“You can waste your votes on someone that is eventually just going to go or you can try to keep someone that could get you further.”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Veto Not used The original nominations are locked.

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10:12pm Backyard. Big D and Brent.
Big D – how are you feeling? Brent – Just chilling. Nothing I can really do. Big D – Yeah. Brent – it is what it is. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Big D – I just look at it like this .. you can’t control what people do. Brent – you can give all the logic to someone and they still don’t understand. What is beneficial for their game, and they still vote with their heart. Big D – your heart is not going to get you to the end. Brent – in love, yeah maybe follow your heart. In this game, you’ve got to follow your head. Big D – Correct. Brent – People will learn that the hard way. Big D – yeah. Brent – it is what it is. You have to realize who can get you further in the game. Big D – I am used to being around a certain type of people and this game is based on manipulation, lying… like straight to your face. Everyone could be up here lying about who they are, their age and stuff like that. I can’t sit here and lie but I know I have to get far. I really want my character to come off like that. Brent – I think some people realize this is a game. I am honestly surprised like I have barely lied at all. It wasn’t even really lying it was bending the truth to my team about slaughterhouse. Big D – of course. Brent – I can’t really tell them about that. Big D – to me I honestly believe that the girls are working together. That’s how I feel and that is what my gut is telling me.

Brent – just think of it this way … Britini won by a landside last time. If the girls really are together .. you’ll find out but as long as we keep getting rid of dudes.. you guys have no shot. They’ll have the numbers every time. Big D – correct. Brent – it is what it is. Brent – obviously you’re voting for Britini right? Don’t worry I won’t be mad. I completely understand. Big D – she is my teammate and she looks at me like her big brother. Brent – but can she get you far? Can she get you past next week? She is just going to get put up again. Big D – right. Brent – that’s the problem, you can save her week by week but you’re constantly going to be targeted. You can waste your votes on someone that is eventually just going to go home or you can try to keep someone that could get you further. And whatever way you vote .. I would not be upset. Its a game. Big D – No, I know. You’re a straight shooter. Right now I am leaning towards Britini to stay.. but if there is a magical way that you have enough to stay then of course like.. If you’re like… I locked in this and only need two more.. then we can talk. Brent – well I can’t give you any type of number because everyone lies. All I know is that I have my teams votes. Big D – which is three. What do you need to stay? Brent – I would need 6. Big D – oh sh*t. Brent – I would need you and Azah and then one other vote. Big D – Ah, I don’t think you can get Azah.. like that is her girl. Brent – I know, and unfortunately Azah and Britini are going to sink you because they don’t have any other connections. People aren’t thinking about progressing in the game. They’re just thinking about people’s feelings but at the end of the day you aren’t doing your game any good if you’re not build other relationships. Big D – either way you have left your mark. Brent – but that’s what I don’t understand, why am I such a huge target to everyone. I haven’t done anything. Big D – maybe its your physique. Brent – so because I have abs I should go? Big D – in my gut.. I believe there is going to be a battle back for whoever leaves. Brent – just know I wouldn’t put you up. Big D – I know that. When Travis went home, that had nothing to do with me. When Frenchie when home, that had nothing to do with me. You going home .. Ah or Britini going home.. Brent – Jesus, you’re already counting me out.

10:30pm – 11:15pm Outside the diary room, Tiffany and Derek X have been waiting forever to scare Kyland.

They call Kyland towards the bedrooms so that Tiffany can scare him but Britini ruins it by opening the closet door. Tiffany is annoyed that she waited there for an hour only for the surprise to be ruined.

11:25pm Bathroom. Sarah, Tiffany and Alyssa.
Sarah – ah what is this next comp going to be? Alyssa and Tiffany – it better be endurance. Sarah – I really hope so. Tiffany – and something where we can see people compete for real. Like where we know what people are capable of. Sarah – yup, I agree. Alyssa – our odds are in our favor I will say that. Sarah – yup. Alyssa – and I am pretty sure Hannah doesn’t want it.. so Hannah doesn’t want it. Sarah – sweet! Alyssa – so the only people we need to worry about are Whit, Big D, Azah and Britini. I think Whitney does want it.

