Nicole “I would 100% put up Vic and Paul up. You guys are the strongest couple in the house.”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: Paulie AND Corey
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 17-57-09-455

5pm Living room – Corey is doing his prison workout. James joins him. Corey says she’s (Nicole) not an emotional player. She gets why you did what you did and I get why you did what you did. I knew it was coming, she knew it was coming. Obviously, I don’t care at this point. I would never hold it against you. She doesn’t care. James asks is she okay. Corey says yeah, At first she thought you switched to Vic and Paul’s side. I told her James isn’t like that, she wouldn’t do that to us. James has our backs. James says I’ll talk to you more later on. I’m just making sure you’re okay though. Corey says I’m trying to think of what to say in my speech tomorrow. James says say hi to your family. Just remember you’re going to have your bird on your hand. Its going to be funny. Corey says yeah it won’t be too serious.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 18-13-01-826
5:30pm Safari room – Paul and Paulie. Paulie says I spoke to two more people about what we spoke about and I was like hey if this is something you would be interested in I’d like to maybe have everybody in a room and just kind of pitch the idea. Paul asks what did they say? Paulie says they were open to hearing it. Paul says okay. Paulie says I have a feeling that James said something to Corey. Paul asks why do you think that? Paulie says because when I came out of here James was talking to Corey and they saw me and dispersed. So I might just tell Corey. Paul says its up to you man. I don’t what he said. Maybe you say I’m doing this, feel free to do the same. At the end of the day its a game. Paulie says at the end of the day it would be up to the three people. Paul says I think it would make people more comfortable talking privately. Paulie says yeah I would pitch the idea and let people decide if they wanted to do it. Then they would let me know so that I could mentally prepare. Paul says worst case scenario its a no, best case its a yes. Do you think you should ask Corey about what James was talking about? Paulie says yeah or tell him what I’ve done. Paul says there’s nothing wrong with it. Its fair game. Paulie leaves.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 18-06-23-615

5:45pm Bedroom – Corey and Paulie. Paulie says I would almost feel better if I was sitting next to someone I didn’t like and people were lying about wanting to keep me. Corey says right. Paulie says they I would be like one of us is safe. You or I would still be sitting here. Corey says it sucks. Paulie says I just don’t like the situation because everyone knows we’re down. Corey says kicking us while were down. Paulie says its not even the kicking aspect. ..Its when does the sh*t stop. Its almost as if there’s a plan in there’s a round trip ticket in play.. to want to pit us against each other .. or have us against each other again. Corey says I would never go against you. Paulie says People tried to do it in real life with me and Cody. Big Brother blocks the feeds. They would try and find dirt on us and be like you guys can’t be these golden boys. Corey says I wouldn’t do that, I genuinely want you to win this thing if you end up staying. Paulie says same to you. If I go to that jury house I am 100% convinced I want you to win. If I’m in that jury house.. as much as I’d want you in there with me .. I would much rather have everyone else come. You know I could convince the jury that you deserve to win it. Paulie says I wanted it to be both of us in the end. Corey says it was a long shot. Paulie says its good you were talking to James. Corey says he was just asking how I was doing. Paulie says that’s good. It seems like an out reach.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 18-29-24-228
6pm London Bedroom – James tells Natalie I am kind of paranoid because I told Corey what Paulie is trying to do. Nat says yeah, Corey is obviously going to tell him. James says f**k. Nat asks why are you paranoid? One of them are leaving. James says because I’m trying to put us in a good position in the middle in case they win or Victor or Paul win. You know, remember what I said ..stay in the middle. If one of them win and you’re seen on the other side .. you’ll get shot at. But if you’re in the middle .. there are two clear sides and they’re going to attack each other. Nat agrees. Corey was just put up on the block by Victor says if he wins he is going to go after him. James says exactly and if Paul wins? Nat asks what put Corey up? James says exactly. And if Michelle wins? Nat says puts Corey up. James says exactly .. so we are 50% safe. Nat says I know I’m going to go home and that’s fine. James says you can’t leave me in this sh*t hole all by myself. I’ll self evict. Nat says I’m not giving up .. but if its my time to go I will leave with my head held high. You know and a smile on my face. James says I can’t afford to lose you. Paulie says I don’t even know what I’ll say .. maybe just compliment the sh*t out of you and take jabs at Vic. Like if we’re going by comp wins everyone should take a look at you (Vic). Paul joins them. They talk about who might get the next care package. Nat says Corey might get it. I got one then James did, then Nicole and maybe Corey’s next. James says who knows we might be portrayed as the douche bags on the season and they’re the sweetheart couple that everyone ganged up on. Paul says based on things that have been said (In the diary room) I know that I’ve been getting a lot of attention. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Paul says replace 1 nom so essentially a diamond power of veto. Or two weeks of safety. James says I don’t think so. Paul says and I think one will be over throw the HOH. Nat says she things it will be a veto.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 18-43-15-352
6:25pm Kitchen – Nicole and Corey. Nicole comes by and tells Corey that’s the first she’s cried. She head to the kitchen. Paulie asks why is she crying, you’re not leaving. Corey asks Paulie what should I do. Paulie says go console her. Corey goes to the kitchen. Nicole says I don’t want to talk about it. Nicole says god dang! Corey hugs her. Nicole asks you’re not going any where are you? Corey says I don’t know. I hope not. Nicole says its so hard to think about. Honestly I thought I would be fine. Corey says it will be okay. Corey says I think it will be okay but if its not .. you’ve got to win. If I’m gone, no one will come after you next week. Nicole says who knows. James had an opportunity to talk to me and he didn’t. Corey says just make amends with him. He thinks you’re mad at him. He thinks you think he’s acting weird. Nicole says he is acting weird. Corey says you’re going to have to talk to him. Nicole asks when? Corey says as soon as possible. Even just talk to him and Nat together. Nicole tells Corey to ask Nat if you have her vote. Corey says I think everything will be okay. Nicole says if not I am going to be pissed. Nicole says I just want to ball right now. I just want to throw a temper tantrum right now. I’m so mad.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 18-49-27-347

