HIGH ROLLER Results! Xavier “You didn’t even cry this many tear when Christian left. I’ll be alright!”

HOH: Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Derek X and Ky
Nominations: Claire and BIGD Xavier (High Roller)
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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** There was a High Roller competition where the winner of the got to take someone off. Alyssa won and took off Big D. They then spun the roulette wheel for the replacement nominee to be randomly selected. Xavier was selected.

5:48pm Bedroom. Alyssa and Xavier.
Alyssa – we have the votes regardless. Xavier – We’ll figure it out. I am not overly worried. We’ll figure it out. I just don’t want you beating yourself up. Alyssa – well that is going to happen so.. it is my fault. It is literally no one else’s fault. If you had to pick one person, its my fault. I have to walk around knowing I put you on the block. Xavier – no, I’m picking production. Alyssa – I put you on the block. I took a tiny ball while everyone watched and it land on your face. I did that, no one else. Literally its my fault! Stupid! Ahhhhggghh! Xavier – you didn’t even cry this many tear when Christian left. I’ll be alright! Alyssa – can we do another for safety? That is so stupid. Everyone had been sitting f**king pretty. Xavier – its alright. Alyssa – I could have gotten out Tiff, Hannah, DX, KY… that would have been hilarious. This isn’t funny! Any other scenario would have been funny. Xavier – now we just go to work. Alyssa – and now a lot of people are mad that I didn’t say Claire. Xavier – I don’t think people are really going to be coming after you right now given how things played out. Truthfully I would much rather it be me than you.. Alyssa – I wouldn’t though.. This is so f**king DUMB! Xavier – that’s big brother. Alyssa – but why does if it have to be dumb for me… when everyone else gets to dance around. I feel horrible. I feel so bad! Xavier – don’t, it was a random chance thing that just happened to land on my face. Now if you backdoored me you should feel like sh*t. In this circumstance its fine! Azah comes in to hug Alyssa. Azah – I am sorry that this happened from you doing what you did but I want you to know that I have your back this week. And I don’t go back on any of my word. Whatever you need from me, just let me know. You have my vote, okay? Alyssa – okay. Thank you. Xavier – thanks Azah. Azah leaves. Alyssa – I guess that’s good. Xavier – it will be alright. We kept you here week one, it will be alright.

HOH room – Claire and Sarah.
Sarah – I am sure that would have happened because Big D is on a lot of people’s radars but I can under but I can understand why she would feel that way because X is her closest ally. Claire – Fun veto, playing in the veto again. Do you know what you want to be done with the veto? If you win veto. Like I am sure you haven’t thought through if I was coming down and someone else was going up. Sarah – ah right, it puts me in a really tricky spot now but I don’t want you to go home so I have to think though things and talk to everyone to see where everyone is at but right now I wouldn’t want you to go home. I am really sorry that you’re in this position. Claire – yeah it is weird because Alyssa could make her own decisions with what she wants to do… so that just sucks but that is the game. She played and won the little roulette do dad… so she can do what she wants. It just tricky. Its the game its just it is ironic that like her teammate went up and your teammate too. Oh gosh BB is wild. Sarah – I hate these twists! I really do. Claire – yeah these twists are savage. So we will be talking more as the week progresses. Sarah – yeah just talk to me whenever you want.

Living room – Big D, Xavier and Alyssa.
Xaiver to Big D – are you alright? Big D – yeah, I just hate seeing you know.. Thank you! I definitely owe you a big one for that! Xavier – You’re good. I would rather being sitting there than you. You’re good. Big D – I want to be happy but when you see your teammate… Xavier – be happy.

Bedroom – Alyssa and Claire.
Claire – I am sorry about your roll. It f**king sucks! Alyssa – I asked SB before .. when X was playing .. and she said she didn’t want to risk Ky or X being next to Big D because of how unanimous it was with Britini so I said do you want me to take down Claire or Big D and she said Big D. Claire – okay she is telling me that you made this decision. Alyssa – I referred the same thing that I said to you as far as I would be nervous for X to be next to Big D .. I did tell you that. So I did relay that to her but then she did say go ahead and take down Big D. So I don’t know if she is just making it as my decision but she did say that she didn’t want Ky or X next to Big D… so I hope you can understand that. Claire – yeah. Alyssa – I was on board with putting down whoever she wanted. And it seemed like she was wanting to take you down but I would never do something that the HOH didn’t want me to do. Claire – yeah I believe that Alyssa. Alyssa – I wouldn’t just flip something on SB like that. Claire – no, I believe you. Alyssa – I am sorry. Claire – no its okay. You have to do what is best for you game. Your worst case scenario happened.

