Tiff – “if you don’t use the veto on him you lose him if you sit next to Claire you stay”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – They are going to try to get Alyssa to not use the veto on herself and instead use it on X. I doubt this will happen..

1:25 am Tiff and Hannah
Tiff – X is ready to turn the switch he hasn’t been playing at full capacity. X wants to take Ky out at Six I don’t want that
Hannah – Me neither
Tiff – X needs to go at Six
Hannah – I’m onboard with that I just don’t want to take him out before we take out Alyssa and Claire. I Wouldn’t feel comfortable.
Tiff – We have to stick with the plan. If we didn’t have to stick with the plan I wouldn’t put Claire up tomorrow. Me, You, Claire, Ky cold ride this sh1t out. We could take X out. Take Alyssa next. take out BIGD then Take out Azah.
Hannah – that’s not going to happen We’ve worked too hard. America is probably rooting for the Cookout
Hannah says what if they all drop in the HOH and force X to win it. He might say “Fu** all of you I’m keeping Alyssa”
Tiff – then I will tell her. I’ll sabotage everything HE gets to do that? I could have kept Claire. He can play that game if he wants to. I’ll go home next but I ain’t leaving without this B1tch burning.
Tiff – if he pulls that move send me home X and watch how I go out.
They talk over scenarios Tiff says Azah is coming for Kyland. BigD is coming for her.
Tiff – I’ll need to tell Ky X wants him out at six
Hannah – I can’t believe Ky doesn’t know that. Ky is so overconfident in this game. It’s annoying.

Tiff goes to wake up Ky so they can talk until 4 am in circles..
Tiff comes back before Ky “Him and X were in there talking.. in coral”

Tiff – we are all we got..
Tiff – I had to win I had to be the one that sent Claire out she told me today she’s glad it’s me.
Tiff – you cannot win this week and I think they are going to try and make you win. So you can’t play at six.
Ky – yes
Tiff – you win at six who are you putting up? who is your target?
Tiff – who is my target
Ky – we’ve talked about BIGD and Azah
Tiff – I changed my mind
Ky says he would put BIGD and Azah up with wanting Azah out.
Tiff – if Azah wins HOH who does she put up next to you?
Ky – you
Tiff – hannah will vote for
Ky – you
Tiff – DF will vote for?
Ky – me
Tiff – X will vote for
Ky – you
Tiff – for me?
Ky – I won’t assume anyone vote I’ll just try to stay off the block.
Tiff says she won’t go up next to Ky it’ll be Hannah she’ll go up if the veto is played.
Tiff – why isn’t X your target at six?
Ky – I don’t believe he has an incentive to send me home before four

Ky – I’m not looking at anybody to keep me safe.
Hannah – who is x targeting
Ky – Azah or you (hannah)
Tiff – for me and Hannah’s game we only have a chance if we have you. If you trust X to kee you after six you are jeopardizing me and Hannah’s game.
Tiff says she feels that X and him are working together because he’s not seeing that X is the biggest threat to winning this game.
Ky says the only two people out of the six he sees winning the game automatically is X and tiff.
Tiff goes on why X has a better chance to beat her.

Tiff – nobody wants to put X on the block. You’re his target.
Tiff – nobody plan to get rid of X until four.. not you, Azah or BIGD.

They go through 30 minutes of X leaving at 6 not 4.
They laugh at BIGD playing stupid that he wouldn’t put Tiff up if he won at 6.

Ky – so you are saying that if you are HOH this next one. It’s Alyssa and X up. Alyssa comes down.
Hannah – I would put up BIGD
Ky – to send home X
Tiff says if Alyssa and X survive past six they are sticking together “She doesn’t have anybody and at that point, he doesn’t need us. If we’re dumb enough to keep him he is really going to do away with us”
Tiff – he’ll be like I have these people wrapped around my finger. I’ve been on the block 4 times and I’m still here
Hannah – This season’s victoria. (HUH X isn’t really a victoria maybe she meant BIGD?)
Hananh – I don’t understand why we would bring him to four.

