Sam “If you didn’t have 10 million fans, now you do you f**ker!”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Aug 25th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 27th
HOH: ANGELA Next HOH: Aug 30th
Noms: Fes & Haleigh Have Not Fes, Haleigh, Kaycee

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8:07pm Kitchen. Brett and Angela. Brett – his (Sam is straightening Tyler’s hair) hair looks crazy right now. Angela – is it bad? Why is she letting him do that? Angela looks at Haleigh, points to her hair and gives her the thumbs down. Brett – he reminds me of kid rock. Angela – why is she letting him do that. Brett – it is long.

8:24pm Angela – do you think he (Fes) went inside because I came out here? Haleigh – no. I think he is more mad at me than he is at you right now. Angela – Really?! Probably the two of us bothers him. Haleigh – yeah. Angela – sorry Fes. Haleigh talks about the hacker twist and how she didn’t know what to do? Do I piss Sam off more and risk her not going home. I already pissed you off. I already pissed Rockstar off. I did not know what the f**k to do. Angela – yeah that hacker sh*t f**Ked everyone up. Haleigh – yeah there’s going to be another twist too. Ang looking back now the way Sam acted and the deals that she made.. Angela – it was just so erratic. Haleigh – how she wanted to self evict and didn’t want to be here. If I get the shot again, she will definitely go. Angela – she was making deals with Scottie I hear. Angela talks about how Sam was telling her what to do. She said I was pretensions, entitled, spoiled little b***h. She bats her eyelashes and gets whatever she want’s. Haleigh – are you f**king kidding me?!

In the bathroom. Sam is straightening Tyler’s hair. Brett, Kaycee and JC all wait around for the reveal. When she gets him to look at himself in the mirror .. Tyler freaks out. Tyler – WHAT THE F**k! WHAT THE F**k! OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD! NO! Brett – it looks sick dude. Sam – it looks so good! JC – you look like a female. Tyler – I look like a girl?! I look like a female! Sam – no you don’t! It looks good! What the hell! I am wearing a wig right now! Sam – you look like Hanson, you look like mmmBop! You look like Orlando Bloom. Brett – You look like lord of the rings. Tyler – I am not going to the DR like this. Haleigh – it looks good. Sam – You should do it more often. I’ll do it any time. Don’t be scared of it.

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9:10pm – 9:20pm Big Brother calls Tyler to the diary room. Tyler – f**K! What the hell man! National tv they said! AGGGHHHh… Tyler heads into the havenot room. Everyone talks about how good his hair looks. Brett – he literally wigged out. He was upset. He was crying. Now he’s not. When that first happened he couldn’t look at himself. I felt uncomfortable. I genuinely like it. I think it looks sick. JC – I don’t think it looks bad. I think he looks better the other way. Sam – I feel kind of bad. Kaycee – he’s not mad at you. He’s just shocked. It looks really good. Tyler returns. Sam – if you didn’t have 10 million fans, now you do you f**ker! I love it!

9:47pm – 10pm Haleigh braids Tylers hair. Once she finished he looks in the mirror again and freaks out yelling – TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT!!!!

JC – it makes you look skinnier and girlier. Tyler – you don’t like when I look girlier?! JC – no, do you?! You just need to change it back. I’m not going to even look at you until you change it back.

10:13pm Backyard. Tyler, Kaycee and Brett. Brett – I have to tell you something… I was talking with Fes. I don’t know if he does this with you but .. He always talks about how many viewers we have and how many episodes we’ve been on. Like how famous he thinks he is. And I was trying to make him feel better. I said you’re going to make like 29… You made 29 episodes. Kaycee – I did it too. I was like how are you going to wear your hair for .. and he was like what if my hairy goes like … And I said when you’re talking to … I caught myself. I was going to join to say you’re not going to move your hairy like this wend you’re talking to Julie.

Hammock. Angela, Kaycee and Brett. Angela comments on how she hasn’t had a boyfriend in 3 years.

10:45 Hammock. JC and Brett. JC – I asked her are you in a showmance with Fessie? And then she went straight up and asked him. And then he cornered me and asked did you ask Haleigh this. You can’t even tell her anything. Not private or anything. She runs and tells him. Brett – I like Haleigh a lot. She’s a nice girl.

JC – I just don’t want to be alone in this. They have their top two. Why can I not talk to you and tell you how I feel. Brett – I agree. you’re absolutely right. JC – they already have their order in their heads. Brett – that’s why you’re going to win HOH. JC – I think if I win HOH, I don’t think I am going to put Sam up. But if I did that I would need your support. Brett – its smart. You’re not wrong. You’re absolutely right. You know for a fact that Sam’s not going after you. I have no idea about Haleigh. You’re going to have to get close to her. JC – or to get less blood on my hands I put Haleigh and one of them. Which ever one you tell me too… and then we just get the votes. Brett – but what I am saying is you know for a fact if you put one of them up, they have the others vote.. and then they have Tylers vote. It would have to be all or nothing …or you would be next. Brett – if you go up, you’ve got my vote and if I go up I’ve got your vote. Just lay low for now. I really think there will be a battle back. There will be someone else in this house. If anyone comes back in this house I am f**ked. If Rockstar comes back she is gunning for me.

