“I don’t think that all of the six are playing a good enough game so that they deserve to make it to 5”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Veto Not used The original nominations are locked.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Lotsa of game talk for the next 4 weeks.. kinda ridiculous lol. Still filling in con conversations from today so make sure to refresh.

10:40 am Kyland and Tiffany
Ky – if the kings are going to Britini they are going to do Whitney. We should then win it this week otherwise we have to take the shot at Brinit.. and we’ll need someone else to take the shot at Claire.
Tiff – Claire is the next one in line..
Tiff is asking who should go first Claire or SB
(they’re talking about 3 weeks down we started this conversation a bit late)
Tiff – If I don’t win it (HOH) next week and I win it the week after.. I am Screwed who do I have to go after besides Britini and the jokers will be mad.
Tiff – I can win for a long a$4 time. I would like to put Alyssa up with Wthiney.. I can’t put Britini up
Ky is going to talk to Xavier and see if he’s willing to have one of his team go up as a pawn.
Tiff – if we take out Whitney and the KINGS win who do they have to take out other than DX?
Ky – what point
Tiff – after Whitney
Ky – Britini
Tiff – do they want to?
TIFF says that is the reason DX doesn’t want to go after Wthiney he knows he’s the next one in line.
Ky thinks the Kings will target Azah and BigD not DX.
Tiff – that takes a shot at the 6.. I know you want the 8 but I keep listening when I think of DX he’s giving us the out to bring the 6
Tiff – the KINGS hold three people have to go we only hold one. If we keep the kings we jeopardize the 6. It would be great if the jokers really did win this week and they take a shot at the kings. we can pull in the jokers..
Tiff – there is a house target this week it’s Whitney. next week is eviction 5 the last one before Jury there is no house target.
Tiff says if Whitney goes next week they have to take a shot at the kings. She’s not taking a shot at the jokers.

Ky – if the next shot isn’t Whitney and one of the kings gets taken out I have the following week umm… could be Whitney.. the issue with that. IF Whitney one that week 5 I don’t know what she would do if a king went out week 4..
Tiff – If I pout Whitney up this week but I make her feel like she’s the pawn for the kings.. But I also have to make the kings feel like a pawn for Whitney. If Whitney stays I would have to build that trust with Whitney if she stays she has to keep us safe.

Tiff – we gotta plan it out.. the numbers have to align back to us.
Ky – Britini is not a target for the house.
Tiff – I almost rather take a shot at Britini this week is leaves Whitney (this week means next week)
Tiff says it’ll piss of the Jokers, “they already look at me a little shady”
Tiff – I can’t take out Claire
Ky – I don’t want to

Ky – I’m so so annoyed with the jokers.. because I’m like.. I already know. If it was Claire I would be like it is what it is.. I don’t know why they don’t get it
Ky – I feel like I am tiptoeing around
Tiff – they didn’t have to make that wildcard be that way. You all know what the f*** has to happen. unless you don’t want the 6
Tiff – that’s why I keep saying to you are we more for the six than they are for the six?
Ky – it feels like that
Tiff says if it wasn’t for the 6 they could go with the 8
Ky – and Cruise
Tiff – I don’t know.. If I could come in here and play the game I wanted to play
Ky – I know same

(then do it)
Tiff – I am frustrated
Ky – I am frustrated too
Tiff – if we go with the 6 we have to go with the f***ing 6 and say f** everything else

Ky – I am. I’m saying that and you are saying that but they aren’t saying that
Tiff – I love Claire to death but I’m not going to turn on them
Tiff says the jokers have turned on them “Azah is pissed at me”
Ky – the one thing I haven’t said… you can say it. If you haven’t told Xavier it’s worth telling him I hate the…
KY – the thing that pisses me off with BIGD right now is that.. in general, he’s pretty good but he has uh.. there’s a moment.. after the ceremony….
(Ky is long-winded I’ll summarise. )
Ky was in the storage room with Christian after the Veto Ceremony. BIGD say them get out together and said “You guys conspiring”
Ky – BRO What the f** are you doing?
Tiff – he called me out the minute I walked out the door after the wildcard.
Tiff – they are the only 2 out of the six that are not helping us stay solid but want the protection

