“The goblins aren’t my friends, I just didn’t take them out”

POV Holder: Jmac POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: Steve and Johnnymac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

8:31pm Steve counting everything..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 20-31-31-627
8:38pm Jmac and Austin working out

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 20-40-48-277

8:39pm HOH Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa tells him Johnnymac must never know Steve is safe.
Vanessa – He cannot think I’m a tie breaker
Steve – I’m confident he’ll vote for me.. Do you want me to confirm it with him
Steve – you are asking me to lie to Johny
Vanessa- ya it’s for your own protection
Steve – ya.. because if he knows about us it’s over..
Steve tells her she looks fried
Vanessa – I need to talk to Austin and liz

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 20-46-37-255

liz – Steve has a sketchy ass look on his face
Vanessa – he’s freaking out
Liz – he only thinks about himself.. that is one thing i’ve learned about him in this game.
Vanessa – Really?
Liz – Ya
Vanessa – I see what you mean.. there’s a lot of people like that
Liz – ya

Vanessa – do you have a preference what you want me to do
LIz – no, I’ve been sleeping
Vanessa thinks the ceremony is tomorrow.

Austin joins them ‘How was Steve’s scamper session”
Vanessa – He’s stressed it’s a tough position to be in
Austin – right..

Vanessa says she wants to be fair with her nomination. Vanessa points out that Liz was on the block last week and he wasn’t it wouldn’t be fair for her to be nominated again.

Vanessa brings up Liz volunteering to go up asks her is she’s still willing
Liz says no she’s worried about Steve.
Vanessa – I understand..
Vanessa orders them all (Steve,Austin and Liz) to come up to HOH and talk to her within the next 2 hours.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 20-51-32-663
8:51pm Steve counting everything

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 20-57-00-195

8:56pm HOH Liz and Vanessa
Vanessa – can you guarantee 100% that Austin was trying his hardest
Liz think Austin is genuinely not good at puzzles.

Liz says Steve is dangerous he’s her target points out that Steve was pacing around all day, he’s not genuine , “I’m really just annoyed by him I geuss”

Liz – the last two girls have to stick together
Vanessa – I agree
Liz – You and him are the only two I have.. He’s really close to Johnny Mac and it’s really disconcerting
Vanessa – it’s not as good spot for you.. it’s bad for you
Liz – he loves Austin

Vanessa – did you guys end up making that Deal with Johnnymac
Liz – no he never came back after, maybe ask Austin about that though
Vanessa – he came to both of you last night
Liz – yes, it was so bizarre.. we’re like we’ll think about it

Liz again mentions that Austin and Johnnymac might have something.
Vanessa asks her if she trusts him
Liz – I want to
Vanessa says she feel the same way

Vanessa – at the end of the day my gut is telling me to keep you off the block, I trust Austin and I’ve had doubts about him.. I’ve never doubted you.
Vanessa – I would never want to risk being the only girl in the final four..

Liz – he’s close to JOhnny mac and I will never be close to johnny mac ever.

Vanessa – what would happen if it was you and Austin in the finals.
Liz – I don’t know.. they vote for the guy.. it’s so rotten this is a guy’s game.. I don’t want to go to the finals against a guy.. girls get jealous and catty..

Vanessa- vote for the guy
Liz – Ya bro… i’m sick a guys winning it’s not fair fuc* you guys..
Liz says Jackie will be like “I don’t want her to win “ and vote for the guy.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 21-20-53-382

9:19pm Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa telling him he’s going to be nominated, “I think you are going to get Johnny Mac’s vote”
Vanessa – it’s so rotten dude I don’t want to put either of you up
Vanessa says Liz got robbed in the POV today
Austin – If Steve goes one of us is winning the game.. one of us three are going to win the game straight up.. Johnnymac is not going to win the game.
vanessa- that is cool

Austin says Johnnymac is ready to make a move against Steve.
Austin – He made it sound like to me he didn’t want Rockstars anymore..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 21-32-19-452

They Agree to just tell Johnnymac their alliance name.
Vanessa – Johnny.. JOhnny .. Johnnymac the scamper squad wants to talk to you
Vanessa heads to the backyard where Steve and Jmac ar. She outs the Scamper Squad alliance.
Jmac laughs “Scamper squad all right.. RRWWWWW RWWWWW RRWWWW”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 21-48-08-579

