“We need to send Claire home next week.. she’s getting very wise”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire Britini and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Alyssa (OTEV winner), Kyland (High Roller winner)
Power of Veto Ceremony: Kyland used the veto on Claire. Britini nominated in her place.

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SPOILERS Britini is being evicted as of right now. I don’t see this changing.

10:45 am Xavier and Kyland
X wants BabyD, Alyssa, DB, Claire. Kyland wants BabyD, Sb, Alyssa then Claire out. In that order.
X is saying they should put up Tiffany and Claire backdoor BabyD. Ideally, they want to let Tiffany off the block and have DX sitting next to Claire. “Tiffany has enemies”
Ky says Claire can’t afford to play roulette and Tiffany won’t use it because it’ll be a risk two cookouts go up.
X says everyone but Hannah and DX can win the veto anyone else that wins it can take down Tiffany.
X – I’m not threatened by Claire.. She will gun for the HOH hard next week
Ky – she gunned hard for the veto this week
Ky laughs
X – true
X – in the event Claire won the veto next week and BabyD would go next to Tiffany and it is what it is. I still don’t think we would have to show our cards.
Ky – Also if BabyD is out it doesn’t matter (If they show their cards)
X – why are we keeping babyD around he’s a competitor if we take him out the only people eligible of winning that power are all cookout members.
They gush over all the power they will have with the cookout and a coup d’etat
X – why not we make it so that power is only available to all of us
X says everyone in the house wants to get BABYD out and he’s in the position to have the power. That is was his main reason for wanting Brit out this week.
X – if it’s the 6 of us vs, Alyssa, SB, and Claire.. (it’ll be easy)
Xavier points out that the backyard is now closed which makes him think it’ll be “Slip n SLide” on Thursday or the “ropes”
They go over who they want to win HOH next week X says Alyssa or himself but ideally, it would be him. They need to convince BabyD not to go for the HOH.
Xavier says if they can navigate through these powers and come out the other end whole their alliance’s legendary status went through the roof.
Ky says he doesn’t think a 6 person alliance has ever made it to the final 6.
They again agree to take out Claire last.

1:40 pm Hannah and Tiffany
Tiff says last night DX, Claire, and her were talking about what to do this week. They want to send BIGD out. I told them if we flip we lose Kyland. They were like well if we are going to get him out in a couple of weeks anyways what difference does it make .
Tiff – If we flip.. this is what they think we have Claire, DX, Brit, Azah, Me, and You, which puts X, Alyssa, Ky, and SB on the other side
Tiff – we have to convince them this is a bad idea otherwise we show our cards this week.
Hannah – I told her I think it’s premature for us to go against the house. Ky and X are two of the strongest competitors and Alyssa is the strongest female competitor
Hannah told DX his best shot of going final 2 is with her or Kyland. “if you intend on getting rid of Kyland in the future X won’t take you”
Hanna – is DX targeting X next week or is he targeting Alyssa?
Hannah – who is our next target SB?
Tiff – I don’t think Sb will be our next target with that conversation I had with DX and Claire last night.. if we are.. I think if they will get suspicious ig we keep BIGD.
Tiff – they are strongly leaning towards we can flip this week if you and I don’t then next week they know something .. we leave both of them in this house they will work together they will get with Alyssa and SB and realize something (lol still 6v4)
Tiff – this week Claire has to go.. I don’t want that I didn’t want that
Tiff – DX is not seeing what Claire is seeing
Tiffany says it would have been better to send out Claire this week but they didn’t have the votes without showing their hands.
Tiff – It would have been all 6 of them against the 6 of us
Tiff – you know what she told me.. After this week it’ll be all duos left in the house
Hannah – DX can’t go next week
Tiff – better to keep him than her. She’s quick and she’s bringing him up to speed..
Hanna – if

2:38 pm Tiffany and Kyland
Tiff – Don’t get emotional about it I want you to take some time to meditate on this information
Tiff – you will always act like you never heard this information before we need to send Claire home next week.
Ky – got it
Tiff – she’s getting very wise. I know you and X want to send DX home we’re probably going to have to wait. If we send him home and we still have three girls in this house that are not in the six those three girls will not target each other they’re all going to target US. He’s a shield for us and you and X will have to keep winning.

Tiff – DX is going to talk to you about Keeping Britini and the reason I said Claire has to go next week is him and Claire have been doing a lot more talking and they both want to keep Britini this week. Claire has convinced him and that makes Claire more dangerous
Tiff – the only reason I think that I was sitting in on a conversation he is more.. umm.. aloof she is more aware and she is bringing to his attention.
Tiff says she’s telling them if they keep Brit they will lose Ky. If they don’t trust Ky they might now care.
Tiff – they are already thinking of losing you. you using the fact that they wouldn’t have you isn’t a factor.