Ky – this is the hot take I am upset about I think for sure 6 in jury. I don’t think that all of the six are playing a good enough game so that they deserve to make it to 5
Tiff – I saw that week one
tiff – it’s a game
Ky – and some of them arent’ good at it
Tiff says it makes it tough for them to come into the game with an “a” (alliance) that they didn’t know about. it makes this an emotional game.
Tiff – I didn’t come in here for an emotional game.
Tiff says Xavier won’t be allowed to hold onto his 3 forever. “SB makes her nervous”
They agree SB is very smart and keeps thing to herself.
Tiff – she doesn’t talk enough and when she does talk she’s very strong and that makes me nervous

Tiffany says it’s going to take one eviction and the house will figure out about their 6
Ky – we have time
Tiff – how do we have time?
Tiff points out if DX wins HOH he’s putting a 6 member on the block and when the person that is supposed do go doesn’t.
Ky – he has to win
Tiff – Baby D might win.. after this nomination because he is afraid he’s the next target for the Jokers..
Ky – you mean the kings
Tiff – Yes so sorry

Tiff back to saying after Whitney leaves and the Kings win week 5 there’s no house target. It leaves. Azah, BigD, Britini, Hannah and BabyD.
Tiff – babyD is part of Royal flush but he’s ours.. who else will they take a shot at.
Ky thinks it’ll be Azah, BigD, or Hannah.
Tiff – that’s all part of the six..
Ky – they can’t win.. (kings)
Tiff says the odds of the Kings winning an HOH is good
Tiff – Ky.. one of them has to go and one of them has to go this week or next week
Ky – the obvious move is a King it’ll probably be the obvious move.

11:00 am Claire joins them.
Ky tells her if Whitney goes next week then they will have to target Britni “Whitney is a house target”

Claire says if they take out Whitney next week and win the following HOH they would either have to piss off the jokers or go after Hannah and piss off DX.
Tiffany says could they lose 3 kings and gain the jokers?
Ky – we’ll lose 4 kings and gain 3 jokers.
Tiff says if Christian or Alyssa go SB or Xavier won’t care. They lose 2 kings.
Ky says in endurance he can beat Alyssa but not Christian. “we could at the very least make sure Alyssa didn’t win”
Tiff – we can’t win next week because we don’t have a target if Whitney leaves.
Ky says after Whitney the most obvious choice is a king.
Claire says Azah or BIGD would be best to win that HOH
Tiff – it’s it up to us and Azah we just throw it to her. If I have to win it I don’t know if it’s in my best interest to get rid of Whtiney. keep her feeling we’re together.
Ky says it’ll show they aren’t working with the royal flush
Tiff says any scenario where a king goes on the block will show their cards.

They all agree Whitney has to stay another week. Kyland says Whitney or a Joker needs to win the HOH.
Claire says Wthiney take the show and the following week it’s retaliated against Whitney.
Tiff says Whitney has to really believe in the mafia
Claire – she does
Tiff – DX has to convince Whitney to take that shot (against a KING)
They talk about getting DX to tell Whitney right before the HOH she has to win or she might be a target.

They agree this week they all throw the HOH. They need to gas Whitney up to win it and they already know the jokers are going hard.

12:01 pm Kyland and Xavier.
Ky – we’re for the 6 we know at some point that Claire is going to get cut and if it’s one of the six we won’t be made at the six
feeds cut.. when we’re back
Xavier says if Azah wins the HOH she’ll take a shot at his team. “When it happens it happens’
X – Azah is coming around.. these people no matter how much we care about them are personal feelings at some point they all have to go.
They agree it’s ok to be upset but it can’t cause tension between them.
X – what we are trying to accomplish is bigger than any of the 6’s individual games. Individual emotions
Xavier is saying that people are talking about getting another Ace out.
Ky – or a KING
X – yeap
KY – Christian came to the girls the queens.. why wouldn’t the queens want to win .
Ky – We’ll win if we do we have to put a kING up as a pawn. The four of you can decide. The issue with that then the vote will show the flush right away
X says from a royal flush standpoint Alyssa will have to win the HOH and she will take a hot (At a Ace)
feeds cut
Ky – no one is looking at you like no one is looking at me
Xavier says if someone is taking a shot at the king and it’ll be at Christian.
X says he told his team if they don’t win the HOH every other team is coming for them.

