“you are not going home this week, you have the most trustworthy person on your side”

POV Holder: Jmac POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: Steve and Johnnymac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 19-39-10-551

7:14pm HOH Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa – I know you’re freaking out
Steve- OK, I am not ..
Vanessa – the votes you are counting on are about to be split

Vanessa says people are going to pull her in every direction..
Vanesa – do you realize the one person that can’t win does.. every time.. I’ve been HOH 4 times 3 out of 4 times the one person that can’t win Veto did.

Vanessa – are you sure it happens on Tuesday the eviction and the replacement nom on Monday
Steve – that is my best geuss..
Vanessa – do you know anything about .. if I get wind of this not staying between uis

Vanessa- do you know anything about any deal Johnnymac made before this veto with Johnny and Liz
Steve – No I know of no deal

Steve – I do not know of any deal between Austin and JOhnny.. i know of when one could had been made it make sense but I don’t know of it

Vanessa says Liz and Austin were approached by Johnnymac saying he would throw the competition if they can guarantee him their vote.

Vanessa adds that JOhnny decided not to throw it because Steve was doing well in the competition.

Vanessa – apparently he was going to throw it

Steve- you heard it from Austin liz not from Johnny
Vanessa says yes but she doesn’t understand why he would go with Liztin
Steve – Johnny was covering his ass incase he didn’t win today

Steve says things are different between him and Johnnymac since they had to campaign against each other during the double.

She asks Steve who will win in the end Liz or Austin.
She tells Steve not to touch her skittles.
Steve asks her if she can explain this
Vanessa says he can not those skittle scenarios are private.
Steve goes through the jury votes, Says he will vote for Liz in the finals.
Vanessa – really
Steve – I’m leaning that way.. they had a huge obstacle to overcome that Austin didn’t
Vanessa – and how did she overcome it, did Austin play a had in it.
Steve asks her if she would vote for Austin of Liz.
Vanessa scold him tells him he is not in a position to be asking her questions.
Vanessa- I’m telling you i’m in no mood right now

Steve – I’m still leaning towards Liz.. I would vote for Liz, She played a better social game
Austin – I find that strange.. clearly the better strategist is Austin .. I am shocked.. how are you are going to justify voting for LIz
Steve – can I think on it.
Vanessa goes on about how ridiculous he’s being.
Steve backtracks “Now i’m leaning towards Austin”

Vanessa asks who he thinks will win over Johnnymac and Austin
Steve thinks Austin.
Vanessa – next week if I kept Liz or Austin.. that’s the choice..
Steve – in final 4
Vanessa asks him if he will take her or Johnnymac to the end
Steve says he will take Vanessa thinks winning against Johnny mac in the end will be hard.
Steve – Johnny’s been winning it’s just not been HOH’s, he’s the veto record for the season.

Vanessa – are you willing to swear on something important to you that you will take me over Johnny in the final 3
Steve says if he wins the veto and the two nominations are Vanessa and Johnny he will take her to final 3

vanessa – what can you swear to me on … what are you comfortable doing
Steve – do you want it on my mom.. I swear to you on my mom, I will bring you to final 3.
Vanessa – I will take you to final 2
Steve – what is your incentive to take me
Vanessa says her only chance to win is with Steve.
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 19-50-43-271 )
Vanessa says who is he taking to final 3, her, Johnny and Austin
Steve – Me you johnny.. there’s a problem he could under cut me.. he might think he can he has a better chance to beat you over me.

Steve says if it was Liz, Jmac, Her and him he would cut Liz becuase she will be the hardest to beat.
Vanessa agrees.
Steve thinks Jmac will get rid of Liz or Austin in the final 4
Vanessa – why
Steve – He has a loyalty to me and he thinks he can beat you
Vanessa – I need you in the finals in every sense of the word
Vanessa – Steve, you are not going home this week I am not a scumbag

Steve – thank you Vanessa
Vanessa – I wold be freaking ot if I was you.. but you have the most trustworthy person on your side

Vanessa – who has more votes locked up in jury
Steve – I’m trying to figure out what their relationship with the goblins was like.. Austin had a connection .. Liz didn’t.. Did liz ever hang out with Jackie.. I don’t think she ever did”

Steve says Austin got to final 6 and wasn’t nominated goes on about how big of a deal that can be to the Jury, “He’s doing right that I am not”

Steve – how are you
Vanessa – fine
Steve – do you need anything else from me
Vanessa – no, so if you think it’s the shovels one (Competition involving balance) Austin is more likely to win HOH.
Steve – I think the water will get to Liz before it gets to Austin
Steve – I would rather have Austin in the final 3 with us because I think we can beat him.