3:10 pm Kyland and Brit
Kyland says words Brit tells him she’s been on the block 28 days (I left out about an hour of this conversation.. )

3:30 pm Alyssa and Claire
Talking about the next pwoer and Claire brings up the vote this week. She mentions that Brit has a better chance of winning HOH and taking a shot at Ky than BIGD does.
Alyssa – Britini wouldn’t put me up BIGD will put me up because of this week that is true
Alyssa says she was originally thinking Brit goes home now she’s seeing the benefits of both sides.
Alyssa – what are you and TIFF thinking you contemplating BIGD or Brinti
Claire – yeah
Alyssa – how many votes
claire – four you need
Feeds cut..
Alyssa – I’ll talk to X about it
Claire – it’s something that should be contemplated at least
Claire says put up Ky and SB neither of them has the BBBucks. “They have Zero they both played Derby”
Alyssa – ohh that’s genius

Alyssa says she’ll talk to X about this.

3:45 pm Alyssa and X
Alyssa – Claire just talked to me and her and Tiff are contemplating keeping brit.. Here me out
Alyssa says they have no idea what BIGD will do he’ll either do Alyssa, Ky, SB, Xavier. If brit wins HOH they know exactly who she’s NOT going after and they know exactly who she is going after.
Sb joins them.
Alyss a- iever everyone on the same page.
SB – Britini.. yeah everyone is onboard
X says out of the jokers Brit is the bigger competitor
SB says she is worried about BIGD saying around for too long if he makes it to final 5 he’ll end up being taken to final 2 because everyone will want him
Sb says they will need to get 5 votes to get out BIGD, four only gets you a tie and there is no way they’ll get 5 votes.
Feeds cut. When we’re back Sb and X are in the room
SB – Do you feel good with KY? he’s feeling good about you guys
X – yeah I feel good about ky

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What is up with Ky food strategy? I think it funny Tiffs and Ky relationship. I don’t get it. I’d kick DX out because he’s bigger threat. Though don’t mind Claire out either. Can’t wait for Thursday &Friday.


DX currently is in a good position. Right now all he needs to do is lay low as the others attack each other. Claire is a threat in that she is good at figuring things out and both of them may be close to figuring out a particular alliance


ya DX is in a good position to lose the game, just like the other non-cookout players. If they dont get BigD out this week, then only 1 cookout needs to sit in final 2 and they automatically get 5 cookout jury votes = win

Christime Ahrens

Can’t figure out way no one has booted x, shoukd got him out first. If xavier gets hoh, he and tiff mite be on the block, tiff is big trouble, I don’t like her


Got to hand it to Kyland. Using Murder on the Orient Express to try to explain the situation that she is in is a good analogy

Hopeful for a Good Season

How in the h#%? did Tiff get $75 from America?


Or LazyD get $100??


Better, question. How in the heck did Big D and Britt get $100????????!!!!!!????????


I like DX, Hannah and X winning $100, $75, $75. Don’t understand the others. I’m thinking casuals don’t get it


They never do. A different game from the feeds to broadcast. Shows out what editing will do, and that is before CBS falsifys America votes and stacks the game decks.


3:10 pm Kyland and Brit
Kyland says words Brit tells him she’s been on the block 28 days (I left out about an hour of this conversation.. )

= Hilarious.


He made me laugh with the Murder on the Orient Express reference because that reference in association with Big Brother is perfect! On the other hand Britini made me feel old when she didn’t know about that book & movie

Buh Bye

Simon … is Kyland explaining to her that she’s misusing the term “due diligence” by chance? Cringe-worthy…

another name

Nobody should be shocked that Tiff is trying to get Claire bounced. She’s been off and on that track for 2 weeks.
The difference is the real why.
It isn’t because Claire is getting so close to learning the truth. It’s that Tiff already made her side deal with Dx, he wins comps, she doesn’t, and the men in the cookout are aiming at Dx. She would do anything to keep her secret weapon, and Claire is no secret weapon. While Claire has thrown many comps, she is not the comp queen.
That’s the reality. Tiff has decided Dx is more valuable than Claire when it comes to end game (shooting at the cookout before they shoot at her at final 7).
Strategically why would she even consider it? Buys her time. If her supposed duo goes, then she will be left alone as less of a target than other duos. that buys her a week or two.

another name

Why it isn’t smart? In no world does Claire nom or bd Tiff.
SB would in a heartbeat. She’d probably go for Dx and Tiff because she’s jealous Ky talks to them.
Alyssa would if X asked her to. I said what I said.
Couch would nom Tiff with glee.
X already plans to nom her, and told her so, in order to bd Dx.
So, getting rid of someone that would never nom you, and would always vote for you to stay is the flipside of getting rid of your perceived closest ally in order to appear less threatening. Not everyone plays the game according to game threat. Some play personal and bitter.

Bring Back Johnny Mac

I think X is definitely going to have Alyssa as his assassin. I hope to see it!


I think I like this season a lot because things can change. The cast isn’t totally annoying. Everyone has their quirks and competitions have been fun. Just wish the women would win HOHs. Even with my winner pick of X. CO is ok. I’m on fence whether they will make it final six.

Christime Ahrens

I just don’t care for no one this season what so ever. I liked chistian…
Hes gone. Tiff, Claire, Hannah, brittni, are all big trouble. Big d can’t play at all hes too big..