Xavier to Alyssa “If you use it on me you’re a dumb a$$”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa Claire and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto: Alyssa
Power of Veto Ceremony: Alyssa used the power of veto on herself. Claire was nominated in her place.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Tiffany is going to try to get Alyssa to use the veto on X. I doubt this will happen if anything it’ll piss X off enough for us to have some drama.

10:18 am Kyland and Xavier.
Kyland asks if “her” or anyone other than BIGD came to him and pitched to him ideas about what to do at six?
Xavier – mmmmmhmmmmm
Kyland- I appreciate hearing what and who pitched to you
Xavier – remember when you BIGD and I met in the have not room. We have this conversation we thought people were trying to get you and I like this (against Each other)
Ky – yup
X says people were trying to get him to take a shot at Kyland and he assumes people are trying to get Kyland to take a shot at Xavier.
Ky – when are you being told to take that shot..
X holds up a 6 with his fingers.
Ky – I think that. that stand out to me was completely on a basis of not ahh… of not.. knowing me. like the case being made. That’s what I’m saying it solidified for me
X – what do you mean?
Claire and Alyssa come in and game talk takes a break.. Once they leave.
Kyland says the reason why he was further solidified with X is .. he trails off.
Ky – did she pitch you on that or did someone pitch you on that
X – Tiffany and Like.. the only person is Tiffany is looking out for is Hannah.
X – if we take out each other her and Hannah believe they can take out whoever is remaining by themselves.
Ky – the argument is anyone that is not them two puts me up. including you. My whole thing is like.. Azah will put me up but BIGD said he could get her to put up them two so I don’t know.
Ky – I don’t know if that’s true.. between you and BIGD I would have the votes.
Ky – they are saying that .. (he trails off)
Kyland says Tiffany was implying that some of their conversations got back to X and she wants the one they had last night to not.
Ky – I was like not from me .
X – we have to keep playing dumb..
Ky – the solidification was their lack of awareness because they basically said.. well obviously anyone would be lying if they said their ideal final 3 is anything other than with themselves, Azah, and BIGD.
X – with that statement she’s saying she would take BIGD, AZAH over Hannah
Ky – she is speaking for herself and for Hannah
Ky says if he takes x out at six then “they” (Hannah/Tiffany) will take him out at 5 because he can’t play.
X – exactly
Ky – they said the reason why we wouldn’t do that is because both of them would be worried that we would take BIGD or Azah to final 2. It’s in their interest for those two to be taken out. To remove that temptation is gone for all three of us.
Kythe fact you guys do not how I have set myself up it’s impossible for me to choose either of them to the final 2 shows me they are not paying attention.
Xavier says Hananha and Tiffany will have three solids votes in Jury, Britini, Hannah, and Claire
X – that brings anyone less incentive to bring you (Tiff/Hannah)
Ky – Maybe I’m wrong Maybe I’m Caleb I don’t think so..
Kyland says he’s more willing to give second to the right person more than anyone else in the house.
Kyland goes on about his loyalty and how X and him have two other votes outside of this house.
Kyland says Tiffany has built up a bad reputation so she might not be as convincing in jury.
Ky – Hannah can probably persuade DX and that’s it.. Tiffany probably Claire

10:21 am Tiffany and Hannah
Going over She’ll say to Alyssa to get her to use the veto on Xavier. Much of this was covered last night at 4:00 am. They’ve spent a good hour talking about all the points.
They discuss how they can prevent Alyssa from talking to Xavier about the veto before the veto ceremony.
Tiffany says she needs to make sure Xavier doesn’t get to her.

11:02 am Alyssa and X (joking around)
Alyssa is talking about her using the veto on herself and going over her speech.
Alyssa – do you have your speech for me?
Xavier – I’m on the block If you use it on me you’re a dumb a$$
Xavier – I know you aren’t going to use it on me
Alyssa – you don’t know that.
They laugh
X – Girl I would absolutely.. you think those pillow slaps I’ve been giving you are bad I will take two pillows and CRANK them on your head.
X – Girl what the hell you doing
Alyssa – what if I said I decided not to do it
X – what the F*** one of us is going home now and the other one is f*** next week and it’ll be a double.

