Xavier “We’re going to make sure you win. So I think throwing it to you, I just have to make sure she feels secure.”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland and Alyssa
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winners team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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10:15pm Havenot room. Xavier and Kyland.
Xavier – I was told that you had talked with Alyssa and Frenchie. Kyland – not before. Xavier – no, yeah about this up coming veto competition. Kyland – yes. Xavier – so you know what the deal is? Kyland – yes. Xavier – I am on board. So I think the best case scenario is .. and I told them this too. I think the best case scenario is for you or Alyssa to win. Kyland – yes. Xavier – which one? Alyssa is on my team but you are in The Cookout (alliance). Which ever one wins, I think would be great. With the Cookout, it is bigger than just all of us. I wouldn’t say I want one to win more than the other because I wouldn’t want to say that. But I know for me, I would rather you win. I don’t want Alyssa on the block but if it was between her versus you on the block .. I think the replacement nominee has a better chance of going home against her than you just because physically you’re bigger. Kyland – no I like that because Brent said the opposite. Xavier – I see that because if anyone were to vote you out .. they would look like a piece of sh*t. I don’t want Alyssa on the block either, I really like Alyssa. It won’t be easily flipped on her. I see it as more beneficial if you win the veto because I know I can go to bat for her and keep her safe. Kyland – and that way you don’t have to go to bat for me because I am not on your team. Xavier – exactly! Kyland – so I am going to go for it. Xavier – we’re going to make sure you win. We said from jump The Cookout comes first. So I think throwing it to you, I just have to make sure she feels secure. I am going into this with the mindset that I am throwing it to Ky.

10:55pm Havenot room – Xavier, Sarah and Alyssa.
Alyssa – Frenchie did assume a lot of things about me. He assumed me and Christian are like this. I’m in an alliance with people. And I’m with him (Xavier). When he explained things it did make sense and if I were hearing it I would think the same. He does feel like an a$$ that he did not get to talk to me beforehand. But at the same time this might be a blessing in disguise. This gave us that opportunity to clear the air completely because now I know everything. I am not trying to be negative but if it is me and Ky.. I am going to go and pack my bags. Xavier – not even like .. nope! Hi Julie! Alyssa – I am going to try but .. When Frenchie talked about Big Fish .. he was talking about Christian and I’m the bait. Sarah – he said that to Christian? How did he respond? Xavier – he didn’t really. Sarah – so what are you thinking if you get House Guest choice? Alyssa points to Xavier. (LOL and Xavier is going to throw it to Kyland)

11:25pm Xavier, Sarah and Alyssa go to sleep. Alyssa to Xavier – Please do not sleep there (on the seadoo). Xavier – let me live my experience. Girl I will be fine, I have slept on much worse.

11:35pm Frenchie, Travis and Kyland.
Frenchie to Travis – I just want you to know that you don’t need to be nervous about anything. You know you’re not my target and I told you that you’re not my target. Travis – yeah I know that. Frenchie – if he (Kyland) gets house guest choice, he is going to pick you (Travis). If you don’t feel safe then fight for it and use it or don’t. Travis – I do feel safe. I just wanted to talk to you and I want to fight for this guy (Kyland). Frenchie – yeah gun for it. And he (Christian) is going to start more sh*t but right now my hands are tied. The house came up to me and said either you do this or I am a big f**king target next week. From the start, Alyssa was my target.. until I had long conversations with her but she was my target. He (Kyland) was put there to help me on the veto. Because I trust him. I didn’t want to nominate you and then everything I said I was going back on. I know at the end of the day we (Frenchie and Kyland) have that understanding and can talk about things. She was my target.. when I couldn’t get Christian.. I went straight after her. Christian joins the. Frenchie explains how Kyland just wanted to know if he was cool if he picked Travis as HG choice.