HOH room. Kyland and Sarah.
Sarah – Alyssa said this to me on her own that she would take down who I wanted and she even mentioned Claire that she would take down Claire so I can say that to people and I am not lying. That is legitimate. She told me that she was thinking about it and she was nervous to take Claire down because should Xavier go up he would be going up next to Big D. And Brit next to Big D went home 7 – 1. And it just felt too risky for her. Ky – yup! That makes sense. So I decided to just tell Claire the truth. I told her tha I was calculated I thought Alyssa was going to take her down because Alyssa seemed cool with it. And after everyone had played Alyssa approached me and at that point I lacked foresight in.. I didn’t see that and I didn’t really have an argument because that didn’t make sense for her game. I was like I am really sorry, that was my bad. I miss calculated and I told her as of this moment I don’t want her to go home. And she was like what are you thinking with the veto do you know what you want yet? And I told her that I would have to talk to people and figure things out but as of right now I don’t want her to go home. Which is not a lie because I want DX to go home. This is going to be tricky to navigate. Ky – I think that is perfect what you said.. Sarah – I think Claire sees through it. Ky – did she seem mad? Sarah – I am reading that she is mad. I think she is suspicious that I knew and was probably okay with it… which is fine but I do worry that it will make Tiff really mad at me too but I can handle Tiffany.

HOH room. Sarah and Xavier.
Sarah – what the f**k!! Xavier – that is just how the game goes. It is what it is but I would rather it be me than you or… Sarah – I think we do have a good shot at taking you down.. if you win or I win. If I get HG choice I could pick Kyland. If you get HG choice you could pick Alyssa. And all of those people would take you down. Xavier – yeah. I am not stressing. We knew with the roulette that I wanted her to be safe and me be up .. and you’re safe .. now I just have to make sure I’m safe. Sarah – we just have to win the veto. Xavier – we have the veto competition. I’m not tripping. Sarah – I do want you to know that going into this that Claire did have the impression that she was going to be the one taken down .. it wasn’t a promise but like I am not going to lie.. I was kind of thinking between the two. Once Alyssa brought up the point to me that you or Ky going up it would be safer. Xavier – it is probably better that she did take Big D down. I mean I don’t feel great sitting next to Claire but it is better than sitting next to Big D. Sarah – it made a lot of sense to me and I thought maybe Big D should come down. But I am pretty sure Claire is mad about it. Claire wanted to know that I knew and I did tell her that Alyssa talked to me before and I told her that Alyssa would take down who I wanted. I told her that Alyssa talked to me and wanted to use it on Big D and I understood her argument. Xavier – okay, that works. I don’t know that she was super upset. Sarah – she did say that she feels safer next to you than other people. I really hope that you come down. Xavier – yeah at this point we have the veto competition and go from there. Sarah – I really think we could have a backdoor situation. Xavier – I want to win the veto and come down and I think this could be the week for a big move. Sarah – yup. Sarah talks about wanting to backdoor DX. Xavier – I will gun for the veto and then if I can get it we can have an epic veto ceremony (backdooring DX) to avenge our fallen puppy. (Christian) Sarah – don’t mention that to anyone. I have only mentioned that to you and ky. As far as anyone else is concerned I will play like I don’t know what I want to do and will wait till after the veto. Tell Alyssa I am so sorry that happened. Xavier – its okay, this is what the game is about. Xavier leaves. Sarah – America is going to hate me. I know you guys love Baby D. As long as Baby D is not selected to play in the veto we have a very good chance of winning it and putting Baby D up next to Claire.