11:36pm – 11:45pm HOH room. Tyler and Angela holding hands. Tyler – I think people are finally starting to get over you and I. Angela – really? Tyler – no ones asked me about us in the last couple days. You make this game so much more difficult and so much better at the same time. Angela – likewise.

11:46pm Brett massaging Haleigh’s head…

12:02am HOH room. Angela and Tyler quickly separate when the see Brett comes into the HOH room. Brett shakes his head. I am about to freak out on Sam. Angela – why? She was up here showering and blow drying her hair for 2 hours .. I was sitting here like if you don’t get out of my room I am going to lose my sh*t. Brett talks about how Sam gave him attitude about not doing his laundry with her. Tyler – she is losing it dude. Brett – I was about to blow the f**k up. Tyler – she is so annoying. Brett – its constant jabs. Kaycee joins them.

12:17am – 2:25ampm Hammock. Haleigh – I am glad I met you. Fes – same. Haleigh – I don’t like you acting different to me. Fes – sorry. Haleigh – do you want to talk about it? Is this how we’re going to be all week. Fes – I don’t know. Just play your game. Haleigh – what is that supposed to mean? Fes – just play your game and don’t worry about me. Haleigh – I am going to worry about you. Fes – its just a game. Haleigh – this is not a game. Is that what you think? Fes – I don’t know what I think. Both of us together is over. Haleigh – you said we woudl ride until the wheels fell off…. the wheels are falling off. Fes – not much we can do now. Haleigh – The reality is one of us is going and the other will probably follow next wek. Fes – I am just coming to the realization that this game is over. I just have a lot of thoughts in my mind. Haleigh starts crying. Haleigh – I am just sad. Fes – its a game Haleigh. Haleigh – I know. I’m not allowed to be upset about a game?

3:40am All the house guests are sleeping..

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I think it’s BS, I know Angela fans are going to be pissed but “furniture girl” gets upset that Sam tried to move her a$$ by JOKING about Tyler not going to the HOH. People in&out of the house talk about Sam not being part of the group but when she tries they get bugged. I’m just over people talking s#!t about how crazy Sam is. If she is mentally I’ll her being on big brother is on production but I guess everyone doesn’t really hate bullying because that’s what everyone does to her. Instead of trying to understand but whatever


Oh look Angela fans….. Twitter at least is balanced not just L6 fans


I’m not anti L6, I think Angela is gorgeous but 1 she mostly lays in bed on BBAD and she does have a mean girl attitude


All you folks will just call me a horn dog for saying this but Angela does and has done a lot more than just lay around the house. She’s one of the better players this year.

She is mean and she does say nasty thing about people behind their backs but is sweet as pie to their faces.. so she’s not perfect but IMO her game has been far from furniture that the twitter hordes are labeling her as.


Well, she has only won two HoH’s, kept a veto, backdoored Bayleigh, picked a great alliance, voted with the majority every time, been kept in the loop game wise and looked nice doing it. I guess she needs to add slowmance to list after her and Tyler’s date to Hawaii. That’s basic furniture behavior there.


My Sweet Sweet Simon, she only won 2 HOHs, the first one Angie (you know I dont use her self given nickname) held her own but Angela won with a guess. Angela’s second was luck. Kaycee didn’t lock in that high score. Her veto “win” was Tyler, Brett and Scottie letting her have it. Her GBM have been mean. I’m not being like Angie, I don’t know where she came from (how she grew up) so I’m not saying she’s spoiled but she’s a B!+ch LOL…

GREAT FEMALE player, all around BADA$$ Janelle

Charlie B.

I like mean and nasty.


0.o Jenelle is a comp beast and a classic for sure but has always been one of the biggest mean girls around. Constantly $hit all over anyone not in her alliance and continues to bash on Twitter today.

Not that bashing is bad… just… hypocrisy and all.


I disagree with most of it…but Janelle WAS the supreme female player of all time!


Um, you can say that almost all of the comps are luck. Lucky to get the right shot/guess, whichever one fits. Holding on to anything is luck, its not a talent – they are pretty much whoever stays on the longest -equals luck. The know the days, which order things happened, those are the only ones that can really be said aren’t all about luck but about having a good memory and paying attention. Even with her veto win, sure they shouldn’t have done it the way they did BUT, that is on Tyler not the other 2 because they wouldn’t have held on to it anyways because tyler was the last to chose, he let her keep it as did they. Even the comp Brett won (hide and go veto) was about luck, he hid his better than the others did, that wasn’t a talent. So, doesn’t matter how they won an HOH or a veto it is still a win. Angela held her own too with the comp against rocky, rocky couldn’t do simple math either, her guess wasn’t any different than Angelas guess, They both guessed and Angelas guess was closer. I am not defending Angela just defending the way you said what you did. I am no fan of Angelas but she playing a lot better than the females and some of the guys too. She fell into the right alliance to help her along.


