DX “Ky, I’ve given him no reason to come for me but I don’t trust him.” Hannah “because he’s sketchy & he’s associated with Sketch-B.”

HOH: Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Derek X and Ky
Nominations: Claire and BIGD Xavier (High Roller random nom)
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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** There was a High Roller competition where the winner of the got to take someone off. Alyssa won and took off Big D. They then spun the roulette wheel for the replacement nominee to be randomly selected. Xavier was selected.

10:20pm – 10:47pm HOH room. Hannah and Derek X.
Derek – I think I have the most money by far in the house right now. X is right behind me. Hannah – what do you mean? Derek – if he got $75 and $75.. Hannah – what about Big D? Derek – he got $100 and $50. Hannah – yeah same as X. Derek – but I think X probably got a $100 this week. Hannah – no I think he only got $75. The 3 $100’s were you, Big D and Claire. Derek – Damn who were the $75’s? Hannah – Me, Alyssa and X. Hannah – I think you really need to win Veto. What happens if you don’t get picked? Derek – then I watch from the sidelines I guess. Hannah – then me or Tiff have to win. Derek – I cannot keep putting my game in hands of you three girls! What the f**k. Hannah – but imagine how epic it would be if my first comp win was tomorrow? Derek – imagine if X wins and I’m sitting next to Claire. Hannah – going back to the coup d’etat, who is the biggest threat to your game? Like who would put you up? Derek – its so illogical, I think I am actually okay with X. Ky would put me up but it should be I am good with Ky and X should put me up because I have given X so much reason but he is just so trustworthy. Whereas Ky I have given him no reason to come for me but I just don’t trust him. Hannah – because he is so sketchy! And he’s associated with Sketch-B (SB). Derek and Hannah talk about calling their “alliance” the Sicka monsters. They comment on how as their sign he will pat her head and she will pat her shoulder. Hannah – we’re so awkward!

11:05pm The house guests are getting ready to go to bed. Big D comments on how they’ll be woken up at 8:30am to pick chips for the veto.

11:12pm – 11:35pm Gym – Hannah and Kyland.
Ky – where’s he (Derek X) at? Hannah – he is okay with X but he is a little unsure about you. Just because SB’s HOH and if SB asks you to do something even if you don’t want to do it, you would probably do what she asks of you. He doesn’t think that for sure I am going up but he knows its a definite possibility and that he probably has to win tomorrow. Ky – yup. Hannah – in order to ensure his safety. Ky – it seems like would not use it to keep you safe. Hannah – yeah he would keep noms the same. Ky – then we’re good and nothing changes. Hannah – yeah. And you’re cool with Claire going home this week? Ky – doesn’t matter to me. Hannah – okay. What about X? Ky – X is still the same. Hannah – do you really want to play? Ky – I always want to play. Hannah – if its a puzzle count me out. ..no just kidding. I want to play. I think its about time that I win something. Ky – I agree! I think if there is a high chance that I can’t play HOH next week .. I want to win this one. Hannah – if you won, would you take X off or Claire off. Ky – oh.. I would take Claire off.. I would be open to that conversation because there are pros and cons.. If Claire wins.. Hannah – then DX would go up and he would go home. I get why DX needs to go sooner than later. If he goes this week it would be okay with me. It would suck on a personal level but I will see him when I see him. ky – I get it. Its the same for SB. Hannah – and I would rather not be next to him at the end.

11:40pm Bathroom. Big D and Hannah.
Hannah to Big D – I’ve never seen you this happy since week one HOH. You’re safe no matter what this week. Big D – I want to be like you guys. I want to feel like a competitor. Maybe I’m supposed to play a not winning season and be like Dr. Will. (LOL) But I would like to win something because I am not scared to take the big risks. Hannah – I think this upcoming HOH is going to be random. Big D – I hope. Hannah – whoever wins the HOH will name two nominees but then whoever wins the coin flip with come in and dethrone the HOH .. which means the sitting HOH noms won’t even matter.. so why would they waste an actual competition on crowning that HOH. I think it will just be a ball toss. Big D – it just scares me because I am trying to make it to top five and I just don’t know how that is possible. Its scary! Its hard! Its Hard. Think about it you have to get out Derek X, SB and Alyssa. Hannah – Derek X is not looking at you. Big D – but he tried to flip the votes last week if you remember. Hannah – no I have that under control. Big D – I know that but he tried to flip the votes. Hannah – not because he was coming for you but because Brit and her campaign was promising a lot to him. Like a lot! And you didn’t start campaigning till a day before. It was not anything personal. DX is not coming for you. Alyssa is not coming for you.

