“The first time I’m going to cry in this house is going to be when DX leaves.”

HOH: Sarah Beth
Nominations: BIGD Xavier and Claire
Power of Veto Players: Azah, Alyssa, DF, Xavier, Sb and Claire
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – DX going up thats all..

12:20 am Kyland And Sb
Sb says the one person DX will not stay if he’s up against is Claire.
SB – I’m set it’s the perfect shot I’m not going to get it again.

Ky – I do trust DX more than I trust Xavier and Alyssa… with me.. BUT my trust in Alyssa and Xavier being loyal to you is higher than him being loyal to US.. and that is uhh.. so that is.. sorry that is.. my truth to you.. that is why I feel good about Alyssa and Xavier. I do believe in my heart and in my head.. in my head more than my heart it would be dumb for them to not be loyal to you
SB – are you prepared if he campaigns against us?
Ky – what’s he going to do?
SB – Keep me cause I’m going after them you can trust them you can trust me
Ky – we can’t trust him because of the deal we made week 6 when he put you up?
SB – he’s going to go to other people and say keep me I’m going after Kyland and Sarah Beth you cant’ trust him look what they’ve done to me.

Ky says his relationship with Claire should be stronger but they’ll see. “I feel good with BIGD and ummm.. I’m not worried about the campaigning”
Ky says if she hadn’t won there is a high probability they would be on the block with the exception of Alyssa, Xavier winning.
Ky – this is a game where people shift loyalties based on power.. it’s normal.
SB – that’s why if you win next week they’ll stay loyal to us.
Ky – if the four of us remain loyal.. YOu can’t keep four people out of the veto (Alyssa,X,KY,SB)
They talk about a final four with Xavier and ALyssa and their chances in the final Veto.
Sb says it’s better if Alyssa or X wins that HOH so both of them can play in the final veto.
Sb – as long as one of us wins the veto .. WOW Okay I feel better. It would be a really awkward HOH comp cause everyone will be trying to throw it.
Ky says Xavier is under the radar super fan mentions how someone told him that X watches Big Brother Canada

12:41 am X and Alyssa
Xavier – solitary confinment
Alyssa – In there (DR) I was like I’m so glad X got off the block but he wasn’t going home.. If he wasn’t on the block he would have gotten the money now he’s on the block he has three punishments and now when I think about it the reason he’s on the block is because of me. SB was never going to put him on the block.
They giggle
Alyssa – the guilt went way back in me
Xavier – it will be so poetic think about it he goes on by SB when we put her on the block. You win HIgh roller room after he sent your showmance home and me put me in the worst position in team history where we had to choose between..
Alyssa – that’s the best part it’s pretty ironic that getting rid of Christian was better for your game now the girl you kept is backdooring you
Alyssa – ohh I can’t wait for his goodbye message. I’m going to make it pretty poetic but not too harsh cause he’s in Jury
X – there you go

12:51 am Hannaha and Tiffany
Tiff – I’ve been a better friend and had a better friend in DX than I even had with Claire but Claire’s my girl we gamed together, I trust her. We trust each other we have our backs.
Tiff – for me losing either one of them hurts like hell I just think he. I guess because he’s been targeted since day 2 I feel so bad for him. He’s so fun this house is going to be motherF***ing boring.
Tiff- when you want to go do stuff you always go looking for him.. I love Claire she’s my girl the fun is different.. HE cooks what the f*** we going to eat?
Hanna – you’re preaching to the choir
Tiffany – Venting.. I’m not trying to get y’all to save him I’m just having my own moment.
Hannah – The first time I’m going to cry in this house is going to be when DX leaves. I feel responsible for sending him home
Tiff says DX thinks it’ll be a toss-up he thinks he has their votes and Azah.
Hanna – I’m voting to keep DerekX. DX is my number one in this game outside of the cookout but they don’t know about the cookout
Hannah – It’ll be a 4 to 3 vote
Tiff – I can’t vote against Claire
Hannah – then DX will have to understand. Claire is your number one. I’m not terribly upset there will be a battle back. I don’t see why they wouldn’t do a battle back there’s enough time for a double and a battleback
Tiff – do you think X trusts Ky
Hannah – no not fully
tiff – he wants to take him out
Hannah – when we get to the top six so does Azah
Hannah – now that we’re getting down to the wire there are 9 people in this game we know 3 of them will be leaving these next couple weeks it’s y and I for ourselves who do we have the best chance of beating in the final3? (what a fun)
Hannah – Azah and BIGD
Hannah – Ky is trying to make a final 2 with everyone..
Tiff – did he makes one with you
Hannah – Kinda