Steve starts looking at the skittles… “Stop it, you are annoying me looking at it” (pictures of her skittles crazy is here https://www.onlinebigbrother.com/power-of-veto-competition-results-i-had-no-idea-johnnymac-was-close-to-winning-it/

Steve gets up and bumps the skittles disturbing their positions. Vanessa tosses her HOH letter over them hiding the Skittles.
Vanessa goes on about how he’s safe this week.
Steve – thank you by the way
Vanessa – you are welcome
Vanessa- the worst thing is I gave them hope to final 4… Johnny could have gone out..
Steve – I am the last hope
Vanessa – now that Johnny is safe I have to task that hope away..
Vanessa says Johnnymac winning the POV was a blessing in disguise.
Steve offers suggestions to who she should nominate, “Who would you rather be in final 3 with liz or Austin”
Vanessa doesn’t think there is much a difference

They agree they can beat Liz in the first two parts of the final HOH.
Vanessa says Austin is going to work out a lot with people. This is part of his game it wears out the other players and they are too sore in the competitions. (He did this to Jmac one week)
Vanessa warns Steve, he better pace himself.
[envira-gallery id=”133246″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 20-00-05-558

8:00pm Backyard Jmac and Austin
Jmac – Shout out @NikolaPoe

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 20-06-42-190

8:05pm Bathroom Austin and Liz
Austin saying he hopes Vanessa is still onboard with them but if she switches her targets and comes after us we’ll team up with Johnnymac ‘Lets do this”
Liz – we have to be careful with him that’s all I know
They agree Steve is so Sneaky, “he’s the Worst”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 20-21-19-454

8:21pm HOH Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa orders him to act stressed and not hang out with Austin and Liz. Steve asks if it’s OK he hangs out with Johnnymac.
Vanessa seems fine with it, He’s allowed to hang talk wit Johnny.
Steve – it’s day 87
Vanessa – we’re almost there

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I just got home from work and found out my favorite player and king of veto Johnny Mac won the POV (4 POVs so far). That makes my day. Great job Johnny Mac. I am so happy right now.

Amanda queefs slop

Vanessa smells like old taco meat and shame.


Steve knows what Vanessa was doing with the Skittles. And, by his ‘waffling”, got Vanessa to reveal the game player that she is when she said, and I quote, “next week if I kept Liz or Austin.. that’s the choice”. She is planning on not getting nominated, keeping all the power to herself.

This, should be interesting.. .


This bitch is really going ape shit over some damn skittles!!!! Steve should tell the others about it, then they should all take turns going up there and bumping into the table.

To A Q slop

Interesting. You can smell Van thru your TV? You’re the nasty one


That was a stupid hateful comment. How do you ppl look in the mirror after saying such ugly things about these contestants you doing even know! It’s a game!!! Hello?

the coreys

First vanessa convinces Steve she is keeping him, then she will convince jmac to evict him. And bam vanessa keeps her hurt votes and hands clean while all the while pretending she has blood on her hands to everyone else.

Too predictable

Cray cray!

I can’t believe she is ordering Steve how to act and telling him who he can talk to. Oh and shame on him for looking at her skittles! Shit lady!

the coreys

Paragraphs are your friend people.


That is exactly what happened to me. As soon as I got home I checked this site, bc last thing I read he was considering throwing it. I was yelling at him. Lol. So I was beyond excited when I seen that he won it:)
***On another note: Reading the parts about Steve, Vanessa, and the skittles was cracking me up. If I were Steve I would’ve messed them all up. Lol. Just threw them off the table:) I don’t like the way she talks to him. I’m asking questions. You’re in no place to be asking questions. Really? What an a$$. I don’t care if I was in the block I’d tell her to suck it. No way are u talking to me like that.