9:33pm – 10:17pm HOH Vanessa and Jmac
Vanessa – bro what am I going to do
Vanessa – now that you’ve won this veto it’s actually better for me, you’ve won 4 vetoes, very impressive it s a great record.
Vanessa- who has a better chance of winning Liz or Austin
jmac – Austin had more on his plate.. than those two have
Vanessa- even if Liz won more competitions
Jmac says he feels he can beat her more than Austin.
Vanessa – I think you would beat Steve in finale.. You would have Shelli, jackie, Becky, James, and Meg for sure.. James and Meg can’t stand Steve.. I’m not sure but I don’t think.
Vanessa Austin would vote for you over Steve
Vanessa – Austin is really annoyed at Steve targeting the Twins
Vanessa – you have the twins
Vanessa – you might have a clean sweep against Steve
Jmac – really.. wow
Vanessa – between you and I.. I’m ready to make this decision with you let’s do it together now we are in final 4.
Vanessa wants to work with him sne she gives him her loyalty.
Vanessa- I don’t know what the best move is here.. whatever we decide we can make it work..

Vanessa says jmac is like a brother to her.
Jmac – if we get rid of Steve it’s only me playing in the HOH that sucks one of us will be on the block
Vanessa- who could you beat more easily Liz or Steve
Jmac – In the end.. Liz, everyone likes Steve
Jmac – “the goblins aren’t my friends, I just didn’t take them out”

Vanessa says she’s not trying to scumbag Austin , brings up that Austin and Liz already told her they are open to Austin going up.
Vanessa – he said he thinks you’ll vote for him
Vanessa bring up they always have the option to flip the vote and take out Austin.
Vanessa Now saying that Liz and Austin really wanted to keep Johnnymac over Steve so he was safe either way. She points out that Steve put up the twins.
Vanessa now saying Jmac is playing a brilliant game.
Jmac – I don’t know I walk around.. i talk to people when I have to and i don’t throw them under the bus until there is a time and place for them to get evicted.

Vanessa says she will vote for Jmac in a Jmac/Steve final 2.
Vanessa goes on and on about how Johnnymac is the greatest player ever and she is in awe of him.

Vanessa says if they keep Liz in the game she’ll take out Steve, “She’ll probably take you over me… because i .. I .. I would be harder to beat that is what she would think

Vanessa – i’m open minded to getting rid of Steve and going with the couple.. it’s going to be scary they are always taking each other to final 3.. now we have to win Veto..
Vanessa – Liz is always going to vote to Keep Austin..
Vanessa asks him how he feels about voting Steve out
jmac – if I got to do it i’ll do it..
Jmac – Is Steve needed for the next round.. EHHH,, I don’t know.
Vaenssa – we’re a lock to final three if we keep Steve, If we keep Liz… f*** she has three HOH’s.. a very tough comp record she’ll have her Sister and Boyfriend in Jury.. She was friendly with everyone, they played pot ball with the whole house.
Vanessa shakes with him final 3.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 21-36-10-818

9:35pm Storage room Liz and Austin
Liz saying how annoyed she is at scamper Steve
Austin wonders why Vanessa was asking if he threw the POV, “I tried”
Austin thinks he might get blindsided.
Liz – we need to keep talking to Johnnymac.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 21-44-17-017

9:45pm Bathroom Austin and Liz
Austin wondering if they are flipping to get him out this week and Liz next week.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 22-38-03-648

10:29pm HOH Vanessa and Johnnymac
Vanessa wonders if they will be seen as stupid players if they don’t break up Liz-Tin now, “You know no couple has ever made it to final 4” (BBCan 1 had a couple and I think Boogie and Erika on allstars made it to final 4)
Jmac – when I won the veto i assumed Steve was goign , i was goign to vote him out.. (Big sigh) there so much to think about
Vanessa – I’m open minded

Vanessa says Liz and Austin are probably going to get married. They are more loyal to each other.
Vanessa says she’s goign to nominate Austin “You and I decide what to do.. we should let Austin think he’s staying”
Jmac – you all evicted me I can do whatever the hell I want.