Simon, I agree with you- Angela is one of the better players this year. She has said as mean and nasty things about others as they have said about her. why is she always singled out from what seems to be the norm for the group of HGs? Angela seems a bit brighter than some of the others (foutte/hive), so some of her more cutting remarks may have come from frustration with them and those remarks were more entertaining and not edited out.

And, yes you prob are a horn dog. LOL


Because people are jealous of the pretty girl:)

Smoke Show Angela

Jelly, Jelly, Jelly.

Only Tyler has played a better game so far this season.


I agree Tyler has played a great game BUT, I think Brett is catching up to him. He was able to really get in with the hive, where as the hive started to keep Tyler at an arms distance not really telling him much the last few weeks but Brett was able to get the information for them. I would like to see Brett/Tyler anyone but Sam/JC in F3. I think Brett is starting to earn his to being in top 3 if either of B/T are smart though, should get rid of the other one before that happens.


What is so mean? Bayleigh, Rockstar were mean. Sam is nice to the guys and has been hateful to the women all season…..

Rigged Game

I would still like to have sex with Sam.

Roll Tide

Enjoying the Kraken?


Gross, you’d gotta be desperate and you would be mortified the second it’s over. Even during with heaving cigarette breath and riding the beer belly barrel shape. Disgusting.


You are exactly the type of person that makes people like Sam self-conscious! She’s a size 4 but doesn’t have a flat stomach and you talk s#!t. I’ll guess you’re far from perfection


I’m sure he’s 6’4″, chiseled like a Greek god, with a girlfriend who reads a different Big Brother blog so we wouldn’t know her but she’s super hot.

Trackin the Kraken

Welp, my work here is done. I tracked the Kraken

Wild bonfire parties with Sam

I bet she is really kinky


Please read what you just wrote and make sense of it.

Brett's Butt Plug

makes perfect sense to me…


i think you’re seeing what you think you’re going to see.. not exactly the reality of what has been happening.. they’ve all been more than patient with sam thru her “i dont care” to making deals to snapping at people to talking to herself.. sometimes they vent to each other.. to call it bullying is to be looking for bullying and fitting the round peg in the square hole.. “well it does fit doesnt it?”

You Only Live Once

Perfectly said, people only see what they are choosing to. I believe what you give out comes back onto you. Sam has been no more or less judgemental then the others in the house, she has been equally as judgemental. She believes that the other house guests should be as she wants, not as how they really are, thus creating her own delusions. Sam’s idea of women empowerment seems like some archaic 1800s belief, like women are not allowed to flirt and be open with their feelings, Sam sees this as “wrong” when its just someone else’s way. Sam talks aggressive and has mentioned on many occasions about curb stomping and mud stomping, thus she is the one with the aggressive nature with in herself.

Why am I still watching?!?

Depends on the diameter of the peg and what you mean by “fit”. Sam started the game with a huge handicap that someone else may have been able to command. But it isolated her severely, while the other houseguests were formulating true bonds. By the time she was able to be herself, she had to start building bonds as the outsider in a game where the groups are all-important. Who knows where she would have been if she had been allowed to play as herself early on, but I think what we have seen from her is as much about how left out she was and that it continued regardless of what she did after that. Scottie was right early on when he told her how horrible it was that she was forced to begin the game as a robot.


But it wasn’t the other houseguests’ fault that she had the handicap….and she stayed in the house.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And to think that “furniture” won two HoHs. That’s not really saying much for everyone else.


Sam is not crazy you have to go through a complete physical exam my brother made it tbrough to that phase she is using it as a strategy it has gotten her this far.


But like JC said what if they made a mistake.. LOL


Psychological exams as well at some point. They are mainly looking for some degree of stability under stress but you don’t want someone who is unflappable because you need a little crazy in the house for it to be entertaining but not so much that they go all season 19 in the house. It’s not perfect.

who me?

All of L4 sit up there or where ever and talk s**t about Sam but use her for her vote and instead of talking to her and calming her down they rile her up more and then bitch about it. They watch the screen at the other HG’s everytime they have HOH and talk about the other people…and not in a good way. And yes…its usually led by Angela. If people commenting on here can’t see that, they are blind. Just because they aren’t pushing people or calling them names to their faces to belittle them, doesn’t make them not a bully. Because they are..plain and simple. It’s just that most commenters on here have a boner for Angela so they can’t see that she really is the ultimate mean girl. I feel bad for Sam…game play or not, if she really is mentally unstable then the way they treat her and talk to/about her is disgusting.


Thank you, someone sees what I’m saying


I totally dislike the way Level6 is treating Sam and it’s turning me off of many of them.

double D

Sam and JC both. It was his plan they followed during Fes’ HOH and I have yet to hear anybody give him credit. Not to mention all the spying he did early on. JC has been limited by his size in the contests, but has made up for it big time with game play


In Sam’s case, I see Angela as having a low tolerance for what she sees as stupid behavior and then Angela lets out her nasty, catty side much like she did with Rachel. It’s not to say Sam’s behavior isn’t irritating, I just don’t think Angela wants to deal with it.

