“I’m actually OK if Meg goes and James stays, James won’t win the next HOH, Meg is smart”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 20-27-39-458_jpg

8:26pm Austin and Vanessa
Austin says he’ll support her 100% whatever she does
Vanessa – I can’t believe this.. you guys are my people and have always have been.
Liz joins them.
Vanessa says she’s going to need reasons to do what she needs to do
Vanessa says keeping Steve and Johnnymac
Vanessa shows them how she held herself on the swing during the competition.
Liz says Becky called her a coward, “Because I told her she was a pawn”
Vanessa – instead of saying she’s the target

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 20-39-25-885_jpg

8:38pm Bathroom Liz wants to confront Johnnymac about what he said “Obviously you made it clear you were coming after us”
Austin – we’re going to be good next week..
Austin is going to walk up to Jmac tell him “Lets start over”
Austin – I’m going to go walk over there right now… why not

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 20-43-15-877_jpg

8:40pm Comic Room Austin and Jmac
Austin – I know you were coming after me with that comment
Austin – I’m hoping we can start over..
Jmac – YA ya ya
Austin – lets start over
Jmac – YA YUA YA
Jmac – you were in a situation you had a deal with everyone, and it sucked
They hug it out..
Jmac – Dude we’re cool RRRRWAWHGJJHZXZ
Asuitn – we’re cool
Vanessa comes in
They tell her they just cleared the air about last week “REset”
Jmac leaves

Austin – it’s good to be the bigger person
Vanessa – Meg and James never said congrats the only people
JUJU Joins them
Julia – Did I congratulate you
Vanessa – you don’t have to
Vanessa says it came down to her and all the jurors in the endurance competitions
Vanessa- it was 100% heart I wanted it

Vanessa tells them having Steve and Johnnymac in the game gives them all a layer of protection because they are a known pair.
Vanessa – I know you guys feel great about Meg and james But I don’t
Vanessa – I hate targeting them but that’s the better game move
Austin – Johnnymac can always be the back door
Austin suggest putting a goblin up with Johnnymac and tell him he’;s the real pawn
Vanessa says that runs the risk that the other goblins wins the POV.
Vanessa – I know there’s now way to come out of this HOH with no blood

Vanessa tells them the goblins were going to flip you them this week if Vanessa was down.
Austin – so they were ready to flip it

Vanessa says she’s putting the goblins straight up says James lied to her
Vanessa – I can always say I made a deal with Johnny
Austin – why are yo not putting Steve up
Vanessa says james is the bigger threat.
Austin – So we have to get back on board with johnny mac for a week
Vanessa says she’ll make a deal with jmac he doesn’t go up if he target Meg next week.
Julia joins them

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 20-57-31-094_jpg

8:57pm Comic room Twins, Austin and Vanessa
Vanessa Starts telling them about James and Meg last week talking about Austin and the twins as targets.
Vanessa – “They were trying to read me to see if they could flip me”
Vanessa – if you think they wouldn’t put you up if they won you are deluding yourself
Vanessa – we need to get rid of the strongest physical threats that’s why going after James is the plan

Vanessa – Austin’s Angels is the sh1t
Liz – next week you need to get this JUJU
Austin- well now we can all play
Vanessa – how did I win that.. I’m just a romantic I wanted to hear from my girlfriend
Vanessa – I’m actually OK if Meg goes and James stays, James won’t win the next HOH, Meg is smart and her social game is super strong I don’t want her to float to the end and take out a strong player.
Austin – That’s a good point
Austin – Once they are by themselves they are F*****, there game is attaching to bigger groups that’s been there game since day one
Vanessa – Jackie, Becky, SHelli, JOhn
Austin – They went BOOM BOOM BOOM
Austin tells Vanessa to put Julia and Johnnymac on slop so that they can bond “It’s good for the team.. just leave me and Julia out of it”
[envira-gallery id=”130777″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 21-27-10-507_jpg