Ky goes to the bathroom.
Tiff whispers that Ky has something going on with the guys.
Hannah – the guys have a final 3
tiff – he needs to reconsider it. He’ll have to break it. He does not stand a chance in this game. X wants him out at 6
They laugh about Hannah being 47.
Tiff – I’m glad you are so young I want to see you play this game again and again
Hannah – no I’m not feeling with this again and again..
Tiff – they will never allow BIGD in here again
They laugh.
Hanna – the fight BIGD had last night with Ky and X. I was like why wouldn’t people want to take BIGD to the end. He was arguing why he should be invited on their guys trip. Their argument was like BIGD you wouldn’t want to do anything with us. He was like umm.. what do you mean I will be so much fun I’ll leave you guys I’ll be out with the girls.
Tiff – you (BIGD) don’t even like us quit lying
Hananh laughs says BIGD is never winning if he makes final two his ability to state his case was pretty weak.

Tiff just hopes that Ky and X don’t have this discussion. “What does X have against me so bad why do you want me gone?”
Hanan – you are the only person that could give him a run for his money at the end.
Tiff – Ky couldn’t?
Hannah – no
Tiff – why not?
Hannah – Ky does not have Azah’s vote, Britini’s not, Very well not have SB’s vote.
They tell each other they’re ok with losing to the other one.
Hananh goes on about only being 21 years old coming here to play a game she’s fine with Tiffany wins in the end.
Hannah doesn’t think they have a chance to win against X but they have a chance against Ky.
Tiff – very true.

Tiff says DF and Azah never fully trust her game. They never liked her “He wanted me out day one. him and Azah are just way too tight for her to not feel the same way.. It’s a cancer”
Tiff – Xavier has never tried to be close to me to make any deals so .. We started getting closer through you it was one week though.

2:42 am Ky returns. Tiff starts to pet him.
They laugh about Ky being “Confusing”, Tiff being “Conspiring” and Hannah being “Convincing”
Tiff – and we are the Con artists.

They start going over what Tiff will say to Claire tomorrow.

3:10 am
Tiff – We can also get Alyssa to use the Veto on X
Ky – if you do this
Tiff – no I am definitely going home at six..
Hannah – if you get Alyssa to use the veto on X they’ll be like she’s too good.
Tiff asks who should she say she’s putting up to replace X
Hannah – wait you’re actually going to pitch this?
Tiff – yes
Ky – Yeah It wouldn’t hurt
Tiff – I can tell her I will put Claire up but I know Claire has the votes to stay in this house. They may be telling you they will send Claire home but the only reason I am telling you I’m putting Claire on the block. My number one ally is because I know she’s the only person that can sit next to X and stay in this house.
Tiff – if you don’t use the veto on him you lose him if you sit next to Claire you stay because X will vote for you, Azah will vote for you, BIGD will vote for you and Hannah will vote for you. If I put Claire next to X he goes home
Hannah – how
Tiff – I don’t F**ing know
Hannah – it sounded really good up until that point. You need three votes to send X home.
They work through the details of how they will talk Alysa to use the veto.
Tiff will say that she wants to ensure her safety next week and in order to do that she needs to build trust with Alyssa. To build that trust she needs Alyssa to use the veto on X
Tiff – I am telling you (Alyssa) right now how I can build trust with you.
Hannah – you can say I don’t want you to be responsible for sending X home.

Hananh – she isn’t going to do it
Ky – I just want to see it I want to see the conversation on Playback..
Hannah – it’ll be a Marcellus part 2. That would set you up as Legendary but you’ll probably go home at 6
Hanna – you should try I’m curious
tiff – I almost can not
They agree the “timing has to be perfect” so that Alyssa doesn’t have time to think about it.
Ky – you have to take X outside then
Tiff says X is going to be following Alyssa around tomorrow.

Tiff – Alyssa I have a 100% guaranteed way for X to stay this week.
Hannah says to tell Alyssa she would have X, BIGD, and Azah’s vote to stay.
Tiff – this is an olive branch for me to build and establish a relationship with both of you moving forward.
Hannah – you can shake her hand.. pull a dan goosling and bring your bible down.
Tif – I’ll just put BIGD up..
Tiff – X will be so mad.. he will be pissed..
Ky – it’ll be amazing though.. X is a fan yo might lock in his vote with that
Tiff goes over her speech to Alyssa “I have a 100% guaranteed way to keep X this week. If you take him off the block then I have to put somebody next to X that will guarantee he goes home if you want him t stay you pull him off I put up a target that I know will go home. This is my olive branch to you and X. I would rather work with you cause one of you will still be in this house. If I offer you the opportunity to both be in this house maybe we can build some trust between you and I. I know you think certain people have guaranteed votes to you those people are not loyal to you”
Tiff – I know Azah told you she made a deal. She will not honour that deal the reason I know that is she told me..

