Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I had no idea Johnnymac was close to winning it”

POV Holder: Jmac POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: Steve and Johnnymac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

11:55pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for the Power Of Veto competition to take place. As there are only 5 people left in the house, all of the house guests competed for this veto. Steve and Johnny Mac are on the block and as of today Johnny Mac is the target.

Jmac wins POV

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 16-42-33-518

4:42Pm Feeds come back

Liz and Austin have to be careful what they say.
Austin – Worst case Scenario we just make sure we have his vote.
Liz – I’m pissed how it happened I could have won it.
Asutin – I had no idea Johnnymac was close to winning it
Austin – He couldn’t throw it because he was too close to win it
Liz – I want Steve out of here He’s such a phoney

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 16-45-11-796

Liz and Austin talking about not being able to trust Johnnymac but they feel like h’es goign to try and take Vanessa out.

Liz is complaining that the house thinks she’s a comp beast
Austin – she might not put you up she might put me up instead
Ausitn and Liz both say they hate puzzle competitions. “Why so many puzzles”

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 17-05-23-599

4:58pm Incentives

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 17-01-04-033

5:08pm Steve in bed, Jmac in teh Diary room, Vanessa calculating odds int he HOH, Austin and LIz preparing food in the kitchen.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 17-19-37-932

5:20pm Vanessa is developing some complex scenarios

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 17-24-43-606

5:23pm Kitchen Liz, Austin and Steve
Liz – What are you doing
Steve – I’m scampering.. it’s what I do best
liz – I thought you were goign to nap
Steve – I was going to but I decide to scamper instead.. i’m a big fan of scampering..

Jmac comes back from the Diary room. liz asks him if he’s going to wear it around for hours.
Jmac – No it’s too heavy..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 17-32-47-288
Exactly how many scenarios is Vanessa running through?

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 17-28-17-145

6:00pm People are either sleeping or solving hard math

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 18-49-13-974

6:55pm This

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-12 19-07-43-479

7:08pm This
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Yes…finally some good news!!! Good going Johnny Mac!!! Now we can see Vanessa squirm..haha


It’s worse than that she will be the deciding vote which is what she wanted to avoid. So wanted to be able to say I didn’t have a vote

Jersey Shore Rises

You hit the nail right on the head because if she votes out Austin or Liz she will end up losing those 3 possible votes in the house. Only if she votes out Steve would she have any chance at 500K since the rest of the Jury hates her.


I can’t believe how naive everybody is to think that the jury is going to vote against the person that voted them out. That’s ridiculous!


It may be ridiculous to vote out Vanessa just because she voted them out, but spite is one hell of a motivator. I can’t remember who Jordan beat, but didn’t she win only because everyone absolutely hated the other finalist? Sometimes emotion wins out over logic.


Apparently there was a report on TMZ regarding the hints given during the last live episode. One of the house guests had received a message on a wall that was noticed after the show.

This could be HUGE


TMZ reported there was a hint on the wall? What did it say?


I think she beat Natalie who was just Jessie’s lapdog!


The seasons after Jordan won production sent in Dan and Dr. Will to the jury house to make sure that they were voting with their head instead of their heart in case anything stupid like that happened again. Vanessa knows that she has to win the next POV no matter what to make it to final 3. She will win if she makes it to final 2 no matter who she is sitting beside and she has to win final HOH to do that.


The jury may hate her but they know she played a great game which is why they will ALL vote for her.


I didnt think crying every two seconds,screaming at everyone and basically acting like a crazy person qualified as “great gameplay”.Bu to each is own i guess. πŸ™‚


She won’t be the deciding vote if JMac votes out Steve also for outing the Rockstars.

Frankie Grande

Steve will always be a Rock star to me. I can’t to introduce myself and thrash him after the show πŸ˜‰

OMG! Frankie!!

Hi Frankie I love you and think you were the king of BB. Please say hi to Arriana.

Go ‘Nessa you have it sweety.

See you at the finally (I am wearing the green dress)





Agreed re Frankie, he was one of the most disgusting contestants they ever had. The comments he made while on the show were sickening. The fact that the show played incredible favourites with him, getting a fake audience for when he was voted out so he wouldn’t get his ass booed off him and the network is still finding him work related to BB is beyond sickening.

