“you gonna go up stairs and cluck and sh1t and have your little h@nd party get all aggravated”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: Fes & Haleigh Have Not Fes, Haleigh, Kaycee

Big Brother Spoilers Last night the audio link between the HOH and the kitchen was stuck on so Sam was able to hear what was being said in the HOH. Sounds like nothing major was said or if Sam did hear something she’s either not understanding it or is internalizing it. Looks like a slow day and Sam isn’t even crazy today.

11:29am Angela and Kaycee

Kaycee says before she came into the house they ask them a bunch of questions about what irritates them. Kaycee says FES is all of it.
Angela – to a T
K – Selfish, Inconsiderate, only thinks about himself.. just exactly.. him .. I’ve always thought of that since the very beginning I see the good in him. .little glimpses
A – little glimpses
K – ok he’s not that bad.. GOSh.. I don’t know what he irritates me ..
K – On top of that he’s so full of himself.. I don’t know why it bothers me so much
A – he thinks he’s the sh1t
KAycee bring sup JC mentioning that all of Fes’ stories have him bullying other kids, “He’s a bully”
K – like that one they throw the ball and hit them.. oh there was the one FEs told a story about they were in a taxi and they were throwing snowballs and the taxi driver gets out and one of his friends knock the taxi driver out
K – so JC is like all his stories is just like Bullying.. he does stupid sh1t .. you can tell he grew up very spoiled
A – yes and he got away with it and his mom let him do whatever it is he wanted to the point where he had to do nothing so he’s used to not having to do anything
K – now he’s about to be 27 and he can’t ..
A – he’s still a child
K – still a child.. he just doesn’t think. I don’t know how he can be in a relationship he cooks for himself he doesn’t give a sh1t about nobody else but his damn self
K – of course there’s going to be people out there like that but it’s just.. to actually know someone
A – to experience it.. I knew it exist but this is crazy.. to think that people can think only of themselves
K – how is ever going to be in a relationship and take care of someone.. take care of a significant other if he just doesn’t give a f*
K – he’s going to need someone that’s OK with taking care of him
they laugh “f* that”
A – Like a Sammie a mother

Kaycee – it’s a good thing Sammie is still talking to us
Angela – she thought we were doing it on purpose .. she wasn’t listening
A – She thought we were pressing it down and talking on purpose to just mess with her
K – did you say
A – I was thinking about going with that.. I was like NAW we would never do that
A – what happened was Brett was upset he came stomping up here Me and Tyler were just laughing at him .. I was like come on it’s laundry
K – she thought it was being held but it wasn’t (the button to allow for the one way communication between the HOH and the kitchen)
A – she was trying not to listen so she just heard little parts of it so I think we’re like totally good .. I hope
Kaycee – that was a close one.. Good thing I ran up here.. I could have gone to the Diary room you guys would have still been talking up here
A – who knows what we would have said .. we’re all getting out Sam next week
Kaycee laughs
K – if Haliegh would win you don’t think she would but us up again

A – no.. I had a conversation yesterday where she was like you know I took a shot at you and you kinda put me up sorta and EYE for and EYE kinda thing. She was like I hope we don’t keep going at it like keep putting each other up
A – I was like NO I hope this is over now.. I needed a reason to justify my pawn to everyone. She was like OK good I want to be done with this I’m sorry I ever put you up to begin with
Kaycee – as you should be Dammit (sorry for putting them up)
A – mmmmmhhhhmmm
A – she might not put me up again
K – I dont think she will
A – she will put up one of the guys (and Sam)
K – I know she feels bad.. feels F*ING stupid .. and Bad..
A – she might put up JC
K – you think so
A – maybe
K – I’m sure her and fes are talking if one of us stay who they should latch on to
A – everyone see you, me, Tyler as solid
K – you think sso
A – think so
A – haleigh might see it as me you and Tyler and that leaves Sam, JC and BRett
A – she’ll want to latch ontop who she thinks is the stronger ,… when it comes to competitions our little group, Me you Tyler have proven to be stronger in taht sense..

They comment that the entire Jury house is full of the SwaggyC alliance.

