“SB has a gift of putting her points together.. honey she had a whole Christmas bag.. she just had more and more information”

HOH: Tiffany
Nominations: Sb and Ky via HOH, Xavier Via punishment
Power of Veto Players:
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Big Brother Spoilers -Ky and Sb are being nominated. X is nominated Via last weeks Veto Punishment. High roller is today

7:57 am Houseguest getting up for the day.

8:08 am Sb and Ky
Sb says she likes the open room vs the coral room. “Why do you like the coral room better?”
Ky – mmm.. the beds.. mmmm.. use to it. mmm. I see you.
Ky – when I slept over there I could see you
SB – you can see me now
Ky – Not when I’m lying down (Yikes)
Sb giggles
Sb – if one of us goes home it shows people in this house isn’t going after the threats they are playing emotionally they are just going to pick us off.
Kyland says if the HOH is telling them both she’s more threatened by him that usually means this season that he’s the target. “Why would uhh.. why would you think it would be different this week”
Sb – because.. I don’t think that people are that loyal to the HOH’s I think it’s just for the most part what the HOH wanted would make sense for people’s game.
Ky – the HOH’s stated target has gone home each week
Sb – it’s not a done deal you are going home if we go up.
Sb thinks there are people in this house that will vote her out over Ky. “you only need 3 votes”
SB – Alyssa has consistently thrown me under the bus since week 3. It could be personal I don’t know what it is.. I think it would be smarter for her to work with me but she still doesn’t see it that way.
ky – it could just be that she saw.. I don’t think she’s any quicker to throw out you than you were to throw out her this week.
Sb – it’s Alyssa, don’t you think she threw both our names out there the moment she set foot in that room?
Ky says maybe Alyssa thought it was better working with Ky and SB like Sb thought they were working together. “What if you threw her.. why would she do any different”
SB – I’m not disagreeing I’m just not seeing how that means she wouldn’t vote me out that’s how this all started.
SB – I think she will vote me out because I’ll vote her out. I think she threw me under the bus like I did her.
Ky – right now I agree with what you’re saying.. maybe we should ask different questions we might get a different answer.. I’m not looking to stress you out.
Sb – I don’t see the point of continuing this conversation
Ky – sorry I’m just working through scenarios and thoughts
SB – what’s the point we have no control we don’t even know we’re going up right now.
KY – you tell me what you want and I’ll just talk about that then

8:34 am Tiffany to the camera
“It feels amazing to wake up and be HOH.. I have made my decision on what I will do today. I am hoping all the power remains in my hands this week.”
“I really hope to win the veto”
“America you already know what my goal is it’s not a personal thing it’s a lot of factors”
“I am going to nominate Kyland I am going to nominate Sarah Beth It is what’s best for the cookout I hope it’s best for my personal game”
Tiff mentions how upset she was to see BabyD go
“It fueled my desire even more to nominate Sarah Beth.. It could be emotional it could be personal I’m going to call it a game. I’m glad it is a win I earned. I’m glad I was able to focus under the pressure”
Tiff goes on about her family “I love you momma pat”
Claire brings her up a coffee grabs last night’s tea mugs and leaves.
Tiff – that is my girl Clarie you know I love Claire and one of the hardest things in this game is you fall in love with the people you are aligned with. I really do have a big heart I love Claire that is my girl. I don’t like having her in the position she is in I’ve said in the beginning if things were different it would be different for me and Claire as well. I made a decision on day one to stay loyal to the cookout because of this season and I don’t wish to.. Drag anyone along we all have the same opportunities in this house and whatever is supposed to happen will happen I am trying my best to stay true to the cookout. We’ll get the end”
Formulating that plan was a gift from the universe I have no idea how I came up with that. We’ve used it as a blueprint to get further ion this game. it is a game and as the saying goes don’t hate the player hate the game. I love her I hope at the end she realizes I never meant to hurt her..
Claire joins her with more coffee.

