“You don’t care! I got nominate and you all sprint back here. You don’t give a f**”.. “Hey Audrey”

HOH: Tiffany
Nominations: Sb and Ky via HOH, Xavier Via punishment
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers -Ky and Sb are nominated. X is nominated Via last weeks Veto Punishment. High roller is today

11:03 am Derek is asking Sb who he should put up if he gets the power “I want to do what’s best for us”
SB – take us down
Derek – who do I put up Claire?
Sb – whoever you want
Derek – ok ok ok ok ok ok
Derek says he’s working with them and wants to keep them safe “That side will come after me next and if one of them wins I’m going up . no ones safe right now until we’re done this no one’s safe.. F*** ok .. Let me Ok”

11:08 am Alyssa and Azah
Alyssa – Don’t tell SB sh1t I don’t trust sb
Alyssa – the only reason why I’ve been trying to trust SB is because X has been telling me to try and trust SB
Azah – X told you to trust her
Alyssa – ever since week 5 I’ve been trying to
Alyssa says she’s been trying with SB but all she hears is SB is throw her name out there.
Azah – that’s the type of game she plays only loyal to herself that’s how it is
Alyssa – she wants me out so she has X
Alyssa – [you said?] Tiff said she heard I was coming after her
Azah – please don’t say that to anybody’s else
Azah – this veto coming up if X wins he takes himself off you have nothing to worry about. Play and keep Noms the same.
Alyssa – I would take X off.
Derek comes in
Alyssa – she dragged me
Derek – She dragged me (SB)
Alyssa – no she dragged me hard

Xavier comes in plays up that he’s sad for being on the block.
X – You don’t care I got nominate and you all sprint back here you don’t give a f**
Azah – Hey Audrey
Alyssa – is that a dryer sheet
X – I’m distraught
X – I would like to know if I have you guys vote
Derek – we have to do what the HOH wants
X – YOU DON’T KNOW. But she put you on the block.. Sorry you guys have to see me like that it’s been a lot of emotions and I didn’t see it coming
They joke around Feeds cut when we’re back it’s ALyssa and Azah left in the room.

Alyssa – I feel stupid. I came in I said I wanted to play a very loyal game. I already questioned her and then you know I trust what X thinks. This is between you and I she was trying HARD like HARD HARD..
Azah – SB
Alyssa – yeah like all night twice.. (lol)
Azah – twice
Alyssa – twice.. that I was coming after Tiffany
Alyssa – everyone knows who my target was last week.. BABYD

11:10 am Sb and Tiff
Tiff tells her Ky is her target, “you just happen to be very close to him I know you would save him I know you will fight for him. you will pull him down if you could. I know you will vote for him” it is a game move for me to disable that ability I’m sorry you have to be part of my moves”

Tiff – you’re the closest thing to him the best opportunity for me to have a shot is taking that help from him. I’m sorry
Sb – that makes sense If kyland is your target it only makes sense for me to go up beside him
Sb – I was hoping he wouldn’t be your target it’s your game I respect your decision
Sb – For me, I have to look at my own longevity in the game and if Kyland isn’t here then I still have to have people I can work with. For me I can’t just stand here and be Butt hurt if he goes home
Sb – if he leaves even if you’re the one that sent him home that will be you and Claire. I know I can’t trust Alyssa”
Tiff – we move forward to get out other threats in this house.. okay. I’m sorry thank you for coming to talk to me.
SB – will it be known that Kyland is the target?
Tiff – I didn’t come right out and let him know. I did let him know that he made some moves in this game that have caused me to not..
Feeds cut.
When we’re back Tiffany is saying ever since week 2 Kyland has been positioned very well in this house.
The entire house feels Kyland is a HUGE threat.

Sb mentions how this will be a long day because they have the high rollers then potentially the nominations get changed. “they’ll want to do the veto tomorrow”
Tiffany “I’m ballsy to go into a veto comp with Ky, X, and you ”
Sb – Kyland ha a good shot at winning the veto which doesn’t look good to me
Tiff says Xavier is also on the block and he has a great chance to beat Kyland in the veto.
Tiff – they’re two strong competitors .. for now, it’s better for me if X stays. X winning the veto NOW for me is not the worst-case scenario
Sb – wouldn’t be my worst case
feeds cut..