Tyler with his straight Hair.. (because he looks so good 😉 )

11:31am Brett, JC and HAleigh cuddled in a bed.. @ 11:47am Brett tells them

B – It really wasn’t that bad but I was pissed because of what she did
H – what did she do (sam) \
B – I was laying down in here.. she comes ripping back here.. you’re too f*ing cool to do your laundry with me..
B – I was like What the f* are you talking about. She was like you took your stuff out of my laundry it’s sitting in there dirty next to my laundry
B – I was like OK I just put it inside because I thought I might not be able to get it done before the lockdown. Like there was a line
B – she was like maybe you could put it in with Haleigh’s Laundry
B – I just didn’t say anything she said something else I can’t remember
BRett- I literally didn’t say anything at all..
H – why the f* would she even say that
BRett – she’s been snapping at everyone all day and then she snapped with me.. I was like there’s no reason for you to snap at me like that

H – I don’t understand why I had to be involved in that situation
H – I can’t live with her (Sam)
haleigh mentions about the dryer where Sam told her she’s good just cranky
B – I haven’t seen her since
H – I don’t know what her problem is
B – I look like a choch with my hair like this
H – I like your hair like that

12:18pm Haleigh, JC, Sam and Brett
Sam – time to get up for the day (from outside the room)
Sam – good morning, I got a bone to pick with you (brett)
B – okay
S- you gonna go up stairs and cluck and sh1t and have your little hand party get all aggravated and like you got some kinda problem
B – I don’t have a problem I was a little frustrated in the way you came at me but I didn’t want to make it a big deal and I was just talking to JC about it
B – I didn’t want to make it a big deal and I was just ad cranky as you were
B – I can be cranky too sam.. come on .. don’t make it a big deal sam
Sam – I’m not but if you feel like that again you should come talk to me about it and say it to my face
B – I’m sorry
Sam – I don’t want it to stir and fester make you feel bad for any longer than it has to
B – it’s not festering.. I know you are quiting cigarettes and you were cranky and I am cranky nothing is going to be resolved by b1tching and moaning I had my little vent sesh with JC and that was it..
Sam – ok, you promise ..
B – OI promise
S – and today is a brand new day
B – Ok .. I feel bad that you feel bad that I feel bad..
Sam – I feel bad that you fee bad
they agree not to feel bad..

they hug it out..

12:20pm Tyler, Kaycee and Angela
T – I was just talking to Sam for like an hour
T – talking about relationship and stuff… nothing game she’s in a good mood today
Angela says they hashed it out last night
T – did she bring it up
A – yeah she called me in there to talk about it
A – I told her I was just being a little girl and venting..
A – she asks what was the whole thing last night. I was like I don’t know something with the cameras. Apparently everything we were talking about upstairs was broadcasted in the house.
A – she was like I thought you guys were doing it on purpose and like trying to get me to listen so I was trying not to listen
A – I was like ohh well it was stupid BRett was venting to us about some laundry thing I don’t know
A – she was like yeah I didn’t understand what had happened because we had out laundry together and then he took it away after I had it combined. I was confused..
A – I was like Yeah.. we’re all just up here laughing at Brett it was just laundry the stupidest thing ever and apparently it really bothered him
A – I told her I think what really bothered him was the whole Haleigh
A – she was like Well Haleigh hadn’t done her laundry so I thought they could do it together
A – yeah eyah yeah .. totally don’t even worry about it Brett’s just a little girl he needs someone to vent to
T – it’s all good then. Could have been worse
K – could have been way worse

1:44pm JC and Brett
JC tells him he’s fine if it’s a double
Brett mentions that it worked out ok in the end between him and Sam.
JC – my concern about Angela with KAycee and Tyler they are going to be powerful thats one of the reason why I keep telling you (to get closer with Tyler)
Brett – they’re too already
JC – I don’t think so
JC – we can fu*ing take them out
JC – I feel like Sam has my back and your back and Haleigh would rather work with you than work with them but I don’t think they have Tyler ..
B – Tyler likes Angela
JC – he finds her attractive.. she likes attention
B – I know
B – Kaycee loves Angela and Angela loves Kaycee, Tyler likes Anegla
B – neither of them will deviate from her
JC says once Angela is on the block they have the votes.. “if we get her on the block with Kaycee we can tell Sam to vote our way, Haleigh and you.. One of us wins HOH. We have a lot of chances to take her out..
JC – I Actually like her a lot but it’s a game move
Brett – you’re right..
JC – just don’t open your mouth if kaycee wins HOH or Tyler wins HOH (makes a zipper motion with his hands over his lips)
BRett – all of a sudden it’s like they weren’t very tight then they did that veto stuff and that brought them closer.. this last week they been all over..
JC – best case scenario for us will be use winning HOH, If Haleigh wins HOH she’ll put up Sam
Brett – why would she put Sam up that’s new blood.. She’s already put the three of them up that would be stupid on her part. (she is a HIVE member after all)
JC – that’s where you come in if she wins HOH
BRett says haleigh is getting tight with Angela/KAycee now
Brett – Sam will put Angela and Haleigh up
JC says if they get rid of Sam and Haleigh it’ll be 3 vs them and they’re f*ed
Brett – I don’t thinking they have Tyler but I think Angela has Tyler in her pocket..

