“Lets have Fun conversation this is our safest week ever”

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 19-55-21-360_jpg

7:54pm Hammock Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa – I’m in an sad mood
Steve – Why are you sad
Vanessa – I don’t have anyone, I can’t do this anymore I’m so miserable
Vanessa is crying “I’m feeling lonely… don’t make a big scene”
Steve – tell me what’s on your mind
vanessa – I’m super lonely I feel like i’m on the block again I walked in a room everyone leaves.. am I going up tell me steve
Vanessa – I’m so lonely here
Vanessa basically breaks down.. says she can’t take much more of the isolation she breaking.
Steve suggests they go play a game of chess.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 20-00-09-368_jpg

7:57pm HOh Austin and the twins
Julia – She’s the most annoying b1ch ever
Liz – I’m worried if we keep her here 1 week longer she’s taking Austin Out
Austin – that’s scary what if she decides to flip the script
Liz Goes on about Vanessa freaking out. ‘Shew said I could just tell there’s something up”
Austin is scared “What if she flip the script, Could she?”
Austin recommends they talk to Vanessa to calm her down “Nothing is wrong we’re with you till the end don’t let the paranoia get to you”
Austin goes on about Keeping Vaneesa close they need her around in case she wins HOH.
Julia says she’s going to break up the steve/Vanessa conversations.
LIz – she never comes here.. she said I can tell he’s avoiding me..
Austin – She’s never up here
They agree Vanessa has been acting weird above and beyond the norm.
Austin – we have to calm her down
Austin – we’re supposed to be a team
Liz – she’s buggin out and i’m sick of it
Austin “you need to tell her this STOP THIS there’s nothing wrong
Julia laughs “Stop this”
Liz leaves to break up Vanessa and Steve
Julia – everyone knows she’s f*** crazy
Austin- what if she wins HOH and does something crazy
Julia says if vanessa comes after Austin her and LIz are going to take her out.
Austin – Ya…

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 20-09-52-383_jpg

8:02pm Hammock Julia and Vanessa
Vanessa Cries says Austin never talks to her anymore she tries to hang out with them she feel like the 4th wheel “It’s terrible I can’t take it anymore I’m lonley as shit “
Vanessa – I have friends in real life I’m sleep deprived from that Dentist chair .
Vanessa – I need to be able to create and write..
Steve and Austin comes by “what’s wrong”:
Vanessa cries “I can’t sleep well, I obviously haven’t been sleeping well.. I’m super lonely”
Vanessa – I’m losing my sh1t I’m over tired
Julia – She is feeling lonely because we have us three
Austin – than come hang out
Vanessa – it’s just it’s just I just miss Mel I guess
Steve – I miss my mother as well, I don’t know if people know that
Julia says she’s lucky she has Liz it makes it easier
Steve asks Vanessa to come play
Austin – Lets have Fun conversation this is our safest week ever
Vanessa – I’m lonely because there’s not so many people here right no9w the options are limited.
Vanessa – I’m always the odd man out , This place sucks for loneliness..
Vanessa wants to makes sure that they all don’t think she was the one that started the “8 person alliance”
They tell her everyone knows Becky was making that up.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 21-58-19-711_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 21-22-12-409_jpg

8:24pm HOH Twins and Austin
Liz going on about Vanessa saying how lonely she misses Mel.
Austin telling them they have to bit the bullet be the best friends to Vanessa tell her whatever she needs to hear. “This is the time we have to act”
Liz – I’m just really scared if she wins HOH

Julia – Look … if she goes after Austin that is the stupidest move in big brother history, even more than what Jeff did alright.. (ZING ZONG)
LIz – Meh
Austin says Vanessa doesn’t have Meg and James she has nobody. “And she really doesn’t have Steve or Johnnymac so it’s like … It’s scary though
Julia – it’s scary she would be stupid not to go after Johnny Mac

Liz says Vanessa is trying to tell them all that Steve was the one that made up the 8 person group
Austin – you mean the one she started
Liz – she’s literally off her rocker she’s all like I’m sorry I miss mel
LIz goes on about how Steve was telling them they all have someone they miss back home.
Austin – And I made a great point too.. I miss you in the Diary room
Juli a- -OH my GOD

Liz continues retelling what Vanessa said when she was complaining about the stresses of the Big Brother House
Austin – We’ll you can always press the button and leave
Liz – No one feels sorry for you we’re all in the same boat here
Julia – In know
Austin – I know, We all have people we miss

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 21-16-23-413_jpg

9:15pm they get a dribble of alcohol

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 21-43-04-161_jpg

9:24pm Chess Steve and Vanessa

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 21-51-30-070_jpg

9:50pm having a meal.
Twins – We’re going to go to the pot bowl party
James- there’s going to be some hotties there

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 22-10-09-283_jpg

10:09pm getting ready for POT Ball


  • Goblins/Gremlins = James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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Regardless of what you think of Vanessa.. I think most of us can see how ruthless and bitchy the twins can be.