11:34 am waiting for Veto Meeting.

11:37 am Tiffany and Claire
Tiff – Keep your fingers crossed I have to pitch her.. I have to be strategic when they call her and everyone is outside.

11:39 am BIGD thinking he’s going up now..

12:00 pm Feeds cut to pound puppies. If the pitch was given to Alyssa we missed if on the feeds.
1:10 pm Feeds return
Power of Veto Ceremony: Alyssa used the power of veto on herself. Claire was nominated in her place.

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BB fan

God how sweet it would be if Xavier or even Alyssa wins the double eviction and takes out Tiffany for over playing in wanting Alyssa to not use the VETO on herself?? It would be karma as TIFFY IS making the one of the worst moves in combination with one of the biggest backstabs in big brother history wanting to take out Claire because she is white over the cookout men who can’t stand TIFFANY’s attitude and want her to go next!

It would be well deserved to see Tiffany go this week because there is a reason why you don’t decide allies based off of race! Throwing claire a final 2 deal under the bus and backdooring her after she’s been nothing but loyal just to keep Xavier and Derek F safe who can’t stand Tiffanys attitude and wants her out next! Its just foolish gameplay by Tiffany and why people shouldn’t decide their allies and keep them safe because of their physical appearance which again is something Claire can’t control!

Tiffany has completely ruined her game this week and deserves to walk out the door after what she’s about to do Claire.
Claire bawling her eyes out because she’s going to be a renom:
Tiffany: “I don’t want to lie to you Claire”
Claire: “Are you working with them tiffany?”
Tiffany: “No”

Tiffany is still lying to Claire’s face as we speak.
Tiffany deserves to get booted this week after committing the BACKSTAB OF THE CENTURY in wanting to back door CLAIRE all because of what she looks like a white girl!


You play to win the game!!!

Its so brutal and complete BS that Tiffany is sending home a Final 2 deal for a 6 person alliance all because of race. Tiffany has no chance of winning because X, Kyland, and Derek F are taking her out first chance they get. So dumb.

Tiffany deserves what she gets for doing this to Claire backdooring her with eight people left for an alliance of six all based on race. With men that will take Tiffany out first chance they get so stupid by Tiffany.

The Beef

Of course you’re right, but Tiff is really being loyal to the Cookout in doing this, so I’m thinking of switching my AFP vote from DX to Tiff just because of her loyalty to her group. Don’t you think it’s a highly honorable thing she’s doing, in support of their “mission”? Sometimes sacrifices have to be made, for the greater good! In this case Tiffany is sacrificing Claire first and then “falling on her sword” for the group. I think that’s highly honorable and respectable.

Don’t you agree?

Amanda Chandler

In a Word, ..NO.*

The Beef

Hahahaha – It was sarcasm BB Fan. Surely you knew that, right? lol


What the heck is this “mission “ anyhow & what do they expect to accomplish?


Obviously for a black person to win the show? Whether you agree with the mission or not, the point is like a cement brick hitting you in the head. If you can’t see it, your “dim” like Alyssa.


She made a commitment to her alliance in the beginning of the game and I applaud her for sticking to it. All of the CO members did the same thing, no matter who they were aligned with. It had never been this many people of color on the show at one time. You just don’t like seeing black people working together like all of the white people did in previous seasons. All of the people of color was a$$ out from the start.


Exactly! I agree. The don’t want to see a Black person winning. If the Black people in the house didn’t form an alliance, 5 of them would have gone out prejury, as always


You are correct! Even though she’s put her game in peril, Tiff is thinking about her reputation back home. While it would be legendary game for her to turn on the CO before 6 and evict X, she would be seen as a traitor who went against the alliance and sent a CO member home when it wasn’t necessary. X may go ahead and betray the CO mission, but Tiff will be able to lose the game but not her integrity or love from BB fans and Blacks. If X does it as a man, he’ll probably be forgiven, after all, X is a lawyer and the ONLY color lawyers love is GREEN! X, BigD n Ky give me a crabs in a barrel vibe. If only they could have made it to 6.