Puppet Master

I wanted to see Jmac and Vanessa in F2, so it will probably be Austin and Steve.


Vanessa is gonna snort skittles


m&m’s tho.

Skeve Bumped the Table Skittles Flew!

OMG- best ever. Steve begs to come talk to Vanasty in HOH, meds have barely taken affect, she says no stay out. Then, overcome with panic she let’s Steve in and the Vanish Inquisition begins…Who would get more votes in Jury Austin or Liz, JMAC or Liz, JMAC or Austin…Steve says what do your Skittles mean? She says it’s private dude…don’t even look…you’re annoying me dude while I have the power…Steve says can I get back to you later…she says no, you can’t be self serving what’s best for MY game…She says it’s all up to me whether you stay or go you get it right? …he says ummm…THEN BUMPS THE TABLE AND ALL THE SKITTLES FLY!

Vanessa looks apoplectic, ready to strangle him yelling THAT TOOK ME 2 HOURS, Steve says I’ll fix it in 2 minutes. ARE YOU LYING TO ME? She says you’ve got your lying face on I dont trust you…While JMAC is downstairs eating M&Ms plotting to vote with Austin, Vanessa’s melting down picking them up from the floor to reconstruct her ridiculous collage threatening Steve to beg for his life.

Holy crap, TV gold watching wicked witch twist in the wind knowing she’s F*cked. Priceless. Oops, Steve shouldn’t have created the Rockstars then outed it for brownie points. And Vanessa shouldn’t have been such a bitch that she needs 5 bags of Skittles to see if anyone will vote for her. They went because she won’t be in F2.


I honestly do not know if you just made all of that up or not, because Vanessa is that freakin crazy! “ARE YOU LYING TO ME?! DON’T LIE TO ME! ARE YOU CRITICIZING ME?!” I think the rest of the HG should be allowed to sleep with weapons in their beds just in case Vanessa thinks that their snoring is a personal attack on her “integrity” or “incentives.” She is clinically insane.


Let’s just hope whatever Vanessa wants, they vote the opposite way so she loses her mind.


“Liz asks him if he’s going to wear it around for hours.
Jmac – No it’s too heavy..”

You go Johnny Mac πŸ˜‰


Good thing she won HOH. She would have been gone this week if Liztin won HOH and Jmac won pov.


She is in control of who goes. It is a good thing.

Van has made much bigger decisions at the poker table, for cash game hands bigger than BB 1st prize money.

She can handle this just fine.

Judd's Granny

Liz sez: Frankie lied to me!! He said it was gonna be a donut licking comp, so I practiced so hard and I coulda won!! Frankie’s such a liar!!

Capt. Obvious

It doesn’t matter. They’ll convince JMAC to vote out Steve and she won’t even have to be the tiebreaking vote.


You go Johnny Mac, don’t let them force you out of the house again. I don’t care which one goes on the block, Austin or Liz, just as long one of them goes home this week. JAMES FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE PLAYER!!


I hope JMac wins 500k, Vanessa 2nd place and James AFP.


You got two out of three right.


Please please now evict the pussy thrasher! Damn idiot thinks he been doing big things in the house, the only thing he’s done is the teddy bear.

Sorry Van Lovers

Not sorry. Austin & Liz are more stupid than they look if they don’t jump off Vanessa’s sinking ship. She is powerless and who needs her pissy pay offs if they’ve got a chance at cash? They know they have a mutual enemy in Vanasty and they ate out of her grip. There’s no way they can’t triple team her til the next HOH. Just ignoring her ass and screaming No Deals! will send her overt the edge. But if they’ve been huffing her skunk spray so long they really think she’s buying cars handing out cash and trips to Vegas, they’re crazy. Vanessa can believe her F2 with insanely smart JMAC is still on. While he wins the next HOH, cuz she can’t play, and shit cans her.