Johnny Mac, the king of VETO of this season ! Let’s hope he won’t share the same fate with Donny last year.

Teacher says

Vanessa is such a bully! She really needs to be booed that would drive her crazier than what she is!


No one has been booed. Even Julia. I don’t think the studio allows it.

Pinocchio Obama

Big Brother 15 Aaryn was booed.


What about Christine last year? Even the HGs remaining in the house heard the booing before the doors closed. Derrick kept saying “They killed her”.


Vanessa is such a raging bitch. She put herself in this situation and always makes things harder for herself than it needs to be. I hate the way she is speaking to Steve, and the poor guy just has to take it because she’s the tie breaker this week; and she knows it, so she’s just being so rude to him. You want him to swear on something, but won’t say what, and then say you want it come from him? YOU are the one that asked in the first place. Augh. I can’t stand her.


What’s funny is the Nasty Nessa lovers don’t see what a psychopath she is! She’s got all this control and she lets it go to her head! “DONT TOUCH MY SKITTLES, THEIR MY FRIENDS!” Deranged much? Talking about a bully. I don’t like Steve either but no one should be treated that way unless it’s on one of these sites.


I’m sorry I forgot something. Austin is a Ponytail Beard Bold and the Beautiful Stank A$$ Douchebag who has garlic fingers!


You and Derek both suck! Lol


Wow Steve! do you need to ask Vanessa permission to use the bathroom too?


HaHahaha….I said the exact same thing in a post below….your post hadnt been posted yet. I cant believe these houseguests are asking permission to hang out with other houseguests etc….it is hard to watch. No amount of money is worth a person’s dignity! Yikes!

It's just an act

Being submissive is all part of Steve’s game. Just like when he pretended to cry about his own nominations during the first double eviction. He’s been acting through the entire season.


Can I hang out with Johnny Mac?…really Steve?? Wow, is all I can say!! Grow a pair. I been hoping to see you go far but WOW..you just keep letting me down.


I don’t know the Steve backstory but I don’t think many understand the man. My guess and it’s purely a guess is he was bullied in middle and high school. I had the same thing happen to me. You look for acceptance in very peculiar ways like Steve asking permission all the time in the house. It’s a defense mechanism that tries to gain favour so he won’t be further bullied that day.
He has child like tendency that are likely rooted in adolescent pain/angst ect. He does not play well on TV, most with mental/emotional health issues don’t play well on BB. He might be a real decent guy in the real world we’ll never know. It’s hard to find the self worth to say no more when your dehumanized daily in some cases. He needs professional help. He’ll play back the season and will be crushed by what was done/said behind his back.

BB really needs to rethink this part of Kasting. It’s true most like Steve understood the bargain when they sign the contract. For some BB might leave permanent scares. It’s not an accident some of these folks are on certain meds. It’s not an accident season after season we talk about HG’s mental stability ect.

I think BB has become a fascination with flaws and flawed people rather than the classic game many here have enjoyed for a long time. Production seems to have gone down a dark tunnel with many choosing to stop watching. It’s just a TV show but many a vested in it as fans. Really could use a good season from either side of the border.

Bunny Slipper

Oh myyyyyy! Poor Ness looks a funky down mess. Those skittles must not be providing a clear picture into the future. But, that’s the problem with sugar-only based candy. Now, your nut based candies, those are the real deal. Why your average turtle can give you 95-99% accuracy. Of course, you have to be careful with any candy that bills itself as sugarless. Not dependable at all. Less than 20% reliability. Plus, she really shouldn’t be mixing in those m&m s. That chocolate just throws things way off. Now if she just had some peanut m&m s.
Oh well, at least she pushed Steve right back in line. Although, he really shouldn’t try to spy on her candy calculations. He’s not properly educated in candy voodo. He could cause a crack in the very fabric of reality.