Amanda Chandler

Then knowing her true mission, she shouldn’tve dragged this poor loyal white girl along for 62 days making final twos & other lying promises that she KNEW she couldn’t ultimately keep, That is NOT Honorable by Any stretch of RACIST imagination.


Lol if the shoe fits wear it this has been happening for years with people of color Suck it up Trump ain’t President anymore lol


So not true. We like to see gameplay, not rigged game. Although I have to admit, this game has been rigged for years. This year, though, I still think winner should be decided with an “arms on the table” comp. The blackest = winner, regardless of play or no play. Azah for the win. She’s the blackest. That’s how dumb this has become.


Ahem. There are more people than you realize that could care less about if a black or a white person wins. We just watch to see some game, NOT to see who/what color wins.


Unfortunate for sure but if you’ve been watching BB you should know this has been every year since BB existence towards people of Color


Funny how you blame T for everything when the six have all done the same thing. Plus, Claire has class unlike you and at least understands exactly what the co is all about.

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

So, Ky is a double agent…. wonder how this is gonna play out


How? He’s not sharing with Tiff/Hannah so he’s not really — he’s Team X. By him telling X everything he just insured the Cookout doesn’t complete the mission AND he also insured his exit at F5 AND the alliance won’t be considered the best b/c X will take Ally to F2 so he keeps up his delusions she’ll be his girlfriend after the season ends.

Another Name was right to put him on the nope list (obviously for other reasons) but Ky just single-handedly ruined the season for me. I was so excited about the pending Tiff- X battle & now we won’t even get a week of it – she’ll be gone in DE.



CO could never be considered the best even if all members go to F6.
ANY variation of a win for CO is literally a gift, handed to them from CBS/production. They and social media will ofcourse spin it as a great triumph, but the truth is most people will look at it as another handout to a group that could not do it on their own. If they came in day one and said this is how we are playing the game and the non POC say ok, we will do the same, AND production stayed out of it, then thats a different argument. But this way its not a win just a Big Lie !!


Maybe the big lie is the one you tell yourself.


That is what they said from day one! What the hell do you think they have been doing?

Amanda Chandler

Nope. Sadly, Tiff ain’t goin nowhere. Alyssa WILL go out in the double and the only King princess Alyssa has eyes for is Sir Christian and they will reunite outside the Big Brother house on Finale night.


I hope they Take-out tiff in DE for being more selfish then Ky smh


Why is Tiff more selfish than Ky? Because she won HOH? Both Tiff and Ky were supposed to throw it to Azah (ridiculous expectation) and they both chose not to do that. Moreover, Tiff just threw her entire game away by nominating her biggest ally because of her loyalty to the CO. I see Tiff’s gameplay as unwise and illogical, but not selfish.

The Beef

I think Tiff got the big head after what happened last week. If she had thought things through a little more thoroughly, she would never have put her own game in jeopardy by winning that second HOH – not when there was even the slightest chance she might have to put Claire up. It’s also pretty clear she went against production orders by doing it, given the edit she got on Sunday night, and the veto that was played (totally rigged for Alyssa to win – or at least to have a great shot at it – plus, Claire’s name wasn’t drawn? Please!).

She’s no more selfish than X or Ky, but perception is reality, and those two seem to have the ears of everybody who matter (Azah, Big D, Alyssa – plus they have production on their side).

Amanda Chandler

If perception is Reality then YOU need to face it. Looks like the underdog & fairest King you had the Audacity to compare to Big D & Azah turned out to be a late bloomer bb23 Comp Beast.

The Beef

Now she’s a comp beast after winning a single competition? Honestly, you can’t say she’s won more than that, since she’s the only person who played in the Roulette comp, and Ky very clearly had her ass beat in OTEV, and let her win, so that he could win the second veto (which was played FIRST), allowing HIM to remove Claire from the block, which is what he wanted to do. Winning a thrown comp and a forfeit don’t count, as far as being a comp beast goes.