Paul Treffinger

“Who me” – almost every single person that is HOH does that from this year to every year, in fact even sweet Jordan with Jeff was doing it on the re-runs that they put up on the live feeds. Bailey was an even worse shit talker, Haley and Fess locked themselves up there, Fess almost never came down. And don’t get me started on the other memebers of the hive talking shit, Blockstar is the Queen of shit talking about everyone especially Angela, Tyler and Brett (at the beginning/middle). So you clearly are just living in the moment and not remembering stuff, go back and watch and tell me I’m wrong.


Same discussions every year. “These are the rudest houseguests EVER!” (that was BB19); “These are the most prejudiced houseguests EVER!” (that was BB15); “X is the biggest $hit-talker EVER!” (that was every BB houseguest ever)

BB Fan

BB19 were the nastiest people ever tone on this show. Most of them followed and acted just like Paul


Can’t feel bad for Sam. She has snapped at many people in the house= Angela, Brett, JC; and she has kissed @$$ when it comes to foutte/hive. Her mood and actions have been so unpredictable and she gives the appearance that she is cra cra. I’m over it and I don’t live with her. However, I think she is crazy like a fox. She can’t win comps or flirt her way to the top, so she goes with her strengths- cooking, cleaning, laundry, hair dressing, manipulation via being alternately pitiful or sweet. If she is F2, that strategy may result in a win, esp with a bitter jury.


The ultimate mean girl is Rockstar. Rockstar has said more mean things than everyone else on this cast put together. She was trying to bully Brett with the pots and pans, then went to Sam (during Sam’s HOH) and cried that Brett was bullying her (Rockstar). All Brett did was lie, like all the HGs do. Rockstar has been calling the girls bitches. Says Angela and Brett are entitled disgusting people, and has even talked about Sam (before her and Sam became tight). Angela’s mean remarks started only after she heard that Rockstar and others were saying she was a spoiled brat bitch that only had to bat her eyes and flip her hair and she would get anything she wanted. I would be upset if I was Angela too.

Rigged Game

Hay is bonding with the cool kids. Well played.

Fes mom

They aint cool. They are a bunch of spoiled brats. Once my boy gets back into the game and win the hoh, I expect they will finally learn to kiss ass.


What happens if SCottie comes back wins HOH and Haleigh falls in love with him.


Scottie beats Fez in the battle back and gets a hug from Haleigh as they usher Fez out the door without so much as a wave from her. Scottie waves slowly though…

Hi My Name Is Scott

Fes goes off the deep end as soon as the first person who gets evicted after Haleigh falls for Scottie arrives at the Jury House and tells Fess all about it. Fess will tear up the place in a jealous rage. In his mind, his move to get Scottie evicted was will be vindicated because he was right, he was after Haleigh!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

…Haleigh falls in love with him…and I’m the King of Norway.


If he wins HOH she’ll pretend to


OMG. If he gets back in the game, he’s going right back out the door. He lays around like a King (in his own mind and maybe yours) and has accomplished nothing. Read the spoilers, he’s the worse player in BB history.


“He reminds me of Kid Rock”. That had me cracking up, lol.


He looks just like “He-Man”


And here are Tyler and Angela hangin’
comment image


LOL I just watch a episode of that the other day.. just like Tyler and ANgela.


Come on now, that’s not right! Angela would never wear that helmet.


That’s the bowl Sam used to do Tyler’s hair.

who me?

Well you got her mustache right..but not Tylers muscles lol

Darrell G Irick

I really think the final 6 still going to be Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Brett, JC, Sam ….. i don’t really see the jury buy back changing anything.


I agree with Darrell G Irick. This jury is full of losers. They will be the easiest targets to evict (again). I wish they’d stop doing Jury battle back completely. Once evicted the HG should be GONE.


Same.. Everyone in the Jury made multiple critical game errors and really don’t have a good relationship with anyone left in the house. Given how strong the bond is in Level 6 I doubt the returnee will see much success. Unless of course Sam, Haleigh, Returnee wins HOH on Thursday.

With that said history proves if a FOUTTE wins HOH a FOUTTE gets FOUTTE’d and a FOUTTE goes home.


I’d almost bet even if there were no eviction one of them leaves.


Unless Production rigs some competitions….like they have been known to do. They might be able to take out one or two L6 but will get sent out the door again….

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I know JC jokes about Tyler being his boyfriend but I think he really has a huge crush on him and is seriously upset that Tyler and Angela are getting close. He tries to play it off that it will hurt Ty’s game, but I am pretty sure it is genuine jealousy. It also doesn’t help that he commented that his ex looked like Tyler or that Tyler was his type.

Who said that!

JC thinks he and Tyler are a genuine pair game wise so he’s worried his feelings for Angela will ruin their plans.JC doesn’t realize how ruthless Tyler is.Tyler is playing JC the way JC has been playing the rest of the house.


Tylers demeanor kind of obscures his gameplay…..he seems so effortless but he is a worker like Paul was …… hes just better at it and completely likeable too boot.


I agree. JC was so rude to Tyler about his hair. He’s so jealous of Tyler and any attention he gets that it is pathetic. I hope JC never wins HOH because he would definitely try to take Tyler out. I think Tyler looked so much better with his hair straightened. He looked HOT !!! He may have even liked it once he got used to it if it wasn’t for JC saying he looked like a girl.
I hope that whoever wins the battle back goes next after Fez, then Haleigh, then JC !