Vanessa asks him what he’s wanting to do
Jmac – I’m thinking Eviction Steve right now
Vanessa – umm OK alright.. we can always change.. you should talk to Steve, Feel him out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 22-48-54-230

10:47pm Kitchen, talking about getting to watch a new CBS Sit com on Monday.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 23-02-08-730

11:02pm Austin slams down a glass of Port.. washes it down with a beer.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 23-09-52-368
11:09pm Liz hot tub talking to the Camera.
Liz says she’s going to do what’s best for her and Julia. She entered the game alone and will play the game alone.

Liz says it was so much fun last night meeting frankie, His mom and Arianna
Liz – it’s not all about the money for me, this experience has already been enough and more.. I will probably talk about this for the rest of my life i want to get a tattoo about Big BRother..

Liz says they are getting twins tattoos with small keys on their rib cage.
Liz recommends to live feeders to go to open casting calls.
Liz – It was absolutely life changing.. Oh my god there’s a beetle right here..
Austin joins her.
Liz – I can tell you’re sad
Austin – I’m scared I will get Blindsided, it will flip.. who knows what Steve will go up there an scamper and save his life for a week.
Austin – I don’t think she’s goign to go against me not after all this.. it will just make her a target of yours.
liz – Umm hmmm

Austin – johnnymac wants Vanessa out next week.. and he’s going to want to maximize his odds by keeping us here.

11:44pm Asuitn and lIZ playing pool. Steve and JOhnnymac scampering.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 00-05-17-542

12:04am Austin and Vanessa
Vanessa- you’ll be fine
Austin – thank you

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-13 00-27-18-981

12:30am Hammock
liz – I just want you to be safe.
Austin says he wants to get on with the show, “I want to get back to my life.. and Spend time with you for real”
Jmac joins them says his conversation wit Vanessa went well. Adds that Vanessa goes over 500 scenarios and he just can’t keep up.

Jmac says the final 2 with Steve started after the scamper squad was started Day 29 to 36
Jmac – that’s when he came to me about the final 2.. I was disloyal from the beginning.. I told Shelli and Clay.

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Shut up Vanessa…just..shut..up!!! So so so over her!


But she is sooooooo trustworthy! Lol my god shes unbearable

AKA Twistin' ....

She will never shut her bleeping’ mouth. She’s a damn dictator. I’m so over her and her stupid ass theories and manipulations. Ready for finale night. Sheesh.

Yeah, But What Does Coco Think

Vanessa to the teddy bear…so you were always my brother, I mean your gameplay is insanely braniac or insanely maniac and I haven’t been able to read you but that’s a blessing in disguise, you know I’m in power so don’t even try to disrespect me. What do you mean I’m not your honey? Who you gonna vote for in Final 2? What do you mean Steve?? I don’t care if you’ve been in an alliance with him for 22 years, I’ve got a degree in bear skin rugs do you know who you’re talking to? I’ll give you a job at a toy store if you talk me up in Jury. Hey you packin a stash of pills somewhere in there? Can I wear you as a hat? How did I end up all alone again? Pass the Skittles…we better run the scenarios if you stay…hey don’t look at my Skittles dude, don’t I get one private idea to myself dude?? I better read you a Bible story so you can get your mind right before I evict your ass. My face look okay for DR? they gonna cut my meth off next.

Vanessa hasn’t noticed CoCo has hung himself while she’s been talking. Oh shit. Why would you do this to me? Oh yeah, because I’m gay. Dumb little motherf*cker, now I’ve got to dismember you and hide the pieces so I dont lose Steve’s vote. Why am I always alone?

…and scene.

CoCo not the damn bear Coco

Please, you’re hurting me. Spelling is everything. The damn Steve bear is Coco. I am CoCo. CoCo=yum, Coco=jizjuice. I know you apologize and I accept.


Can you imagine being cooped up in the House with Vanessa in Final 2 with all that nonstop jibberjabber? I’ll bet she’d still be lying and scheming with only one other person in the house..


LOL! That is exactly what I was thinking. She was on power level 99 tonight. During her talk with Steve it reminded me of Queen of Hearts “you can’t speak now” “don’t ask about my strategic skittle display” “you’re in no position to ask me questions”. etc…

Geez, she needs to check out job opportunities at the CIA because if she was able to interrogate terrorists I think we would be able to disipate ISIS.


Vanessa seems so shallow when talking to the others…”Jhonny Mac, you are like a brother to me” Cough… cough…


Uh oh…is Jmac getting misted.