Yo Yo Yo

So funny!!!! Thanks!!!

johnnymac all the way

I love you Bunny Slipper.

Skittles don't lie

Pretty sure the skittles are providing a very clear answer and thats why she looks so bad lol. I think she is correct that her best chance is steve in finals, everyone else has her at a disadvantage going in imho. And if steve wouldn’t have wasted a DE HoH on jackie, he’d have her down two votes going in as well :x.


She would never talks to astwins that way. Different approach from Derek. I hope this is her downfall. I won’t bash her cause there is karma.


That’s what bothers me the most – she bullies Steve because he lets her. She doesn’t use that tone with anyone else.

Old man

Steve asks her if she would vote for Austin of Liz.
Vanessa scold him tells him he is not in a position to be asking her questions.
Vanessa- I’m telling you i’m in no mood right now,

Why hasent anybody punched her in the face yet.


Can I hang out with Johnny Mac?…really Steve?? Wow, is all I can say!! Grow a pair. I been hoping to see you go far but WOW..you just keep letting me down. Johnny..I hope you win the next HOH…you are the only one that really knows what’s been going on all along and you are the only one that will take out Vanessa.


Poor Steve. I feel sorry for him a little little bit. Maybe he thinks Vanessa is his Mommy. Next he’ll be saying, “Mommy, Can I Go Out To Play?”


The nerve of Vanessa to talk to Steve like a child and tell him not to ask her any questions and she’s not in the mood msg but he does need to stop being weak

Shelli's Chompers

Vanessa omg! Biotch much!?!


Steve asks Vanessa if it’s OK he hangs out with Johnnymac.

It cant get much more ridiculous than this…..it wont be long before the remaining houseguests are asking whether they can use the restroom or not. What has become of these people. They are going to need some serious counselling after this!

Big Brother USA needs a little bit of Big Brother Canada ‘expect the unexpected’ surprises to shake things up in that house. Perhaps knowing there was a possibility that the audience could have a say on who goes out one week would cause those with power to at least ask with a degree of civility towards others in the house.


Bb Canada is awful. As a Canadian, I am embarrassed. I mean, the sponsors and ads in the show are excessive.
Maybe, if bb Canada (and USA) took a clue from bb Australia and UK they would let viewers vote to evict (so awful emotional bullies don’t get to dominate the game) for a fee.
That would be way better than having the brick give the HOH a table.
OOOoooooOOooooo shiny grandma furniture!!!


I love BBAustralia! The last 3 season were the best! Those Aussies know how to entertain!

Mel B

I agree BB Canada has huge flaws but just one of their unexpected turns in the show would be needed to shake up the yawn session BB USA has become. No one would feel so comfortable on the show that they could dictate every movement by a player in the house, knowing the audience could possibly hold them accountable. The U S version has become so predictable.


Forgot to mention…Canadian viewers were given HOH power one of the weeks in one season and they quickly put up the 2 most obnoxious players. That was one of the better weeks of the season…would have loved to have seen it this season.

Who do they plan...

Who are they sending to jury?


Maybe JMac will vote to evict Steve? Then Vanessa is not the tie-breaker, I.e. no power for her. Steve goes, JMac wins HOH, Vanessa on block, bye Vanessa. JMac would have a great case to win against either Austin or Liz. Austin or Liz would have 2 sure votes, but JMac would have 2 sure votes with Becky and Shelli. I think he could convince the others to vote for him….


That’s what I’m hoping for. Evict Steve and Vanessa is on the block and out of the door. This will make Vanessa go crazier than Audrey


Buckle up for three days of Van being BAT SHIT CRAZY. Seriously, Steve can’t even LOOK at her Skittles!
I hope the vote goes opposite of what she dictates, I think her head just might EXPLODE!


I never really dissed Vanessa before. Never liked her but I always understood her game plan (most the time). But after reading this she is actually losing it! First off she is on such a power trip Steve can’t ask where her head is at but HE better bow down to her tell her everything she wants to hear and hang out with only those approved by her? She’s always been a little “bossy” with her hoh’s but this is ridiculous. on TV she is fine because they edit her to look good. But I can barley read these updates anymore. It actually hurts my head!