11:55pm Bedroom. Azah and Big D.
Big D – hopefully X can win the veto and then we can get Derek X out of here and then we won’t have nothing to really worry about besides SB, Claire and Alyssa. And then hopefully next week you can win and you can take your shot at SB. Which sucks because I really want to win but if it came down to it I would throw it to you because that would make more sense. If DX takes of Claire .. she would probably put up Hannah or Tiffany.

12:30 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
4:50 am zzzzzzzz

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DX for Veto.. Build the shrines if you have the means.


This isn’t popular but I want X win Veto and DX go up. Then Claire can go to jury.

b b

If DX goes up , he goes home and Clair stays

another name

In the case of Dx/Claire
There is a possiblity of a split vote where Couch is the deciding factor.
If they are going for drama.


youre dreaming


As long as Derek X stays to win the ‘Coin of Destiny’, it is a good option.

Christime Ahrens

He’ll be going home

another name

Does it matter? The end result will be Alyssa or SB going even if he wins it.
he’s gullible.

another name

Currently X has 150. Curently Df has 150. Currently Dx has 200.
The cost of the third is 250?
Seems like there’s a really good way for viewers to fuq up a Grod twist in there.

I’m saying this because I don’t believe in the valid authenticity of any vote on Big Brother.
I think they’re all bullshit because it’s not a gameshow, it’s reality entertainment programming.

My predictions for voting take the fact that I don’t believe the votes to be authentic into account.


I wrote essentially the same thing lol

There wasn’t even a side eye within the CO that Big D didn’t play Roulette & still got removed from the block — I can’t

P.S. Wonder what is going on with the hamsters themselves – SLOWEST day ever –social updates are moving at a snail’s pace & the house itself feels like they got read the production riot act while feeds were down & some of the hamsters don’t seem to be quite as invested today — maybe I’m reading it wrong (Shrug)

another name

From the subtext I gathered before I turned off feeds for the day?
There’s definitely been an issue.
There’s definitely been a production meeting.
Over half of them have checked out.
Remember 20 after the fourth production meeting during a comp feed block?
Right about the time they gave Jackhole the have not room to himself for the psych and med checks required due to his withdrawal?
Today the house feels like the rest of the house did that day.
Something DEFINITELY went down.


Oh yeah for sure – makes you wonder what specifically went down… did they tell them sorry DX can’t go this week? B/c it’s Ky/X who they said are complaining.

I mean hard for me to feel sorry for them when Claire is getting screwed just b/c they switched the script. What else could possibly have happened?

Was there a discussion about the fact most of the non CO players are getting the fan votes?

I can’t say for sure but I get the definite feeling Tiff is in her feels (I wondered how she would react to Claire moving all the way up to $100 & her dropping to $50 would affect her. She HAS to be wondering if fans are saying you’re in jury now work with DX/Claire & Hannah & take your best shot.

The problem is they’re so deep in it now & talked about it so much it’s almost impossible for her to abandon their mission (even if it’s the WORST for her out of all the CO players).


TPTB definitely don’t want DerekX, the most popular player, to leave this early. Bad for ratings.


They also DO NOT want him to win. It’s a poc thing.

another name

Asian isn’t POC?
I know what you’re saying, but…

The Beef

Which just goes to show you how much of a codlock the Cookout has on this game. Big D wasn’t at all worried about going to jury, so he didn’t even play. None of our brilliant non-Cookout players even questioned this Einsteinian move by this oxygen thief of a player. Yet we’re supposed to believe the playing field is level and all of them have the same opportunity to win this thing?

I can’t even….


I wish there were emoji’s we could insert here b/c I’d have filled up this box with them. While couch perfectly describes his game play “oxygen thief” is equally apropos 😉


I read a article about Big Brother having 9 positive covid workers,Not sure if they were in production for the show.

another name

They had no interaction with the houseguests. They were mostly from the editing dept from my understanding.


(Unshrug) i think you read it right!


No way that America voted for DF to get $100. Not even the casuals.

Not once, in the history of 23 seasons, has there ever been excitement for a BB player who lays on the couch all day.

If production had picked any other player for the $100, then I could be persuaded that it was America’s vote. But not DF. No way.

Entertainment show, not gameshow, and right now the entertainment is too predictable.

The Beef

This is what I meant in one of my comments above about things being so “heavy handed”. It’s obvious production is assisting TC in their goal of getting all 6 of them to the final 6, and I just don’t understand why that’s necessary. I understand the importance of having a black winner, but they’ve already got the scales so heavily weighted towards that happening at this point, it’s totally inevitable, no matter who makes the final 6. So why is it so important that all 6 of them go that far? Big D and Azah have done nothing to merit any special rewards or financial compensation. Hell, one might argue that they’ve been more of a hindrance to the group than anything else, yet here we have production helping an obviously inferior player advance in the game. Why? So they can say “Look how progressive and woke we are!”?

