“I swear to god if you guys send me to Jury with Britini I will f**ing haunt you.. I will haunt all of you “

HOH: Sarah Beth
Nominations: BIGD and Claire
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Hard to say what will happen with the roulette feels like DX or Claire are the targets. Good times.

11:08 am DX and SB
Sb Says Hannah and Alyssa have said they are willing to play and take off who she wants. Sb thinks Tiff has enough money to play and take Claire off.
SB – there’s a good chance it will be used. it’s up to you to play or save the money.. If the roulette is used I can’t control who goes up.
DX – what would you say I should do? I feel the value of us winning coin of destiny next week if we don’t like who is HOH.. I could go home this week
SB says the wheel scares her. she hates the idea of something random
SB – if I had the money I would end up playing (in the wheel comp)
SB says if Kyland goes up Kyland stays.
DX – I think BIGD wouldn’t have the votes to stay. Me, Hannah, Tiff, Claire that’s four

11:17 am Sb and Claire
Sb says there is a lot of chances of Claire coming off the block before the veto.

11:30 am DF and Azah
Azah giving BIGD a pep talk (he’s on the block and can’t bench press his way to a power.)
DF – I don’t mind being on the block the problem is I need to win sh1t I need to win HOH then put me on the block
Azah – Look what happened when brit won that Veto. We have to play a different type of game here. Brit won one veto and she became a target. It’s some types of games we have to play.
Azah – what’s kept me in this house is the fact I’m not a threat. There are people that got to the end and WON without winning any competitions. The greatest player of all time never won a comp. DR Will never won a comp. You got enZo who created the brigade got to final 3 two times never won a comp his first time (Yeah but he also left the couch more than once every other day)
Azah – we all have things we are good for. you have muscle in this alliance.
Azah says the best thing DF did was mobilize all of them if it wasn’t for them they would have been picked off longtime ago. “You are the person that had that Idea and ambition that is enough you can sit back and trust the process”
Azah – we have four nominations before it’s just the six. Do you think anyone is going to DROP YOU when it gets to the six?
Azah says the only person he has a beef with is tiffany. Nobody is going to drop him in the 6. “trust the process and Chillout”
Azah – if Alyssa plays she’s pulling you off. If I win I’ll pull you off.. if X plays he’s pulling you off..
Azah says the only people that are pulling Claire off is DX and if he does he doesn’t have the money for next week.
Azah – Tiff isn’t going to play for her [claire] Tiff told everyone she doesn’t have the money

11:41 am DF and X
DF is irritated he’s on the block “I’m on the block constantly.. I’m on the block once again this is stupid”
DF says he wanted to come in like a bad b1tch and leave like a bad b1tch
DF- Nothing is playing to my strengths at all
X – what are your strength outside strength itself
DF – that in general.. (LOL)
DF – I can’t play in any comps I get the short end of the stick
DF – everyone else has nothing to worry about. everyone walks around here chill smiling..  I’m over here getting like pawn.. which is fine Brit when through it COOL now I’m going through it cool.. I don’t get it maybe I’m missing something I just don’t get it.
DF – when I win everybody’s f***ed and I’m going to say that.
X – you can’t blow up unless you have the power I’m sorry..
X – if it makes you feel better.. You think I like throwing all these  competition
DF – besides the balance beam
X – we know I f**ed up on that on. I like winning sh1t I’m a competitor but with this I cant’ go win everything. We have to set aside our pride.
X – when you get in power blow the f** up
Df – I feel like I’m never going to get the opportunity I’m so beat where I’m trying to keep myself here but myself is like send me the f** home.. You don’t make any comps for someone strong I’m the strongest f**ing person in this whole house and there’s no f***ing comps built for me.
DF – the one person I hate the most put me on the block.. I had to sit there it’s fine it’s just a game.. ohh it’s alright

