JMac “Vanessa’s lost all her power” Becky “She always looks defeated, it’s part of her poker face”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 04-02-52-841

12:50am – 1:10am Hammock- Johnny Mac comes out to talk to Austin and Liz. Austin tells Johnny he has his votes 100%. And if there were a tie and she’s breaking it, you’re good. Johnny says that makes me excited. Austin says I hope next week we’re all on the same page. Johnny says oh yeah you know what page I’m on. That’s not going to change because the tears are running. Liz says she was asking me if Austin was acting weird. I was like oh my god here we go again. Austin says you don’t think that will come back to me. Johnny says the paranoia that was started last week was so good. Austin says I wish you and Shelli had given us this information about her last week. Liz says I think she left right before all her craziness came out. Austin says we want her (Vanessa) to throw this HOH and if she does it will be beautiful because everyone can take her out. Liz and Julia don’t have an issue with her so it would be weird for one of them to take her out. Johnny agrees. Austin says but I could. It would be a massive blow if I did but I’m willing to do it. Austin says if its down to me and you I would probably throw it to you. As long as you would put up two pawn and backdoor her. If there were two pawns up and she didn’t know it. She probably wouldnt want to win the veto because she would have a deal with everyone. Problem is she is already freaking out now. Johnny says she’s freaking out because I already caught her in that lie. Austin says she keeps asking me who your target is and I said you’re on our side. Johnny says I want to be the one to send her to jury. Austin says and if its endurance she won’t be the one to come back.Johnny says she wasn’t trying to get me up as the pawn she was trying to get me out instead of Shelli. Johnny says I brought up how she came to me about the 8 person alliance and she lost it. That didn’t happen. I was like its on camera. Johnny says I get you guys should not use the veto. Liz asks how is Becky? Johnny says she was upset with how it was flipping last week. Austin says I have to do it her (Vanessa) before she does it to me. She doesn’t even come up and talk to us. She just mopes around. Johnny says I don’t like the blowing up and calling people out for no reason. Johnny asks should I make a deal with her? Austin says yeah make a deal with her, lie to her unless you have a problem with lying. Johnny says not to her. Austin says I don’t want to do anything for her ever. She tries to get us to do her dirty works. Johnny says she’s done too much sh*t. Liz brings up what was up with Steve making fun of Grandma (Meg). Johnny says he was making fun of her for rheumatoid arthritis.. I had to pull him aside and say you can do that. Its like making fun of someone for parkinson’s. Liz asks she has rheumatoid arthritis? Johnny says yeah. Liz says that scares me for Meg.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 04-15-06-435
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1:25am – 1:35am Backyard Austin and Johnny talking. Austin talks to Johnny about what happened with Jason and how he turned their conversation around. Vanessa then used that to try and backdoor me because I lied about it. Johnny says she told me about the 8 person then and then lied about it. Austin says that Vanessa puts the 8 person thing on James. Austin says no it was her idea from the beginning. I think James, Meg and Jackie wanted to make some truce but they didn’t get a chance. Austin says if the HOH is down to me and you I might just throw it to you. It would be messy if I did it. She didn’t foresee me having a showmance or that Liz would have a twin .. so she’s the fourth wheel. Johnny says so everyone is on board. Johnny says hopefully she doesn’t come back. Austin says she won’t if its anything physical.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 04-42-49-435

1am Bathroom – Meg and James talk. James says I think we have a strong team. Austin, Julia, Liz, you and me. Meg says I’m just nervous because we’ve never really trusted them in this game. James says I never would have though you, me and Austin would have been .. but I feel so tight with him. Meg says I feel like they like us a lot too. I heard the girls talking about me today. James says and Austin and I are Bromancing.. We’re in like sin. Meg says I’m just worried if she (Vanessa) wins. James says not if she feels safe. Meg says she would put us up. We should talk to her. James says she might be like I don’t need to make a deal with James and Meg, they’re going up next. Meg says you might as well talk to her and force her into a deal. Just bring it up, like didn’t you want to talk. James says oh wow that, sketchy!! Meg says she did though. James says I don’t want her to think I’m forcing her to talk. James says we’ve got a good team and I think we can go far. Meg asks what is Austin planning on doing. James says they’re going to have to split up eventually. James says he might have a final 2 with Liz. James says he might have to take out Julia. James says I don’t want to be the ones to take the twins out because they’ve been so loyal. They could have put us up this week. Meg says someone has to go after them .. not this week. James says I think we do what they want this week.. take Becky out or whatever. Then next week hopefully Vanessa doesn’t win and they take out her. Then we go after the twins. If we put Austin and Liz up. Meg says Johnny Mac and Steve have to go though. James says I would rather get Steve out over Johnny. Steve is so smart. Meg asks what are we going to tell her with the vote? James says I can’t vote for her, I can’t go against the house.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 04-11-53-058

