High Roller Results! “Insinuate you were the one that played & dethroned yourself so that Claire can stay under the radar”

HOH: Tiffany
Nominations: Sb and Ky via HOH, Xavier Via punishment
Coin of Destiny Coup D’etat: Claire won and kept noms the same
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers -Ky and Sb are nominated. X is nominated Via last weeks Veto Punishment. High roller is today

1:22pm – 7:14pm The live feeds were blocked for the high roller BB Bucks coin of destiny coup d’etat.

Claire won the coin of destiny coup d’etat

– She kept the noms the same (Sb and Ky)
– Tiffany was dethroned as HOH and no longer has the room.
– Tiff can play for HOH again next week.

HOH room. Tiffany, Hannah and Claire.
Tiffany – I am willing to take it for you. Claire – I am trying to think if that makes sense for me. Hannah – insinuate that you were the one that played and dethroned yourself so that way Claire can stay under the radar and then you guys will just collaborate. Claire – I think that will just be it. Okay. Tiff – and just don’t.. Claire – I won’t say anything. People know that I played. Tiff – I am going to tell you what I am going to do I will tell DF (Big D), don’t say nothing Derek it was me. I know it will get out. Claire – for sure! Hannah laughs. Hannah – I wonder if you’re the one like in veto selection if you will get to name to house guest choices ahead of time or if it will just be Tiff. Claire – I think maybe there won’t be house guest choice. Hannah – HHmmmm Okay, I could see them doing that. Claire – do you think Big D played? Tiff – yes. Claire – Damn he couldn’t do anything better than three… I got three and I was like that was pathetic.

Bedroom. Kyland and Sarah.
Kyland – you think people didn’t like Christian? You think people didn’t like Travis? We know people loved Travis besides Big D. Everyone loved Travis besides Big D. You think people didn’t like Baby D? Sarah – no I think they did, that is why I am sitting here right now. Ky – what is the matter? This world is made up of this house. Sarah – I know unless I am just completely missing something of like the dynamic of what this house is. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Someone literally had a secret opportunity to nominate people and chose to nominate us. If one of us is on the block they’re going home. Ky – probably. Sarah – secret or not it doesn’t matter. Sarah – I would feel better about it if I thought people were looking at this game objectively and making long term choices like I was. I should have known that’s not what people were doing. They just want to do what feels good right now. Ky – that definitely feels like that. Sarah – and I feel like I don’t have any fight against that. I am not saying I won’t try.. I just feel defeated. Ky – I have fight against that. I fight against that at a professional level. Like I said when I put up Britini.. its just about understanding what is happening. Because if I am being targeted and I know I’m being targeted then I know how to fight it. So regardless of if you know how to, I do and I will. First win the veto and then we’ll fight. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off and win the veto. You’re strong and if you don’t feel it right now then its because you’re looking short term. Sarah – what do you think the odds are that Big D just kept us up? Ky – low. Sarah – why. Ky – for a variety of reasons that I will go over with you. I’ll go over them with you and thoughts on the house.. I just want to get them sorted out and more clear. Sarah – I think Xavier is going to win this game. Ky – really. The thing about X is he is .. his best quality that people love is unearned and that is a weakness.. I am not as in life .. everything from my happiness to my thick skin, to my sensitivity to my ability express myself has been earned just to be a quarter a likeable as Xavier .. and that is not fair but life is not fair. You have been worried about being liked and I think that you are more liked than you think .. but you also never hesitated to do what you needed to move on. And that is strength.

7:50pm – 8:05pm Bedroom – Tiff, Xavier and Big D.
Big D – How you doing? Tiff – I’m okay. Big D – Sorry about your room. Did you already take your stuff out? Tiff – its out already. I already turned in the key and everything. Xavier – they kicked her out. Big D – did they kick you out.. Tiff – if I could just have Beyoncé I wouldn’t even care. Big D – I can’t believe they wouldn’t even let you keep your music. Tiff – I told Ky that to everyone .. I won the coin toss and dethroned myself. Xavier – wait what?! You played? Tiff – MMmhhmm.. Xavier – and so you have to throw the HOH competition next week. Tiff – MMmhmmm. Xavier – got it. Tiff – but I didn’t. Xavier – Claire won? Tiff – yes. Tiff looks at Big D and says I WON. Big D – congratulations I am so proud of you. Tiff – so I am okay with that, I didn’t want anyone else to dethrone me. I don’t want SB to… Xavier – yup, okay good. Tiff – AND I CAN PLAY NEXT WEEK! That is all I care about.. and I got my letter.. I got my pictures. I am straight. But the thing is I don’t know about me winning next week.. Big D and Xavier agree. Big D – this week sets us up for next week. Tiff – but if its me and them two I am going to have to win but if its y’all or their out .. I am dropping out. And I think next week is a double so be ready. Xavier leaves.

