“They won because of Sarah Beth.. Sarah Beth put the puzzle together “

HOH: Christian
SAFE: Xavier, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
WILDCARD players left: Whitney, DerekF, Azah, Claire
WILDCARD Competition Winner:
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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6:17 pm feeds return Chit chat.

6:20 pm Maximum Chillatude

6:25 pm Tiffany and DF
Tiffany – they won.. Sh1t what can we say? They won fair and square..
Tiffany – They won because of Sarah Beth.. Sarah Beth put the puzzle together
DF – I know she did

6:26 pm DF can’t wait for his pizza

6:28 pm One undercooked pizza ready ..
DF – I don’t have time… I don’t have time..

6:28 pm Whitney has a headache?

6:36 pm Chilling

6:38 pm DF joins the conversation.. They’re talking about the competition. Whitney is still parked on DF’s couch. DerekX says the competition was fun.
Tiffany points out it worked out they all had three members.
DerekX – they knew Brent was gone..
They laugh

6:42 pm Claire turning up the chill .. Talking about putting the puzzle together.

6:47 pm Claire and Tiffany working on safety ;)

6:48 pm Whitney is back with the group claiming she has a headache. DX making moves.

6:55 pm They ask DF how he cooked the pizza so fast.. DF says once they got in he started preheating the oven “I put the b1tch up to 425 to cook faster” (for 10 mins?)

6:58 pm King Party in the pantry ..
“They’re so mad at us”
“we would have been on the blocK”
“we have to keep winning”
“We’re a team of four.. there will be a team of 2”
“The queens are probably so happy right now”


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Take that TIFF



TIFFANY Quit putting the blame on Sarah Beth I mean Christian was the one that got them started on the puzzle put the first three pieces in and was the one to win it by finally finishing the whole thing he finished it and he started the surfboard puzzle!

I’m not even a fan of Christian, but Tiffany needs to get over herself and realize they got their ass whipped. And it’s kind of ironic considering all the work they really her in TIFF’s so called dream did this past week just to make Alyssa and Christian the target only just to see the showmance win that puzzle comp. Now she just kissing Christian ASS laying on his body – Tiffany and Hannah totally deserve to be up next to each other this week!
At least find a way to get Hannah out this week that’s what Christian needs to do!


The question is who is the target this week? I severely doubt that Tiffany and Claire will be targeted unless something happens

Miss Impression

If Whitney wins any safety this week things will get interesting.


Funny I’ve been trying to understand how Christian was HOH. Then I realize he’s team captain. Since this was a team win the captain gets HOH. Though people should watch SB because she’s shown how smart she is.


No Julie clearly said the teammate that finishes the puzzle will become hoh. Christian put the final piece on and hit the button


Thank you! I missed that directive from the Chen-Bot and wondered how Christian got the HOH, too! AND how funny was it that the LIVE cameras missed their win because they were focusing elsewhere?


it happened really fast, it was Alyssas turn, she goes and picks up the big piece that was the correct piece then drops it, camera focused elsewhere and then Kings win, it happened it seconds

The Beef

That’s because Alyssa’s almost as smart as Christian is, which is not too smart! The Kings better be thanking their lucky stars for Sara Beth, as she is the one that got that win for them, building most of the puzzle before passing it off to Christian for the last piece. If not for her, it would be two Kings going up on the block, instead of two Aces, or whoever Christian decides to throw up there.

Feeds Gold

if i was christian/alyssa i would put up 2 jokers

the showmance have far less game relationship potential with the jokers, and it would be overall less blood as i think its less likely jokers would retaliate with a win in hoh due to a lower comp win potential


There were so many people trying to throw it it was a joke to watch. All they really wanted was the Kings NOT to win, correct?


So are we looking for a Whitney victory in the wildcard?


…and just like that, all of Tiffany’s sceaming and planning down the drain. Haha, gotta love it!


But was she really screaming? OR just the usual salty bitterness anyone would express when they lose a comp? Just throwing that out there! :-)


not screaming – “scheming” the post above spelled it wrong – spelled it “sceaming”

Tiff’s scheming and planning went down the drain when Kings won