Who said that!

Sounds like JC isn’t the only one with a crush on Tylet.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

JC’s reaction to Tyler’s hair was hilarious. He was freaked out more than Tyler was and couldn’t look at him. He wants Tyler to take a shower and put his hair back the way it was LOL. I thought Haleigh and Angela were outside in the hammock because Sam told them to leave and wouldn’t do Tyler’s hair with them watching. No one else was banned. Is that what happened?

Michele M Monfils

Everyone was told to get out. The girls left and the boys stayed…not listening to Sam. Then KC snuck back in until the big reveal when Ang and Hay came in to the bathroom


Tyler and JC were so funny. JCs crush on Tyler is so real I think. And he most definitely didn’t like the hair. Lol. And I love Tyler’s hair straight but the curly has already made him who he is to me. So I kind of prefer the curly. But he’s adorable either way. But I was confused by the Angela and Haleigh situation as well. Seems like they said they weren’t allowed in there. I wondered the same thing.

Who said that!

All the Angela fans are looking at Tyler now and getting a confusing funny feeling.

Doc B.

Camouflage sweats yo!

Angela hairy face

Watched Angela in the DR…she should shave her mustache!!!

Brett's Butt Plug

Which one????


Sam gives Tyler a new “do”. Definitely going to make the tv show. I don’t think it looks bad at all! Hysterical the way he freaked out.

JC slays me when he says to Tyler…. “you look like a 40 year old woman who has a good job and is really independent”. Made me spit out my soda!!!! JC is a funny guy!


His reaction was priceless!

PNW Granny

My daughter was watching the feeds. She said production told him to change it back or put it up, Tyler put it up. For edits maybe?


Yeah, they like to show things out of order to build some drama and maintain a narrative.


Did Fabio’s son come to visit the house guests?

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I was thinking the same thing….he looked like Fabio or Tarzan. Fes was the only one who said Tarzan and then I realized they probably don’t even know who Fabio is.

Butters Mom

The first thing I said was, “I cant believe its not butter”… I couldnt remember what that guys name was but, youre right.. its Fabio. lol


Tyler is so HOT !!! I love his hair straightened. That last photo that you put up next to the one of Brett with his hat on backwards, ARRrrrr, Tyler! I love long hair on guys! Can you send me one of that photo poster size? I’d pay …hey, another way to make money for your website!

The Lettuce

JC was looking a bit jealous of Tyler’s full head of long flowing hair or maybe because he has none.


Scottie comes back and Haleigh wins the next hoh.


And Haleigh goes home.. LOL keeping with HIVE tradition. 😉

Angela isn’t nice

Didn’t anyone else see she says the worst comments earlier she said the R word and you guys seem to like more


I saw it but didn’t want to get into another giant dialog about if we should be offended by the word or not. We already know Angela has a nasty streak, many people use that word, it is offensive and I hope we can be done.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

She said “ridiculous”…stone the witch!

who me?

Their boners for her are too huge they can’t see past that to what she really is like


I did post it.


It’s a term I have struggled to not use myself. I use to not understand the problem with the word but.. 10 years ago a close friend of mine had a Daughter who is autistic, She’s a wonderful person . After hanging out with them for so many years and learning about how our society is cruel to people of reduce mental capacity it’s made it easy for me to stop and understand why that word hurts people.

I still do find myself using that word but very rarely. Lucky for me a camera isn’t on me 24/7.


Not too long ago the word “retarded” was a description used by medical professionals to describe mental conditions little understood. It was a perfectly accepted word.

As kids we threw around words like spaz, cripple, retard, are you blind, and so forth without thought of someone who actually suffered from those conditions overhearing us. Now we have become much more thoughtful of others to the point where we criticize those who still use those types of words.

Good for you for changing with the times. Some of the PC stuff I find silly but some I’m proud to embrace.


I grew up in that time. I cringe now when I think about some of the words that came out of my mouth when I was a kid. Some things said out of ignorance or just repeating what other kids said and unfortunately, also adults/parents.

Not saying I’m perfect, I slip. Being old is no excuse to not grow and learn.

If a word is offensive, hurtful or incites hatred or violence toward a group of people, it’s better left unsaid. It doesn’t really matter if you don’t personally find it offensive.

who me?

One of my neices has Down Syndrome…its a deplorable word to use

Honey I shrunk JC

If JC is the odd man out he need to team up with Haleigh and Sam. He knows who the L6 members are. If he takes out Tyler he would get all the Hive jury votes. The sad part is that he sucks at all competitions. The Hive will be getting another player in the game come Thursday. It would great TV entertainment if a member of the hive wins HOH

Swaggy's Missing Brow

A lot of people have been suggesting that but I believe it’s more because right now it’s the only alternative to L4. When you think about it, numbers wise it sounds doable, but reality wise I’m not so certain. Granted, it couldn’t be any worse than the previous versions of “the others” but look at the composition.

