Xavier WON The VETO! Alyssa – “Alyssa’s f**K up didn’t f**k up the week!

HOH: Sarah Beth
Nominations: BIGD Xavier and Claire
Power of Veto Players: Azah, ALyssa, DF, Xavier, Sb and Claire
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – DX wasn’t picked for Veto chances are very high Veto will be used and DX will be the replacement. Fun times.

3:18pm – 8:56 pmBig Brother blocks the live feeds for the power of veto competition.

Xavier WON the VETO!

It was a prize / punishment veto.
Xavier – won the veto but to win it he had to take 3 punishments: 3rd nom next week, 24 hour solitary confinement leading up to live eviction, BB Bucks bankrupt
Big D – $7500

All the house guests are in the kitchen talking about the veto competition. Xavier – if I wasn’t on the block I would have gone straight for that money! Alyssa – I did the 2 weeks havenot and 24 hour lock down and BB Bankrupt. Derek – did they say that 3 nom would not be taken down. Xavier – yeah they said the coin of destiny would not be taken down but then you get to play in the golden power of veto or if I won HOH then I can’t go up. Derek – its crazy that you had to take disadvantages if you went for the veto. Sarah – it was a really cool comp. I like it. If you went for all the money there was 10k.

Bathroom – Xavier and Kyland.
Xavier – Not that Tiffany was upset be she was nervous that if Claire came down she would have to show her cards between me and DX. Kyland – but that’s the point, it wouldn’t matter. Alyssa joins them. Xavier – its great to be safe but also to be nominated by a f**king power. Alyssa – Alyssa’s f**K up didn’t f**k up the week! We’re safe! We’re safe! I feel like you’re excited but you’re not. Xavier – ah .. it is what it is. Alyssa – I’m sorry. I went for the 24 hour, the slop and then the BB bankrupt. I did 7 minutes. Xavier – So Claire went for the two that I went for BB bankrupt, and the solitary confinement. Alyssa – and then she went for the veto. Xavier – and then she went for the veto disadvantage.. and I was like that is going to take too much time. Alyssa – yeah, way too much! It looked to much like .. complicated. Xavier – if you were going for the veto disadvantage you might as well have gone for the solo havenot.. because that would have taken a loop. Alyssa – that’s what I did. Xavier – third nominee so they did say we get to play in the veto so f**k it. I will just go for that comp. I mean I was on the block and went for this veto so.. just means I got to win. Alyssa – I think the only person that has money is Baby D and Tiffany. Xavier – maybe Tiffany. Alyssa – and maybe now Big D. Big D obviously went for that 16 minutes?! No wonder I was stuck up there for so long! 16 minutes?!!?! I was having a panic attack in the upstairs DR so I went to the other DR. 16 minutes?!?! Xavier – Mmmmhhmmm. Alyssa – I was so proud of my time. Kyland joins them. Xavier – I am not really tripping because I have already been nominated by a power before. If I get taken out of the game because of a power .. I can live with that. I got beat by Big Brother. Ky – that is a fair line of thinking. Xavier – I can live with that. I had to assume everyone did it. Ky – or that at least Claire did it. Xavier – I had to assume Claire took the same path that I did. Alyssa – she did either huh? Xavier – she started to. Ky – so it works like next week you go up and if the coin power is used .. you still stay up. Xavier – the only way I can come off is if I win the veto.. Ky and Alyssa – or someone uses it on you. Alyssa – and then if he is HOH .. then the next week after he would be the third nom. Ky – it would be good to run the numbers on that to figure out what is best. Xavier – oh I will. Alyssa – if anyone is trying to target you.. you can play.

Claire and Azah.
Azah hugs Claire. Azah – I am sorry. I am sorry I couldn’t help. Claire – its okay. It sucks but he went for it. I should have known. Thank you Azah I appreciate it. Azah says that she didn’t even think about going for the prizes. Azah – you never know I might be up there with you.

