Frenchie “This whole game has changed from BB to FF .. F**k Frenchie!” Kyland “I still love Frenchie America.”

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HOH: Frenchie
SAFE: Derek F, Britini, Azah
HAVENOTS: Xavier, Christian, Sarah and Alyssa
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Christian
– Christian also saved Xavier
Nominations: Kyland and Alyssa
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

WILDCARD Winner: the winner will also be safe for the week (just the winner, not the winners team). With this reward there is risk. If the winning HG chooses to accept safety for the week, it will result in a punishment that may affect them, their team, or the entire house.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Frenchie is a mess. After preaching for two days he’s not putting up a woman or a minority he nominates Alyssa and Kyland. He’s targeting Alyssa but doing it in the most messed way possible. During the course of the last 2 hours Frenchie the clown is now pushing the blame onto DerekX and saying he’s the target.

5:10pm Storage room Hannah and Frenchie
Hannah – thank you! Frenchie – no need to thank me. No one knew what I was doing and I wanted it to be that way so that.. Hannah – they wouldn’t spread it around the house. Frenchie – its not even that. I didn’t want anyone else paying the price for the association of my actions. Hannah – oh okay. Frenchie – I didn’t want nobody else getting involved in any business they had being in. There was no point to that so I just kept it to myself. What anyone things, I don’t care. Hannah – I just wanted to say that I am excited for our teams to work together. Frenchie – Ky was never a target for me.. ever… ever. For me he was help for the veto. I know he had his fingers in some different stuff. For me I know if I keep them the same or whatever I know that I have his support for it. If there is some kind of crazy twist in the veto of if there was a power or whatever… I knew I had a better chance doing what I needed to accomplish ..where if it was someone else that I didn’t trust as much. Hannah – going rogue. Kind of like how they put beast mode on the block 4 times in season 16. So if I do get picked for the veto and I win it.. Frenchie – use it! Hannah – ok! So you want me to gun for it and use it and you’ll tell me who to use it on. Frenchie – yes, gun for it! Hannah – ok!

Gym – Sarah and Kyland.
Kyland – with me and you .. asked what I said to who and this is what I said and that is why I said to you don’t say anything to anybody. That has to stay because if you do now .. I told them I didn’t tell you things.

Bedroom – Kyland and Azah.
Azah – Are you okay? Give me a hug! They hug. Azah – I feel like we don’t talk. Kyland – I feel like everyone is separate except maybe big D. Lets pay attention to that. We talked how nobody is in a better position than us. Azah – what are you going to do for house guest choice if you get that? Kyland – I would probably do X (Derek X). Or actually I might do Brent. Azah – that’s a good choice. Kyland – and then ask her (Alyssa) to do X.. because that makes more sense. Azah – or Christian. Kyland – Christian doesn’t want to. Tiffany joins them. Azah – we should be aloof and act like we don’t know what’s going on. As long as we put the votes where we need to go that way. Kyland – the good thing is that I haven’t lied to anyone in this game. I only speak nice things. Tiffany – who would you pick to play the power of veto? Kyland – I am thinking Brent. Tiffany – why didn’t he (Frenchie) pick Brent for this (going on the block). Kyland – basically because he trusts me. And all I can do is believe him at this point. They break up and leave the room.

5:50pm Xavier is upset and sniffling in the bedroom. Azah brings him a tissue and leaves. Xavier continues to sniffle and then says ah come on! He then starts pacing the room. Big D comes in the room and asks is this a bad time? Xavier – just give me a minute. Big D – ok, if you need anything just let me know.

5:55pm – 6:20pm The house guests are sitting around the kitchen table. Frenchie – this whole game has changed from BB to FF .. F**k Frenchie! Kyland – I still love Frenchie America. Keep loving! Travis – Its I want to f**k Frenchie. Big D – hashtag trending. Kyland – like Frenchie loves gay men. Frenchie – yes! Kyland – I do too! Frenchie – I do! Big D – I mean if you don’t you are really missing out because your life is boring! If not I am offering my services to everyone if you need them. Big Brother blocks the feeds..

Brent and Alyssa.
Brent – how are you feeling? Alyssa – I was feeling good before that happened. Brent – lets talk about something jolly. Alyssa – when I hear jolly I think about Christmas. Brent – one thing that I am obsessed with at Christmas is listening to Christmas music.. like when I wake up.