Christian joins them..

12:13 pm Xavier and Christian
X – the queens are not opposed to winning but they say they need to put one of us up as a pawn
Christian – I hate that..
X – one of us has to win and the only way to secure one of us doesn’t go up is to win straight up
Christian – its more important one of us doesn’t go than it is to keep the alliance a secret
X – at this point we have to keep f***ing winning .. every time we win there’s no chance we go up
Christian – we have to win from now on
X – I think we are capable of doing that.
Christian – I dunno.. I think we could.
X – it’s become clear that every other team is feeling pressure to come after us. The queens will safeguard us but ..
X explains the queens feel they have to put up a King to keep the royal flush a secret.
Christian – Kyland overthinks it.. it’s so much better to not put us up.. what did you say to him? it’s f**Inig stupid..
Christian says it’ll save the house knowing about their alliance for one week. “it doesn’t matter”
Christian – when brent goes home it’s 8 vs 5
X – agree..
Christian – at that point it’s 8 against 4..
Christian is pissed off that Kyland would suggest that.
X says unless a KING wins he feels at least one of them is going on the block.
Christian says if a king has to be a pawn it’ll be SB “You and me aren’t f**Ing pawns’
Christian – nobody is voting out SB if I am up I am going home”
X agrees.

Christian says if he wins HOH it’ll be BIGD/Whit or Hannah/Whit
X – your target would be whit I think that’s smart
X says if he puts Hannah up against Whitney he takes a vote away from Whitney
Christian – if I piss off BIGD what’s he going to do win a comp and take me out.. Hannah could though

12:28 pm KINGS minus SB
X says they are talking about who to put up next to Whitney
Alyssa says she doesn’t want to put up BIGD or Britini.
Alyssa says putting up BIGD isn’t a good thing because he still thinks slaughterhouse a thing
Christian – it’s gotta be Hannah
Alyssa says SB winning the HOH is best because she wants to put up Hannah
Christian – it’s gotta be Hannah
Sb joins them
Alyssa – more than Azah
Christian says Hannah will piss off fewer people. Azah will piss off the jokers.
X- do we want to give the jokers more reasons to target us?
Sb – send Hannah home first send Whitney the next week
Alyssa – Hannah has our back
X – I do too
SB points out the one thing putting up Whitney and Hannah is the veto is played they’ll have to put a joker up as a renom anyways. Now you made everyone outside of their alliance mad
Alyssa says DerekX really likes Hannah he might use the veto on Hannah
Christian – DX would ruin his relationship with royal flush if he did that
X – true
Christian – he does that he’s gone soon
SB says if DX gets mad he’ll join the other side of the house it’ll be 3 jokers 2 aces vs them.
Alyssa says if they put up Whitney Hannah will not be upset.
Sb says if they are worried about DX using the veto on Hannah it’s more reason for them to take that shot now and prevent DX from betraying them.
Christian – you seem like you are really gunning for Hannah ..
Sb – for me personally between Hannah and Whitney. I see Whitney as less of a threat. If she wins HOH she can be easily manipulated. Hannah is smart..
Feeds cut
Sb says if they don’t put a joker on the block and a jokers wins veto they won’t use it. “they know one of their team will go up”
The rest agree.
X – it sounds like we’re all in agreement if we win HOH which we kinda have to. (They’ll put up Tiffany and Hannah)
Meeting ends..

