Xavier “The second strongest competitor is ripe for the taking, you might as well get his a$$ now!”

HOH: Xavier
Nominations: Azah and Kyland
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Big Brother Spoilers – Will X use the veto on Kyland?

12:50pm Backyard – Xavier and Big D. Xavier is working out.
Big D – Do we feel like… I am just throwing things out there. Do we feel like.. I get, I mean it is a game so I guess you really can’t be fair. Xavier – who do we feel its fairness to? Big D – you now Azah’s resume compared to Ky’s resume is completely different. Xavier – Mmmmhmmm. Big D – So you know, just throwing out things that we would discuss over the next couple days. Xavier – oh let me guess he came out and apologized to you. Big D – No, f**k no! I ain’t .. look please! I could give two sh*ts! Let me tell you something, this is my motto in life when it comes to men. If you ain’t giving me no D, then nothing matters to me! Xavier – Ok! Fair enough. Big D – am I getting anything?! No! I am barely getting a cuddle. I am barely getting a compliment. If I was a dude and I knew this person got a crush on me man I would be playing it the f**k up! Making him think ohhhh.. I really do like you… but that’s okay! Not your gameplay. I respect that but it can’t be one minute of oh I care about you and then another minute you’re dragging in front of everybody or making me feel like sh*t. Xavier – that’s your man, not mine! Big D – so the way I look at it .. if you’re not willing to .. I’ve been there for him since the beginning I’ve did everything. I’ve protected him. Lied, manipulate and did everything. Now we’re down to the point of .. you feel like because you did more work than Azah that you should be here. Motherf**ker me and X both did a bunch of work! And if I don’t feel like I don’t want to be super ..which I am still going to be competitive but there is a chance that you would pick Azah if I put the veto on you. That scares me. Or there is a chance of when you get down to the final two you would try to do this D … Okay motherf**ker! Because my thing is, I made a deal with one person in the beginning. That one person is the only thing that matters because that’s what I made in the beginning. Any deals after that don’t mean sh*t! But if you made deals with other people .. you made those WAY after you did it with me or whatever. So my thing is if someone comes in and follows up with a question you should automatically say yeah. Xavier – that is what I am saying. I hear what you’re saying about who has done more but who did more between Tiff and Azah? Who did more between Hannah and Azah? Big D – correct! Xavier – pretty much everyone in the cookout did more than Azah. Big D – correct. Xavier – so for me it literally comes down to the three part final HOH… like who do we think we could beat? Azah could pull one out of her a$$, that is very possible. But if she pulls one out of her a$$ that is probably more my problem than yours because I think between the two of us she is going to take you. She’s already told me that. If the first two rounds the winners are you and me, then it doesn’t matter because then its you and me sitting in that final round. Big D – if the first one is endurance I should probably not stay up long.

1:45pm Backyard. Big D and Xavier.
Xavier – if he has the mentality he wants to take me to the end ..we had our batman versus superman this week. Big D – so obviously if he wants to lose that everyone is going to vote for you anyway. Anyone sitting next to you is going to vote for you. Why would he want to sit next to you at the end? Xavier – that is the thing part of me thinks that its bullsh*t. Part of me thinks that he want to use that because he knows I’m a competitor too and he wants to use that to get to final three. And if he wants, he may just cut me. Which means him and Azah cut me. Big D – no of course with Azah you know what you’re getting. Xavier – what type of game is he playing .. is he trying to use that just for me to keep him around? When I really should do what everyone back home is expecting me to do? As soon as he is ripe for the taking you cut him. The second strongest competitor is ripe for the taking you might as well get his a$$ now! Big D – that is what I am saying. Xavier – for me its the game. This is big brother.

2pm Xavier, Big D and Kyland chatting about past events of the season.

2:40pm Big D, Xavier and Kyland.
They’re talking about who they think with get America’s Favorite. Kyland – I think Hannah will get it. Xavier – Claire might get it. It will be a woman, Claire or Tiffany. Ky – I think they appreciate the mom aspect.

3:35pm – 3:55pm Azah, Big D and Kyland are in the backyard talking about BB legends. Big D didn’t think Janelle is a legend. Azah and Kyland tell him that Janelle is absolutely a legend. Big D – I want to be a legend, a statement, a star!

4:25pm Bathroom – Xavier and Big D.
Xavier – Something that I have also been considering …just a general though that at the end of the day I think I’ve been thinking about if I didn’t win like if someone else won who is not Big D… would they take me? Would they not take me? But then at the end of the day what is most important is one of us winning. So for me I am starting to shift to think at this point we need to take whoever the f**k we both can beat. Or put us in a position to where we can win because that is best case scenario is that one of us wins that last HOH. Ky could easily win and not take me which I already know is the deal with Azah. So for me if they both would win and not take me .. and I know that Big D would.. then its like a Derek/Cody and Victoria. Lets just take someone that we feel we can beat and then we go from there. Big D – for me, the reason why I would not take him …because when I follow up and ask a question its .. nothing.. so why would I take someone that can’t say something said a week ago .. or even a day ago.

4:30pm – 4:55pm Xavier and Kyland playing pool. Xavier – I put a little too much mustard on that one ..now I’ve got to play ketchup! Azah – it looks like you know your way around holes!

5:26pm – 6:25pm HOH room – Xavier and Big D.
Big D – I feel bad no matter what I do and its just hard. And I don’t know if its going to look good or bad .. that’s where I’m at right now. Xavier – why would it look bad? Big D – I am just thinking of what the jury would think. Xavier – it doesn’t look bad because you weren’t disloyal. How I look at it is like did.. Big D – didn’t we make a final three? And then we’re breaking it before the final three? Xavier – Azah would go back and say the same sh*t. Either way either one would go back to jury and say we had a final three and they cut me. The difference is who would the jury be more happy to see? Azah or Ky? Look at those faces on the wall .. Britini? Who would she be more happy to see? Big D – Ky. Xavier – DX? Big D – I don’t know what do you think? Xavier – Ky, you forget DX had a good relationship with Azah. Xavier – Tiffany? Big D – I don’t know. Xavier – Tiff would rather see Ky than Azah (go to jury). And then Hannah same thing. Every single person in jury would be happy to see Ky walk through those doors with the exception of SB. And every single person would respect the people that sent him there because out of who is left that would be arguably the biggest game move. Big D – lets just think about this because you and I have always been honest.. me and you sitting at the end who is Ky voting for? Big D points to Xavier – you because I sent him home. Xavier – no he is not that bitter. Ky will literally vote on who had the better game. he is not going to base it off you literally sending him home. I put his a$$ on the block and by me leaving him up made it so you could vote either way. Big D – he will probably still vote you because you had the better game. I think you the only motherf**ker that is really see what the f**k I’ve been doing this whole f**king time. They start going through the veto comps. Big D – Its awkward that I have to vote him out and then he is going to be like.. Xavier – if you can’t do it, I will literally take her off. Do you want to be the person to send him home or.. Big D – I want my spot solidified. It is just going to be awkward that is all. And I am trying to have something on my resume that they will be like I didn’t expect that. Xavier – I am trying to give you that. Xavier – you’re not going in the diary room. Big D – oh my god I am saying it in front of him? Xavier acts it out. Big D – oh my god… I guess I got to start practicing my speech.

