“We came to play a game! We’re not here to be wusses!”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire Britini and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Alyssa (OTEV winner), Kyland (High Roller winner)
Power of Veto Ceremony: Kyland used the veto on Claire. Britini nominated in her place.

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SPOILERS Britini is being evicted as of right now. I don’t see this changing.

7:05pm HOH room – Kyland and Claire.
Claire – I feel good right now. Of course coming off the block is really nice. So I feel good about the week. I feel good about moving forward. I feel like we’re in a nice spot. Hopefully.. the next few weeks might be a little tricky but.. Kyland – yeah that’s what I am trying to figure out next week with the powers and such. I don’t know even what.. I feel like … like what is best case scenario being .. like basically I don’t want it being used at all. But I also wonder about it being used. Claire – yeah I think its hard.. basically there are two tracks you try not to get it used or you try to put someone up that will for sure use or you try to get everyone to spend their money next week. Ky – yeah that is kind of what I am thinking .. everyone spend their money next week. And I look at it like I think of .. of how to go about putting up ahhh… also this week and the vote. How do you feel about the vote? I’m feeling like people are split and I don’t want to be in a position where I am pushing my perspective if people have a different perspective. Claire – I think there are arguments for both. Ky – that’s what I think. Claire – I feel like right now a lot of people are looking at taking out Britini but there is definitely an argument for taking out Big D. Ky – I lean towards the power and being able to use it. Basically right now Britini and Big D would both have the money to use the power next week. Claire – most likely as long as Big D does well again. Ky – yeah but I don’t think anyone will go from getting $100 to getting $50. And both of them if they were up next week .. either one of them would use it. They talk about all the different scenarios for HOH and who they would put up.

7:17pm Britini scares Azah as she comes out of the diary room.
Azah – EVERY TIME!!! WHY WHY ME!? What are you guys doing to me!! COME ON! COME ON! BRAH!

7:30pm Bedroom – Tiffany and Britini
Tiffany – I have not talked to Kyland about what he wants and I feel like everyone is really up in the air about it. Brit – yup. Tiffany – I don’t want to play a personal game .. on a personal level you and I get along a lot better than me and Big D but its not a personal game. Brit – correct. Tiffany – I think we work better together .. you and me over Big D. I don’t know where his head is and if he won if he would put me up because I don’t know if he is playing a personal game or Big Brother. If I had to say right now you benefit my game to me better than Big D. Brit – I could pitch to you. Tiff – go ahead and pitch to me. Brit – okay basically my pitch is in 6 points and it differs depending on the person. For you it differs a lot because we’ve been working together since the beginning. So the first thing is competitor. I have won a competition. I can help get the big targets out of the house because at some point they’ve got to go. But with you I fight for you! I fight with you! I am a number for you! From that standpoint I can help keep people that we don’t want in power from getting in power because I am going to compete and obviously I am not afraid to pick anyone because I just don’t care. We came to play A Game! We’re not here to be wusses! I have proven that I will do what I said I would do. I am fighting with you. For every female in the house I am a shield. There are two female shields in this house.. that’s me and Alyssa. We are the female shield. So the longer I am in the house the longer every female stays in this house. I am a shield and I am okay with it. I spend 28 days out of 42 days on the block. That’s 2/3 of my game and me staying in the house you have a 50% less chance of going on the block. This game is all about the numbers .. and y’all know I am a number for you. I am not going to say anything bad about Big D but if I leave this week Big D becomes the ultimate pawn meaning anyone that sits next to him WILL go home. This was a personal move by Ky based on him thinking I am unpredictable. This does not mean I am unpredictable for the house. Tiffany – if you stay who do you have with you? Brit – you, Claire, Azah, DX, Hannah. Tiffany – against .. Alyssa, X, Ky and SB. Next week the HOH doesn’t have control. Tiff – then how do we know we can get SB out next week? Brit – here is the thing, she did not get $50, she got $75 ..if she plays we know she lied number one. If it is a balancing competition.. I know she is not winning. Tiff – that means if we put her up .. she stays up because she does not win the roulette.. but if someone pulls her off. Brit – who would pull her off? Tiff – Ky. Brit – not if he is up next to her. Tiff – okay.