Tiff will say to Alyssa “You mean you never considered using the veto on him? He’s way more of a risk to leave on the block than you. You are leaving your best ally”
Tiff – F** it I should do it..
Tiff practices more things to say to Alyssa – He has a greater risk going home than you (Alyssa) I will help save you. If you keep me safe because I helped you save him I have to save you..
Feeds cut..

4:06 am Hannah and Tiff..
Hannah – this is where the game of Big Brother starts. The 6 of us have been deprived of this because of the cookout
Tiff says she knows Ky is committed to the guys based on the way he talked around going after X on six over Azah.
Hannah – X told me they have a final 3. He said they had an understanding they will take each other to the end.
They talk about Kyland struggling with the thought of going to the end with a woman with the jury being filled with women.
Hannah says the 3 guys thinking that the women in jury will just vote for a woman in final 2 is unfair.
Hannah – you are discrediting the women of this season (it’s happened before)
Tiff – saying we’re all emotional voters and we’re sexist
Hannah – Not really sexist.. you are just implying we will vote for someone based on them being a woman.
Tiff – doing something to someone based on gender is sexist
Hananh – no sexism more applies to men against women
Hannah – you are saying we don’t have any ability to evaluate the game from an unemotional perspective. That is unfair..

6:36 am Zzzzzzz
9:35 am Zzzzzzzzzz
10:06 am Wake up
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Wesley Sims

alyssa would never use the veto on x…


I agree…NEVER!


Tiffany is throwing away her game for the CO. Hannah is also throwing away her game for the CO. They both realize that X is the biggest threat and nobody can win against him, but they won’t take him out at F8 (perfect opportunity, he’s sitting on the block) because it would betray the mission of the CO.

Would X do the same if he was in their position? The verdict is … Nope!

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Tiffany getting rid of Claire is like Batman throwing Robin under the Batmobile!!!!!!!!!


Hahahahahahahaha! Best analogy ever!

Hopeful for a Good Season

Omg. Awesome riddle me this riddle me that.


X is going in HARD on Tiff with Ky saying she HAS to go next. The question is does Ky buy this BS? Does he recognize the minute Tiff leaves he’s the next person X is pushing to get out? Tiff is ON THE MONEY that X has no desire to cut Ally (and Ky KNOWS this is true b/c X pitched taking her to F4).

So Tiff/Hannah spend HOURS trying to convince him of why X has to go this week. And just to make things interesting Tiff is also floating out the option of trying to talk Ally into using the veto on X (hope she abandons that idea – b/c X will just use it to up his rhetoric on targeting her at F7).

Regardless – it’s likely Claire goes OTB this morning then watch for the campaign to try to get Ky to vote out X this week. Tiff needs to appeal to Ky’s ego saying – look if you take him out you win this game sitting beside ANYONE. You’ll go down in history & I’ll be at the front of the pack leading the cheers of adulation. She has to stress that X will take his exit out on her & be coercing the jury not to vote for her so it actually bolters Ky’s votes. Ky lives for this kind of sh*t so she needs to spread it on thick.

Tiff has to out to Ky that X implicitly said Ky has to be first out & even suggested cutting him sooner & Hannah can confirm. That is why they realized X had to go now b/c they know this trio is X’s real target order. Tiff needs to ask Ky if X is talking to you about cutting me & Hannah first or sooner than 6? If he is then that only reinforces what I’m telling you.

She needs to make it clear to Ky it’s his choice but X will want her/him out next & she’ll ride with him on whatever he decides but she knows they’ll be the next two leaving if they don’t do this. Tell him I know Azah wants you out, Big D wants me out but Claire is loyal & will stick with us — if you keep her we can get her to promise you anything you want & she’ll keep her word – it’s just who she is. Emphasize how Big D & Azah are X’s people, how Ally wanted her to put up him (Ky) and where does that come from if not X? Tell him Big D also has F2 with X & only serves as a road block to Ky – he won’t win anything & X will take him over you. Why make your road to F2 so difficult? And screw X having everyone saying “he’s won this game” change that narrative to “Ky has won this game!”

If you agree we take out X this week then Ally in the DE & then the 4 of us take out Azah/Big D & you & I sail to F2. If you don’t agree I’ll pack my bags & get the jury ready for you coming in next week – but I’m ride or die with whatever you decide b/c we do this together unlike him I’m not going to dictate to you what you’re choice should be or punish you if we disagree (an important inclusion in this discussion).