– JC and Haleigh never have really seemed to like each other,

– Sam is unpredictable as drunk possum on main street (keeping in mind, she has STILL kept Tylers power secret)

– if Scottie or Fessie comes back JC knows they’ll be playing for Haleigh, not him. If Bayleigh or RS comes back JC knows he’s on the bottom of the new crazy totem pole all over again.

You’ve got to get those people to actually work together to combat a very coordinate team.


“Sam is unpredictable as drunk possum on main street ” OMG this is funny..


I don’t think brett and tyler planning on getting j.c out before final 4. Tyler even said that to the dr.
(Which was stupid to air that.. we wanna be suprise)


i think the intent was to lay seeds of conflict regarding brett. brett is clearly at the bottom of level six and was mostly kept around as a target if they got in trouble. tyler, angela, and kaycee want to be final 3. they don’t care what order brett and jc go #4 and #5, and the way the game is set up there isn’t a huge difference between a final 4 and final 5 deal while final 3 is fairly significant.

Tennessee Nana

The hive doesn’t increase their numbers by getting a player back. They are trading one sacrificial lamb for another. And, traditionally, no one will have a larger target on their head than the returning player. Everyone whose name is not Haleigh will be gunning for the returnee.


Level6 gains a number if a member of FOUTTE comes back that’s pretty much my take on it at this point. LOL


Even Haleigh may be gunning for the returnee just because Hive…


eh, trading out fes is a step up. even rockstar has better game sense than him.


Rocks, Fes and Bayleigh are all great to be in the house.. makes it easy for simon and dawg to find funny post titles.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And I have a hunch that production has the same issue. The fact that so far has pretty much been a clean sweep, half by brilliant play by L4 and half by idiotic play by HOUTEE/The Hive, is producing a lot of boring down time.

They need something to create some strife, so I pretty much expect they’ll do something with the battle-back. I would not be at all surprised if Bayleigh didn’t come back; her power MAY still be good and she’s not as ready to fall on her own sword for Haleigh.


i anticipate rope hang for battle back. which should favor bayleigh and put fes at a significant disadvantage.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Rocks hurts Simon & Dawg—–She damages their brains with her non stop complaining and bashing and stupidity……..They had to go through derocks after she was tossed out of the house to get their brain power restored.


LOL derocks AHHAHA A


JC doesn’t know Brett is solidly with the trio of L6 (JC thinks he is the 4th). Otherwise he wouldn’t be pitching to Brett that Ang/KC have to go up this week & simultaneously telling Tyler Brett can’t get to F5. It’s the blind spot in JCs game


I personally think JC is annoying.

Kid Rock

I wonder will Brett tell Kaycee and Angela about his conversation with JC….. JC HAS JUST TOLD TYLER AND BRETT THAT HE WANTS TO TARGEY ANGELA N KAYCEE NEXT


Brett may be into that… if its not his doing..
Also.. why taking a risk worry about that ..its not likely he will win and if he does he can try and convice him its “not the time” .. telling the girls can get back to him then j.c wouldnt trust him


Tyler & Brett already did a major download the night of the POV comp regarding JCs variance in stories between them. I think Brett will wait to see who wins battle back (as he correctly sees it coming this Thursday). Although, I do suspect he & Ty will discuss AND at that point Ty will tell Brett how JC was adamant Brett not get to F4. Which translates into JC wants to boot 3/4 of L6 he just doesn’t realize they are all part of it b/c he hasn’t pieced together Brett’s association (or at least how far back his ties go).

JC’s ideal F4 is Ty, Sam, Hal b/c he (JC) believes he can beat the girls & that the girls would target each other or Ty ahead of him. His ideal F3 is Sam/Ty IMHO. I think JC believes both Ty/Sam would take him to F2 and he probably thinks he can beat them both.

The problem is JC is pushing his own agenda way too aggressively believing this will be a DE. Like Tyler said you play the game a week at a time. In no world will the trio (Ty/Ang/KC) want Hal remaining in the game past the next 2 weeks.I understand why JC is doing this b/c with Fessy leaving JC recognized he isn’t as useful to the ladies of L6 hence why he’s pushing this mandate. JC is unnecessarily worried Ty is too close to Angela. Which is the other thing he’s missing.

From the start Ty has always spent time with the person he wants to sit on the block with (KK, then Scottie, now Ang) Why? b/c in each of those scenarios Ty has the majority of the votes in his pocket AND it protects him from going up against his true F2 (KC). It’s smart. For JC not to recognize how intricate Ty’s game is – is somewhat surprising b/c he’s worked with him for a long time. And, maybe that’s just how good Tyler is — for some reason the FOUTTE/Hive side of the house has never figured out (save for Hal & then only partially) how strategic Ty is or how he’s primarily driving the moves being made. They see him as a follower not a leader. This & not connecting the dots to figure out Brett is intricately attached to L6 has been their biggest errors.

As for Brett – he’s keen to get L6 to F4 b/c he’s loyal and loves the idea of the alliance going through the game. He’s also pretty confident he can win the date related comps (F4 POV & Finale P2). Plus there is bound to be a before/after coming soon.