They hug.. After Sb leaves

Tiffany – I just lied to that girl’s face that is the boldest lie I have told in this house.. I don’t know if I have lied any bigger to somebody’s face.. it’s a game. there are no rules on how to play big brother just rules on how to live in this house.
Tiffany – in the big brother house you can lie, you can manipulate, you can break deals.. HEy I came to win like she (SB) said she will do anything for her personal game. I see you, queen. There can only be one queen and I’m hoping it’s me with a little devil in her..

Tiffany – “Derekx’s magic is in this bracelet he put it on me. You guys saw it and I went out there and I won that comp that’s typically what happens in Big Brother. You take out somebody’s person They pull this energy out of the universe uses it as motivation to get them a win and the person that sent their person home follows them right out the door.. ain’t nobody is coming after me for Sarah Beth .. I hope not. ”

11:25 am Sb and Xavier
Sb says production told them if you are the third Nomination and you win the secret HOH you come off the block then everyone knows.

11:30 am Feeds to pound puppies for High Roller
12:24 pm Feeds return

Nominee loveseat for three

12:33 pm Tiff fills Xavier in on her conversations with Sb.
She says SB really wanted Alyssa up and SB thinks that Ky is the target this week. Tiff told Ky to not win the veto “She should have no votes”
Tiffany asked him what they do if SB wins the veto. X doesn’t know says that is when the game gets interesting. He’s not going to let that happen.


Houseguests milling around the kitchen

12:57 pm Azah and Tiffany
Azah – This house is helleva black
Azah – Next week what do you think should happen Out ourselves or no?
Tiffany says no they keep the cookout hidden.
Azah – still keep up the ruse?
Tiffany – one of them will stay anyways we need to make sure whoever that 7 that last one is doesn’t look at us three. looks at .. if anybody’s gotta leave before we get to six it needs to be a ky it doesn’t need to be a me you or Hannah.
Azah – that seed has been planted in Alyssa
Tiff – when Sb gets into a situation SB will expose everything she has to me that is the most dangerous
Tiff – Sb I’m telling you I actually respect the game she is playing that is exactly why she is playing a NICOLE F game. She told to my face this morning I will do what I have to do to move my personal game forward..
Tiff – I can’t wait for Derek to see her walk through those doors.
Tiff – Girl she threw Alyssa so under the bus Alyssa is hanging on for dear life under that bus. Alyssa is probably not even breathing under that bus that Sarah Beth through her under. you know the cartoons looking like a pancake.
Tiff – Sarah beth came up to my room last night was like Hold one I got one more bus for ALyssa. She sat on the couch like ‘I was just thinking I have more things to tell you”
Feeds cut..

1:22 pm Feeds back to pound kittens
4:20pmno feeds 4 you

5:40pm Still nothing..
6:40pm Still kittens..

Consider a donation to keep the madness going. BIG thanks to the people that have already chipped in.

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Breaking news… DF now has a loveseat to sleep on instead of the nomination chairs. And that’s about it this week on Big Brother.


Who is the loveseat? Lol

another name

is that couch’s new nickname for Ky?


I’m not sure but I think it maybe the beginning of “Coin of Destiny” watch 1:23 pm. I can hope. Meaning probably 5 hours or more of adoptable animals. I do hope this helps get more animals adopted.


I left a message to you on August 25th explaining my comment. I hope you read it.


Thanks, I’ve read and get what you’ve said.


I just listened to Derek X’s interview with Julie. He pretty much has the CO figured out by about 75%. He’s unsure of Allyssa and Hannah. He got one thing right by saying X is the most protected person in the house. That is why X is not my #1. He plays up to all the women having a crush on his good looks. The women will carry him to the end. Plus Derek and Ky won’t put him up because of CO. They only showed Tiff’s, Hannah, SB and Ky’s goodbye messages. I wish they had shown all of them. I would have like to have seen X’s

Carlito's Way

Heartbreaking to watch. DX is so genuinely sweet and naive. Hope this doesn’t change that. He is not familiar enough with this show and too trusting for this game. Although he is one of the smartest players I recall and could be great were it not for his own naivety. It got in his way and blurred his vision. Damn DX! Why didn’t you spend your BB bucks!!!!!! Now we are stuck with expect the expected.

Chessie _K

I would like to see DX on AllStars if they have another one


There is no question that Alyssa is a better player than Derek X because she knew how to seize the moment and play in last weeks HRR roulette and she’s outlasted DX stabbing him in the front after he lied about getting her number one ally out.