I just can’t think of any other reason why production would want an all black final 6 other than that, but given the “voting” outcome, it appears that’s exactly what they intend to have happen.


Did you notice just in the past week suddenly there is all this talk from couch (first with X then with Azah) about how HE created the Cookout? X pushed back saying it wasn’t DF who did it claiming he was also integral to the decision. In fact, X got a bit annoyed with couch. The second talk with Azah had her giving him all the credit. It felt manufactured (read: TPTB were pushing the narrative).

Big D is the son of former boxer Joe Frazer so maybe TPTB want him as the face of this season. Not sure — but I’m with you on this thinking.


In case I miss it — please let me know if Tiff has a camera chat or discussion where she reacts to dropping to $50 in fan voting & the message she can’t ignore with Baby D & Claire (her two best allies) BOTH being $100 recipients now.


So we have news Ky is having issues with Production, X is spouting off about production as well and all this on a day when The Powers That Be rubbed our noses in the fact Big Brother is a SCRIPTED reality show with SOME game components.

As a side note – I wonder if Ky is mad b/c the script calls for a Baby D back door & Ky will lose his jury vote for lying to him all game long & keeping X or Claire over him when Ky has repeatedly told DX he can’t beat X.

And maybe X is mad b/c he wanted to win this season w/o ever touching the block.


I’m processing a myriad of emotions none the least of which is annoyance with myself b/c I KNOW BETTER. The truth is I’m probably more invested in the exchanges I have on here than the actual show itself b/c in 23 seasons it takes me less than a few fingers to count how many times the season has lived up to my expectations.

It’s all good, I’ll take a small breather, lick my wounds & remind myself none of this really matters in the grand scheme of things.

That said… Grodner if you or your cronies are reading OBB you might want to consider hiring Another Name, San_Diego_Gal & myself because your current producers and writers SUCK ASS.

another name

Lol. The Tv/Movie production career was multiple careers ago. Up to 18 hour workdays not including the 3 hours of driving time every day? The money was great… but not THAT great.
(Yes, it was in pre production and production storyline development, and then some editing work).

The Beef

Here’s the part I don’t get. If in fact it’s scripted, and the script calls for a Baby D back door right now, and they all have to go along with it (which means VOTE for it), why then are we not to assume the whole damn thing isn’t pre-determined, and Ky isn’t really losing a jury vote when the winner is already known by production anyway? I’ve always assumed the players got to vote for who they wanted to win, but if they have to follow a script to “get out” who production wants “when” production wants them out, why in the world would production leave the winner up to people who may not like their scripted narrative along the way?

Hell, I might just rebel and vote “for the other guy” at the end, given the choice, if I didn’t like the “narrative” and the way production scripted things, and I damn sure wouldn’t like it, if I didn’t end up in one of those final 2 chairs! Are you getting my drift? Now you can say “contract” and all of that, but that just reinforces the fact the fix is in, and the final vote is not really a vote at all, but just an image of what production wants us to see – people voting, but how they want them to vote.

If that’s true, the whole thing is just a joke.

JR Ray

If it is scripted, is it scripted from day 1? I’m not on live feeds but I do know production is in the mix. Thanks in advance.


LMAO. We couldn’t possibly make the show any worse than what we witnessed in BB19, BB21, and BB22. As for this season, I actually got my hopes up. That was my mistake. I was encouraged that the HGs were playing the game and not just talking about increasing their social media followers. And then… production reared its ugly head.

The problem with excessive production interference is that it destroys the “imagined authenticity” of the game. I use the term “imagined authenticity,” because viewers know that what we are watching is not truly authentic, but we like to imagine that it is. However, production has been so heavy-handed in latter BB seasons with driving their narrative (whatever they decide it is for the given season) that we can no longer even imagine there is any authenticity to playing the game. Hence, why we are more invested in the discussion on this board than the actual show.


I like that decent writers suggestion. Also throw in Simon & Dawg for their humor & their deserving hazaradous duty pay.

another name

I haven’t nope listed anyone this season. I’ve thought about it. one or two have gotten real close.
I’m in a mood, and Kyland said the wrong thing a couple of hours ago (who cares which wrong thing, or when, it’s irrelevant. he pissed me off completely).

Welcome to the nope list Kyland.

current population: just him.
He’s the one.
I may not have been kind about him before, but considering the things i was editing out… i was actually being nice about him before. no longer.
He is the one that I cannot and will not in any way be supportive toward.
He’s that one.

Level of seriousness: I’d cheer for the Couch to win before I’d want Kyland to win ANYTHING.