9:26pm Comic room Vanessa and the twins
Vanessa is pushing for James to go home this week. Says nobody will beat him in the finals because he has a daughter.
Liz – words cant describe how happy I am you won
They agree Johnnymac coming back is better than one of the girls.
Vanessa tells them she wants final four with the twins and Austin
Vanessa tells them she knows how to count cards.
Julia – isn’t that illegal
Vanessa – it’s not illegal
Vanessa – counting cards requires a team
Vanessa says she got away with counting cards.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 21-33-59-223_jpg

9:33pm Goblins
Meg says she feels closer to Vanessa than ever before “She finally gets me”
James tells her to do her thing but if it doesn’t work make sure she give him a kiss walking out the door.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 21-40-12-864_jpg

9:38pm Liz and Austin
Liz is sacred Meg and James are going to bring up stuff about brass tacks that don’t include Vanessa.
Austin says it’s going to be OK he’s already talked to Vanessa.

9:46pm Twins and Austin
Talking about the goblins going up this week. The twins are worried the goblins will tell Vanessa about their alliance.
Austin – they are going to try and spin it like we’re targeting her

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 21-59-17-163_jpg

9:57pm – 10:22pm Vanessa and Austin
Austin – My HOH was the buffoon week.. I wonder that’s what the people at home are thinking

Austin – something’s not sitting right about Meg and James with me.
They agree Meg can’t win sh1t. Vanessa is really keen on making some kind of gambling deal where she will take a percentage of the winnings gamble it and distribute the winnings to the house guests.
Vanessa tells him every single alliance she’s been in has included Austin.

Austin tells her Liz will never go against her twins sister. If he scumbags Liz he would lose a lot of Jury Votes. Austin tells her he might just bow out of the final 3 if it’s him, Liz and Vanessa in the final 3. He feels Vanessa would have a better chance of winning if she takes Austin over Liz to the end.
Vanessa – I have such a good feeling about you guys

Austin explains how the goblins were building up this big scene to him and the twins.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-27 21-48-40-571_jpg

9:57pm Julia and Liz
Julia is pissed that Austin is too close to the goblins and by keeping James in the game he’s going to take one of the twins out.
Julia is saying Austin is just here for his wrestling


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Whatever Vanessa do what you got to do but you will earn no fans targeting James and Useless. JMAC is getting a ton of shit for saying he would target Useless but it’s pretty clear to me….

He wants to work with James and with Useless in the house he can’t. Just go back and read JMACs BB Bio (I’d did earlier today when I wasn’t sure I would get more JMAC this season) and he is just who he said he is.

Still don’t like Vanessa’s game but at least JMAC is back #ReturnOfTheIncognitoDentist!!!

James was

James was my favorite player. He made big moves WAS acute to what was going on .The last 5 weeks you have listened to Meg. What were you thinking?
You could have gotten Van out! Jackie would still be here. You and Johnmac had finally had a great discussion. Your gut told you to go with him!!! He would not have been voted out and Steve would not have won against the girls. You would now have Johnny mac and a third person who would not work with Van so she would not be able to vote you out. You would have had the numbers. Wanting to Camp with Meg has killed your game. I can no longer have you as my favorite player. Sigh . Unless of course you shed Meg 🙂


James and meg did not have the numbers to keep jmac. They needed Vanessa on board, but she had already run to Austwins and Steve to tell them how to do damage control.

Double Eviction: Jiz

Dreaming how perfect getting Twits out would be perfect one after the other, BOOM BOOM. It’s best for Vanessa’s game to get Asstink’s head out of Liz crotch and into the game. Julia goes first if she offered Liztin immunity. Couldn’t she take a turn as a pawn since everyone else had too-THE REASON. James erections and Herpes outbreak THE REASON. Meg shoots her mouth off, skeptical of Vanessa, THE REASON. Mel still loves me after overdosing and bible bribing rage-aholic ranting. omg, how does JMAC not puke. How did everyone ruse get disqualified for doing what Vanessa did? I’m taking you to Vegas to count cards with integrity. THE REASONS to take Vanessa out after Julia, Liz or James.

the coreys

You can see the difference in vanessa mental state when she’s in power. It’s frightening

stick it

Im not going to lie I thought Nessa looked fucking good in those spandex, I get why she wears baggy clothes she doesn’t want nobody looking at her. damn today she showed me she had ass and hips. Now I wanna grind out her cervix.

the coreys

What did I do to deserve another Vanessa hell week.


