“You literally took all his shit you could find”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 22-31-46-317_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 23-04-47-941_jpg

10:33pm Pot Ball
There’s some banter between the 7th generation and irish spring faction in the house.

Liz supports seventh generation brand
“Caring for seven generations of tomorrow”
Austin and James support Irish Springs..
“It took them seven generations and they still don’t have it right”
“7 generations gives you a rash”
“Irish springs good for 12 hours”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 23-07-17-944_jpg

11:00pm They continue to play pot ball.. Austin’s team is going for the game winning “Gl*ry Hole”

Vanessa- someone is going to get the glory h*le
Jmac – There’s so much pressure it’s such a small circle
Austin nails it “Glory Hole we WON”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 23-28-35-369_jpg

11:27pm Backyard James, Jmac and Steve
Steve says what’s weird is Jmac and James know what they are going home to but he’s not.
Steve – I have not Idea what I’m going home to
Jmac – what do you mean
Steve – I don’t know what I’m doing the semester starts in January
Jmac – Go home to your parents
Steve – and do nothing for several months
Jmac – No, Get a Jawb (Yes a jawb)
Steve – there’s no jobs at home
James’s- there’s always a job
James and Jmac start listing off jobs, Burger king, Golf course, wash dishes.
Steve – I don’t want to work some minimum wage job
Jmac – you need to get something on your resume
Jmac – Minimum wage jobs they’re fun
Steve says he’s worked several jobs…

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 23-42-45-330_jpg

11:33pm Austin and the twins
Stresses about the Veto Ceremony Tomorrow.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 23-39-00-337_jpg

11:37pm Hammock Steve and Jmac
Steve says the twins want to take each other to the final two and Austin know he’s can’t take them to the end.. Steve is wondering what Austin’s long term plans are

Jmac says it’s weird probing Austin to find out that he’s doing

Steve- There’s no way he wants to be final 3 with the twins.. he’s thought of that , Must have
Jmac – You’re right
Steve – Austin responded positively to saying Vanessa?
Jmac – yes, I have confirmation Austin has no final 2 with Vanessa.
Jmac wonders what Austin’s end game strategy is.
Steve says if he doesn’t have a final 2 with Vanessa or Liz Steve doesn’t know.
Steve – Something has really turned around with him this last week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 00-00-15-345_jpg

12:09am Have nots JAmes and Vanessa
Vanessa – “You literally took all his shit you could find”
Vanessa- I love it James it’s very Funny

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 00-10-19-607_jpg

12:12AM Hot Tub fighting due to a pool game disagreement
After some discussion they Shake on not being mad at each other any more.
Liz – Now I feel weird with you cause we’re fighting
Asution – Babe that’s not a real fight
liz – what are we fighting about again
Austin – we’re not fighting..
Liz is called into the Diary room
Austin – We’re not Fighting lets have a hammock date after this..
Liz walks inside. “We made up”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 00-28-51-864_jpg

12:30am the mess is cleaned up

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 00-39-15-813_jpg

12:35am hammock Date Liz and Austin
They’re wondering why Jmac gets called into the diary room all the time. Austin says he feels that the Diary room always tries to steer him away from Jmac as a target.

They start rehearsing what she will say Tomorrow during the Veto Ceremony. She does not plan on using the veto.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 00-41-19-815_jpg
12:44am Steve impersonating Grandma Meg.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 00-40-08-811_jpg
12:43am Meg and Julia
Meg – becky is starting to freak out
Julia asks if she thinks Liz is going to use the Veto
Meg – No

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-17 00-54-36-580_jpg

12:46Am Austin and Liz breaking down every word she will say during the POV Ceremony.
“This has been a really tough week since we’ve had so much fun together..” Like I said to you guys before I put you on the block together because I feel you are my strongest competitors in the competitions going forwards

“I think one of you will definitely come back from Jury because you are so good “
With the numbers dwindling I don’t think i’m a position to not us the power of veto.”


  • Goblins/Gremlins = James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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Would really love to see becky go home, jmac win hoh, nominate the twins & backdoor vanessa… Literally just want to see the twins scamper after this week.