2:36 pm DX and Hannah
DX – I’ve been dodging Brent like Crazy
Hannah says her goodbye message to brent will have her saying at the end “Enjoy your flight home”
DX – everyone is doing that..
Neither of them feel bad for blindsiding Brent
Hannah – he’s been so arrogant and cocky and spiteful this past week I don’t give a frick.
Hannah – I don’t think he will be well received when he leaves this house
DX – I hope he’s not poorly received..
Hannah – he’s grown he’s aware of what he’s doing
DX – next week In want Whitney to win it
Hannah – I was thinking about it I can’t win HOH and it’s smart if you don’t either (yikes)
Hannah – right now you and I.. from what I’ve collected and gathered are good. Whitney not so much. So if she wins that would not be th worst for us. We can convince her to put someone up from Kings and someone from Jokers.
Hannah – Whitney you are here to make big moves your alliance will protect you
DX – I agree but I don’t think we can tell she’s the target right now
Hannah – she’s not as safe as you and I are.
DX wants to keep Whitney as long as possible they can use her to target the Kings.
Hannah says she would take a shot at week 5 to take out a king to prevent all 4 kings from making it to jury.
Dx says the chance of Whitney leaving is higher than they think “I’ve heard her name”
Hannah asks who he wants to win the hoH. DX would be down with the queens but they don’t want to win.

DX – jokers want to win that’s the best case. Queens are going to drop they are throwing it.
Hannah – Kings want to win?
DX – yeah, I don’t want Whitney to throw it. If she losses naturally she loses naturally. She’s also competing in wildcard this week.
DX says he needs to convince Wthiney not to throw it.
Hannah thinks Claire, Tiffany, and Kyland are serious about working with them.
Hannah – do they actually want to work with Whitney or do they say they do because she is attached to our team
DX – they view Whitney the same way we view Whitney
Hannah – work with her for now but she might get cut first and use her as a shield.
They agree to start distancing themselves so they aren’t targeted together.
DX – I don’t want to throw this HOH.
Hannah doesn’t see the Jokers or Queens targeting Whitney they want to take out a KING. She does see them putting her up as a pawn.
DX – who will the kings get out?
Hannah – X can’t play, Sarah Beth is a wildcard. She makes me the most nervous out of everybody in the house.
Hannah now saying she would rather Whitney wins Wildcard of Veto over HOH.

3:22 pm BIGD and Xavier
DF – we have given up so much to be here I just want us to make it to the end.
X says thinking too far ahead does more harm than good. Brings up a power dropping into the game that can change everything. (give babyD powers)
DF – if DX wins what the f* will he do
X – he doesn’t want to win
DF is worried about Derek “what if he wins.. that’s what scared me”
Xavier tells him if his team wins HOH they will be putting up Hannah and Whitney.
X – I don’t really care nobody in the cookout is an Ace with the exception of Hannah but we said.. I don’t even remember.. I’m cool with that.
(when did Hannah get removed from the cookout?)
DF – I hate that we can’t nap in this house
X – laughs
Df – makes me frustrated I would have so much more energy to do things
X – My eating schedule is all over the map I’m eating lunch at dinner time dinner super f**Ing late.. nobody in this house wants to go to bed before midnight.
DF – I haven’t had s$x since December so that’s kicking in
Feeds flip.. When we’re back..
DF talking about being a bear and keeping his chest hairy.
DF – this game..
X – comes for you on every level..
DF – there are three people and they are in the slaughterhouse unfortunately and I would like to keep them.. out of those three I would like Whitney to go home, Christian to go home, and keep Alyssa for Jury. I would like that.
X says if Christian and Alyssa make it to Jury that’s two votes they’ll have locked in.

4:52 pm Pool side..

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Tiff – I don’t know.. If I could come in here and play the game I wanted to play
Ky – I know same
(then do it)

Again I ask are tiff and KY afraid that our community will be mad at them if they take out another black player or are they being told to use this alliance by the powers that be because they are trying to build a narrative. Either way I don’t like it and I agree with the thought in parentheses I just want them to play the game they want and give our community our first winner that way. It will feel a little hollow otherwise.


It’s a little difficult when you have to adjust your plans based on other players in the game. Honestly, based on the feeds, I think Tiffany is better at thinking through different scenarios than Xavier

MDW-Gilbert AZ

I agree 100%, I would not be worrying about the 6. Play your game, do what you have to do to give yourself every available opportunity to win $750 grand, I’m a POC, play the game and do what is best for you to win.