Xavier – I am going to ask you one question .. were you planning on going through this whole season without getting any blood on your hands? Big D – no I wanted to get blood on my hands. Xavier throws his hands up in the air. Big D – but at the beginning, or mid season .. or double. Do you know how badly I wanted to be the person to send Tiffany home? Xavier – for me I probably have more incentive to keep Ky because he would probably take me to final two but I want to be sitting next to you. If we want to sit in the final two we have to face off against someone both of us are capable of beating. Big D – no, I get what you’re saying.

7:44pm The house guests are lazing around. Azah is cooking. Big D and Xavier are out by the Hammock. Big D is talking about the evicted house guests.

8:30pm – 8:55pm Dinner time.. Azah – you guys make me so happy when you eat my food. Big D – such a good Queen! African Queen make a good wife one day!

8:54pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
9:22pm Still blocked..

9:25pm – 9:34pm Living room. Azah and Xavier.
Xavier – if we even have a tiff it lasts like 3 seconds. Azah – yeah. Yeah it doesn’t last long at all. Xavier – and we talk about it afterwards if its anything. He (KY) always wants to fully dissect everything.. and I am like Brah! Why is he trying to dissect everything!? Chill out dawg! Azah – I am just so tickled on a game level you just don’t f**k with him and it just cracks me up! Xavier – I am over it! I am over it! On a personal level he is my brother for life, on a game level ..get the f**K out! I am over it! Like this…(they hear Ky going on and on in the kitchen).. I couldn’t be his girlfriend because if he started hitting me with this sh*t I would be pissed! Azah – I know how to deal with this. You literally just stop the conversation. Just disengage. Xavier – I don’t know if he means it but its almost like condescending. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

9:41pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

10:05pm The feeds return to Azah and Xavier still laying on the couch together.

10:09pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again..

10:26pm Still blocked.

10:50pm Azah and Xavier are on the couch. Azah asks Big D/Kyland who are doing the dishes in the kitchen if they “feel like going for a walk to check out the storage room to see if there is anything in it” (alcohol). Xavier gets up and says that he will go check. Azah laughs.

10:52pm Xavier looks at the spy screen – These grown a$$ men (Big D and Ky) have been arguing about the same thing for over an hour and a half and have gotten no where! Just shut up! Just shut up! Just SHUT UP! Oh my god! No, no this is why you want to win HOH to just get away from all that! Oh my god! Either way I just have to win the final HOH so it doesn’t matter if he is here or not …the situation is the same I just have to win. And I thought about keeping this man (Ky). F**K THAT! Because I can’t deal with that no more! Nope! Game.. because as long as he (Ky) is here he is going to be doing this sh*t and getting in his (Big D) head. NOPE! Got to go! GO .. got to go! Can’t do it no more! Its ridiculous!

11pm Bedroom. Xavier complains to Azah about how Big D and Ky are still arguing. Xavier – make this makes sense… I have had to convince him (Big D) to vote out the man (Ky) that he keeps fighting with …what he says is his closest friend in the house. Like I know why I want you here. Why am I working harder to keep you when the person, when the person that I am trying to keep you over is someone that he constantly fights with?! Azah – I wish I could tell you. Xavier – am asking you to do one thing.. cut off the man that you keep fighting with!! Big D joins them. Xavier – is it over!? Big D – what do you want me to do?! Xavier – you know what I want you to do! Big D – I am so sorry guys for ruining the rest of your night! Xavier and Azah both say they had a goodnight.

11:30pm Havenot room. Ky clipping his nails and talking about the past events / how he got to this point in the game.

12:50am Xavier is sleeping. Big D, Azah and Kyland are getting ready for bed.

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Big D needs to shut the f*ck up..
He knows nothing about nothing…fyi Big D…Scorpio is a water sign not a fire sign…also being a pawn on the block is sort of a compliment… He is so annoying


The only think worth watching now is the jury footage.

BB fan

I’m disgusted in big brother literally Xavier wants to get rid of kyland and drag couch to the final 2 …..

Xavier always does it, he does this and comes back down to earth where I just don’t care for him.
Xavier would beat Kyland 9-0 in the final 2
And against DF Xavier wins at least 7 to 2 because two votes Azah and Britney are going to Derek F.
If your X Why get rid of KY?
This is like Dan Cutting Memphis!
Kyland wants to take Xavier to final two
Ensuring Xavier to win in a 9 to 0 vote which would only be the third time in the history of the show that somebody has won the unanimous final vote! In yet Xavier wants to lose a couple of votes and drag freaking Derek F to the end who’s just sat on his ass and slept the whole game I want to freaking barf? That Derek F is going to the final two and that X wants to take DF and Azah to the final three.


It’s not a good move that Xavier wants to keep Derek F and Azah while also losing all of the jokers jury votes. Xavier also runs the risk and possibility that Derek F would take Azah to the final two. Azah is definitely not taking Xavier to the final two.
Xavier would beat Kyland 9-0 on top of Kyland being loyal to that final two. If he keeps Kyland , Xavier is for sure is going to the final two no matter what. It’s not Xavier‘s best move to get rid of Kyland at all.

Larry Pooper

Gang Big D has played the best social game period. He should win flat out. No more of this silly talk about Cavier or Kyland! Enough Already!


HAHAHAHA…. U kidding right? BIG D doesn’t even know how to be social! Donald Trump won the last election! OMG

Larry Pooper

Gang: Sam Abuelsamid.

Game fan

X doesn’t believe ky would take him , cause it would be stupid of him.
He can’t see him talking to himself like we do. He wants to be the last hoh , he trust no one to take him.
And he is not winning 9-0. SB is voting ky , and x is probably afraid dx , Claire , big D (if he gets cut and to blame it on x) , and maybe even tiff and Hannah who loves this game ,would vote ky. Going with Derek is safer. Maybe he lose 2 votes but he can have more confidence in the others.