8:05pm HOH room – Kyland and Derek X.
Kyland – Brit and Big D, is there a .. do you have a preference for yourself. Derek – I obviously thought about this.. Big D, is the perfect pawn. Keep him in this game, he is going all the way and anyone sitting next to him .. they are probably going home. If I am sitting next to him, I am definitely going home. Whereas with Britini, I could at least throw some type of campaign. The fact that Christian was able to campaign against SB and almost be successful like that shows in this house you can make some arguments with people and you can be successful. I am not saying I am definitely staying over Brit but at least give a fair shot. Big D, I am out of here. Ky laughs.

8:30pm Bathroom – Alyssa, Tiffany and Claire.
Alyssa – I’ve been trying to lay low this week. Tiff – that’s good. Alyssa – That was what my plan was because I feel like this week was to kind of lay low and then next week kind of be a fresh start for me and figure things out from there. Tiffany – smart. Alyssa – I already felt like I would be an easy target so I wanted to just lay low and for people to almost forget that I am here.. and then remember me next week. Tiff – where the hell .. Alyssa went on vacation. But I don’t see why she would go after you guys. Tiff – I don’t think that there is a direct reason, I also don’t think she plays a personal game because she hasn’t tried to establish personal relationships. I think she would formulate a strategic plan. Alyssa – she is very strategic. When we used to talk in teams she was very strategic. Tiff – I don’t see Azah and Big D as actual targets for her or threats to her game unless she sees Big D as an alternate pawn. Alyssa – that is my fear with Big D is him making it to the three and then if you don’t make the final round .. whoever is there is picking Big D over you. 100%! Tiff – I understand that. Alyssa – but I also don’t want to waste an HOH on him. Its a 50/50.

9pm – 10pm Living room. The house guests are sitting around the living room discussing what animals each of them are.. Derek – X is a wiener dog. Tiff – he is a Doberman

10pm – 11:43pm An episode of The Big Blue Couch starts.. They then move on to multiple games of mafia..

11:50pm Bathroom – Hannah and Tiffany.
Hannah – Britini is going to be campaigning tomorrow. Tiffany – I know she pitched to me today and it was good.. and I can’t even lie. Hannah – DX talked to Ky for an hours and a half today .. I just haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him. Tiff – I saw him coming out when it was time to play Mafia. And I was like how did your talk go with Ky? And he was like, I think it went good. He was like he might think about it. Now I know he is not and he can’t but I don’t know what he is saying that is making Derek think that. You know Claire is considering it. The only way that Claire will not do it is if, she was like its got to be the whole house. 7 – 1.. other than that she will not do it.

12:03am Bathroom. Tiffany and Alyssa.
Tiffany – how do you feel about it? Alyssa – my whole thing is with Britini .. its better for Britini to stay because she is going to take out Ky and SB.. BUT if the whole house is on that page.. Tiffany – yeah we’re all on that page. Alyssa – Right so if we’re all on the same page of doing it .. we don’t need to keep her. Tiffany – that is very true. I agree with that. Alyssa – I don’t know I am open to both.

12:18am Bedroom. Britini and Xavier.
Britini – X, I’m being threatened. Xavier – by Ky?! Brit – yeah. Xavier – what did he do now? Brit – no he just keep threatening me all day. He threatened me yesterday he apologized for the veto and then said you better not have this campaign be against me.. you better not have this campaign be against me because that’s not your smartest move! So you better not do that! I am sorry about the veto but you better not campaign against me. And then today he said the same damn thing of like oh you better tell everyone in the house that it was a misunderstanding because that is going to hurt my personal game. And if anyone comes back to me, I going to come right back to you that you talked about me in your campaign speech and all this sh*t and I am like YOU’RE THE ONE THAT F**KING PUT ME UP!!!! DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!! DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO.

I am so uncomfortable because he keeps threatening me. And you’re the reason why I’m up. You don’t have a reason to threaten me right now! That is just not RIGHT! He obviously does not respect me X! If he disrespected me in front of all of you and then told me that I have a lack of comprehension. Like its my problem right?! Its not my problem X! Obviously he is trying to cover his own a$$ because he knows I’m right! And it got out because he broke a damn deal and it got out! And he is a liar!! And its not me! But I keep getting threatened because he knows he’s in the wrong! And he knows next week he’s screwed! I don’t know what to do because I am so uncomfortable. He literally told me that by tomorrow night I have to have two people that I am going after .. preferably not him as people that I am targeting next week. He wants my answer by tomorrow night as to whom my targets are for next week. Like you’re no longer HOH, you don’t have a vote. WHY ARE YOU THREATENING ME WITH THIS!!! I DON’T GET IT! I’m done! I can’t talk to him. Xavier – that’s what you should do. Don’t! Brit – I don’t want him to flip on the entire house and tell them to send me home! Xavier – lets say you run his campaign and you go home. Brit – it does me no good. Xavier – lets say you run your campaign and you go home. Do you benefit in that instance? Brit – no. Xavier – what about (Azah and Big D). Brit – absolutely. Xavier – then you run your campaign and potentially convince people to keep you or you can run his campaign and you go home and they’re still sitting here as targets too. Brit – why does he think he can talk to me like that X?!!! Xavier – then don’t let him. Just don’t give him the opportunity to. Brit – like he literally told that people are going to come up to me and tell me if you’ve resolved it. That you’ve resolved this thing about the deal. Like I want them to show the f**king tape! Because I am RIGHT and he is WRONG! And he knows he is in the wrong and he shook on something he couldn’t keep. I am just so sick of this right now!! I did not sign up for this to be THREATENED when I am the one on the block!!