DX was always doing the cookout’s dirty work and targeting the wrong people.


If X was a criminal lawyer, I’d want to be on the jury just to listen to him talk…


I’ve said this before. What’ll you think when they find out X is not only gorgeous, but a lawyer? I’d imagine a girl-crush CRUSH scramble for him. If it comes out, watch out for the girls to split immediately to try for his attention. I think X knows he’ll be in drivers seat then.
Oh, hey, Houka—-glad to hear from you & your crazy predictions. Sara Beth? Omg….so too funny. And who is your #2? Frenchy? I love your comments/predictions. I was missing hearing you!!!


When do they typically start airing jury segments?

Sir Kirby Williams

I think of the second member is sent home.

Game fan

Tiffany – I just lied to that girl’s face that is the boldest lie I have told in this house

Tiffany you are lying to claire every day !!! And to derex x until his last day that you are looking up for them ..

Tiffany asked him what they do if SB wins the veto

Obviously you guys would take alysa out why are you so nervous

another name

What we know:
Tiff won HOH because Hannah told her, while they were studying, that Christian was wearing the Veto necklace in the clip. That was Question 1.
Hannah and Alyssa didn’t understand what “in sequence” meant in Question 4.
Good thing they didn’t go to a tie breaker… how would they explain Tiff getting the math right?

What I’m wondering: Did anyone give wrong study answers to Claire, Alyssa and Azah hoping to throw them off? Because Hannah also studied with Alyssa and corrected her a couple of times. Would anyone they were studying with intentionally give them wrong information? Hmm. Because of the shifting of study groups, each of Claire Alyssa and Azah were given study info from both Couch and Ky, who got the answer right. I didn’t see Tiff studying with either Ky or Couch. Hmmm.
There’s my conspiracy theory of the day.


I read somewhere that Hannah admitted to not correcting Alyssa when she got an answer wrong. Also, SB admitted that Ky lost HOH because she gave him the wrong information.

another name

oh well, it was mostly just to entertain myself anyway.
I could have sworn when I heard their studying that H corrected A. i probably just wasn’t paying attention because… well… it was boring.


With such a big alliance, and really bad game play with those not in CO, this season has been really boring for me to watch.


I’m sorry to disagree, but I’ve been quite entertained this season. They’ve had some decent players, no one talking about their internet followers or how they’re an internet influencer, no half the cast doing the under the covers boogie, no talk of $$ they’ll make doing meet & greets; on & on. Yeah, not perfect, but what scripted show ever is? My fave never wins, but, oh well, I still enjoy the show every year, if no other reason than to yell at the tv!


Does anyone know the “big word” that Julie used in HOH competition that got Alyssa so bent out of shape because she didn’t know what it meant? She claimed Hannah also didn’t understand it! LOL!

another name

sequence. was the only word in the sentence that would even be marginally questionable.


Wow. What grade level is that, about 6th?


At least!




In sequence. She didn’t understand what the word meant.


Wondered about that too. Last night was one of the first nights I deleted my DVD recording immediately. Wish I had saved it so I could go back and look.

Wesley Sims

Tiffany rules !!! I think she would make a great lesbian .


I guess the casino game is being played?




Is it crazy to hope for so drama? I’m tired of predictability.


No its not crazy .. its would make my job super boring if nothing ever happened.


Love the classic picture dawg




Blah blah blah.
In seasons to come, future houseguests are going to be looking at RACE as an alliance, and it will just be a RACE WAR, instead of people just aligning with similar personalities. I see the whole show getting worse.

Trenton Makes

Cool story bro


lol The alliances have always been based on race.

TC Lover

“ instead of people just aligning with similar personalities” LMAO. You got this all wrong. People align for different reasons. It has never been solely based on similar personalities. Stop kidding yourself. Literally the white alliance allied with josh because he was annoying the other side of the house and he was a distraction. Not because they had the same personalities. How the heck was raven and Matt similar in personality to Paul, Christmas, Kevin and Jason? Oh right they were all white and got along because of that. Over 20 years there has been a race war only difference is the whites always came on top because of the lopsided advantage they had. I hate hearing people talk about racism this season without talking about the blatant racism that has gone on for the past 20 years.

Mollie Lender

Say it a little louder for the people in the back.


I guess we’re going spend week listening to SB crying I thought Brit was hard to watch on block