HOH room. Xavier, Tiffany and Alyssa.
Tiffany – it has to be a unanimous vote. Alyssa – I know Derek X was asking if he should be three votes.. with Azah and Big D. Tiffany – No it has to be a unanimous vote for my own selfish reasons. I don’t want him to have to think one of y’all at least thought enough to vote for me. I want him to know that NO one voted to keep him.. Tiffany laughs. Xavier – you are evil! Xavier – Derek X asked about whether or not he should vote for him and I said no it will give people a reason to target you. Tiffany – it has to by unanimous. And it was y’all’s idea for him to go home, how are you going to vote for him to stay?

12am Bedroom. Britini and Azah
Azah – never, ever, ever, ever repeat to anybody any names at all. One thing that I can promise you is that I will never repeat any names as to who you are after or anything. Brit – no I got you.

1:45am – 2am Havenot room.
Tiffany – I don’t want the kings to look at us like why are we not going for it. We are not trying to be carried by the kings. Claire – Christian said – Clarie you should really win something. When he said why don’t you want to win this. You should really win something. I said okay. Derek – I like the way that you worded it.. yeah we will win something but we will have to put one of you up as a pawn. Tiffany – who would he put up? Claire – he said that he would put up Whitney and Big D. Tiffany – I almost don’t want the kings to win it. Because if the kings win it then they feel like they are carrying all of us. Claire – that’s fine if they feel like that. Tiffany – but then that leaves the door open for them to try and take one of us out because what are we doing for them if we’re not willing to take the shot. They might feel like they can snatch up the jokers. Claire – what if we put up Whitney and Big D? Derek – but that is showing our cards. Tiffany – whoever takes out Big D loses Azah and Britini. Azah has cried for 7 days and over Britini being on the block. If we can’t take Whitney, And we can’t take Britini, And we can’t take Big D, and we can’t take Hannah, And we can’t take out our alliance. I CANNOT TAKE AZAH OUT. I personally cannot be the one to take Azah out. Claire – we’re back to we just can’t win. Tiffany looks at Derek. Derek – would I take the shot!? Tiffany – I was just looking at you. Derek – I saw the way you set that up. Tiffany – the scary thing is when the shots get fired between the kings, queens and one ace? Claire – it is better to shoot em earlier than later. Tiffany – that is why I really want to bring Hannah in. Claire – I don’t know. She already thinks that she is in.

5:00 am Houseguests sleeping
Updates will resume Tuesday afternoon.

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Three things I really like about this season so far. (I know this season could go kraken in a heartbeat if the great GROD sticks her thumb on the scale)
A) other than the clown nobody talks about meet greets, starting BB podcasts, t-shirt companies, instagram followers etc etc..
B) more than 2 people know the game and are strong enough mentally or physically to play the game. To add people that came in not knowing the game are smart enough to learn fast (ie derekx)
C) generally all around likable people. Other than the clown I find them all fun characters to watch. They’re not perfect but on balance I find them interesting.


Simon and Dawg appreciate all that you do and your hard work! Really enjoy the feedback and the updates you all give. You all are definitely the best place to go; nothing but the best.


I agree. I mean for it to be week 3 and they are all (so far) orchestrating this blindside on Brent, that alone shows the overall smarts and skills for the game already. Also being able to root for multiple people and not pick one or two you kind of like is so refreshing !


Simon what was wrong with my post?, im done, i was a regular donator, not anymore


What have I done now?

The comment system isn’t perfect.


Simon, I know you are the optimist, but you aren’t a little bored? I am bored to tears. We know the order of almost every eviction. This season, the cast is awesome, but the gameplay sucks!


Updates are coming.. It’s been a busy DAY :)P

The Beef

Do you guys have ANY pictures of Smoking D where he is not horizontal? Asking for a friend who actually believes the Smoking D has a chance in the next endurance competition LOL!


Yesterday night he played pool for a hot minute


You obviously have not had to endure hours upon hours of reclined existence. The horizontal stamina is the hardest stamina to work because of the angles of gravity and centrifugal and centripetal forces exerted on the body are plethora and myriad. The loquaciousness needed to build that fortitude are prodigious.