The Only thing Steve should be counting are his final hours…


Yup, completely misted. Jmac left the room wanting to vote out Steve. LOL, no blood on Vanessa. Jmac has to win Veto next week or he is gone.

Cray cray!

One can only hope that he smells the bullshit she is throwing at him!


He is absolutely not misted. I think JMac wants Vanessa to THINK he’s voting out Steve to buy him some time to run through his own scenarios. At the very least, he might want Vanessa to be the tie-breaker. I still think it’s best for JMac’s game to keep Steve, if for no other reason than why would you want to keep the couple? That reduces his odds next week for HOH/POV. I would really prefer Liz going this week, but Austin works for me too. Wouldn’t it be great if JMac could convince Liz to vote out Austin?


I’m so glad twe are getting an early eviction. Less time for the target to flip off of Austin and back to Steve.

Teacher says

if I were in that room with Vanessa I would say you vote how you want and I will do the same, we will talk again after HOH, because I am going for it! This is the first time BBAD has shown anything but potball and she has talked in circles for 2 hours!


Vanessa’s played a pretty good game, but it’s an annoying game


Bribing people is not a good game. She’s just playing with stupid people that will take gifts and thinking they have a career when they get out.

"I am not an evil person!"

Guilty conscience much, Vanessa?

Vanessa is DEFINITELY on some sorta drugs

There’s no question about it.

Her rapid speeches, her drained looks, her incoherence (she can’t even get Liz’s name straight, for heaven’s sakes!!! She kept calling Liz ‘Julia.’

Its ashamed production is signing off her drug supplies. These are not meds, they are DRUGS!!!

Geez!!! *rolling eyes*


Anyone with half a brain can tell she is drugged tonight. Talk, talk, talk ….long pause…hmmmm…talk talk talk….long pause. JMac knows that she is high, and yet he agrees to play her game. I kept thinking someone would make a play against her, but I now see that it is hopeless. I give up.

A JMac hater

I really don’t get why everybody loves johnnymac, in 30 minutes Vanessa just made him want to vote out his best friend in the house, he’s a moron


No she didn’t JM isn’t stupid he has been onto vanessa for awhile and he had already said before he talked to vanessa he wanted to vote against steve vanessa wants to keep steve. I don’t think he trust her at all but there are going to be only four of them so he may have no choice because if austin stays he will be working with liz but if steve stays then she will be with steve


Vanessa doesn’t want Steve out; she wants to flip the votes and get Austin out. Jmac knows what she is doing. She’s asked him for an answer several times and he keeps playing dumb because he’s onto her. And I totally think he is messing with her because he knows she wants to keep Steve. That’s why he said he wants to vote Steve out. LOL. He’s totally playing mind games with her, and she can’t be bitchy to him like she was to Steve because she has no control over him this week.


Nailed it.


I don’t think that’s accurate. When he was laying by himself he said he will control the vote and take Steve out. In other words he would vote for Liz or Austin to stay.

If he voted against Austin, Vanessa would be the deciding vote therefore jmac isn’t pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes. you’re just trying to give him credit where credit is not deserved.


Huh? He’s not voting Austin out. He’s voting STEVE out which is the opposite of what Vanessa wants. That’s my whole point.


Nailed it. JMAC isn’t falling for anyone’s BS. He’s playing his options week by week based on what he has to work with.

Best quote the game goes to JMac… “you all evicted me I can do whatever the hell I want.”

That should tell you he’s not buying what anyone is saying at this point. IMHO.

Steve Isn't Loyal to JMac

Never has Steve gone to bat for JMac. He refuses to run scenarios or give information. Steve speaks in riddles and fawns all over scamper squad. Austin Liz discuss options, negotiate and will flip when it’s explained. It’s down to comps now and he can beat Austin & Liz not Steve. He’s doing the opposite of what Van wants, Steve is in her control not JMacs. She respets him when he disagrees. They’re both blowing smoke and now he’s farreted out Van is closer to Austin and Austin will take credit for her moved in Jury.


Do you even watch the shows? JMac is on to Vanessa but knows what to say to her to make her happy. He knows she wants him to do her dirty work. Is he the best player, no. But it’s funny to watch him with Vanessa. He just told her he will vote how ever he wants because they all voted him out.