"I Knowwwww"

Yes I have been saying this for awhile,
and I am not saying Vanessa or the others aren’t with faults too,
but there is something really mean-spirited from the twins and Austin, they seem to enjoy talking so badly about
the other houseguests, especially Vanessa, when she was the one keeping them safe throughout the first half of the game…and I haven’t forgotten the “cool kids” and “they are jealous” comments Austin made at the beginning with Jace… I want anyone to win except the twins/Austin…


Whatever Vanessa is doing what she does, using emotions to manipulate..Austin, the twins being mean sure, what’s new…. then again what is not new, Vanessa and her B.S. …don’t fall for it, she’s rotten tomorrow is rhe nominations and she’s working on that right now….they’re buying it you’re buying it….her mindset, she’s already thinking two steps ahead, she’s ready to twist that knife in your back…Austin and twins watch out….the crazy bitch is coming

17 person alliance

Yes there is a lot of bitchiness in the house, but Vanessa, get over the 8’person alliance! MOVE ON!


Austin is leading the sh*t on Vanessa parade. Of all the people in the house that should have a little respect for Van is the Austwins.


Becky is smoking hot @-;—–


Austin and twins also said some evil stuff about Jmac early this week. Karma will catch up to them.


The strange thing about Vanessa is that she has lost any social game. It reminds me of Audrey’s last two weeks where she wouldn’t participate in fun non-game related games with the other HG’s and eventually secluded herself. She could do so much more to build bonds with everyone, but her only tactic is to continue to try to make deals with people.

She was someone I rooted for in the beginning, but now I just want to see her go. And then Steve.


Obvious pick to get out for EVERYONE next week should be Liz. She is the link to the 3. If she goes, Julia cant stand him and Austin wont give a shit about Julia. Have to be sneaky about it, but such an obvious play. I cant stand James, but I think is he the only one smart enough to figure this out. So gritting my teeth, HOPE JAMES wins HOH next week,.


Julia’s right for once! Vanessa trying to get out Austin would be the biggest mistake in BB history. That Douche is so worthless he could go F2 with anyone and lose. Even Meg. Ponytail beard idiot


motorboat = brass tacks


“keep her close in case she wins HOH” ???? WTF? She absolutely won’t win HOH if you get her out this week. What a bunch of idiots. Not a Vanessa fan AT ALL but if Johnny Mac doesn’t win I’m kinda hoping she does due to the fact these other people are JUST THAT STUPID


Becky is an ugly evil B!tch! I hope her train wrecked face gets voted out this week. Can’t stand her!


I wish i was in the same room with you for five minutes then we would see who would look like a train wreck!!!


Easy there tiger… Easy to “try” to be a big man behind your computer. I very much doubt you would have the balls to try shit in person. Your hostility is making me think you are close to Becky. Just gotta ask you one thing… HOW THE FU&@ DO YOU LOOK AT HER? She’s one ugly b!tch…


Becky should have done this show a favour and walked closer to that train :). Then we wouldn’t have to deal with the evil C%#T


I hope u feel good about yourself making such a vile comment. .cowardly cyber bully u are..


Denise, wow I thought I could be a little mean on here but you are the epitome of what most, especially women would call a douchebag. Wishing death on someone is always the most classy route to take. I’m personally going to take a wild guess on this one but I bet you’re that super lonely guy who’s life is in complete shambles right now. So much so you go on a site to wish death to a girl on a reality tv show. Don’t you worry though Denise it’s ok, simple things can be done to fix and improve you. I know it’s going to be tough for you but take this intelligent advice from your favorite member of Chilltown. Everything you’ve done so far in your life to become the person you are, I’d say do the complete opposite of that. Being considered a total disaster to everyone you encounter in life (which currently you are) isn’t a great look. Don’t be that guy.


Chilltown… Really? Is this Mike
Boogie? Hahahahaha! Dude you’re just as ugly as Becky… Your face is another that I couldn’t stand looking at. Anyhow… Yeah bud, I live in my moms basement in my 3 day old underwear eating Doritos….if your ever in Hamilton and want to stop by Tim Hortons on Barton street be my guest…me and my brother own that location ;). Living a happy life my friend, even happier if that train was closer hahahahaha. Keep cheering for that ugly bitch… She’s evil and full of herself. She’s just a hater cause Vanessa was running the show until now. Becky hasn’t done shit and won’t do shit… Dumb b!tch couldn’t even handle Vanessa when she confronted her about being put on the block. She’s a pu$$y and Will enjoy seeing Train Wreck Becky get evicted by Vanessa shortly. Chilltown… Hahaha come by for a coffee ugly ass boogie 😉


With all of the tears these players shed…… California’s drought should be over!!!

"At the end of the day"

Lmao haha
Best Comment of the Summer!!! 🙂


Omg my lawn is bone dry
Like Dennis’ vagina


Do the Emmy’s give out awards for outstanding performance by a character in a reality series? If so, Stevie boy should win hands down. After watching his cry-baby act on Sunday’s show, I believe his whole plan for BB is to play the semi-stupid, friendless, fearful, confused Mommy’s boy. His bio shows him to be a well-educated young man and well-respected by his peers, no indication of the simpering, camera-talking and lying homesick HG that he portrays and plays on so well.