1:45am – 3:20am Hammock Johnny Mac and Becky are talking. Becky says I don’t know what I did wrong so I don’t know how to fight it. Johnny says and I’m on the block .. Becky says because you’re the one person that would vote for me. So you need to just sit there and look pretty. Johnny says I’m screwed for the upcoming weeks if I don’t start winning sh*t. Do people know we’re working together? Becky says people know we talk and that I didn’t send you home during my HOH. Johnny says I think Vanessa’s lost all her power. Becky says she always looks defeated. It’s part of her poker face. No one thinks its Vanessa because it looks like she doesn’t have her sh*t together. Steve joins them. Johnny asks did you apologize to Becky yet? Steve says yes I did. Johnny says its like making fun of someone with a really bad disease. Steve says I did apologize, thank you for telling me. Steve tells Johnny we need to play nice with Vanessa and make her feel comfortable and safe. Becky joins them and they talk about random things. Becky talking about her jobs and Europe. They head inside to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 05-03-05-405

2am HOH room – James and Meg talk to Liz and Julia. Julia and Meg tell Liz that Becky is freaking out. Meg says every since you said if she goes she could come back she is sold that she isn’t the pawn. Liz says I tried to save it and said you or Johnny Mac could have a chance to come back. Meg says yeah but she is like why would she say that if I really was safe. She is freaking out. Liz says well hello if I’m not using the veto she is still on the block. Meg says she knows Vanessa is voting against her and then if you (Julia) and Austin do. Liz says I didn’t know what else to say. Steve joins them. They asks him why Johnny Mac gets called to the diary room so much. Steve says he doesn’t know but says America is voting for something.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 04-51-50-931

2:15am Steve gets up close with the spy tv camera:

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 05-07-31-509

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2:25am – 3am HOH room – Steve leaves and Meg, Julia, Liz and Austin talk about Becky knowing she’s the pawn. Austin says I’m more worried about Vanessa. Austin says it uncomfortable being around her she is just moping around the house. Julia says she acting like Audrey. Meg says that’s becoming a thing (DR questioning?). Austin says I would rather take her out this week but Liz doesn’t have a reason. Meg says Vanessa has been talking to Johnny Mac like crazy. Austin says Johnny Mac wants to be the one to take her out. Austin wonders should we all bring her up here and make her feel comfortable for next week. Meg says it would be perfect if Johnny Mac did it. Austin says I told him if it came down to it I might throw it to me. I kind of what to be the one to take her out too. Meg says either of you would be perfect. Meg says if she (Becky) comes back, she has to go. Austin says by the end of the week it is going to be a landslide for Becky to go .. just watch Vanessa give her a pity vote for jury. Meg says if she does that I’m going to lie and say it was me. Austin says Vanessa needs to win veto the rest of the way. She’s the scariest one. They talk about how Johnny Mac has a target (Vanessa) and Becky is more likely to win so she has to go. Meg and Julia leave. Austin and Liz talk about Vanessa coming potentially coming after him. Austin says she wouldn’t take me out until after the 4 get a chance to come back because why would she risk me coming back. Lis says if you think its possible she might take you out next week you need to be nice to her. Liz says you’ve got me scared not that she’s (Vanessa) threatened by you. Austin asks is there anyway Becky wouldn’t be a threat next week? If you veto’d her she would owe you her life. Liz says maybe if Becky had won and I had to put someone up. She’s threatened by you. You’re close with everyone. You have a great social game. You’re close to me and Julia. Austin says I don’t think if she put me up against anyone .. I would stay. I just have to make nice with her. It can’t be over the top though, it has to be real.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 05-28-23-465

3:30am – 4am Steve is up alone wondering the house. He eats and then heads out to knock around the pool balls. He then heads to bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-17 05-44-11-870


  • Goblins/Gremlins = James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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Austin is a fucking pussy. He is all oh Vanessa needs to go but I can’t do it and Liz can’t do it. Look u ugly smelly fucker. Vanessa is on to you dipshit. You keep thinking she is going to throw the HOH because she “feels safe” ummm moron the three of you have been so obvious in your HOH on talking shit about Vanessa you think she hasn’t noticed shit for brains?

