“If I feel like if BIGD isn’t going to pull the trigger I will pull you down and then you’ll do it”

HOH: Xavier
Nominations: Azah and Kyland
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Big Brother Spoilers – The veto hasn’t happened yet.

11:42 am Kyland getting up…

12:44 pm Kyland

Kyland has been doing his workout and giving out Shoutouts..
“Former President and First Lady Michelle and Barack Obama what’s up? No saying I’m expecting us to hand out or anything when we get out of here. But love to be friends or meet you won time Or get a like on Instagram or Twitter.. ”
He laughs
“The Cookout would love you know any sort of shoutout or acknowledgment of our existences.. I love you both”
” while we’re going down that list Will and Jeda.. love you all appreciate you all.

12:30 – 1:10 pm BIGD and Azah
BIGD is busy rewriting BB history this season. Azah is starting to get annoyed about it.
Bigd – I kept you in the dark about a lot of things so you wouldn’t have to lie

1:11 pm Azah and Xavier (BIGD has been busy rewriting BB history and it’s upsetting Azah)
Azah – I’m going to sit there and defend myself. I regret him going.. There’s resentment there a seed has been planted something he holds on to.
Azah – I had my insecurities in the past but I’m at complete peace with myself and the game I played to get here. It’s a lot when someone keeps on.. I dunno..
X – you know what you’ve done to get here right? it doesn’t matter those other things. The fact of the matter you are here. whatever you’ve done to get here has worked. Don’t let anyone take that from you. We’ve all done and played the game the best way we saw fit. Whoever says otherwise is fooling themselves.
X – A lot of times he’s under the impression he’s done all these things made all these moves. I won’t lie and say he hasn’t but there was also things already in place that he kinda reinforced. He may have said something.
X – just because you did something doesn’t mean it had an impact. He brought up an example Ohh I was planning on doing something but X already did it but I went and did it anyways. Times where he’s done it so say he did it but never really had an Impact that influenced anybody.
X says he’s just going to let BIGD go off and claim all these things he never did “F*** it”
Azah – I never made this a competition it doesn’t need to be a competition (LOL)
X – I think some people said some things to him that messed with his confidence and the things he’s done in the game. He’s trying to convince people that are here.. it’s his way of validating what he’s done to himself. He doesn’t realize that he’s also putting you down when he does that.

They talk about BIGD saying him being on the block is points on his resume.
X – Two by Kyland once by SB..
X – we are guaranteeing him 50K just on the virtue that I had a deal with him

X – I believe him that he’s firm with getting Ky out. What is all this emotion?
X – you’ve been working with this person all season long. Why the hesitancy? You have a choice between a person you have a crush on and has gone back and forth and has shown that you are expendable to them on numerous occasions. Against someone that has had your back this entire game. Never threw you up, never went against you in any fashion. Another person who has never put you up and when you were up I pulled your a$$ off knowing I would go up and I did. Next time I was in power you still didn’t see the block. There were only 2 other people to put on the block and one of them he knew I had a strong relationship with.

X – This is getting ridiculous I’ve asking you (DF) to do what f**ing thing, it’s between your crush and your best friend.
X – one avenue benefits me more and I’m telling you to do the other
Azah – honesty I don’t got.. Maybe I’m emotional but I’m cool with whoever he decides right now. I’ve just.. if this is such a hard decision for him to make…
X says DF wants to make a big decision in the game and he’s letting him do that with this vote “But if Azah goes home I’ll be pissed so.. your emotions make me not even want to trust you with that decision I would rather just take her off cause I know she will be like YUP send you a$$ packing”

X – I have the veto at the end of the day If I am feeling like you are not willing to pull the trigger I’m not leaving it up to chance. I will pull Azah off and she will not hesitate to pull that trigger.

X says if he gets any inkling that DF won’t vote out Kyland he’ll use the veto on Azah. “I want to give him something like Ohh I voted this person out”
X – dog I haven’t gone after you once and I ask for one thing and you are hesitant. I feel from a purely game standpoint it’s a rather easy decision.
Azah – he always brings up I have to choose between my best friend and a deal. This is a deal too you made with me I just haven’t put it in your head. He told me yesterday morning Kyland’s telling me if I do this I am a bad person.
Azah – Literally I’m on the block as well.
X – as far as this week goes make him feel comfortable so he does what he needs to do after that maybe we all sit down say this is a game whoever wins should have free reign to do what they want to do. F** the deals F** any of that. May the best person win
Azah – he says Kyland is saying he deserves to be there.. the only person that deserves to be there Is X because he won HOH. If he had won the veto he[ky] would have deserved it.
X – truthfully he says he carried you? I could have put your a$$ up you know what I’m saying.