11:46 am Hannah and DX
DX – you spinning the wheel
Hannah- I think I might be on her radar..
DX – she’s asking you to spin the wheel that means you’re not on her radar
Hannah says she’s not asking her.
DX says the vibe that he and X are getting from SB is Alyssa and Hannah are going to play.
DX – she wants someone to play
DX – she wants someone to play yesterday when I talked to I thought that someone was me now today she’s like it’s up to you if anything I should be more concerned.. yesterday she was saying I should now it’s up to me so if I don’t play I’m not safe.
Hannah – are you a target
DX – not right now she will consider it
hannah – and piss off kyland
DX – I don’t think it will piss off Kyland that much she will only do it if Kyland is onboard.
Hannah – I don’t see why he would be at least week 2
DX – the target is probably BIGD if I’m on the block with bigD what will happen
Hannah says her, Claire and Tiff will keep DX but Azah will evict him.
DX might try to convince Azah if he still has his BB BUcks and wins the power he will keep her safe.
Hannah goes on about SB wants her gone or won’t be sad if she left.
Hannah – Kyland and I are the least close. I don’t have that relationship with Ky like you don’t with X. I’ve been trying to build it with Ky
DX – I swear to god if you guys send me to Jury with Brinti I will f**ing haunt you. (LOL)
Dx – we’re the only two people in jury for a week I will haunt all of you
Hannah – if they send you to jury I won’t be too far behind you
DX says it might not be the worst thing for him to go up because of the roulette wheel. He gets to play in veto. He likes his chance to win Veto against Sb and BIGD then get backdoored.
DX – I was talking to X just now we were trying to decide. he’s not spending his money either. Both of us are saying we’re not going to play in the roulette wheel and if we get houseguest choice we’ll pick each other.

Comparing notes…
Kyland – ** Words ** Words**
Sb – I never said to her she wasn’t my target but I indicated I wanted her to come down. Worst comes to worst maybe she does come down and I reassess from there.
Kyland – ** Words ** Words**
Kyland – ** Words ** words**
Sb – thanks
Kyland – ** Words ** words**
Sb – of course it’s though.. do you really think I’m so heartless
Kyland – ** Words ** words**
Sb mmhmm
Kyland – ** Words ** words**
Sb – mmhmmm
Kyland – ** Words ** words**
Sb – I would agree
Kyland – ** Words ** words**
Sb – yeah you remember that when I betray you
Kyland – ** Words ** words**
SB – I wouldn’t do that
Kyland – ** Words ** words**
Sb – how mad would you be?
Kyland – ** Words ** words**
Sb – same I would be with you. let me tell you
Kyland – ** Words ** words**
Sb – let me tell you
Kyland – ** Words ** words**
Sb – ok
Kyland – ** Words ** words**
Sb – ok

12:09 pm DX and Kyland
DX – she couldn’t come up with a more original Nominations.. it worked for Kyland so give it a shot
DX – she wouldn’t put you up?
Ky – it’s getting harder and harder who we can trust. She doesn’t want to do anything that could be considered cocky and Flashy.. I get it.. and risky.
Ky – she said she had reason to not trust anyone in the house besides me.. and she is worried about doing anything that would make too big of a splash.. which I get. what I would share on .. the thing I would share beyond that would be that like I said I’m getting more and more close to that. but it was.. things were said to me that I don’t know whether or not it made me feel more distrust towards anyone. but when. as far as the conclusion when they say… it did raise trust they ended with.. basically making me feel like we’re in the situation. talking to you and you told me the truth. on my metric of trust that is the best indicator, I can hope for. (fun times)
Ky – umm so that is as far as my role in the conversation it went to that extent.. and after Id say that’s where I landed and where she landed on the flash move thing she said I would be.. me being her I. For lack of better word, she said she would be to concerned, to nervous, to scared to have to. basically, we had a different answers to, do you believe that uhh anyone in the house would take you down if I put you up?
Ky – and I said. and we had different answers mine being as much as you don’t believe I do hers was different hers was uncertainty and hopeful that not making a big splash and people following through and just seeing what people do given the option (Fun)
Ky – it was a wild long conversation in general though not even related to anything that was said in particular.. honestly just exhausting and mentally exhausting to talk about all..

feeds cut.. (I’m trying to capture a sample word for word so people that don’t have the feeds get to see what all the fun is about)
When we’re back he’s talking about SB not wanting to make a flashy move.
KY – the last three months went by really fast
DX – bro.. dude it’s almost September
Ky – that’s where she is coming from and she’s also coming from the. Basically, she’s also coming from. I feel comfortable saying she’s coming from whatever else she expressed I don’t want to speak on her behalf more than I already said. (WTF)
DX says when he talked to her yesterday it seemed like she wanted him to play and today things change she says it’s up to him.
Dx – if you view that shift from my perspective it’s like something changed over the night. it does reflect that maybe she doesn’t trust me

KY – The.. I think what I said in terms of. the difference of.. has distrust be built? I want to see what people do given their own you know freedom to do what they want.. in terms of and something like. I think from her perspective it’s like if there could be one person that could make it real easy to follow through.. hey I’ll use it.. I’ll follow through. Like is that as easy I don’t know? I think it’s like much more of a matter of seeing what people do given the freedom.. to make their own decisions. As opposed to.. I think that also she is using this opportunity to see that with a variety of people.. Hey this is what I’ll do and since she still has the leverage of. After this competition, there’s still veto.
DX called into the DR
DX – what the HECK
DX says he let her take the money during his HOH so she could rebuild trust. He understands where she’s coming from he put her up and never gave her a heads up. There’s plenty of people that will use the roulette on Claire. He wants to save the money for the coin of destiny.
Dx comments on how the DR doesn’t want them talking he races to the DR.