They talk about the end game and final 4. Tiff says Kyland thinks she’s taking him to the end but she’s taking AHnnah over everyone over Ky,BIGD, Azah and X.
They agree they can win the final 6 HOH and the final 4 HOH no the 5th one.
Hannah – we win 6 we take out maybe Azah or BIGD.. we take out BIGD. 5 we let anyone else win and they take out Ky.
Tiff – X
Hannah – we get final 4 it’s me, you, X and Azah that last one is always a memory comp and the power of veto is always memory
they agree X thinks he can bet them both that is why he’s wanting a final 3.
Hannah – my ideal final 3 is you me and BIGD cause we can beat him
They talk Azah in final 3. Hannah is okay with that they both can beat her.
Hannah – Azah may be our best. BIGD we can’t take him cause everyone will want to take him.
Hannah says Ky is at th bottom of the 6 for who to take to the final 3. He can beat the two of them.
Tiff – I don’t trust Ky
Hannah – if I was sitting next to Ky I wouldn’t want to lose to him. If you were sitting next to ky you would win but he is so unpredictable I don’t want to mess with that.
Tiff – Ky will take who he can beat
Hannah – I think he believes he can beat everyone in the six except for X

1:15 am – 2:05 am DX and Kyland
Ky tells him he told SB he’s voting to keep DX if DX goes on the block.
DX – I love you man.. you’re a good guy
Ky – you’re a good guy.. we’re both good guys

Ky goes over some pointers of what he should say to SB to prevent from going up.
DX summarizes “Not only would I not come for her because of my relationship with her I would also not come for her because of my relationship with you”
Ky – yes
Ky continues to list off points DX can make to SB.

DX brings up having the money to play the coin toss and how he won’t put Ky and SB up if he wins it. However, if BIGD wins it there’s a 50% chance both Ky and SB are going up.
DX – you have the ability to take out whoever you want without any blood on your hands
Ky – I think the power is the biggest play
Dx – who is the threat though? is it just me is she only threatened by me?
Ky – no, SHe definitely was uhh.. I think that at the beginning of the week she was like .. I was who do you trust she saw like NO ONE.
Ky says last week Sb thought when Julie Chen said 7-1 she was the 1.
DX – SB is so not on my radar and I know she’s on other people’s radar
Ky – I know she’s on other peoples radars

2:22 am DX, Hannah and Claire
They talk about DF and DX being the only people that have a chance at enough money for the final high Roller.
Claire – SB is claiming she got 50
Tiff – I believe it
DX – I believe that sh1t
They laugh..
Tiff – I know America she got 50 dollars

They talk about winning HOH next week.
Tiff – all three of the kings wouldn’t you love to see all three of the kings (X is nominated next week unless he wins HOH because of the Veto punishment)
DX says if he was on the block and playing in that veto he would have risked it all for the veto. (taken all the punishments)
DX – You are not sending my ass to jury with britni I swear to god I will haunt you all
tiff – America where is the reset button
DX – stop sending me money send me some f***ing powers

DX says DR asked him three times “You don’t feel safe but you’re not going to spin the wheel”
DX – I was like No
DX – she (Production) was definitely came from SB’s DR went straight to mine she was like BOY spend that money
Tiff – you got the money
Feeds flip to the HOH. When we’re back.
Tiff – they knew you needed the help they gave you the most.
They have a good laugh at the situation they are in.
DX – how the f** do we get Azah on the block?
They mention Azah got 12 minutes in the veto (X was like 3)
Dx – that’s why she’s not a threat
Claire – Hannah has a better memory but Azah is probably faster
DX says jokingly he’s going on the block.
DX – I might be an alcoholic coming out of jury
Tiff – if there’s any way we can keep us four if not is there a way we can keep us three
Claire- that is what we’re trying to do
Claire – to keep us three it would have to be Hannah to keep us four it has to be Azah
Dx and Claire say she has the votes against Azah.
Tiffany suggests she talk to SB say “I may have the votes against Azah, See what she says”
They agree if Sb wanted Claire out she would have put Tiff up next to her.