Austin your stinky head is gona roll. And your two snake/lizard looking twins aren’t going to bat an eye when you leave. Vanessa can scoop em right up. Then use them again till she sends their dumb twats out the door as well. Hope you enjoying your HOH Lizard, Snakeula and Austink because it will be your last.

Passive Agressive Head Games

Austin knows Vanessa is onto them, knows Austwits have taken their HOH to dethrone Vanessa and keeps talking about keeping Becky to be the assassin or BD Van this week. Liz has 10 reasons, and Vanessa only wants to hear one, Good Game Move. They know Van is acting, plots Austins demise, knows they are all lying, and they think they can trick the trickster?

Summer Camp is in for a rude awakening. Now Steve JMac talk big about slaying dragon Vanessa to appear big for Jury votes while they played weak, stupid invisible all game.

Steve thinks talking to the camera about ask his bad game moves are gonna redeem his crappy play, Final 2 with Van and bad village idiot act.

I have had a love/hate relationship game with Van’s game. And she’s resurrected that depressed about Mel weak act like she brought into the game at the beginning, they’re stupid to buy it. But if she comes back and does win HOH and does put her 2 Frankenstein monsters Austin Liz on the block together, it would be fun.


You are a very polite individual, I can tell.


More polite than Vanessa, Liz, Jackie, Julia, Jason, Day, Jeff calling everyone dumb vitriolic psychotic, mood disordered, zombie, summer camp, backstabbing a$$hole, motherf*krs?! And these are the terms houseguests use about themselves…I’m playing stupid, I’m pretending to be weak, they are buying my act, I want to appear to lose every comp. All anyone wants is for some of these houseguests to play comps, not throw comps as players, not invisible ghosts hiding and crying, staging fights to slander.

But that’s how CBS stacked the deck, and why people don’t watch. Viewers would like to see the advertised Twists, some traditional luxury comps. Instead sleeping slackers outnumber players, and so-called professional players who talk smack while throwing HOHs. Hence, the multiple references to middle school. There are alot more impolite words being used by houseguests and replies, and they describe you, but it would offend you to repeat them…but bully comes to mind.

Nikki Graham

I like how Liz won’t do it as she doesn’t have a reason. It’s a game, you don’t need a reason. Just do it. They have the perfect opportunity to take Vanessa out this week but no one wants to get blood on their hands, What a bunch of wusses this year.

Pinocchio Obama

When is the Veto Ceremony?


Today I think, airing on Wednesday.

Blame Evel Dick, Dr. Will, Boogie, Frankie & Victoria

Who thinks this is the best season yet?? When did BB turn from a fun, funny, social experiment of goofy summer games into Gitmo with injury inducing boob busting endurance comps, mind altering have not tortures chamber, and mean-girls inspired dehumanizing trash talk, pushing players to the brink until they snap and discuss medicating their mental breaks. They even had Audrey hallucinating for laughs. And it’s not just her in blankets and sunglasses, everyone this season is hiding in bed under blankets, hats & sunglasses sleeping all day like manic depressives.

Steve, JMAC, James, Vanessa, Audrey, Jason, Jace & others say they’re losing their mind & they’d never go on another reality show, not TAR not Survivor, & won’t come back for All Stars which is a clue. Was it the ratings bonanza they got from Evel Dick and others nasty game play? Even in Julie’s own words the other night, no more Take Overs because it saves them money on twists now that the backstabbing nervous breakdown drama is the entertainment. Really?


Thanks, you gave me my laugh for the day…….couldn’t have said it better myself,


Oh gawd. Now Meg and James want to take out Vanessa so they can have a final 5 with the Austwins? Could they possibly be serious? Steve for HOH – he’s the only person left in this game who has a brain.


Steve throws everything he gets and thinks everyone is buying his idiot savant act. He wants to take Meg to the end, and say she does nothing. While he talked to mommy and cameras all game, drooling on himself, letting everyone dress him and change his diapers. JMAC comes out of his cocoon and now he’s the hit man to take out Vanessa? Now he starts talking about Vanessa’s lies? Austin says you and Becky should have told us sooner, you wouldn’t be on the block. No sh*t. They should have started talking to their own alliance sooner, so they’d have gotten Vanessa and Austwins out sooner! Now they think James and Meg are gonna do all their dirty work while everyone else throws the comps back and forth to each other? And Vanessa doesn’t even play because she feels so safe? What are they smoking? Once Becky is out its the slacker olympics, and Vanessa can mow them all down, while Liz better keep her winning streak to protect her do nothing army.