Sorry Van Lovers is an idiot

you are totally right, calling her vanasty totally backs up everything you are saying. oh and it makes you a better person also manking us realize your truth is the only truth

Vanasty is Nice

Compared to what she calls everyone else, calling her Vanasty is nice. She’s really a lie face motherf*cker abusive bully and that’s just what she calls her Boy Steve. Struck a nerve because she’s having a nervous breakdown after acting a fool cheating bribing superbitch all summer & ain’t buying votes in Jury? Unless she starts paying off everyone in Skittles. Good luck with that. Got it? Do you understand? Don’t be stupid! Don’t annoy me! I’ve got more degrees than you motherf*cker! You don’t know how to treat people in power! I’m not evil! …To quote your role model. If she doesn’t like to be called nasty she should stop being nasty. Maybe she’ll change if she gets on Amazing Race. Maybe you better pray on it.

GuitarHero Rocks

Sooo happpy, JMAC could save himself, everyone else comfortable in there 18 point deals with the devil, err, Vanessa can’t believe this professional sleeping through Vanquisitions crazy abusive rants could actually have been plotting to stay off the radar the whole time. Never compromising his integrity, he tells the truth, doesn’t play mindf*ck games, doesn’t backstab or bad mouth other players, gambles without the juvenile theatrics or unfinished degrees, and wins when he has to. Note if he can figure out a way to get Austin put up and voted out as Steve originally intended. Then RockStars can double team the Blond Bitches. Sorry, not sorry.


Moose is just a sitting duck.
Her game is blown, now she is stuck.
That bug-eyed, psycho B,
Won’t win AFP.
‘Cause America don’ give a fu…


She will vote out Steve and I don’t think it will bother her one bit.
It was always going to be Steve or mac.

Pinocchio Obama

Get ready for two days of Vanessa trying to squeeze out the best deal she can with the replacement nomination and her tie breaking vote.


FINALLY SOME JUSTICE. WAY TO GO JMAC. Out of Austwit, Scaressa will put up the one she can manipulate the least. JMAC PLEASE WIN HOH AND GET THAT WITCH OUT!


Johnny Mac won it just when he needed it the most. Good job indeed!


Yes…I have increased incentive to continue watching this season.

How many people have escaped a direct Vanessa target more than once? For sure, Jmac has πŸ˜‰

Brad H

Johnny Mac winning the veto was the BEST case scenario!!! Now hopefully Liz goes up then Steve & Vanessa vote her out!! That would mean John & Austin would both be after Vanessa. Also, Steve knows he can’t bring her to final 2. Praying for a John & Austin final 2!!!


Plz take out Austinkings azz. Then whomever wins is fair game. Just the thought of him making it to final two makes me sick to my stomach!


steve is on the block, he cant vote


Steve doesnt vote..he is on the block..dumb ass


Om, no need to call someone dumbass for a simple mistake. That was rude and uncalled for.

Brad H

I’m pretty sure everyone knows I meant John lol





Double D

Even better, Vanessa doesn’t play in the next HOH


It doesn’t matter… anybody who’s a fan of BB knows that the most important comp is winning POV in final four

Chill this Town

if they really threw in a comp where you can’t really throw it…kudos. outside of who can give the best filling, that might be MAC’s best possible comp. well, or a comp where there is a twist where if you throw it, you win it.

that said, I don’t really care. another week of MAC ATTACK, and hopefully he figures out no one is telling him the truth, and to stop taking bad deals with Austin and Liz. and maybe go win that next HOH, that would be nice.

oh yeah, also glad Vanessa now has to choose. Rock and Roll Dentist gets it done, FINALLY.


Yes!! Some power in someone’s hands that won’t listen to Vanessa!! HOH next.. Roll on Jmac!


Vans head is going to explode trying to figure out the percentages now…..can’t stand her but, I love it when her crazy comes out…..wish I had the feeds


If you had the feeds, you would have watched Jeff reels the last two days.

Puppet Master

omg, get the feeds!


Wish I could I’m inToronto and it seems CBS doesn’t need Canadians money……it may not be worth much right now but, threy would make 30 cents on the dollar. Just another dumb move by CBS…after dark might even be good tonight, can’t wait


I think you can get feeds in Canada.


I think you need a US credit card, at least what they ask for when I tried to sign up


American express gift card works.. you can get them at shoppers


I wish I knew about this earlier this season! πŸ™ I didn’t know about this work-around…
But in any event – you guys have done an excellent job as usual!!! πŸ™‚ So I get my fix – probably better than watching feeds anyways!