Steve the virgin for life

One two three four
One two three four
One two three four
One two three four…………


Am i the only one that is confused by vanessa i am not sure who side she is on she flips back and forth so much is she going to try and take austin out or is she gunning for steve she just make a final 3 deal with JM and she is always about how she never makes them unless she keeps them. Kinda funny the beginning of the the week JM was the target and now he is the one that will make the decision who goes he either votes with liz and save austin or he splits the vote and lets vanessa make it i am not even sure if vanessa is being honest with steve

Bad speller

Vanessa is only on Vanessa’s side, she doesn’t care game-wise who moves ahead or leaves.


Jmac has to win HOH or POV next week or he’s going home. Regardless. Van has everyone brainwashed to take her to F3. He’s not my favorite but the rest are nothing but worthless scum

Northern Lights

Half the drivel that comes out of her mouth doesn`t even make sense ….she`s tweakin` and looks all ghouly faced again (still). I`m hard pressed to believe that Jmac is believing what she`s spewing. He`s probably trying hard not to laugh in her face when she gave him the `you`re like a brother`to me speech haha!


Jmac – you all evicted me I can do whatever the hell I want. Haha go JMac…tell Vanessa how you really feel!!! Lol

Jmac. Don't fuck up.

Jmac, Vanessa just told you how to get to final 3 and you’re blowing it. I am sure you’re always 4th on a van/Liz/aust F4. So pick Austin off please.


I want to see jmac make all the way to f2 and be like yes but dang he is so dum I mean really saying to Vanessa leaning toward voting out Steve the one person that has is back just plain stupid:/

Brokenhearted from BB

As i sit here and try to follow all of the spew vann is spreading to the remaining HGs, i finally have to to the conclusion that this is a lost season. Every one of the remaining players are so blinded by vann’s “mist”, that they have completely sabotaged their own personal game. With the only exception maybe being johnny mac. I am hoping and praying that he can be the one to slide the knife out of her back in the last few moments of bb16. My boy jMac has that disshoveled look of idioc genious to him that i can really relate to. Portray that you are just sliding by and confused but inside you have all the answers!!! Keep it up Dr. Veto and you’ll be getting a clean sweep of votes from the jury come finale night!!


Wow! Vanessa throws her bros on the block and flips back to them a day later??? Nobody takes this personally? Holy smokes…she has more balls than any of those dudes in the house! I guess Lady Maverick is playing the game but it is not a good look on her behaving like a witch towards Steve. Go JMAC!


Been watching this After Dark and the backtracking from is Vanessa is incredible. Now she’s all in and best friends with John. After making sure he was the one to go this week. If he doesn’t make it his mission to get her out he is going to be the biggest idiot this season and that’s really saying something!

Capt. Obvious

HaHa!! What did I tell all of you?!? Vanessa will convince JMAC to vote out Steve and not have to get blood on her hands! All you gave me thumbs down after thumbs down. Pay attention to the game Dingleberries!!!

JMAC Breaks Van

Wow a brand new strategy from Van who’s slobbering compliments over JMac, having realized he doesn’t play to bullying. She’s never complimented anyone and he knows this over-the-top flattery is disingenuous. I feel like you’re my brother?! pfffft! How he keeps a straight face? But he knows HE’s broken HER down, to the point she’s begging instead of bullying. She’s kissing ass for the first time all summer. Yeah!

It’s good game to get rid of Steve, he’s disloyal, plans to F2 with Van and is a comp threat. Austin could go for the same reasons, and he should push Van in that direction tomorrow. His winning next HOH would be perfect. This week should be less gag worthy while we see the scamper squad kill one of their own. Very satisfying. What would make it better? Johnny eating the Skittles off Van’s table.

Austin has critters

Lmao, As her head spins and she spits out pea soup while screaming Don’t touch my skittles!


When Vanessa said John was like a brother to her, it made me think they should take some cadaver dogs to her childhood home…


If Vanessa is smart, she will tell Jmac to keep Steve.
Vanessa can’t play in the next HOH
Liz or Austin will win it, that is based on the fact that Jmac hasn’t won an HOH
Liz/Austin HOH
Vanessa and Jmac on the block, and not unless Vanessa wins VETO she will go home

If she keeps Steve she has a better chance of not going out next

What?? Huh??