Oh cmon man from the few conversations I’ve read it sounds like at the least its gonna be a funny as hell week. She wants to split her winnings? If she wins I have a feeling she wouldn’t go through with it. She’s just so damn fake it’s not even funny.


Vanessa is an amazing player to get as far as she has with such a big target on her back, i don’t care what anyone says.. haters gon hate


I was gonna vote this comment thumbs down, but since it’s about Vasmessa and it’s at 51-50, I figured to leave it at that appropriate number for her… She is definitely 51-50 candidate




Thumbs Down 100,000 times
Sorry dude, but your JohnnyCrap SUCKS BALLS!!!


Ugh! I don’t know if it has been mentioned before, but I HATE the sound of Vanessa’s whisper voice! “pu bet pu cuh bet shup cup buh chup” is what I hear. Nails on a chalkboard I tells you!


The twins are such vile little creatures.


So is that JohnnyCrap!!!


Vanessa needs to get her head out of her a$$ and put up Austin and the twins! why are they still in this game!??!? Sell them out James!

the coreys

Did someone say meg was smart? Lol


JMac obviously thinks so, because he has a huge hard-on to get her out of the house over anybody else.


“Meg is smart?” Whaaaat? I’m confused. Is it possible to use those words in that order in a sentence?


I hope James wins the VETO just so she is forced to pick a side…. austin/twins or steve/john…..let the fireworks begin….

Card counter, eh?

So…Vanessa’s a cheater. Explains so much.


Wow, the twins just spew their venom at anyone that is going on the block. They care about no one except themselves. Hopefully they will be on the block for the 2nd eviction next week.

It's a Game

They aren’t here to make friends? It’s Big Brother! Where does it say you have to be nice to everyone. Whatever helps you get further in the game.


I agree with you…funny how people (so-called fans) can’t grasp the game factor of Big Brother!
Did I mention that that JohnnyCrap Sucks Balls!?!? BIG ONES!!!


I don’t think people are complaining about putting the goblins on the block but rather the hateful bile that spews from the twins mouths the moment they think they are safe and the folks on the block have to be nice to them for the votes.

That’s not game that’s being a horrible human being.


Yeah, you don’t have to be nice to be anyone we all know that, but the problem is that this really looks like this is their true colors, it’s not like they’re being nice in the diary room or saying that it’s strategy. I was a huge Evel Dick fan who was a big ol’ jerk, but everything he did and said was thought out strategy, not just delusional mean girl stuff.


Vanessa tells them she wants final four with the twins and Austin
Vanessa tells them she knows how to count cards.
Julia – isn’t that illegal
Vanessa – it’s not illegal
Vanessa – counting cards requires a team
Vanessa says she got away with counting cards.

She is a rotten cheater. Production should kick her out for making deals with the prize money. Then she should be investigated for cheating and banned from ever playing poker again. I hope she gets put in jail she is a lying cheating scumbag. It would be good for CBS to do this it would give BB a huge ratings boost


Lol, go outside and get some fresh air, take a walk, take a bike ride, cause you are losing your mind.


I lost it years a go.


Um…counting cards ISN’T illegal. Look it up.


I had no idea you can use a team to cheat for you in card games for big money and its legal as I’m not a gambler it sounds stupid to me.

Still she is trying to bribe the house guests with money to win so I don’t like her and hope BB kick her out for it or its going to be boring as hell and she will win.

Deal 'em up

Counting cards isn’t illegal.