11:45pm HOH room – Big D, Christian and Frenchie.
Christian brings how Kyland wanted to pick Travis as his HG choice. Christian – but he (Travis if he wins) could keep noms the same. We can’t have him play. Big D – yeah we can’t have him play. Frenchie – oh sh*t! Christian – but you responded properly in the situation.. in the moment. Big D – it either needs to be Travis or that damn Derek X. (to go on the block as the replacement) They talk about the Slaughter House and the Butchers. They agree they’ll keep the Butchers quite. Alyssa joins them. Frenchie – we kind of got to talking. How do you feel about things? Alyssa – about after we talked? Frenchie nods. Alyssa – I feel much better. Frenchie – So you trust him (Christian) right? Alyssa – 100%. Christian – what are you talking about … a second option? Frenchie – MMmhhmm. Christian – what are you talking about? Frenchie – what we were just talking about. Frenchie asks Alyssa to step out for a minute. Frenchie tells Christian – its stupid to not add another to the slaughter house. I would add her, Brent and we find another 3. Christian – I wouldn’t mention anything until we talk to everyone .. because this is the situation that happened before where you didn’t mention it to the whole group. It could just cause bullsh*t where we might agree on all the same people but the fact that you didn’t mention it prior so I wouldn’t.. Frenchie – yeah, yeah, yeah. Call it feeling bad but its not that.. She is like f**king ride or die. Christian – she is staying. Frenchie – and I think she could be a huge f**king asset for us. Christian – but like I want her in. Should we get Big D, Ky and X? Frenchie – yeah I am ready to draw a line in the sand. Frenchie goes and wakes up Xavier. He then goes and asks Whitney – if a power house alliance is forming are you in? Whitney – with you? Yes! I trusted you the moment I saw you.

12am – 12:53am HOH room. Xavier, Frenchie, Kyland and Christian.
Frenchie – butchers to the end. Then the Slaughter-House around us.. here are the three I am thinking. Whitney is a power house. She is a beast on the women’s side. She is loyal as f**k to all three of us and always has been. Christian – I can’t say anything good or bad about Whitney. Frenchie – when she realized this is a thing ..you will get the same kind of respect and loyalty that we have been getting from her. Christian – I am okay with Slaughter House but she can no way be a Butcher. Frenchie – no way. Butchers are done. There is no more butchers. There are butchers but we are IT! So the three for the Slaughter House that I am thinking are Whitney, Alyssa and Brent. Big D joins them. Frenchie fills him in on the plan to add Whitney, Alyssa and Brent to the Slaughter House. Kyland – this is my thought if Whitney and Alyssa know they’re being added they know their place in the alliance. I think a couple of us leave and you tell them you’re trying to see who would be a good fit and then tomorrow we set this. Kyland and Christian leave. Frenchie gets Alyssa and Whitney. Frenchie tells Whitney and Alyssa – there is going to be a time when a line is drawn in the sand. Teams will end eventually. Brent joins them. Frenchie asks them all if they will solidify it. (Frenchie, Xavier, Derek F, Christian, Kyland, Whitney, Alyssa and Brent) Frenchie – obviously we are talking about an alliance. Before I came here I had an idea of the Slaughter House. Taking people to the chopping block. Its up to y’all. They all agree to it. Alyssa – so is it still okay I pick Xavier as HG choice. Frenchie – there is already the votes here to evict the backdoor. Alyssa leaves. Kyland brings up how he will not pick Travis as HG choice. He will pick Brent. Kyland leaves.

2:50 am HOH Frenchie and Brent
They talk about members in the slaughterhouse they are not 100% with. Brent says when it comes time for them to start picking off their alliance members there will be some “easy pickings’
Brent thinks the core is Whitney, Frenchie, and himself.
Frenchie – it’s the numbers bro.. it’s a numbers game. Next week it’s not a given that you or me are getting HOH so the numbers protect us to get through a few more weeks.