I want to see jmac make all the way to f2 and be like yes but dang he is so dum I mean really saying to Vanessa leaning toward voting out Steve the one person that has is back just plain stupid:/


I wish I knew what jmac is actually thinking. Liz has to go. I always wanted a girls alliance to win also. But not these two. So Liz being hung up on that will keep her from winning cuz she cannot beat vannessa. Vanessa has to get rid of her in order to have any hope of getting julia’s and Austins vote in jury. Without Liz Austin might finally relize he needs to work with jmac and Steve to get her out then let the chips fall where they may and let jury figure out the rest. Hope jmac wins it. Steve should get second place so he can pay for his therapy after the way Vanessa has mind f** led him.

Austin has critters

I agree! I feel like he knows exactly whats going on. He is not stupid! But since he doesnt talk to himself lol and has no true reliable alliance, we dont know his actual gameplan. I feel he can win the hoh. He has been throwing them. (that made him seem like less of a threat) he did win 4 pov’s! He is winning the next hoh!


I love how john told vanessa, you all voted me out, i can do whatever the hell i want….

I LOVE IT!!!:)


Simon/Dawg do you have a screen grab with the most recent version of Vanessa’s skittles masterpiece?


These conversations are killing me at this point. Everyone is being fake with everyone and it’s hard to tell which way the votes are actually leaning towards. Normally I’d look forward to the DR sessions to see where loyalties lie but the worst part of this is that Vanessa can’t even tell the damn truth to the DR. I don’t know why but it makes me so upset, she’s done it literally the whole season.


If you are walking along and trip awkwardly a friend will help you up.
Your best friend will push you back down and laugh.


Jmac get your head out of your ass and vote out Austin why do you
Want to keep a strong duo in the game?


I think JM is just blowing smoke up everyone’s skirt!! When he said “I can do whatever I want”, “you guys voted me out”, I think he is being truthful, even though he is laughing……many a truth is spoken in jest.
I think he is saying to Vanessa and agreeing with her, to see where her head is at in keeping Steve. He does not want to appear as gun ho in keeping Steve, because he knows she is going to be the deciding vote, and if she thinks he wants Steve, she will vote him out.
I do believe JM knows he has to win or he is gone, he has learned the hard way that their word to him means squat!


How in the world am I actually agreeing with Vanessa instead of Jmac regarding this eviction? I don’t get it. Does he really think evicting Steve is the better move? Or is he just saying that because he doesn’t trust her to run to Austin and Liz with information to use against him? Granted, I just skimmed over this article, but it seems like Vanessa is leaning towards evicting Austin, which sounds like a great move for both her and Jmac. Am I missing something here?


A lot of people hate on JMac’s gameplay. and even though I like him he’s done/not done many stupid things in this game, especially for being the superfan he actually is. But I think that with the people around him – Steve and Austin who know a lot about the game, and batshit crazy skittle abusing game theorists like Vanessa – his maybe purposefully/possibly just natural act of not knowing what the hell he’s doing is part of the reason he’s been able to survive and even better why Vanessa is so stumped by him. I just hope that if there is a more savvy game player in him it comes out this last week.


Let’s see if Vanessa has the brains that people says she has.

Get her

Knowing that Liz is voting out Steve, Jmac should vote out Austin and make van the final vote and put her on the spot make her choose get blood on her hands for once the take that to jury


What issue Austin has with shirts??Why is he bare torso most of the time?

here at home

Most body builders like being without shirts to show off the body they’ve worked so hard on. Austin is vain about his body and wants to show it off as much as possible.

Bad speller

Surely JM is taking the hint after he said he would get Steve out and Van said ok we can always change –he ahould do the opposite of what Van wants, except that leaves the couple in. He has delimas but you don’t see him freaking out like Steve and Van do.

Right on!

I want to build a time machine and fast forward to Finale night. That Vanessa lady is worse than nails on a chalk board. I could just imagine her at a party and wanting to talk about loyalty.
Vanessa please SHadupp! (Shut your pie hole).

Right on!

If i had a time machine, I would fast forward us all to finale night. That Vanessa lady is worse than nails on a chalk board. In the Voice of the icon Jerry Lewis, ” Hey lady!” Shadupp! (Shut your pie hole!” And let the young people be. I could just imagine her at party pulling you aside and asking you if you were talking about her!