Becky is going home although they initially wanted Jmac out. Did you catch Austin saying I feel like the diary room is trying to steer me from targeting jmac? I knew this was the reason they went from Becky as a pawn to Jmac being a pawn. The diary room must’ve mentioned or shown excitement about Jmac being in the alliance with them because the other day Liz & Austin were talking about how they loved them (Liz, Austin, Jmac) working together.

It’s actually too bad that the diary room does this just because someone’s so popular.


Please don’t take Austin’s delusions as fact. Every year houseguests try to analyse the hell out of DR sessions.


So after this week everyone else is thinking of taking the austwins to final five? @.@
What the eff JMac, to think I was rooting for him to win next HOH. At this point maybe I should go back and support Vanessa, at least she started playing the game since the feeds started.


I think everyone wants to take Austin because he has done nothing the game and they can beat him easily in the final. He can not sit in final two and say his game play was to ride the coattails of the woman, and then win.


Johnny better start playing this week or he will be too late to do anything about the twins. The whole house has turned on Vanessa so there is still time to take her out. Whoever wins best target Austin, Liz and Julia.

another name

i realized something that i’m really not happy about. somehow in the last two days i think i may have become a vanessa and steve supporter. i’m not sure how. i usually end up with two that somehow impress me with how they adjust in the game, and one that i have no clear understanding of why i support them, but at a moment that i think they might be nominated i feel dread.
the fact that steve got away with the instant eviction without any blame made me think okay, that’s thinking on your feet. i can support that.
i’ve checked more than once to see if they’re going to nom vanessa. and i’ve been worried by the prospect, not happy as i thought i’d be. don’t ask me, i can’t explain it. i thought i’d be happy thinking of her on the block again. beats me.
I’d like to find someone i support as a challenge threat… but i’m not feeling it with james. there’s something about him i just get irked by.
so i’ve still got one spot open. wonder who will get that one…. given what happened to the giraffe i’ve been hoping the shark will stay in the game longer. maybe it’s the shark.
go ahead with the thumbs down, because vanessa being my wildcard pick is creeping me out right about now.

Smart Guy

Don’t worry, you can flip flop on Vanessa, I won’t hold it against you.

is it just me

just don’t let vanessa find out or she will come after you with a flipflop literally


I’m with you on returning to the Vanessa bandwagon. Last week and this week, her game exploded thru Becky, she’s not getting a grasp yet of how much damage it did but if she can manage to turn things around she deserves to win it all. What this season lacks is the person who can think long term, the only person who seems to do that is Vanessa and her paranoia and antics is making her unlikeable at all. Not to mention she seems to talk only game at all and adding the exit of Chelli it seems her source of energy has dried up.
This season is definitely one of the best for some time, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, the problem however is that it lacks the “Daniele Donato” , “Janelle Pierzina”, “Jon and Neda”, “Britney and Sarah” characters that you want to root for. Basically the underdogs that has a grasp on the game (Janelle maybe a bit off but her ability to continuously pull out a win makes up for it). James and JMac are the closest underdog but with Steve and Meg as their side kicks those two are just off putting and frustrating.

Smart Guy

Danielle Donato was an underdog? Having your dad in the game creating a diversion that you can hide behind is an advantage.


And Evel Dick, love or hate him, showed a lot of character what he did with her. Dani was a self entitled brat IMO, but he went to the moon and back to try to get her win. And she held any future relationship with him over his head, when his real concern was having a relationship with her. Im sure he made a lot of mistakes in his life, but life is way too short to hold lifelong grudges. She was a bitch.


I’m with you on BB8 Dani D, but I posted this thinking of Dani D. on BB14, during that season her two woman team of her and Kalia (later joined in by Porsche) was the clear underdog with everyone joining the cool kids alliance of Brenchel and Jeff and Jordan.


What’s truly funny is at the moment the biggest underdog or dark horse in the game is Vanessa. Her game has been imploded, and everyone in the house is to an extent shunning her and plotting her demise. Even the viewers.
Reasonably speaking, she’s an even better bet to take to final two than Meg. At least Meg portrays herself as likeable. If anyone is bitter, no matter who it is on jury, they’re going to vote against Vanessa. Shelli blamed Vanessa and contended that Vanessa must have badmouthed her to the hg’s (even though Vanessa didn’t bad mouth Shelli, She only implied correctly that Shelli was starting to spend a lot of time with JMac, Becky and Steve), and Jackie would blame Vanessa for the second world war, the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 if she could. Becky thinks Vanessa is Charles Manson, Jackie thinks she’s Satan. 3 potential votes right there. And none of them will blame the hoh that evicted them. They’ve all decided Vanessa did it.