BB fan

Sarah Beth says that she feels completely betrayed by Kyland that he lied to her the whole time about that cookout alliance so she is going to be completely against Kyland because he lied to her when they were supposed to be super close allies and that’s what hurt her game was Kyland. Sarah Beth won’t vote for Ky, and she would instead vote for Xavier because he played the better game and X didn’t ruin her game.

And there’s no way Hannah and Tiffany are going to vote for Kyland after he put them both on the block separating them and was the reason that both of them went home. Kyland completely ruined their games and they’re gonna feel completely betrayed that Ky put them up because they wanted him to go with him to at least the final four. While Xavier got no blood on his hands getting them out,
Hannah and Tiffany would see that Xavier was the better player; that’s a given.

They will vote for Xavier the whole jury house thinks Xavier played the best game heck even Claire, Britini and Alyssa and Derek X have admitted during the live show this past Thursday that Xavier has played the best game. Xavier wins in a landslide against Kyland!
Kyland wants to take Xavier to the end he is loyal to that giving Xavier a blowout win!
Its not even a given that Derek F would take Xavier over Azah.

I’m telling you X getting more votes taking Kyland to the end then taking Derek F there’s no question.

Game fan

YOU know that. X is in thw house he doesn’t know NOTHING about the jury

BB fan

I’m speaking to your point and what you’re referencing because it didn’t add up what you said. So he’s in the house that doesn’t matter because you should be able to account for Your votes in jury and what you were able to manage while being in the house considering who will vote where. What I am telling you is that everyone is going to vote for X if he goes up against Kyland it’s no question that he wins in a landslide.

Again it’s guaranteed that he’s going to the final two if he keeps Kyland and Derek F is still there.

To your other comment It’s not stupid if your X to keep Ky because Ky is taking X to the final. Is Azah taking Xavier to the final…. No ….. is Derek F taking Azah to final 2 over X….. Possibly Yes

I mean Tiffany Hannah and Claire voting for KY?? Please there is no chance of that happening because Xavier got no blood on his hands getting those girls out! That is pretty straightforward and obvious.
The only one vote that Kyland might get is Sarah Beth but even that is not going to happen because she felt let down and regretted being so close to Kyland because he was hurting her game and was not to honest to her about that huge alliance .
Consequently, because of that SB feels betrayed by Ky so yeah it’s going to be a landslide if Xavier was sitting next to Kyland there is no question Xavier gets the most votes sitting next to KY It’s pre-much damn near unanimous that you can get if your X.


If Kyland wanted to win, he should have cut Xavier the last chance he had. This is for $750k!! Idiots….Kyland deserves to get cut for being stupid.

BB fan

Not true , that was Kyland only way to get to the final two is with X unless KY wanted to cut X at final two because he won the final HOH.

If X wants to cut Ky NOW then it just shows that nobody in the cookout wanted to work with Kyland to take him to the final 3 !
All three of the cookout women would’ve cut Ky by final four, and possibly even prior because they would’ve rather played against Derek because he’s so beatable. That was Kyland best play was to trust the guys for the final three ; it’s not Kylands fault the guys Doublecrossed him and turned their back on him. Taking the guys to the final three was the right move for Kyland because those women didn’t wanna take him that far.


Don’t you think Kyland would get a VOTE from SB in the end? So, it would be at the most Xavier would beat Kyland 8-1 in the final 2??

BB fan

SB won’t vote for KY that’s her biggest regret is Kyland and she didn’t like how Ky lied about the cookout to her after acting like they were so close!
SB would vote for X because he’s the best player and she didn’t like what happened with Ky.

Sir Kirby Williams

Well said!

BB23 Connoisseur

Ain’t nobody tryna flirt with DF for a vote. That is laughable


You will be surprised…there are more gays in the show than you think. They just haven’t come out


there are no closets in BB house!




the men in that house seem to hate women, so maybe they are gay

BB23 Connoisseur

I’m completely convinced that Ky is either Bi or Pan


The couch wants sexual favors. What a perv.


I am so disgusted!


Can you believe D , wanting some of X ?


Oh BIG D…that’s the whole post


HAHAHAHA BIG D wants the money and the D too lol this guy is an embarrassment to society.


So disgusted with that big loser!


After Big D comment about getting the D, I have come to the conclusion that he doesn’t have a soul. He really is disgusting, and not because he’s gay, but because he’s a gay Harvey Weinstein. Kyland has been “me too’d”.


U see!.. I thought I was being the only one. He irritates me with the way he acts and stuff he says on the show. Having a hard time processing it…I don’t want to come across as being homophobic, b/c I am not!

another name

You are both aware that Ky identifies as Pansexual, right?
And you know that Ky has been feeding into the crush for weeks to manipulate the furniture?
Just checking.


he is bringing shame to gay ppl. Ppl are already unecessarily afraid of this type of predatory behavior from gay ppl. I hate that he’s the example we get to see… the queers would disown him so fast

another name

Unless you have first hand awareness of what your same gender’s genitalia tastes like…. Maybe it might be an idea to stop telling “the queers” what they ought to do.


DF: “Every gay man is looking up Kyland on social media”. Me: Nope! Kyland looks attractive but it didn’t take long for him to rub me the wrong way personality-wise

No fave yet

Why isn’t Asah and Dum Fu*k on the block?


Cuz X wants Kyland gone.

Old School

Does X really want Kyland to go?

Game fan

Big d needs the attention and to feel safe . He is paranoid

monte allen

Worst season ever and that’s saying alot. Pretty much done with big brother as it seems staged and manipulated. Guess it has just run its course. X deserves to win. Df is cringe azah didn’t play the game at all. Disappointing.


Is it wrong that I want Janelle and/or Rachel to say to DF “You are nothing like me” after hearing the conversation regarding infamous & legendary


Yes it is wrong b/c Janelle or Rachel would validate him. There has never been anyone like BIG D in the history of the show ever!


This topic stems from something that Big D put out into the social media universe beforehand (that he had tried to meet Janelle when he was younger – implying he was a fan of hers). Turns out it was only to gain CLOUT.

The fact he’s commenting on her not being a legend well — CONSIDER THE SOURCE…

This is a man who didn’t realize how the final HOH worked (he thought X could participate in both Part 1 & Part 2 – didn’t know the winner of Part 1 moves directly to Part 3).

This is a man who said I hope if I come out of the DR crying he (Ky) won’t know how I voted. First of all there is ONLY ONE vote – who the hell did couch think Ky would pin that vote on? And SECOND — he has to stand up & vote in the living room LIVE. The fact he doesn’t know the very essence of the main part of the game says everything it needs to.