Azah heads into the back bedroom with Big D.
Azah – you don’t think they would put me up now? Big D – they wouldn’t put you up, they’re going to go for Derek X. They wouldn’t put you up.. I mean what do you want me to do!? I am safe for the week, why would I not go for it. That is stupid. Azah – I know. Big D – if you don’t go for the money.. I mean Sarah Beth went for the money. It night not be a guarantee I win this game. Azah – I know there is not guarantee you win the game but its your perception in the house. Alyssa – took you off and replaced you with Xavier. Big D – MMmmhmmm.. yes, Xavier was going to win. When I saw the comp I knew Alyssa or him would win. Big D – how can you not! If you know Xavier is fast.. and you look at the comp.. and Xavier is smart. Azah – I see it from your point of view. I am trying to set myself up weeks ahead. Did you tell them that you would take Xavier off if you won? Big D – yeah but look at the comp.. there was no way I could have won it… 3 minutes?! If I didn’t go for it I would have felt stupid. 7.5K would have taken care of my taxes. Big D says that he wishes he would have “went for the whole fucking 10k”

Bathroom – Sarah, Xavier and Alyssa.
Sarah – I was surprised Azah didn’t go for it. Alyssa – she really wanted to pull him (Xavier) off. Sarah – I could see that. Xavier – I knew there were several people who wanted to pull me off but I knew they would have hell-a-punishments if they did. I would rather me get it and take myself off and them not get the punishments. Alyssa – I was fine with the three that I was going for. I don’t mind being a havenot… I’ve already done it two weeks. The 24 hour thing was kind of freaking me out.. pooping in a bucket but.. Xavier – we’ve got to poop in a bucket!? Sarah – yeah you wouldn’t even be able to leave the room and to make it you would literally leave the room and you go vote. Xavier – I’m okay, I’m cool with that. Alyssa – its till live eviction. Sarah – it literally until live eviction .. you would end your thing and immediately go vote. Is what they wanted it to do. Its the 24 hours leading up to live eviction. Xavier – I didn’t give a f**k about that one. Havenot room is already home. Sarah – honestly I was thinking about the backdoor (Derek X) having 24 hour confinement wouldn’t be that bad to say away from everyone. Alyssa – I was prepared for it. They talk about how Big D would be the only one with money next week and wants to take out Tiff or Claire. If Baby D leaves this week and we put up Tiff and Claire .. Big D would just leave the same noms. Sarah – heck yeah, that’s not bad. Alyssa – he knows that Claire was trying to swing the vote against him.

9:17pm Bedroom. Azah, Alyssa and Big D.
Big D to Alyssa – are you upset at me because I went for the money? Alyssa – no. X is off the block, I don’t give a f**k! Alyssa – now you have ___ bucks right? Big D – yeah. Alyssa – if you get it .. how much is it $75 next week. Big D – yeah. Alyssa – okay that’s good. Big D – I know! Alyssa – because if I am HOH or she (Azah) is HOH you basically just do the same thing. Big D – I understand it might paint a target on my back but number one I am safe. Alyssa – you’re fine, you’re fine! Big D – Xavier, you and SB were playing for Xavier and when I saw the comp I went … why am I going to try and go for the veto!? Alyssa – you’re fine! If one of them put you up .. now you have enough money (for a power) so if one of them put me, or you or Azah up .. you have enough money to play.. so its fine! Big D – right, I was looking at the bigger picture!

Bathroom. Claire and Derek X
Claire is crying in the shower. Derek – I think you’re good. I think there is a very high chance that I am going up. Claire starts crying more – I know!

9:45pm Living room. Sarah and Xavier
Sarah – that comp was crazy!! Xavier – in no way was I prepared to see that sh*t. Like when I walked out $2500, $5000… He talks about how he was going to try and go for the 5k and then go for the veto but Big Brother said nope .. if you want the golden power of veto you must take 3 punishments. SUCK MY X! Sarah – now Big D can stop raggin on me for getting 5k. Derek – he still does?! Sarah – like yesterday! He brings it up all the time. Derek – I’m sorry. Sarah – its okay, I think its funny.

10:05pm Havenot room. Ky and Xavier.
Ky – the reality is that Claire as HOH has a higher probability of leaving two members of the six up there which is a reality but here is the thing DX isn’t coming after me. Xavier – if Claire wins, we’ll deal with that and also DX has the most money .. if we take him out Big D is sitting pretty. Big D went for the money, if he didn’t go for the BB bucks I was going to be pissed because that is the only reason why I was like f**k it I am going to go for this (Veto). KY – oh you wanted him to go for the money instead of the BB bucks? Xavier – no I was like you can get two monies. Ky – I am going to be the vote sending him (DX) home. And there is a good chance that we win this next HOH to stop Claire from winning it… and I am like at this rate I am going to be the one to send SB home. Xavier – yup. Ky – because people are like no.