Yes, this site is hundreds of times better than actually watching the feeds. I had the feeds for several seasons and this is waaaaaaaaay better. The feeds get very boring bc u have to watch every second just to find the good conversations. Here’s an example; imagine 2 hrs of potball on BBAD. Very boring. That’s what the feeds are except on BBAD u can FF it till u see two people in a room having a convo. With the feeds u can go back and watch things but without someone telling you what time to go to u won’t know where the good stuff is, hence watching hrs of Steve talk to himself, Vanessa play with M&Ms, and Austin & Liz suck each others faces off:( Basically, Simon and Dawg go through all of that misery for us and they write up the good stuff. That’s exactly why I love them πŸ™‚ They’re the best πŸ™‚


wish I had known that 85 days ago..OBB does such a great job with the updates I think I will stick with the donating to your site. I would rather help keep your site going than hand my money to CBS anyway.


Van pops an aneurism!
Well JM won something dam. Van’s bright she has to be weighing Steve/JMac both F4 or Liztin F4. She hasn’t shown her hand yet. I think Johnnie has had enough of her deal antics and will try to keep Steve forcing her to break the tie.
I think Steve is the easier choice for Nessa. Sticking with Liztin seems to be a full seasons play. J Mac has 2 shots at safety and F3. Van doesn’t win POV F4 she has a problem maybe. Remember this is a live eviction Wednesday less scamper time F4.
J Mac – HOH( Liz freerolling)
Austin – evicts Nessa
Liz or Nessa – evicts Austin. I’ve had this feeling awhile now Liz will betray Austin if she gets the chance.
Austin- HOH(Liz freerolling)
J Mac – evicts Nessa
Liz – evicts J Mac
Nessa – evicts J Mac
If Liz is safe POV will evict Nessa or J Mac(Austin freerolling)
Basically Liz looks F3 if she survives evictions.


and she can always tell Austin you aren’t my knight in shining armour because when your damsel was in distress you didn’t save me you saved yourself


Do not forget, someone leaves Tuesday night show and another hg leaves Wed night show
then they have final 3…

Old man

Did you use lots of skittles to come up with that?


Sooo happy Jmac won it, I hope Vanessa realizes she should stick with Steve and Jmac and put Liz up !!!


I hope John and Steve realize Vanessa don’t care about them at all and she is kicked to the curb.


Yeah JMac! The only thing JMac is loyal to is the 500k. Van wont win wiyh him. Even if she picks steve an mac over Liztin

Yo Yo Yo

Didn’t Liz offer to go up as a pawn?!?

Also, I hope Steve tells Vanessa that she swore he wasn’t going anywhere!


Hopefully Liztin can be broken up now! One of them can leave, and we don’t have to see they’re gross showmance

Break Up Liztin

Would love to see John and Vanessa work something out to evict Austin. They are too dangerous to have together in F4.


I could have bet the farm!



Break Up Liztin

Would love to see John and Vanessa work together to evict Austin!


And when she can’t play HOH next time they need to get that crazy Bitch out.


Next week it’s the veto that’s the real power. Who ever wins the veto decides who goes.


Chances are Vanessa will win the next veto as she has proven time and time again that she wins when necessary. In this case deciding who goes to final three. Perfect beginning to a finaly. She has done everything in this game. We wouldn’t have feeds, blogs, bb summaries if it wasn’t for all her strategizing and drama. Everyone else was at summer camp or sleeping. She deserves the win! That’s it that’s all!


Vanessa isn’t capable of WORKING WITH anyone.


I feel like Vanessa has to side with J-Mac and Steve now. If the vote is a tie and she votes Steve out, she’s definitely lost J-Mac’s trust and will enter into final four with the tight Austin-Liz duo. If I were, I’d throw up Liz and vote her out. If Austin goes to jury, things are much more likely to turn bitter against Vanessa – plus Liz is easier to manipulate.


John I love you
I think it will be Liz V.S Steve
And the vote 1:1

BB Drafter

Take your incentives and shove them up your ass Vanessa! Way to go JMac!

Hey there

Da’Vonne for Americas favorite! Lol not joking tho if she would have made it further shed def have my vote


Eewwwww! Davonne was stinky shit.