8:15pm – 8:40pm Bedroom – Ky and Tiffany.
Ky – she (SB) asked do you think it was Big D? I said I honestly don’t know they didn’t change the noms so its not so much for us to figure out. Tiff – you should tell her that you think its me. Ky – I will wait till after the veto so just in case… if she wins. And that coin thing.. I could have won that if I could have played. She said I don’t know what I am not seeing, maybe I just have a bad idea of what the house is really like. She said it just doesn’t make sense which makes me think its just personal which makes me sad. Tiff – does she think you are the target or her? Ky – she thinks either one of us. The fact that we’re both up here they want us both to go.

Ky – when is the next time Xavier would be on the block if no one is targeting him.
Tiffany – He ain’t my problem. Right now I am emotional about last week y’all put up Claire. You were supposed to be a queen. You’re acting like you’re not. You’re over there with SB. SB protected and if you’re gone, I don’t care .. she is a casualty of war because I don’t want her to fight for you. I don’t want her to campaign but I also feel like she cut my legs out from underneath me when she kicked DX out of this house. Its not my fault that she didn’t realize that me and DX were working together. She shouldn’t have been sleeping on the couch for 72 hours of the day with her head close to your shoulders and not paying attention to what is going on in this house .. so if she don’t see this house .. that is her own damn fault. She walking around with those heart a$$ glasses. She didn’t build no relationships with nobody so she can’t expect to know what is going on. Ky continues to spill his thoughts.. Tiffany gets up and says Ky .. I got to go.. we will have to reconnect. My attention is drifting.

9:41pm Tiffany is reading the bible. SB is trying to sleep. In the other bedroom – Alyssa and Azah are staring at the wall together. Big D joins them.

Bedroom – Azah and Sarah.
Sarah – how are you feeling about this week? Azah – Umm I’m feeling okay. Because me and Tiff are cool you know. Its more like for people that I care about so ..and I’ve come to see when it gets down to this number .. its much harder it is to put people up. Its putting people up that are actually your friends. People that you have worked with your do work with that’s what has me progressively worried. Azah – how are you doing? Sarah – ah it sucks just being nominated by Tiff. I understand where she was coming from. She was very up front with me about it. But then to be anonymously nominated. Azah – oh my gosh I am still sitting here thinking that its Tiff’s HOH and not that its an anonymous HOH. Sarah – it did just surprise me that someone would nominate me and Ky when it was anonymous. It does hurt to think that it was personal. I know that it is very possible that other things are going on in the house that I just don’t know about it. Even if I survive this week, I don’t know what future weeks look like for me.

11:27pm Kyland comforting Sarah.
Sarah – I don’t think its Azah (anonymous HOH) Ky – okay, I agree with you. I think you’re probably right, it is probably Claire. It wouldn’t surprise me if she kept her (Tiff) noms the same. I told everybody to vote for you. I can’t help but think if I hadn’t played in that first one I would have had enough. Ky – and then who knows what would have happened. Sarah – yeah. You never know. Ky – exactly. Sorry. Sarah – its not your fault. Ky – all we can do is play week for week. Sarah – Maybe Alyssa wasn’t even coming after me. Ky – have you talked to her since noms. Sarah – not about game. Ky – I haven’t either. Sarah – well I sort of have .. just about how it was going to be me or you no matter if one of us comes down. Sarah starts crying. Ky – theres a phrase that says a coward dies a thousand times but a brave person only once. So if its hard for you to imagine the loss.. then just .. then don’t! Lets experience when it happens because we still have a shot. Sarah – I feel better that both of us are playing. I am more confident that you can beat X than me.

