Xavier “You have a comp win in every category. Wildcard, Veto & HOH. You’re basically the male Janelle.”

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD players left:
WILDCARD Competition Winner:
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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7pm Storage room – Christian, Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth.
They celebrate being the only team of four. Alyssa – and we thought we sucked in the beginning. Xavier – they’re going to feel hustled. Christian – I’ve got a veto comp to play and then y’all have got to kick some a$$ in the HOH next week! Sarah – I’ll kick a$sS. Xavier – well we can still compete in the wildcard because this is the second week in a row that we haven’t had to. Alyssa – do you think teams are going to end next week? Xavier – maybe but that doesn’t mean that the wildcard will. Xavier – we still get the HOH room. Christian – every single situation that we planned if she wins…what if she wins.. what the f**k am I supposed to do. Alyssa and Xavier – its going to have to be the same thing. Sarah – do what you feel like and I will support you 100%. Xavier – we’ll talk. Christian – this is a big responsibility. Xavier – that’s why you have your whole team. Alyssa – no one is going to believe that you’re making decisions without us. Xavier – its a group effort. Alyssa – but you don’t want it to be all on you. Christian – right. Alyssa – I don’t know about you guys but I am fine with saying I agreed with this too. Xavier – first nominee is Julie Chen. She’s got to go up. Christian – yeah she has been talking too much trash. They wonder how likely it will be for a battle back. Sarah – you officially have the most comp wins. Xavier – You have a comp win in every single category. Wildcard, Veto and HOH. You’re basically the male Janelle. Christian – I don’t think this is likely to happen but if this sh*t goes to my head .. smack the sh*t out of me. They all agree that it won’t. Christian – I don’t think it will because I don’t even want this responsibility. I just want to go and drink all my alcohol tonight.

7:05pm Bedroom – Big D and Xavier.
Xavier – Dawg you’ve got to bring it here. Big D – that b***h is crazy! Xavier – no one is looking at you. If you start acting out of sorts or pissy you will give them a reason. Big D – I am just worried about that damn Christian and his girl. Xavier – they’re on my team. They’re on my team. Our whole team is like this. Big D – those motherf**kers were ready to cut each other. He was ready to put her up and she was ready to put him up when I said if I win who would you put up. Guess what they both said .. each other! Xavier – in order to make sure you aren’t on their radar you have to stay calm. They have intended targets for the week and your teams names have not been brought up once. The girls name that you think is still going to be the target. Big D – I need an individual challenge next week.

7:10pm Bedroom – Azah and Tiffany.
They talk about the wildcard competition. Tiffany – its got to be someone that can beat Whitney. She can’t win safety because if Whitney wins safety Hannah is the target.. Azah – yeah. Tiffany – if they can’t come after y’all. And I don’t know if they’re coming after us. They might go after Claire and that’s why Claire has got to go for it. Claire’s name has come up a lot of times. Claire joins them. Tiffany – We need to have a king slayers meeting. We need to get back together. Azah – I don’t know why we didn’t have a meeting last week? Tiffany – I didn’t say ask a lot of questions. Azah – you’re doing the wildcard. Tiffany – she has to. Claire – Whitney is also doing it. Claire leaves. Tiffany to Azah – you need to lay low and Big D needs to chill the f**k out too. Azah – yeah I told him. Tiffany – he definitely wants to send Whitney and it doesn’t f**king matter if he puts Hannah up. We just have to accept it. Her cards might get shown a little sooner.
Azah – we need five .. or six but we need outside of that so that we don’t show our cards. So its Derek and Claire we have to talk to and SB (Sarah).

7:30pm – 7:45pm Living room. Whitney and Big D.
Whitney – I don’t know who the target will be. Big D – If I am put up I WILL F**KING FLIP! I WILL F**KING FLIP! Because there is no reason.. Whitney – I think it could be any of us …like it could be me. Big D – I mean I don’t think it could be you. Whitney – I think it could be. I don’t think there is a clear target so it literally could be anyone. Big D – and because there isn’t a clear target it is going to be the he said / she said bullsh*t. And we’re not dealing with one HOH .. we’re dealing with two HOHs. Whitney – like the same team .. two in a row? Big D – no. Whitney – oh yeah I know what you’re saying. (Christian and Alyssa)

8:10pm Havenots are: The Jokers – Azah, Big D and Britini

Christian and Alyssa talk about the wildcard comp players for tomorrow. Alyssa – its definitely Whitney and Big D.. and then its either Claire or Azah. Christian jokes while Big D is near asking Alyssa if they should just put Big D up or back door him.

8:45pm Kyland and Sarah working out. The other house guests are sitting around chatting..

8:53pm Gym – Sarah and Kyland.
Sarah – Christian has talked about putting Whitney and Hannah up or Whitney and Azah up. I am hoping he goes Whitney and Hannah personally. Kyland – I am down with that. Sarah – but at the end of the day, it is what it is. Sarah – I can’t wait till we’re sitting in the final two seats .. and then we can say that we started this day two. Especially if no one even has a clue .. it will be so good!