12:23 pm Hannah and Claire
Hannah says if she just gets 50 she’s playing but what should she do if she gets 100
Claire says they should wait to see what DX gets.
Hannah – would it be the worst thing in the world if no one plays?
Hannah – our ultimate goal is two of us not on the block come Thursday.

12:30 pm Kyland and Tiff
Kyland saying when he started talking to SB last night there were 4 possible targets 3 of which were cookouts. After he took a blow torch to her brain for 4 hours it changed to 4 targets 1 of which is a cookout. The only reason it’s X is because she doesn’t trust his partner Alyssa.

Kyland says SB is expecting DF to come down
Tiff – is Claire her target
Kyland – no she has four targets.. Claire, Alyssa, X, DX
Kyland – She stayed out of my HOH and I’ve been completely in hers and she’s been welcoming to it and open and receptive to things I say.
Ky says if there was anyone else outside of the 6 he feels he could have talked her out of targeting X and target that person. (fun times)

12:50 pm DF and Azah in their spots.
DF – I’m thinking east coast style no one is up to watch us at 10 pm at night..

12:55 pm Feeds cut to pound kitties
2:57 pm No feeds
4:13 pm No Feeds

Please consider a donation to keep the madness going. BIG thanks to the people that have already chipped in.

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debbie bentley

This season of Big Brother is all set up all. around . It ‘s not all that .EXCITING .has usual


This cast really gave me hope for a good season, and then The Cookout sent my hopes of a good season up in flames. Such a steamroll, even SB is brainwashed.

Taste of Meds

Every season a dominant alliance over powers the house. It’s the game of Big Brother! Why get mad at the Cookout for playing the same game as everyone else? Lol That’s life!

No fave yet

Agreed…..not till all the not too brown folk are gone. ;(


This has been my favorite season! I think it’s super good game play among several house guests and THATS why it’s so interesting!!


To a certain degree it has been a good season. Unfortunately when CO chooses a target them they make sure it’s gone. Anybody watching feeds are suffering through KY insomnia speeches. Knowing who’s leaving sucks. Cast has been pretty good this season but I had floaters but a floater that doesn’t want to play the game sucks. Right I’m just going to try enjoy the comps and root for my winner pick from day 2 is X.


I predict a member of the cookout will win thanks to the support of the cookout That means five of them will regret playing for the cookout black alliance and not themselves. Cookout alliance is are running out of choices (aka white folks) to evict. Not that I am critical of the strategy. It’s just that Big Brother is not a team game. It works best with just two or three in a tight alliance. And so far each cookout House guests is close to someone not in the cookout. Makes no sense working against the person you claim to have a final two with, to protect people who are going to work against you in the end.

Ghost of Frenchie

There have been 6 person alliances, the commission last season. But usually within the 6 person there are a few final 2s. All of the cookouts final 2s are outside the alliance. If they do what they say and cut everyone b4 the 6… then what? BigD & Azha are a twosome. Tiffany is telling Ky they are a pair. Neither of them believe it. Does that mean Hannah & X are a pair by default?

Blah Blah Blah

I can’t even with Ky…..They should pay everyone who has to hear him talk for more than 2 minutes at least double what they’re making from being on. Personally, I’d love to stab my ears just READING the updates, so feeling extra sorry for (but appreciative of) Simon/Dawg – you are both superstars for documenting anything he says!


Actually, I loved it when you just used ·**Words**Words* . Saved a lot of time and headache trying to understand whatever the hell he is saying. Keep up the good work!

another name

Thank you from everyone for plodding through the latest Ky SB talk and SO completely accurately portraying the event.
LMAO. That was brilliant.

BTW. With the HOH being a balance comp, does anyone else wonder if production was actually thinking the former gymnast (Alyssa) was sure to win, and because it was live did a huge grrr when she fell, thus an HOH that feels completely off?
A thought.


Not exactly. I do think that the competition was geared towards either X, SB, or Alyssa for the win. Any of those 3 could have won easily

another name

former gymnast. balance beam.