Steve “letting everyone dress him and change his diapers” LMAO!!!!!


Exactly what does James think he’s going to get out of a final five with Austwins? Does he think Meg will win a comp? It’s him vs. the strongest block of players in the house. If everyone outside that three doesn’t break them up before then they are all competing for fourth place.


This HOH blows….the worst one yet. Liz is an idiot. Let’s see why Liz won….because her sister threw it to her. So we get to endure a week of hickies, non-sensicle babel and the most boring Noms ever. Get this week over!!!!! Hello…..Pandora’s Box….please anything to switch shot up. Austwins need to be nominated. It’s the only thing that will liven up this game. I can’t belive I’m saying this but I want Venessa to stay and the twins or Austin up. What a bunch of bone heads to not see the threat of Austwins. If they don’t get put on the block this week, the got this game. What a foolish group. Austin is only going after Vanessa now to keep him and the twins safe. Duh!!!!


I believe she won over Jmac and not her sister…


This HOH blows….the worst one yet. Liz is an idiot. Let’s see why Liz won….because her sister threw it to her. So we get to endure a week of hickies, non-sensicle babel and the most boring Noms ever. Get this week over!!!!! Hello…..Pandora’s Box….please anything to switch shot up. Austwins need to be nominated. It’s the only thing that will liven up this game. I can’t belive I’m saying this but I want Venessa to stay and the twins or Austin up. What a bunch of bone heads to not see the threat of Austwins. If they don’t get put on the block this week, the got this game. What a foolish group. Austin is only going after Vanessa now to keep him and the twins safe. Duh!!!!


Why are they all acting like cowards? They want Vanessa gone and this would be another great opportunity to do so except according to Sasquatch “Liz doesn’t have a reason for getting her out”!?!


Because he is a coward…plain and simple. He doesn’t want Vanessa coming back and going after them. This is why he told JMac he would throw HOH to him…even though he wants to send out Vanessa. Lie…he wants to throw it to JMac because he is too afraid to go after ANYONE…let alone Vanessa…and would rather have JMac do it for him. It grates me nerves that he says Vanessa is using them to win and do her dirty work. First of all, Vanessa was doing all of the winning before and keèping his nasty ass safe. Second, he hasn’t won jack shit to do any dirty work…but he has no problem sitting in Diz’s HOH bed…calling the shots, while she does his dirty work. Then he bitches that Vanessa is being paranoid and won’t go up to the HOH to hang out…so it’s her fault she feels excluded. She isn’t stupid and the triple-twits aren’t good enough actors to hide how they’ve turned on her. She most likely senses it from them and I really do hope that she wins the next HOH and takes them down.

I would rather have crazy, ranting, paranoid Vanessa in the game than watch another week of Creepstin and Diz’s awkward, nauseating groping sessions. The has been the worst HOH week by far. I’ve banned watching feeds until those two idiots are removed from the HOH bed. They have actually forced me to root for Vanessa, cause it seems that everyone else left in the house is too stupid to go after the trio of cringe…while they still have the numbers to do it. So, it leaves me to have one last hope that Vanessa is catching onto their trash-talk, knows her ass is on the line, and will win next HOH and throw them up. As much as I want Austin gone, Liz is the better option. It might be worth it to see him miserable and in groping withdrawal.


Yessss, totally agree!


Wake me up when this HOH is over…..

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

That’s alright Meg, sleep on, sleep on you won’t be missed.


At this point since they’re all scared to evict Vanessa I’m hoping she wins. Bring back Jackie!!! She’s smoking hot!!!!!!!

Busted Stunch

Dat ass

Scurvy Steve

Man I really dislike Steve. Don’t no one say he has any sort of mental problems. I know people (who are very close to me) with what people say “he has” and they don’t act like him. He is someone who gets to hang with the “cool kids.” He needs to go.

The others are just to damn gutless to take the shot against Nessy.

Nikki Graham

Steve watches too much Big Bang Theory, but he’s no Sheldon.


Idk what they are talking about. I watched the feeds for awhile last night, and the whole time Vanessa was up in the hoh room chit chatting with Julia, Liz, and Becky.

Actually Austin is getting so full of himself, she asked him what the water/slop ratio is when you cook it, and he says to Liz “good god it’s like day 50 and she doesn’t know how to make slop”? This is right after Julia and Liz both say they don’t know how to make it either, for her to ask Austin.