Chess room. Derek X and Claire.
Derek – I am sorry Claire bear! Claire – its fine, its a game. Derek – every week I f**king hate Ky and SB. Claire – I know. Literally every week.. they suck! Alyssa joins them. Derek – Alyssa did SB ask you to use it on anyone? Alyssa – yes. I had a fear that if it was Big D next to X.. I said I felt like it would be another Britini situation where it would be unanimous… and she said that she had the same fear for Ky.. so she did tell me to use it on Big D. I wouldn’t go against what the HOH is wanting. Claire – that makes sense. Alyssa – I really am sorry Claire. Claire – I really do get that its a game. Alyssa – I don’t know if it was getting permission to do it or if that was what she wanted me to do.

HOH room. Sarah and Alyssa.
Sarah – mean out of all the freaking people. Alyssa – people keep asking me if you told me to do that .. I said that I voiced my concerns and she gave me permission to do so. Sarah – that is exactly .. because Claire came and asked me and I .. I am just going to be honest. I told her originally that when I talked to you .. you were kind of open to who I wanted to take down and then you came up to me and brought up a really good point about being scared to have X possibly go up against Big D.. and it was something that I hadn’t thought about. I thought it was a really good point and that I couldn’t really argue about it .. that it made sense. Alyssa – Okay because in front of Claire.. Baby D asked did SB tell you who to use it on? And I go I said from the beginning I said I was open to using it on whoever she would want but that I voiced my opinion that I would not want X to be on the block next to Big D and I am sure she wouldn’t want to see that with Ky. And she understood my reasoning. And I said that I would never shock the HOH and do something opposite. I don’t want to say that she told me to do it .. she gave me permission to do so. Sarah – yeah that’s pretty much what I said to Claire. Alyssa – okay because Claire gave me the vibe that it was all my decision. Sarah – no that is not what I told her. I straight up told her that I knew. Alyssa – that’s what I figured. Sarah – I think she is going to be mad and Baby D is going to be mad because I did give them the impression that Claire was going to come down. Alyssa – yeah that’s probably why he asked me that. Sarah – I am going to play it like I don’t know want I want .. but to you, X and Ky .. I want X to come down. Alyssa – worst case if X doesn’t come down ..it would be Ky, Big D, me and Azah voting. I know Big D owes me one. Do you have a target that you are thinking of? Sarah – we have to keep this to ourselves but if X comes down I am thinking I might put DX up because I think he will go home next to Claire. Alyssa – I am 100% on board with that. I feel like smiling thinking about it because that is exactly what I would have done. Sarah – I don’t want him to get the idea that he might go up because Claire would pick Tiff but if he thinks he might go up he might convince her to pick him to play. If he does play, hopefully X can beat him. Alyssa – I think Claire would pick Tiff. Unless Baby D says pick me to play for you.

7:45pm Dinner time..

8:20pm – 9:33pm Chess room. Claire and Tiffany.
Tiff – how are you feeling? Claire – its tricky. I can’t feel much of anything right now .. I just have to think about the veto tomorrow. Ideally I just win but that sucks for DX. Tiff – Hhmmmmhhmm. Claire – I just have to focus on coming down and not letting X win. Or not letting Alyssa win. SB could just take me out.. I don’t know how that would benefit her .. she would probably think that she could beat me in comps .. she is probably hoping I am a number on her side and not Ky’s side.. however she probably knows that I am a piece for DX and she might just want to get rid of that. Tiff – I wonder how she really feels about X. One of my issues is how much of her emotion is real. That is what I mean when I say she makes me uncomfortable. I can’t gauge her. Claire – yeah, what was your read on her when Alyssa used it on DerekF? Tiff – she didn’t look shocked. She really tries to have no reaction. I noticed that about her that way you can’t say she reacted to something. I just wonder if she is working with Alyssa or if she got her to believe her or trust her. Claire – I think I finally understand what Britini meant when she said I just want to get to next week. Tiff – I just want to win HOH so I can take her (SB) a$$ out! Claire – maybe SB would just put up Azah or something if X comes down. Maybe she would try a peace offering? Tiff – who? Claire – SB. Tiff – with who? Claire – maybe she would put up .. the f**k .. I don’t know.. there are not that many people left. Derek joins them. Derek – by the way we need to work Azah .. because by the end of the week one of is going to be on the block. I don’t see any world where .. she can’t put up Alyssa up. It could be Chaddha though. Claire – yeah we definitely have to work Azah.