6:35pm – 6:50pm Corey and Nicole head into the safari room. Nicole says Natalie just reminds me so much like Christine. Corey says I think we will be safe next week. Nicole says Michelle would put me up. She won’t put you up. Nicole says I would 100% put up Vic and Paul up. You turned your back on my best friend in the house. If there’s ever an HOH I wanted to win its this one. I would actually call them a couple. You guys are the strongest couple in the house. I’m just not ready for this house to be turned up side down again. Corey agrees. Nicole says I hope someone doesn’t come back. They already brought Vic back and we can’t get rid of him. I hope Da doesn’t come back that would be trouble. Corey says I hope not.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 19-04-30-300

7pm – 7:10pm All of the house guests but Paulie are in the London bedroom chatting about random things. Paulie is in the diary room.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 19-09-34-245
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7:20pm – 7:40pm Bathroom – Paulie tells Nat that he’s had the conversation with all of them and he’ll let them mull it over. Nat says yeah I will be honest about who I am voting for. Paulie says I will keep the target on myself and put him up if I win .. they lay myself up after that. If my fate is to go to the jury house then I need to prep myself up on how to not leave there. Nat says this whole game I’ve been out of the loop trying to learn about and finally I think I have a handle on it. I’ve genuinely fallen in love with it. Nat says I just hope you don’t have negative feelings towards James. He always stuck up for you. He always had your back I’ll be honest a lot of it was me. Paulie says I don’t have any negative feelings towards James. Nat says James always defended you. They talk about Z and how they had to constantly reassure her. Nat says she would literally always tell me that you didn’t like her. I always reassured her that you did. Paulie says she called you a fake little b***h. Nat asks she really called me that? Paulie says yeah. Nat says she painted this picture of you. Like she said you once said to her what are you having a f**king pity party?! Paulie says I didn’t say that. Nat says it was a headache and a roller coaster for me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 19-28-14-947

7:50pm – 7:55pm Michelle comes into the room and tells James, Vic and Paul that Paulie is talking to Nat in the bathroom. Paul tells Michelle that she should go and tell Paulie keeps pulling people into rooms … its getting a bit weird. Instill that little thing in their heads you know. Not even to Corey, tell Nicole so that she goes and tells him. Corey is even paranoid because James hinted at him that Paulie was campaigning.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-17 19-46-43-525

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paulies in for the absolute worst booing in bb history and the boy is so delusional he dont even see it coming


I don’t think so. The last person to be boo’d was Christine. I don’t think they let them boo anyone anymore and there have been plenty of people that have deserved it.