At stated up top, Brett is probably biding his time for Battle Back (& I do think he’ll chat with Tyler) and it’s also common for Brett to mull things over before he tells L6 – not b/c he’s not loyal, he just likes to process things.

Another key factor Brett has figured which JC hasn’t is how the jury is thinking. JC hasn’t put together how pissed Bay/Rocky/Fes/Hal/Scottie will be when they discover JC always knew how he would vote at week’s start & laughed about how dumb that side of the house was. Once they learn (and they will) JC will face some major blow back. At least L6 were working in an alliance with a common goal. Conversely JC was trying to work both sides & will be seen as a rat. Don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed JC – I just wish he wasn’t so anxious to push the agenda. He’s so convinced it’s DE he pushed too hard & I think it will come back to bite him & move him up the hit list. If L6 are able to get out whoever returns this coming week I won’t be surprised if they shoot for JC in DE simply b/c no one wants to deal with a full week of JC on the block.

To that end, I always though JC was Ty’s preferred F3 (with KC) but after this week I think Sam could end up replacing JC.


Thanks for the addition TTOT very informative read.


The jury scares me to have to make a decision on the winner…..ALL of the jury members are mean and petty (or naïve/stupid). I don’t think that they’ll make a vote based upon gameplay.

The real rockstar

Sam needs to use her cosmetology skills on Angela’s mustache


Tyler looks a lot like Brad Pitt did in Legends of the Fall with all that long, straight blond hair!

Viking Song

Nailed it, he really does, or Thor. He really is a good looking guy, and doesnt seem to know it,which is even more attractive. Unlike Brett who isnt that good looking but thinks he is.

who me?

12:42AM Cam 1/2 The TV in the kitchen that links to the HOH room was switched on, no one knows for how long. Everyone was talking about Sam, and it’s possible she heard. Kaycee realised when she was downstairs and ran up to tell everyone.
They switched it off, but it is still apparently transmitting the sound to the kitchen from the HOH room. There was a lot of Sam bashing from Brett and the rest of L6. Right before KC came up Brett was reiterating the story of how Sam had just freaked out on him about the laundry for no reason – he had already told this story earlier and Sam very likely heard him. (God I hope she did so she finally sees how they talk about her behind her back)


Someone’s getting curb stomped and then a mudhole in their chest…


From a Twitter spoiler,

“Sam heard their conversation. Audio link glitch. MAJOR technical error. ”



Oh Lord, Sam will probably go full crazy mode now!

BB Fanatic

Sure, wink wink, not like production “accidentally” turned it on or anything. Production has been on the FOUTE/Hive side this whole season, not sure why though.


Ha. BBCanada the one time… they told the HOH to talk through some last minute decision she had to make and failed to mention that they’d be broadcasting her live to the whole house. Who was that again?


Oh no !! So what was Sam doing the rest of the night. Did she seem to have heard them. That’s just so sad. For all of them. I know they get irritated and vent. I would too. We are all human. But I don’t think anyone in that house would want to hurt her that way.


Thanks for adding this.. I think this may have big repercussion


The revealing of the new Tyler was hysterical to watch. Tyler was beat red, so shocked and JC so If I were Ty definetly go back to curls by Thursday “that curly hair might be his strength and luck”

Haleigh Scottie

I bet fes was confused if Tyler was a boy or girl when it was done!


You know what screw it!

I don’t care about the vote down is going to be.

L6 is not as smart as everybody thinks they are. It’s easy to be appear to be smart when you’re playing with people who either A. Don’t know the game B. Play somebody else’s game or C. Just not playing right and I’m not going to be rude and call people dumb ( just not being observant or making the right decisions) but you know what L6 is not that smart this is the SECOND time Kaycee’s had to go up and tell them people can hear exactly what they’re saying! JC, perv or annoying or whatever you feel about him, has been planting the seeds needed. Fes is all testosterone. Hayleigh tried with the hacker but missed then played for Bayleigh. Angie played for Chris then Bayleigh and didn’t try. So sorry not sorry, time for L6 to get pull down a peg or two


I’ll thumb you up I appreciate the point of view.


I would not necessarily say that they’re smart in the traditional sense, but they have certainly played well together. The way they have managed to not get evicted even when they did not have the HOH was impressive. Of course Haleigh and Fes get the bulk of that credit. I like that they have been loyal to each other. Kaycee is probably my favorite. She is not getting in on the Sam digs. But really – Sam has brought some of that on herself.

Who said that!

Agreed,they are a successful unit.


I totally agree! I have said EXACTLY this! Thumbs up!

Hi My Name Is Scott

The only way L4 goes down a peg is if they lose the HOH. The TV being on is not the fault of L4 necessarily their fault. Could Production have put it on by “accident”? Just like Tylers “Cloud” think went up on the Memory board by “accident”. Not smart bashing players because others can hear sometimes but the HOH is supposed to be private for those inside of it with the door closed.


It is not the smarts, it is the loyalty I respect. This crew has built a solid foundation, that has never wavered. It will be interesting when and IF they turn on each other before F4.