10:10pm Storage room. Claire and Xavier.
Claire – you did so well! I should have gone for the stuff. Honestly you just send it … and I didn’t send it! Xavier – at least with the third nominee you have a chance to play in the veto and even if you don’t win it.. it depends on who the other two people sitting up there are. Claire – yeah. Xavier – there might be bigger targets than you or there might not and you might go home on a power.. Claire – it is what it is. I didn’t think you were going to go for the BB bankruptcy. Xavier – I didn’t want to. I was like I feel like I am in a good position right now and I didn’t want to. I was trying to get in your head and think what will Claire do?! And I was like if I go home being the third nominee ..then oh well. Claire – and it is better to be here as a third nominee next week than not be here this week. Xavier – true. Are you okay? Claire – I’m okay, I had a good cry.

10:37pm – 11:20pm HOH room. Ky and Sarah
Ky – did you just really want to win the veto or you could have gone for the prizes too? Sarah – I thought it would be a bad decision because I am trying to earn as much trust as I can with the kings right now. Big D – good call. Sarah – I thought it would be a good gesture. Also I wanted to go for it and when I saw it I thought that I could. I would have been second place. The way I see it, I’ve got Alyssa, X, big D, Azah already confirmed.. and Tiffany. Azah literally played to take X down. What I do have to think about is what DX will probably do in retaliation once he’s on the block. Ky suggests the four of them sit down to talk about it. Sarah – I’ve shown them (kings) trust by play for the veto today. Ky – and I did last week. Sarah – I don’t know how much we can trust them to work with us as a final four. I want to work with them but for how long. Ky – final 6. but to final 4 I don’t know. Sarah comments on how having to put up Derek X on Monday is literally going to kill her. Ky – but he is my best friend until right after you.. I think this is the best decision. I am good with it. Sarah – I am so good that DX didn’t go up in that roulette because I think he could have won that (veto). I honestly think it would be best to get rid of some of these stragglers. Hannah we don’t want to keep her around too long. Tiff and Claire they can probably go. Ky – I would do Claire first only because she is after me. Sarah – she will be after me after this too. She will likely put us up together and make us play the veto against each other.

11:26pm Kitchen Table – Azah and Big D.
Big D – I think she is going to put Derek X up. Azah – I feel bad but he’s got to go. Big D – he’s a threat, he’s got to go. If not he will play next week and we’re all f**ked. This is the perfect plan. They talk about next weeks HOH. Azah – if I won HOH and you got the coup d’etat .. that would be so cool! Azah – if Baby D goes out this week .. we’ve got a good chance at being safe next week and a clear path. Big D agrees.