One can only hope!


I so wish he’d get booed! CBS is probably making sure the audience doesn’t boo…or paying for seat fillers to cheer…ugh!


CBS will staff the audience either with employees or friends and family. CBS does not want the house guests to get booed.


Aaryn and Giba Narie to a lesser extent both got booed after getting evicted. And deservedly so.

Tiny Trump Hands

I think they only let them boo females.


Aaryn and Gina Marie to a lesser extent both got booed after getting evicted. And deservedly so.

Nicole is an annoying, ugly whiny little b!tch

Nicole ia the biggest floater all season. She has done nothing at all except whine and pout and stroke Corey’s hair. She doesn’t deserve to be where she is.


I wasnt a nicole fan ever. Was a little happy to see they gave her another chance. Have been unimpressed since. This week was her week too shine and compensate for the entire season and she blew it. She had safety. And she did nothing. She should have grasp the opportunity. When paulie leaves there are 2 couples left. (nicorey and james/nat) and then the bro couple (vic paul) and then meech (kinda a free agent)
Nicole could have spent the week bonding/planing woth james and nat. The bro couple and meech will come after the couples. Theyll shoot at corey first. But them they are aiming for james. Lwts get together. Or at least get auper close too meech. She will be crucial to cou ti ue in this game potentially. But shes laid in bed woth corey all frickon week. Not wanting to talk to anyone. Whining all the time and pouting.
The very slim window of nicole actually playing the game or making any poaotove impression on me has closed.
Shes so useless.
As much as i really think paul or vic deserve to win. I really hope things dont go smoothly from here. I want drama dammit!
Wtf was with the edit they have paulie tonight!?!?!?! What a load of crap.

Anyway. Looking forward to tguraday night. Almost hoping paulie does have the round trip ticket. As much as he annoys the hell outta me id enjoy a few days of scrambling in the house.


Seems like they’ll protect him, seeing as they painted him in such a (misleading and falsely) sympathetic light in Wednesday’s episode. They want people to feel sorry for him. Smh


It was truly a great work of fiction. I almost felt sorry for him and I know what a jerk he is.


Pretty sure they have a crew-based audience except for the finale – this is ever since 15.


Zingbot for President. He doesn’t lie as much as Hillary and has better hair than the Donald.




lol because trump doesn’t lie …

Anti Cheeto-Face

What do politics have to do with this, sh*%wad? Go iron your brownshirt and STFU.


Nicole is delusional.. I bet she thinks people love her and her showmance since got the last package.. Imo if someones win the acp if they’re not in the house should have been nullified.


It’s funny that Nicole says Nat reminds her of Christine! If anyone is Christine its Nicole! Wait that’s not right. Christine was actually IN her alliance. Nicole was not and she doesn’t care. Corey can’t wait to drop her when this is over. Please BB never have her on this show again.


Did they announce the next ACP will be given on Sunday? Did they mean Sunday’s CBS show or actually on Sunday? I’ve never paid attention before.


The care package is delivered Friday but is shown on Sundays TV show.


Phew! I’ve never paid attention when they talked about it on the show. I come here to help make my decision and vote.


I hope you all know that you have to vote on, this site does not register the votes


The last two have been given on Friday, shown on the Sunday episode.


Oh dear, Coreys votes for care package =O tbh I wouldn’t care if victor or Paul go though so he can win Co hoh, I’m all for team Natalie =D


Hey guys Frankie is in bbuk and he’s killing it, remember to give him some support on social media and what nothey every now and then

Elizabeth ll

We are not amused.

Anti Cheeto-Face

Frankie surpasses even Paulie in being the all time biggest lawn sausage ever to be on BB. And there’s been a lot.