9:35pm HOH room. Derek X and Sarah.
Derek – I don’t have that many questions because I talked to Alyssa and so I feel like I have a good sense of what happened. I talked to KY too so I think I am kind of on the same page. I didn’t play. Hopefully we can keep saving for coup d’etat. I don’t think I got as much as I was hoping. Sarah – I am surprised, I thought you would have made the same. Derek – I wished. Sarah – I guess I just assumed everyone would make what they made last time. Derek – I think there were some big shifts. I think Alyssa might have got $100. She is saying she didn’t get $50. Sarah – but she isn’t saying what she got. Derek – Big D said he got $75. Even Tiff and Claire aren’t saying what they got anymore. I think people are keeping their cards tight this week. Sarah – that makes sense because if they do get the power next week they want to keep it anonymous. Sarah thinks that Big D is sitting at $150 and hoping he will get $100 next week. Derek – makes sense if he’s already gotten 2 $100’s. Oh my god he’s going for the coup d’etat. Sarah – I think you could beat him. Derek – well yeah but now I am not locked in. If I had 2 $100’s but now I am not locked in. Sarah – I wish I could give you my $50. Derek – yeah, exactly. How are you doing? Sarah – well its not really what I wanted to happen this week .. I think I am actually at that part of the week where I am like its not fun at all. This feels awful! Derek – and I didn’t have a week of powers. Sarah – at least we still have the veto. Derek – do you know if you would want the veto used? Sarah – I don’t know. I don’t know. If she does pick me .. and I do win it .. I will talk to you whether you want it used. Sarah – yeah. But if she picks you do you think you would definitely take her off? Derek – ummm.. I would want to talk to you about where your head is at. Sarah – it is hard for me at this point .. I didn’t want to do anything big this week so .. and I am still not sure who I can trust and who I can’t.. in regards to the former kings. I feel like I can trust them but some times they stress me out. I really don’t feel like X is coming after me. Is is smart for me to send him out this week.. I don’t know. Or is it smart to send out another guy!? I don’t know. Derek heads out.

9:50pm – 10pm Chess room – Claire, Derek X and Tiffany.
Derek – I don’t think X is off the table. If lets say I win (veto), and noms stay the same. Tiff – I wonder what she would do if she won. Derek – she says that she said she doesn’t know. Claire – I also asked her that. I would be amazing if I won it.

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Hope x will be voted out this week

The Beef

The only way that happens is if another Cookout member is on the block with him.

another name

PLEASE DX WINS VETO AND TAKE CLAIRE OFF. Praying to all the BB Gods out there.

another name

oh. there’s 2 another names? cool.
Actually, I don’t have a horse in the race. No faves.
Just looking to see how prodo makes everything make sense.
So far they aren’t really, but it doesn’t seem to matter.


That is my prayer as well

another name

Here’s the thing I forgot.
Dx is super gullible.
Tiff has TOTALY bamboozled him.
and everything he and Claire concluded last week no longer exists (that’s really odd, cough cough D/R koolaid odd). So Dx has forgotten that X has a deal with Ky. Dx has forgotten that X has a deal with Hannah/Tiff. Dx has forgotten that Ky already nommed Claire once, and now his sycophant has put her up again.
He thinks she’s safe.
Good for him. Well good for the cookout.
Convenient for the sake of storyline continuity that he forgot all of the stuff he and Claire talked about.
Incredibly convenient.

Hopeful for a Good Season

Done watching. This twist is for another week. Seriously?? Survivor doesn’t do this. BTW survivor new season Sept. 22nd
I will check on the spoilers but done watching. Tried to stay loyal but its difficult.

Hopeful for a Good Season

These crazy twists production thinks are good Take away from the real big brother game. It should be a real competition no twists. The one who plays the best wins not twists that help someone win


There seem to be some unique challenges of navigating BB23 in the era of the Cookout alliance. Now, hear me out before coming at me with digital pitchforks.

For the HGs in the Cookout alliance, they have a unique challenge because they are expected to put the team before their personal games, even though there is only one winner in Big Brother. In multi-person alliances of previous seasons, there was a general understanding that it was acceptable gameplay for a HG to make a move that helped their own game, even if it wasn’t what was best for the alliance. But with the Cookout alliance, there is an expectation to put team above personal for the greater cause. This requires the members of the Cookout alliance to navigate the game completely differently. I’m a Tiff fan (yep, go ahead and roast me). The expectation is that Tiff will cut DX and Claire and drag DF and Azah to F6, even if that is not best for her personal game. Moreover, Tiff can’t cut X because he’s in the Cookout, even though she can’t win against X. So, Tiff has to make choices that could possibly ruin her shot at $750K to further her team’s cause. Same goes for X, Ky, Hannah. That is a big ask of an alliance member!