Calling all Wall Yellers – screw Grodner & Productions pre-picked winners get over to that studio & blast the house that X is going to screw the Cookout & take Ally to F2! Vote him OUT this week!


Claire’s campaign strategy (although likely futile) should be:

Ky – appeal to his ego; evict the other alpha male
Azah – promise they’ll send her to jury next, so she can be with X while Alyssa is still in the house
DF – don’t waste your time
Alyssa – tell her to open her f*$king eyes and realize that she’s next
Hannah – won’t vote X out on principle, so angle for a sympathy vote

I can’t see any BB world in which Claire stays. GROD switched the TE to two DEs to give a week’s worth of viewing of CO at the F6. But Claire can plant some seeds and paint a bigger target on X to maybe, just maybe, save Tiff for another week.


Claire’s campaign push:

To Azah: appeal to her feelings of contributing & play on her paranoia with a lie.

Although I’ll respect best game I feel like the women have been overshadowed by the men who imply they’re the only ones playing. Tiff won two comps & you could cut the tension with a knife. (the lie) Immediately after that happened I caught Bid D, Ky, X and Alyssa go into a room & I’ve seen it happen several times since.

Big D: just shoot nonsense at him – tell him a lie
(Lie) I overheard two different conversations I wasn’t suppose to — One X was talking to Ky about their F2 and in another I was in a room sleeping under blankets & X was talking to live feeders about how he was taking Ally to F2 & didn’t give AF what any “of them” thought. Sounded like he was rationalizing to America why he was going against some other alliance.

Hannah: loyalty – do it for DX. Remind her she’s solid with her to F3 & would never nominate her or vote against her. Tell her X is going to take Ally, Big D, Azah & Ky to F5. If she lies imply someone told her (she’ll think it’s Azah) X plans to take out Tiff then Hannah before Ky.

Alyssa: This one is also a no brainer.
Remind her of what she said that day on the couch & break down everyone’s plus ones. Tell her SB doesn’t do anything w/o Ky’s approval right? But DX & Ky had a F2 deal & were in 3 different alliances together. Tiff cried to me about me going up & it wasn’t b/c X would go vs. me – – it was b/c of her principles about her brothers & sisters winning BB. And, maybe you are in an alliance I’m not aware of but any time I tried to suggest targeting X or Ky, Tiff wouldn’t allow it – think about that — clearly X & Tiff aren’t close & she only panicked when you won POV WHY unless she never intended for him to go?

I HATE the idea of Tiff pitching Ally to use POV on X — BUT in this one instance it could benefit them b/c it might make Ally paranoid. AND Claire can wait until day of eviction & pull into a room & say I may regret this but the discussions I’ve had regarding eviction order have gone precisely as the people who’ve walked out the door with the exception of me — YOU were the next name on the list. DX & I started noticing it weeks ago but didn’t want to say anything for obvious reasons. But, just know — if you don’t save me I’ll see you next week in jury. I know you think X has your back — but just like Tiff had mine it was only until F8 & F7. That group of 6 are working together! And the drama this week was Tiff/X battle over which of the two of us left first!

Ky: YES appeal to the ego but also use some other tools —

Tell him from my perspective X says jump & you all say how high. If that wasn’t the case then why ever risk me leaving? Why would SB put me or DX up w/o checking with you first? She wouldn’t — yet it made absolutely no sense for you to take out two people who have your back instead of someone from X’s army. So whether it’s reality or delusion the impression is X has you all jumping through hoops to please him.

Now if I leave X has Ally, Azah, & Big D who’ll never put him OTB — why do you care? B/c everyone of those people have told me the same three names as targets/re-noms, Hannah is the latter can you guess who are the two targets? (him & Tiff). Maybe you think X has your back but if those are all his people then why are they all saying precisely the same 3 names?

If Tiff & Hannah are intent on taking out X then they could give Claire some ammo to use here (b/c this chat did happen between Ally & Big D/Azah/Hannah) & like the last part of Ally’s chat not have this talk with Ky until Thursday…

Look I keep my promises in this game & as you know I hold things close to the vest but I’m going to break a promise today b/c I feel it could cement your decision & even if I go, at least it might help you moving forward. Ally came to me after winning the POV asking for my help — Xavier & her wanted YOU to be the replacement nom. I asked her is this just your plan & she reiterated no it’s both X & I but he wanted me to talk to you alone first to see how feasible it was. I told her theres NO WAY Tiff would ever put Ky in that kind of danger, she’d be too worried people would vote him out over X. She made me promise not to say anything & I didn’t even to Tiff.

