Veto Player picks “Oh my god the worst possible scenario”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland and Alyssa
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Frenchie, Alyssa, Travis, DerekX, Tiffany | HOST = DerekF
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winners team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Glue CLown is going after Travis or DerekX again. Sounds like Travis is the primary target. His original nominations Kyland and Alyssa and original target Christian are now part of the slaughterhouse alliance. No idea if Travis is now the BIG FISH or if Frenchie is still considering Christian the BIG FISH. Either way, both DerekX, and Travis were picked for Veto it’ll be a battle.

7:10 am Houseguest waking up..

7:58 am Production tells them over the speakers the COVID tests will be on Tuesday nights.

8:02 am Xavier and Frenchie
Xavier – make sure to talk to Ky today so you’re on the same page
GLue CLown – who do we want him to pick
Xavier – one of us for sure
Xavier – it can’t be someone from my team though Because Alyssa is on the block. I guess he can still I don’t think that’s wise. He would think we would use it on Alyssa. Why pick someone that would use it on Alyssa.
Xavier – he should probably pick someone that is good at competitions

8:25 am Christian, Kyland, and Xavier
Christian – I guess it really doesn’t matter unless Travis and DerekX don’t get picked.
Kyland – I would rather compete against Claire than Travis.

Xavier – if he did pick Travis and he didn’t win he’s covered on all front. It shows that he would trust Travis I think that’s good we run the risk if Travis wins things will change.
Kyland – would he use it though?
Xavier – I think he may..
Xavier – I don’t think him picking Travis is terrible.
Kyland – he will isolate himself from all of Frenchie’s team and all of my team if he doesn’t use it
Kyland – and I’m not exposing Brent.. Literally, if he (Travis) doesn’t use it he just broke my whole team. your team and Frenchie’s team

Xavier – it will benefit him to pick Travis or Claire.. if he picks Travis it clouds everything much better but you run the risk if Travis did win will he use it.

Christian mentions bringing in Alyssa to the slaughterhouse “where leaving SarafghBeth.. is she left in the fark?”
X – yeah we’re leaving her in the dark.. Sarah Beth is not going to be a risk.
X – Slaughterhouse has to protect Sarah Beth too she is part of our TEam.
Xavier adds their team has the most slaughterhouse players which benefit them.
Christian – should we try and get her in SLaughterhouse (Sure why not add more)
Xavier – no Either is already enough. If we are talking about Slaruightrerhouse she can’t be around
Christian says Sarah Beth trusts them.
They agree whoever is the last person to Speak to Frenchie has a HUGE influence on him
Christian – he’s a last-second impression type
Xavier – we have to be on the lookout for who is in his ear
Christian – we have to be the last person to talk to him

9:00 am Feeds down for Power of Veto Player picks.

9:20 am feeds return
Frenchie – Oh my god the worst possible scenario

9:22 am Kyland and Travis
Travis says if he wins the veto he’ll use it. he’s going to fight for it.

9:31 am DerekX, Kyland and Travis
DerekX says Christian has no idea Frenchie is going after Alyssa.
Travis – he knows it now Frenchie told him
Kyland – we can’t win the game with three people. If you won and took me off there’s three of us
DerekX – Lets talk about that after if one of you guys win and I go up that all changes.

They talk about there being only 6 chips in the bag to pick from.

9:37 am DerekX, Kyland, Travis, Frenchie
Glue clown is complaining that his stomach is sore from the stress
Frenchie – I want you off the block.. you’ve been a pawn this entire time. At this point when you come off it’ll look Female-Female and I’ll look like a jackass..

Glue toast – Doing Girl-Guy like .. going into Eviction night Girl-Guy is not good. lets do girl-girl take you off the block better. Girl-Girl that way my big Kahuna speech or whatever I was saying doesn’t go in vain.. just let it ride out and let the house pick at that point.
Frenchie adds he’ll pick the nominee to be someone well-liked so they can sit back “watch it ride out”

9:48 am DerekX and Alyssa
Alyssa – I’m nervous because it’s the first one
DerekX – what type of comp do you hope it is
Alyssa – a balancing one..
DerekX – do you think you would use the veto if you got this..
Alyssa – what the f***
DerekX laughs “Just kidding”

9:52 am Frenchie, DerekX and Brent
Glue clown – don’t forget to have fun because that is the most important thing

10:13 am Kyland, Claire, and Tiffany
Claire says she’s pretty sure Kyland will be safe if the nominations stay the same.
Claire thinks Travis will go up if DerekX wins the veto
They bring up trying to get their team closer to the have nots team.
Tiffany suggests she goes to talk to Christian “Captain to Captain”

10:15 am Tiffany and Claire
Tiff – Azah said something to me today she was like, me, you, Claire, Britt. that’s real good she kinda brought up the A word maybe.
Tiff – you are my team captain I would love to work with you.
Claire thinks it’s a good idea. they roll into the storage room to meet up with Britini

Tiffany – I’m talking about the A word me, you, Claire, and Azah the A word us four
they hug.. high -fives
Britini – wait we got to name it ..
Claire – something good
Britini – the schemey sisters
Claire – what if we did…
Britini – the trouble makers
CLaire – I had a list of potential names before I came.. now I can’t remember.
Britni – slick sisters
Claire – the sirens
Britini – ohh the sirens.. making a little noise are we (LOL)
Claire – making a little noise..

Britni – BB get ready for this one baby..

