“y’all will see the block 50% less if I’m still in this house cause I’ll be taking one of those seats..”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire Britini and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Alyssa (OTEV winner), Kyland (High Roller winner)
Power of Veto Ceremony: Kyland used the veto on Claire. Britini nominated in her place.

Big Brother 23 Houseguest Rankings – – RANK THE HOUSEGUESTS –
View the previous day ranks on the – Ranking Grid
SPOILERS Britini is being evicted as of right now. I don’t see this changing.

4:01 pm Hannah and Tiff (Whispering)
Hannah – Alyssa is so upset about Christian that she wants to evict Britini
Tiff says that Azah doesn’t understand why they are mad at Brit she thinks it was Christian and Alyssa that were following Brit around
Tiff – they were following her around because she told them she would keep him. They thought they had her vote and BIGD’s vote
Feeds block a few times..
Tiff – they (jokers) don’t understand this game like we understand this game
Hannah brings up the jokers telling her the HOH wins need to be in a rotation but Tiff and Hannah were only assigned 1 target to get out to get HOH.
Tiff – those two can never win HOH
Hannah – the jokers..
they laugh
Hannah laughing says BIGD told her he’s putting Alyssa on the block and he’ll tell her it’s because she didn’t use the veto on him.
Tiff – he really expected her to use the veto on her.. then why didn’t they vote to keep Christian.
Hannah says the jokers think Alyssa isn’t upset about Christian.
Hannah says if Alyssa wins she’ll put Tiff and Claire on the block with a backdoor of DX.
They start working through scenarios with the chess pieces. Final 5 final 4 final 6 HOH’s
Tiff says DX and Claire are the only two of the pawn that will keep them safe.
Hannah – if DX wins he’ll put up X and?
Tiff – BIGD
Hannah – if Veto is used he’ll throw up Ky or ?
Hannah – he likes Azah
Hannah – the target is still BIGD which means we are safe.
Tiff says they need to win the fourth HOH “that guarantees us a spot in final 3.. you and me need to be available”
Tiff – we need to send Ky home first (final 6)
Tiff – I may have messed up I told X something today. I told him that Claire needs to go this week because her and DX”
They talked final 5 HOH if Azah wins she’s targeting Tiff, If Ky wins he’ll send out Tiff.
Tiff – Ky would backdoor me and make it look like a mistake, Ky would not put me on the block
Hannah – if we’re down to 5 people? at that point it won’t matter everyone plays in Veto
Tiff – I’m the last one in the six anybody wants to keep
Tiff – X plays a loyal game with us but I don’t know.. for me, it’s y’all three. I know Azah will kick me out I know BIGD will kick me out
Hannah – Ky will kick you out Ky wants to take X to final 2.. if BIgd is gone then X.. if X is gone than Azah
Tiff says she likes to play and wants to play players she wants someone up against her that deserves to win. She does not want to be in the final 2 with BIGD or Azah.
Tiff she wants to be up against Hannah and X. “two of the smartest players”

Tiff – what is best for the six is not getting rid of DX. DX is not going after KY. X can keep himself safe from DX we can. They can’t protect us from those girls
Hannah – X is itching to go after DX next week and Ky is onboard with that
Tiff – I’ve been telling them to go after Claire if we get to keep DX.
Hannah – I am pushing for keeping DX safe for the next 2 or 3 weeks.
Tiff – the next four evictions we can keep him safe for 2. DX is bound to win one of those HOH’s

Hannah – let’s talk about Claire.
Tiff – If I end up going out early you can keep BIGD and Azah till the last two I don’t want to me in jury house with neither one of them (LOL)
Hannah – Claire would put up BIGD and Ky if Ky pulls himself down she’ll put up X
Tiff – any time we have the opportunity to send BIGD home over Ky we need to send BIGD home otherwise BIGD sits in those final 2 chairs you know that.
Tiff – BIGD started the cookout he named the cookout he ain’t winning any competitions and he’s still here. He can say I’m strategic, I’m manipulative I got here..
Hannah – if the Jury is bitter about the cookout then BIGD will probably win
Tiff – he’s the lesser of two evils they probably think we manipulated him
Hannah – depends on how bitter the jury is
Tiff says everyone thinks she has the biggest influence they will think she’s the bigger of the two evils and I betrayed everybody.