Just saying she wasn’t the only one.

another name

I understand. It wasn’t meant to be snarky. Just mildly sarcastic, because typically an hoh has five or six possibles. I’m just saying if the HOH comp is using equipment one houseguest is obviously used to using in her former sport… chances are they were expecting something.
It’s like, If the HOH was rolling your eyes continuously, and I was in the house, it would be pretty much a given they put that comp in there for me.
Remember in season 20 when Haleigh talked about production asking her what she was good at? And magically the next two comps fit right into her wheelhouse?

The Beef

Did she really hit the floor? I know you don’t watch the show, so you didn’t see it, but Alyssa was extremely close to the end of the competition when she basically made a “dive” like attempt to get to the platform where the button was to shut off the timer. TV didn’t really show if her foot hit the floor or not, and it took them a few seconds to decide if she was eliminated or the new leader over Claire. It would have been pretty easy for them to say her foot did NOT hit the floor, unless it was obvious to the other players it did (Claire, Ky who wasn’t playing, and I’m not sure if anybody else had gone yet at that point), IF they had wanted her to win. All I’m saying is it wasn’t obvious based on what was seen on TV.

I’m also not sure how her time would have compared to SB’s.


SB needs to stop listening to Ky. His HOH was a disaster. He could have thrown the HOH to two cookout members. And messed up both opportunities. His targets were Allisya, Claire and Brit. So he put up Claire and takes her down. Throws the veto combitition to Allsya and put up Brit, who the pawn cookout member was trying to protect. And another cookout member threw the veto competition for.. If DX survives this week and the double I think it’s him and X at the end. No one else seems to know what they are doing. The season it slowing turning into a worse ever season possible situation. To bad as at first it seemed it could be really good. My partner said when the cookout was formed, that’s it, a cookout member wins as they;ll stack the jury. No point watching .

BB fan

DX is not getting to the end


**words** **words**
Haven’t laughed that hard in awhile, Simon! Thanks!!
Bless your heart…and ears!

another name

The bathroom convo between Dx/Han/Claire was pretty illuminatinting.
She now knows that none of her allies wants to play roulette and they are both giving her the run around. She tries telling them keeping their money makes them the 2 people put on the block for sure next week. A pretty awkward argument.
What she knows: Dx will only play if he gets 50. Hannah will play only unless she gets 100.
It’s a secret reveal, so they can say anything they want now about how much they got hoping she’ll buy it.
If she hasn’t figured out she’s on fire, and she’s still saying everything’s fine…. she totally deserves to go this week.
Meanwhile Ky was asking Tiff how to make sure Claire isn’t mad at him for her nomination this week. Sideye. Dx has already asked him why he was in the HOH all night.
They aren’t going to be buying anything Ky is selling I don’t think.

another name

The concept last week was what?
Get all of the people viable for coup d’etat to play roulette.
This was X’s concept.
Why is he making a don’t play deal with Dx?
To keep Dx open as a back door?
Is that the point?

Fine for him, but since they do it in secret, why is anyone talking about throwing?
No really. That part is confusing.
They don’t announce the winner do rhey?. If I won I’d spin knowing my face ain’t coming up.
Why throw?? Oh, they must show the results?? That’s how everyone knew Ky got first pick in the veto derby? oookay.


With the last one they just listed who got enough points to wager in the POV. I don’t know the rules for this one

another name

Thanks. I figured there had to be something episodey involved. lol.


I think with this possibility being use before Veto could change if someone wants to use the veto. As for X I’m not sure his end game with DX. Personally I love DX but I think him leaving would be a good move.

another name

I was implying his end game was to make sure Dx didn’t play and get safety so that X could argue he’ll be able to play coup d’etat so they should backdoor him.
Jus wasn’t sure why Dx was going along with it, but he’s gullible as hell so….


How long were the feeds down last time, roughly 5 hours?

another name

Over five. possibly close to 6. it worked out to 30-35 minutes or so per person in the house (11 at the time) if I remember my math correctly.

edited to add: feeds returned when i hit save.

That doggie in the window

boo hoo. racism has been a part of american society since its inception. all you white folk complaining about your favourite white houseguests getting evicted in a reality tv show really do not know the struggle of black folk whose lives are at risk by racist institutional forces daily. to compare the perceived racism in this tv show to what’s happening in real life is ludicrous and a false equivalency.


Why are you assuming all people that disagree with you on this are white folk? Hmm. But, unfortunately, you are right racism will probably always exist coming from all races directed towards others. I grew up in a Mexican, Filipino, and black community. I saw plenty of racism. Not coming from white people. They were the minority and were trying to fit in with us really when I was in school. I’m So glad my parents didn’t raise me and my sister to think We couldn’t accomplish anything because of what We look like and to blame everyone else. I’m doing just fine and she is doing very very very well. And many of the kids I grew up with made good choices and have also been successful. Others didn’t Oh and my parents still don’t have much and prefer to live in the same neighborhood I grew up in. Just being honest. I personally don’t think cookout members are racist but the alliance does appear racist to some people, I kinda get it, especially when CO members know that the others can’t say out loud that they believe there is a POC alliance.