11:34pm – 12am HOH room. Derek X, Sarah and Ky.
Derek – SO .. am I getting backdoored?! Sarah – oh my gosh! I don’t have a lot of options for people to nominate. Derek – that is fair. Sarah – its like 5 people. Ky – 4 people. Sarah – minus you would be 4. Ky – oh yeah minus me would be 4. Fair point! And I have to consider all of them. I really didn’t intend for Claire to go home this week. And so I am going to be completely honest, I am considering all my options. Derek – no, that is totally fair. Sarah – but I am not set on anything yet. Derek – okay, I just wanted to ask. Ky – I won’t speak for her .. I’ll just speak for myself.. I didn’t see you as an option at the start of this week. I don’t want to speak for.. Sarah – absolutely no. Derek – I appreciate it. Derek – is there anything .. what are your .. what are the pros and cons that you’re weighing.. Is it worth giving a pitch? Sarah – the pros are I think that you have shown me loyalty and I don’t see you coming after me any time soon and I do see you winning comps so.. that is a plus for me. On the other hand.. will I ever have another chance? Its the same thing you said with Chrsistian.. and I don’t know. I think you’re smarter than me, more athletic than me, Ky likes you better than me, our house guests like you better than me… like those odds aren’t stacked really well in my favour. Derek – fair enough. What do you think the house looks like with me not in it.. in terms of relationships.. Sarah – Umm.. its going to be duos plus Chaddha. I guess. Derek – Umm.. I agree with that and do you think we have a better chance at going further if we were a trio .. is my question? Sarah – it is possible and I am totally willing to talk it through with you. Derek – okay, cool. I just want to say off the bat its .. in this game I try to play a game of loyalty and I have been trying to build back my loyalty with you after I nominated you. And again this week by not playing the roulette wheel so I hope through those actions you see that you’re someone I want to play with in this game. So when I say something like working as a trio, I mean that. And I think we have the possibility of going further in the game rather than taking a gamble as duos. Damn.. should have played the roulette wheel. Ky laughs. Sarah – If I put up Claire and Azah, who do you think would stay? Derek – If I don’t hit the block, I will be forever loyal to you. We know Big D will go for the coup d’etat. I would probably be able to afford it. I don’t know where Big D would go for noms. But you know I would not put either of you up or anyone that you don’t want up will not go up. And I looked at the comp and its something I think I could do. Ky – yes. Derek – so if you can keep my I think I have a 50% chance of being HOH. Sarah – That’s a really good point. Or you could just win the HOH comp too. Derek – but that.. much lower chances. We have double the opportunity.. Both Ky and I could win HOH .. on top of that if there is someone we don’t want to win (HOH) I have a 50% chance of dethroning them. Sarah – that is true. So basically you’re saying you would vote how I wanted you to vote? Derek – yes. Sarah – so my options would be Azah or Claire, Chaddha or Claire, Tiff or Claire.. Ky – who would be most valuable or least risky to keep around. Sarah – I would prefer to not take a shot at Azah. That is where it get tricky because none of them are huge threats to me. I do feel like I can beat them in comps.. but they have to be gone at some point.

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Redemption! Get that money Baby D lol

This season sucks

Well let the Steamroll continue

BB Fan

Week 5 DX should have gotten rid of SB instead of backdooring Christian for a long time I said that it would be a mistake to backdoor Christian a shield and it is obvious SB didn’t like being a pawn during DX’s HOH- Now two weeks later Derek X gets backdoored by Sara Beth the irony is not lost folks. DX put himself in this position getting 10th place by wanting to take out his shield christian instead of taking out SB and having her just sit on the block all of week 5.

DX has totally done this to himself he should have gotten rid of SB instead of Christian!
The fact that SB is backdooring DX is further proof he made awful decisions during his HOH.


Would it mattered if DX backdoored say for example a lesser threat than Christian and SB stayed or left, but DX knew he wasn’t in a bigger alliance or in a higher position? I mean I was thinking the decision may have given DX a few more weeks but DX wasn’t winning the game since he was still a big threat. Would staying a couple more weeks be the goal for DX like Frenchie said he had no regrets for not taking the two weeks of safety to Julie if you know what I’m saying like how Kyland talks? I saw the pros and cons of evicting Christian that week but it was probably a loss either way.

Sarah-Beths thigh bruises

Sick of Claire’s tongue-ringed lisp inflicted speech. Hopefully she’ll be shown the door on eviction day & Julie will just ask her Yes No questions so all she’ll have to do is shake or nod her head .



Hopeful for a Good Season

Dx will get nominated now and most likely voted out because he still has BB bucks. See how BB twists mess with the game.

Hopeful for a Good Season

Just let BB be BB. No twists just competition and social game.

Larry Pooper

Gang, Nakomis and I were watching the live feeds in bed together and she said she would be so mad if they pulled this stuff in her season.


Yippee My winner pick from Day 2 won. Great job X


I refuse to watch show/feeds anymore but I do want to read Simon and Dawg’s reviews. If things continue as I expect they will, being controlled by Production, I want to hear who really turns cutthroat when the CO have to eliminate each other!
I really hope that DX gets to stay and continue to play. ( Since Allysa won I’m hoping she talks SB into putting someone else up…long shot, I know). He’s still my favorite!

Not Sorry

Doesn’t really matter. They all are rooting for each other. So will it be that cut throat? Nope.