DX – Can I tell SB that you told me Alyssa was tryign to flip the vote
Tiff – no
DX – still no?
Tiff – you can never use anybody’s name in this game the minute you do. First of all you’re a snitch secondly they’re never going to trust you. a dog that brings a bone carries a bone so if you are comfortable with enough to give her who is considering putting you up my name she will never trust you. If you are comfortable enough to give my name you are comfortable enough to give her name

DX leaves..
Tiff – Claire you have to stay. You’re only guarantee is besides DX
Tiff – Claire, with him it’s only a matter of time if it’s not this week it’s next week
Claire – it’ll be week after week
Tiff – it’s always been since day 2
Claire – it sucks to lose someone you trust fully but Alyssa did it Azah’s done it we haven’t had to do it.
Tiff – he should have played in the roulette wheel.

3:26 am A hug before bed. Kyland heads to the Have nots but turns around opens the door

Kyland – love you (ZOMG)
He heads back to the have nots.

returns a second time “Forgot to put the cookies in the fridge”
SB – Ohh I thought you said something I couldn’t hear you
Ky – ohh I said I love you
SB – ohh
Ky – you’re doing great
Sb – thank you
Ky – you are doing .. I mean you’re about to..
They briefly talk about how good it is they won back-to-back HOH’s. Kyland says it helps them see who they can trust and take out someone they don’t trust.
SB – it was really good timing for us
SB says she’s been involved in three alliances the flop, Jackpot, and the kings. SHe knew sooner or later they would turn on her or she would turn on them. Now she’s working with the kings and Ky.

Ky – as long as the jackpot doesn’t put me up or at least send me home
SB – I can’t guarantee that
Ky – no of course you can’t
Sb – but I’m hoping even if they win DF can win and take us off. (DF winning the power coin toss I’m guessing)

3:40 am Ky talks to the camera
Ky about SB – Her default in life is to set low expectations

Ky – no one in this game should ever feel like a fool because they believe someone. At the end of the day, there’s away a chance in this game the person you believe actually meant when they said it but then something changed ..
Ky – you’re not a fool for believing in someone maybe you did something foolish but I don’t think that makes you a fool everyone can do something foolish. Even when your heart is involved. Even when our minds are involved. our minds are imperfect
Ky – our logic is biased to our perspective almost entirely it’s biased to our perspective and our awareness.
Ky goes on about how your logic can fail you and that doesn’t make you foolish and if you don’t realize that logic can fail you then you are foolish.
He lists off the evicted players so far “none of you are fools”
Ky – DF was right maybe I could be a life coach.. no I don’t want to do that. I love people and I love people to remember how great they are despite shortcomings they feel about themselves and their actions

Ky – I do need to figure out which in the six I can trust the most. I can’t tell if. which one actually does think more like I do which one has my back in the true sense. It’s hard not to believe that people talk about me in ways that can make me look bad in any way. Everyone has had my back (Yikes)

Ky – WOW.. I think the people I want to play the game with.. first off here’s what’s crazy. When I look at the 6 they do not make out the people I want to play this game the most with.
Ky – Honestly it would probably be this new four plus DX ahh man.. X would want him if we weren’t both working for the 6. I think X would agree with me It sucks. Actually, I agree thought we needed to make this decision at some point regardless. I have no relationship with Alyssa.

Please consider a donation to keep the madness going. BIG thanks to the people that have already chipped in.

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Can’t wait until Alyssa & DX compare notes in the Jury House. Notice X playing Alyssa & Tiff playing DX. DX was a threat to most of the other Houseguests but it is a shame that he is leaving the BB house on Thursday


Production needs to schedule the first-ever Quadruple Eviction on Thursday and cut the cast from 10 to 6. We know that the Final 6 will be the Cookout, so cut to the chase. No need to waste three weeks evicting SB, Claire, and Alyssa.


I don’t think that they will do that. Not unless they are planning to do a Battle Back (which all indications are against this happening). Just make sure that you have DX as one of your AFP options

Paul Sucks

A quadruple eviction followed by a house versus house battle back where the houses can flip and the CO has a chance to all end up in jury. Ahhh, that would be must see TV.