Random Thoughts

Vanessa vocalizing her loneliness should be a big clue to Austwins that she is not 100% with them.

The tears of a guilty heart.

Unfortunately, Austwins are too dense to catch on. I expect one of them to be leaving next week either at the hands of Vanessa’s HOH or via Vanessa’s influence.


September 23,.2015 Julie Chen: “Congratulations to The Doublemint Twins for winning Big Brother 17!! First time in history that a set of twins have won Big Brother and second time in Big Brother history that a person has won without ever being put in the block!!” This whole statement is meant to be sarcastic but there’s a good possibility that this will become a true statement if the twins aren’t targeted


Can someone tell me – do the twins not know Vanessa was going to backdoor Austin because he threw Julia under the bus?? How has this not come out yet??


They knew, and were onboard with getting him out. When the twins and Austin were freaking out, after they found out Vanessa told James to throw the BOB, Julia must have been sweating because she was a part of that plan and deliberately kept it from Liz.


Julia knew.
Austin told Liz he was going to talk to Jason, and gain his confidence by telling about the twins in case he won hoh.
Liz was worried but agreed.
Austin told Jason, and told Jason if they were going to take out the twins wait until jury so he could have Liz in jury. He told Jason if they had to take out one of them, he’d be okay with Julia leaving. He said he didn’t like her anyway.
Jason told Meg, Shelli and Vanessa.
Head of household is played. Vanessa and Jackie win. Jackie says her target is Steve. Vanessa Shelli and Clay conceive the Austin plan. Jackie agrees to the Austin plan and gets Becky to volunteer as a nominee. Liz switches with Julia. She tells Julia about Austin’s plan. Julia thinks its a horrible plan, it helps Austin and sinks the twins. Julia is told that Austin sold her down the river. Everyone agrees to the plot. Julia agrees not to tell Liz about the plan, so that Vanessa and Shelli can tell her after the pov.
Julia and Liz switch again for nominations (weird production situation where Julia was brought in for just over 24 hours). Julia didn’t tell Liz by all accounts on the d/r and episode view of the switch. Nobody tells Liz the plan. They decide to wait until James throws it as her botb partner to tell Liz that Austin is the target. Liz wins the botb. Julia is not brought back in until after Austin is saved and Jason becomes the nominee to be evicted.
Liz and Julia discuss what each of them knew, but Julia never mentions there was a plan to get out Austin, just says Austin said he wanted Julia out of the game. Liz says Austin told her Jason made that up. Julia doesn’t believe Austin, but plays along.
So Julia has been playing dumb about the plot all this time. Liz never knew the fix was in on the botb.

Nikki Graham

I’m not sure Julia was playing dumb, I believe it comes naturally.


If they don’t vote out Liz next week … It will be Austin n the two faced twins in the F3
These people can’t do basic math …
Vanessa having no one loyal to work with because they’re all a bunch of morons
Yes Van has her issues … but she is the best strategist … If she had a loyal partner to keep her in check, she would of ripped through these idiots
I have stopped watching the feeds and the tv shows besides eviction night
BBUS has zero creativity … same ol $hit regurgitated
Austin and the twins are disgusting
No BBAU for 2015 … bummer … It’s my favorite version of BB
Survivor starts next month … should be interesting


Vanessa could have had a loyal partner if her social game wasn’t the worst of the season. Audrey was more liked in the house than she is at this point.


Reminds me of when Derrick wouldn’t allow anyone to talk to Donny.


James wrapping all of Steves stuff onto his dentist chair with an entire roll of cling wrap is killing me right now.


In the beginning of this season Vanessa was one of my favorites… Now she is seriously annoying the shit out of me. Please evict this crazy person!! UGH!


I don’t like her either, but she is playing an interesting game. She gets to the final 2, she will win.


LOL these twinz are as clueless as meg and james. austin doesnt care about winning BB or the money, he wants to get sent to jury for some Liz alone time. he knows vanessa is going to send him there, its what he wants so he can get alone time with liz.


He is so gross and creepy.


I feel for Vanessa, I actually do.

The Austwins are supposed to be her alliance, and they: 1) exclude her, 2) talk about her behind her back, 3) try to trap her into saying wrong things, and 4) judge her without talking to her. Yes, talking to her can be stressful, but she talked to Austin and changed things up for him after her initial knee jerk reaction. Apparently she is not deserving of the same respect from her “alliance”? She “deserves” this treatment?

They are being far more duplicitous towards her then she has ever been to them.


Great comment. I agree with everything you have written. It’s a shame she’s getting treated like shit, when she’s the one that got them to where there are now.


If Liz was smart she’d take Becky off the block and BD Vanessa! Get that crazy a$$ loon up out the house ASAP!


van should make secret aliance with james and meg that would be great tv turn on the big shots