Alyssa and sb maybe the dumbest bb player in bb history

BB Fan

Please they both made DX look stupid and out played him – DX getting backdoored this week for his stupidity in week 5 is absolutely priceless and well deserved. When he decided it was good strategy to use SB as a pawn the whole week just to backdoor his shield christian. Dx sealed his fate as being untrustworthy to them and it was a stupid move because he was suppose to be in a alliance with them royal flush and wanted to be the most physical male competitor with 11 people left! It shows that it was a dumb move by DX backdooring Christian because its only Now week 7 and DX is getting backdoored by SB – Derek X has completely played himself and he has no one to blame but himself for his own demise and stupidity. The Irony is not lost that SB is going to backdoor DX just two weeks later.

Susan Sholly

Whether DX took out Christian or not, he would have been the target. Hello. He isn’t a member of the CO and despite how production can spin this; he and Claire were figuring things out. His going home has nothing to do with sending Christian packing. The real mistake DX made was using his Veto on Kyland that first week. If he hadn’t used that veto, things would have been so different.


Please, just 1 more time, explain how Dx “played himself.”

Just kidding!!!

Unfortunately, I’m quite sure you will continue to copy and paste throughout the week.

BB Fan

Unfortunately you will probably continue to be blind further post stupidity and not see that he played himself because he was Hannah‘s puppet and Time and time again he made foolish moves strategically when he was in power.

Amanda Chandler

Actually YOU might be the dumb one, not even knowing to pluralize the noun “Player” while referencing simultaneously two separate people.


Not enjoying this season at all. Too predictable.

Not Sorry

Isn’t that every season of Big Brother. Lol

another name

X goes into solitary.
Buella comes out of Tiff’s head. gets Hannah and Azah in on the plot to take out Claire instead of Dx. They think they can get Ky. He’s become the swing instead of Couch.
X comes out of solitary without enough time to dad them.

another name

Why Horse’s Ass would want to keep Dx?
He wants X taken out if he’s still on the block.
fearing reprisal from anyone in cookout, he wants Dx kept as the shiny object they go after instead.
Because when Dx told him that X would win over anybody due to his charisma with the house… Horse’s ass never considered that.

All of his emotional hokum he’s feeding everyone (SB especially)? It’s crap. Ky doesn’t have genuine feelings about ANY of them. At all. They aren’t people to him. The only emotion that is real to Ky is the emotion about himself.


Working back on the BB Calendar with the Finale on Sept 29 there are five full weeks & Thursday evictions remaining including this Thurs. In addition there is the typical short turn around week from F4 to F3 that occurs a few days prior to the finale (so likely on Sept 26 or 27th).

That offers six evictions to get to F3 with the last player joining the jury on stage on Finale. If BB does one double eviction they would be on track…

Aug 26: F10 to F9 – 2nd jury member (JM)
Sept 2: F9 to F8 – 3rd JM (Coup d’etat week)
Sept 9: F8 to F7 – 4th JM
Sept 16: F7 to F5 (*DOUBLE EVICTION) 5th/6th JM’s
**see below for Double/Triple – Jury Battle Back options…
Sept 23: F5 to F4 – 7th JM
Sept 26 or 27: F4 to F3 – 8th JM
Sept 29: Finale, F3 to F2 – 9th JM walks out on stage to complete jury

*In this scenario Double Eviction makes sense to occur Sept 9 or 16. However, if TPTB wanted to do a jury battle back it would likely take place on Sept 9th as that would be when the 4th jury member was evicted which would set up a Triple Eviction on Sept 16 (with the potential to still do two double evictions but they would need to occur in back-to-back weeks to stay on track). Regardless of what TPTB do the above schedule remains in tact for the next two evictions and the final three listed in either scenario.

Here’s how the Sept 9th/16th weeks would shift with a jury battle back & triple eviction…

**Sept 9: F8 to F7 4th JM – Jury Battle Back occurs taking house back to F8 no new JM
**Sept 16: F8 to F5: 1st eviction F8 to 57 4th JM, Triple Eviction F7 to F5, 5th/6th JMs

The question is whether TPTB are even remotely worried about ratings slipping if they stay on track for a Cookout F6. COVID could make it impossible to do a jury battle back so there may only be one DE. The only other option would be if they did something similar to BB16 when they had a re-do week but that would necessitate either two double evictions or a triple eviction.