When Jason and D left the quirky personalities left and only James is here to fill in the gap for fun. James is trying to lay low, out of harms way, but is entertaining everyone and making them laugh. Vanessa is obsessive, caught in the game and can’t let it loose – ever. When this HOH is over, James will try to win it and regain his gamesmanship.

brotalk to human dictionary

And now, a definitive reason i can’t support Megadingus.
She says to James someone has to make a move on the Austwins, but we have to get out Jmac and Steve first.
So, mensa-Meg…. you want to go into the final 6 with Vanessa and the Austwins?
By the end of the conversation, Meg and James determine they are in a good spot alligned with the Austwins to target Jmac and Steve.
I know she’s had knee surgery, but when did she have the lobotomy?


You cant have a lobotomy if you didn’t have a brain to begin with. She should go see the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz, after all, he did give The Scarecrow a brain


Megan, if you ever read this, I am sorry for the remarks that I made in this post, It was very mean spirited and I do apologize


Sounds like a pretty good target to me. JMac already sold out James as soon as Liz asked him if there’s anything she should know he said well James said I’m his people but…

Am I not understanding this: Why is targeting JMac and Steve bad for James/Meg? Didn’t Steve and JMac just said they would put up James and Meg? With Vanessa being the backdoor? That’s exactly the same plan that James and Meg have. Why should JMac, Meg, James try to target the Austin/twins themselves? So they could pave a way for Steve to win? Or Vanessa to win?

I like James’ awareness that Steve is dangerous. Last night’s episode put a new light on Steve for me. The word sociopath comes to mind


Nah…Norman bates comes to my mind…

brotalk to human dictionary

why it’s a bad idea:
there is no way you can wedge twins or a showmance that are a block. Especially if the sixth person is their throwaway shield.
James and Meg’s only chance to make the end is to win hoh’s back to back from final six to the end.
consider their records in comps. the odds against Meg winning multiple hoh comps are astronomically against.


Oops, disregard the sociopath comment. I thought the word meant something different so it doesn’t apply to Steve. But Steve is a chameleon and a master manipulator.


I’m really over Jmac, He is Peter Brown from Bbcan, talking big in the diary room, pushed by production, while in reality he does not have a clue about what is going on in the house. He is all happy again now and probably thinks he has an allience with Austin and the twins. He has done absolutely nothing so far and would have gone this week if Meg and Steve hadn’t gametalked for him. Also his voice and laughter are so annoying. He sounds like an idiot. Well that is because he is an idiot in this game.

Smart Guy

He keeps saying he thinks he could handle prison but if he can’t handle Vanessa disputing something he believes, how could he handle smoking poles all day and taking 3 wieners to the rear-end every night?


Production aka Allison Grodner is grooming JMac for fan favorite


What do you mean he’s being groomed for fan favorite? He’s been a fan favorite from day 1. Another thought…people are waiting for him to do something against the twins, but he has to win HOH first…right now he is trying to survive. And the twins are so paranoid, he has to put that on Vanessa to take the heat off him. Nobody gives steve a problem when he is hiding from the house building water cooler cities 24/7…yhe dude needed a few days to recoup and restrategize. He was completely fucked, and he knew it, and now he’s supposedly staying, at the cost of his biggest ally in the house. Still has reacted better than Audrey, Clay, and Shelli combined when they were in this situation, I think. People love Jmac because there is something genuine about him…people hated Clay and Shelli because there was nothing genuine about anything they did. there were countless times that they were supposedly having a “moment” but looking for the nearest camera. Its like Donny. People were frustrated with his game play at times last year, but his genuine nature made America love him.


100%. Just like Donny last season, JM will be fan fave if the producers have to call him in the diary room million times to get the right take.


Simon/Dawg, how imminent is Vanessa’s departure from the game, in your opinion?
Watching no one target Austin is really tough.