Orf to the tower with ‘im
Orf with his ‘ead

It's a F*cking Pelican!

Where has Nicole been all week that she thinks Corey is in any danger of being evicted tomorrow? She’s the most clueless house guest ever. She’s like Ashley from BB14 and Jace had a baby.


Honestly, how delusional is Nicole? In what way is Natalie like Christine?

When you get out of there you’ll be in for a shock realizing you went from a sweetheart to Ratcole thanks to your gameplay in BB18.

Old People Rock

I think Nicole is a doll, and I always hate when people attack her looks. But she has played a HORRIBLE game, socially and comp-wise. Comparing Natalie to Christine is so off. She’s had all this time to talk to James & Natalie. She keeps waiting for James to come to her. What? Your guy is on the block. Why do they need to come to you?


She actually compared Christine to Michelle, not Natalie

sunny dee

i think james is more intuitive this year. unlike last year when he read things completely opposite, he’s reading exactly what people are talking about. riding the middle like a boss.

i think if nicole is successful in getting vic up and he doesn’t come down, and this is after corey is gone, they should all take the shot. if he is gone, and assuming corey is gone, there will be some good close comps. i say that with the grudging and horror that comes with the fact that nicole would still even be in the house so don’t get me wrong, i want her gone and corey gone before anyone else is even on the block but it that played out.

also, nicole., pls, neither nat or michelle are like Christine. in this season, it’s you who is like christine.


Victor for ACP!

Bridgette for America’s Favortie Player! She has tolerated a LOT of crap in the house, came up with the move that switched up the house & got Paulie out (I hope). And was sacrificed getting it done. She deserves it!


I’ve just kept quiet about afp because no one has mentioned Bridgette on here. But YES! I’m definitely voting Bridgette. Loved her in her last couple weeks, and she did get crapped on the most. Well her and tiff. I might throw votes for both of them hoping they would both get top 3 just to prove a point to the mean people in the house.

sunny dee

i’m on board with that. plus she is spunky, she won a couple (?) of comps, she put up with a lot of crap, she still managed to last a bit longer than expected. i think natalie may have a shot at it as well, especially since she is lasting longer in the game and is going to be clearer in people’s memories. it is highly likely paul would win it, but i kind of see vic and paul in F2, so ineligible.


CBS IMO made it look as if everyone was picking on , ganging up on Paulie ! They didn’t show any of his defiant nature in making the pies , saying he wouldn’t go to the jury house, threatening people with physical violence , bragging about boning Z over and over and all the other nonsense . it s just not right , but it is CBS and they love to distort the truth if it doesn’t fit their narrative . Nicole is still a complete idiot and has no idea how to play this game .

Cheryl Caliver

I agree. CBS made it look like Paulie was a victim and Victor was being vindictive. So sad that people just watching the show don’t know the truth.

He's not the only one

They didn’t show anyone else’s bad behavior either. Give it a break. The girls holler and show out and Paul runs from room to room stirring the pot. They don’t show any of that either.

Min O'Pause

Dontcha just love the “unbiased” media?


ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was shocked with the edit! Pool Pissing Paulie looked so sympathetic! Poor Victim of Victor! This will definitly affect the ACP votes by the people who only watch the show.

What a CROCK!!!!!!


My hope is they show his refusing to do his punishment as they mention his penalty vote.

Um.. sorry but no

Paulie is not a bad player, he’s just let the game get to his head. He got so caught up in the power, and being in control that he forgot this is only a game. I think CBS has rigged it because Paulie was sitting so pretty 2 weeks ago. I believe they really want that round trip ticket to be used, and they know Paulie has it… So they were coaching the people inside the diary room to go after him.
As for Paul… I don’t understand why he did confront Paulie about what bridget told him. I think him just throwing away their alliance like that made me loose a lot of respect for his game. I think Paulie said Cory was his “ride-or-die” to keep a target off of him and Pauls back… So If Paul would have just confronted Paulie in the first place… Paulie probably wouldn’t be on the block.

Well said

Exactly! America is eithef afraid to admit the truth or too blind and naive to see the real mean ones.