Why? What did Da’Vonne do to be considered that?


Yeah she went to soon just like all the other people with backbones.


ALRIGHT! Finally someone to cheer for. I knew he was to smart to throw that POV! He just told Austin he would throw it to him in case he lost, hoping they would vote to keep him. I think JMAC is the only one who will send “Vanessa the cheater” out on her ASS! The other dumb shits are to chicken shit! GO JMAC!!


He’s coming for you next week , moose.

GO JMAC!!!!!

Yes!!!! Finally some GOOD news!!!!

Thank the lord!

Yes yes yes!!
Please jmac make it all the way to F2

Austin is an idiot

They need to send Austin home


Yeeeee haaaaaaa, WTG JohnnyMac!!!!!! Job well done. Now you can go back to napping and let all the little rats scurry around and try to make more deals with Vanessa. The next few days should be very interesting.


He did it! I am so happy! So funny how the tides turn. This season is saved for me! Now win that damn HOH and secure a final three position. All the JMac haters be like “rigged”. Whatever. Way to go!

Like whatever

It’s rigged because the viewers were predicting every move these morons made. Production had to do something to keep us hooked. Go Johnny!


All it means is John is safe and now Vanessa can be the deciding force as to who goes. If the voters split she’s the boss…again. We’ll be inundated with a million deals, scenarios, bribes, and Vanessa’s quest to extract more useless information.

She’s going to force both Austin and Liz to tell her something she can use to keep them safe…the mob was less aggressive. They just said pay them or they’ll trash your store, Vanessa wants you to betray your unborn grandchildren.

Bunny Slipper

All Hail the Mighty Beenie:
My beenie is my beenie
There are many beanies like it, but this one is mine
Be it green or yellow, blue or even green
Tho it be itchy and scratchy, slouchy and just plain unattractive
Even when it makes my sallow complexion even sallower
When my eyes bug out and glare from beneath it, you will know
This beenie is my beenie
And I shall cherish it for all time
For with this beenie, I will be incentivized to crush my opponents
No matter how they might scamper about
This beenie is my beenie
With this beenie, I will separate a bespectacled man-boy from my, err, his
Momma’s teat. No matter how tightly he has latched on
With this beenie, I can leap a pair of dimwits in a single gantley leap
With this beenie, I can cut a tattooed tree off at the root
With this beenie, I can pull the teeth from the head of the mighty HeyenaMac


I truly suspect that each of the COLORED BEANIES Scaressa gets from home, has a meaning that she set up with her family before she came on the show to give her hints by what color beanie they send. If may sound unusual, but with her quantum physics, game theory degree, math calculations, etc. I bet each beanie is a clue to help her in the game. Wouldn’t put it past her.


Yes!!!!! I’m glad Johnny Mac didn’t throw it


No squirming here. Hope she puts up Nastin and he is gone. I’d like to get my wish just this time.


Way to go Johnny
You come off my guess Vanessa will put up Austin
John will vote out Austin, Liz will vote out Steve no Vanessa its
all up to you. Bet you wished you threw the HOH to John now don’t you!!
Austin what makes you think you have a chance in hell of getting Jmac’s vote
Did you not vote him out a couple of weeks ago. DUMB ASS!!!


I am sooo excited! Go Johnny Mac!


Get Liz or Austin out. I don’t care who!


Here we go yo, Here we go yo, So What,So What, So What’s the Scenario? Vanessa? Steve,Liz, or Austin? I say take out Liztin, put the nail in the coffin. Next week is so crucial you don’t want a couple in there. Rockstars can be broken up.


Put austin fucking ass on the block from the start. I love how vanessa plan go up in smoke she just sucks. Jmac has good shot of winning final 4 hoh. This episode going to be exciting she gave her word to protect Austin and steve now she has to cut one of them. She has integrity but she does not have it since jason left. Jmac the veto king rock on

Cabbage rolls

I hope Steve is out now I want Vanessa to win all Johnny Mac is done has made people feel uncomfortable with his weird laughing .he doesn’t understand how to play the game he hasn’t outsmarted anyone he hasn’t out thought anyone he hasn’t outplayed anyone .iit is real sad thing about Johnny Mac is he doesn’t even realize that Shelly and Clay we’re in alliance with Vanessa and Austin and the twins and he really wasn’t In an alliance with anybody but give a crap about him or helping him get to the end this the truly sad thing about Johnny Mac is he doesn’t get it and neither did and for all the people that think CBS is wa rigging it for Vanessa you need to check yourself no she was an alliance that got her to the end if they are rigging rigging it it is for Johnny Mac the game is rigged for Johnny Mac not for Vanessa she knows how to play the game without feet CBs.

