“Those are the only two options [Hannah/Whit] if you don’t you want to go after the joker”

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Azah, Big D, Britini
WILDCARD Competition Winner:
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Smells like Hannah and Whitney going up. Still too many conversations about the final 2 this early. An interesting week can the cookout can keep the ruse up?

1:00 am Claire and Tiffany
Claire says they need to talk before they go up and talk to Alyssa and Christian.
Claire – do we want to make some sort of deal
Tiff – yeah we’ll have to think about all that.. we want to work with them. We need to offer them something. Maybe if we win HOH we won’t target them
Claire – Obviously that is part of it. I think it has to be more than that we’re in an alliance it has to be more serious
Claire – it will have to be X number of weeks or if we get down to the 8 we won’t come after you
Tiff – yes

Tiff says Whitney is working on everybody ‘Now she’s working on Ky”
They talk about the wildcard competition. Tiff says the two remaining jokers are going to do a draw hopefully BIGD draws it so it’s Claire, BIGD “That better you chance of winning”
Claire – Azah wants herself to take it.. she wants to do it.
Tiff – BIGD almost needs to do it cause he’s talking too damn much. Heard him in the kitchen
Claire says Ky “talks to cams constantly, I’ve walked in on him doing it SO many times”
Tiff – I didn’t expect that from him
Claire – he does that every single day
Tiff – he’s another Frenchie
Claire – yeah

DX joins them “It did not look like I threw that comp”
Claire – it’s fine
DX says his story is that his team was gunning for it so he gunned for it because he wanted to be the one that won on his team.
Tiff and Claire tell him to not over-explain.
Tiff – you answer .. yes or no.. period..
Claire – people that lie over-explain.. no one was watching you when the comp was happening.
DX – SB wast watching.. the reason they won is they say we were winning.. they copied what we did
DX – I was caught red-handed when the comp was over.. I was literally holding the last piece in my hand.. it was clear I did not want to throw
DX – I talked to Alyssa apparently I’m good so I’m not stressed. I’m worried about my team
They suspect Hannah and Whitney are being nominated.

1:00 am Christian and Alyssa
Alyssa – good job today
Christian – what night are you spending the night
Alyssa – not the first night..
Christian – SB, and X think I’m dumber than I really am
Alyssa – you play it well.. you don’t have to play it up in front of our team
Christian – I do but if we get to the end.. SB might offer me a final 2 because she has the mental I have the physical. X might do that same thing.
Christian – Every single person in this entire house thinks they can outsmart me in the end..
Christian says it’s likely he would have something with X he doesn’t talk as much game with SB as he would like.
Alyssa says X will take her over Christian because he doesn’t think he can beat him.
Christian – when it comes down to you, me, SB, X, and Claire.. cause we’ve already taken out Ky and Derek. When it comes down to that people will assume it’s you and me
Christian – X thinks I’m DUMB
Alyssa – I think you get distracted ..
Christian – I do get distracted.. I amplify it because of the excitement in this room
Alyssa – X doesn’t want Hannah to leave
Christian – I think he does
Alyssa – he wants Whitney
Alyssa says keeping Whitney means she’ll be the main target next week
Christian – it makes way more sense if next week was jury I would take out Whit and keep Hannah.
Christian – I think Hannah would get my vote (HUH?) . It’s too early for that anyways
Alyssa – those are the only two options if you don’t you want to go after the joker

Alyssa – right now you have a way better chance of winning than me
Christian – it’s week three
And the showmance gets started under the covers.


1:34 am Kyland, Xavier Hannah
Kyland says he was talking to DF. DF is flustered they don’t have any comps for him to win (undercooked pizza eating contest?)
Ky – I was like BRO there’s more we have like 30 something comps total.
Xavier says Alyssa is the only person on his team that hasn’t won an individual competition.
Ky – I was saying relax BGD
Hannah – Awww poor BIGD
X says there are meetings tomorrow he doesn’t think Christian is planning on anything before the wildcard competition. (not like X who had meetings before and after wildcard then every 8 hours thereafter)
Ky – I wonder what his decision will be.. (After Wildcard)
Ky takes a mouth full of scope
Xavier – What
Kyland not being able to talk acts out what he’s trying to say (see gif)
X – a deck of cards? explosion? Wildcard competition?
X – I don’t know what the f** you are doing
X – where in the hell was all that.. is that wild card.. that’s like George in the jungle or some sh1t..

Xavier leaves.. Kyland says it will be useful if they can find out is Whitney considers herself a threat. Hannah doesn’t think Whitney feels she is.
Hannah – the last two wildcard decisions haven’t been used and I know the fans are going crazy
Ky – they were dumbn ones..
Hannah says this wildcard will be very enticing

2:10 am Alyssa and Xavier
X – you’re not goign to sleep up there
Alyssa – I don’t think it’s smart.. Everyone can do whatever the f** they want in this house except for me and Christian
Alyssa – I’m not going to nap up there. Have one on ones like everyone else. I might sleep there one night.. what do you think?
X – if anyone gives a F* they won’t say anything this week
Alyssa – today was the biggest slip up we had when we laid on the couch too much
Alyssa brings up something that DerekF said during the eviction about her and Christian being together “Than he tried to save it saying Brother and sister”
Alyssa – Yeah I know the jokes need to f***ing stop
Alyssa says one night she’ll spend in the HOH maybe when the backyard gets open
Alyssa – its not like we’re trying to do anything I’m just trying to cuddle with someone
X laughs
Alyssa – I’m lonely.. I’m just lonely
X – yeah Cuddle.. touch
X says the further away she can be with Christian the better for her game it will be. People see Christian as a big threat so they would naturally put Christian and Alyssa up against each other.