Have they made mistakes absolutely but the greatness of level 6 can be proved by 2 points
1. There loyalty and trust in one another even when they seem to be working with the other side
2. They have controlled every vote since the first eviction


They’re not a super-alliance but they’re a *good* alliance. They form plans and then they all go out and execute the plan. They have and use relationships with other people in the house. They don’t *just* sit around and bash the houseguests outside their alliance. And they’ve been fantastically loyal to one another. So far.

Foutee/Hive was the exact opposite. Good gameplay, good results. People like to watch that.


I would put them in the super alliance category. The only members that they lost were when they were pitted against each other….and it wasn’t in the alliances’ best interest. They have played the game exactly like it needed to be played. Tyler is superb. I am shocked that JC has so much influence and people haven’t figured it out. The whole set up was perfect. I get that Foutte were stupid but some of them were supposed to be fans of the game….

another name

Audio glitch.
Audio glitch that broadcasts L6 conversation into the kitchen / living room.
Audio glitch where the lights switch from kitchen intercom to living room intercom.
Doesn’t sound any more suspicious than projecting the cloud app image on the intercom screens weeks ago.
Doesn’t sound like a way to get Sam to join Jc and Haleigh in a little rebellion with whoever returns. Not at all.

another name

rewind to moment Brett walks into hoh. walks past intercom screen. it is off. it turns on once he starts talking about Sam. You can actually see the screen turn on. Glitch…. or a control room flip of a switch to manufacture drama?
shakes head.
the fact that Sam heard Brett, and the fact that there is a returning player that could effectively break the house into a 4 vs. 4 split that could actually protect the person i believe production is trying to benefit most in the game (Nicole / Kaitlyn 2.0) by moving her down another peg on the target board.
Okay. i’m a conspiracy nut. But not too hard to label this.


Angela goes and talks to Sam about how they didn’t know the intercom was on.
Sam says she thought they were doing it on purpose, she thought they were just razzing her. Angela clears up that little misunderstanding… Brett just got crunched by that bus…

Swaggy's Missing Brow

About the R word.

For the folks who are SELECTIVELY wigging out over who said what and when, or how someone is treating someone else, I highly recommend you avoid police ready rooms, military barracks or operations rooms, fire departments, hospitals and any other places where people routinely confront high pressure situations have some private time amongst themselves and a chance to vent.

I’ll tell you right now, they’ll come across as the most cold hearted, evil, pieces of furniture in the world and video of them would result in a multitude of lawsuits. Truth is, they’re none of that, that is simply how they vent and that is why no one who is familiar with those places will pay any attention to what is said in those places.

“Ashes, to ashes, dust to dust…let’s drop the stiff and get back onto the bus.” It may shock you to know that for a long time that was a chant that the color guards at Arlington National Cemetery muttered to themselves as they prepared for yet another funeral. Disrespectful? No, just how they dealt with it.

So when you’re rushing to judgement and condemnation, ask yourself how and when you vent your frustration, then remember that they’re on TV 24/7 and don’t have the luxury you do.


Attention seekers R lame

At this point in time, I see your site name and I scroll on by, don’t read, no up or down vote since IMO you’re a troll.

Brett's Butt Plug

Can you snowflakes get over the “mean” behavior of people in the game. Karma bites everyone in the ass in the game until the winner is announced. EVERY SINGLE person in that house acted like an obnoxious asshole when they were in power as a person or as a group. EVERY person in that house talked shit about other people to their face or behind their backs on multiple occassions. EVERY damn one on them. And virtually every one of them got butt hurt when it was their turn to get f@cked over. Its the game. Every person has been a two faced lying snake at one time or another. And dont worry because more will be becoming. And it bites everyone. Just watch the grievances once Sam and JC get evicted. Wait until level 6 starts back stabbing one another. A loyal friend will suddenly become “SKETCHY” in a matter of hours. Watch that term when they get to final 6 and 4. SKETCHY
“So and so has been acting real sketchy”
“Yeah I know, they did such and such to so and do. He/she cant be trusted. So sketchy”
“I would never do that…”
“Me neither”

So calm down snowflakes. Karma gets everyone except the winner….

Hi My Name Is Scott

Don’t think Steve talked too much dirt on others in the house…..Mainly because he was not there long enough to talk the dirt.


I know I’m biased because I love Tyler but he never talks bad about others. At least not name calling and such. He got upset with Sam’s antics (and rightly so) but all he said was “I can’t deal with her anymore”. He didn’t go around name calling.


I think Tyler looks fantastic with his hair straightened

Brett's Butt Plug

Angela comments on how she hasn’t had a boyfriend in 3 years.

Red Flag. this is a high maitenance bitch looking for EVERYTHING and will NEVER be satisfied. you are out of your league surfer boy.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Whereas Haleigh has had how many just on this show? Not having to constantly have a boyfriend to validate herself isn’t a weakness.


Heaven forbid that a young woman concentrates on work…..when they should be just out there, trying to find a man to fulfill them, right?

Brett's Butt Plug

JC – I think if I win HOH, I don’t think I am going to put Sam up.

When the fuck are you EVER gonna win an HOH??? NEVER!