So, if Janie (or her stans) want to put him in his place —- FIRE AWAY!

Fwiw- DF envisions himself being a social influencer post game saying he’ll rival Kardashian status & will be deluged with acting opportunities & all kinds of Big Brother gigs as the legend he is.

I’d feel more empathy for him if he hadn’t spent 90 percent of his time in the house horizontal calling all the women b*tches & implying they weren’t on the same competitive level as the men or capable of having a singular opinion.


Haha did BIG D really not know those things? Well, I am not surprised…


“DF envisions himself being a social influencer post game saying he’ll rival Kardashian status & will be deluged with acting opportunities & all kinds of Big Brother gigs as the legend he is.”

How can you be a social influencer or an actor when you can’t even repeat a couple of simple words,” I vote to evict”?. I guess it’s a joke!

The Beef

The guy is a complete douchecanoe. The thing that scares me about him is that he seems to believe ALL of the crap that spouts about himself! A man that is so deluded, so blind to the actual truth to what he’s done in that house and in the game (absolutely NOTHING), that he thinks he would garner even a single vote, that wasn’t just simply a total LOYALTY vote from someone like Azah, who might do it out of ignorance to what it would mean to their season if the Couch actually won it, just goes to show you that some people actually DO have such inflated egos, and such high opinions of themselves, that they have absolutely no idea of their own abilities and contributions that they may or may not be making to life in general outside of that house. Is it any wonder the Couch has his mother paying his bills at the age of 29 (almost 30)? A “safety officer” at a military academy? What does that mean? He’s a security guard or something like that, and they tried to make it sound like more?

Not that there’s anything wrong with being a security guard, but like another name says OWN IT! And stop trying to own everything that everybody else did in the game you misogynistic slob! If you haven’t got the nutz to step up and e-vote out Ky, SAY SO so that X can use the veto on Azah and let the person who does step up and do it! It’ll keep your hands squeaky clean, which is what you want anyway (such a chickenshit), and preserve the jury vote you’ll never get anywhere but in your head, so STEP ASIDE and let the little woman step up and do the dirty work for you. Why should this incidence be any different from any of the other ones of this season? You haven’t done anything yet, so why start now?


Couch wants to be a legend and he will be…. a legendary flop. There has never been a flop as pathetically asinine as him in the previous 22 seasons of Big Brother.


You absolutely nailed it….biggest flop :(




I would rather watch Tiffany pretending to be friends with Sarah Beth in the jury house than X pretending to be friends with anyone left in the house.
This is so lame.

another name

Couch’s social media person:
I hope Derek goes on the Challenge for 5 seasons in a row!
(guessing in answer to josh or fes reference?)

Imagine it.
What would COUCH look like…. On the Challenge?

Larry Pooper

Name you the name like l


He would just cry because none of the challenges were made for him.

another name

That whatshisface guy comes out.
Challengers… today the challenge is called climb the couch.
He’s actually the immovable object in an obstacle course for five seasons.


Big D is a legend, in his own mind

another name

more like a fable. or a cautionary tale.

another name

dirty limerick on a bathroom wall next to a gloryhole.

East Coaster

^^^^ hilarious. I love your comments

another name

How X may win… but may not deserve it.
Thought that would get attention, shock and a lot of wh-wh-wh-whaaaat?
Is it just me or is X completely void of understanding in what has happened for real this season?
X tells Couch that sending Ky to jury means sending someone that can tell the jury everything they’ve done in the game. Ummm, just because X avoided Tiff and only paid lip service to Hannah (is this more of his because they’re women shit?), that doesn’t mean that both don’t know what X did and didn’t do in the season.
This is how he may win, but not be an actual deserving winner.
He was able to control how his alliance moved through the game, and by extension how their plus ones moved…. but
Did he actually have his finger on the pulse of what was going on?
The best of the best know when a houseguest passes gas before they do it.
X? So busy playing no attachment under the radar for so long… that he actually only knew what his prime circle thought or was doing.
It’s the rest of the team that knew what and how the house was thinking. X only knew what he wanted, and was lucky enough that the true movers and shakers of the game were able to spin the house in a direction that helped X (under the guise of helping the 6).

Okay. not a very strong case. But it is a case that could be capitalized on in final 2.
X knowing so little about the actual dynamics in the house and who actually did what? Big hole in his end of game argument. The people that did the social engineering work are going to be on the jury. Do they allow him to take credit for what they did?
This is the question of the day.


Counterpoint: Considering who he is talking to, maybe he thought that he could make DF believe that is what happens and that the Jury won’t have everything figured out already. I don’t think X told DF about Kyland giving away some information regarding the CookOut in his goodbye message

another name

Counterpoint received, and acknowledged, but rebutted with:
X has been so concentrated on myopic spin control, that he never took the time to actually build a knowledge base of others, their plans, their strategies.
Week one: he was safe due to Christian’s twist win. One of the people coercing Dx, but didn’t realize that Couch and Tiff were also coercing Dx in the save Ky campaign.
Was present for the formation of the cookout, initially brought up by Tiff in the episodes. Takes credit for the formation because of naming the cookout (even then, there is a lot of pushback, others saying they formed it). Along with Couch says he came up with the strategy (that he refuses to own).
Other than Christian and Alyssa… actually come up with a bond he had and a strategy of another houseguest that he socially engineered?
He couldn’t even get Alyssa to stop targeting Tiff in week 7-8 when he was still pro Tiff anti Ky. It took the combined added persuasion of Azah and Ky to right that course. And Alyssa was the easiest of the plus ones to coral.
He had the be loyal to the cause charisma that had the cookout members doing his work for him. But left to his own devices, he was inept, and didn’t have the bonds or the social capital to even socially manipulate his biggest supporter, Alyssa.
X thinks he played a game where nobody would touch him. The truth is, that Tiff steered Claire, Dx, and even Brit away from X. Ky steered SB away from X.
His game, without the cookout, could be considered a puddle of suck.
If he tries to own being a mastermind, all he can claim is that he socially manipulated his OWN alliance with “the mission” to do the work for him, but he had little to no capability to manipulate the rest.
And HALF the JURY will KNOW that.


I’ve been busy working on NBA stuff but literally have a bunch of bullets points in a draft about this very subject so I’m laughing as I’m reading this b/c we’re aligned (shocker).