I have never been threatened on the block by the person that is the HOH. I am infuriated right now! I am so pissed!! And I have a really good campaign and really good arguments why I should stay and I want that to show but I don’t want to be threatened in the process because his true colours are showing and he does not respect me X. I don’t know what I did to him but he does not respect me at ALL! He obviously must think I am stupid as sh*t and I am able to be played by however he sees fit. Xavier – he is going to talk to you like a child, you need to show him that you’re a grown a$$ woman. That your game is whatever you decide it to be not whatever anyone else dictates it to be no matter what position of power they’re in. Don’t let anyone in this house push you around. Big D and Azah will have your back but this is a situation where they can’t so you need to show them that they don’t always need to come to your defense. You’re not some scared little girl. You’re a strong independent woman. I know that, you know that! Just be yourself and at least if you do go home.. you go home with you head held high knowing that you fought your fight and not someone elses. You know what I’m saying. Brit – yup. Xavier – and as far as you talking to him.. you don’t need to talk to him anymore. Brit – I know. So the next time he tries to talk to me I will just tell him Ky I am not talking to you. Xavier – there is no point. Brit – I have to do this (pack up her stuff) and he is the one threatening me right now. This is all because of one person X! X – MMmmmhhmmm. Brit – it is basically because he is a liar! He also admitted to me today that me going up is a personal game… He thinks he can say whatever he wants to me. I doesn’t know anything about my moral and character .. and he wouldn’t care about that because he hasn’t taken the time to get to know me either.

12:40am – 2am Bedroom. Brit continues her campaign pitch to Derek X. After Derek X goes to Tiffany and Hannah and asks do you think we should keep Britini this week? Lets say Ky is not HOH.. its just Big D and Brit on the block. Who for our game is it best to keep? Tiff – I think it might be too early to get rid of her. Claire joins them. Tiff – Brit is a strong competitor. Derek – this is so SUS! All of us sitting here. Derek – adding Brit is just another person that would take that shot (at Ky) so it give us more numbers. Claire – and if Big D win is he really going to go after KY?! NO! Derek – and Big D is not shielding us at all! At least Brit shields every girl in this house. Brit leaves an option to put up on the block. I think the best thing she said is that while she is in the house we have a 50% less chance of going on the block. And the best thing is that two of us don’t hit the block at the same time. Hannah – my concern here is that Brit hasn’t talked to me yet… so as far as I am concerned she doesn’t need my vote. If we vote to keep Brit.. that pushes Ky, SB and X closer together and they’re stronger competitors. If Brit is able to get Xavier and Alyssa to flip then I would be on board. Until she has that I wouldn’t be comfortable doing that. I’m not so sure we wouldn’t lose Ky to X and Alyssa if we didn’t just vote to evict Brit. SB joins them. They chat about random things..

6:00 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Updates will resume this afternoon.

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another name

Someone, aaaanyone…. please tell Jabberjaw that Grod doesn’t pay by the word.

Ky’s preference should not influence Dx’s decision. After 20 minutes of meandering through his preference.
Ky is 75% open to being impartial and not influencing the vote. After spending an hour and fifty minutes trying to influence Dx on how to vote.
The deal wit Brit was contingent on Brit not ending up on the block. As if someone ELSE put her on the block???
He doesn’t want to disrupt Azah and Couch’s relationship. She’s bedridden he’s a couch. They’ll get over it.
He thinks he, X and Dx should sit down and discuss things. Dis…. cuss? another meeting? Sounds like a meeting to me. Ugh.

Sideye. That’s it. He wants to have post veto ceremony meetings until September..
Somebody slap him. Juuuust…. slapem.