Stay Strong

Oh those poor houseguests. Made uncomfortable, for a whole summer, by JMac’s weird laughing. I hope they’re all okay.

April in Paris

Didn’t you see the clips of Dr.MacG’s co-workers? They were amused that John was playing so dumb! A character. So You must have missed that huh ? Rock n roll beats Cabbage rolls!

Another Anon

Please learn punctuation. Very difficult to read.

Pumpkin Head

How much did Vanasty pay you to write that ridiculous post? Sucker! You know she’s got no integrity, is evil is she has to convince everyone she’s not, got kicked out of law school for cheating and doesn’t have any cash left either after paying off her bribes and pill bill. She owes CBS and is getting ousted before F3! So send your check to VaMessa RudeSoandSo c/o Less Moonves. And sell your cabbage rolls at her next DJ gig, cuz you ain’t selling any here.


I’ll buy some cabbage rolls mmmmmmmm I haven’t eaten them for years.


JMAC knows exactly what he’s doing. He won POVs when he needed to, stayed away from all the scheming and backstabbing for most of the game, smart enough to tell us in the DR when Clelli wanted him to throw POV, he said, NO, NO WAY, and didn’t do it. Evicted and came back in the game having to make a deal with the devil, which he will send her home as soon as he can now. I think he’s smarter than you give him credit for. He is an OBSERVER, listens while all of them spew their venom, game play or stupidity and comments only when necessary. Listening is an art. He has some game. Don’t underestimate Rock Star Dentist.

King Kong and his blonde

Someone please save Liz from this roid-raging, egomaniac, neanderthal! He doesn’t love her, he is obsessed with her. This is not going to end well. The dude is threatened by Steve!!! Someone needs to intervene asap. Hopefully Liz dumps him before he finds out where she lives. He is scary!


I agree, he is soooo gross and creepy. I feel bad for Liz if she actually thinks this is going anywhere, dumb blonde!

April in Paris

Just shout out like most on here—Yea Dr. John MacG.!!!!!!!!!!


Ausitn and Liz both say they hate puzzle competitions. β€œWhy so many puzzles”

Simple, puzzles actually forces you yo use your brain. They need to do more of those.


Well Liz said she calls herself Liz because Elizabeth is to hard to spell ROFL


Time to get your bible out Vanessa.


If I were an exec at CBS, I would be looking for some new producers. No reality TV show is left to its own devices, but it’s production’s job to know how to keep the game exciting and tense while giving the perception of reality. I went to several blogs this season and the readers are all leaving the same kind of comments. Boring, rigged, predictable, hate the cast. I honestly don’t know how Simon and Dawg watch the feeds without wanting to drive to LA and punch all of these people in the throat. Thank god football is back or I might have had to do some driving and punching people in the throat myself.


Get out Austin!!! Liz will fall apart! Go JMAC!!


I’m surprised that Vanessa looks shocked by the outcome of the POV. I guess she really did want JMac out. Didn’t she think it was possible for him to win? She’ll probably yell at him now for not throwing it like he told Austwit he would.


Vanessa wanted J Mac to win. Best case…now forced to put Austin up….bye bye Austin


That’s what I thought too but she really seems shell shocked by the outcome. If she wanted JMac to stay she would have had her plan already set in her mind. I know she flip flops all the time but she would have had this all figured out already. I think she’ll put Liz up. Austin has said he would sacrifice Liz if he had to, he is more loyal to Van than Liz. We’ve all seen him whine to her to let him stay a few times. And Liz would hold a grudge if Austin left.


Some of that came out wrong. I meant, Liz is not as loyal to Van as Austin is. And if she sends Austin out Liz will be pissed and go after her.