Did you catch X/Azah hot tub chat (Sat)? Azah wanted to fill in details of how specific targets/events occurred & he seriously has ZERO CLUES. He spouted lies or revisionist history. He actually took credit for Christian being targeted (seriously — WTF?). It’s laughable to hear him take credit for moves he had NOTHING to do with or knowledge they were coming. That was the wall HOH & his legs were shaking so him telling Az he threw it was BS (I even remember DX telling Han or Tiff he could see X’s legs were shaking. Remember – the “Oh & also keep the Kings team safe” off the wall after thought?

Then he was fine with SB leaving even prior to POV — so much so that Ally/Chris went to DX to say they were fine taking her out that week instead of Brit (& after POV they assumed vs. DF). He was FURIOUS when Chris went up & it was the one time he actively wanted to switch the vote,& CRIED about it in the bathroom after he was cut.

I mean come on buddy. How the hell are you going to sell that BS to jury when Tiff knows the reason Chris went up is so Xavier didn’t? The truth is Tiff preferred SB leaving but DX was pulled & Ky was PUSHING HARD (it was the next week he figured out Ky couldn’t be trusted) but b/c Tiff helped isolate on SB (or Chris) he took the big shot.

Tiff walked him through his options on the board on the Thurs night (wasn’t that the time everyone thought Tiff didn’t get a 1 on 1? (meanwhile she spent 3 or 4 hours with him while everyone was asleep) Apparently X was sleeping through most of the game too.

I’ve been ranting about this for a long time now — X was INSULATED — (Cookout, Kings & Royal Flush) that was significant b/c he just laid back esp first month. He was safe W1 b/c Chris won WCC & protected him, then HOH’s were W2:Ky, W3:him, W4: Chris (remember – he couldn’t keep Hannah off the block) so it wasn’t until W5 when DX was HOH when he even needed to be remotely aware of the nuances of what was going on.

I’ve yet to hear him pay any sort of homage to Tiff, no credit at all – says she won’t be in running for AFP, wouldn’t have beat him or Ky, even questioned if she was a better player than Hannah. So he’s either ignorant/unaware Tiff was running things OR he’s jealous/bitter. Azah has more awareness about what Tiff did than X does. I have NOT been impressed with his game & this week is increasing that belief b/c he’s making a ton of simple errors (I’ll save that for the other post since I’ve gone on a rant lol). Again, I feel he really benefited by the insulation & got content (lazy even).

The perfect example of his lackadaisical approach to the game was the W5 effort to flip the vote – sending Chris to get Britt to talk to .. (no NOT him) but Tiffany. He was a spectator not an influencer or manipulator. And if he’d just bothered to take that more seriously he would’ve handled it himself & used more diplomacy.

Here’s the other thing — Tiff told him things but kept it light (never too detailed) bc she was closer to Ky until he went control crazy on W6/7 which is when Tiff/Han adapted & shifted to X. And b/c Chris left in W5 he HAD to get more involved. Part of the issue may be Ky was delivering details to him but what X isn’t considering is much of that info was coming 3rd hand (Tiff to Ky to X).

If we’re honest — what precisely did X do to help the Cookout get to six other than mediate a makeup session between Azah & Tiff? He points to throwing comps — but I’ll counter that was more to hide in the bushes & it’s BS. Prior to F6 the ONLY one he actively tried to throw for the CO was W6 (the one Ky won that he shouldn’t have). W7 he tried to win balance beam (SB). W8 he had to throw b/c of his own stupidity at taking punishments that would put him OTB either in W8 or W9 so that was the logical one to throw & even then he was out early so I’m not sure he would’ve beat Tiff.

He also WANTED to throw W9 (b/c his plan was for Claire to go). I still think he would’ve gunned for F7 HOH if he hadn’t spent the week Tiff bashing & spouting “selfish/disloyal to CO rhetoric for 10 straight days.

Anyway were in sync & I’ve got more specifics coming, but let my little rant out here lol.

another name

The hot tub convos… I’m gonna be honest. I dashed.
As soon as it became apparent that it was mr. makebelieve talking to miss whodidwhatnow I thought it was a waste of my energy.
I’m not happy with the change to final four that… I think started in 21ish.
I’m not liking this full week deal. It’s boring as hell.
I’m not impressed with the revised schedule of events so that the double was actually shot wed with the HOH wed night or thurs morning and noms on thursday afternoon before feeds returned.
It’s like…. why ADD to THE most boring week of the season?

X is and always has been full of shit. His actual power was charisma within the 6… BECAUSE he was laying lowest, and consistently badmouthing the stronger players in the alliance to each other and the rest of the crew. Strategically it’s smart to keep the large group wary of the best in game… but when he goes for the hero edit revisions instead of owning his shit, I just figure eyeroll, yeah, i saw what you did… and that ain’t it. His power was hiding his angst and acting rational and voice of reason (he was always voicing best for X as best for the 6… and both the idiots and the edits bought it).
Couch is a punchline to an unfunny joke. He’s the bastard lovechild of JC and Victoria. Something NOBODY ever wanted to see. No lie detected.
Azah is not a big brother player. She’s been in mourning for her game since week 2 complete with bible. She’d be a far better fit with her real housewife friends at brunch with season 19’s dominique (yeah, they know each other). She’s so afraid of game play affecting her real world career, that she does practically nothing. SOMEthing she should have considered beforehand.
Ky? also full of shit. Keeps going on like people owe him? I’ll say it a million times… Ky did everything Ky did for KY. He has no actual grasp or understanding of the emotions or motivations of others. He decided at the beginning of the game to dehumanize everyone and think of them as chess pieces… and now wonders why people aren’t feeling the love for him? When you don’t form ACTUAL bonds and just spiral talk at people? The love gonna die real fast.

I don’t buy any of the cam talk by Ky or X. It’s self serving attempted manipulation of the social media set for clout. They both know exactly which audience they are playing to. And it’s not honesty they are giving, it’s spin. Always SPIN.
It’s not like Ky and X were a long term final 2 alliance that was ride or die total trust since week one. That’s crap. Ky was hoping someone else would take out X until he had the opportunity with SB, then got cold feet, even though the cookout would have sent Alyssa out (if he’d let SB follow her plan). X? plotted against Ky with almost the same zeal he had to take out Tiff from end of week 5 to week 8. They aren’t a legendary duo.
I don’t agree at all that Ky and X are this season long duo, and it’s some sort of shame that X is considering getting Ky out. They were NEVER that duo. Neither were X and Couch frankly. Closest thing he had to that duo thing? Alyssa and he was bullshitting her.
The only thing that tied the men of the cookout together was a fear of Tiff’s social and strategic games (as hit and miss as that bipolar strategic game was)…. to such an extent that they had to create a mythology wherein Tiff was a non participant beneficiary of the cookout men’s good grace.