11:45pm – 12am Bathroom. Big D, Ky, Xavier, Hannah, Azah and Tiffany.
They all quickly get together. Tiff – we’ve never done this .. all six of us!! Just the six of us we can make it official. COOKOUT on 1, 2, 3… COOKOUT!! After everyone filters out of the bathroom to not get caught together. Tiff, Claire and Hannah talk about past events of the season and past seasons. They talk about how Sarah chose to play “Nicole F” .. how she acts and dresses. Claire she (SB) made too big of a move (DX) Hannah – too big for her britches.

12 am – 1 am Houseguests going to sleep. Feed audio messed up
2:00 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
7:00 am Zzzzzzz

8:00 am Houseguest waking up

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Chessie _K

I don’t think this plan is going to work letting people think Tiff won the COD. If someone wins VETO, HOH has to replace that person, except if X wins it. Also what happens when Thursday comes and Julie mentions to Claire you are HOH? Claire should just come clean. Also, does Tiff get a chance to play for HOH again Thursday?

another name

Tiff says she gets to play in HOH.
If a veto renom is required, the only thing shocking will be ‘why isn’t Claire on the block’ by SB or Alyssa. Everyone else will know.
If I remember correctly, in the Can version, when they did the invisible week… the winner got to play in the next HOH as well.

Chessie _K



The funny part of the whole scenario is that Tiffany got dethroned by her no. 1 Claire from the HOH. And was told by production to remove all her belongings from the HOH room. So were going from Beyonce to Taylor Swift. Haaaahaaaaaa Haaahaaa. Haaaaaahaaaa

The Beef

So as the “new” HOH does Claire automatically get to play in the veto comp, because if she did that would expose her? I’m assuming Tiff doesn’t still get to play “automatically” (she could still get picked) since she’s been dethroned.

If neither gets to play “automatically”, what will they do since veto’s have always had 6 players in them at this stage of the game? I ask you because you have a lot of knowledge about these kind of things since you watch BB Canada, so I’m hoping you may know, but if you don’t I still respect your opinion of what may occur.


In Tiff’s mind, she did win the coin of destiny…because it couldn’t have worked out better for her..
Claire, her token nonPOC won. All she really lost was the HOH bed.
She controls Claire so…


Production said they would get back to them to how POV will work. They need to work out who plays in place of Tiff and makes her selection. My guess is they get Tiff to makes two selections from the bad & also picks the House guest’s choice if she pulls those buttons.

As for F8 HOH everyone will play – Tiff already confirmed she pays again & the anonymous HOH was always going to get to participate (to keep their identity anonymous).

As for how the voting works — Tiff will vote – EVERYONE but the nominees will enter the DR to place their vote & Clair will just say hi to Julie & return to the living room.

Game fan

Maybe Claire would cast her vote for a case of a tie?


Yes that’s true – & I imagine Claire will vote last precisely for that reason.

The Beef

That too makes sense, but the smart players will be able to figure that out, as Ky is already on the scent! It would be smarter for production to allow her to cast a provisional vote somewhere in the middle, and only count it in the event of a tie, just to protect her anonymity. Be all secret agent like, you know? 😉

The Beef

Okay, so I didn’t see this before I posted to “Another Name” above, but this makes sense to protect the anonymity of the secret HOH. But if Tiff picks 2 (one to replace the HOH, and one to replace the HOH’s “pick”), with three nominees this week, how many players will they have in the veto? If both “regular” nominees get to pick one, along with Tiff’s two, that would give us 7 players, and does that kind of screw X by not being able to pick one too? I realize his is a punishment nomination, but he’s still nominated, and frankly I don’t recall if those kind of nominees got to pick a player in the past or not.

Since all of the available players would remove X (except Claire and probably Tiff), I’m sure he’d love to be able to pick anybody to play and hope they would win.


Here we go SB crying and Tiff needing Claire out next week. SB will be in jury unless something happens tomorrow. Where is the drama? Except Tiff loss her HOH room


Yes Claire! Get it!!


She got it and she did nothing with it…SAD!

What a total failure these three twists were especially the biggest one..

Claire is joining Derek X in jury next week btw. :p


I mean, let’s face it…none of them who aren’t cookout members will get much further than next week. Tis the writing on the wall this season.