Amanda chandler

Is the reason why you’re gunning for an Absolutely RIDICULOUS quadruple eviction
( imagine how EXHAUSTING That would Actually be..) -the fact that you’re a disgruntled Hardcore Derek X fan, & you’re not interested in watching the Other pawns dancing on his BB grave around the house for the next three weeks WITHOUT him ??? Well Now you know (and HE knows) how Christian and Alyssa felt. At least he gets to meet up with his partner in crime Britney in the Jury house. Part of the Fun of Big Brother is watching the turmoil that ensues & the drama that permeates the house in the week following each nomination, and multiple eviction weeks Rob us of that Chance to get CLOSURE & say a Proper goodbye to houseguests that some viewers have spent weeks, sometimes Months* emotionally INVESTING in. The Triple Eviction is Stupid enough. No one wants a Quadruple Eviction just because your fave is getting a taste of his own medicine. Too Bad Homeboy shouldnta F**ked with the KINGS.
This is CHRISTIAN’s REVENGE. *******


I’m sure he was just being facetious. I laughed at the post. You took it serious? Was it serious?
If so, my bad. Still…hahaha.


Lol you funny. Alyssa sucks

Hopeful for a Good Season

Like Dx said. It’s a game, the reason he backdoored Christian and gave him no chance to play to stay. Now it’s happening to him unfortunately. Sucks but it’s the game.


I hope they have a battle back and he wins. Can anyone tell me how many jurors there are usually before they play battle back? Is it always 4? After the double? I’ve never cared more about someone coming back! Lol


I love all the cast this season, they are playing hard but no one has walked on the table yet or refused to hug… good gamers so far but I can see the CO fires work ??


Looks like this week is a wrap. Who do you want to win HOH next week?


Depends on the events of the next few days. Right now I want Claire to win it. She may nominate SB but she seems to be the only one who recognizes that people won’t necessarily win against DF in a final 2


Claire or Alyssa. I don’t wAnt Tiffany or Hannah to have the satisfaction of getting Sb out. I am not an Sb fan but those 2 are some nasty mean girls. And for Hannah to sneak into her hoh letter to read what Sb didn’t is dispicable.


SB is evil ?

The Beef

Does it really matter? If Claire wins SB is going up against whoever and X, and will be going home. If Alyssa wins, she’ll put up whoever X tells her to put up, most likely SB and Claire against him as the third nominee, and they’ll still send either SB or Claire home. If for some reason Claire or Alyssa got a wild hair and nominated two Cookout members against X, then Big D plays in the Coup de’ tat competition, wins automagically since he’s the only one with enough BB bucks to play, and takes down the two non-Cookout members and replaces them with SB, Claire or Alyssa, whichever one isn’t the HOH, and the same thing happens.

Any Cookout member who wins HOH picks from the three non-Cookout members as nominees, or they might even nominate one of their own, but it doesn’t really matter since with 2 CO’s and 1 non-CO on the block, they would still own a 3-2 voting advantage, and all 3 votes would go to the non-CO person, thus sending them to jury.

The Cookout has this thing wrapped. All they have to do now is keep the infighting from blowing it up for a couple of more weeks and they get what they wanted – a complete sweep of the top 6 positions.


The private chat Ky had with the live feeders demonstrated his misogynist tendencies. He goes on and on stating just b/c Travis, Frenchie, Brent & Christian made foolish choices for them not to be upset b/c it doesn’t mean their fools.

The OBVIOUS point was he never mentioned either of Whitney or Britini so — does that mean the ARE fools in his eyes?

On top of that he mentions being annoyed that SB can’t promise he’ll be safe from The Jackpot — this from the man who has no intention of allowing her to get any further than F7 (at best) & just forced her to change her entire HOH & made her the top target in the house!

Yeah – Ky certainly isn’t earning any points from fans as he comes across as an arrogant, self centered unlikable hamster.

another name

Is he STILL going on about how social media should embrace the men that went home?
Even that isn’t authentic.
I don’t believe a single thing he says in cam talks to the viewers.
He honestly thinks he can schmooze feed watchers the same way he does SB.
absolutely NOTHING he says is authentic because he has watched and rewatched season 16 and thinks he’s officer porkchop. Is he getting the officer porkchop edit? Seriously, are episodes remaking season 16? I can only hope they aren’t.


I hate to see DX go, but it’s a game. I wish that SB would have left over Christian

Hopeful for a Good Season

Too late, but I said a couple weeks ago. Dx should have tried to work with Christian and the Kings, instead of taking a big move that early. Hannah isn’t helping Dx with anything. It’s too bad.

BB Fan

I said the same thing a couple weeks ago that Derek X would be shooting himself in the foot going through with targeting the kings and backdooring Christian when he was suppose to be in a alliance with them. Now look where we are DX getting backdoored just two weeks later with 10 people left. DX played himself and it started week 1 when he wanted to do frenchies bidding and take kyland off the block!