Go to jail? LMAO! I’m not sure who’s dumber, u or Meg. And how could CBS do anything about that? If its true, and she was counting cards, the only people that could do anything about it would be the casino. They’d have to go back and find the footage. Even then, they still wouldn’t do anything about it. The majority of the time they just ask the person doing it to leave. Lol. No jail time. It’s funny to me that u think CBS should have her arrested and that it would b good ratings. LOL.

On another note: thank god Johnny Mac came back. I just pray that him, Vanessa, and Steve really do work together. I feel like these people are ignorant, they’re running out of time & ppl to get the Austwins out. If those 3 don’t work together, u can count on an Austwins/? final 4, which would ultimately lead to an Austwin winning the game. And I can’t stand the twins. I used to in the beginning(when they were still switching) now they’re just mean, ignorant, annoying as all hell, a$$holes! Just my opinion. 1 second they like someone, the next second they hate that person. At the same time, they think America/everyone loves them. Newsflash: WE DON’T & Jaaaaaaammmmmeeeesssuuuuuhhhhh is sooooooooooooooooo annoying. I’m tired of hearing them say his name. I imagine he is too.

***As always, thank you Simon and Dawg u guys are awesome. I love reading your posts. Best BB site out there. Year after year y’all are the best:)
***And thanks for updating us on the breakdown of all 115 alliances, like I asked. I really appreciate that. It was getting a little confusing there for awhile, so thank you.


I never said CBS should get her arrested I said they should kick her out for breaking the rules she is trying to buy the win. IMO if she gets away with it any rich person could buy they win from now on. So buy kicking her out CBS would be doing what should happen to people who break the rules.

I thought card counting was illegal I was wrong it still seems like cheating to me.


The casinos like to imply that it’s against the law but it’s just against the rules they set. All they can do is ban you from the casino and pass your photo to the other casinos.

GeekSquad McGee

I’m pretty sure she’s talking about blackjack. Counting cards in poker is pretty basic and not a big deal.

It’s not illegal to count cards, but casinos have a right to ban you from their floor, which is what happens if you get caught. But I don’t have a problem with it because the house is rigged anyway. If anyone is a cheater, it’s the casino.


According to your theory, Derrik (BB16) should have all of his winnings confiscated and be charged as well; it’s a well known fact, that Derrik bought Cody a brand new car with his (Derrik’s) BB winnings. Derrick himself has mentioned buying Cody the car on multiple occasions.
I guess that Derrick should reimburse CBS for the money he won and face jail time too??


looks like Jmac will win americas favorite player.


James could just as easily win America’s fav. player.


I HOPE so…because that JCrap sucks!!!


I can’t believe we are going to be treated to another week of Vanessa’s paranoid panic attacks and crying jags.

Vanessa: What Did I Ever Do, I'm the Nicest Person

Vanessa seriously deludes herself. Why would Shelli give you a weird vibe? Let us count the ways. Waaahhh THE REASON Meg didn’t hug me after I won. Julia said neither did I, Van says you dont have to.

She’s gonna prove she’s nice by taking everyone to Vegas and counting cards, it’s not illegal the casino just kicks you out if you’re caught. She’s gonna get all the houseguests rich by teaching them to gamble. Wait what happened to Julia’s car? She got demoted. You know you’re going home when Vanessa offers you a job. She’s feeling guilty for breaking deals and sending you home.

She’s got so much integrity and she’d never be phony but she’s going Final 3 with RockStars and Fin all 4 with AssTwits. She’s high again, talking out of 5 sides of her mouth. Austin calling the shots on Have Nots and knows he made an ass of himself last week. Can’t wait til he finds out he’s loathed. Listen to Liz dump on Austin while he plans to bow out to keep her, hahaha.

She’s no dummy, she better get James out, Meg is a nothing. Austwits already wasted the last HOH. And now the RockStars are another layer of meat shield. She better put Austwits on Have Nots so as to appear fair. If she really wants to rehab her image.