Alyssa will go before Claire.

The Beef

You’re right! Claire could have done something this week. She could have taken SB down, put up Big D, and when the CO wins veto and one of the three men came off the block, she could have put up Azah forcing the CO to evict one of it’s own.

This would ensure that Claire, if she doesn’t win HOH, goes home next week. It also burns her bridge with Tiffany, the person she’s been working with the entire game. PLUS, it assumes she’s aware of the CO, and that production isn’t pressuring her to “go along” with the narrative of the season.

I don’t disagree with what you said about the twists, but Claire’s position in the game really doesn’t allow her to do much more than what she did. DX tried to make a big move and look where it got him? Frankly, I would have LOVED to see Claire say “F**k it!” and do what I described above, just to see the CO sweat a little, but I’m sure she’s probably trying to make it as far in the game as she can, against all odds. Some times you just have to go along to get along.


What a waste! Claire has turned out to be one of the worst players ever……I can’t wait until she sees how stupid she looks!


You can say that about all the non cookout members though


Geez this season sucks.


Oh lawd…..can Ky please have a straight conversation?? He’s so circular, disrupted synapsis, so difficult to follow!

another name

More kvetching about Ky.
He’s not a team player.
What was their first clue? Winning an HOH he was supposed to throw to keep SB safe? Not telling most of the cookout his plan that week? The fact that he told Dx all the information from his umteenth set of one on ones during his HOH? Yeah, they know that too. Not informing the cookout of what was going on until after noms when SB was HOH?

DF: well he’s supposed to act like the target not the pawn. Yeah. to SB. EVERYONE else in the house is in the know that SB is the target.

For the third time in 24 hours the subject of ditching Ky comes up.
We can’t he’ll reveal the cookout is the response. (Shh, he already broke cookout protocol by telling Dx to keep that jury vote).
um. To Claire and SB and Alyssa. Who STILL wouldn’t work together if they found out.

So Ky has been told he needs to throw Veto. He’s grasping at straws for any reason NOT to throw veto. I’ve been told he didn’t actually handle being on the block well week one… ? Was I informed correctly?
How bad does Ky have to behave before the cookout says screw it, we can get SB anytime, this dude gotta go? Doubtful it happens… really doubtful.
But it is week 8. Let’s have some crazy.

So, I guess Tiff gets to be the deciding vote this week? You know for salt factor.
If it is an invisible HOH…and they decide that Claire cannot play… they’d have to do an individual timed HOH. shoot me now.

Oh goodie. Ky is trying to subtly convince Tiff they should evict X this week.

another name

excerpt from a Dx interview. Re: large alliance
So, when all of us heard them brainstorming, did they once say it was kidding around?
I’m feeling company line.

dx interview.png

It would be great if SB won the veto and it was Ky versus X, with Ky being voted out.


That’s on my dream board


The only problem with that is 1 particular person: Alyssa. She needs to be strategic right now to avoid the block . As far as I know, there can still be a POV ceremony to take someone off the block and put up a replacement unless X comes down

The Beef

How mad would the Cookout be if Ky won the veto, and took SB down? Is that in the realm of your chaotic possibilities? Is he so confident in the agenda of the alliance, he’s willing to bet $750K on it, to save his 7 week, baby talking, sweet heart sun glass wearing, baby doll dress having, girlfriend from the block?

I don’t really think Ky is that dumb, but we have seen some dumb moves on Big Brother before!

another name

more likely he’d take himself down, hoping Alyssa went up, and hold a symposium on why Alyssa is more dangerous.


So if sb won veto Claire secretly puts someone else on the block and Tiff takes credit or blame?


Oh Imagine if Clair put Tiff up to stir some shit!

another name

If SB wins veto suddenly the entire house is going to lighting torches and chasing after Claire and Tiff will give them a map of where to find her.

At least that’s how I see it.


No doubt, but she must know she is out next week, so why not try to take one of them down. Putting BidD up would be fun too. I imagine KY would be voted out.


Claire is a superfan who was active on BB Twitter. No way will she take a shot at the CO. She isn’t stupid. She’s not going to have her life ruined outside of the house. And that summarizes the problem with modern BB


Oh right, I was not thinking of those repercussions. Shame though.