1:47pm Angela and Tyler

A – I missed you
T – I missed you to, hows life
A – boring .. damn cameras.. (camera zoomed in)
T – have any dreams..
blah blah blah

Angela – watch for Peanuts (While they cuddle)
Angela doesn’t know if Haleigh will put her up after the conversation they had “she said she’s over it”
A – at the same time I put her and Fes up and she put you up ..
T – she put Sam up .. that would be doing what all of us want and what she wants .. she knows Sam is coming after her but she also knows we’ve been coming after her
T – She’ll put up either Sam, ME, you or Kaycee
T – some combination of that
A – As long as Sam is one of them
A – Sam will put up Haleigh and BRett
T – we just got to keep winning HOH’s
A – if we don’t what’s the damn problem ..
T – you and me back to back to back the entire game..

3:22pm Haleigh and Brett
Haleigh – I feel like I can’t talk to you because I’ll get some back handed comment
Brett says he’s in a weird mood today he wants to crawl in his room and watch Netflix
Brett says thing are starting to get interesting in the house He points out how much the house dynamic changes from week to week
Brett tells her he still feels bad for the comment he made about the bacon to Scottie. (something like it’s his last day to eat bacon in the house or something like that)
Haleigh says don’t be he’ll probably be coming back
Brett – do you think BAyleigh would just say f* you
Haleigh – no she’ll get over it

3:43pm THey are talking about Sam I think it’s about if she can hear them talking or not.
Haleigh – “SO strange”
Brett says he talked to her this morning and it was all good
H – I don’t think she’s over it at all.. She does not like us talking..

They gets called out from obstructing their microphones (By production)

3:28pm Angela and Tyler
They are trying to hide their cuddling from everyone including Kaycee.. KAycee runs in to use the washroom and they quickly scramble

4:07pm it’s the nutcracker (Someone on twitter actually corrected me saying it’s not.. hmm.. )
4:50pm she’s still going strong

JC – I keep smelling fish at first I thought it was Brett
Brett thanks..

Bro lifts
Bret t- I feel good
Haleigh – you look good..
Brett – you tell all the boys that
haleigh – don’t tell all the boys that
BRett – just me
Brett points out that haleigh is messing up all the beds that Sam made, “Someone isn’t going to be very happy”

6:30pm Sam is doing Brett’s hair to look like Ace VEntura Pet Detective. Everyone but Fes is there watching. She tells Angela that while she was in there HOH Sam was outside doing a pretend ballet class near in case she was wondering what she was doing.

After BRett’s Hair Sam says she’s going to do KAycee. She’s super excited to do it.

Brett’s hair looks awesome.

7:00pm HOH Haleigh, Tyler and Angela

Angela favorite animal is the panda her favorite colour is Black, “Like my heart”
Tylers favorite colour is green.

7:04pm JC and FEs
JC says he’s going to campaign for Fes.
JC tells him once fes leaves the only people he can trust is Sam and Haleigh. JC says he suspect BRett is working with the other side.
JC – you have to make sure that Sam doesn’t go for HAleiogh
JC – the most important thing is Sam doesn’t go for Haleigh..
JC says he doesn’t talk game with Tyler .. “what are we doing Thursday is what I want to ask him”
JC – what I need from you is that Sam doesn’t target Haleigh
JC – I don’t know why Sam doesn’t like haleigh.. I wish I could give you a reason

JC – Maybe if you tell her that Haleigh is 100% not coming for her.. Sam hates the girls she gets along better with the guys
JC – you are not going to turn her against Brett… she loves BRett
JC – Tyler what is he thinking.. I don’t think he’s too smart in this game.. Tyler does
FEs – In my speech I’m going to try and turn Tyler and Brett against Angela and Sam..
JC tells him wait until really late try and talk to Sam .. do something.. throw her a lie.. whatever comes to your mind.. whats the worst that can happen they going to put you on the block ,.
Fes – you can tell Tyler the numbers are getting small
JC – yeah and yo are not coming after him.. try and talk to Haleigh . talk to Sam.. give her a compliment she likes that get on her good side.