There may have been some prodding by the DR as there always is but I think Paulie’s insistence on keeping Zakiyah after saying she was the next to go tipped Paul off that Paulie was playing him. Plus Bridgette didn’t have much to lose by flipping the house as she was on the outs for the most part. Natalie had been looking for someone to be willing to do something to shake things up for a couple weeks, James was a wuss though. Meech wanted to do something as well. So I think Paulie’s attitude and over confidence led to the upheaval. Production didn’t have to do much.


Okay, ya’ll, don’t yell at me. I am voting for the care package 100 times per day (from 5 household accounts/devices). I just don’t want Cory or Nicole to win, honestly. I was voting for Michele. PLEASE, give me your honest thoughts and advice of who I should throw my votes to. I changed it to Victor today, but still have 40 votes to go. Yesterday I was voting Michelle, but reading some valid points, realized Vic doesn’t get to play in HOH. What do you all think? Vic?


Honestly, I’m starting to get a little concerned about this Care Package situation. I’ll see a “Vote for Michelle” post, then a “Vote for Vic” tweet, and now Rob Cesternino is predicting Paul to win it. I’m worried the votes are going to be split 3-ways on one side while Corey receives all the votes on the other.

I don’t know who you should vote for.

All I know is that I can’t handle a Corey win, resulting in more Nicole self-satisfaction. Her opening that Care Package last Friday was pretty much the low point of the season for me.


That’s why I was asking. I don’t want to split the votes to where someone I don’t want to get it, gets it. Not today my votes alone make a huge difference. Who knows. I just want to focus on one person. I wouldn’t even have a problem with Paul getting it, but I definitely don’t want to inadvertently throw it to Cory (gagged a little).

Pay Attention

Nicole has already won it, Nicole can’t win it again, pay attention.


I’m Michelle all the way on this one. Even more after today’s episode, she killed it with every comment to Paulie. Keep voting BigMeech!

Parting is...

Truefully we’re voting whether its Cory going home next week or Nicole when we vote ACP.
One of them is going home next week.
If Cory gets ACP then Nicole goes home. We are basicly voting for Cory to stay and Nicole to go.
Or by not voting for Cory we want him to go and Nicole to stay.
It would take a miracle for Cory to get ACP and HOH. And there’s no chance for Nicole.


Zingbot came and did his thing …
Roasting house guests with every zing.
Corey was first to get tore apart …
For Hayden’s the one who’s got Nicole’s heart.
Victor was next for Zingbot to tag …
In Spanish he called him a douchebag.
James was told he just loves to scare …
But it’s Natalie parents that are in despair.
Then Paulie’s ego was put to the test …
Compared to his brother, Cody is the best.
Zingbot then set his sights on a lady …
He called Big Meech a puking crybaby.
And sweet little Natalie he did not spare …
Said she’s dim and has long armpit hair.
Nicole he said didn’t stand a chance…
Blew both her seasons on a lame showmance.
Last was Paul, that long bearded pup …
Finally was told to Shut The F#@K Up.

(repost from previous spoiler)

Nat is SO annoying

Nat hasn’t done anything this whole game but whine to everyone about never winning a comp, and hoping they’ll just give it to her…
She wins the game, I’m done with big brother


Is it just me or is this the longest eviction week?! It seems like Paulie has been crying and begging for a month!


Corey looked beyond gay in that spandex American body suit tonight.
I’m burning my dayum television if Nicole or Natalie (and Zak if she didn’t get the boot already lol) makes the final two. Sigh, Talk about floating through the season.
James is so In love with Nat I can see him using the veto on her and getting evicted… If both of em were on the block together.
Can’t wait for tomorrow night. Everybody knows Paulie is going to be evicted, what if he really does have the round trip? James is going to shit himself Lmbo.
Paul has been pretending like he doesn’t know jack. So he can’t stay in the jury good graces, he forgets he was right with Paulie scheming before Victor came back. People won’t forget that part.
The most dangerous person in the house is Victor he wins so much and has stopped acting like a douche since people told him about himself


Michele for next ACP

She deserves it more than ever after tonite’s episode! Lets do it!


