesn’t make it to jury. He will than know the truth that Jeff was the main dog in the house.

fuck judas

yes fuck judas.


ya liz gonna give austin a fake number after the show and block his stalker ass off her IG and FB


Vanessa is going to screw Jackie over big time. Van will pick players that let her be the lone HOH. I don’t think she is ready for Austin to go.
Sure hope Van is not the remaining HOH. We really need to make a dent in that alliance. Just can’t stand Austin. He is creepy.


I am so over the BOB BS….again this week wanting to “work” together and throw a BOB comp…have we not had enough of that? I cant believe the show had the gull to call it a “fan fav” as the vast majority of BB fans absolutely hate the BOB. I feel like it has only dragged the game down, it takes all the power away from the HOH. It also makes it that people dont play their own game, the 2 HOH’s decide to “work together” …get blood on your hands its part of the game!!!!

the coreys

So is next summer gonna be an All Star season or what? It’s long over do.

That or let’s get some of the cast from season 1 and 2 of bbcanada in the house.


Would like to see more game coming from Steve… this way I’d be able to decide if I still like/care for him.

the coreys

I just wanna say that it’s just so easy for production to throw in last minute without even exploring the situation during either tonight’s or last night’s ep that Audrey earned a penalty vote for eating as a have not.

Had the house and online backlash not got so loud I honestly believe they was gonna over look this, and had the penalty vote been the deciding vote I have serious doubts they would of implimented one.

the coreys

Jackie and becky are talking game play. I REPEAT, Jackie and becky are talking game play.

Power Trip

Here we go agiain, prepare for the power trip. So they’re going to turn on Austin, that’s great, but now there just going to snake their way in with the rest of the house beacause everyone is STILL oiblivous. Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli once again up in the HoH room for over an hour and nobody is going to think twice about it. Jackie is going to once fall for whatever they sell her and play into their hand because just like everyone she actually think Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli have their best interest.


It annoys me how Shelli and Clay are being targeted by no one despite how fucking obvious that they have complete trust and loyalty with another. Honestly I’ve lost hope with the ADC crew they’re all so oblivious to all the gameplay. Jackie seems to be pretty good at the game at least, but her position in the game is still pretty low; she’s my only hope of usurping the Sixth Sense.

Johnny Mac should realize that though he wasn’t the target the mere fact of Shelli putting him act means he is expendable to her. As of now Johnny Mac is in a safe position but I hope he games more and later on make a move against the people on top. Rooting for Johnny Mac this dude is hilarious.

Freak Of Nature

Austin is just…yucky.