X says Christian has won 3 different types of competitions now.
Alyssa – he wasn’t supposed to win this one we had no idea.. we didn’t hear that part..
Alyssa – we went who should we pick.. didn’t you see his face.. he said ME? (OMG they missed the last part of the rule stating the person on the team that places the last piece on the puzzle is HOH)

X says if Christian’s name comes up in a conversation for targets her name will also be mentioned. X adds it could be him and Christian with Alyssa as the repalcemnt.
Alyssa feels no matter what she does she will always be associated with Christian
Alyssa – Maybe me being pissed at DerekF today people will stop .. My face showed it
Alyssa brings up another thing DerekF said “Did you hear about that HOH thing.. Ohh I’ll just talk to Alyssa it’s her HOH.. you will walk in (the HOH) and it’ll be full of pictures of Alyssa’s dogs”
X – aww BIGD
Alyssa – I’m sorry that affects my game. that does not help my game in this house
X – I know, He’s got to stop doing that
Alyssa – I’ve asked him twice politely to please stop
Alyssa about the potential final two with Christian “Do you think my a$$ wants to sit next to him in final2? Do you think I want to pull an ENzo?
Alyssa – people don’t think.. I love Christian but two with him? I’m begging for a sympathy vote..
They agree SB is dangerous in final two “She’s too likable”

X says Christian “is fully 23 and it shows so much”
They agree he’s great but there is a difference in maturity.

They talk about cuddling in the HOH. Xavier mentions how he cuddled with Whitney a bit.
Xavier says he’s not interested in “Making a sex tape”
X – that’s right NO you’re not getting any chocolate moon…
Alyssa says they were cuddling under the covers and all the cameras were watching “You’re disgusting”
X says if her and Chrisitan go up there won’t be any circumstances outside of Chrisitan winning veto where she leaves
Alyssa says the only person that would want to keep Christian is Hannah, “maybe the guys.. cause there’s been three guys out”
Alyssa says if it happened this week she would have been the target but if they get to jury she feels people will keep her around because she can’t win things.
X – if we didn’t win this week two of us were going up this week
Alyssa – I really think Whitney wants to work with us
X – I want them both to feel comfortable until nominations and after nominations, I want to see how they will react
Alyssa says if Whitney blows up it’s better to keep her because she’ll be a BIG target
Alyssa says the one reason why she wants Hannah out is they’ll get DX 100%
Alyssa brings up more reasons to get Hannah out. Says if Hannah goes this week DX is likely to throw the next HOH so that Whitney goes. If Hannah stays DX will play for the HOH.
Alyssa – Derek will not throw it to make sure Hannah is safe.
X – I think he would. If he’s going against the flush he’s throwing his game down the drain for one person.
Alyssa – do you talk game with Hannah
X – not much but I want to start to
X brings up reasons to keep Hannah. Saying she’s a competition threat if she wins the next one they can use her to take out someone for them. Pointing out that Hannah is good with Christian. “if we get her on our good side she wins a competition takes a shot she’s not looking at us”
X – Whitney is not winning sh1t so we’re just keeping her around

2:35 pm DerekX sleeping
2:39 am entire house is sleeping.

5:00 am house Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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The Alyssa/Christian showmance drama will be the worst part of this week.

Just Sayin'

Sometimes I get the feeling that Alyssa partially wishes she had gone for X instead of Christian, they seem to have more real convos. It could get semi interesting if Christian starts to get on Alyssas nerves, but more likely it’ll just be boring cuddling all week.


I’m a X fan. I like that he wants to keep things in cuddle zones and stick mainly to his alliances. It would have been interesting to see Alyssa and X together. Though I wish we could see some chaos this week. So we wait for WWC!

Fraggle Rock Bottom

I bet you are.


Frenchie had the right idea to go after them early but the wild card screwed things up

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Yes he did. But, he was too stupid to listen to himself the first time…..That HOH was one of the biggest clusterfks in BB history.

MDW-Gilbert AZ

Alyssa needs to get her head in the game, and stop bringing up the same conversation day after day about her showmance, everyone knows they are a showmance, own it and move on. She might as well sleep in the HOH, everyone knows they are together.

Big D saying he will flip this house if he is nominated ? So what do they have to fear, he’s always laying around the house, he said he was a competitor, we saw him compete this past Wednesday. Big D is no threat in the house, he has not won anything, per Ky, Big D said he wished they had comps fit for him ?

Stop laying around, get up off the couch, be more social, as some of the houseguests have said, Big D cooking and cleaning is not going to float him to the end. Christian should put Big D and Britini on the block, then win the POV and backdoor Whitney if that is their target ? I’m not a fan of Big D, Azah, Britini, they really have no game, I truly don’t feel they should make it to final 6.