What did he say?

another name

I’m just going to quote Simon and say “words–words”
It’s irrelevant.
It has as much to do with hot buttons i have in my psyche.
As long as he was only pushing one of the buttons at a time, I was gritting my teeth and standing by trying not to nope anyone… not even Couch, and that is a CHORE.. Last night in a period of about 45 seconds Ky just hit multiple buttons and actually ticked me off enough that I said screw it, he’s a nope. I have absolutely no respect left for him as a person. Cumulative disgust response.
I stand by it because once someone is noped, there is no un-nope list.


I haven’t watched the feeds much this year… But when I do, I always choose the camera that is NOT showing Kyland. If all four cameras are showing Kyland, then I put it on mute and keep it going in the background, so that I can turn the volume back on when it is Kyland-free.

P.S. – My four favorites at the beginning of the game were Tiff, DX, Claire, and Ky. It didn’t take long for that list to be reduced to Tiff, DX, and Claire.


The couch winning will be like Tamar Braxton winning. Scripted win. Except Big D is MUCH more entertaining than Tamar was & he doesn’t whine all the time.

TC Lover

Don’t know what show you watched, but Tamar played one hell of a game. Her win is even comparable to a traditional BB winner.


I’m right there with you — when I had “my moment” yesterday I had to keep going back & editing my thoughts b/c I was so pissed off, specifically at circle talk Svengali. These feelings had been building for weeks with me.

The fact you and San_Diego_Gal are on this page too makes me feel better. I recognize I’ll have a natural affinity to certain hamsters over others but when I do my “what if” ponderings I try to look at both sides. For circle talk I lost that ability quite a while ago.


I feel bad for these players that are going to go home and watch the show and see they went home for the color of their skin. Don’t get why CBS or Julie are not addressing it.


Because they wrote the script, and it sucks!


Get in line.
Times have changed.


Why would they when they planned this. The moment they said the winner will get $750k, you knew the outcome. I don’t see them keeping it at $750k going forward, which will show that it was rigged. I was happy to see how diverse this cast was and they came to play. the CO obviously don’t like one another so not sure how finial 6 will work when they can’t stand one another, so who has each other’s back within the 6. They work better with their other, but the push of the CO has made this a boring season.

sick of it

 CBS Chief Executive George Cheeks ordered that the casts of unscripted shows starting this year must be at least 50% BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color).
 So far, when Chen Moonves has interviewed houseguests — all white — who have been voted out, discussing alliances and strategies they may not have been aware of, she has not mentioned the Cookout. Chen Moonves will also be prohibited from bringing up the Cookout to jury members.
*yeah its not fixed at all….eyeroll*

Ida Clark

I can’t believe it it’s great that X is up people would be smart to get rid of him

moaning myrtle

The Cookout has given us great strategizing. It will be duplicated by others in the future season I appreciate the motivation behind their mission. Every time some one cries foul I wonder where was all that righteous over the past twenty years when the racism was so blatant did you speak up then? Yeah, neither did CBs except Julie did take polite retrained issue with Aaron’s Asian shade. Nonetheless it’s time to call time of death on this thing and write X the check. Not that he has been a great mastermind( he’s well-liked, a peacemaker, a gentleman, but he plays a passive game IMO) Kyland with his arrogant, condescending attitude and word spew is ready to toss the CO in his mind he has completed the mission. Has anyone noticed he doesn’t go into his word salad around X? Kyland also knows he can’t win in a F2 next to X so watch for him to “mist” others to keep SB for awhile. I am miffed that the others CO can’t see that both Ky and X know that taking Big D to the end helps them because, let’s be real they can’t win anything. Azah is stunning, love how she calls out Kyland on his sh**)but this is not the game for her. Hannah loves playing the cutthroat and will cut Tiff sooner( Killing me softly is Hannah theme song and she relishes in it) Ky and X know Hannah loves planting just enough poison to get them to the end, so they will keep then cut Hannah. What baffles me(can anyone help?) While their goal is worthy and it will be reached – that’s clear as of this week: this is life changing money, when Tiff’s son wants to go to college or any other members of the CO has some other need, will she/ they say well I can’t manage it, but hey we did this ( point to X( our own Denzel W.), smiling, holding a check, and trying to still get with Alyssa. Will Big D get the TV deal he is over acting for? PS Kyland knows Big D has a crush on him, and although he ( Ky) is pansexual ( see his bio) Ky is using that to keep Big D right where he needs him , which is next to him in F2 so Kyland can win. Baby D is gone this week and so is my time with BB for this season.

Christime Ahrens

I think xavier, alyssa will be in f2, x only if he’s not evicted…