Tiff – I really want to get SB out the further along she goes it makes me uneasy
Tiff thinks Alyssa will put up X and BIGD
Hannah – X pulls himself off I would go up right?
Hannah – X, Ky would keep me and Azah would keep you
Hannah – Alyssa being the last pawn isn’t bad
Hannah – either Claire or Alyssa needs to be the last pawn. I know what you say about keeping Claire and DX in the game longer..
Hannah – has to be Claire, SB, and DX
Tiff – it’ll be hard as hell keeping DX in that long
Hannah says the reason X is after DX next week is he’ll have enough money to play in the coin toss.
Hannah – DX, X, BIGD will probably be the only ones with enough money to play if BabyD wins he puts up Ky and X on the block, and a member of the cookout goes. That is why X wants to target BIGD next week
Tiff – I might have fixed
Tiff explains she X BIGD will spin the roulette wheel. X’s plan is to put Tiff and Claire on the block to backdoor DX.

4:41 pm Hannah and DX
Hannah says she wants to take a shot at the girls she doesn’t see X or KY coming after her.
Hannah – Ky wants to keep you, X, and SB in this game as long as possible.. Ky doesn’t want a woman in final 2. Ky’s a shield for you but he thinks you’re a shield for him. I see him taking a shot at Claire and Tiff before he comes for you and me.
Hannah goes on about Alyssa’s just going to try and avenge Christian
DX – I fully expect her to target me
Hannah says people will put up Tiff and Claire when to try and backdoor him.
They agree Alyssa won’t target Ky and SB. Hannah says it’ll be Claire and Tiff to backdoor DX and if noms stay the same Alyssa will send Claire home
DX – if you put up KY and SB do you think anyone will play roulette? Ky and SB can’t afford it
Hannah – I know
Dx – if there’s a chance anyone might, maybe I would play
DX – this is kinda crazy just throwing it out there you can put up someone from our side
Dx says if Claire and Sb are up he’ll play roulette “So me, you, and Claire are safe. if we spin the wheel we’re only risking TIFF going up which is a 1 in 7”
Hannah – yeah
DX – if someone else spins the wheel it’s 2 and 7

5:10 pm Brit, Tiff and Azah
Brit has been going over her 2 hours conversation with Ky in the HOH.
Brit says Ky told her there’s an unpredictable factor with both her and BIGD
Brit – The unpredictable thinks about BIGD is if I go home this week then he is the perfect pawn. If anyone sits next to bigD will go home next to bigD, If BIGD goes we eliminate an unpredictable factor of BIGD being the ultimate pawn. If I go in his eyes we are eliminating another unpredictable factor but the fact of the matter is the people that I trust in this house I’m not unpredictable.
Brit – his decision on BIGD is more of a house unpredictability whereas his decision with me is a personal unpredictability and there’s a BIG difference between those two. He told me it’s not a personal move
Brit – we remember the deal two many different ways. America knows what I said in the deal but I’m not going to fight that I don’t want to piss anybody off
Brit – my comment is it was a misunderstanding we now have clarity everything is fine for the purposes I want to stay this week. I know what happened I’m not going to keep rehashing it. The tapes people know what happened I did perceive something that didn’t happen
Brit – I’m a number y’all will see the block 50% less if I’m still in this house cause I’ll be taking one of those seats..

Feeds block

She says Ky was trying to tell her SB wasn’t targeting Brit
Tiff – it’s amazing to me how he knows what’s in everybody’s head without them telling him I would like to know what I’m f***ing thinking
Brit – he thinks he has this house on a wrap he thinks he has EVERYONE figure out except for me which is why he put me up. He thinks he is cool with everyone going into next week
Brit – Even with the misunderstanding stuff he was like if you think it was a misunderstanding then why would you have a problem saying it?
Azah – wait so he’s the one that told you to tell everybody the misunderstanding?
Brit – yeah he asked me to
Azah – Ohh britini girl
Tiff – WHAT.. he asked you to tell everybody it was a misunderstanding?
Azah – you do what you want to do. I did not know he said that.
Brit – he’s thinking about himself
Brit – can I be real with you what I don’t want to happen is he tells everyone I’m the target and Britni gets voted out
Azah – Britini I will be very honest with you do you think he will tell you if she was the target
Tiff – Kyland doesn’t tell anyone the only person that knows is Kyland. Whoever he claims to trust in this house they don’t know. the only person he trusts in this house is SB.
Tiff – she will do whatever he tells her even though he is manipulating her.
Tiff – even her she does not get his thoughts she gets what he wants her to have so he can use her to do whatever he cannot do and she fell for it.
Tiff – I did notice he has separated himself from her this week. She is not comfortable with it I can tell that cause each time that he is gone for too long you will see her find him
Tiff – I think he believes shes good and bad for his game cause he can’t keep his emotions in check
Tiff goes on about her analysis of the SB/Ky relationships. Says he’s pulled away either because he’s in power and doesn’t need her or he’s feeling that it’s making them larger targets.
Tiff – Kyland is a different Kyland in power.. I think X was the same in power and not in power. Kyland is a different person
Brit – he also made sure my campaign is not against him
Tiff – he can’t make sure sh1t