He’s so over the top bashing Vanessa, I think it’s going to backfire.


Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Vanessa’s attitude but an I’m equal opportunity hater, so if Austin is going to talk sh*t about Van’s inability to remember the slop cooking recipe, he should also be on Julia’s case for asking if a Veto winner can go on the block after removing someone from it. My eyes rolled so far back into my head listening to that, I thought they’d stay that way forever.


That’s the thing, not a SINGLE person Vanessa asked knew how to make it. Yet according to Austin, Vanessa was the only moron for not knowing. Hes so over the top with the whole thing. I can’t wait for him to go. Cannot wait. I wish James or Julia would take him out lol


Is it possible that jmac is acting weird because after jury started they switched him with his twin?


I had the same feeling! Maybe if he can fool the Viewers & house guests he gets money or special power. It would explain the grumpy Johnny Mac.

Canadian Kevin

Where was Steve making fun of Meg? I totally missed that – but i’m glad Jmac set him straight.

Steve isn’t my favorite guy, but he does NOT strike me as the kind of guy who would be cool making fun of someone having a disease. I’m pretty sure he felt shitty about it once he realized. I’m glad he apologized.



What is wrong with JMac? Why he throw the POV when he is on the block?
I am worried he might get evicted this week. It doesn’t look like Steve is on his
side. Do you think he will hook up with the goblins like he should or be
a floater?


These twits make me laugh! Everyone is too afraid of targeting the twins. It will be interesting to see if Vanessa wins HOH and hears about Austin sh*t talking will she be the one to take out Austin or Liz? We can only hope.


If Liz is not target next week, this game is over.




Rheumatoid arthritis is no joke. Now i kinda feel bad for meg, and am impressed…she doesn’t give up, but there is a definite reason she cant compete in physical competitions….but the mental ones….not so much

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Wait a minute….is it RA or her bad knees, or her jugs that throw her off balance? I’ve never read where RA makes you sleep 90% of the day. And……does RA make her suck at mental competitions or is it the narcolepsy that causes that? She hasn’t come out and lied that she has it, but stay tuned, she will use that also as an excuse.

There is a reason why Meg has the nickname of SLOTH!!! She deserves it, and doesn’t deserve to be in the BB house. She’s about as useful as Jun Song, wait a minute, didn’t Jun Dung win BB by doing nothing and thereby not pissing off anyone? Maybe Meg will win BB this season because she is stupid, lazy and fugly.


RA is not only debilitating, but excruciating. Anybody with chronic pain does have the tendency to sleep a lot and have fatigue because their bodies are working double or triple time for even the most miniscule tasks. Read the “Spoon Theory,” it will give you an idea about chronic conditions. Everything that person does has a later consequence. Or you could just continue to be a dick behind your screen, keyboard warrior. And as far as i heard, she hasn’t bitched yet, only mentioned her surgery, which is hardly “using it as an excuse. ” it would also explain why she walks the way she does and why she is hunched over all the time.

And, I’ve put some more thought into it…you are definitely a dick. Carry on, dick.


RA will kick your butt. It has me in a wheel chair. But my mind only slows a bit when I take my meds.


I feel bad for her having RA and would heal her if I could. But I still think its funny watching her wobble around in comps. Are you sure Steve was being nasty or just trying to joke around I don’t know what he said?


They might as well strap Vanessa to a chair and every time they need to take a dump instead of going to the toilet, they just go to Vanessa and let it rip. Talk about beating a dead horse. OK, we get it. You all hate Vanessa.


I don’t have the feeds but I thought Vanessa was going to backdoor Austin because he wanted to get rid of Julia to be with Liz. The twins were on board until Austin explained himself and pleaded for his life which Vanessa in turn took heat for the flip flop. Now they exclude her, try not to be alone with her then blame her for moping around? I have no clear favorite this season and enjoyed it so far but I hope Vanessa wins next HOH. Johnny and Steve narc out the twins & Austin to make her target them. Am I wrong in thinking that’s what happened when Vanessa was going to backdoor Austin? Please let me know. Thanks.


I think that what got Vanessa was when she confronted Austin about what all he told Jason he lied to her 3 times before he admitted saying it. It wasn’t until Vanessa said she knew it was true because no one in the house knew whose Julia’s name really was before that that Austin finally admitted it.