Cook out or not it’s still a dumb move on Derek X taking out Christian on backdoor taking out his shield during His HOH reign wanting to be the most physical male player with 11 people left . And now he’s getting evicted in A backdoor by SB just two later after he used SB as a pawn all of week 5.
Time and time again DX has made bad moves And just gave the other side of the house what they wanted by doing the cookouts dirty work and yet people want to reward him as America’s favorite?!?
After he was being played like a fiddle by Hannah and Tiffany.
Folks he just made this season into a steamroll and so predictable! The fact that DX is getting backdoored by SB with 10 people left is further proof how DX messed up his own game and the parody of this season.

Regardless of the cookout or not – DX coming in 10th place has done this to himself. Sarah Beth even just said recently that he lied to her and manipulated her during week five when she was a pawn the whole week during Christian’s backdoor. I knew it if he went through with targeting the kings and going with that back door I said specifically he was going to make himself appear untrustworthy after he lied to him the whole week about what his intentions were. Now here we are Derek X is getting backdoored himself just two weeks later after trying to target people that he was suppose to be in alliance with.
He doesn’t deserve AFP for bad gameplay and being used as a puppet!

Hopeful for a Good Season

Agreed! I will not vote him AFP. His game was sloppy. My grandmother always told me never make hasty decisions think them through

BB Fan

Thank you for your point of view as well as having a good and fitting profile name because that what we all hope for; unfortunately that’s not what we are getting this season, but nonetheless Thank you for your point of view because I’ve been trying to stress that about DX for a long time now! It’s has really been predictable anticipating what was going to happen to Derek X game during/after his HOH plans week 5. Him getting backdoored week 7 by his former pawn SB with 10 people left is truly fitting because you could see it coming from a mile away.

A lot of people are starting to not like Hannah and I just don’t get why people want Derek X as America’s favorite when all he did was Hannah’s bidding And do the cookouts dirty work. Derek X Doesn’t deserve America’s favorite when he allowed the season to become a steamroll and predictable with him strategically making poor decisions.


If I were Tiffany, Hannah, DF, or Azah, then I would be very concerned about my position in the Cookout alliance and the BB23 house. They are allowing the two strongest members of their alliance (the only two people in their alliance who have won comps) to keep their “plus ones” the longest. Why would you let Ky & X keep their respective “plus ones” and not be more adamant about your own game? Granted, neither SB or Alyssa can be voted out this week, but there needs to be more forethought put into who IS voted out because that determines the trajectory of next week. As of now, the BB23 house will quickly be down to 8 HGs that include the Cookout and the “plus ones” of the two strongest Cookout members. Ky & X will easily run the table from there.

The best move for the four Cookout members who have not won comps is to flip the vote this week. Assuming DX is put on the block next to Claire, they have the necessary four votes to keep DX. They need to inform DX that they are keeping him and secure his loyalty to all four of them in return. Their best weapon is DX because he has proven that he can win comps. He also has the chance at the coup d’etat that can potentially save all four of them next week depending on who wins HOH (X & Ky have already been talking about throwing it to Alyssa). Maybe I’m biased because I’m a DX fan, but if I was one of the four non-comp-winning Cookout members, I’d want a comp-winning “plus one” who is on my side going into next week.

Correction: Tiff won a safety comp. Of course, it was when DX threw it!


I would take Cody out of that list, nobody loves him, he is as hated as Kyland.

…and no one can be compared to Dr. Will, yes he was all the things you mentioned but he was pretty honest about it (he wore a t-shirt saying “I’m probably lying”), he even told the house guests that he despised them all while he was sitting on a eviction chair. Everyone knew they were probably being played, but still fell for it, so not his fault.

another name

So, if I don’t like a member of the cookout, but have believed since day one of feeds that one of three members of cookout will be the winner, including the one i don’t like…. you would infer I’m prejudiced for not liking that one member of cookout?
This season 16 people are playing Big Brother. 6 people formed an alliance on day one to infiltrate the other alliances and take them out. I don’t have to like all six people in that alliance.

Big Brother 23 Fan

I don’t hate Kyland. I just can’t stand to listen to him ramble for hours without saying anything. Words, words, words . . .




Lying and backstabbing, even crazy making, is the norm for this game. I think the reason Kyland gets so much flack is not just because he talks out of both sides of his mouth, but he talks endlessly and never makes much sense. Nobody wants to hear it. When he starts, I just turn the sound off. And he can never expound enough on how great he is. Hopefully, he leaves soon.