Azah – do whatever you want to do.. she’s right he wants to manipulate you the way you play this game he thinks he has predictive patterns that can pull results that is why he had you up there for two hours to drill whatever he needed into your head
Tiff – he’s like Frenchie week one
Azah – this is like a Frenchie-ish HOH (It’s not even close. If it was a Frenchie HOH we would have had 4 different people on the block would have cycled through 12 targets)
Brit – I got to fight for my life right now do I think I can get the votes? YES
Brit says it’ll be 7-1 or 5-3
Britini gets up to leave – I really think I got a good chance to stay though the only thing I believe that Ky said is correct was what he said about BIGD vs me. BIGD is a house of unpredictability and I am a personal unpredictability that I agree with that’s about the only thing I agree with

5:55 pm Azah to cameras
Azah – my trust has been compromised with Kyland because I feel like his actions are affecting us at the six.
Azah – I don’t want Kyland to win HOH ever again
Azah – I don’t think he changes with power this has been the real Kyalnd the whole time I think when he gets frazzled that’s when he changes. He got frazzled in the HOH competition when britini picked him. I have some guilt about that because I’ve tried to not influence Britini with the things she wants to do
Azah – I try to tell her don’t do something because of me. To be honest she has had thoughts about Kyland umm… but I’ve kept those thoughts at bay.
Azah says Britini picking Kyland in the HOH affecting him so greatly “when Britini picked him it didn’t reflect any of the four scenarios and he went haywire. from that moment on he didn’t feel comfortable with anyone winning HOH”
Azah – he does not like to admit fault and he doesn’t acknowledge them which are lies..
Azah says she thinks everyone in the six is good with moving forward but she still has “HUGE doubts on Ky. I regret drinking his Koolaid for as long as I did”

6:30 pm BIG CHILL

X says the house like Lucius more than Xavier.


6:31 pm Lucius strut

6:45 pm family dinner

Please consider a donation to keep the madness going. BIG thanks to the people that have already chipped in.

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Hannah is fake, don’t like her at all


What is it for you that makes her annoying and least favorite?

I agree I’ve personally never been a fan of Hannah either!


Really? More than the couch? lol

I like her but I tend to favor strategist and people who make me laugh (intentionally). To me she’s the younger version of Tiff w/o emotions.

I watch her plant little seeds to keep Azah – Tiff conflict going & think hmm- that’s smart. I might not appreciate the disloyalty but I understand her motivation. She does it with DX too (when talking to Ky/X).

Considering she’s only 21 she’s playing better than more than half the house

The Beef

More than half? I’d say she’s playing better than more than 3/4 of the house! Strategically, the only person who may be outplaying her is Xavier (IMHO), and she falls behind a few others physically (X, DX, Ky, and probably Alyssa), which to me ranks her in the top 25% of the house for sure.

I don’t get the fake comment at all. There’s a certain amount of fakeness that goes along with playing Big Brother.

Hopeful for a Good Season

Both her and Tiff get on my nerves.

another name

Is Tiff already regretting painting a target on Claire? After her discussion with Hannah it seems that way.
Tiff: oh I may have slipped up and told X Claire has to go.
No mention of also bolting up stairs two at a time to tell Ky that Claire has to go.

Couch has decided not to campaign.
Personally: if I’m on big brother and one houseguest campaigns to me, and the other houseguest doesn’t? Only one of them wants my vote.
Yeah, I’m predetermined to dislike Couch. I admit it. But take him out of it. Go back to last week. Christian campaigned, SB did not. Why vote to keep SB? the vote was so important to her that she didn’t even ask for it. Buh bye. And given I was not a Christian fan, I think you can see that I’d feel that way regardless of who the nominees were.
I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.
How people aren’t bothered by the lack of campaigning is beyond me. The HOH named a target? Who gives a rat’s ass? He named 2 noms, now go back and sit in the HOH while the voters decide. Once the veto ceremony is done, so is the HOH’s power imo.