“Couch is a punchline to an unfunny joke. He’s the bastard lovechild of JC and Victoria. Something NOBODY ever wanted to see.”

?Wow, you know how to really ZING!!
Luv it.

Larry Pooper

OMG girlfriend…. All points spot on …. You go off with your bad ass self…. Lol -Pooper

another name

Oh. forgot. Tiff already told Azah that X was involved in the vote flip to save Chrisitan talk.
If Azah buys X’s revision crap… that’s on her.


I am certain you are a very nice person, but you & another name need to get your own boards to chit chat with each other. You 2’s essays are like reading term papers vs comments. I know writing is your career & all, but seriously, this is a comment board, not an assignment.

another name

Just scroll if you don’t want to read what I have to say.
I won’t be offended.

The Beef

Dumb post of they year award right here.

Like he said, if you don’t want to read them, just scroll on by. I’m betting a lot of people enjoy reading what they have to say (I know I do), and get a lot of information from BOTH of them, as well as very insightful opinions.

I much prefer their posts to those like “I sure hope Nicole F. wins this year! She’s my favorite!”, but those who post like that have the right to do it if they want to.

The fact you don’t appreciate what they write doesn’t mean others don’t, so feel free to read what you want and skip the rest.


Can you imagine the faces of those jurors when they hear BigD’s finale night speech taking credit for everything that happened in the house since Day 1?

another name

My magic 8 ball says prepare for laughter.


“The best of the best know when a houseguest passes gas before they do it.”
Damn wish i had this ability.
It would ease my Crotchety some.

No fave yet



X was having a conversation with DF that if Ky goes to the Final 3, X is guaranteed at least a 1st or 2nd place win; and on the other hand, if he keeps Azah that X may come in 3rd place. Does anyone know whether X is in fact considering keeping Ky?

It will be a crappy Finale if the Final 3 is X, DF, and Azah…  If that is the case, I hope Azah smokes X in the Part 3 of the Final HOH.


My guess is: X is going to replace Ky with BIG D and have Ky chose who to evict or keep noms the same and have BIG D to chose whoever he wants. Both scenarios X doesn’t have any direct blood in his hands…but I just don’t think he’s going to cut Ky right now, I hope I am not wrong with my prediction.


Fefe, I like your prediction!


I guess you’re being sarcastic but ok Haha


Actually I am not being sarcastic and what you are predicting is what I hope will happen. I hope that X will not cut off Ky just now. X needs to keep his “gentlemen’s” promise to Ky to repay Ky for keeping a promise to X by using the veto on X during the double eviction. I hope your prediction will happen and that Ky will not be evicted this week. Kyland deserves to go to the Final 3 more so than either “twin”.


This is a game for $750k…..who cares about a gentleman’s promise? Ky should have cut Xavier.

another name

There’s an extra day of coercion that Ky could be taking advantage of.
He’s playing his time on the block all wrong.
He COULD be playing up the bond of the three men.
Instead he’s coming off as desperate.
X as a player? Play up to his ego.
Ky instead? Coming across as weak.

Does it matter if it’s KY or Couch or Azah?
In the grand scheme?

THE ONLY possible way Azah wins is if the episode one extra inclusion of Azah was foretelling that the jury will reward her for being the least dishonest member of the cookout that took part in the alliance, but refused to play the game the rest of her alliance insisted on playing: the bitter juror pick.
The ONLY possible way Couch wins is if everyone thumbs their noses at the game and completely disrespects the series: the asshole juror pick.
The ONLY possible way KY wins is he stockholms Couch into keeping him, then cuts X at final 2.

Is that better? Ky and Couch in final 2? Cus that’s the only way Ky wins.


Another name, I am a fan of your posts. They are very enlightening. You also write really well!

another name

thank you. :)


“another name” the “Boss of Zing”


Partly agree with what you said about KY’s behavior on the block but I think they’re being directed to say and act a certain way for more drama.

another name

if it were the first time Ky had acted this way, I might agree.
It’s the third or fourth.
Without someone to ground him that he can spintalk to oblivion in order to make himself feel empowered,
he flounders.


Nah – go back to week 6. The week prior, DX had delivered provocative questions in his 1 x 1’s (that Tiff suggested lol) & impressed all the hamsters. Driven by a desire to outperform Baby D, Ky created an onerous set of questions – tried to get every hamster to reveal their game strategy to him & kept holding meeting, after meeting, after meeting.

EVERYONE was annoyed — especially X who wasn’t impressed by Ky trying to control everyone & also b/c Ky only shared portions of the intel & some of the responses pointed a finger at X/Tiff as targets.

Ky became X’s priority boot that week & only shifted when Tiff won F9 b/c he thought he’d lose Ally that week. He went on a 10-day Tiff-bashing rant & while his intentions the entire game were to break the CO prior to jury (cut Ky) his rant was more responsible for Ally leaving than Tiff winning F9 HOH (he created a situation he couldn’t walk back from especially once Tiff put Claire up).


Would that not be the best? Azah takes it all! Prayers to the BB gods to take X and DF down a peg or two!!


C’mon. TPTB have chosen X. Ages ago. X wins by their decision . My choice is still Houka for the win. Yeah, I know Houka isn’t in the game. But neither were half the players. Houka for the win!! Funny, not funny .


Couch and X sitting next to each other at F2 will look like a before and after ad for Weight Watchers.


Wow nice one, a great Zinger that was LOL

another name

Earlier today, when X explained how the final 4 vote happens to the furniture….
So painful.

When Couch says he wants him and X to be in the final 2 chairs and for it to be like Codependent and Sgt Porkchop…. where it was up in the air and anyone could win….

Stop. Wait. What? no. Oh HON-eeey. no.
no. no. no.
There was NO moment when Porky and Cauliflower were in the final 2 chairs where anyone was saying Cody could win….. no. just. no. no.
Okay, people trying to lie to themselves were saying maybe.
But even they were admitting they were lying to themselves because they thought Porky was an asshole.

What we’ve learned: Couch has… maybe… watched best of clips moments of the series. He has NO CLUE.
Not a surprise. But painful.


If this site was like the old AI Vote For The Worst site who would be our pick this week? It’s a tough choice between Lazy D and Dumb A…. what should we do? flip a coin??

Hopeful for a Good Season

X will win, but win next to a real competitor. Taking Azah and DF is a cheap win

Backseat Driver

You are spot on!