Took off the donkey costume and he’s still a Horse’s ass.

another name

oh. wait.
The whole open to being impartial thing.
He’s trying to skirt his responsibility as cookout, and put it on Tiff, X an Hannah to make sure the vote goes in cookout’s favor.
That way, it’s those three that take the heat for all the convincing and questions that will arise.

He was looking out for his side deal Sb and himself when he won HOH after agreeing to throw.
He was looking out for his game when he asked questions and didn’t share answers with other cookout members.
He was looking out for his own game for nominations when he went 100% off the agreed plan again.
Now he’s looking out for his own game by not contributing to the effort to control the vote.
I’m not saying those things as negatives in terms of the principle that only one person can win.

But you know who the first person yelling cookout solidarity is going to be right before HOH? Same guy that’s going to be pushing for no cookout to hit the block (well not him anyway). Same guy.


I know I need to think about the casuals but could Tiff drop to $50. Looking at ranking and she is lower than Christian. I’m not sure who would take $100 from Brit. I curious to see how they can earn extra BB Bucks$ and who will win it. Can’t wait for Thursday and Friday


Which poll are you checking?

Here’s where Big Brother Daily, Jokers & Online Big Brother rank the players (listed to feature everyone still in the house).

I have to say I’m pretty shocked at the OBB results. As much as we talk about Azah not knowing the game, the couch not even playing, etc, etc, Tiff is listed 12th of the 16 players. Only Whitney, Travis, Brent & Frenchie place worse.

I’d agree with the top 4 (DX, X, Claire & Hannah) which is pretty close to the other polls but I wonder why Tiff’s so much lower here.

I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea but while I might not like the circle talk or misogyny of Mr. Micromanager I can still acknowledge he’s playing the game.

The other interesting factor at play is clearly the casuals really do make a difference in the vote as the common denominator here is DX, Hannah & Claire are always top 4 so for Claire to get $50 still rings hollow as does Big D/Brit getting the $100.

Ultimately, it feels very much like Grodner handed out the levels partially based on votes & partially based on what would offer the best production value.

Big Brother Daily:

  1. Baby D
  2. Hannah
  3. Claire
  4. Tiff
  5. X
  6. Azah
  7. Brit
  8. Ally
  9. Big D
  10. Ky
  11. Chris
  12. SB

On Jokers:

  1. Baby D
  2. Claire
  3. Hannah
  4. Travis
  5. Tiff
  6. X
  7. SB
  8. Chris
  9. Ally
  10. Brit
  11. Azah
  12. Whit
  13. Ky
  14. Big D


  1. Baby D – 3.91
  2. X – 2.81
  3. Claire – 2.68
  4. Hannah – 2.56
  5. SB – 2.08
  6. Ky 1.99
  7. Brit 1.80
  8. Big D 1.76
  9. Ally 1.72
  10. Chris 1.65
  11. Azah 1.56
  12. Tiff 1.55
The Beef

All of this tells me there is no way in Hell that BigD was actually voted to receive $100 through fan voting. No f’ing way! Same is true for Britini – yet somehow BOTH of them got the $100 prize! My tin foil hat must be the size of Nok-a-homas old tee pee out in left field of the old Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, and Grodner has replaced “Q” as the most well known leader of a conspiracy like group, injecting E-V-I-L into our lives by way of this game and her heavy handed manipulation of it! lol Can somebody please just assassinate that b!tch? (I’m just kidding, of course).


Although I agree with you (re: Production picking the levels) lots of fans who only watch the TV episodes witnessed a major positive edit for Brit last week – no one knows she volunteered or was “the assistant assassin” (her phrase) to take out Christian via a back door. Mind you Ally is sure letting her know today as she called her out for going back on a F2 & asking why she should care Brit is a shield when she didn’t care Chris was her shield.

Yes Ally is on her high horse but the truth is Brit played it up all over the house by also getting Big D/Azah to console her b/c Chris/Ally were cornering her (she was lying to both – telling the showmance YES & telling the Jokers she said NO) – I covered this last week in how Brit seeks attention everywhere she can get it. Azah apologized to Ally b/c now she knows the truth (but has it impacted how she plays – or made her recognize how much conflict Azah is dealing with b/c of Brit’s lies? NOT IN THE LEAST!

As for Big D – they prompt you if you pick Derek (to verify which one you mean) but I’m sure there are lots who don’t know so they just went with Big D. But there was an entire contingent of facebook fans who were pushing to vote for Big D b/c he called Tiff a bitch (and they did show that on TV).