G of 303

Agreed- dislike when the commentators forget the prior white groups of BB’s past don’t seem to recall the way most early evicted houseguests are POC! But yea, let’s be stupid and try to use the word racism when the CO is finally in charge. SMDH !

AZMDW_ Gilbert AZ

I’m so tired of hearing BigD say “At the end of the day”. Get up off the couch and do something, I’m sure he watched previous seasons. He complains that the comps are not made for a person of his size, didn’t he think about this before coming on the show ?

I’m tired of Azah, BigD, Ky, Tiff, I really do hope that Derek X is not back doored this week. Ky is such a jerk, I never understand anything he says, this dude says a whole lot of words that just do not make any sense. I would not waste my time talking with him, I’d love to see him sent to Jury this week, and be stuck in the jury house with Brit for an entire week.

I’d be more respectful of winning something knowing that I actually won the competition on my own, it was not handed to me. Azah, Big D and Alyssa, Alyssa only won in OTEV because Ky threw it to her, she did not win on her own, it was handed to her. So she is still just as much of a loser as the remaining Jokers.

Tiff needs to win an HOH, she needs to stop saying she does not want the HOH this week, it is time for Tiff to stop all the plotting, win an HOH and let’s see how you handle being an HOH ?? It’s time to put up or shut up Tiff !!

another name

So Alyssa got 75 in the vote? Won. Removed Couch from the showroom floor…
and X ended up on the block?
How did Alyssa get 75 in the vote?
I’ve been told Alyssa has almost zero visibility in the edit.
So, I repeat. How did Alyssa jump from 50 to 75 level when she didn’t even get any sympathy voting when her showmance left?

No fave yet

Ugh! Big D is given a free pass again…..I want that lazy slob gone.

The Beef

LOL – So she plays and ends up inadvertently “putting” her #1 on the block as a replacement nominee? How stupid can these people be? What good does it do her to remove Big D from the block anyway?

It’s not like X is in any danger of leaving, as he has 6 solid votes to stay, without even thinking about it, but seriously, why would she even play and run this risk? I guess she’s safe now, right? She can’t be a replacement nominee when somebody else wins the veto?


X on the block. So who will play Veto. Claire goes home if things don’t change. Help at least something different

another name


So here is the situation:
If Dx doesn’t get chosen and win veto, he is likely the backdoor.
If DX does win veto, and saves Claire a cookout member goes to jury Because that would mean all non cookout are now safe for the week.
Which do you think is more likely to happen?
RIght now Claire is toast. If Dx hits the block one of the 2 is toast (i still actually think Claire).

Claire is toast. Dx just told Tiff he won’t use the veto if he wins because Tiff might be renom.

bb23 WEEK SEVEN.jpg

Thanks for the update. I’m hoping X is pull off the block. I don’t care if DX or Claire go to jury.


Yea, I just don’t see DX using the veto. I’m just really surprised the Cookout might pull off another week??? Like… wow. I’m truly speechless.

another name

It’s actually not surprising in the slightest.
When social media was complaining that the show was trying to screw with the cookout by introducing the high roller twists, social media got it wrong. The High roller twists are there to make sure production has their hand in to make sure the cookout storyline continues until they make a big drama move near the end of week 8.


Azah was so wrong about Enzo. Enzo won OTEV in Season 12. I love Enzo but he drove me crazy with his loud smacking when he was eating!!! Lol

The Beef

But she knows “Dr. Will Smith” very well! She keep invoking his name, as if she knows it! LOL


All I have to say is I like this season a thousand times more than last season

I speak Ky

Didn’t Tiffany play in the High Rollers and get a 0? But her name never showed up on the board.. so that showed everyone who played. Except Tiffany, and why some people think she has all of her money still?

another name

They only showed the people that got scores, and therefore would be able to vote in the veto.
WIth a 0, Tiff wasn’t shown because she didn’t get to pick for second veto.


I don’t think the cookout is racist but I also don’t like how they are dragging unworthy people to the end . Big D and Azah are terrible players and should not get to stay just cause of the CO the other 4 are playing decent games and are worthy of the win although Dx s my fav and I’m sad that he even if he made the final 2 by some miracle he can’t win because of the CO.


Big D and Azah are just goats. Like s16 Derek’s unworthy Victoria. They’re just goats of a different color.