6:42pm Bathroom. Frenchie, Whitney, Xavier, Hannah
They’re talking about Rockstar (season 20). (FYI – Also one of Simon’s ultimate favorite house guests) Frenchie – If you get to know Rockstar you know that she is mind blowing amazing! Like she will have conversations with you and if someone says something .. she is not afraid to call someone out on their sh*t.

7:32pm – 7:55pm Bedroom – Alyssa and Kyland.
Alyssa – I wonder what everyone else is thinking too after that.
Kyland – check the scenario of Derek wins, takes you off for whatever reason. Alyssa – I was picked because of guilty by association …they’re saying that Christian is going after Frenchie. How can you dead a$$… we were all in a room together and we said all good things about him (Frenchie) so its crazy how basically that all happened. Kyland – it was so .. there was so much that happened that I didn’t even know. Alyssa – Frenchie thought I was lying when he asked me if I was a part of the alliance and I said no. Kyland – no he told me that today. Alyssa – well he thought I was lying. And remember we were joking when we said man if there’s an alliance we’re f**ked. Kyland – if there’s an alliance then I am being played by everyone in this house! Alyssa – I was mind blown that he thought that.

8:20pm – 8:47pm The feeds are really choppy tonight. Production keeps blocking the feeds every few minutes for no reason. The house guests are all sitting around the kitchen / living room chatting about random things.

8:47pm Bedroom. Xavier and Big D.
Xavier tells Big D – My older brother recently passed away. From what I know it was a heart attack. Big D – I’m sorry. Xavier – I still don’t know the real cause of death. Before I could really find out I got called in here. That’s why some times I space out. Big D – I knew it had to do something about family. If you need anyone to talk to I am here to talk to. Xavier – more and more people in the house will eventually find out. Big D – you don’t have to tell anyone you don’t want to. Xavier – I wanted to tell you just so you didn’t think I was freaking out about the game.

9pm The feeds return from being blocked.

9:15pm Havenot room – Alyssa and Xavier.
Alyssa – it was because i was picked because of being guilty by association. Xavier – I was trying to tell you that before. Alyssa – what were you thinking. Are people thinking some type of crush? Xavier – I don’t think so but he was saying guilty by association. I don’t think it was to do with a crush. Alyssa – we have to sleep in the same room and its day 3! Xavier – I didn’t like Frenchie’s speech… when he was talking about Big Fish. It was either Derek X or you. Alyssa – he was saying that Christian was the big fish and I was the bait. And that he was going to get his next closest thing. He asked me and Sarah Beth if we had been approached about an alliance. I said no and he thought I was lying. He thought me, Sarah, Travis, Little D and Ky and Christian were in an alliance. I was talking to Ky about how if there was some big alliance we are going to look like such idiots. The speech really caught me off guard. I would be kind of honored to be on the block because I’m a big threat. But because I’m buddies with him (Christian). He said that he caught Little D in a lie about him being in an alliance. And then you hear assumptions of me and Christian being like this (tight).. but you go off of.. Frenchie joins them. Alyssa tells Frenchie if I get house guest choice I am going to pick Xavier because he is on my team and if Ky gets it he will pick Brent. Xavier – okay. Frenchie – yeah, balls to the wall. They discuss the reasons why Frenchie nominated Alyssa. Frenchie – honestly what I do not want to do is … if I win another comp that will be four in a row. If I get another comp win under my belt that is going to hurt my game. Xavier and Alyssa agree. Frenchie leaves. Alyssa – that showmance things pisses me off. Xavier – you were giving googly eyes. Alyssa – oh my god! Goodbye! Whatever! Xavier – you gave him a look back and people were like love! Alyssa – people are going off looks .. the way he blinked at her.

9:33pm Bedroom – Azah and Big D.
Azah – don’t gun for it (POV). We can’t show our card to anybody. Ky has the votes no matter what. Azah picks up something and throws it – Throw it! Big D laughs.