FEs – it f*ing sucks if I am going to go just send me out of there..
FEs – I’ll talk to Sam don’t worry.. I’ll talk to Sam on Thursday
JC – you can’t corner her..
FEs – Sam you know the numbers are getting small if I go home and you and Haleigh are beefing if one of you guys leave the next one is the next one out the door. So I don’t know what you have against Haleigh she likes you. I don’t know why you don’t liek her but if you guys want to stay in this game until the end you you and Haleigh need to work together
JC – Angela and KAycee they have already made up their mind and they are going until the end.

7:35pm Haleigh and Angela

Haleigh is going on about how big of a competitor fes is compared to her. Haleigh points out that Angela has nothing to worry about on Thursday unless Sam wins HOH then it’s Haleigh who the target is. Halegih says Sam’s probably not going to win she thinks that Sam’s HOH win was just a fluke because she had the right body type, “She’s not stronger than Fes, she’s not stronger than Brett”
Angela – she has that welder grip

7:56pm Sam is now doing kaycee’s hair

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Little Hand Party

Sam, I’m afraid to ask, what is a “little hand party”


from Websters:

Little Hand Party – a celebration with oneself that usually involves lotion


lol very easy to think that but I think it’s the Level 6 handshake she saw.


I think Kaitlyn invented that handshake…


There is always one immediate down-vote. I can only assume that Zingbot is a member here.


I didn’t know sam saw L6s hand thingie, can’t call it shake since they don’t actually shake..LOL. must have been at a time when I didn’t watch the LF. Surprised she hasn’t asked about it 100 times if she saw it. Does she believe that Tyler has the last power yet? I know she said she doesn’t believe it a few times. LOL


I think she’s saying “hen party”. I believe it’s a British term for like a women’s gathering to celebrate something.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

It’s going to take a long time to get to Thursday.

Brett's Butt Plug

The girls jerking off the guys under the covers is a hand party.



Tennessee Nana

Are you sure it wasn’t a little hen party? It’s a Southern saying that could sound like hand party with her accent.

Haleigh's Melanoma

It was Hen party. The word ‘cluck’ is the tipoff. A gathering of females kibbitzing and jabbering. The opposite is a ‘sausage party’, a gathering with an over abundance of guys.


I was thinking that since she heard them talking upstairs, she may have meant hen party but with her, who knows what goes through her mind..LOL.

who me?

Now a REAL game player with all the votes they have for each other (L4) would come clean and tell Sam what’s what. But nooooooo, they are cowards and just keep lying to her. I hope she sees it for what it really was…making fun of her

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Have you ever stopped to think that Sam really hasn’t “come clean” with any of them either? No one, not even “the others”, seems to have a real clue on where she’s at or what she’s thinking from one hour to the next; it’s not an L4 thing.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Agree. Sam is as shady as they come. I suspect she is high maintenance in both her friendships and relationships.


Sam’s diary sessions that are aired, show a whole lot of nothing!

Dirty Harry Reid

That would be a stupid game player that tells someone that you are targeting them.Geez did you go to the Fezzy School of BB Strategy?

BB Fanatic

Yeah sure, tell Sam everything, that’s great game play. Are you related to Fess?

Carolina girl

With battle back there will still be 8 ppl in the house another week.. If they came out about there alliance it would become 4v4… They are smart enough to know better. They are not making fun of her, they are venting.


Right. **We** are making fun of her.


Like that time the Brigade crrrrrrrrushed Britney Haynes’ hopes and dreams in one callous revelation? Good fun, too early for that.

Mmm.. bop!

What is there deal with Swaggy C? He has been gone since week two OMG …! He still has a hold on these lame asses..

Swaggy's Missing Brow

They’re just paying homage to the greatest player in the history of the game. Just ask him.

In all honesty, he will probably be at the top of the Evicted Second Hall of Fame…and everyone remembers all those great voted out second players.

Haleigh's Melanoma

He’s this year’s Jozea. Huge ego, tiny brain, delusions of grandeur, early eviction..


OMG, Jozea was unreal. He just didn’t get that no one was listening to him at all but like little fessieboy and scaggy, he thought he was running the house. LOL

Cray Cray

The Hive played for Swaggy even though he left week 2. They seemed to say “This is for you Swaggy” and now they are in the Jury House! lol


I think the “C” is for Cappy.

Tyler for the win

Cappy!!!!!! Forgot about Cappy!


Oh Cappy! We love Cappy! Let’s win one for Cappy!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I was over Shaggy C the minute he started referring to himself in third person.

I can’t even...