Meanwhile, none of the HGs outside of the Cookout alliance are willing to talk about the possibility of the alliance. You will never convince me that Claire hasn’t figured it out. She has. I suspect that DX and SB have also figured it out. But they are afraid to say it out loud because they know that BB Twitter will ruin their lives outside of the house. And since nobody is willing to say, “Hey, I think there might be an alliance of all Black HGs,” for fear of the backlash outside of the house, they are playing the game under a veil of ignorance. That leads us to the present reality in which SB is talking on the feeds about getting Claire out if she can’t get DX on the block. Granted, DX is a good target. But, Claire?!

Okay, now come at me with the digital pitchforks!

another name

Why come at you with digital pitchforks when you are pointing out how the houseguests and the show are savvy to social perception and social dynamics of the viewers?
Anyone that thinks the production team isn’t keenly aware of social media is being naive.
It’s baked into their concept considering they’ve done online voting.
When there is a viewer vote, they aren’t blind to who is getting votes, and how that impacts the story they are telling in the quest for ratings.
There’s a reason they cam talk in the house.


If SB figured it out, two of CO would be nominated for sure.

Also, it’s not racist for DX, Claire & SB to verbally speculate amongst each other that Tiff, X, Ky, Azah, DF & Hannah might be working together. No person in their right mind would think that’s racist. And this is coming from a black person.

This is a game.


There’s this place called Twitter I’ve heard about.

another name

You mean that place where I’ve seen at least 20 times today that anyone that doesn’t vote for cookout members for High Rollers isn’t an ally, but in fact a racist that should be cancelled?


Who’s on the block now ?
It was posted nominations on this page as DF and Xavier on block.

Thanks for the update as well on the correction


Ok. Can someone please explain to me what X’s deal is with Production? This is the second time I remember him complaining about Production

Also I hope that SB does say the speech that she is rehearsing because if she does a lot of crap will be coming to light


What is the speech? I signed a contract & Ky waterboarded me for four hours & 16 minutes so sorry but I’m going to make a game move that literally is the worst thing for me moving forward?

Big Brother 23 Fan

Should the nominations be Xavier and Claire? 😉


Thanks for letting us know dAwg made a mistake I’m sure he’ll fix it in a second.


I never thought I say this but I do sort of feel bad for Alyssa. She finally won this on her own and it hurts her teammate. Though teams don’t exist. I guess better said her F2. At least X has the CO. Tomorrow will be fun.


Boo ho.. Alyssa looked like a fool all game minus week 1.


Agree! She looked liks a fool the whole time. I don’t feel bas for her at all.


Sb maybe the most dumpest bb player in the history

Cee Dee

No, there is still Marcellus. LOL!!


When do you think Zingbot will show up?

another name


  • if Claire somehow won veto, Tiff would be trying to get her to Marcellas herself. No word of a lie.
  • Chances that a cookout member goes home this week? I say less than Zero.
  • Veto picks should be Tiff, Ky and most likely one of the D’s. It makes sense.
  • SB is absolutely going to be recognized as having less self motivation than fricking Victoria in season 16. She wanted to set herself up for F2? there was never a road to F2 for her.
  • Dx really isn’t much better. Slap him across the face and then tell him nobody slapped him. He’ll believe it.
  • Post veto both Hannah and Tiff are going to be raising a stink about how this is all Ky’s fault, and now they have to show their hand, and he’s sitting pretty. Wait for it.
  • X is in NO danger. Never was. The edit will make it seem otherwise.
  • I still think SB winning was a live tv mistake.

I’m having a difficult time at the moment buying the story.
It was hard enough to buy that 6 women voted to keep a guy that has yelled we have to evict the women since day 4.
It’s beyond difficult, given conversations that we’ve witnessed that nobody is on to the season storyline. Oh come on.
The current week? I’m not buying it. It strained credulity too far.

If you have to convince yourself that things make sense by disregarding your own senses, they don’t make sense.