Frenchie – I’m not afraid of hitting targets I proved that this week.
Brent says he likes Alyssa..
Frenchie – you who she reminds me of? Analyse from 21
Brent – yeah.. I think she’s trying to separate herself from Christian because he is a cancer

Frenchie brags about how shocked he made the house with his Noms “Did you see their faces at the table”
Brent – Kyland was laughing a second before his pictures came up.. it went from him chuckling to … my man was bamboozled.
Brent can’t understand why everyone had a hard time figuring out Frenchie’s nom speech about the big fish and the dream.
Brent – the fact that no one knew the big fish was Chrisitan.. who do you think is the bait? I mean?
Frenchie – when everyone was confused.. it was the speech they were just flabbergasted

Frenchie – I have this move planned right and it’s like I want to backdoor a big fish..
Brent – Travis right
Frenchie – somebody BIG and I want them to feel super comfortable. Put up two pawns for sure and get that veto win.. have a slaughterhouse get that veto. NO before the veto is won I am going to come up here with you and the actual target. We are going to tell the target that we’re going after someone else and we will laugh and stuff about it. We will be like our only problem is we need a funny veto speech. That is going to make a BANG.. and we’ll make that speech and use it on them to nominate him..
Frenchie laughs
Brent – this is a quote written by the nominee himself..
Brent – nothing would define the slaughterhouse better than writing the toe tag for it.
Brent – we have to make this veto work out otherwise we are losing an ally

They talk about taking out DerekX or Travis this week. Brent says Travis would be the better play. DerekX “Got caught with his pants down”
Brent – Travis is smart I’m telling you that right now..
Frenchie – DerekF thinks too negatively at times..
They talk about the two of them and how outrageous it would be if they went from Frenchie targeting Brent day one with the two of them making it to final 2.

Frenchie – I am so anti f**ing meathead.. cause me whole life.. the guys they were like bullied and sh1t. I just built this animosity.

Brent – you have a right too
Frenchie – like the whole time I transition from wide receiver to quarterback just so I can knock those mother f*ers .. I did I was good at it.. I had a stupid amount of interception.
Frenchie – I always had to prove myself cause I was smaller.
Frenchie – I was quick and my vertical is like DUMB.. my vertical..
Brent – that’s a recipe for some serious business..

Frenchie – even though I like DerekF a lot the way he was talking today made me kinda uneasy. The negativity.
Brent goes on about DerekX is an easy target for next week they should go for Travis this week.
Frenchie – that’s a lot of blood on my hands.. I promised him. If I break that everything I worked for proving my points is gone..

They talk about getting Travis out without everyone saying Frenchie went back on his word.
Frenchie is worried people will bring up how he said he wasn’t going to put a woman up and he put Alyssa add to him saying he won’t put Travis up.

Frenchie says the biggest threats ion the game are Christian and Xavier
Brent says he loves Azah “Beautiful inside and out but she doesn’t talk to anyone”
Frenchie – she does with me
Brent – I’m saying anyone else.. she’s sitting at the table alone

Frenchie – I love your company so let’s final 2 this.
BRent – yeah.. I don’t know what you had with Whitney.. I trust you and Whitney the most
Brent – final 2 it only makes sense to start it and to end it the way we did.
They think this is the greatest storyline having Frenchie targets BRent day one than being in a final 2.
Brent – we can call it double-barrel shotgun
Frenchie – buckshot we’re all over the place.. at the end of the week we’re going to get somebody

5:41 am ZZZZZ

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Sir Kirby Williams

Alyssa doesn’t want X to sleep on the sea-doo, she wants him to curl up with her…the showmance begins.

He’s vulnerable, too. He will look for comfort soon enough.

James Boned

I hate to say this but the game will never be played for what’s it’s supposed to be played for again. Not that influence was never part of it but when things are pushed so hard for a political purpose all credibility is lost


Doing the math, and from what I see there are 8 people in the Slaughterhouse (Frenchie, Ky, Alyssa, Christian, X, BigD, Whitney, & Brent). This leaves Hannah, Azah, Sara, Derek X or Travis, Claire, Tiffany,& Britini (Unless she is actually in Slaughterhouse. They haven’t mentioned her lately). Even if one of the nominees comes down and Derek X or Travis goes up, the other side has the majority IF they stick together and if Britini isn’t in Slaughterhouse.

I wish they had chosen Hannah instead of Whitney.


They have enough but in classic bb fashion nobody believes they are on the other side except the smart ones that cannot convince the dumb ones of anything


Frenchie referred to “the house” telling him what to do or else. Please, don’t let this statement become a thing again.


this week is a mess and i love it


Where in the world is Claire – she doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all and she seemed like a good player in the beginning?