Liz won’t be pissed that Austin’s gone, especially since the alternative might be herself. Plus, it’s probably Steve going, which is best for Vanessa’s game and worst for JMac’s: Liztin and Vanessa versus JMac. Buuuuttt….if Liztin were smart, they would team up with JMac to try to get Vanessa out next. Then, JMac is done though. JMac can’t make it to F2 without Steve…unless Vanessa flips to team with him against Liztin.


You just confused the heck out of me and I don’t have enough skittles to figure it out.


The best incentive for Vanessa is to put up Austin for the replacement nomination, and then send his tat but out the door. She really can’t compete with him on any of the physical comps. Vanessa can then team up with Liz and call themselves “Girl Power”. They both should be able to crush the nerd boys for the comps, and then become the final 2. They both expressed their wish earlier on for a girl to win this season.


If JohnnyNap (great name by someone else) wins this he will be the WORST player to win BB. If
Austin, Liz or Steve win this they will be the WORST player to win BB. If Vanessa wins this no way
will she be the WORST player to win it. For those reasons (and those reasons alone) I hope Vanessa
wins. I don’t like her but I’d rather see her win the money than the other lame-o’s this season


I think you’re right, keeping Liz would be better for Vanessa’s game. Liz would work with her, and Austin would likely work with the boys. Which is why I’d prefer Liz to go. I wonder if JMac will push for this on Austin’s behalf? Way to go JMac!

Min O'Pause

Asstin is a girly man. I think he has a vijayjay anyway. But I don’t think its the same thing.


I realise that so many on here think that JMac is useless, an air-head, a twit, etc. I have thought from day one that his gameplay was to sit back, analyse other players, play the court jester but step up his game when necessary. He is doing that now and I finally have hope for a good F2.


oh how soon you people forget about houseguest… now john mac for fav .. really …ok ..he is a nice guy that shouts a lot … annoying .. but come on at least james gave us things to laugh at … ie pranks on the twins .. ect…. now its nothing but snooze ville until john opens his mouth and wakes us all up … just saying … … my votes for james .. πŸ˜‰


Oh please…. Before james made his ONE move everyone hated him because he was a perv, and now ever since his ONE move everyone loves him. At least jmac fans have liked him since the beginning and not because of ONE move. And honestly everytime james said he hopes he gets afp made me definitely not want to vote for him. He didn’t even play that good of a game, after his last hoh he was in summercamp with austwins. Jmac may not do much but James didn’t do much either.


I get that people like James b/c he was entertaining in the house but remember only the feed people will know that. Johnny’s diary rooms are what many are going to go by. From a game point although I liked James and Meg, they screwed up royally. James puts up Shelly and Clay, he knows that Clay is making a play to be voted out, James holds the veto and he doesn’t take Clay down and put up Vanessa? He could have gotten Shelly out that week and the next week maybe Vanessa would have been gone. This game turned on James b/c of James and for that I can’t forgive him. He screwed up his own HOH and then all his dominoes fell. He might have been entertaining but he single handedly handed this game to the alliance he not only never saw even as he was riding in the limo to the jury house.

Big Sister

If you don’t have the feeds, then you won’t see JMac’s diary room sessions. You will see him vote. I am glad he won the veto and wouldn’t mind him winning the 500K, but I will still be voting James AFP. I didn’t start out liking James, but as time went on, these poor excuses for HGs turned me completely off. If the powers that be don’t step in and do a complete overhaul of the casting, competitions, predictability, and even the ant situation (!), I can’t imagine the show will survive and it is one I have looked forward to until the last 3-4 years. Lastly, I wonder if they really care what the viewers think when they continue with things like BOB and shoving the most disgusting past HGs down our throats! And yes, you know who I mean!!


Big Sister, i’m not sure I understand your first line. ‘if you don’t have the feeds, then you won’t see Jmac’s diary room sessions, you will see him vote’ What does that mean? John’s diary room sessions are broadcast on every single show and they are hilarious. James’ being a crazy guy all the time is only seen on the feeds. There are many more people who watch the show then have the feeds so many will not know what a nut James was. they will know though that he screwed up his HOH by not saving Clay and going after Shelly that week.

Ray H.

Let’s watch Vanessa grovel and squirm. I hope Jmac asks for a deal from hell written with all the blood on her hands.