BigD, Azah, Brit, they are all expendable in my eyes, BigD and Azah do nothing but lounge around all day, who do they talk game with other than themselves ? Why carry the dead weight to the end, I feel Azah is a really nice, kind thoughtful person, she is not really ready to think of this from a game perspective, she wants to be upfront and honest with everyone.

BigD, nice guy but he’s dead weight, don’t see him being someone to win comps, Brit, nice but extremely annoying, big talk, but no action backing up her big talk, what has she won, what has any of the jokers won since Glue Clown left.

Everyone in the house needs to have their alliances, you need them, but when push comes to shove, you need to play your game to the best of your ability, forget the POC final 6.

Play your game, think of how your life will change, the opportunities that you will have by winning $750 grand, how you can help your family, set yourself up to be financially stable.

I say forget the Final 6, play to advance yourself to the best position possible to win BB..

Terri M

I agree! I think they will come around and start playing for themselves more!


It sure sounded like TPTB were pushing this with Tiff saying – “it makes it tough for them to come into the game with an “a” (alliance) that they didn’t know about. It makes this an emotional game.” That sounds like they were told to do it but I guess it could mean not knowing there would be six of them and make the pact once inside.

Still, I feel for the Tiff/Ky in particular. Hannah is doing her own thing, Big D & Azah just use the Cookout for protection but never consider how their actions are screwing the trio who are playing the game & carrying them. And sorry but Xavier is going out of his way to ensure he gets all 4 Kings to jury so he guarantees himself 3 votes on top of the Cookout. It’s clear as day he recognizes he’ll have the best shot of winning if the Cookout & 4 Kings make jury – just get to F2 chair- period. But he has no issue with any of the other teams losing players. Hes already upped the ante on getting out Claire, Britini & Whitney over any of his 3 teammates.

It’s no wonder Ky/Tiff are annoyed b/c they could do what they wanted if they didn’t have to Tiffy Toe (that’s on purpose) around everyone.

Atm, Ally is deadset on taking out Hannah which has X just a little concerned BUT will he recognize the Cookout’s goal was to get all 6 of them to jury for a reason beyond making a statement. ie. if they lose Hannah before jury & only one of the Cookout ends up in F2 then they can’t guarantee the win (they’ll only have four of the five votes needed).

Not to mention I find it annoying that Big D is constantly negative about Hannah. He lied to X about her b/c Whit never gave him a name AND she said the person WAS in the SH (so it couldn’t be Hannah) plus he says he’ll nominate her (whether that’s true or not). He gained some points with me this week for telling Azah the truth about Tiff & showing her why things happened the way they did — but it didn’t take long for him to annoy me again.


I think Tiffany’s reference was to the teams, rather than a strongarmed POC alliance. Otherwise, they would have been warned not to discuss this and the feeds would have cut out immediately.

Ky/Tiff can’t expect to come into the house and just breeze through their plans without any barriers. If they feel cornered and flummoxed, that means they are not crafty enough players to find their way around. Already they have convinced themselves they are out of options. They could take the first shot against the KIngs, just as the Kings are planning on doing their own thing by NOT going for the house target of Whitney next week.

It’s not so easy to actually play big guns BB. Tiff if learning that now. Easy to think you’d do otherwise when sitting on your couch at home with all the cards in front of you. It’s not good that she lacks the insight right now to realize that, and is just trying to blame circumstances.

BB IS circumstances. What did she come to play?

On a personal level I enjoy Tiff, but she is a big girl on a prize show, rather than a victim of twists.

j w

Agree, Kyland, X and Tiffany are capable of winning without playing that kind of game!


So….A number of houseguests take a break from talking about the game to have an equally dangerous conversation….a philosophical discussion about love, lol


So what happens if Kings put Tiffany up? She’s not going to be happy being used as a pawn. Though drawing line in sand with DX maybe ? a good move. Thursday and Friday should be interesting. This season is a lot better season.


Calling it right now, that 6 alliance is going to cost Tiffany and Kyland the win. They need to start playing their own game and drop the dead weight!