Thanks for all your updates and I will continue to order Amazon stuff through you guys.


Yeaaaaaaaa, JM or Becky going-could not be happier. Maybe they’ll get back in, maybe they won’t, but at least we will get a couple of weeks off of Becky’s whining. I leave the feeds when her or JM are on. Their voices grate on me even more than the twins.. I knoooooooow, right?


Becky is definitely the most disliked on the feeds. BUT there’s still a few days left. If she would team up with the right people (ahem Vanessa) she may be able to stay. I don’t care what anyone says or how much they dislike Vanessa. She DOES have the ability to turn things around. Even if they’re supposedly “onto her game”. They were “onto her game” last week and she only ended up with one pity vote against her.


With Becky (supposedly) leaving this week and Vanessa probably leaving next week, James and Meg just won’t have the numbers to break up the Austwins — and if they think one of the three will turn on the other two, they are fooling themselves. If James and Meg were smart, they’d team up with Becky and Vanessa (and, if possible, Steve) to break the threesome up while they can. It’s a move that would be unexpected and game-changing for everyone.


Okay, first off, James is the saving grace of the evening feeds with the pranks. Between scaring the balls out of Julia and the cling wrapping Steves dentist chair, it makes the suffering through Twinion and Meg shrieking for hours after dinner.

I also realized that Vanessa and Steve are both people that have to explain a joke out loud and verbally confirm it being funny…and it is awkward as all hell. With Steve I can’t fully tell if it’s medical or just extreme social awkwardness but it’s been bugging me and I didn’t figure it out until Vanessa was watching James wrap Steves chair, going through it step by step and telling him it was very funny. I don’t like to be a douchecanoe but oh my god it is cringe inducing to watch. Just like watching Steve make fun of Meg’s knees. Steeeeevvvveeeuuuuhhh >.<

Also, again. Austin. For the love of GOD just ASK Jmac about the DR frequency so you can move on from it already! You're both already talking and sharing information, how hard is it?!? I mean, you may not get an answer but come on, buddy! Step it up or drop it already.


Jmac tells Becky that he thought him, Becky, Shelli and Clay had the game on lock before the twins came in. He is so delusional, it is hard to watch. He will be dumb enough to keep targeting Vanessa next week, which does not benefit his game at all at this point. He will feel like such an idiot when he watches the season back, typical superfan who sucks at playing this game…


I’d love to beat the living shit out of Johnny.


He would throw it and play dead.

is it just me

i was just thinking bout this. if you did fight jmac and he knocked out your teeth would he send you a bill after or would he refuse to knock them out unless you had insurance?


Good one!

is it just me

you do realize that reality shows are not really all that real? they are mostly scripted for your entertainment. this being said rlex have a kitkat. perhaps the disney channel is a better choice for a while.


Okay, I am still soooooo bored reading the feeds. But, it’s like a car accident on the side of the road- can’t help it!!

Now, what brainiac is going to realize the AusTwits will be the final 3? How in the F did that happen? Vanessa feeling all ‘lonely’ is the best thing that could ever happen here. She is smart enough to figure out that 4 is a crowd!! Vanessa, strategically, is the only one capable of breaking up the twins. Liz saying she worries about her winning the HOH and taking out Austin, is HOPEFULLY a premonition.


Get Vanessa out.

Becky for the win

I’m still trying to understand why JMac is so popular and liked. Say what you want, but Becky is the first player that I have ever seen in BB history to look at her nemesis and say “no deal and no alliance”. Kudos for her for having the guts to stand up. She went with a power move and it was the stupid minions that messed it up. If she leaves, which looks so, I hope she comes back and wins this game.


I agree. Becky knows her own strengths and weaknesses too. That week that she was being “rat” was not any worse than Steve playing for sympathy from everyone. Becky isn’t any worse in bad mouthing than the austwins or Vanessa, and she didn’t stab everyone in the back like Clelly. Presuming Becky goes to the jury house, what I’d like is for both she and Jackie to be allowed to come back and dominate the house.