He played a horrible game! He came in thinking he controlled everyone in the house and that obviously was only the weak minded that fell for his BS. They continue to fall on their swords week after week to avenge a guy that gave himself the douchiest nickname, refers to himself in third person using the douchiest nickname and wears only shirts with the douchiest nickname. I just keep shaking my head this season…dumb leading the dumb…


I can’t believe even with him gone that they would keep wearing his dumb-A$$ shirts often. Now we have dumb-a$$es actually paying for those stupid shirts and the ‘swayleigh’ shirts, I just don’t get it at all. Why would anyone pay for those shirts, especially from him? Hell, like them that much, save money, buy your own shirt and have someone print them up for you. NOT that I would ever do that. DIdn’t find scaggy or bayleigh all that impressive and I actually had hopes for bay after scaggy left.

The Hive Team Incompetence

A bunch of mindless followers.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And now you all know why “Swaggy’s Missing Brow” left home.

You Only Live Once

Weak minded people/people that struggle to think for themselves usually look to other people and idolize them or put them up onto pedestals.

Let’s no forget Rockstar was about to make a “big social move” and help Bayleigh stay when they were both on the block. There is a common theme with the Foutte/Hive alliance, they are all insecure and unstable emotionally (hence need constant reassurance/validation). They also seemed to “live in the past” and were unable to detach from Swaggy even months after he was evicted.


The hive literally had no leadership after Swaggy and Baileigh left. If someone stepped up and took charge they could’ve avoided the dumb mistakes and not be relying on Battle Back for Fes and Hailey flying under the radar. I think Swaggy and Baileigh were horrendous but at least they provided some direction. After they left there was no strategy and no understanding of the game at all. At least Baileigh was trying to make connections to the other side. Now it’s too late.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Perhaps these tweets from their leader and mentor might clear things up…Ladies and Gentlemen, Swaggy words of wisdom:

– Fessy told me on Day like 10, that if he ever won HOH…. he’s gonna walk around the house with his chest out and telling people how he FEELS with no remorse. Looks like he’s doing just that

– I keeeeeep tellinnnnnn y’aaaaallll. It ain’t that Foutteeee sucks. It’s just the dumbest backdoor in BB history happened. So me & Kait left. Literally if that ain’t happen.. we basically WON EVERY competition this year except like 3!!! EVERY SINGLE ONE!

– Told y’all. FESSY been waiting for this competition since DAY 2. We had this convo. He’s about to SMOKE THEM!!!! IT WON’T EVEN BE CLOSE!!!!!!

– I WILL say this & don’t kill me for it . . I would’ve cooked Tyler in every second comp he won this year OTEV, The Rollin’ Ball back & forth comp . . ALL of them Smartest thing he did was get me out bc he knewwww I’d be on his head

– Hooooo’ myyyy gawhhhhhh if the dumbest backdoor in Big Brother History ain’t happen in Week 2, this game would be so mucch different .. word to my mother

– SWAYLEIGH & FAYLEIGH taking over the rest of 2018 !!!!!!!! GANG GANG GANG !!!! They’re so cute Yeah we’re going on vacation after the show, sorry not sorry

and for the showmance fans, my personal favorite…

– You guys are still wondering if “Tangela” even kissed yet. Fessy & Haleigh are in a full blown relationship … and y’all quiet Maaaan, y’all wildn lol over here going crazy over a “what if” relationship instead of looking at one that’s actually current (Fayleigh)

Remember, he was the brains of HOUTEE and the Hive.




Feel free to not contribute…

Haleigh's Melanoma

I wouldn’t go on that vacation for $500,000. I’ll bet Haliegh isn’t going either.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I just wonder who is going to pay for this vacation. I really don’t think he’s gonna squeeze Fessie into his mom’s Corolla…and yes, it has “Swaggy C” vanity plates.

Oviously day trading (Pokemon cards?) and baby sitting doesn’t pay all that well, but with his new found fame, his successful clothing line and his soon to be launched MeTube Channel the sky is the limit. GANG, GANG!


I can’t even understand what he is attempting to say most of the time. I don’t know what language he speaks cause it sure as hell isnt English!

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

It reinforces what we saw week 2 – Swaggy is full of sh!t. And L6 went for the head of the brainless Faute first and continued to amputate them week by week.

Stevie J

I was thinking the same… He’s been gone since week 2 why are they still so bothered about him… Very odd

Mmm.. bop!

I was speaking on Angela and Kayce talking about Swaggy… they seem to not be able to get over him. (thumbs down insert here)


Because Swaggy really thought that winning the first comp and then outlasting Angela on the surf comp meant that he was the best player ever to enter the BB house. Swaggy’s next comp, the veto that Fez won, showed how weak Swaggy was. They shouldn’t have bothered to get him out since he probably wouldn’t win again. His mouth got him out because he tried to be the “boss” of an alliance. No one in an alliance wants to have one person controlling what that alliance did. Even Scottie wasn’t going to put up with an arrogant fool that really didn’t even have a clue.