I agree about her being aware specifically of how the alums & social media would look at things. BUT – I wonder isn’t there a way she could spin things by putting up Big D (only if SB came down) b/c she’s said from Day 1 she wanted a female to win so this would be in keeping with her goal all season.

She might not get the target she wants out (X) but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ky was evicted in that scenario.


Claire told Tiff. Tiff told X & Big D. She lied to Ky. Not sure what she’ll tell Hannah.

another name

Claire told Tiff and Hannah. TIff told all of the cookout. Tiff told Ky to lie to SB. Last to know in the cookout is Azah.

Stewie Griffin

If X wins the veto and removes himself, can another hamster be nominated? That would be fun.

another name

If X is removed from the block there is no renom according to X when talking about his automatic nomination pushishment.

Emily Sunshine

Can we take predictions on how CBS is going to try to spin the Cookout alliance into something positive? They have selectively edited mention of it from goodbye messages, etc. I can only imagine the overtime they’ve put in to make this into a feel good story rather than an alliance based purely on race


Give me a break! The reason the Cookout was formed is because it is the first time in BB USA history POC have had the opportunity to form a big enough alliance to make it to the finale. If you don’t think that past groups of white people worked together because of skin color you’ve been misted. I’m not saying it was always intentional albeit a little close-minded. I know that for some, it was definitely intentional!

People tend to gravitate towards other people with common interests, what they know. If you grew up in an all white neighborhood, going to a majority white school, more than likely, you’re going to gravitate towards an all white alliance, staying in your comfort zone. Personally, I think it’s a missed opportunity to expand your horizons.

The Cookout alliance is doing exactly what the white alliances of the past have done. The difference being, they are well aware this is a first and it’s an opportunity they don’t want to squander. This time the odds are in their favor. My white ass hopes they pull it off!
Moral of the story: Enlighten yourself. Get over your white fragility.


I’m not going to get into the race debate. I think what makes the CO the most awesome alliance ever is their true loyalty and how caring they’ve been to other houseguests. They deserve to be happy that they’ve outsmarted the house from day 1. For me what will be interesting when it’s down final 6 & 7. If they are not HOH during final 7 then they may loose a CO but if there lucky they’ll take out last non-co and go after each other but the final winner will be CO member. I’m rooting for them and looking forward to each competition. I love the comics comp & Zingbot.


I agree. I’ve enjoyed this season and am looking forward too seeing how this plays out.

I don’t like seeing politics, race issues, etc. on here. BB is my escape from the world. I keep telling myself to ignore it but on this issue, I just can’t help myself. What can I say, I keep taking the bait!

Bring Back Johnny Mac

They should’ve kept til jury and then turned. It’s not in Azah, Tiff, or Hannah’s interest to keep Ky or X safe once they made jury.

Sir Kirby Williams

I think X is planning on winning that HOH just to keep the alliance in tact and ensure he plays in that veto. Once the 6 get to final 6, there is no way to backdoor him and he can always play veto.

Dare I say it could be a back and forth each week between X and K winning Vetos? I think Azah or Big D get picked off first. At least one will be on the block, maybe as a renom. Remaining voting players will make deals with strength to get rid of first HOH (especially if it’s X or Ky).

I’m hoping for either X, Tiff, or Ky. Yes, I am also cheering for Ky. Not all good and great games are loved.


Thank you for this ??

Been there


The Cookout

So you’re going to ignore all the racist stuff that went on in Season 15?

TC Lover

Omg you deserve a standing ovation. Couldn’t have said it any better


Not true.

Jaymie lee

So let me get this straight Whites =racist. Blacks = not racist. Thanks for clearing it up. God help anyone not black or white why even play? They will have to answer why its ojay ro have an alliance says they are voting out the Whites. Blatant racism but were not going to call it out because were going to be pc or sjw this year. Race wars bbus. Thanks for ruining my fav show.


this season has been a snore fest

another name

it’s about 1015 in the bbhouse, right?
Isn’t it about time for Kyland to start to have his nominee to voters one on ones… all night?

another name

The cookout has it’s first meeting as an alliance on the day when they’ve talked about preemptively cutting a member how many times now?
Sideye. Absolute coincidence.
cough. blink blink.