9:50pm Bedroom. – Little D and Brent.
Brent – is there anything else you wanted to chat about? Little D – to see where your head is at with the team is it still us four? Brent – yeah of course our team is us four. We have no choice. Little D – no like we’re playing for us four. Brent – yeah nothing’s changed. Its only been a day. Little D – if they take someone down are they going to put up Travis? Brent – well that’s not really our call. Little D – like if he is close with you and he maybe wants us to you know maybe.. Brent – right now I am pretty sure he wants to keep everything the same. Like the speech. Little D – that speech sounded like a back door. Brent – the big fish is Christian. He needed the bait to get rid of .. getting rid of Alyssa is getting rid of his teammate. Just makes sure if you get chosen, make sure you win. Its a miracle that you’re not up. Travis joins them.

10:08pm Travis and Little D.
Travis – if it were you and Ky that would be worst case scenario. Especially for me because he is my team and you. Little D – yeah worst case scenario is Alyssa wins. Travis – that would f**king raw dog us. Little D – at this point I kind of really do want to go. (WFT, you’re not even on the block!) Travis – that’s what I was thinking about …that being home wouldn’t be so bad with mom and stuff. Little D – no yeah that’s exactly what I was thinking. Travis – Christian is probably going to get picked and he is a competition animal. And definitely I hope I get picked .. I am going to be gunning f**king hard for it. If you win it and take someone off can you be put up? Little D – I don’t know. Travis – its something we will need to figure out. Little D – they’ll tell us.

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The Beef

So once again we have players who don’t know anything about the game? Travis and Little D don’t know if they win the veto and use it on someone, they canNOT be the replacement nominee! I know they like to recruit “beautiful people”, but can’t they at least get people who have watched the show and have a rudimentary understanding of how the game works?


I agree. What I’d really like to see is a season of all Super Fans!


3 things
1- fun cast so far.. wonder why?
2- day one feeds.. love them
3- the increased prize and better casssssting appear to have brought in a higher quality person, player, bb personality. (Frenchie is entertainment gold don’t @ me )

Uzu Sanageyama

Serious question

Who is Frenchie’s ally?

Spill da tea

No one.


Depends on who who ask. Frenchie thinks he’s working with everyone including Rockstar but only on her daughter’s birthday.

Buh Bye

Frenchie’s 6 other personalities.



James Boned

So Frenchie told the big fish that he was the “big fish” but this week he can’t fry said “big fish” so he wants the bring him into the butchers alliance? I am getting confused on this guys tactics

Julie Chen

I’ll tell you the truth. I’m a little confused by your tactics.
I’m gonna keep acting tough until I figure it out. All right?

Hopeful for a Good Season

Frenchie is allies with everyone.

Hopeful for a Good Season

Start of the season has my interest

Julia Pierce

Not sure why but most of this afternoon and tonite live feeds are off. If they do come back on it’s not long and it says we’ll be right back. Don’t want to keep paying for something that I can’t watch. Is anyone else having this problem.


Yes, it wouldn’t be so bad if something were actually happening but it seems very random.

Devin would be proud

I fully expect by tomorrow to see Frenchie has decided to backdoor himself. This guy is all over the place…


I’m a few days late to the party this year, but I’m in for BB23. My thoughts so far:
1. Frenchie is the new Kaitlyn. So bad at this game, but feeds gold.
2. The contestants talked about Rockstar, but forgot to mention her daughter’s birthday.
3. I haven’t picked my top HGs yet, but I have my eye on Kyland, Derek F., and Claire.


wait people actually like rockstar???

Julie Chen

No one likes rockstar

bring katylin back

okay I liked frenchie at first ……


Derek X and Travis can both be evicted immediately for saying they want to leave already.

F**k anyone who wants to quit especially only on Day 3…


And they obviously have never seen the show. They didn’t know if they could be replacement nominee if they won the veto and took someone off the block.

Over it

These people suck like seriously bad, even worse than last year. I suggest you turn off the TV & do something productive & meaningful because this show has become mind numbing. Your IQ will actually drop by watching it. It was getting really bad throughout the past few years, but now they have completely ruined what was once a good show.


It literally just started and it’s been very good for the past few days. They actually have contestants that are here to play and have some brains. Frenchie has been manic and insane, which results in feeds gold. There is no comparison to last season. It sounds like you just don’t like Big Brother and should find a new show.


Frenchie’s idolization of rockstar tells me everything I need to know about him and his white savior complex. Can’t wait for him to implode.