9:35pm – 10pm Derek made soft tacos for everyone. The house guests sit down to eat. Christian – Honestly, I think I am going to run my HOH like Frenchie’s. Tiffany – explain what that means? Christian – I want a little bit of craziness. Clarie – how many people in the house do you think you’re going to target? Half the house or more? Alyssa – promise everyone that you’re not going to put them on the block, and then put them on the block. Christian – let me just start by saying all you girls are completely safe. Derek X – minorities, you’re good! Kyland, I have nominated you. Alyssa – mine was double, Hispanic and a woman. I need two pawns!? Derek X – can someone nominate as a pawn?

11:06pm Christian gets called to the diary room. Once he comes out he’ll be able to get into his HOH room.

11:20pm Christian comes out of the diary room. All the house guests head up to the HOH room. They all check out his HOH photos, HOH letter and basket. Tiffany reads his HOH letter from his mom and dad.

11:30pm Living room. Azah to Big D – what do you want to do tomorrow (for the wildcard comp)? Big D – No you go for it. Azah – Claire is doing it too. Do you thing I can beat both of them (Claire and Whitney)? Big D – I am cool, you go for it. And if he wants to put me on the block, I’m cool with it. Do you want to know why? Because I am going to flip this house so hard if he puts me on the block. Azah – do you really think he’s going to put you on the block? Big D – you heard what his letter said.. Azah – what? Big D – Remember, its a game.

11:40pm – 1am HOH room. Christian, Alyssa, Sarah and Xavier.
Christian – I don’t know what I am going to do. Every single plan we had was when you win this is what happens, when you win this is what happens. Alyssa – but I thought if you won, it is still the same plan. Christian – I think its still the same. Alyssa – I think it is the same plan but more so who the target is and who you feel comfortable with. If the queens had won it would have been the same plan. Christian – I think we have to put both of them up (Hannah and Whitney). Xavier – and then determine through out the week who the target is. Christian – yeah. Xavier – so would we tell then both that they’re the pawn or would we have a clear cut target? Sarah – I think you should just put both up and say I don’t have a target. Alyssa – I think we need to think what is best for us because we just won this and we’re going to have to keep winning because we’re going to be the target all the time. Xavier – The only way I see Whitney feeling comfortable going up is if she is the pawn. Hannah will probably feel comfortable as a pawn next to Whitney. Alyssa – I think they would exchange notes. Xavier, and Sarah leave the HOH room.

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Big D will flip well at least he’ll move from just sitting around with a resting b face and do something I don’t see how he and Britni feel entitled do something it’s a game can’t win sitting on a$$ and eating sorry!


Wow. We really have to resort to eating comments just because he’s a big dude? Fatphobic much?


No I’m fat lol it’s a figure of speech my goodness


Being fat doesn’t make it ok and that’s not a figure of speech…it was a comment cause he’s larger.


He is lazy though!


…and doesn’t want to play in comps…


“Fatphobic much?”

Nah, unhealthy weight!

Source: me, fat guy.


Still. Not. Ok.

Backseat Driver

Oh I am so glad Alyssa has a place to sleep for the next 7 days…..


Bigd on slop. This will get interesting.


Too bad they’re a team of 3 and nobody has to sleep on the seadoo. And I give it 12 hours until BigD is sneaking food in the shower.


So disgusted at all the fat shaming being done here. These comments are the very thing we hate to see as fans of the show when they are said by the houseguests. Do better guys.

chomp chomp



I see Brent has joined the chat ?


Fat Bastard was hilarious.


I don’t see cheating as a have-not as being a fat/skinny thing. I predicted Frenchie would eat in the shower as a have-not (he never made it that far). I complained about Jackson in BB21 eating in the shower as a have-not. For DF, I’ve joked about him being furniture this season and that he’ll cheat as a have-not. He’s just another in a long list of BB houseguests that tend to skirt the rules, but weight has never been what makes people follow or not follow the have-not rules.


Yeah, if he’s a havenot, how is he eating a pizza? How’s that work?


Yeah, what’s the deal on that?


I don’t think his have nots started at that point. He was just trying to get one last bite in.
Can’t say I would do differently.


As much as I would love to see Britni “I want a 21 day contingency” on the block, I’m hoping that Christian doesn’t waste this HOH on an easy target like Brit (or Whit). Sadly, it will probably be Whit/Hannah with Whit as the target. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Come on, BB gods, bring the chaos with the safety comp!

BB fan

Put Tiffany and Hannah up on the block.

Tiffany needs to humble herself .


Yes she is too much she’s annoying


Britni “I want a 21 day contingency” on the block <——-LOL

I would love to see Brit on the block for a 3rd time, just to see her melt downs. I almost took a screenshot of the horror & disbelief on her face during the VETO comp when she realized Derek X & Tiff were targeting her! LOL Ruh roh! Wait, what?? LOL

Glue Eyes Shut

This season has some great cast members but it is painfully obviously that it is setup for a person of color to win and “surprisingly” will be the biggest prize to date. We are living through sad times when a feel good story of sympathy pulls someone across the finish line instead of a winner based on skill, wins, alliances, etc. this season will hold an asterisk. At the end of the day any true BB fan knows what’s going on here and it’s not what this show was supposed to be about

BLM Commenter

As an proud member of BLM I take ofense to you’re coment. They have been setting it up for people that look like me to loose for years, its about time they turned the tables. Your just a privilaged white guy who is but hurt because your on the other side for once.


you’re the one who sounds butt hurt because you know what he is saying is true, they will have an asterisk. The cookout is openly and blatantly playing a racist game and production has orchestrated it and is encouraging it.
They created an alliance based on race, are targeting others for eviction based on race, and will make their jury votes based on race. Their asterisk is going to be huge!