Unpopular thought of something that would NOT happen:
Somehow SB wins an individual timed veto (it’s close to bbcomic time whether they use the real version or the season 20 version… i’m not saying because of Couch’s weight. He did).
Probability Clair puts up Alyssa or Couch? If she were playing with the mind she had in week 6 and 7: Couch. If she’s playing with her week 8 mind, does she do Alyssa?

Q: they’ve talked about a plan to throw the Coin flip to Claire since feeds came back.
When did that plan happen? I missed it.
Right now a couple members of the cookout are trying to figure out spin control for the jury. Who’s gonna tell them Ky already started talking? Do you really think he doesn’t tell SB in the gbm if she’s evicted?
Current vacillation: Can we just not tell the jurors? If we don’t mention it in the final 2 speeches, can we avoid it? Can we tell them we didn’t join together to target anyone, we just agreed not to target each other (destroys the plus one plan purpose… doesn’t it?).
I’m a BIG FAN of OWN your GAME. This current debate isn’t that.
5 people formed an alliance week one. week 3 or 4 they admitted a sixth member. They took out everyone else. There. game owned. What is so difficult about just saying that? It’s factually correct isn’t it? Rhetorical. I don’t need to hear about white black periwinkle salmon or puce.


“Right now a couple members of the cookout are trying to figure out spin control for the jury. Who’s gonna tell them Ky already started talking?” 

I don’t think Ky told anyone (except maybe SB, and he would leave that part out), so I think his secret is safe.

another name

Ky, in his goodbye message, already told Dx there is a large alliance in the house.
The entire ‘lets control the narrative so the jury doesn’t jump to conclusions’ argument is completely out the window.


Can’t imagine Tiff is going to be copacetic about throwing away the plus one strategy. Clearly b/c if she ends up in a F2 chair then she’ll want to use that as a key reason to vote for her. Sure DF & X are already claiming it was them who made the decision for the 6 to work together but Tiff was the one who developed the strategy – which is a key point.


I just hope Zingbot makes his (its) appearance soon. I really want to hear its “Zing” to SB! You can be sure she will not handle it well. DF’s should also be good.


I think the Zing to Tiff will be priceless!


I know X is my winner pick but I’m excited to hear his Zing


I wonder is OBB the only place referring to Big D as “couch” if not then expect Zingbot to make a Big Blue Couch comment & cite the fact he spends 99% of his day on it – or take a shot at him for constantly saying he’s a mastermind – how the girl’s do nothing & yet he’s come in last or second last in almost every comp & has terrible strategy. Case in point, Azah asked him if he had a F2 with X and he tells her yes or that he was considering putting up two CO members if he won HOH as initial nominees then changing things once he won COD (he lost both comps but if he’d won HOH imagine what Claire might’ve done with that!)


Df spent all last week making plans what he will do when he wins the power. A common point they all made as to why babyD has to go was we was the only one elligble for the power. Lol Claire goes in to win it. Lol


I must admit that I laughed when DF didn’t win the power after he salivated over his plans all last week. Looks like he was right when he told Claire that he couldn’t win anything. DF is getting dragged to F3 for sure.


Cool moaning Myrtle is back

Carlito's Way

Hard to take these whiners and cry babies when on the block. There should be no crying in BB! Take it like a man like Baby D did. Just get to work and try to stay. If you go, hey that’s the game. Stop crying!

Hopeful for a Good Season

X needs to win Veto and get off the block. Would be great if the cookout minus KY put their heads together and vote out KY instead. He’s throwing X’s name out there to save Sb. KY needs to go the go after Sb


Ky told SB to “visualize winning the veto”. He’s definitely a self-help book reader.


So I’m not sure what might happen. I’m trying to find a way to clearly not feel like I’m just a fool. My fault I just don’t want to comment on the happiest birthday I have had my

Wesley Sims

Next year lets have a all lesbian Big Brother ! why not that would be hot.


No mans land

Paul Sucks

SB this week, Claire next week follow by Alyssa…zzzz can we get to the part where they all turn on Ky?


This game is only partially about winning comps. Like her or not, Tiffany is playing a very good strategic game. She has had a lot of influence in the house.