You got it right – Van totally protected the twins when Austin tried to have Julia taken out. Then flipped to save him at the detriment of her own game. Julia was aware of the plan to have James throw the BOB in order to back door Austin and never told Liz. Van gets a lot of hate but she has been totally loyal to her allies and the only strategic game player other then Shelli. Hoping Van pulls through this manic moment and totally rips the Austwits apart cause it doesn’t look like any of the other idiots left are smart enough to see them as a threat.


That is what happened. Austin is just using this opportunity to influence the gullible twins and to show the rest of the house Vanessa is this big dangerous player. He wants to go into next week knowing the target is Vanessa. Also Jmac was told by Becky about 8 person alliance, not Vanessa. Vanessa is crazy, but she remembers convos verbatim.


Thanks everyone. I don’t have the feeds to go back but I thought that is what happened. I hope someone ..anyone breaks up the Austwins soon.


No exactly. Van saved Austin bc keeping him as a number benefitted her game. She did take pity on him as well, but no doubt she would have cut him if not for the numbers advantage. Besides, the initial betrayal was when she was planning to backdoor him. Saying she saved him is like saying that your friend helped you out bc he decided at the last minute to not totally screw you over. It’s impossible to communicate with her bc she overreacts instead of listening.


Yes, that’s what happened, except that the twins didn’t know the exact plan (Julie went out right after nominations, I think), and when Vanessa told Liz she was targeting Austin, Liz defended him, which is when Vanessa talked to Austin and told him to talk to Shelley and Clay and if they were OK with him staying, she would think about it. The fact that the twins are acting shocked by all this bugs me. And the fact that none of them is thinking about the fact that she put herself on the line to save him (and the only reason she wanted to get rid of him is that he threw Julia under the bus) is really annoying. Vanessa is a mess, but she has done an awful lot for those three.

Smart Guy

You’re 100% correct. She took a ton of heat for saving him when Clay and Shelli were caught two-timing the floating goblins, and they tried to pin everything on her, and now she’s taking heat because she didn’t get rid of him. If she had backdoored him and let someone else take out both of the twins the following week she would be sitting pretty right now.


I was thinking the same thing! Julia was totally on board with making Austin the BD, and now she is so pissed off that she would even think that! I’ve been a fan of Vanessa, but her constant game talk does get annoying. I really hope she wins HOH and just puts them straight up. No backdoor. One of the 3 idiots will go home!


You can’t blame James for sneaking a peek @ Meg’s cleavage in the above picture. By far the best pair in the house. I would rather snuggle with Meg. The twins smell a bit trashy and obviously if Liz will let Austwit paw her there is not much she would not allow or do for $$$

There is a name for that 🙂

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Is that name: “Jackie Ibarra”?

Better Than Last Year

Next weeks nominations…………..
Austin & Liz…..take a seat…………

Damn it!

I don’t understand why they don’t use their power to take out Vanessa, especially if they’re scared of her like that… I mean… you have it on a silver plater! It’s the right time to do it! Liz already has two votes locked in in jury, unless she’s against Julia or Austin at the end, taking out a big player can buy her votes too, and she could just say “Austin convinced me to do it, I freaked out i’m so numb” if Vanessa comes back in the game. What a waste of power!


Perhaps now the Meg haters can give the girl a break.
Still hoping she wins something before the season ends. Otherwise she’s a shoe in to be taken to the end because anyone else would win over her.


if they take her to the end she’ll win at least 25k with 3rd place, won’t she?

Smart Guy

No, 3rd place gets the same as 11th place.


The craziest thing is that NO ONE is looking at Liz as a threat. She is sitting in the best position in the house right now, with Austin + Julia both having her back 110%. Everyone is so eager to get Vanessa out, and yet she literally has no one on her side right now. Meg is basically more dangerous than Vanessa at this point.

Member of the Ant Farm

I know they can get super bored in that house, but I think it would be hilarious if production stopped giving them aluminum foil and saran wrap to play with. Try cooking or storing food without it…waste not want not!! James can be creative though…I will give him that.

I survived last seasons BB

Three words come to mind all this week


You are BB’s WORST Player of all time !!

Damn it!

Everytime I read that a player is the worst of all time, Lawon come to my mind. Come on! Nobody’s worst than Lawon! 😛

I survived last seasons BB

Ok..This makes no sense at all
On an earlier thread..They were saying they would not go after Vanessa til the 4 go to Jury and 1 can play to get back in

But now they are saying they will target Her next week…

Next week’s evicted Player can still play to get back in

So LossTin,,You and the TwinTrolls need to make Your move THIS week..Get a clue Man !!