I wish Steve would just jump on top of that table and start kicking skittles everywhere, jump down, flip off Vanessa and walk out of the room.


THAT …would be Awesome..lol


OH YES!!!!

John is smart to vote steve out and here is why….

…..If John wins the next hoh he can put austin/liz up and if veto is used he can get vanessa out, no steve to help keep her in the game…. if nominations, stay the same … he can split austin/liz up…. in final 3, vanessa would be forced to take him to final 2 because she would be worried about austin or liz getting jury votes….
….If Austin or liz win HOH…true John will go on the block with vanessa but if nominations stay the same, they will probably vote her out because he kept them safe and they would blame her for julia getting evicted, steve putting them on the block and her putting one of them up as a replacement (even though their is no one left to put up)…..If John won Veto he could take Vanessa out or austin/liz which ever one is not HOH…..If Vanessa won POV she would most likely take one of them out over john because of this week down fall and jury votes….

John can’t stand vanessa and is willing to risk his game because of her helping get him evicted during austin’s hoh win and he isn’t over the fact that she got Becky out and he know’s she can always control steve like a puppet…..

I can’t wait to see the luck on Vanessa/Steve face tuesday night eviction show:)


Not sure you get F4 totally how it plays. HOH winner is safe. The 2 noms don’t matter. The winner of the POV decides who goes to jury. There is a slight exception. If the HOH wins POV they still do not cast the single vote the person NOT on the block does. BB 14 an example….Danielle won HOH put up Ian and Dan. She then won POV. Her BB showmance was not on the block and would have had the only vote(evict Ian). Dan convinced her to use Veto on him where he proceeded to vote out the boyfriend instead of Ian.
So J Mac wins HOH and POV he decides who makes the vote but not the vote itself. If he is with Liztin for example and he uses it on Austin. He votes out Van over Liz. Where I think it’s tricky is If it’s Liz(Austin Safe) would she evict Van if Austin wanted that to keep JM ect.


I think JMAC is seriously ditching Vanessa and Steve. Not that he wants to be with the Austwins but he never really wanted to work with Vanessa and on the feeds he said what Julia told him put him over the edge. He doesn’t want Vanessa having the power!!!

I actually like the move to evict Steve from JMAC’s perspective. At Final 4 by himself it’s all about winning comps and Steve is much better than the Austwins.

I’m sure JMAC tried to play the Dr Will game by throwing comps but just never found his Boogie. He can definitely win out against Austwins/Vanessa and if he defies the odds and votes out Steve, then gets to F2 give JMAC the win!



I wish Steve would jump on top of the table, start kicking Skittles everywhere, jump down, flip off Vanessa and walk out of the room.


LOL!!!! Was thinking the same thing. Kick those damn Skittles in every direction!!

Dino frm NA

Hey Vanessa how bout I dump your candy on the fuckin floor. You think your cool cause you bully a mommas boy nerd? I’d just start eating them one by one , what is she gunna beat me up . What a waste of a smart mind. The crying, the shit with Julia , this crap with Steve… She’s such a scumbag. Her face has that I like to do perks all night look to it, big deal, I read every game theory book too, whoopy. I commend you on your 6 wins 4 hoh 2 veto. After that.. Welp- I’m not talking bout winning bb or gameplay, this is life, and you suck at it. Something bad happened to you at one point or another, and you bury yourself in games/ delusion, Gauranteed . Similar to B Jenner doing the Olympics . Something dark is chasing this crazy bitch . Win Bb / lose bb who the fuck cares. How did I do Vanessa close ? Did I read you, like you read the HG? All you had to do was go in the DR and say ” I can’t believe my bs works. But you don’t . Which leads me to think, this is how you roll. And honestly your a fucking joke box. Have fun in jury , punk

Yo Yo Yo

Well said. I can’t imagine what she would be like if she was evicted.


It would make the entire season worthwhile to see Vanessa’s reaction to being the last evicted hg.