I’m glad JMAC is back. I feel like Shelli and Becky wouldn’t bring a lot into the game coming back, Jackie would’ve been acceptable as well. With Jmac being back i hope the lines are clearly drawn. He and steve and Vanessa should know where they stand everywhere now. With this double eviction coming up i hope one of the twins goes home.


Because JMac has brought so much to the game already? Riiight.


That JohnnyCrap character just sucks balls, right!?!? RIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT!!!


Will be interesting to see how this week plays out to see who Vanessa is really aligned with and who she puts up, who she might back door.

twistin with the twins

Oh well I was praying we wouldn’t have to endure another Nessie HOH. So much for those thoughts! I have a bad feeling that letting all those weeks go by without taking Nessie out will come back to haunt everyone. I still believe the worst game move of the season was when the Goblins turned on Becky’s HOH. That set the wheels in motion for their demise. The Goblins are in big trouble now. They basically got no shot. The rest of this season looks fairly predictable. Its gonna be hard to watch.


Vanessa isn’t stupid. She isn’t going to target Austwins, as much as I’d love to see ALL of them gone. She has zero chance of winning this thing if she loses those three jury votes. Aligning with JM and Steve is a brilliant move, IMO. She can break up the goblins this week and hopefully either Steve or JM will target Austwins next week. She can then play the role of the sad, supportive alliance member while gleefully watching that nauseating trio broken up. No blood on her hands. Mission accomplished.


This is what James and Meg get for keeping Vanessa instead of Shellie. Not that I’m a Shellie fan, but I am just so pissed that James and Meg are so dumb when it comes to playing this game,mane reading people. I’m sick of the stupid scaring people crap with James, it is so boring watching him work and plan so many stupid things to scare people, learn the damn game. Put some effort into strategy and getting rid of Austin Liz and Julia, then Vanessa.

I am so tired of the other side being the ones with power. Vanessa’s a fool, I thought she would go after Austin and the twins once she had power, last week it was so disgusting how she gave Steve hell for plotting to get rid of her, but she knew better than to act upset with Austin, Liz and Julia, she kissed their ass, but gave Steve hell.

I was hoping that she was just stringing them along until she had a chance to flip on Austwins, she is stupid for wanting to go to final 4 with them, I was hoping she would work with JMac, Steve, Meg and James and target Austin, Liz and Julia, the writing is on the walls, she is on the bottom of the totem pole with the Austwins. But she is so desperate to let them know she is so loyal to them, and wants to be with them, I hope James wins POV and then wins HOH, hope then he will attack Austwins.

My goodness, another week of listening to Vanessa go on and on about who has lied to her, who is not loyal, and the different levels of loyalty, I was really hoping Jackie or Becky came back and they won HOH, this is going to be another horrible week. James and Meg are on the way out, and it is their own Fault, and I was so shocked to hear JMac say he would target Meg, what the hell, what about targeting Austwins, these people are so damn annoying, at this point I really don have a favorite, but I know I don’t want to see the Austwins or Vanessa win.

And how come Production. Does not step in and say something about Vanessa making deals to split the money, so that she can move further ahead in the game? I thought that was against the rules? I’m so over looking at the stupid Austins Angels BS, I was really looking forward to this being a good week. I can’t stand Vanessa and her fake crying with no tears, and listening to her kiss up to Austin and the twins, I thought she was on to them, guess she is not as good as she thinks she is, because the Austwins will put her ass on the block as soon as they get down to final 5.

Austin knows he cannot go against Julia, he knows Liz will be pissed. Liz is going to dump his ass as soon as she does not need need him anymore, and he thinks she is going to,see him outside of the house, wait until he learns this whole thing about him stinking started from Liz and Julia, oh yea, and you think Liz likes you, wait until you get out of the house, go back and watch your DVR recordings and see how Liz really is just playing your dumb ass !!!


I agree good post. They really need to call van out on the deals with the winnings because it will guarantee the rest of the season will be boring and its a massive cheat that will let any rich housemate buy the win from now on.
I can just see Frankie winning the next all stars.