Hey, it’s a losing battle but she only needs to make Ky or Ally paranoid enough to flip. In the case she convinces Ky then he’ll tell Tiff/Hannah anyway who’ll need to keep it quiet from Azah.

X has been stamping his foot over Azah/Hannah wanting the vote to be 3-2 for their jury management. He wants it to be unanimous or 4-1 at worst. Again, it won’t happen but how brilliant would it be if the vote WAS 4-1 but to evict X. THAT would be great TV.

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

Can’t wait to see X’s reaction with Tiff wanting Alyssa to use the veto on him……this Thursday can’t come soon enough! The DE is gonna be wild!


I’m so down for Tiffany to blow up X’s game if he comes after her in the double. Let it burnnn, Tiffy Toes


I thought Ky would ride the middle road but he just handed X the game -ratting out Tiff/Claire – so now FOR SURE X will push for Tiff to leave at F7 & Hannah at F6 & then X will take out the dumb ass Ky.

Barring Hannah & Tiff winning B2B at F7 & F6 & taking out X/Ky they will be the next two evictions.


Aunt Cece

The message Big Brother worked so hard to portray this season (white America is inherently racist) has failed. The Cookout has succeeded not because the white houseguests were stupid, but because they were naive and decent people. Not a single one of them could ever imagine targeting other players based on skin color or segregating people by race and that caused them to be blind to what was cooking right under their noses. The CO members knew this and capitalized on it. Even when the non-black members find out what happened none of them will say a negative thing about it because they have been conditioned to believe that black people cannot be racist and they must feel guilty because of their white privilege.
You can call this strategy and cheer it on but make sure you’re okay with the new precedent this has set for future seasons.


You mean that BB actually found decent non-racist whites this season? WOW They could of done that years ago by really trying to sift thru the Aaryns, Howards, GinaMaries, Michies, Jacks, Cliffs etc. The CO stuck together not only because of their ‘mission’, or ‘for the culture’ but also for self-preservation. They knew that statistically blacks don’t make it very far, rarely make it to jury and for sure NEVER won. Also the chosen players, minus the stereotypical BigD n Azah, are smart and know the game. Had Tiff, X, Ky n Hannah been only four they would have been gone in any ordinary season quickly. Because of the couch and pillow they had numbers and safety.


BB has been racist from the start the white men “meatheads” have always had an alliance that very seldom included blacks OR women (unless they were sleeping with them) and even if it did include blacks they were always the first to Go
The only different between the cookout was the CO said it was based on race
The other all white alliances never said it was based on race but of course it was

white people have been conditioned to believe if they do racist things but say it was not racist then it is not racist and black peoples are just to sensitive and ready to call the race card.
So if the past white alliance did not say it was based on race but history shows us they very seldom picked black people than of course it was racist
So if you feel the white alliances were not racist then
The CO is no more racist than the all white alliances in the past
My question is when will the white women get smart and have a all women alliance but I guess that would be racist and sexism but the white men have Been doing this all white male alliances for YEARS and no one was calling them racist or sexist
BB has a history of the HG treating the blacks disrespectful to the point where many have lost jobs for all the racist things they did in the house
CO knew the only way they could win this game was to work together because just like horror movies In the BB house the blacks are the first to go.
Now everyone is mad because no white men mad it to jury. Where was your anger when the same thing happened to black people for years
The CO has played this game with as much dignity and respect as they could in BB. they have NEVER laughed or said rude things about non CO members in the DR UNLIKE PAST WHITE ALLIANCES.
SO just kick back and enjoy the show as the CO Shows America how to play BB without being mean and rude keeping your alliance a secret
Go CO the black community is very proud of you all and rooting for you!!!


Arrrgh….. I absolutely HATE that this has become an us vs you race war. Also, I’m stunned & naive enough to never have noticed that black ppl auto-hate me solely because I’m white. I guess I’m just truly that naive.

hernanday oleary

Hopefully, it can cause many white people to reflect on how there were so many seasons where the black players never made final 6, so many seasons where a black male never made jury, and how the white players routinely banded together to vote out all the minorities or blacks.