That woman is totally off her rocker. CBS needs to have a van and straight jacket ready for Vanessa when she’s literally pulled from the game (I don’t see her leaving on her own). Poor Steve. I wonder if this is how his mother treats him ….. That guy needs serious help too. I’m really glad JMack won the veto. I might be able to stomach another episode knowing he’s not going home Tuesday.


Vanessa looks stoned! She is struggling to get her words out. It’s 9:00PM, and she is out of it! She is treating Steve like he is an idiot that she has complete controller. Well, she does, but I can’t believe he takes that shit from her. I can NOT stand her. What a bitch!!!


Wouldn’t you be out of your mind if you were running 300,000 senerios with only 6 color skittles. Lol she’s probably running numbers of how many gifts she has promised and how much money is left. She sucks to bribe people to get to final 2. She is now at the bottom of horrible people like Frankie who thinks they don’t stink.


This game has turned into Mother(Vanessa) May I ….

Cabbage roll

OK I want Vanessa to win because I think she’s played an interesting hard fought game but the skittle things it’s kind of creeping me out .like why should he not look at the skittles it’s just weird I don’t even know what to say it’s so strange . and I do think when she tried to make Liz promise all that stuff if she would vote to keep her that she may have jumped the shark a little and acting super crazy like she is now it’s just really jumping the shark but I hope she wins .


Vanessa definitely looks like a poker player when she has her shades on


Nobody this season will beat Johnny MAC in POV record. There is only one POV left and all except Johnny Mac won the most 2 POVs. Johnny won 4 POVs so far. Johnny is KING of VETO this season.


That conversation between Van & Steve………..

All Van needs to complete the S&M scene is a leather outfit & a whip…with Steve on his knees in front of her!



I don’t feel bad or sorry for Steve one bit for the way she talks to him. It’s not the first time she’s done it to someone and he chose to work with her. She less likely to do it to another woman so it shows that she has control over it. But she’s done it with James and Austin.And I hope Steve gets voted out and have the other three at least try team up on her to attempt to get Vanessa the hell out of there so she doesn’t make it to final two or three.But the bad thing about it that she could very easily win POV depending on what it is. Instead of getting James out Liz probably should have made a move to get her out. James wasn’t that good in most comps anyway outside of it being strictly endurance. It was unlikely he going to make it to the final two.

Vanessa La Loca

Don’t look at my magic M&M’s!!!

Seriously, she’s practicing some voodoo shit up in there. Everyone should be very afraid.


I’m happy John won POV. I wouldn’t mind of Steve went. Personally I think Liz going is Vanessa’s best option. Austin would be willing to work with Vanessa. I think if Liz won hoh, she would not hesitate to put Vanessa up. I think Austin would be the only one who would take Vanessa to final 2 because he is close to Meg, James and twins. Right now Vanessa is proving to me she is not as bright as others claim her to be.

I would laugh if John won final four pov and won final hoh. But I have my doubts.


Not an Austin fan, but now I am pulling for him now that Liz just threw him under the bus. What a POC….lol
Vanessa is Bat S@#t Crazy. I guess if I had to pick my poison it’s JMac for the win.

Bunny Slipper

Well my sat few posts have been in the sarcastic vein. But I’m gonna give to you straight. At this point, if I was Steve, I’d say screw it. I’m gonna knock your nasty candies on the floor, call you a crazy b-/:h, say I’m ready to go to jury. And by the way, you think I can’t turn all of them against you? Watch me. By the time I’m done you won’t win 50 cents. Then I’d walk down the stairs and make sure to spill everything to the other three in front of each other. Loudly and with great vigor.


(enthusiastic clapping, whoo-whooing, etc.)


So after seeing her interrogate everyone…I see on the live feeds Vanessa trying to let Austin down easy. I think he is going up for sure! Austin is more than likely going home. If he wasn’t…she would simply say I am the tie breaker and you are safe. But that isn’t really the question…it’s him or Liz for her. They are stupid if they don’t get that.


Vanessa gets mad when Steve says if Liz is in finals he would vote for her, why? Vanessa thought Liz would be her best bet to take to finals and now is freaking out. Who will be the replacement nom?…Liz.