So she can go crying all over the place again like a child? She is by far the most annoying person this season.


Thankfully, the poll is now reflecting Victor in for ACP.
I really hope Michelle doesn’t get it. She hasn’t redeemed herself. YET.


OMG why are people voting Corey for care package????? He has done nothing in this game!!!!

Take a Xanax, Paulie!

Maybe they aren’t voting on the CBS site so…. Shhhhh 🙂


I hope a special carnival prize isn’t bringing back a juror because none of those houseguests will choose Da’ (except maybe Michelle). I do hope a juror returns, though. In case I didn’t make it clear who, I hope it’s Da’


Really, Nichole! STFU How long have you known Corey? Get a grip-handle your infatuation with some maturity.


Made Paulie look sympathetic. He really does get away with everything. It must be nice to be as entitled and spoiled as Paulie. Having things handed to him on a silver platter. He most likely won’t be leaving tomorrow either.

Froot Loop Dingus

So what’s Paulie’s pitch to not get evicted? Keep him and he’ll target Vic and then give up and go on the block and go home?
Sure. That makes sense. He’s been losing his mind about going home this week and scrambling to come up with a million different excuses and schemes to not get voted out.
I don’t think even these HGs are that stupid. I they keep him he’ll switch back to old Paulie and run the house again.
Don’t let the BB door hit you in the ass Paulie.


Par for the course. Paulie getting good edits.

Can't wait

Everyone will put Nicole up on the block if they are HOH except Corey.

That bioootch is going up and she is going to suffer all week then go home. I am not ashamed to say I love it!

She prances around like everyone is beneath her and she and her fake bf are the only ones entitled to be there.

I can not stand her! Snake isn’t even the word. She makes Paulie seem like a wonderful guy compared to her.

Uggggh get her off my screen.


vote michell America care package 4
the look on Nicole face that’s what im doing


If those houseguests were smart they would go after vic next. Who cares about corey and nicole at this point. It’s not like they beasted a ton of comps. Vic is the biggest target. It’s just smarter to take out Vic than it is Corey. Sorry haters but deep down you know it’s true.


Nicole and Corey are an inseparable two until Corey decides to ditch her when everyone else is gone.. It’s the same with James and Natalie. Paul and Vic know they’ll have to take each other out so they’ll take a shot at each other for their game. That’s why Corey and Nicole have to get split along with James and Natalie.

Franks fumes

I will be so Happy when asshat Corine is gone……. And Nicole I can’t take that whiny/blank minded dynamic those two have……Super annoying pointless patter between those two!


How quickly the “good guys” become the abusers. Everyone deserves it in this house but don’t play the ‘he manipulated everyone’ and then manipulate Corey and Nicole into thinking it might be Corey that goes…I don’t care who goes, I don’t like any of these people but pot…meet kettle…Thank god, tomorrow, SOMEONE is going.

skeptical onlooker

Paulie getting a very sympathetic edit tonight. Not honest of CBS..but then he IS someone’s son..and as a parent I wouldn’t want to see one of my sons at his front of millions. ( Not that any of them would be such a wanker)
As I’m allowing myself to feel some empathy for Paulie’s family…wait for it……………………
Paulie tells Nat……….* Zakiah wanted to have sex with me..but I denied her *.
FFS. How magnanimous can he be? The ex must be thanking her lucky stars to having denied this POS.
Yeah..CBS gave him a grat edit…but…ooops.
Evel Dick has been in a war (on twitter) with Paulies dad..and cohorts.
He posted the pic of Paulie in the hot tub…surrounded by a huge yellow=orange flood.
A picture tells a thousand words. And they’re pissy as hell. OY!!!

stevie j

I know this is off topic but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed that nat may be OCD? I’ve noticed for some time now that certain things she does a certain amount of times. Like tappng the top of her face cream to the actual tube of cream a certain amount of times before actually screwing the top back on the tube. Like… Has n e one else noticed…


I’ve noticed, but as a licensed psychotherapist, I wouldn’t diagnose someone without a thorough diagnostic interview

BB Curious

She has quite a ritual for applying deodorant as well. I didn’t know what the heck she was doing but know I bet she was counting how many swipes under each arm.