Becky for the Win

Totally agree ob1. I just don’t understand what was so terrible about her and why she is disliked so much. Although I didn’t agree with what she did, but that was one thing versus many things that just about every one in the house has done.
On a side note, as much as she is liked, I can’t stand Meg, she is a waste of space and I don’t know if it’s for game purposes, but I can’t stand her game, what a joke, she is (her joker smile should have given her game play away).
I really think Becky is alone in this game as is JMac. I would have liked to see them team up, but I want her to win all on her own. She has moxie, she is intelligent, and beautiful without over flaunting herself as other’s before her have. I genuinely like the girl and hope she comes back.


If you JMAC haters haven’t figured out that he’s obviously playing everyone and trusts no one (jmac to Becky “from here on out I have no problem stabbing anyone in the back”)(JMAC to Steve “and I win and what take out james or meg so we’re the next on the chopping block, yeah right no thank you” ) (steve and jmac again ” it’s me, you, & Van for now let’s do it) He went to med school and you really think he’s that stupid? He laid low the entire first half watching everyone and listening to everything and to everyone in the house he acts like he knows nothing. Mark my to words he’s got some tricks up his sleeves and he will put the twins up telling them its so they dont look like they’re together and he’s really going to backdoor Van but he’s def not. He already said that he wanted to win the hoh double eviction which Steve was definitely going to throw him once Austin was out to nominate guess who…. the twins even after the clay/jmac/van/james fight. Please pay attention JMac haters. #TeamJohnnyMac


Yeah right, dream on. Unfortunately, the game played in Johnnymac’s head has little to do with the real game going on this season. Unfortunately, understanding what is going on does not only require quietly observing things, but actually talking to people. That is why he knows and understands so little and decided to blindly target Vanessa. And even that idea was put into his head by Becky… Hate to break it to you, but he sucks.

Min O'Pause

Hmmmm…dropped the Takeover Twist, bumped the BOB, and thrashed any more weekly twists. Anyone else have the nagging suspicion that BB is limping towards it’s demise? It’s as though Alison Crockery is scraping for scripts and throwing out ideas to see what sticks. Maybe its just me.


Yeah, I don’t know why it’s so hard for the producers to put on a show the fans want. If you’re going to put in twists…put them in. The announcer at the start of the show “And Julie surprises the house guests…it’s double eviction!” no, they knew the whole week. Very lame production. Don’t know why they can’t see how much more ratings and advertising they’d get if they actually put in a few brainstorming hours and came up with something good and new to add to the game. And if they didn’t keep giving us the same retread twists.

Dr. Franken

Hmmm…If we could just transplant Meg’s head to Becky’s body , and viewer’s choice her into a mandatory bikini punishment….we might have something worth watching…. horribly delicious !


They MUST break up the Austwins very very soon or it will be to late. Sending Liz to jury would be the best case, as Austin would almost self evict to be with her (what a dumba$$) and Julia doesn’t much care for Austin. So evicting Liz would create two weak players out of a strong threesome.


Liz’s speech ending. .. “with numbets dwindling, I don’t think I’m in position to not use the power of veto.” Doesn’t this read that she IS using the veto. Is this a typo or is Liz actually planning on saying this?


Am I missing something or has Vanessa, the one player who I had thought could and actually would win it all, lost her mind? This paranoia over the blabbing about the 8 alliance has got them all hating on Vanessa. None of them realize the truth and instead of now plotting her demise and eviction they should be breaking up the three headed monster mash of Austwins!!! Liz should be the first to go because Austin would break the front door down to follow her and Julia would crumble all alone or may even help send Austin out the door to be with Liz! I just can’t believe the HG don’t see what’s happening with those 3 running things and getting to final 4….. Only question now is who will be the 4th??? Meg the peg?


Replying to iwantateam: You’re wrong Becky did not give JMAC the idea to go after Van it was actually Johnny that planted that seed to Becky. If you actually paid attention there was a segment dedicated to that lol. So hate him all you want but your obviously just confused. He’s guaranteed to team up with Van and Steve watch and see. His target has never been Van not yet anyways. He’s actually said numerous times that he would put up the twins and BD Austin. Julia knows that which is why she wants him to stay (she told Liz that too). She hates Austin and feels like a 3rd wheel to them (she told Van that). So I’m pretty sure Jmac will be there for awhile.