10:40 am Frenchie and Sara-Beth
Frenchie tells her she was never considered a target.
Frenchie goes on to say the reason he nominated Alyssa is that he heard that she and Christian were coming after him.
Frenchie – Christian won safety in the wildcard so I couldn’t go after him..
Sb says her team is pretty close and she NEVER heard his names getting thrown out as a target.
Frenchie says it was DerekX that told him

Frenchie – obviously I’m not good at it I’ve had three targets and haven’t hit one yet.. (5+ targets you mean?)
Frenchie – people haven’t ripped that first-week mask off yet
SB – yeah
Frenchie the person that wins that next week will have an easier time.
Frenchie – I would have never played this hard this fast on week one EVER but everybody was meshing so well it all to me looked genuine. I was like I gotta say something then it was BOOM chaos.. I had to do it to see if somebody had ripped that mask off when nobody did except one I was like WOW. They picked a hell of a cast. It’s just a matter of time before others start to do it

Frenchie the clown looks down “What’s this?”
Sb – yeah it was like in your sock I thin kI saw it fall out

Frenchie runs to his socks

SB – do you have a hidden message in there
Frenchie – Yeah from my wife
SB – AHHHH that is the sweetest thing in the world Oh my god
Frenchie – look .. I didn’t know that was in there. THey security checked everything.

10:37 am DerekF and Xavier
We jump into this conversation DerekF is saying “if I win Hoh that is who I am going for”

X – If DerekX wins this is a great opportunity to get Travis out
D – correct, DerekX can always be used for another week when the girls wins HOH and they want to get out another dude.
Derek mentions how watching how Frenchie had to do all this extra work being HOH makes him not want it.
Derek – who wants this HOH cause I don’t want to read all these lines I don’t want to have to go through all this sh1t
X – they’re putting that man to work..
D – the way they make it look on TV it’s completely different

10:54 am Azah and Xavier
Xavier says the plan is to have the veto played so they can get the real target put up.
Azah – I’m cool with keeping both safe.

11:15 am Feeds go to pound puppies..

11:42 am waiting for the veto…

1pm Brent and Tiffany working out..

2pm The house guests are still waiting for the veto to begin…

2:15pm The live feeds cut to the pound for the POV Players: Frenchie, Alyssa, Kyland, Tiffany, Travis, Derek X
POV Host: Derek F

4pm Still blocked.

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double d

play the tape…First thing Frenchie said. “I’m not putting up 2 girls.”


Is glue clown frenchie or what haha
Where did this nickname arise from lol

On the real though it’s baffling that he mentioned that he wasn’t putting up a girl in yet that is what happened!

Frenchie is just too all over the place!!!
I’m gonna be pissed if Alyssa or Kyland go home !!!


Right???? So now he’s contemplating putting up another girl if Ky comes down, Frenchie is messy AF.


I’m pretty certain he was just saying that cause his new (or old cause he has targeted just about everyone) targets Travis and DerekX were in the room. Dude has been a clown this entire week but that at least was just talk and the right thing to say because if one of those guys (both playing in comp) wins veto he wants them to feel comfortable pulling down kyland and he will put the other one up in his place. If they think one of them could go up neither would use the veto if either won it. Again not defending his gameplay its been awful but that conversation was just gameplay and actually decent gameplay for the first time all week.


Gotcha, that makes sense.

MDW-Gilbert AZ

So far I am really enjoying BB23. Love the diversity, BB did good this year. As for Frenchie, I started off liking him, but he’s turned into someone who always tells everyone how smart he is, how he is going to make a big splash.

Frenchie does not take into consideration how he’s messing up other people’s game, he has told people DerekF tells him everything, so now that will get around, people will know don’t tell DerekF anything. Frenchie is all over the place, and do you notice how he is always the one doing all of the talking when he meets with people ?

He is dangerous and talks too much, why does he think he’s a Comp Beast ? The game just started, he won 1 challenge when he entered the house, the 2nd win was a Team Event, he did not win by himself !! His team had the hardest part, all he had to do was place the cards in the form of a house, while his team held the ropes to keep it steady, they did the hard work, not Frenchie, he is putting it out there that he’s a comp beast.

I read in Simon’s earlier post, Frenchie I believe was talking with Brent, and Frenchie stated he really likes DerekF, but he thinks so negatively, now Frenchie has made a final 2 with Brent ???
Can’t wait to see how Frenchie deals with the reality of next week, and realizes he’s not as smart or important as he thought he was while he was HOH.

Others in the house see that he’s easily led, but he thinks he’s so smart, and he is playing a great game, if I were in the house observing the way Frenchie is all over the place, I’d avoid being in an alliance with him, and I’d only share info with him that wasn’t going to have a negative impact on my game, I’d be very careful with what I’d share with Frenchie.


Apparently in Frenchie’s notebooks, FOUTTE was brilliant and he’s trying to get to their level. This week is so messy, we’ll need to see what happens next week before figuring out who is really where.

Hopeful for a Good Season

Frenchie is definitely some comic relief with his messy tactics


There’s a part of me that feels bad for Frenchie’s family. It’s got to be hard to watch him spiral out of control. However, if he’s like this at home maybe they’re enjoying a little break. I’m eager to watch The Sirens and see how they work together.

Frenchie is Fried

Frenchie will be back on the farm very soon. He can spend the rest of the summer shoveling horse s#%t.