That Pic of Sam above the 12:18 convo………..very “Heeeeerre’s Johnny!” (I loved The Shining!)

Seriously though….that audio mishap could have really screwed up the game. Still not sure Sam bought Angela & Brett’s explanation. Votes this week could be interesting.

I think JC sees the handwriting on the wall. After the battle back, I think he’ll gravitate to Hayleigh & whoever comes back in. He’ll try to drag Brett with him & go after KC & Angela (he’s in crush with Tyler).

So…regarding these power apps. Tyler’s last week to use his cloud app is this week (was good for 8 weeks). So it’s gone without being used. Too bad….he could have used it next week on the double eviction. Power apps were a big fail this season! None got used!!!

C’mon Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Botox Pelosi

I was thinking REDRUM.


San’s power app was used by default, when Kaitlyn coulnd’t put a five piece puzzle together in 3 minutes.

get them out

rumor on the internet is production is pushing for rockstar to come back. they feel she will be the best person to shake things up.

i agree. f6 fear her


They don’t fear her game play…..they fear her mental state….




And how crazy Sam gets around her. Blockstar and Sam…. together again. AAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! My brain hurts thinking about having to listen to them!

Haleigh Scottie

Im pretty certain that if fes somehow gets on survivor after this abomination of a season of Big Brother that nobody will ever, ever, ever, ever form an alliance with this moron.

Like Literally

Fez on Survivor… He’s too lazy; won’t excel at mental comps.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

The first Survivor player to successfully make fire…and immolate himself at the same time.


Immolate may be a little high brow of a word for this forum but hilarious nonetheless.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

This is slower than Faysal’s brain waves.

Bayleigh's Baby Bump

Sam may be crazy but I’ll tell you what she also is and that is a swing vote. Two Hivers are going to be targets unless Brett & jC make their move. If they do the balance of power could totally flip and Sam’s vote will be crucial.


Brett should listen to JC, he’s on the wrong side of the numbers and if thy don’t take their shot soon, it’s over.

Swaggy C Ya

I hope Level 4 really isn’t thinking of trusting Hayleigh. She is a snake that just goes to the current power.

The Hive Team Incompetence

Tylers haiir:

Yes – Thumbs up

No – Thumbs down

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I actually think he looks better with short hair.

Al Sharpton Wants To Hold Your Wallet


Judging from the banner picture Sam got the happy pills today.


All my comments go to moderation ???


I’d been wondering if they might be using a nicotine patch with a few additional ingredients!


Oh my! The picture of Sam, above. . .”Here’s Johnnny!” (From “The Shining”)


I think it would be great if Sam let’s them all think this is water under the bridge. Then wins HOH puts up Brett and Angela for talking about her. Then just because I don’t care if people want to hate but for the love of the game she wins veto takes Brett down and up goes Tyler! Then her JC Hayleigh (after a long talk) and the returnee take out L6 just because of this “glitch” only L6 member left standing Kaycee because she saved their a$$ by telling them TWICE people could hear them.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And it would be great if frogs had wings; they wouldn’t bump their tales so often. The best thing “for the love of the game” is to just let it play out.

The Hive Team Incompetence

Are you wearing your Swaggy shirt?

Carlene Trujillo

NO CHRIS SUCKED, I just want a game. This is just a repeat of Paul, Tyler F2 with everyone. It’s become predictable……. Hay out, returnee out, Sam then JC booooooorrrriiinnngggg

Watched since season 2 I’m not into lame BS that Chris tried and I’m smarter then his alliance still playing for him so GTFO with that

Stevie J

I am!


Fes sure loves looking at himself in the mirror….I don’t think I’ve seen someone do it as much as he does


Fes is just like Gaston from Beauty in the Beast. I can hear him singing the song in my head now:

“No one’s slick as Faysal
No one’s quick as Faysal
No one’s neck’s as incredibly thick as Faysal
For there’s no man in town half as manly
Perfect, a pure paragon
You can ask any Brett, Sam or Haliegh
And they’ll tell you whose team they prefer to be on.

No one’s been like Faysal
A king pin like Faysal
No one’s got a swell cleft in his chin like Faysal
As a specimen, yes, I’m intimidating
My, what a guy, that Faysal”

double D

Now this could get interesting if JC and Brett flip on the other L4 members while they still have help from Haleigh, Sam and the returning player.