Wow just wow Austin and the twins are horrible wow they talk so much shit to Vanessa she needs to wake up and win next hoh and send them home.


I think she’s just laying low till the pov ceremony. She knows something is up. I’m hoping she has a plan to spin this around on Liz/Austin. But unfortunately I think she’ll be more out for Austin than the twins. Either way, Liz or Austin I don’t really care which one of them goes. But like a poster said earlier, if one of those two don’t go out next week, the game will be over.


Vanessa and Austin need to go quickly. There is a problem if Austin seems to be running the show. At least Johnny Mac is safe or so it seems as of today!


I’m cheering for Vanessa now. She’s annoying but no one else deserves the title of big brother winner. Meg and james teaming up with the twins is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
Johnny Mac going after Vanessa when a three person alliance is obviously responsible for you being on the block is stupid.


Couldn’t agree more, JMac is a social idiot and along with Julia, Austin & Becky needs to be the next four to go.


All the guys evicted this season had bromance with Austin: Jace, Jeff, Jason, Clay. Now James wants to bromance with Austin. I cannot wait until the moment Austin sells James out and sends him home. James did not know Austin set up the play to send Jeff and Jason home. I am not voting for this idiot to be America favorite player. Austin and Jace wanted to align with James at the beginning but James rejected. Now James wants to align with Austin. That is crazy to me. James is playing the Andy’s game now to suck it up to the power couple Austin and Liz. Noone wants to win next HOH except Johnmac. Noone wants to do the dirty work to get Vanessa out except JohnMac even though they know Vanessa is targeting them. I will vote for John to be a America favorite player. I like Johnmac as he is playing the game independently. And the idiot James is waiting for someone to take out the twins to do the dirty work for him so that he can bromance with Austin. I guess who that person is. John. The twins will send James’ ass to the jury so that he can bromance with himself. The twins want to use Austin as the shield and James wants to bromance with the shield.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

James better bromance with the “shield” because that’s the only action he’s gonna get, unless he pays for it. James had a chance to bromance with Mr. “bros before (farming implement)”, but he blew it and let other run his HOH for him and betrayed Jace.
AFP? Becky or Mamma Da or maybe even Jmac, but nobody else!


I’m over all of them! James is disgusting, Liz&Austin= gross, Vanessa is bat sh1t crazy, Steve is psycho, Becky is a goner this week… I guess Meg, Julia and JMac for the win…Although Meg sucks as a competitor maybe she can just Victoria her way to the final 2!

Min O'Pause

*trying to send telepathic message to JMac* You need to haul ass and win HOH. Nominate Sasquatch and one of his bookend babes and send one of them home preferably Liz. Vanessa is dead in the water right now. Get cracking man!

twistin with the twins

I must admit I have been on the hate Meg bandwagon since the beginning. But after learning last night she has RA I take it all back. I have a family member who has this disease and its debilitating and extremely painful. I cant imagine the pain Meg had in the endurance comps and sleeping in the dentist chair. That had to be awful. I know what my cousin goes though with this disease and if she tried something like this she would be in the ER. So here is shout out to Meg…you go girl!


So because she has RA she should win? That’s insane

liz tics

Like people posting here, Liz would definitely be my next target…Even James can’t see that, nothing personal just split them up now..The goblins were defeated by Jackie going, the AStwits need to be taken down, they have too many numbers..Looks like if things are going the way they are twits will be around scott free another week.


So many keyboard warriors on this website. Starting to avoid the comments section lol.


If I had to choose between Vanessa or the Austwins to win it all, I’m chosing Vanessa! Go Vanessa! It’ll be sweet if Vanessa teams up with JMAC, James, Meg, Steve and take out the 3-headed monster. The Austwins have had it easy for so long. They need to taste the bitter taste of defeat!

Smart Guy

Wow! So much hatred. And from a bunch of coattail riding floaters, at that. The last time I remember someone in Big Brother spewing this much hatred was Josh from BB9 going on about Natalie 24/7.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

This season is a waste if Becky get evicted and doesn’t come back into the house winning the jury competition.
I guess I’ll have to cheer for Jessi Goddarz because there’s no one left worth their salt to cheer for.

Pinocchio Obama

I’m surprised that James doesn’t seem to be mentioned as a target. He and Meg are doing a good job of befriending everyone.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

You can’t accuse Meg of whoring herself out, she’s to lazy to have sex.

In fact that’s why she’s so eager to have Clay over to her NYC apt, so that she can have her male roommate and Clay copulate and she can watch.