Mina Harker

This isn’t entertaining; it’s a scene from a lunatic asylum. Vanessa is starting to sound hysterically manic, stumbling over her words and laughing for no reason, other than she finds herself funny. This is not something that I want to watch, it’s downright uncomfortable. I’ve also noticed that after she’s gotten her meds she develops “verbal tics” where she gets stuck on a word and uses it repetitvely – like, basically, you know, and when she’s stuck for a word, she ums a lot. I’m turning off BBAD now before she makes JMac’s head explode. I hope he survives this conversation, because I know I sure as hell would have to walk out before I lost it.


Vanessa’s arrogance is something to behold. Will they ever tell her to just SHUT UP!!!! Damn, just give her the money you bunch of wimps!


She is telling Jmac he needs her No, he does not! Please don’t fall her shit again.


That conversation that Steve and Vanessa had was so degrading to Steve. She new he had to take it or risk the money. I hope she gets some instant karma on Wednesday. If I was Steve’s Mom I would have already climbed that fence and Vanessa would already be coughing up green yarn balls. Just saying. She is lucky Steve is the way he is cuz most people would be posting bail by now.


Watching this After Dark and love this BS Vanessa is spewing to John. “Yeah ok John I’ve now decided I’m all in with you. I’m very loyal.” hahaha After she just compeltely tried to get him out, but he wins veto so she’s backtracking hard. If he doesn’t make it his mission to get her out he’s going to end up being the biggest idiot of this season. That’s really saying something.


There is an advertisement for Skittles from Amazon on my page…DON’T LOOK AT THEM!


Someone tell Amazon I’m in no mood


I’m sorry, but f*ck Vanessa. Someone in the house needs to grow some balls because she is the worst. Steve isn’t my favorite but telling him he’s in no position to ask her questions while she’s grilling him and being an asshole? F*ck. Off. JMac, or anyone else that wants to put on big boy pants needs to win HOH, put her on the block, and when she starts campaigning, tell her she’s in no position to speak. At all.

So over her.


It seems Vanessa wants to nominate Austin and have him evicted. She thinks Liz will target John and Steve first and doesn’t think Steve will target her. I think she feels John is the only one who will go after her next week. If anyone is smart she’ll be the next target.


HaHa! You said “if any one is smart”. Lol. We all know that this group has proven not to be the brightest.


Hope jmac again wins the next veto and send that Vanessa bitch home


I heard BB took Vanessa’s Ipad while they were on the luxury trip. Then she mentioned that she got already had got in trouble and didn’t want to get into trouble for talking game and get a penalty. Did she get in trouble for something on the Ipad? Why did they threaten her with a penalty, was she caught cheating? Does anyone know?


She got in trouble for trying to bribe the other players, but I would not put anything past her these days.


Well, Vanessa has decided JMac is her new partner. Really? Can he not see through that shit?I never really cared for Steve, but she treated him so bad tonight that I was embarrassed for him. She showed him no respect and degraded him so badly. It was sad to watch.
She is now kissing JMac’s ass because she has no other option. Now, she thinks he is just perfect for final three. Please wake up! She doesn’t give a damn about you. She is not your friend. She does not admire you.


this how I see it venssa put up Austin
johnny mac tells Austin had of time whats going on
in he will vote to keep him with liz
an next week venssa 100percent going on the
block if she don’t win veto she going home
it will be a shock evction watch that’s how I see it


Want to see a bully in action? Watch how Vanessa treats Steve. As a teacher, i’ve seen it a million times.


I hope next evicition they cut vanessa. There still time for campaign we will never know who left until tuesday. Jmac has to win hoh because i will nevertrust vanessa after this week. Vanessa should just chill out like previous winners they chill out than getting crazy like her.


No matter who is nominated next to Steve, Johnny Mac should vote to keep Steve, only so that Vanessa is forced to decide who goes to jury…


Split the vote is exactly right. Not just to force Van’s hand but also looking for Steve’s vote Dah! Johnnie has never screwed Steve all season.
I hope it happens but would prefer seeing Liz up rather than Austin. The 3 guys would have potential to control F4 possibly. Liz runs right to Van.