8:48 am Claire and Tiff
Tiff says Sb brought up a lot about Alyssa. tiff wants to bring Alyssa up one more time before nominations.
Tiff – “SB has a gift of putting her points together.. honey she had a whole Christmas bag.. she just had more and more information when we first sat down”
Tiff says once she pointed out to SB her side of the house has winning all the competitions “She dug in her bag and pulled more things out she told me BIGD was going to do this or that Alyssa said this.. Xavier said this.. she’s like ummm ALyssa will lie with a straight face. I thought she had given me a lot of information. She let me know she had no loyalty with anyone in this game.. That’s a big statement to make.
Tiff – she told me DX, Ky and her had a final 3 she couldn’t decide to go with them or with us
Tiff – when you won SB you never got me and Claire together for jackpot
Claire – never
Tiff about Sb – YOu’ve been cuddling with Ky every 5 minutes and having your eyes closed with those heart sunglasses you might be able to see what is happening in this house..
Claire – you have no idea what is going on in this house

Tiff says Sb has had no loyalty to anyone in this game except for KY and now she says she doesn’t have loyalty with him “You will cut me and Claire at any time that is a person that is dangerous in this game”
Tiff says the minute Sb is in danger she will give you any information you need.
Tiff – Alyssa look me right in the eyes and said I’m not a target for her.

9:02 pm Alyssa and Tiff
Tiff – last night I had another conversation as best as you can I want to keep this here.. I do want to make sure where you and I stand..
Tiff says she promised SB she’ll keep the conversation they had a secret but she still wants to talk to Alyssa. “She is really either very good or .. I don’t know but.. She’s painting a picture to me that I am your target I should not trust you. She has confirmed she doesn’t trust you. What I feel is that she would like me to go after you because she either doesn’t have the heart to do it, Doesn’t want to look bad or doesn’t want X to come after her”
Tiff is looking for a one week deal with Alyssa “You are not my target I don’t want you on the block I’m not asking to use you as a pawn.. If you are picked to play in the veto and you want to take X off the block I’m fine with that. I would like to keep noms the same. I would like Sb to leave this week that is best for both our games if that happens”
“If next week i am nominated that I have your vote to stay. I would love to not be your target next week”
Feeds cut..

9:21 am Alyssa and X
Alyssa says Sb brought her up to the HOH late last night and this morning
X – time to get her out
X says when DX hugged him on eviction “it almost felt like he was scared to hug me”
All four feeds on Tiff Putting on makeup alone.

9:28 am Claire to the cameras
She says getting SB out isn’t best for her personal game but she’ll do what “her girl” tiff wants. Claire is happy seeing Sb and Ky Squirm.
Claire – do I feel good about my position in this house? Yes.. people will go for tiff more than me.. honestly, I want to get to the end with Tiff.. Can I beat Tiff?NO. Am I playing a Steve type game? yes..
Clair e- I’m so happy for Tiffany.
Claire- I’m one of tiff’s minions.

11:04 am Feeds return

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Rebekah A Mcginnis

I’m so happy for Tiff! I didn’t think it was time for Derek X to leave for that side of the house. I have wanted to see SB gone for weeks. I hope this works out.

Brandon Salazar

Im so happy SB is leaving. Hopefully she goes to jury and admits how much of an idiot she was backdooring DX.

BB fan

What are you talking about? Derek X was going to go after SB and Alyssa regardless even if SB kept him off the block last week.
Derek X was going to do whatever his TWO BOSSES told him too (Hannah and Tiffany).
They pulled DX by his strings and he was always going to do what they wanted him to.
I mean Derek wanted to evict Claire last week when Claire would’ve taken him so far in the game close to the end and Hannah would have never done and would’ve cut him well before then.Get over Derek X the guy did it to himself. DX time after time ruined his chances at working with other people in the house that would’ve taken him further to the end instead of continually allowing the cookout steamroll.He made bad moves time and time again and he left because he was untrustworthy and lied repeatedly.