YES!!!!!…. Johnny Mac wins the Veto!!.. They thought they had all figured it out, hahaha..
I love it !!!….Let the fireworks begin!!!


It’s best case scenario…Vanessa is forced to put Austin or Liz up..so she will take the opportunity with JM to get one of them out. Steve will be on her side keeping him safe. I think Austin will be secretly glad to have Liz gone. Liz probably thinks she could win if next to Vanessa but can’t win against Austin.

johnnymac all the way

So freaking happy right now!!!! And doubly happy that Vanessa is at the mercy of the other house-guests next week – I have a bad feeling though that she’ll put up Austin as the replacement nom and then vote out Steve after she makes a ‘deal’ with Austin and Liz to keep her safe next week – they realize she’s a liar but they still are not bright enough to stop listening to her- I don’t see those two making any moves whatsoever against her…sigh. Hoping Jmac wins the next HOH and ends up in final 3.
Nap and rest up JMac, you’ve deserved it!!!


Nap and rest????? That is all he has done all season…….he sucks!! Final five and he decides to start playing the game. He is boring to watch…..his couple of funny one liners all summer do not make up for his total lack of winning anything. He didn’t throw as much comps as people think…..he just sucks and didn’t win. If he makes f2 he will win cuz the twits in jury are to bitter to let someone who played the game win. Every year everyone complains about production rigging everything because their fav is not winning……maybe they don’t win just because they are bad at everything…..Jmac is the Victoria of this season…..blahhhhhhh

Vanessa La Loca

She’s reading the M&Ms like a psychic reads tea leaves. SΓ­ loca……you are all alone with no incentives and your integrity has left you.


Can anyone explain how the m&ms/skittles work to figure out what move she should make? Saw on twitter where she went downstairs to get more skittles. One bag of m&ms wasn’t enough. There are only 5 HGs and 6 jury members. How many skittles does it take to equal 11 people?

Old man

LOL, she is a great mathematician, she should have solved the puzzle and won the Veto.

It's more than 11...

She’s calculating all the permutations, not just for this week, but outward. If she sends home Steve, that leaves her, Liz, Austin and JMac. If JMac wins HOH, who wins POV and who goes. If she sends home Liz…

There are many levels of calculations to figure out. So she’s assigned a color to each hg – she’s yellow – and then figuring out how the remaining four (considering all three cases of possible eviction) will realign after that, taking into account which of the remaining three win the next HOH, etc. That means she needs 4 colors, but at least 5 or 6 or more of each color to determine all the combinations and see which path from now until the end is the best one to take. She’ll trace that desired f2 and f3 backward to figure out who should be evicted now. In doing this she’ll take into account how well each of the three ‘chosen’ ones can be manipulated (a lot, a little, not at all, etc.), what methods work best for manipulating each of the three, which ones will definitely go after her, and which ones she can keep in her camp by selling herself as their defender. Liz hates Steve and doesn’t trust either him or JMac. If Austin gets evicted, she’ll look to Vanessa as her protector. JMac I think will be gunning for Vanessa, and is also impervious to her manipulation. He’s out of her control this week, but she’ll look at f4, f3, and f2 permutations with and without him as well. She’ll take all these factors into account. It’s not addition and subtraction, it’s algebra – quadratic equations to be exact.


Your last sentence explained why I didn’t understand a thing you said, never took algebra. Lol. But I will be rereading it until I figure it out. Thanks!
Doesn’t it scare you that your mind works like Vanessa?


she’s tasting the rainbow
seems to be relaxing/keeping her quiet for a few minutes atleast.Im just proud to see her do something other then crying.Let sleeping dogs lie. πŸ™‚

Chill this Town

this is the first competition in awhile where my immediate response didn’t sound something like Liz or Julia saying “nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”. thinking of Liz and Austin in the final four makes me start to whine.

time to break up the couple…she seriously needs 50 pieces of candy to figure that out? she has become a parody of herself.


What are the incentives now Vanessa?


Scaressa will now ask Austwit for their first born child, to run their lives for a year and get a tithing from them…need I say she’s run out of incentives to ask for. They’ve promised everything but the above to her at her request. She is loony!