Soo when everyone else was on the block and Bridget who was put up back to back weeks get a tired and asks when will this all end . it’s an issue they are complaining ..but it’s ok to Paulie that he’s doing it.
Give me a effing break.
Good bye Paulie. Let the door and anything else hit u on the way completely and forever out

Why is James paranoid?

Why is James and Paul and Vic so scared for Natalie to become friends with Paulie? James keeps complaining that she talks to Paulie now. What are they hiding from her? It eats James up every time Natalie is near Paulie. He obviously doesn’t want them friends. Hmmm….


I don’t know why everyone is saying Nicole is obsessed with Corey. Lol it’s probably true. I see Corey just as infatuated with her but is embarrassed to talk about his feelings because Nicole has turned him down several times. Last night she told him he’s her best friend and they don’t need to hangout anymore after the show because she knows to much about him. He got upset and then a few minutes later he kissed her. Then he asked her our the week Victor came back on a date in Paris and she turned him down. Victor flirted with Nicole and Corey blurted out he keeps flirting with my girlfriend and it came like word vomit. He told her he was mad her for rejecting his date offer and said wouldn’t ask her on a date again. Corey got pissed at Victor for flirting with her. He told Nicole he gets mad that she shows affection with every guy except him. She talked about Hayden a lot and he said he didn’t want her to talk about him anymore. I think the guy has been hurt by woman he’s scared to get hurt again. In the beginning he said he hates Pda and cuddling but yesterday he said he loves cuddling. He was begging her to stay in bed but she went to the hnr. He admitted to Victor he had a crush her. She called him her best friend several times. I thinks he thinks she’s not as into as she claims because she always pushing him away when they are in front everyone.




Too bad that ZINGBOT didn’t tell Nicole that she was not first America’s choice for the care package, it was meant for Bridge but as she has gone and CBS has to use the thing, it went to Nic.
BTW, does she have to sleep in the outfit? If so, maybe that was CBS’s little ploy when they said she was safe from everything ( including Borey Corey.)


Is it possible that Bawlie will get enough votes and Borey will be the one evicted? If not then I believe he will have the round trip.


In order for you vote to count you have to vote on, right Simon?


yup vote on my vote is just for fun 🙂


I’d rather watch paint dry than see Nat, James or Michelle in the finals… I dislike all their game play slash lack there of ….

Drugs are Bad

What are people smoking ? Why does Corey have 22% of the vote? that is crazy! On the wrong show.. He looks and acts like an extra on the walking dead!


It’s weird I know.. .

Skips Mom

Simon or Dawg: Has cbs ever in the history of big brother edited out the veto speeches of the two nominees pleading why the HOH should use the veto on them completely from an episode? Everyone is saying they did it because we know that on the live feeds Victor was pretty irked again that Paulie mentioned his parents debt and dying aunt In his Veto speech. Just wondering why they are protecting Paulie.


CBS edits like crazy

Skips Mom

Thanks Simon and we all appreciate you guys for the great website.




Hilarious VICTOR! Laugh my a$$off!


I thought they we’re sympathetic to Paulie on tonight’s show. I have yet to see the monster most people here have seen.

Paul is on my list of most hated along with Frankie and Andy to name a few. Everything about him is annoying. He’s a “look at me look at me” needy loud mouth and it seems bbad favors him. It’s dreadful.


Nat or James will win this game…the focus after Paulies exit will be getting Nicole, Corey or if they win Paul and Vic out and those 2 will just slide on through probably Michelle too


Lol this is funny


I can’t wait for Nicole to get out of the house to find out that the ACP safety is not really meant for her. She thought she was well loved. She will be super shocked!!!

I hope Paulie and Nicole gets booed so they know how delusional they are!

CBS did a lot of edit on Wednesday show. They didn’t show how Paulie really acted in the house.

CBS made James, Vic, Paul, Nat, Meech look likethe bad ones for ganging up on Paulie.

BB FANS please check it on internet and don’t rely on what they show on tv.


And, that she finds out it was meant for Bridgette.

Limited options....

Can we just vote for Pablo to get the Care Package?