While I don’t recall white players explicitly stating they’d target off race, I do recall them using racial slurs at other players indicting the same thing. Maybe it will cause white people to reflect on their own action, being on the other side of things.

Aunt cece

So what if black people never made it to final six. Why is that racist? Again, show me where a group of white people formed an alliance to target people solely by their skin color and nothing else.
THAT’S racist.

Tiffany's Sideburns

So, about the 4:06am convo with Tiff and Baby Snookie, the hypocrisy runs deep.
These two walking contradictions discussing how it’s unfair for the 3 guys to
assume that the women in jury votes will go towards a woman.
Then they go on to butcher what sexism actually is, and then non-white Snookie says:
“implying we will vote for someone based on them being a woman.”
Well why the hell wouldn’t the guys think that of Snookie 2.0?
Especially when every single one of her votes has been based on skin colour.

The Beef

How many times have we heard women say in the past 22 seasons, “I want to see a woman win this year!”, just because they are a woman? How many times? 20? 50? 200? Yet these women are insulted because these men recognize that some (not all) women think like that, and it’s entirely possible some of them may cast their votes based solely on gender, just like the two of them will cast their votes primarily based on race?

Her righteous indignation that some men think of women like that is pretty laughable, when you consider the nature of their “mission”, the fact it has absolutely nothing to do with “game” whatsoever, and their final votes in jury will most likely be the same, unless it just happens to be two black people sitting in the final two chairs. I wonder then if these two ladies will vote on “game”, gender, or friendship, since race will be eliminated at that point, or maybe just vote bitter? None of them have played a great game, and ALL of the six have benefited greatly from the alliance, and the lack of an opposing one. ALL of those actually playing the game have made missteps, and none of them have made any big moves. I’m not sure any of them have really set themselves apart, game wise, as a sure winner of BB 23.


They need to get Azah to vote him out by telling her X is just not into her! She knows it, he didn’t touch her once after DX left until she pointed it out. If EVERYBODY, Tiff n Hanna tell her that they sees it she’ll be embarrassed about being used by X and will take her revenge as a woman scorned. X has only wanted Alyssa since moment 1.

moaning myrtle

But first, thank you another name, San Diego Gal, T..with basketball ( my sincere apologies for not getting it exactly correct) and all the other faithful regulars. This last Hail Mary by Tiff, sadly, will not work. I have really enjoyed your keen and witty observations. We all know and probably can agree that X will win. I am not seeing where X is a good gamer. He is a diplomat,athletic and I am sure all the skill sets he presents make him a fine lawyer, but ( I apologize for not finding your name) hit “the nail on the head when he/she/they said, they all think of him as the peacemaker and when their( houseguests) brain accesses schema,they can’t think of him any other way even when he is behaving selfishly, which he is doing now. I believe Tiff will follow Claire out the door on Thursday. X is really into Alyssa and his wanting to take her to final 4 is REAL – so much for the CO, Ky knows he can’t win next to X so it will be interesting to see if he takes a shot at him. Ky is so arrogant and condescending I believe he thinks he can out comp X to a win. Hannah is positioning herself for F3 cause she knows ( loves/respects Tiff but..) X will ditch them all for Alyssa.
Where I am frustrated is big talk do nothing Big D( CBS may never admit it but how it got 100 bucks for two weeks is sketchy, I genuinely believe people confused D with X) but he is ALWAYs , when I am HOH I’m doing this etc.. X and K are smart take D or Azha to F4 they can’t win anything and Azah, despite X telling her ( What game are you playing?and Azah can see X is going to protect Alyssa) If he “cuddles” with her just once Azah will do as he commands.For the first time I am not really rooting with enthusiasm, for anyone of them to win. If Big D wins AFP I think I will loose it! Jury should be fair: From the exit interviews Sarah B, DX, even the incoming Claire seem to have licked their wounds and are ready to vote for who has played the best game ( schema accessed =X because his bankability is his likability, with Alyssa coming in 2) X will successfully blame the burnout of the CO on Tiffany. My question: who do you think will moderate jury discussion Dr. Will ? DaVonne? I hope they get into it and ask some juicy questions. I know it’s an entertainment show but there is so much to unpack here..and I hope Tiffany not Big D gets some type of entertainment gig after the show ends- love her or hate her she is good tv. yeah I said that Sh**t.