(Yet more reasons I’d never last a week. I’d probably say all of this during the hello my name is section when entering the house. sideye. Sad but true).

btw. If Ky should happen to ever win a third HOH…. uggggh.


I’d make a F2 with you & mean it! 😉

another name

Better make it fast, I’d be on the block by the end of day 2 as the bloodless sacrifice on a first HOH.
Unless the first HOH bought it when I told them “sure, I’d be the easy nom, but don’t you need someone that’s going to be honest with you about what everyone is really thinking when you aren’t in the room? Don’t you need someone that’s willing to call you a complete asshole when you start to get HOHITIS? I mean… I’m not going to win a comp or a congeniality contest, so use me, I’ll be your bitch whisperer. it’s my super power.”
Aaaand out the door I go.

Miss Impression

I’d still want to be in a showmance with you.And when you reject me I’d just follow you around.




Azah is exhausting. She really doesn’t understand the game. I was hoping that she would be better at this


Ky drives me nuts! He’s difficult to listen to, he talks in circles, doesn’t complete a thought.

another name

It’s 100% strategic.
He believes that if he vague talks in circles he can later say the listener misunderstood him.
The minute he talks declaratively to one person, you know the rest of the time he’s doing it purposefully.
Is it good strategy? No. It creeps everyone out.


That’s a good take on it….”vague talks”….probably bad strategy, makes them all want to get him out.:)


I wrote this after Tiff pushed Claire up the boot order but prior to her chat with Hannah above. However, the essence is the same & comes down to — I DO NOT BELIEVE Tiff wants to go to F3 with X.

The reason Tiff pushed Claire ahead of DX is she NEEDS him to remain in the game longer & if she has to pick one (she’d like to keep both) he wins for a myriad of reasons not the least of which is his potential to win the Coup d’etat to remove X or one of TC males. Tiff is a strategic player who looks weeks ahead so getting out X at F9 would set her board up better for a deep run (with her F2 – Hannah). Plus, regardless of their fights – I do believe Tiff would rather bring Azah to F3.

Something to note in the Tiff/Hannah F2 is how their positions shifted in recent weeks. When created Hannah was in the downward position within TC & Tiff shared how Azah/DF fought including Hannah as a full Cookout member. Being the savvy player Hannah is, she adapted quickly to improve each individual TC relationship & took advantage of last week’s drama to strengthen those bonds.Hannah never really bad mouths Tiff but she also doesn’t go out of her way to assuage negative feelings about her — rather she plants little seeds with everyone in TC so she’s viewed as the better ally.

In some ways she’s the junior version of Tiff (in terms of manipulation, influence & seed planting & of course w/o any of the Buella factor). With Ky/X she plays up her lack of emotion & willingness to cut Baby D – – they refer to her as “savage”.

At first Hannah was so happy to have the bond with Tiff & her stated desire to go to F2 with her that she was also willing to let Tiff take the upper hand about boot order. But now that she’s feeling confident she’s pushing her personal agenda which is for the Cookout boot order to be Ky, Azah, Big D, & X last. Why? B/c she believes both X/Tiff select her at F2 & that Azah regardless of her previous conflict with Tiff would keep her over Hannah.

In the above conversation – Tiff is pushing back on Big D to make Hannah recognize why he needs to be out before Azah noting he’ll get jury votes especially if they’re bitter. And there’s the obvious — that X selects Big D as his F2.

IMHO Tiff reads the house dynamics well & knows it’s better to get X out b/c of his abilities & how well liked he is. Ky is past the point of Azah ever wanting to keep him over anyone in TC so he’ll be targeted.

This Coup d’etat power sounds a bit different than the past — typically it used to replace initial noms or right after the POV ceremony. This one sounds like the winner replaces the HOH but operates in autonomy.

The good news for Baby D is now that Hannah/Tiff know the deal they have warned him of Alyssa/X/Ky’s plan to nominate Claire/Tiff in order to back door him. That will fire him up to win HOH. Think about that — Baby D could end up being HOH 3 weeks in a row! If it’s slip & slide he could win F10, then win the power at F9 & b/c it’s hidden also be eligible to win F8 which is likely DE.

My assumption is DX wants to take out X b/c they think he’ll be tougher to beat and again I feel Tiff sees that too. If Ky & DX are aimed at each other it also gives Hannah/Tiff a shield & they likely feel they have a better shot at winning HOH/POV comps versus the Jokers & only one of Ky or X.