If not then be prepared for Baby D leaving this week followed by Claire/SB/Ally leaving Sept 9th, 16th & 23rd along with one CO member with a DE in this time frame.

another name

Keep in mind, there is no episode on…. I think it is the 19th?
The episode on… the 22rd is moved to 10pm.
OR vice versa but i think i have it in the right order.
I don’t remember when it was tweeted, but this was part of a hamsterwatch scheduling information tweet a while back.


true — the 19th is not an eviction episode though but your point about the 22nd is valid (giving additional credence to the 9th & 16th as being major episodes -ie double or triple evictions). Do I remember correctly that you said there was also a two-hour episode planned? If yes, and it’s on a Thursday that would be the perfect DE TE date.

another name

16th is a 2 hour according to that schedule.

The Beef

Man oh man, I’m sure having to be the 3rd nominee next week is really weighing heavily on X right now! How awful for him to have to worry about that, knowing that after this week when the CO evicts DX, there will only be 3 non-CO players still left in the house, all 3 of them being females and 1 of those 3 can’t play in the HOH comp next week. That means statistically there’s a 75% chance a CO member will be HOH next week and will put up 2 of the 3 non-Cookout members against X, and with only 5 people voting, and 4 of them being Cookout, X has absolutely NOTHING to worry about.

So what if the 25% happens and somebody accidentally happened to nominate 2 CO’s alongside X? Well then, good ol’ Big D is the ONLY person in the house with enough BB bucks to play in the final comp to win the Coup de’ tat, so he automagically wins that sucker, removes the 2 CO members and replaces them with the 2 remaining non-CO members!

But wait you say! It’s a coin flip! It’s only 50/50 if he gets to do that! To that I say Hahahahahahahahahaha! You’ve got to be kidding me if you think Grod is going to lose control of things now, after going this far with it! I guarandamntee you, if the CO is in any danger of losing one of it’s members, Big D will WIN that coin flip and he will replace those nominees with non-CO members – it’s written in stone!

X is not at all concerned about being the third nominee next week. In fact, I’m sure he’d rather be the third nominee next week than the week after, so he’ll probably throw the HOH just to ensure it gets taken care of in the week when Big D can use the power to save him. After all, this is the very reason why these powers were put in play anyway – to ensure a CO clean sweep.

another name

SB Thursday:
This is MY HOH. I’m setting myself up for Final 2.
Also SB:
nominates people in her own alliances… doesn’t consider jury votes.

Dx has just straight up asked if he’s being backdoored.
SB is giving the no commitment I don’t have many choices.
Ky is saying Dx wasn’t a consideration to him.
Again I remind you… this is HER HOH? Nobody buying that Horse’s ass crap coming out of her mouth.

Aguments sake. Dx is somehow able to get SB not to target him.
How does KY explain that to the Cookout? Like say…. X, who just took all those punishments to ensure Dx went on the block. Ky better hope the Grod has more of that special SB idiot koolaid she’s been serving her since after her one on ones. The vote shifting is one. Ky can blame that on Tiff. Dx not hitting the block? That’s going on Ky.

Azah and Couch just confirmed they want Dx out to each other.
X has been clear.
Ky is actively helping Dx in his plea.
See what’s wrong with this picture?
Lets watch how Ky pushes SB, who at present isn’t really on board I don’t think.


Azah can’t vote out DX if he goes up — they made that deal remember? The entire game she’s preached how honest she is – and was only willing to change that if a CO member was in jeopardy (like last week with Big D – only voting to keep Brit once she ensured Big D was safe).

another name

Remind her. She’s the one that told Couch they have to vote out Dx so that “they” meaning he is the only person with enough money to play the third high roller.
She said with him gone, they buy themselves a week or two in the game. This is after she agreed with Alyssa that the Jokers and the Kings are aligning to take out Claire and Tiff (as Alyssa was instructed to nominate when he throws HOH to her).
Then again, Ky has been hinting to her and suggesting to Dx that Hannah should go on the block as replacement. So…. it’s most likely irrelevant.

another name

Late night reveal:
Dx reveals that production was “hinting” to him (repeatedly) that he should spin the roulette wheel. He declined.
Now he’s asking America for a power to save him.
Face. meets. Palm.
And yet I’m still standing by my statement that Claire leaves this week that I made Before the last eviction.