In lieu of nothing: Tiff says Ky and D/R have been fighting. As in Ky is fighting with production.
Claire mentioned an alliance of six. Tiff almost had kittens. Claire said it’s Ky, X and Couch as the big three with their chosen women (SB, Azah, Alyssa) as the rest of the six alliance.
(same Claire that clocked the final three of Hannah/Tiff/ X… clean up on aisle three oh. okay. eyeroll).


“Almost had kittens”LMFAOOOOOO!!! I just died laughing!!!

Chadda’s Rubber Lips

Even if DX wins the veto, he said he wouldn’t use it…. Omg, wake up…. Pls have an epiphany….., dumb SB in her Minnie Mouse voice will just ask her handler Ky what to do…. need a CO member booted this week just to add some excitement…. Despise steamrolls

Cee Dee

“Her handler” LMAO!!


I mean – I went to sleep & woke up to discover The Powers That Be have everyone and I mean EVERYONE in the house playing for the Cookout. Sarah Beth’s HOH is already a joke & “the entertainment” SCRIPTED portion of Big Brother has taken over.

At 1:30 AM this morning SB was set on putting up either Big D & Azah or Big D & Alyssa. Her targets were definitively Baby D, Ally & Xavier.

Cue Svengali Ky who did everything but waterboard SB for four hours and 16 minutes until he got her to land on at least one of his targets. And yes that was the one person other than Ky that SB told in her one on ones was safe — Claire.

This morning when SB meets with Claire to tell her the good news she doesn’t once stop to consider following up on the things she was told that don’t align. And hey Claire plays right along believing what she’s told – – that Hannah, Ally, DX & Tiff will play Roulette and all have promised to remove her. It doesn’t reek to high heaven at all that the same person who told her seven hours prior she wanted the Jackpot & Ky to go F4 would ever consider putting up two of the other six available options

Claire who wakes DX to confirm he’ll play Roulette & save her never questions his about face after a single DR session. Of course it makes complete sense Baby D would only play if fans abruptly stopped liking him and dropped him two tiers to $50. It’s totally logical one of the most analytical players in the house wouldn’t be concerned he’s a target even with SB completely changing everything she said. It makes absolutely complete sense he would rather risk leaving himself exposed for a back door b/c hey having $200 of monopoly money in his pocket is far more important than playing to ensure his & and allies safety.

Arguably the two most aware players in the house don’t find it suspect that the same HOH who said one was safe & the other should play has shifted to putting one on the block and telling the other to save their money after being held hostage for four plus hours.

And the trio of Sarah Beth, Claire and DX aren’t shook at all when Alyssa wins Roulette only to save the man who lied to her face about saving her boo & voted him out. It doesn’t ring hollow that Ally couldn’t afford for X to sit beside Big D and have two black men both on the block simultaneously. Yeah let’s save the same guy who frequently calls you a b*tch and will still use that excuse in spite of today’s events to nominate and/or evict you for not saving him last week. It makes legit sense to protect him instead of the person you promised the HOH you’d save.

Of course, none of this is rattling the four who don’t fit the seasons narrative. Why on earth would it? Sure, it’s not suspect Baby D isn’t worried at all that he’s being set up for a back door or if selected won’t use the POV to save his close ally Claire b/c saving Azah & Tiff is far more important. And Claire not considering outing SB’s circle talk buddy that he refers to as his little rat spy and laughs about having her wrapped around his finger is completely legit. I mean why would Claire even question why SB lied to her about putting her on the block or that Ally would use the power how she wanted? After all, they did just pull out that contract and show her where she signed the dotted line!

It doesn’t seem odd to anyone that SB who holds grudges and is debatably the most worried about outside perceptions isn’t concerned by how the past 12 hours will reflect on her image. No the girl who helped her dress to look pretty for her HOH reveal & 1 on 1’s & the same girl she confirmed last night was the person she wanted to go to the end with even ahead of Svengali is now her secondary target in less than 12 hours! Yeah okay – that makes complete and logical sense.

Yup — all four of the non-Cookout players have each done more in a day of the F10 HOH already to ensure the six Cookout members get safely through to next week than they themselves have.

And, I’m sure this will be the ONLY season a back yard yeller or message plane doesn’t bother to make a trip to the studio set to out Grodner’s scripted plans.