To be clear – I really like X — I’m just saying from a strategic perspective he’s the most dangerous hamster in the house. So if you’re in Tiff’s shoes getting him out with none of the blood on your hands while being able to shift the order of the house in her favor makes all kinds of sense.

another name

While I don’t necessarily believe she WANTS to go to final 3 with X, she’s sort of got slim pickings for that final 3. KY? no. He’s on the other end of the cold war.
Couch? She knows he wants men in finals. Azah? They’d kill each other.

If she were actually being honest this week, she’d realize ‘holy crap, lets say worst comes to worst and I end up on the block with Couch… who goes home?’ but the entire presumptiveness of the cookout has clouded them to the fact that they COULD lose an HOH. They COULD lose a veto. They could have to make a sacrifice. And against Couch on the block… no matter who it is, they are a bigger threat in the method the house is using to determine threat viability (except for DX and Claire, who see Brit is a pawn, but Couch is an UBERPAWN).
X already said it, make him the permapawn and all our pieces go home.

The Beef

With all due respect…..I really love your posts. You are a very intelligent and well informed person and follower of the game, but I must ask you……when we get to the final 7, and it’s made up of 6 Cookout members and one other person (no matter who that one other person is), will you pull your head out of the sand and acknowledge that not only do these people not WANT to work with someone outside of this 6 person alliance, social considerations will not ALLOW them to work with someone outside of this 6 person alliance, at least not this season! TPTB are pushing this agenda on us, and you KNOW this, for reasons they feel are socially necessary. It’s NOT going to change before this season is over and we have our first ever black winner of Big Brother, and for whatever reason, they have decided it needs to be a clean sweep this season!

So you can put aside all of your theories about who really wants to work with who, and your dreams about DX and any other non black person getting inside of the Final 6. It’s just not in the cards for this season, and you and I both know production is in control to ensure that’s how things go down. We’d like to think everybody had a fair chance at things, but this year there’s an agenda, and it’s written in stone. I’ve never been one of those people who said “I’m done watching and will never watch again!” and I’m not saying that now, but if you’re watching expecting a different outcome other than a Cookout Final 6 sweep, you’re wasting your time. With 5 votes in jury, they’ve already got the win wrapped up anyway, in the extremely unlikely event somebody was to somehow almost win out and sneak into the Final 2 with a TC member.


I really wish they had all 16 contestants be poc. This season just furthers the divide.

Stewie Griffin

If the HOH comp is the Slip and Slide, Southern California is in for quite the earthquake. Big D falling a few times will do it.


In going back to last night’s chat between Xavier & Ky when they discussed taking out Baby D next week & X does something he rarely does — miscalculates.

X says the ONLY person who could win the Coup d’etat if they evict Baby D next is Big D.

WRONG… You need $250 to play that comp but that presumes Big D (who still has $50) gets $100 in each subsequent week. If Brit goes this week someone else will get $100 — whose to say who’ll that is? X is also assuming everyone will get the same amount every week but that’s also not necessarily true. Someone in the bottom tier who didn’t play this week could get $100 two weeks in a row & be eligible to play. Plus there are supposed to be opportunities to earn more money presumably via comps.

It’s short sighted especially for someone like X who tends to see the broader scope. But also a tell for him — whenever X feels annoyed or pressured he loses his chilled demeanor – we saw it with him panicking to ask after the fact for ALL the Kings to be kept safe after the wall HOH. I watched that exchange & thought wow – X is really worried only b/c he does everything so subtly that the way he grabbed DX & then reiterated his statement sternly & tried to make a demonstrative fist bump for all to see that gave away he was stressed. Given how many of these hamsters are so extra it’s funny we can isolate on something like this but X just is so calm that when he’s not it’s obvious.

Then when Chris went up b/c he knew Ky was involved no matter what anyone said he outwardly displayed his anger. He couldn’t even hide it when around Ky b/c he knew no matter what anyone said Ky’s fingerprints were also on that nomination. Sure, DX wanted that too but Ky & DX spent hours the week prior discussing targeting Chris (and X knows that).


I really don’t wanna see the cookout go to final 6. Please let sth happen ~ ~ Pls ~~


The good news is Hannah laid out X/Ky/Ally plan is put up Tiff/Claire to backdoor him. He will tell Claire so both will gun for HOH.

For those hoping the Cookout doesn’t reach F6 intact you should be voting for Claire to join DX in receiving the $100 – if for no other reason than to send a message b/c she’ll need to win $25 (in a comp?) to play Roulette.