The Beef

So I guess what you’re implying is that America already “sent” him a power to save himself, and he declined to use it? I can see how you (and others) would see it that way, and that his own gullibility in not recognizing the trouble he was in (even though he did recognize the change in SB’s tone, regarding whether or not he should play, which should have set off all kinds of bells and whistles in his head, along with sending up red flags) has put him in the spot he is in today. It would seem production DID want to save their most popular player, at least for another week, if in fact they kept “hinting” to him he should play in the roulette wheel challenge.

But as you’ve said so many times, DX believes what Ky and Tiffany tell him, and possibly some of what Hannah tells him too, and none of them have his best interest in their plans at all. To be such a smart guy, DX sure is stupid, and when he finds out how bad he’s been played by the people he thinks are his allies, I just can’t help but feel he’s going to be a little bit bitter about it. I know I would be. The only person in that house that has been anything like loyal to Baby D is Claire, and she’s like number 4 or possibly number 5 on his list.

another name

I’m not implying anything.
I can’t stand it at the best of times when a houseguest looks up to the cams and says save me america.
The fact that he’s doing it during a twist week just made me roll my eyes harder.
I’m directly saying it.

Amanda chandler

The KINGS will likely go down as one of the most Bad-Ass Four-person teams in Big Brother History.
To date, All but 1 of them have won HOH, They all made it to the end, FULLY INTACT,
And evenNOW the Defunct team’s individual
members are STILL running this game. This week alone, Sara Beth won HOH*, Alyssa won the ROULETTE wheel power*, and Xavier JUST Won the Golden Power of VETO!
Derek X figured the only way to come at this powerful team was through the BACKDOOR.
NOW this week, those same Mighty Kings are about to send his sneaky ass right back through that Same backDoor to meet JULIE. ***
Christian Birkenberger has spent DAYS online, shining a promise ring to present to his sweet Alyssa on Finale night. But right about Now I’m pretty sure he’s somewhere whistling Justin Timberlake’s “Cry me a River” & “What goes Around Comes around”
(Especially dedicated to one Derek Xiao.)
I guess KARMA turned out to be a real Bad BITCH. Despite Tiffany’s warnings NOT to, you took that SHOT at the Leader of the Almighty KINGS, and now the remaining Kings, (led by “X”, Season 23’s eventual champion).. has indeed BINDED together in ONE WEEK to take you Out, “Derek X”. So Tell Mrs. Moonves we said “Hi”, …and
PLEASE.. don’t let the door hit your narrow behind on the way out. If you Only had listened to Alyssa and joined Up with Christian, Together you would’ve been Unstoppable, & you likely would have Burned your way THROUGH the “COOK-OUT”..Maybe all the way to FINAL two like Cody & Derrick from Season 16. (Y’all were THAT good.)* But hard heads make soft behinds & trust me, Derek X, yours can NOT afford to get any softer. Instead of being AFRAID of Christian, you shoulda Fought ALONGSIDE him, (instead of laying up under three conniving women all day -HANNAH, TIFFANY, & CLAIR who was only USING you Anyway ’til they could FLOAT their way to the Top Six. At which time they planned to dispose of you like Old CAT Litter.) *NO, had you listened to Alyssa instead of HANNAH, you wouldn’t BE in this position. But Don’t Worry. ..Christian and his Sweet little Alyssa WILL Re-Unite in front of the Whole World on FINALE night. So Kiss your partner in crime Britney when you hit the Jury House, I know it’ll be HARD, but try to have a good time. Cause u Know SARAH BETH is sure gon’ have a good time sipping maurgeritas with KYLAND on a hot beach spending your 5000 dollars. (..ahh those naughty little KINGS girls, ..can’t live WITH them, ..can’t BACKDOOR someone Without ’em.)” ..LOL.. I mean did u REALLY think you were gonna take a Shot at the Almighty KINGS without severe consequences ??? ..You FOOLISH BB
Rookie Boy.*Let usALL Tune in Wednesday&
Raise your glasses, Xavier-Alyssa & SaraBeth
…This is Absolutely CHRISTIAN’s REVENGE!!*