If John votes out Steve everybody vote for JAMES as AFP


I know people hate Austin but it would be great to see Jmac align himself with Liztin and get Vanessa out of the house. Let her go drive ppl crazy in the jury house. LOL Jmac will win no matter which one he goes F2 with.

Steves pecker says

don’t use the veto they wont vote you out and you’ll be in good graces with VAN and skanktwin


Not using the veto on yourself when you are on the block=automatic eviction for being stupid. That’s Big Brother 101.


Aye Vanessa, reading any her diatribes is confusing to me and how can everyone she talks to be good. Then if ‘incentives’ weren’t enough she throws skittles in the mix. She’s like Bogie’s character Queeg in The Caine Mutiny and his strawberries… Whoevers final 3 with her should hide all the knives in the house because I can just imagine that on finals day, Van walks out with a knife her hand, her hat on the other as though it were a puppet chewing on skittles. Covered in blood, she nervously says ‘t-they’re all gone…they all lied to me’


And here’s a quote from the movie via IMDB:
Lt. Barney Greenwald: Doctor. You have testified that the following
symptoms exist in Lieutenant-Commander Queeg’s behavior.
Rigidity of personality, feelings of persecution,
unreasonable suspicion, a mania for perfection,
and a neurotic certainty that he is always in the right.
Doctor isn’t there one psychiatric term for this illness?


If Steve wins final HOH, does he choose Jmac over Vanessa?
Who can Jmac win against? ie does it even matter who goes this week if he doesn’t win either hoh/pov in f4?
Who is the yellow skittle?
I need answers!

Austin has critters

In due time young green skittle….in due time! The answers will be revealed. We will soon see vanessa cutting out magazine letters, making her ransom note! (This is her plan b), so if she doesnt win, she kidnaps the player who does and is as always, already prepared!

Ariana Grande stinks!

Production CLEARLY hinted to Sssssteve that the next HOH will be about the house details, which explains why he’s so frantically counting everything… This shit is fixed and it all leads to the boogereater and poker-filth player being the final 2. #FIXED


Eh…. I don’t know about that. Everyone knows there is always a counting competition (but I always thought the ratio one, like how many jellybeans are in the jar, was used every year) and they haven’t had it yet. They won’t do it in the three part HOH, which means it has to be done next, if they are gonna do it. I seriously doubt that production hints anything to Steve. Even if they set things up for people, I’d imagine they would set it up for Vanessa or Jmac.

JMac is brilliant!

I guarantee that he is just telling her what she wants to hear. Then at eviction SHE will be the one blindsided. She will finally be forced to get blood on her hands and break the tie. If that happens, he is back as my pick for fan favorite.

Are We There Yet

Does anyone know who vanessa is putting up, i have spent 3 hours listening to her rantings and still cant figure out who she wants out. Is Austing going up? Does she want him out. I can’t believe JMAC is sitting there listening to this crap with a straight face. That having been said can anyone guess where she is going with this, who is she trying to get out this week.

Austin has critters

Dentist have to have patience and they have to deal with all kind of people all the time! Im sure he is wishing he had some laughing gas though!


I’m pretty sure she is going to put up Austin and she wants JMAC to vote him out so she isn’t a tie breaker. She can then tell Austin JMAC “disobeyed” her. I think the skittles have told Van that she has the best chance if beating Steve in F2. Although it was pretty funny when JMAC told her he thought Steve would take her to F2 because he thought he could beat her.

Did anyone else think Van looked like a younger Penny Marshall last night (sorry Penny)?

Are We There Yet

So who is the renom and who is probably going this week. Still not able to figure out if Vanessa has picked a target or is just listening to the gremlins in her head.

here at home

OT – Imagine a BB All Stars with Vanessa and Evil Dick. Who would win?


James for America’s Fave!! Please


JMac wins HOH and POV next week, ding dong Vanessa is gone!!!


Is what amazes me is how whacked out on medication that freak Vanessa is. CBS has lost their freaking mind with this low life. If you think she is not on some kind of crank you have lost it. So, let’s add this up. She’s on some kind of drug, she is working really hard to buy her way into final three. She’s not a gamer she is a shaker mover scam artist. She had no real respect for the game.