Outside Looking In

At this point I am wishing for the worst to win. I wish it would be Azah, vs couch in the final two. This year has sucked so bad, maybe if those two were in the finale CBS would just blow the whole show up, and come with a better product next year. Azah vs couch would show all of America what a complete joke this season has been, and would be the perfect end to the steaming pile season 23 has been.

Kind of like when people kept voting for Sanjaya Malakar on American idol even though his singing was the worst!


It’s a win by default. X has nothing to brag about. Example: “yay I won !! I beat a couch potato” or “yay I won !! I beat someone who doesn’t know what time of day it is”.

All the while Ky is wondering what went wrong (for starters keeping Mr. Wonderful around as long as you did).


One of the funniest things to come out of this season, is discovering the #KyComplains threads on Twitter. ALL KY seems to do on Twitter is to complain to companies and try to strong arm them into sending him FREE stuff. NOT a lot different than what he did in the house, come to think of it.


another name

You’re 9.
You’re playing dodge ball in gym.
You have the only ball.
You can take out the fat kid sitting on the floor eating paste (how he got the paste who knows),
The girl that refuses to hold the ball because it’s against her beliefs to commit violence,
Or the guy on the other side with aim and a good throw, that currently has his back turned.
You really want to win.
Who do you cannon that ball into?


Another Name – you have to tell me where you can be found to chat with when BB isn’t in season b/c I swear you give me at least one laugh out loud moment per day :-)


If Xavier makes it to Final 2, regardless if he’s up against Ky, Big D or Azah,he Wins!..

Although, if Ky is out this week. The rest of the season will be more boring than the season in total. Xavier will slay Big D & Azah. Might as well tune in on finale night to watch Xavier win. ?


Big Brother is 10 times better thzn US bb. The US version dont change it up. Its literally the same house for the last 100 years. Do a new conceptual house!! Canada’s house is from 2050 and US bb house is stuck in 1989. Also, Canada’s had triple elimations in one night. Bb US is a tored Ass Show Girl.

Larry Pooper

Oh give it up Lucas. BB Canada is so dumb with that silly moose. Get with the times.

Jaymie lee

Canada started this race wars sjw crap last year. Blames the Canadians and im one.

Sir Kirby Williams

BB Australia, much better, even had a black winner this season.


So disappointed in X after KY saves him when he could have gotten him out he is not
going to keep his word. I would rather want to win next to a real competitor than 2 people who have floated. It would be funny if whoever is next to X in final 2 the jury votes for them and he loses. Karma for stabbing KY in the back.


If that’s what he does , I will be very disappointed in him as well but I am keeping hope for him to do the right thing. Not to bring those 2 losers to the jury. Also, there was no reason for Ky to save him last time, none whatsoever! (Only thing I could think of is maybe he didn’t want Hannah to win the whole thing, that he was afraid she might win final HoH…b/c the other 2 can’t win Sh***t. It was 1 in a million Azah won that HOH

Game fan

You are watching the wrong game. Big brother is not about honnor and degretee and is not not about going with the strongest to the end. Is about winning . That’s all


I agree 100% it is about winning but never been against someone like BIG D! I dunno, something just doesn’t feel right

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

Petty item #2: Big D topless


We need more photos of that! ?

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

X jely bc Ky prettier than him

The Beef

Let me ask you this. Does Big D have any hope of winning against Ky? No. Any hope against X? No. Why then would he want to go to final 3 with either one of them?

His only hope of winning is getting to final 2 with Azah, and even then it’s slim. That means he has to take one of them out in final 4, and since X is safe, that means Ky. He has to hope Azah wins the final HOH, and takes him to the finale, because we all know the Couch isn’t going to do it.

Big D being an idiot, he doesn’t see this, but it’s the truth, and it’s the real reason he should WANT to see Ky go this week. You made some arguments why X might also want to see him go, so why is everybody not understanding X’s motivation in wanting to get Ky out this week? Clearly X is playing to WIN, which is what you’re supposed to do! Ky on the other hand seems to be playing for second place, wanting to take X to final 2, which is just dumb. It’s not like they’ve been working closely together all season – they have NOT – that’s a relatively new thing and one Ky has been pushing and X has gladly taken advantage of, as any good game player would. Now it’s time to end that fake relationship, as they’ve ended so many others this season, in the name of winning the game.

Game fan


another name


  1. The jury might respect X for keeping Ky and taking out an undeserving player at 4.
  2. The jury might penalize X for making the dumb move and keeping the threat, Ky.

Depends on the jury. This jury? Rewards X for taking out the threat.
WHY? This jury warned Ky exactly what would happen.
Therefore, they get personal validation for being right.
In general the ego of the juror will reward X because the move of taking out Ky validates everything they argued for weeks.
Ky took perverse joy in kicking the downtrodden, even when they warned him he was going to get a knife in the back next to X. If he gets a knife in the back with X? That validates the opinion of every evicted juror.
They aren’t going to penalize that which makes them right.

another name

Oh. For TTOTambz.
X Finally gave Tiff credit for something.
He’s wrong…. but he finally gave Tiff credit for an action in the game.
He argued to Couch that they had to get rid of Tiff because Tiff was in the ear of DX, SB, Claire and Hannah convincing them they HAD to take out X.
Insulting. Much?
X is trying to say that his targeting of Tiff, and plotting to break the six (he said it, he wanted to do it, only thing that stopped him was logistics) was justified because she had been telling people to target X since week 5.
That didn’t happen. Dx and Claire made up their mind together, apart from Tiff.
SB? Really? Tiff was influencing SB? …. really????
Who did Tiff convince Claire to go after? SB. Could have let her do what she wanted. Got her to go after SB. Yeah, that Tiff. What a bitch to X. Said nobody.

More revisionist history for you to ponder. Apparently the bb23 house moved to Narnia.


Sounds like DR is telling him he needs to say something but yeah that’s bullsh*t AND HE KNOWS IT. Making it even more ridiculous…

Tiff gave X the heads up about both DX/Claire questions about him & told him she was working them both (pointing DX at Chris & Claire at either SB or Ally so not to worry). Plus, HELLO she was also the one who tried to help X save Christian.

If Tiff had wanted to target him or break the Cookout she had an easy path at F9 with him already on the block. All she had to do was get Claire as secret HOH to put up Ky & Big D to ensure either X or Ky left.

He knows from Ky that SB wanted to target (X, Ally, Big D) during her HOH which was confirmed to him after they had 1 on 1’s. It was discussed at the time they needed Ky to redirect her. If you recall Tiff expected to go OTB with Claire so this nonsense from him is truly insulting.