The last BBCan season proved there can be a well deserved black player win, without all the racist BS.

i feel sad for you, the black players currently in game, and especially for the black players in future seasons.
i previously thought the cookout didnt realize the damage they were doing to future black players, but they do, at least Big D sees it and let Xavier know, then Xavier told Azah.


This illiterate and grammatically incorrect comment is when I really dislike that Simon and Dawg removed the “thumbs down” button.
Because as of right this second, this would be the most “disliked” comment of the season.


Go back to school…


No, what’s sad is this comment. It’s incredibly sad actually. It would have been easier for u to just say you think they cast too many black people this season; I’d have more respect for you honestly. You act as if the POC are just floating along when they’re actually playing the game or trying to anyway. If this season should have an asterisk by it then every other season should too. I’d also really like to know what u think the show “was supposed to be about.” I think I already know the answer though. 12 whites/4 minorities? All the minorities go home first?!

Trenton Makes

Your tears are filling up my bathtub.

Deborah Knox

You are so right . If 5 white players gained up on getting all the black players out one at a time the black community would be outraged.

Fraggle Rockbottom

Sh!t would get burned down in blue cities across the nation.


I totally agree with you. I just hope that the show doesn’t get cancelled because of it.


I think unlike Bret, I think Whitney realizes she is in trouble. She knows tomorrow she need win WCC. I’m not sure if Hannah is aware she is in somewhat of danger depending on WWC & VOP. There could be some twists. Honestly this is a more interesting season with the team twists. Wild Card twists was boring except week one.

Feeds Gold

if im the showmance, for their own personal game as opposed to the team kings game which is about to end, should azah not win wildcard i would nom 2 of the furniture/least lively players big d and azah, who you dont have much of a game or personal relationship with

big d isnt trustworthy at all, he voted against alyssa and lied about it, then did another rogue vote the following week…he deserves to go up for that alone and its the perfect excuse to nom him, and nom azah as well giving britni a week off from pawn duty unless a renom is needed

nominating these 2 they are unlikely to win veto, meaning its less likely you will have to nom a 3rd player getting further blood on your hands…the jokers as a collective are also the least competitive comp threats to win the next hoh so less of a chance they can retaliate against you

then use the week to build personal and game relationships with the 3 queens and 3 aces

also for entertainment, good feeds, and the quality of the season, i would prefer all 3 queens and all 3 aces survive at least until jury, and i would be happy with some of the more boring players such as big d or azah or britni going pre jury because weve already lost 2 of the more lively characters early


na man time to shake it up put Tiff and Claire otb, with Tiff as the target. one of em comes down throw Ky up and vote his half black ass out

Terri M

Leave KY alone!!!

The Beef

Screw that! I say if one of em comes down, throw KY up and vote his half WHITE ass out! That’s a totally different thing isn’t it?


yes it is different considering Ky isnt half white, unless you think mexican americans are white –DERP

Fraggle Rockbottom

Actually they are by people Iike yourselves. Ask George Zimmerman.

Feeds Gold

im looking forward to the endurance hoh comp on the feeds next thursday!



Christian is dumb to have put the final puzzle piece in this week. He probably would have been a final 3 contender in the endurance (maybe even won) and now will have to watch his allies fall off the wall one by one. It’s really a helpless position to be in. :(

Alyssa obviously is seemingly the only King that doesn’t want either herself or him to leave pre-jury.

I’m pretty sure everyone will take the shot at the Kings to make sure they are not 4 strong going in the jury phase. The 2 surviving Aces or Jokers will have the most motivation to get revenge it seems. Same goes for the potential 2 Queens left after this week should the Kings double cross them (I find that scenario very unlikely but you never know Christian did say in the past he didn’t trust Kyland)…


TPTB are probably trying at this very moment to make up a comp that BIG D can win. He would maybe be great at an old-fashioned tug of war. He’d be the anchor on the end. Really, any comp that he didn’t have to move much…Just trying to be helpful…

Fraggle Rockbottom

Maybe a donut eating contest.

Feeds Gold

i find it very annoying when they keep cam 1 and 2 as well as 3 and 4 all on the same convo/room for an extended amount of minutes when there are other convos happening in other rooms

ffs go back to the other convo there is no need to have all cams for one convo for that long!


most boring week this season incoming


“Xavier – You have a comp win in every single category. Wildcard, Veto and HOH. You’re basically the male Janelle”

Well, not exactly, right? I mean a quick Google says: “Janelle Pierzina won 13 competitions on Big Brother”

Christian…you’ve got 3 – great work – keep going.


Christian – Honestly, I think I am going to run my HOH like Frenchie’s.

Well, this week might get wonky.