I think production told her she can’t promise people prizes but in her lawyer mode she decided that playing poker with part of her prize money and promising them a portion of those winnings is still in the gray area. I really think production should step in and explain you can bribe the Hg’s with things from outside the game.

I know if I was a HG and I found out one of the other players offered gifts for influence, I’d check my contract with CBS to see about a breach. I’d argue we were promised an equal shot at the money and with one person allowed to break the rules and bribe others, there was no way to level that field.


I hope they do get sued by the houseguests if she gets away with it.
It crosses the line for me.

is it just me

while i agree that bribery is not a great strategy to watch it can be effective and lucrative for some since there is only one winner. its better to split the 500k if you are second, third or fourth not great if you are first, however it does guarantee you something if you don’t win so its not ultimately a bad deal to make.
as for cbs rules. they can enforce the rules all they want while players are in the house however the minute the game is over and the prize is given to the winner cbs has zero say in what the winner can do with the money. it would be like your employer telling you how to spend your salary. it does not happen. the winner can spend their money in any way they want. as long as the money in not given in the house they cannot really do anything about it because there is no real proof of bribery. sure there is video of the offer and acceptance of the offer but without a written contract its just words and any lawyer can argue its just strategy in the same way that you would lie to someone about anything else in the house. unless its explicitly written in the rues that lying is not allowed a verbal bribe is just another lie. vanessa said that the way she did good in gambling was by exploiting loop holes. she read the rule book i am certain the wording is in such a way that what she is doing is within the rules. it may be violating the intention of the rules but its not actually breaking the rules. rich people do this all the time with their taxes.
as for fair. nobody said its fair. anyone can make the same offer its not vanessa’s problem that the others do not want to split the money if they win. she has the financial means to do it so good for her its not a game based on everyone being equal, just like in life when a local mom and pop store gets put out of business by walmart. its not walmart’s problem that the local shop can’t compete on the same level. its capitalism at work its not a perfect system but its better then the other ones currently available.

skeptical onlooker

HEH. Austin and the twins VERY angry that Johnnie Mac got such loud cheering. Love it.
Vanessa doing the usual. * give me reasons to do what I’m going to do*. Yeah, she’ll manufacture something.
There’s hope though. Vanessa can’t play next week. Austin and one of the twins are going up.


Lol and that just happened… it’s like Déjà Vu with Vanessa’s delusions of grandeur. Meg is smart? Really?! what the…..


Jeez, just the put the austwins up already!!! Like, if they skate another week by and then win hoh again i will literally shoot myself. Grow a pair Vanessa and put the damn twins up!


Vanessa nobody gives a shit about you being a romantic. We all know you are capable of being a scandalous, back stabbing b!tch so put up Liz and Austin, dammit!!


Of course. Allison Grodner and her Star, Vanessa. Win HOH. Liz, Austin, Vanessa. How convient with Johnny Mac returning targeting Meg? For Real?? Ok. Vanessa, Austin. Liz, final 3. I am done.


Called it….”Vanessa will be in the HOH as fast as humanly possible babbling her millions of ways of what to do this week”..What I didn’t think would happe is that it would be her HOH…What else I DIDn’t see coming and should have is Liz up there acting like the spoiled rotten high schooler that she is.. She is vile! Just opens her mouth and sh*t comes out.Spewing out all this stuff about Meg n James and how terrible they are etc. Feels sooo entitleduh.. She has become my least favorite, well, maybe after Vasmessa.. Either way, it’s really hard to watch


That JohnnyCrap basically has Sh!t for Brains too.


If Van was sent out at any point in the last 4 evictions, she would have come back in the game and be HOH.


HAHA its funny because its true


Brass tack can still be in tact even if James and Meg get nominated……as long as one of them win the POV and the Austwins are able to convince Vanessa to use Jmac as a pawn.


Meg couldn’t win this game, if she was playing by herself!! She wouldn’t be able to decide when to target herself!


If she won she wouldn’t know how to cash the check.


Vanessa is the best and needs to win it all.