I’ve been rooting for Johnny Mac for a long time, but he’s making it hard. Wake up and realize who’s running the house right now! Yes, Vanessa has been responsible for like 80% of the evictions – but she really has no one right now. JMac would have been wise to start working with her secretly, targeting the Austwins and making some actual moves. If Becky goes this week, and next week they get out one of the Austwins, Jmac and Vanessa would be sitting pretty. I’d love to see them both make it final 2. I know everyone is on the hating Vanessa bandwagon, but I believe she’s still the smartest player in there by MILES.


I am with everyone else on this site, I am so ready for this week to be over. This has been the worst HOH of this season, they do not do anything but sit around and complain about Vanessa, but do any of them have the balls to take her out ? Hell No !! Austin keeps saying he wants to do it, and we all know that he would need to actually win something before he can be HOH, even though he is acting like this HOH is shared between him and Liz.

This is why it kills me to hear Austin, Liz and Julia, call other people Floaters, they need to look in the mirror and ask what the hell are they doing ? Liz has an opportunity to make a big move and put Vanessa on the block, but she needs to have an excuse ? Why do you need an excuse, this is Big Brother, you put Vanessa on the block and tell her that she has been playing a great game, and what works best for your game, would be to take her out if she has a chance. With that said, I have to put you (Vanessa) up as a replacement Nominee.

Even if Austin wins HOH, he does not have the balls to put Vanessa up, he would put up James and Meg, and lie and say they are Pawns, and when the Vet is won, I guarantee he still would not have the nerve to put Vanessa on the block. Austin is all muscle, and no balls, he is just like DaVonnne said, all muscle and a big WIMP !!

James and Meg are as usual the same idiots from the start of the game, they think Austin, Julia and Liz will keep them safe if one of the Austwins group wins HOH. How dumb can you be, I have been watching Big Brother since Season 1, and it is so annoying to watch some of the people on this show, I am so sick of hearing about I am voting how the house wants. VOTE for what works best with your game, I am so sick of trying to root for James and Meg, but they make this very difficult.

I was happy to hear JohnnyMac consider James, Meg & Becky his side of the house, I really do wish Meg, James and Johnny Mac, hopefully Steve would work together and blow out Austin, Vanessa and the Twins. Once they get rid of them, they can go from there to do what is best for their game.

I am so ready for this week to be over, I am sick of watching Austin and Liz make out, hear Austin comparing him and Liz to past HouseGuests, they are really getting on my last nerve. Austin has not won anything is a very long time, but he thinks others are floaters, Julia has not won anything, Liz has at least won 2 HOH’s, and the BOB, now a POV. Not that I am a fan of Liz, but Austin and Julia and Liz are all a big Joke, this HOH has been so disappointing.

This is why Simon and Dawg have not had a lot to post on this site, they do a wonderful job, I feel sorry for Simon and Dawg, they are just as bored as we all are with this HOH. It is time for this HOH with the Twins and Austin to be over, they are soooooooooooo Annoyyyyyying !


Jmac won’t mind going to jury to be there with Shelli and Jackie, and he’ll have a chance to come back.. Probably be better off, eat decent food, watch movies,etc. and simply have more fun those two than staying with these people for 2 more weeks! If I was in his position, with a 50% chance of eviction this week, I’d be happy to leave this humdrum life for a few


James feels tight with Austin! Is he that stupid, really. COME ON people, no one is safe or tight with a 3 person alliance as connected as Austin and the twins. They are all planning on bringing each other to final 3. There is NO room for anyone else. I really hope that if someone other than Austwins wins HOH next week they are not stupid enough to go after Vanessa. They will be sitting ducks without the numbers should one of the Austwins win HOH in 2 weeks. They will not have the numbers for voting with 2 of them on the block. Vanessa, Johnny, James, Meg and Steve have got to work together for the next two weeks. They really have no choice. The 5 of them are making me nuts. I really hope they have thought this through. Leave Vanessa for 1 more week and get Austin or Liz out. I would go for Austin because he will not be able to win his way back into the house over Shelly or Jackie.


someone really needs to get rid of Austin…..he has contributed nothing to the game, won nothing except getting Liz in bed. He is so hiding behind the girls………….so boring to watch him


If they don’t get Vanessa out this week they probably won’t have the chance again. She will somehow pull POV wins out of her ass. Also, why have we not gotten to vote for one thing this summer? No choices for the extra have not food or anything else. I wish they kept the weekly twists going too.