What were you expecting or hoping Sarabeth and Alyssa To do ??
Derek X was never going to work with them and was targeting them anyway even if DX didn’t touch the block last week
though he was the one Dx that lied about going after Christian week 5 where SB almost left when the vote almost flipped- Dx word was dirt and meant nothing!

Seriously ask yourself a question why do I want somebody to be America’s favorite player?
When all DX did was was whatever his MASTERS in unlikable characters in Tiffany and Hannah wanted him too and those women were always were going to cut him and didn’t care about his best interest.
Just stop with the Derek X stuff and how this is karma for him. DX was always going to target Sarah Beth and Alyssa the first change he got! Those girls were expendable to DX girls first chance because of what his bosses wanted him to do!!

DX was the one that started it betraying his alliance with flush especially with the kings part When he could have targeted the jokers because Aza or Derek F could’ve gone home since Britney won the veto week5 HAHA I mean come on I’m sure you think keeping kyland week one for Derek was a great move.

Get over it, DX had done it to himself because he made himself untrustworthy to SB AND Alyssa!!
It’s amazing how short term peoples memories are and how he put up everyone on the kings and Sarah Beth almost went home on his HOH and Derek X wasn’t going to vote the way Sarabeth wanted to last week during her HOH, AND AGAIN DX was going to target her anyways if he stayed off the block . It’s pretty freaking simple and obvious that Sarah Beth had no used to keep Derek X in the game because of his INTENTIONS & ACTIONS!


His two “bosses” never wanted him to put Christian on the block! They almost flipped the house.


Come on tiff and Hannah devised a plan for him to throw Claire under the bus and he went to Sarah Beth last week before renoms and lied to her about his intentions going through with Tiffany and Hannah’s plan. DX always did their dirty work!
DX strategically was so inept and was always going to throw himself over Hannah and Tiffany when they were always gonna get rid of him before 6 people. They would cue the exit anytime in yet DX continued to do what they wanted and screwed his game up. I mean it’s totally there for everyone to see that Claire would’ve done and been much better for DX game. In yet DX wants to do whatever Hannah and Tiffany want when they strategically didnt want him to go far it literally made no sense what Derek x was thinking!?!!

If you want proof DX was supposed to be an alliance with the royal flush in yet for Hannah’s sake and cookout not targeting haha DX makes a horrible move and targets The Kings which is what got out him out the door….. It’s complete irony because Derek X if he would’ve stuck and been loyal to the royal flush and not targeted the kings he would’ve lasted longer than what he did finishing 10th and still have been in the house; it is so obvious Derek X screwed up! If you don’t think Hannah and Tiffany were all on board with that targeting the kings week 5 when Hannah wasn’t in the flush then you are totally on something haha


oh my gosh you need to give it a break LOL, are you an ex-housemate or something?

Sir Kirby Williams

Funny how when there was talk about a vote flip, we never heard from this guy. He only shows up now when DX is gone and it’s safe.




Amazes me how clueless the “non-cookout” HG are. Derek X was the only one that was close to figuring it out yet all have refused to play their own game when powers are given. I’m not sure if the Cookout alliance is just brilliant or dealing with a lot of naive HG’s?? It should be way more obvious by now.

Not Sorry

Oh it’s obvious. No one is clueless by any means. Alyssa mentioned Christian was the last Caucasian male in the house. Derek X and Claire discussed it.
No one is that silly. Lol. Their just falling in line until they get power, if they get power!
Sarah Beth was just scared to make a move, she gave Kyland her HOH. Oh well….


Yeah…but SB wasn’t the only one. Derek X gave Hannah his HOH. Christian gave X his. And what really was Alyssa purpose with taking Big D off the block over Claire? She’s not even working with him? I don’t know..just seems like they all had their chance and doesn’t take the shot.

Game fan

they had power. sb was hoh . alysa could of take claire down with the power.
derex x could of as well if he played…


Lol Claire saying SB has no idea what’s going on in the house…I wonder how Tiff kept a straight face


I want Claire out next. After SB. Though I just realize it’ll probably be Tiff and Claire on block. Could be nice week next week.