Maybe I should throw some more random smart sounding words together…


After only four days in the house, the five Black houseguests formed an “all Black” alliance in the Big Brother house. The members of this alliance say, “Not everything in here is about the game. We were brought here to change the culture. Think about the year we just had… It’s important for us to be here and stick together.” This was then followed by clear implications that they needed to find “opposite” (white) people to be close with in order to not let people catch on to the fact that they were forming their alliances solely based on race. They are using race a strategy to win.

The fact of the matter is that this race-essentialist behavior from the houseguests is precisely the outcome promoted by Critical Race Theory and propagated by organizations such as Black Lives Matter as well as the establishment media. When race becomes the most important thing, it becomes the only thing people see.

Big Brother is not only promoting the opposite of what the Civil Rights Movement was looking to rectify, but this is also in direct opposition to what Hollywood used to promote. Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Whoopi Goldberg, Will Smith, Kerry Washington, Viola Davis and countless others in Hollywood did not receive their stardom because of their race. They became global superstars because of their talent and hard work.

Feeds Gold

well said

in addition, my advice to future white bb players in usa and canada in future seasons is dont be naïve especially pre jury

be realistic and aware of all likelihoods

your goal should be to maximise your win chance %

Zingggster Zingbot 2021

I tend to agree with your comments. I’m all for having a diverse cast but a winner should be voted for because of their gameplay not just their skin color. I just find it weird that if the shoe were on the other foot it would be all hell on the show and Julie would be sending out PSA’s before every episode. Wrong is wrong no matter how you cut it.

The other thing that bothers me is that if the cookout is making their jury votes just based off their skin color (this is just lame), than which ever one of them wins cannot really be considered the winner. It’s sucks because it’s a diverse yet mostly skilled cast this season which we rarely get, however, it looks as though CBS blatantly set up this season to give us a winner based off pity rather then merit.


“When race becomes the most important thing, it becomes the only thing people see.”
Black folks want to be seen. Black folks want representation. When Black folks play the game in the same way it’s been rigged against them, you cry foul!!! Where were you when the white players did the exact same thing for 20+ seasons? Where was your righteous outrage then? You get mad when the white boys all gather up and form alliances against women and minorities? No, of course you don’t. You are a hypocrite.
Your type is the kind that needs CRT the most. It threatens the status quo with the truth, and it makes you uncomfortable. Good…

Wow really?

“Where were you when the white players did the exact same thing for 20+ seasons?”

When did white players ever create an all white alliance and voice to each other on multiple occasions they were only targeting non-whites for eviction?

Please name the season and the players and what they said. Since you think it has happened for 20+ seasons then it should be easy for you…I’ll wait.


Until last season, no black player made it into the jury phase of the game. The only black players who made jury were all the first juror. Zakiyah made it to number 2 because Davonne was the first. The fact that not a single black player made it past the half way point of the game says something either about the types of black players selected or the fact that in a game where quick divisions happen every year, race can play a big role even if it’s not explicitly stated.

Being unlike the majority has almost always been a disadvantage in these types of games.


What the hell are you talking about jury voting began in Season 2 and these are the members of the jury who were black
Season 2 – Monica finished 3rd
Season 3 – Danielle and marcellas finished 2 and 5th respectively
Season 4 – no black jury members
Season 5 – Marvin
Season 6 – Beau
Season 7 – Marcellas and Danielle
Season 8 – Jameka
Season 9 – no black jury members
Season 10 – 2 black members Libra and Bryan
Season 11 – Kevin made it all the way to final 3 I believe and was the final jury member
Season 12 – no black jury members
Season 13 – Kalia was in jury
Seasons 14 and 15 – No black jury members
Season 16 – jocasta
Season 17 no black jury members
Season 18 davonne and zakiyah (the season you’re referring to which isn’t even the most recent season lol)
Season 19 no black jury members
Season 20 – bayleigh was jury member and although not black Kaycee Clark (a poc) was the winner
Season 21 no black jury members
Season 22 davonne David and Kevin

So 8 out of 20 seasons there have been no black jury members. Didn’t just happen for the first time last year. Also considering big brother was created to be microcosm of America which made it so there was only 18% of the cast as someone else said 1-3 black cast members. I would venture to guess the success rate of making to jury if you’re black is higher than if you’re white. For example in Season 5 there was 1 black person and he made it to jury for a 100% success rate. There were 13 white cast members and 8 out of the 13 made jury phase including the winners for a 61.5% success rate. I don’t care to do it for every Season but as I said I’d bet the success rate is higher to make jury if you’re black. I believe I read somewhere there have been 36 black contestants or around 12% by my count from above 19 have made it to jury for a 53% success rate of making it to jury if you’re black.