Sorry – it’s one thing if the hamsters fight and lose, but THIS dramatic overplay by production is a little TOO MUCH to swallow.

Even X going on the block is scripted b/c production needs to get him as much TV time as possible – since they need a reason to give him $100 (assuming he got $75 this week he’d be $25 short) so he can play the Coup

So it’s Friday and the week is set – Claire or Baby D will leave. The only thing left is for Claire to stupidly pick Tiff for POV so she can throw it. TPTB only have to decide whether to leave DX’s button out of the bag so he takes his monopoly money to jury this week or let him stay another week to help ratings but show him the contract to ensure he doesn’t remove Claire. Oh hey why don’t we really punk him & force him to take down X so the drama of X punting him next week will garner even better ratings.

Yeah– I’m f*cking annoyed. I’m used to production interference but for four separate distinct acts to occur in succession and make no logical sense for the people doing them Grodner is really testing my patience. Hey, it happens to me every season — there is always at least one week where TPTB try my nerves — but doing it in less than half a day is a new record.

another name

I’m right there with you, but I’ve been here for about a week and a half.

There is a 20% variable probability that the coup d’etat they are calling an Invisible HOH actually gets rid of a cookout member, by the hand of another cookout member (X decides to cut the cord early so that he can keep Alyssa longer, or Couch takes the shot he’s been dying to take). In that case they need Dx to stay to blame it on him. Or they need more players.

But that’s only a variable probability, not something you can rely on.
If I know production, there will be a special BBbucks option in the next HOH so that more people are able to play. That hinges on whether or not Dx leaves.
My prediction?
The first two cookout members on the block together? Azah and Tiff.

You realize in part I’m saying this because I’m hoping karma will bitchslap me for being presumptuous, and totally throw ass over teakettle at me. I doubt it.


We’re on exactly the same page. The edit showing Big D repeatedly calling Tiff a b*tch on TV gave me the feeling they were setting things up for a Big D Coup d’etat win. So the man who claims to have created the Cookout is the one to blow it up taking out Tiff but sitting beside Hannah IMO.

Tiff already had it out earlier this season feeling DF was trying to goad her into a fight (she didn’t want to fall prey to a bullshit stereotype) but would know DF would be the only one eligible to win & that would lead to a loud angry fight & I guess the ratings will make it worth it for Grod (insert eye roll, & pile of poop emoji’s here)

I mean I’m not even sure I give a shit anymore b/c I was blatantly being ignorant to the obvious of every Grod season. Today was just such an overplay though – — all season Baby D gets paranoid by a shift from set plans or “the expected” & today he suddenly changes? Claire woke him up & he immediately said I’ll play & save you but one DR trip later & he isn’t playing? SB TOLD Claire she was safe – said she wanted to go to the end with her & had NO INTENTION of sitting beside Ky & six hours later that’s out the door? She implied enough to DX that her noms would be Big D/Azah or Big D /Ally & after staying up all night with circle talk she shifts (Baby D even points that out).

Ally promised SB she’d save Claire & trashed Big D all last week is suddenly so close to him she’s saving him & the ONE person (Tiff) she said told her the truth is suddenly the reason why Christian left? It’s such an overplay to their scripted direction it took away any semblance TPTB aren’t completely scripting every move.

I get invested & love to play the what if game — but today sucked ass. I’m at that stage I reach every year. I’m surprisingly less angry than I am typically at this stage – more disgusted I think b/c this cast was superior going back a LONG WAY. Oh well, I knew it was going on & chose to believe maybe (just maybe) they’d actually let this cast play more & interfere less. But like Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny & other fantasies there is a point where we just have to put on our big girl panties (or big boy briefs) and carry on.

another name

It’s never been a case of will the cookout succeed or fail. It’s always been a case of which cookout member wins this season by looking at the tealeaves.
The fact of the matter: production has been creating a triptych story for the past 3 seasons because of the obviousness of 21. So the prodo play has become treat 21 like an abberation or abomination (that they themselves created and crafted as participants), then have 22 where the problems are brought to light, then 23 where the problems are seemingly rectified.
Do I agree with how they are doing it? I actually have to say no. Is the way they are doing it in such a manner typical of the franchise and how it handles just about everything when trying to be part of the social commentary? Absolutely. Are they aware that they are creating the cookout justification defense for future seasons? Of course they are. They’re able to claim change and redemption on the one hand, while creating a justification for future issues. They can’t lose.