The Beef

OMG, I HOPE they don’t cave and bring Da’Vonne in to moderate the jury discussions. We’ve already heard enough from her and her opinions on race to last a lifetime. I much prefer to hear from somebody who actually KNOWS the game, and will lead the discussion about this GAME, and NOT about the social impact of a black person winning it.

But given what’s been going on in the house this season, CBS bending over backwards to cover for the CO, and the general “feels” of about half the nation right now, I fully expect to see Da’Vonne in there. PLEASE – Dr. Will “Smith” for the win!

Carlito's Way

I have to vent and clear my head. One one hand, I like the idea of The Cookout, I get it. BB and other reality tv shows have a terrible history when it comes to how African Americans are portrayed and treated. Don’t get me started on seasons 15 or 21. Absolutely despicable, revolting, vile, etc., etc., etc. I have actually called and written the network because I was so incensed. So I get The CO. On the other hand, I don’t like the fact that the alliance is solely based on race – not POC, but you have to be Black to belong. It causes me to feel very conflicted. George Floyd was a sacrificial lamb – unfortunately it took film taken by a 17-year old showing a Black man being tortured and strangled to wake up America to the fact that African Americans are still treated very badly, differently and less-than. George Floyd’s death had an impact on anyone with a heart and soul – a big wake-up call. So when I saw the cast of BB this season, I was happy to see such a diverse group of really cool people. A really likeable lot. Then the CO was formed and I am very conflicted. I thought the real objective is to NOT see color – not see a Black person or an Asian person or a Hispanic person, etc., but just a person. I think it’s evident that all of the non-POC cast members did not see color when they walked into that house. It was a beautiful thing to see so many diverse people working together – it showed progress. And that made me happy. But now, the entire show is about race and segregation, basically. I get that the CO wants a Black BB winner. I get the history. Having a Black winner would be (and will be) great. I’m just not sure I like the process of getting there. I hope we get to a point where we just don’t see color any more – that when you see someone, you just see a person. Period.


Love your response it was the more sincere repose I have seen.

But the issue is not the black people form an all black alliance the issues is the white people on the show has always had a all white alliance and now people are mad because the CO are brave enough to call a spade a spade (pun intended) and say it was based on race when the white alliance were not Brave to just say it

but it had the same effect no blacks in the white alliance no whites in the CO.

I Personally find the whole thing funny BB has anyways had ALL White men alliance NO ONE was outraged calling them racist and sexist and saying it was bad for the show. Now the CO Is doing the same thing as the white alliance now everyone is taking issue with it

BB has always been racist and sexist (no black and few female winners) and after all the racist crap that happened to Black people on BB IT took 6 people to form an all black alliance for white people to now scream racism !!! HILARIOUSLY !!!!

Carlito's Way

I am not crying reverse racism. I agree BB has had a terrible history of casting and allowing racists on the show. I am just hoping for a better world going forward where color doesn’t matter. One can hope.

The Beef

You’ve got to be kidding me. So now the CO alliance members are BRAVE for setting up their prejudicial alliance, and the damn white boys you say, but can’t prove, did the same thing as they are doing, are a bunch of chicken sh!ts, because they didn’t admit to doing something they didn’t do?

Got it.

There have been 7 female winners of BB US and 15 male winners. That’s not even, but it doesn’t exactly qualify as “few” either IMHO, and kind of knocks your argument that “all” of the previous seasons alliances only had white men in them. You need to recognize the problem wasn’t with the players or the alliances, but with PRODUCTION not having enough minority representation in the casts! That’s something they are obviously trying to correct now.


C’mon. I want a player, a strategist, whatever the color, to win. The most interesting upcoming battle is gonna be who is “black enough “. Solution? Everyone puts arms on table, compares shades, Azah is “blackest” so regardless that she’s never even played…Azah for the win. She’s the blackest & isn’t that what really matters? I’d love to hear, said to TPTB show runners “Sorry X. We really wanted you, but you’re just not black enough.” That’s how ridiculous this has all become.


Hell yes. Do it Tiff!! At least throw your pitch to Alyssa please.

Also, “ doing something to someone based on gender is sexist“, well that’s an interesting comment isn’t it, the irony.

And, “no sexism more applies to men against women”, no… sexism is sexism. Kinda like racism is racism. That’s like saying you can only be racist if you are white. It’s a clown world. The issues we have as a country will not go away if people can’t be honest and just finger point.