Based on tonight’s edits – Ky looks about as bad as you would expect – they showed both him & Azah blatantly trowing OTEV in order for Brit/Ally to win specific rounds. AND — I had missed their hand shake but he did actually shake her hand on the deal at the very end of their convo. Ky being Ky – he views it as happening after their talk with all his circle talk caveats – Brit being Brit – it meant they shook on it & she’s using it to paint him as a liar.

They also showed Claire giving up CO targets to Ky & Tiff having to come in and get the target off her back. And they played up Big D being angry at Ky while we know he’s been in on the entire HOH – pushing for someone other than Brit to go up mind you – but Ky offered to take him off (could’ve put up Azah) but he declined b/c he’s enjoying playing the victim.

No fave yet

I haven’t picked a fave yet but, I loathe Big D most of all. His father is turning in his grave. Idiot attention whore.

Just Sayin'

Brit is beyond irritating how she complains and screams and swears at every person in the house, EXCEPT THE HOH, about how everything isn’t fair and Kyland is the worst. Then when she talks to kyland she never says anything about being upset! I’ve never seen someone get so amped up and then deflate in record time in the face of the person she’s mad at. I love how X is basically like ya you should tell him this not me? Grow a pair brit and just tell these things to kyland and at least give us some entertainment


X really is a good lawyer. Funny how DF, BigD, or Couch – saw that in him and CALLED HIM OUT on it weeks ago! LOL

Who is lying about what they do?
Anyone else?




Is Big D employed?


Maybe they should have a house meeting…

No fave yet

Yeah……a few one on ones {sarc}


DX has held the top spot on our ranking since day 16.

Carlito's Way

DX is my favorite houseguest for a long time. I am fond of most of this cast but many are wearing thin (the whiners and freeloaders – AZAH, Big D, Britiny, Sarah B as well as the manipulator Tiffany – although she is playing a good game -she is very smart. I just wrestle with her manipulations – too personal and mean spirited). I also strongly believe that many folks voted for the High Rollers twist intending to vote for Derek X and NOT Derik D. Wish they would list them as Big D and Derek X. NO WAY Big D got $100. Absolutely too mind-boggling. Makes sense Britiny got it due to her time on the block (for casual viewers – not feeders). Too bad there does not seem to be any way to work the numbers for DX to win. Not unless maybe he gets a major wake-up call. Even then… Not with TC staying with their strategy and they seem to be on course despite their disfunction. They are committed to their mission. At this point I see Hannah and DX in finals and maybe dragging Big D or Azah along for the ride. Question – will they take the weaker player for the final two. As we know, any of this could switch on a dime. Fingers crossed for Derik X to make it. He has it all and would be well deserving of the win.


Britini needs to be heavily medicated if she refuses to calm the f*ck down…

She is a f*cking liar and I can’t wait for her to go home.

I wish she was not on the jury either because we’ll still have to listen to her loud annoying ass when other people join her later on…SAD!


Can you believe how she blew up that “threatening” thing? I called it the minute she said “he threatened” me I knew it was going to balloon. It’s BB so she can do what she wants but WOW.


I know. Like damn. X is really working on her jury vote pandering to her.

People are stupid AF to not want him out ASAP. He is clearly going to win.

Yellow dog

Nobody is talking about a double eviction this week. Did I dream that Julie said that? I don’t understand how there will be time to play roulette with a double eviction this week – unless they don’t show the second eviction until Sunday. But then that takes away some of the double eviction excitement in that there is literally no time other than a quick couple of minutes at commercial break to strategize and coerce. And even if the double eviction is next week – there is still another extra competition next week.


Julie did NOT confirm a double eviction this Thursday.

So I’m fairly certain it will be August 26th or for sure September 1st.


DE is most likely week after high rollers twist ends or week after it ends. I think week after.


You can’t say there is no argument against Big D because anyone sitting next to him will go… that’s your campaign. If you end up sitting next to him, use the same argument… that he will stay to the end like Victoria if people keep dismissing him.


So BigD isn’t campaigning at all?? Correct me if I’m wrong. I realize he doesn’t have anything to worry about but shouldn’t he at least pretend in order to contain any suspicion of TC?

He does have a valid argument …

“People might not vote me out if I’m on the block but they’re not going to vote for me to win. I’m too lazy to ever when a comp (too lazy to campaign) and your all little bi!tches anyway!”

another name

D/R has him talking to each person.
If you want to call what he’s saying to them campaigning be my guest.
Sounds more like slapstick delusion to me.