I will give her credit for winning this one though (the tiny veto comp). At least she had to beat Tiffany and Hannah.

And BB Fan, if you don’t quit changing aliases, I’m going to stop responding to you. Must be embarrassing to have to stoop to having conversations with yourself in order to try and prop up your positions on here. Do you really think your positions are that weak, or is it just that you don’t think you can argue them well enough by “yourself”? Whatever the reason, it’s pretty damn pitiful.


And tiff can’t even tell Claire her best friend the truth what a hypocrite…


She can’t tell her the truth b/c X flipped out saying no one can say the truth while Ally is still in the house. If we’re talking hypocrisy it’s X & Big D who are plotting to take Tiff out on the DE all while they scream loyalty & CO at the top of their lungs.

Tiff said “I’m being as truthful with you as I can be at the moment”. Claire was the epitome of grace of in the situation & will completely understand after the fact when Tiff explains 5 of the 6 wanted to let her tell the full truth but X demanded it not occur while Ally is still there.


F*CK you Kyland – just gift wrap the game for X you idiot. Ally & Azah BOTH want you out of the game you dumb ass. You didn’t have to go along with Tiff but you threw her UTB & reversed back & forth. There is NO WAY X is taking you to F2 he’s taking Ally.

What an ass & there goes the season. Barring Tiff coming to her a senses & putting up Big D or some yard yellers to tell the house X is going to break up the CO the game is over.

Tiff will be taken out at F7 & break the CO making F6, Hannah will go at F6 & then dumb ass Ky will go at F5. That should be real exciting feeds – couch, Azah, X pining over Ally.


Now the only way the season stays remotely exciting is if the girls convince Ally Ky/X/Big D have a F3 & intend to cut her next week so they need her to form an All-Girls alliance. (won’t happen Ally is a guy’s girl)

Barring that Tiff/Hannah HAVE TO WIN F7 & F6 HOH of it’s over.

What a waste —- F*ck Kyland & I said that sh*t!


No kidding! In what world does X want to sit next to Ky on finale night? Both are full of themselves.

Game fan

as long as alyssa doesnt have veto/hoh ..she is not staying


First, standing ovation for your post. You nailed it.

Second, now that Tiff has nominated Claire, I think we’re past the point of no return. Claire will get evicted and X has the voting numbers with Azah, DF, and Alyssa to run the table to the end. The only possible way that X is not winning this game is if Azah and DF betray X to team-up with Tiff/Hannah, and there’s no way that’s happening. Azah is mesmerized by X and DF hates women.

Congratulations, Grodner, looks like you’ve guided your golden boy to the finale once again. Shall we call X & Alyssa the new Michie & Holly?


Or maybe this whole show has been a setup for the most worthless person to win…Couch. I could see X or KY, or anyone really, taking him to final 2 with the thought that he’s never going to get enough votes to win…But, surprise! Because the jury is so bitter, everyone votes for him to win (at least that’s what he’s hoping will happen and possibly what Production promised at the beginning of the season…why else would he even apply?).

Amanda Chandler

OMG!! NONE of that stuff you just said is going to actually happen , Stop being such a Drama Queen LOL!!


It’s a white out and unfortunately the rest of the season might have been interesting to a point , but with rwo double evictions and no battle back it will be” who cares”!


stfu Hannah
your CONSTANT going over scenarios is getting as bad as KY’s rambling!!


In my dreams…. There’s a season of seasoned long term bb fans (majority coming from this board) who play REAL (non-prod, manipulated game) & use skills, smarts, strategy (no prod pre-picked winners), for a season. Can you imagine how entertaining that would be? No twists & turns to advance pre-picked winners, no showmances, no comps that favor ANYONE….just a true, fair game. And at the end, the winner is…..Houka!! Now that would be a total trip, yes? Ok, again, just a dream. P. S. I’d absolutely love to see Simon & Dawg play, too. They are so excellent—-but we’d miss their fabulous site & that would be a damn shame. Quoting Steven Tyler: Dream On…