Hi My Name Is Scott

I do not see Brett Flip but who knows on JC. If the Returning player is Scottie, I could see him flip to the L4 in an effort not to go straight out the door again.


My daily addition….

There has been talk of a class action lawsuit over the feeds this year. Just sayin….

People are tired of paying for …”Watch the Houseguests from every angle and see the action unfold in real-time from the multi-camera setup in the House. … never miss breaking news or special events” in the house….”what you don’t see on tv”….and getting very little of that.

I’m disappointed over the feeds, too. I mean, I do feel kinda cheated. But, I will not participate in a CAL. What I do hope, is that CBS and the Big Brother Grod learn that feedsters should really get what they pay for. Right? Stop filtering the feeds so much and let’s put 4 cameras on 4 different rooms, for cryin’ out loud!

The Hive Team Incompetence

And give the feed subscribers a vote for the winner. Nobody knows the real game like the people who watch the feeds.


That would generate a lot more money for CBS because if feed watchers got a vote then just think how many new people would sign up for the feeds.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

That would really be interesting; and no, I wouldn’t participate.

This season started out looking to be ratings gold for BB and that’s quickly changed. I’m sure they thought that their news twists and powers would keep the game stirred up, casting gave us plenty of potential for drama but they never planned for HOUTEE and the Hive.

It is literally as if everyone came into the house, Swaggy said all the hip people over here and the smart people slowly edged toward Tyler…with JC and Sam standing there in the middle. What L6 didn’t do to eliminate the other team they did to themselves.

Sure, that was funny but since L4 has pretty much made a clean sweep of the others, there’s little to create drama, there’s no scrambling for votes and the best anyone can come up with to break the cycle is a hope that somehow a group of floaters, most of whom do not like or trust each other, and one returning member of the others will somehow coalesce into an effective alliance and exact some sort of revenge on those evil, droll, boring L4 people.

Crazy T

I understand what you are saying, but unless I read it wrong, people no longer pay for the feeds. They pay for CBS all access. CBS will argue that the value proposition is more than just the feeds and therefore wouldn’t quality for class action status.

I do hate that you can t go between the 2 or 3 and sometimes 4 conversations that are going on. You just get grods two favorites…


The lawsuit would be a loser anyway. The Terms of Service say CBS can do basically whatever they want.

You Only Live Once

I personally never pay for feeds as I’m not one to watch for very long when I do watch. There are a few sites out there for free…..having said that are feeds not like $5.99-$9.99 a month….are people really becoming this hard up that they have to sue instead of turning it off? As someone mentioned about, you can beat CBS has many disclaimers that they can do what they choose.
Is a Foutte member leading this law suit?


Swaggy C: The “C” is for “class-action”.


Red Bull faced a law suit about its slogan it gives you wings…they’ve changed the slogan and commercials. It is illegal to knowingly advertise a false representation of the product or service regardless of the terms of service. The hurdle will be how the judge interprets reasonable expectations. More than likely all that will happen is CBS will slightly modify its pitch.


Yep, that’s my take, too. I imagine, as Crazy T pointed out earlier, that CBS started advertising Live Feeds through “All Access” in attempt to avoid these types of lawsuits.

I guess we just have to wait and see if it’s just gossip or if there really is any truth to this rumor. I give it about as much credit as the hot coffee McDonald’s lawsuit. But, that woman got $3 million. There are sue-happy people out there always looking to score.

I think the feeds are worth the less than $10 per month fee (I don’t even remember what I pay), but it does aggravate me that the feeds have been so minimal this season. We missed out on the last two big comps …a really short HOH with Faysal’s speedy quick win and Angela’s last HOH because of “equipment failure.”

The Zinbgbot Veto filming took forever, too.


Actually, the hot coffee lady melted her vagina, was in intensive care for 8 days undergoing skin grafting, was permanently disabled and partially disabled for two years. She originally sued for $20,000 to cover medical expenses and her daughter’s loss of wages in caring for her. McDonalds offered her $800. She hired a big shot lawyer, offered then to settle for $90,000 and ultimately wound up being awarded $640,000 and settled for an undisclosed lesser amount to avoid an appeal by McDisgustings. It’s one of those cases that corporate lawyers repackage and manipulate in the media to justify monster-greed-corporations doing whatever they want and blaming victims that stand up to them.


Hey, I don’t know the specifics of her claims, but common sense tells me not to put hot coffee near my vagina, or even my mouth until it’s a reasonable temperature.

If the cup’s strength was compromised or the lid not properly affixed, then I see a claim. But if she was holding a cup of coffee in her lap when it spilled, that’s personal negligence on her part, IMHO.