As much as I dislike Brittany I am still hoping (probably fruitlessly) for a flip to get BigD out just to even things up a little and maybe not make the run to final six so easy for the Cookout. Before everybody gets their panties in a bunch, I like most of the cookout, I just hate a steamroll season.

another name

Dear Brit,
When the spectre of death in braids starts looking through your clothes to see if she wants anything, like she’s done for every evicted house guest…
You in trouble.

Tiff actually vultured through Brit’s things, telling her she was vulturing through her things saying “gimme your shit.”


Are you sure she wasn’t looking for her own things? A day or two ago Tiff got annoyed b/c Brit had taken a top of hers & it took a while before Brit finally realized (or admitted) that it was & gave it back. (shrug)

another name

Brit actually asked why Tiff was looking for things to keep when she only does that with people being evicted. So…. pretty sure.


updates are coming. I’m a bit behind.


That’s ok. We are all busy these days in 1 way or other. I wonder if there is going to be any day before eviction drama like there was last week. It’s hard to tell whether Derek F is being serious in his 1-on1s to get people to keep him

another name

Spoiler Skuttlebut I’m seeing on social media:
The episode will cliffhanger.
Veto ceremony result will be shifted to Thursday. Word is they did the same for Christian’s backdoor. This could be an attempt to increase the Thursday viewership ratings.
The episode will feature Brit/Ky’s deal as a real verfied actual deal that wasn’t conditional on any candy caveats.
The episode will only indirectly show Dx and Claire conspiring.
There will be a bit of Dx backdoor talk in the episode.
Otev will be some angry faced octopus or some crap.
Apparently veto throwing will look pretty obvious?

On feeds earlier:
X and Tiff meet. X is confused why the save Britini movement has any steam.
Gee. Let’s think. The vote this week is 6 women and 2 men. Couch has loudly told each of the women they have to evict the women. Why would the women want to vote out a man that keeps telling women to vote out the women??????

another name

Alyssa has been so far up on her high horse today about last week and Christian.
It’s actually borderline stupid.
At this point, Everyone could tell Alyssa that Couch has been saying Alyssa and Sb are going on the block in his comedy routine (oops campaigning)… and she’d still be whining about nobody saving Christian last week.
I’m serious.


Agree. Christian left last week. Why still be hung up on that fact. He’s gone. By her bringing it up; it’s not going to change the fact that he’s gone. She’s become very irritating to watch.

another name

After seeing a photo of OTEV… maybe it’s not an octopus.
It might just be an enormous buttplug with an attitude. And tassles.


I’ll probably get cancelled for this but I wish the cookout would break apart now. It’s making the game very boring as all large alliances do.

another name

Anyone viewing the game from just a game for entertainment standpoint (the 16 humans are houseguests on Big Brother this season perspective), would most likely agree.
There hasn’t been a steamroll that viewers were pleased to watch before, has there?


Individuals are bringing more drama than the alliances have been


Simon, don’t worry. I think the beginning I thought the teams were great but I didn’t predict some would stay in team mind set. As for CO I think ? the idea of the CO was interesting and staying under radar was cunning but I think the CO has actually hurt people’s games. Thinking the group could override the individual game sucks. I think Ky tried to in some degree break from CO unfortunately he listen to Tiff & X and did what they wanted. Don’t get me wrong X is my winner pick but I don’t think CO is sustainable much longer. I’d like to see a direct his of the CO whether by a CO member or outside of CO. Tomorrow and Friday should be interesting but it could remain boring depending on who is HOH. Please freakin stop throwing games. Everyone needs to try winning. I support you always whether I agree or disagree with you. I’m just happy this time to agree. Thanks for all you do


CO will not break up.


Does anyone think BigD wants to get voted out? Telling Azah not to keep him? He is out of cigarettes I read somewhere.


Can someone tell me why there are still talks of Jokers? I thought Jokers don’t exist anymore. I’m sick of team talk.

another name

Having the teams sure helped to hide the cookout, didn’t it?
I mean, with 2 POC on every team, any time they were seen talking, it was just about Teams as a built in explanation that carries forward a week after teams are done.
Also helped in the creation of the plus one plan because every team had a cookout member to get close to non cookouts.
Funny that.
(singsonging in my tinfoil hat to myself) not that the Grod would ever do something like that. Never mind, just woke up cranky today, and it didn’t get better.