My mistake, I apparently edited out the part about the last decade. I meant in the last decade no black player made it past the first juror spot.

i was here

“I meant in the last decade no black player made it past the first juror spot.”

brimi’s post debunks that claim too

Feeds Gold

epic flawless victory to brimi

this is how you respond to bs with facts


can you remind me of the high alliance got together based on skin color or race? Did an alliance really say let’s get the POC out and let’s us white people get to the park be. That would be wrong. But I really I missed it.


I guess because the previous all white alliances never said lets target the minorities its not the same. Thats fine to live in a world were you turn your head on the reality that minorities have faced since season one of this game. Is it a problem for you if all the women create an alliance how about if all the jocks create an alliance? These are also socially segregated groups


Hypothetically speaking, when the time comes when Tiffany and/or kyland have to pick side between keeping Azah or Derek F over claire or sarah beth are we all supposed except that claire and SB get clipped because they are not POC? That’ll turn people off real quick. I would argue that Claire and Sarah Beth’s gameplay/strategy align better with tiffany and kyland gameplay more so than Derek F or Azah.

j w

You don’t know what you’re talking about. Never have I heard in past season us white people need to stick together, our alliance will be called the crackers! The cookout has 3 really good players in X, Ky and Tiffany and don’t need to play that way. In fact you are the hypocrite for complaining of racism and turning around and doing the same thing. I fear this will set a precedent for future seasons that its okay to so blatantly form all white and black alliances


This season is great. You can’t call it a race thing without saying every season of BB previously was about racial alliances. It’s about people with “similar backgrounds” working together. If there were 6 Asians in the house the results would be the same. People with similar backgrounds gravitate towards each other. Same with a overwhelming large white cast. Their backgrounds help create their alliances. I can’t wait until they all make jury and don’t have to hide it. We will then see some real conversations about race

i was here

so white and black and asian players cant have similar backgrounds? Your racist apologist response is ridiculous

Game fan

And now Tiffany is stressed she can’t take aza out . If it wasn’t about race .. aza and big D wouldn’t have allied with them

Big Brother Fan

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it…if this were white people only voting based on race they would be losing their jobs, it would be all over TMZ how racist and horrible these BB players are, and CBS would be posting a disclaimer at the beginning of the show. I mean Hannah isn’t full AA so she is only a backup! The saddest part is this cast has plenty of POC who could make it to the end based off of their game play. Reverse racism is still racism, and being mixed myself, I see way more racism from my black side. I am embarrassed that these players are getting away with making it all about race and doing it blatantly!

A proud boack person

Well welcome to the world on “how it feels to be black outside of the BB house”. This is how us blacks folks feel when you white folks gang up on us for decades till now.


Actually the disclaimer that CBS post now for feeds is because of racially said things by a cast member. I guess when the playing field is now more even with diversity it seems unfair that black people fill a responsibility to finally get a winner of color. There has always only been between 1to 3 players and they would have there alliance why didn’t that piss you off I guess because the white alliance was always bigger?

i was here

Fun Fact, the season you are talking about BB15 had 4 white players evicted first before a black player


Geesh, would it really bother you that much to see a black player win Big Brother?

Zingggster Zingbot 2021

Statistically, Asian and Hispanic individuals have been even more under represented on the show yet have actually won. If anything this proves the lack of quality African American players despite being represented within their statistics in the US population. This season they represent nearly a 1/3 of the cast yet only 13% of the population. This season is just about getting a poc across the finish line for a feel good story. It shouldn’t be that way but it is what’s happening


When you reduce your population down to 16 people from 350 million, demographic statistics become pointless. If we were to make an all white, all black, all Hispanic and all Asian basketball team after reducing the population down to 100 randomly selected people from each category, a problem becomes apparent.