Personally, I think “McDusgustings” lol Should reimburse the public for the other health issues it causes, too. Oh, wait. They didn’t force anyone to eat their crap, so who’s really to blame for that?

Ive have had 7 class action lawsuits I could have participated in that I remember, and 2 well backed personal lawsuits I could have pursued with no doubt winning. I didn’t pursue any of them because I never felt they were worth the stress and lining if lawyer’s pockets.

But, that’s just me. Money has never meant much to me.

Brett's Butt Plug

JC going straight after Angela and Tyler!!!! This is a bold power move. Battle back aside, If Hay goes and then Sam goes you can expect JC to be the third. He clearly doesnt want to wait too long when L6 has their final 4 lined up. Right now, if he can flip Brett Hay and the battleback person, they can take down L6. Brett is the key. This is a risky move for Brett. He may have a final 4 locked down. so why risk it for a group of fuckups. But he also realize that he has to take down angie and tyler. this may be a little early. I think brett wants to wait until its down to 5 and then have jc kc and himslef form a final 3 trio…

Elijah Clueless Cummings

I think Tyler has played an amazing game but his showmance with Angela has just sunk his boat. This is a game of laying low and Tyler forgot the low part.

Brett's Butt Plug

Agree. “We gotta breakup the couples” is a phrase I have heard for 19 years. (The first season sucked). It is Big Brother 101. It puts a target on your back. For Angie and Ty to do this soooooo late in the game is a huge error. Brett JC and KC are latching on to this and dont like it. Ty’s final 2 promises are gonna bite him in the ass. If Hay was even remotely intelligent she would be changing her game up. She could dump fezzy and get closer to Brett and JC now.


This is exactly what I was thinking. I had thought that their showmance would be the first one I ever felt tolerable because I like them both and it was just a side thing, but today i was thinking they are annoying me as its grown and starting to over shadow their game, and like you say people are noticing. I’m starting to pull more for brett and feeling like I wouldn’t be that upset if they got cut for losing focus on why they are there.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I think Tyler and Angela have fallen into the same pit that the entire show has. With one side decimated, a strong alliance in complete control for now the entire house has fallen into relative peace and quiet; no drama, very little plotting, no one scrambling.

They’ve got plenty of time on their hands and little to do.

The telling moment will be how they react when the game kicks back into high gear.


This season has been amazing and i think there are several people with a chance to win. Thanks for making the show even better Simon and Dawg.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I think JC was playing a great game up until now. But I think he has screwed himself and am not sure if he can get out of it. His strategy has been to play both sides, get into people’s heads, sow doubt and suspicion, and let the big competitors take each other out. He latched on to Tyler early because he knew he was a competitor and thought Tyler was playing the same way (in the middle). However, he never seemed to catch on to how close Tyler was to the Level 6 side until it was too late. He was always trying to keep the sides even but I think he finally realized the Hive side was a lost cause. So he got close to Fes so that Fes would do his dirty work and take out strong players on the other side. His problem now is that he finally realizes that Tyler is so close to L6 and will not go after Kaycee and Angela. His Braun on the other side is on his way out so the only person left to compete and do his dirty work is Brett. Of course, little does he know Brett is loyal to L6 and thinks he has a F2 with Tyler. He either needs to start trying to win the comps and make the big moves himself, or he will be on his way out after the low hanging fruit are gone. If he keeps pushing for Kaycee and Angela, I think Brett will tell Tyler and JC will become a new target for their alliance. Depending on who comes back from jury, L6 might be able to convince Haleigh that JC was the one to convince Fes to get Scottie out. She already suspects it, so I can see them easily convincing her to make Sam and JC her targets. But, again, if Scottie or Fes comes back, and depending on who wins the HOH, she will most likely continue playing a crappy game as long as she has one of her Hive buddies.

BB Fanatic

Hi Sam’s brother

BB Fanatic

You’re sooooo her brother, which makes u not only crazy but gross.

Fes the Rhodes Scholar

Imagine trying to get on Big Brother for several years like Fes has and finally get picked for the show and then the summer goes like this for Fes. Oh good gosh!!


He’s had a great time trying to get Hay to make out with him as his team fell apart while he thought he was a winner. Now he’s losing his grip on her but he still has no idea what happened in the game.

Most sports players know that dignity in losing is just as important as winning, you shake the other team’s hands and move on. I’m amazed at how pouty and juvenile he is acting, he should be better at losing since he never succeeded in anything in his life.


Heard you’re Sam’s brother…


You’re just being disgusting and adding nothing to this conversation. What are you 12?