Both will put up Cookout players but Claire is the likeliest to put up two of X, Big D or Ky. Roulette will make things tricky & no doubt will lead to copious conversations about who the initial noms should be. Ky won’t have money to play it (w/o a special comp to earn more) but Big D & X could which you might want to force so maybe she noms X/Big D knowing one remains OTB with the option to put Ky up as renom.

I’m not even sure Tiff could dissuade her to put up SB instead whereas I think DX as much as he doesn’t fully trust Ky would be swayed. Also a Claire HOH would ensure DX remains safe & wouldn’t have to use his Big Bucks to play Roulette.

Conversely, I kind of hope DX wins so he’s safe no matter what & watch Ky/X/Big D scramble. I noted earlier with the Coup d’etat power there is a possibility Baby D could win HOH three weeks in a row – F10 (this coming week), F9 -Coup d’etat anonymous HOH takeover which would mean he could also win presumably DE F8 HOH.

If he won all 3 weeks it would be hard to imagine two of X, Ky & Big D wouldn’t get evicted going into F7 with the 4-some of Tiff/Hannah/Claire/DX having the majority prioritizing taking out whichever two of SB/Ally/Big D remained prior to targeting Azah.

Side note: I’m hoping social media fans get on board to give Claire $100 this week along with DX AND sorry but I want Big D to drop to $50 just to send a message.

another name

Ky trying to grease Dx to get his trust back (and get him to drop his evict Couch notion).
It’s been one hour and thirty minutes so far.
Anyone that is buying this crap?
Wellllll, week one through five Dx did. Over and over and over and over.
Will Dx leave regretting that he ever doubted Ky?
If he does, idiot. Or whatever is past idiot, because i called him idiot last time.

The HOH room has become this season’s most brutal endurance comp this week. Pressure cooker with narration by Ky.


Yeah but didn’t you love how DX called him out – straight goods — I laughed out loud on this specific exchange:

DX: I feel really good with you (Ky) but then you did some suss stuff and I’m like I don’t know if I should feel that good. I talk to you again and feel good again. I leave this room and be like am I stupid for feeling good? I cant tell if I’m getting gas lit. (LMFAO)

That sums up most of their convo where DX questioned his lack of communication, shady explanation followed by blatantly throwing POV to the person I presume he tried to imply (Ally) was his target. Plus DX notes how he was forthcoming/honest with Ky but didn’t get transparency in return & that Ky only does that to people he doesn’t trust.

Oh – and the other funny shot was DX noted Brit is the target b/c she’s unpredictable but THIS WEEK was the epitome of unpredictable.

The fact Ky offered this as an explanation back should reinforce Ky CANNOT be trusted ever again.

Ky: Earlier conversations weren’t me trying to deceive you as much as me trying to find justification that would make sense (wtf – I can’t believe that came out of his mouth). I was in a place where I was still thinking and you were filled in as I was (Ky means as he learned new information – but what that should read to Baby D – you were filled in as I came up with excuses to explain my shadiness).

I mean we’ve debated this & I keep returning to Baby D wanting a bromance partner in the game which I think he keeps returning to as his excuse/unconscious desire but let’s hope learning they want to back door him wakes him up to realize yeah I need to stick with Claire, Hannah & Tiff.


“Tiff – any time we have the opportunity to send BIGD home over Ky we need to send BIGD home otherwise BIGD sits in those final 2 chairs you know that.
Tiff – BIGD started the cookout he named the cookout he ain’t winning any competitions and he’s still here. He can say I’m strategic, I’m manipulative I got here..”

YUP! And that is why in shows like this they usually bring along a quirky, inept, socially iffy, pawn to sit next to. Sometimes it works and sometimes it can backfire.

DO YOU think BigD could win if he was in a F2 situation?

another name

Could he win? Depends on how Grod has the jury whisperer flying monkeys pushing the agenda.
He doesn’t really have a plus one that could be bitter. Brit was supposed to be Azah’s project.
There was a discussion between Ky and Dx last night of the Josh principle. Voting for the worse player (who was given D/R instruction about his goodbye messages that weighed in on decision… as he discussed solo on feeds because he didn’t believe what they were telling him to say) because the better player created bitter jurors.
I can tell you his F2 speech now:
I created an alliance to shield me so that I didn’t have to win comps or HOH’s to win the game. Then I took a nap and woke up in a final 2 chair, now gimme the money.