The Beef

If you think the Kings are running this game, I don’t know what game you’re watching. SB ended up putting up the same 2 people Ky put up last week (she’s his “person”, or are you unaware of that part of the game?) due to his influence over her. Alyssa’s “big” win in the Roulette Wheel game, ended up getting her King teammate X put on the block, and her only other win so far this season (OTEV veto) was “given” to her by Ky, so that he could win the second veto and remove Claire from the block himself. Alyssa did EXACTLY what Ky told her to do (Ky’s not a King), which was nothing with her veto – that’s some great game play there and really shows a lot of individual influence in the game.

X is playing a great game though, I have to agree with you there. The only problem is he’s playing it with the Cookout, not the Kings. He’s just using Alyssa as his person, just like Ky is using SB, Tiffany is using Claire, Hannah is using DX and Azah was using Brit up until she left last week. The Kings have no chance of having 2 players in the final 2 – in fact they will lose SB and Alyssa sometime in the next 3 weeks following this one, and maybe only two weeks depending on the boot order and if there is a double eviction during that time. To be on this site and know what’s going on inside that house and not acknowledge that is being disingenuous.

Oh and Christian didn’t even make jury. Now it would seem he’s going to blunder and try to give a ring to a woman who’s stated repeatedly that she’s not that into him. I hope he wakes up and finds out the truth before he embarrasses himself on national TV, or maybe she’ll be kind enough to accept it and “explain” things to him later.

Amanda chandler

Actually when I said the Kings were running this game, I meant in terms of which team has had everybody SHOOK, even SINCE teams have been over.
Everybody has been OBSESSED with getting them out, they have collectively won FAR & AWAY the most competitions & one of it’s members are HIghly favored to win the whole thing. Not to mention they are the only team to have 3 HOH winners, no other team has had even two. They’re the ONLY team to still have TWO non-Cookout members in Jury & they are seriously headed for just outside the Top SIX !!!***
and All FOUR of it’s members have won at least Power of VETO. & even KY, (who you seem to like to give so much credit to, has recently opted to join forces with the three REMAINING Kings because even HE knows that if you can’t Beat’ em, you have to Join ’em. And by the way the only reason CHristian didn’t make Jury is cause he got Backdoored. After which Xavier warned The Kings would take that Necessary Swing. And they WILL NOT miss. The traitorous weasel responsible
should get his come uppance just Two short weeks later on this Thursday night’s Live eviction. He was WARNED not to mess with the KINGS.**** You better Recognize !!

another name

Still thinking the Horse’s Ass got his prescription for his ADHD jacked and he’s Vanessa’d to the max. Remember when he complained in week one and two that the dosage he was getting was detrimental to his game, and he was going to see about getting it increased?
Dear production… change the dosage so he actually sleeps. He’s creeping me out.

Pretty much planning on him being in HOH all night again.

Dx realized he should have played roulette.
Assessment. yes, yes he should. Why? a big power in week 8 is worthless if you don’t make it past week 7.
Not that I believe he’s going. I think it’s going to be everyone (ky, H/T) piling on Azah to flip.

Late night fracture watch
Tiff and Hannah want a final three with Azah (how are three people that couldn’t win a comp even if Grod helped them going to get there?) They’ve accepted Dx is going. They’ve forgotten Claire exists. meh.
They don’t want X near the final 4.
They want X to take out Ky or Ky to take out X, the sooner the better.
Meanwhile, Ky is giving Dx hints and blahdefrickinblah about how to get himself out of being the backdoor. It involves Dx doing an awful lot of convincing lying it sounds like. Throw Hannah off the bus and drive over her repeatedly is the name of Ky’s game to Dx, and get Tiff and Claire to join in driving too. Ky knows Hannah stays. Dx seems to have forgotten Claire exists.
Azah and Couch have become everyone’s fave to take to finals because nobody is voting for them and everyone can beat them. Good luck carrying a couch and a woman in a bed.

Three members (Ky, TIff, Hannah) are beginning to make the comfortable large alliance mistake. During a steamroll, don’t let even one of the other side survive. But here they are… plotting how to take out each other asap.