I don’t recall DX’s goodbye hug to Xavier looking awkward. Did anyone else catch that?

The Beef

When everything is going your way and your side just can’t lose for winning, you can say just about anything you want to say, right? So let’s make fun of the guy your alliance of six just steam rolled out the door, and basically imply the guy is afraid of you. Totally unnecessary comment by X, and one I thought he had more class than to make.

another name

I watched a vid snip of Ky’s goodbye message. Edited to hell. like multiple cuts. He outed the alliance. Name was cut. Members were cut. Mission was cut. It was a reallly poorly chopped up goodbye message
Dx thought the alliance was Ky, X, Couch, Tiff and Alyssa (remnants of the slaughterhouse plus Tiff because she’s always talking to Ky and X).
Well. If they let it out there is a big alliance to Dx, the chances of any Battle back have greatly declined.

I get the feeling that Production hasn’t really decided how they are going to deal with the revelation of the cookout and the mission statement. It’s sort of like if they don’t mention it at all to exiting players nobody will ask any questions.

Almost get the feeling that there was a deal struck between Claire and Prodo: we’ll keep you if you forget everything you’ve been talking about for 3 weeks. Because she’s playing up the know nothing to the cams now.

Oddly enough: X wants Ky gone. Claire for her own game would prefer Ky gone, but will do what Tiff wants. Azah doesn’t like Ky but hates SB more (I have a suspicion about Azah’s reasoning but I’m not saying anything until she says it on feeds).
Couch was feeling out Azah to see if Tiff was doing shady business to get rid of Ky (so that if he wins destiny he can save Ky if Ky is in danger because Ky already asked Couch to pull him off so he can play and win veto and they can get rid of Alyssa).

Feel the HOHITIS rising as she’s cam talking in her HOH robe?


I thought the exact same thing about production making a deal with Claire! Say nothing, act stupid, and you’ll stay another couple of weeks. I will believe that Claire forgot everything she figured out around the time that I believe that America voted for Couch to get $100 two weeks in a row… which is never.


Who is Couch? & why? I don’t get it at all. Use their actual names maybe please lol.


I think its Derek F……because he’s alway lounging on a couch?

another name

Df is couch because his preseason stated objective was to take a nap and wake up in a final 2 chair. He’s playing like a piece of the furniture, and he’s horizontal 90% of the time I seee him.


Gets confusing to follow for sure when everyone has their own nicknames! 🙂


I didn’t like Tiffany but I’m happy she is doing what we all
Want she’s growing on me like a fungus lol

mad max

Did Tiff really win the HOH or did Hannah throw it to her?


I was ready to say she finally won but Hannah gave her the answer. I hope in final seven she is voted out.

The Beef

That happened when they were STUDYING together. She didn’t give her the answer DURING the competition! That’s all part of getting ready for these types of HOH competitions – people who are working together often study together to help each other do better because it’s obviously better for Hannah if Tiffany wins HOH vs. Alyssa winning it, right? It’s not like Ky finding the right answer in the OTEV veto competition and then standing there waiting on Alyssa to also find it so that she can beat him to the top and win, or like Azah finding the right answer, intentionally tossing it aside so that Britini could find it, and thus eliminating herself.

Tiffany outright WON that competition, and the only person who threw it was X, and he made it obvious he was throwing by intentionally missing the first question and throwing 20 peace signs when he did it. I understand why he did it though, as he wanted to get his mandatory block time out of the way while the COD power is in play and there’s a high probability that the Cookout will control that power, and the votes this week. It was the right move for him.


I don’t think Hannah is as good at memory as they give her credit for…


Wow i didnt think sb could get more annoying, but here we are. Ky is also very annoying. Either could go and id be happy but its more than likely sb going.


I’ve been watching the interviews the evicted houseguests have been giving since leaving and not one has mentioned the Cookout. Does no one find that odd?

Sir Kirby Williams

They could be worried about a battle back.