For the black team, they get to choose from 13 people, the Hispanics would get to choose from 18, the Asians don’t get a choice as they’d have 5 people and the white folks would get to pick from 64. What are the odds the teams would be competitive? Statistically about 10% of these people would have a disability as well, so hopefully we’re rounding down for the Asians or at least that the disability wouldn’t impair performance.

The fact that a single Asian and Hispanic have won the show doesn’t mean the show is without bias towards them. Muggsy Bogues was a great basketball player in spite of his 5’3″ stature. He would have had a much easier time if he was the height of the average NBA player. The fact that no black player had made it past the first juror position in more than a decade is a problem.


Please….these are PEOPLE first. Please stop breaking it down into race. Bunch of good players this year—-who, other than the professional race-baiters, care about this race nonsense? Let’s talk GAME…not race.


No, it would not bother me to see a black player win. On merit and gameplay. Got some great players here of all colors and ethnic backgrounds. It is anyone’s game.
What does bother me is the outright alignment based on blackness alone. DerekX, Hannah, Alyssa are left out because they are not black. Reverse racism is still racist. Isn’t that the problem?


Reverse racism isn’t a thing.


No, it would not. I guess I sound stupid saying I base it on play, not race, but I always have. This divisiness is just zero good here….play the GAME based on gameplay. Is that asking too much????

j w

I don’t like what’s going on this season just like I have hated how the so call popular kids and jocks ganged up and vote out the women. Just so you know I’m a white man and my favorite player is Kyland, he’s a down to earth guy and not the typical meat head jock!


This comment just proves what’s wrong with big brother’s community. Y’all can’t even see that some of the pervious winners have won doing less.


Ok…I am confused. Did a Houseguest tell him that everyone was voting him out or did someone in the DR ruin the surprise


Right! I got kind of excited when I read the title for the last post but it was brushed over like no big deal so I definitely missed it as well.


figured it out! I somehow missed the post titled “how many do we need 6?” Where Brent and Alyssa talk and she mentions he might be going home.


Ok, so it is just a matter of figuring out whether he is still under some sort of delusion that he will be saved or whether he knows that everything is indeed done Thursday unless there’s a competition to get back into the house a little later. He still seems to believe Frenchie’s lies (maybe the only one at this point)


The problem is I think a few people have hinted but I honestly think he thinks he’s staying. Thursday should be interesting and hope for a fun HOH Comp


Given that the feeds have shown as if they are lying to him, I am not so sure that he is staying. This is a great cast as they have shown that they are here to play the game and not for some attention for their blog/social media presence.

another name

This is generally what I’m seeing this week as of Tuesday afternoon. Much can change by Thursday:

Any notes in black in the alliance section are just my assumptions/predictions, and do not necessarily reflect what will actually happen.
The issue with having a house target on the block for the whole week: they all start plotting in 1000 directions. At this point some of them have played week 4 already in their heads, and gone back to replay it… on Tuesday. Of week three.
I expect things to get turned on their head by tomorrow. Not the current eviction, but all of the plotting for week 4 that has been going on since Friday is going to disrupt week three’s alliances.
Too many people have said too many things.
When is someone going to realize that in groups of 5-9 member alliances… their target list keeps getting narrowed so that they are expected to pawn their own alliance instead of pawning non alliance members because of cookout misdirection? Hate to say it, but they are being willfully obtuse not to have noticed already. An alliance of 9… and they can’t put non alliance members on the block? And nobody says wtf??? stupid.
I half expect Kyland to have a three hour sit down meeting with each and every ant. And then a team meeting with all of the ants, resulting in a final 225 deal. eyeroll. Somehow that will piss Azah and BigD off. What doesn’t?

Cookout tactical error: in order to assure a final 2 win, they have to consider Hannah a member not an honorary member. Currently at 5 do they control the jury? I guess if both final 2 are cookout then the cookout wins regardless… but how does the individual from the cookout ensure THEY are the winner?

bb23 WEEK THREE.jpg

Watching Xavier trying to figure out different scenarios out loud was awkward


Given how many times their names have been mentioned, who do you want to win HoH next: Whitney, Hannah, or Britini?