Sir Kirby Williams

To all those throwing in the towel: what if DX wins veto and uses it on Claire?
I would think that SB would rather nom Hanna or Tiff over Alyssa, no?
Tiff/Hanna(Azah?) vs Xavier in the eviction vote? Is there a chance of any of this? Does Ky really manage to get Alyssa up in this scenario?

We definitely need a DX veto win. If anyone else wins and uses it, DX goes up and probably goes home.


Alyssa won the roulette. so if DX wins veto and saves Claire, all non-cookout members cannot go home, and the only possible renoms are CO members


He already said he won’t use it b/c he’s worried Tiff would go up.


Hey wall caller — ARE YOU THERE?

If Baby D plays & wins POV you need to make a trip to the BB studio lot.

Get that bull horn out- –

SAVE CLAIRE & SB, Derek F, Ally the other six are PUNKING YOU! Wake up!

another name

trying to remember which of my twitter contacts has bullhorned. twice.


oops Freudian slip — DX (not DF -although I wish they would punk him couch ass)


According to Hannah convo the Big Bucks were distributed as follows:

$100: Baby D, Claire (I told you) & Big D (whatever)
$75: Xavier, Hannah & Alyssa jumps up one spot
$50: Tiff (falls a spot), Azah, SB & Ky

Current totals: (assuming Ally, & Hannah were only Roulette participants)
Ally $0 | Hannah: $25 |Ky/SB: $50 |Tiff: $75 |Claire/Azah: $100 |X/Big D: $150 | DX: $200

Next week the Coup d’etat costs $250 & if the above is accurate if Baby D leaves this week only Big D could play unless Xavier moves up to the $100 level. So yeah Claire & Ally knock yourselves out to win HOH b/c it doesn’t matter what the F you do or who you put up since only a member of the Cookout can win. Great work Grodner.

I mean those of us pissed off with how TPTB just ruined this season with the heavy handed production overplay I guess the one small hope is fans rise up to show their displeasure & Big D gets only $50 next week proving the Derek votes were really mostly meant for Baby D. And also gives X/Hannah $50 — Yeah – never mind we all know Grod picks the tiers anyway.

Per the above Hannah point — I do think there is a possibility that she only pretended to play today so she could keep her option of winning the Coup open. Note – that would mean Ally won another comp thrown to her b/c she was only playing herself.

Have to say – the fact Claire, SB & Baby D aren’t at all panicked that Big D didn’t bother to play today & still got pulled off the block doesn’t look suspect at all. (insert a F YOU middle finger at Grodner). At this point I’m not sure why they even bother with the expense of building comps – they could just have the non CO players line up & draw straws on Thursday.

The Beef

LMFAO at the “draw straws” comment! At this point what else are we going to do? It’s obvious the game is rigged and “they gonna do what they gonna do”. I just don’t understand why they have to be so heavy-handed about it. Is it really so important to have 6 out of 6 to them, or are they “skerred” that ol’ DX might go on a winning streak and do some unforeseen damage to one or two of their “chosen ones” (which I doubt, given they seem to have a very firm hand on things inside of that house)?

I just wonder if any of those brainiacs are worrying about how there lack of perception of what’s going on in there might impact how people feel about their intelligence in their real lives? I mean seriously, Claire and DX are supposed to be highly intelligent people! How can they not see what is going on right in front of their faces?


Claire & DX have been discussing this for more than two or three weeks (THEY KNOW) but they aren’t going to say the obvious part out loud. Even in those conversations they dance around how they discuss the obvious. Why? I’m assuming for fear of how it would be perceived externally. Can’t really blame them for that you know?

Look at Claire’s main alliances – Tiff | Hannah | DX | Ky — all POC. The other groups she tried to form were all female groups (with Brit, Azah & SB each featured with her & Tiff and sometimes four of them). Of all the non CO members Claire had the most affinity to working with POC or females but even with that reality if you watch when she has the discussions about noticing any of the 6 running into rooms together she gauges her words carefully.


I miss the good ol days when the hohs power ended at noms…stop doing what the hoh wants…play your own games!!!!