The Hannah comment is equally a joke since that was the point in the game where he made his F3 with Tiff/Hannah —- AND —- was in the DR stating that was his TRUE F3. I mean I can’t with him anymore.

What’s his motivation? Why bother saying this to DF (his F2)? Feels like it’s solely for the LIVE FEEDERS not for couch. Seems pretty transparent that either DR is leaking details about external opinion of Tiff. Or perhaps X is remembering how badly he wanted Ky out until he lost his mind Tiff-bashing for 10 straight days & tried to set up F4 with the CO men & Ally!

Perhaps he’s worried Ky will out that to jury & it’ll be raised in questions. Again, my guess is production is pointing out to his “selfish Tiff” argument has no legs b/c she took out Claire. He probably doesn’t realize they’ll be no time for Ky to out all these things b/c he joins them at the round table & then they are sequestered until finale.

I do think Ky is going to be so pissed about the eviction & will go out of his way to try to turn the jury against X. The problem of course will be he set himself up for this & the jury can’t very well punish X for doing what they begged Ky to do (oust X).

This is now two weeks in a row where hinky sh*t is happening with X to help improve his image. Last week it was the sudden misogyny backtracking with DF & now we’re getting this. So he’s trying to plant something as “he believed this about Tiff which is why he went in hard core on her for 10 days.

Meanwhile he’s made more than enough BB 101 mistakes this week (I just got to site now so haven’t written that post yet – where does the day go) to show he was never “the mastermind” of the season. The casuals might eat it up with a spoon but announcing three different F3’s & three F2’s (four really but he never out right said Ally) in the course of a few weeks on the episodes is there for all to see.

The big takeaway for me – is X was SO CLEARLY OUT OF THE LOOP this season when it came to moves & why/how they happened. I can’t wait for post show when he learns more & starts crafting some bullsh*t narrative for how he drove everything. Fortunately, there is evidence (feeds/episodes) & a wealth of experts/analysts who know the truth. But yeah, go ahead & pitch your bullsh*t X & while you’re at it maybe you can shoot Tiff a nice gift for being the main reason why his path was so easy to F2 (and Hannah/Ky as the secondary sources).


I can’t argue with this since Claire in a video after being evicted said that she was hoping to see Kyland in the house soon “for personal reasons, not game reasons”. It might be a struggle for the Jury though since at least a couple of the Jurors mentioned DF skating by before leaving the house. I am curious what the reactions of the Jurors will be when they hear DF’s answers to 2 of the standard finale questions: 1) Why do you deserve to win over X 2) what did you personally do in this game that led you to be in the Final 2

another name

Remember when jurors laughed at Enzo?
You are actually going to see jurors peeing on the stage laughing to Couch answers.
Either that or the faces of 9 people that just got hit in the face by a train full of bullshit (aw. train to the face. 17 Becky jokes never die).


I despise TPTB create the boring questions. It’s annoying b/c I’d like to see both couch & X forced to respond to specific questions & OWN their sh*t (especially X). Sure – here’s $750k but before you get handed that stand up & recognize/ pay homage to the specific trio who is mostly responsible for paving your protected path through the majority of the game. To that end, I’m still waiting for anyone to tell me how X shifted the focus off Tiff, Hannah or Ky one time (whereas I can site all three of them & esp Tiff doing it copious times for him).

Like you I expect major laughter to couch’s responses. BUT where I wonder if the biggest shots will come is during the actual voting (keys into the box).

Will Ky continue his penchant for saying condescending things? If he wants he could nail X by saying “I’m voting for best game but let’s be clear calling someone selfish when the two finalists were were the only Cookout members who actively tried to fracture the alliance is extremely hypocritical”

If X tries to paint Tiff a certain way in his answers or speech will Claire, DX & Hannah take exception & say something in response?

I expect Tiff will replicate her eviction speech & take the high road (I almost wish she’d deliver a shot) but she may say something like “I feel like a part of your win b/c I spent nine weeks replacing your name with others as targets.” It’s more likely she’ll cite him as a fitting Cookout representative & only learn after the fact how badly he trashed her!

Game fan

True and x talked about that.
That tiff and Hanna would be glad to welcome ky to jury. And even DX . If they send azah everyone would see a boys club at f3 and be very unhappy .
Also .. x couldn’t have made a big move the entire season and get to play
Now it’s his time and azah would be a weak move

another name

Yeah, but that was the same convo where X was saying Tiff had to go because she had been turning people against X all game.
He picks, chooses, distorts everything to fit what X wants for X.
How we know? In that same convo, he was telling Couch that he had a shot to win.


Wow big d is being a fool. He was sugesting he saved Azah from going on the block a number of times, earlier today. She argued that one back, and is pissed. If X took her off and she was angry enough she might vote him out! Not going to happen but fun to run different scenerios in my head.


Who mentioned Tiffs son previously?

another name

Ky in camera talks.
I think it was about mommy being a liar?
Correct me someone if I’m way off.


My pisses me off. Why can’t he leave contestants families alone.:-/

another name

Dear future partner of Kyland,
I hope you’re watching this.

The fridge door is wide open again.
The guy that wiped his face on a tortilla and put it back in the pack…
The guy that blew his nose on a napkin, and wiped the table with the same napkin…
The guy that told the only women in the house what she should do if she gets menstrual cramps…
The guy that multiple houseguests have reminded to wash his hands after using the toilet…

THAT GUY is currently telling the furniture how to wash dishes the Kyland way. The “correct” way using the “correct” amount of soap……………………………………

Hope you enjoy Stepford future Ofkyland….


i can’t even watch this anymore. Azah is in her glory in the house with 3 men and X all to herself! I’m sorry she is the dumbest female to play this game. She thinks cooking will make her a threat!!! ? I can’t believe X is going to take the 2 weakest players to the end. They have done nothing In this game! Kyland is a pain and arrogant but he deserves to be sitting in one of the two chairs and for x not to take him coward move. All a long he was saying he wanted to sit next to a strong competitor. Bringing Derek is an embarrassment to the game! Worst season ever!


I must’ve been watching a different show — I thought Ky meandered and IMHO X wouldn’t have been nervous to face Ky b/c of speeches/Q&A but due to his comp wins & potential jurors who might be mad at X if they learned some things he said/did.

I envisioned Julie having to repeatedly cut off Ky as he searched to find his point & kept talking as he is wont to do. Ky’s strength is as a great competitor but he was never going to beat a lawyer in the oral portion of the finale.

Also, prior to X getting upset at Tiff for spoiling his F2 with Ally it was Ky who he had issues with & wanted out first (and that started Week 6 during Ky’s second HOH).