X about BIGD – your personal relationships get in the way of you making game decisions that’s problematic. If I consider taking Azah I don’t think that is wrong at this point.
X – I kept you off the block and you are hesitating.. do you want a check or not?
Azah – 50K is a lot of money
X – all you have to do is one f**ing thing
X – You stay here he goes home. If I feel like if BIGD isn’t going to pull the trigger I will pull you down and then you’ll do it. If I feel like BIGD will do it I feel comfortable with him doing it.

4:00 pm Lots of lounging around

4:14 pm DF put Azah’s wig into the washing machine by mistake.

5:11 pm Chit chat about the show.
Azah says generally the fans are enjoying seeing fresh faces come and play she says if it’s Allstars they understand.
DF – ohh I definitely want to be invited for an All-star season
DF brings up Paul coming back right after he made it to the final 2. Says he would rather see people that went out early come back
X disagrees.
Df – you don’t want to see Frenchie (the clown) come back
X – NAH .. I love Frenchie (the clowN) but Nah the result would be the same with Frenchie (the clown)
X – Everyone watched week on Frenchie (the clown) if someone comes into this house and saw that season they will know what Frenchie (the clown) was about. I would not want to work with him 1) he blew up everything, 2) he tried to align everybody but clearly didn’t hold a word with anybody. That’s two big things In Big brother

6:21 pm Cookout chit chat

6:35 pm BIGD talking to the camera
I wonder how America receives me. Does America like me? Do the fans like me? I mean.. I hope I’m just being myself. If you don’t like me I completely understand I’m not everyone’s taste or flavour. I’m also a BIG GUY so I’m a lot to handle. If fans do like me or if people like me I appreciate that. If People don’t like me I hope I change your mind one day. I understand not everyone will like the same thing in life but I am always open to having discussions and conversations with anyone that has any questions with what I said.. Keep in mind you might get a BIG F*** you I don’t care. Thats my personality

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I don’t want to see Couch in F2, but I do want to see Couch’s F2 speech on why he deserves to win. I haven’t had a really good, belly aching laugh in awhile, so I would tune in for that.


I so agree with you. He does not deserve to be final 2, but would love to hear why he thinks so. Also, I don’t think him putting Azah’s wig in the washing machine was an accident. I watched him tell Azah how he carried her all season and she ain’t buying it. I hope X takes her off the block, put couch up and she votes couch out, that’s my hope! That would show his lazy ass!

Buh Bye

I’ll need a CostCo sized barf bag for that one!


Haha You are a very very very bad Gal u know


I think if couch were smart, he’d keep KY, convince him to turn on X bc of all the shit that X has been saying abt getting him out of the house… then he has 2 competitors who would both take him to the final. But Aza & X would both take him anyways. I just am hoping this alternative reality happens so at least things would be more interesting..

Marsha The Moose

Big D has become a bigger puppet master of the game than Raven!! LOL


Just put df on the block plz ..the season needs to come to a end …smh

No No No Yes

Oops my apologies.. meant to be a thumbs up in reply to Canadian elections

another name

Who to vote for in my riding…..

  • the asshat that louldy announces to servers in full restaurants that he doesn’t tip because if servers wanted more money they should have gotten better educations. Before the meal….
  • the college kid that was schtumping his campaign manager / best friend of his mother… who is actually happy he was schtumping a woman because she was worried that other rumor was true…
  • the woman that didn’t want to run, but said she’d do it because her son was too busy to run….

Don’t worry, the mayor has an opinion, or maybe his wife, or her sister wife that lives in the house next door (shhh, everyone knows)
On the next episode of real housewives of cousinfuq nowhere, Ontario.
(god I wish I was joking).

oh wait. they accidentally washed Azahs’s wig with the blankets? Oh this should be… nope. still boring.

Scott Ellsworth

I thought it was just me but this has been the worst, boring show.id rather watch housewives of OC.


LOL I didn’t even tune in. Came straight on here read the feeds.
Also did the mail-in-ballot, so felt disengaged with the whole process.


X – I have the veto at the end of the day If I am feeling like you are not willing to pull the trigger I’m not leaving it up to chance. I will pull Azah off and she will not hesitate to pull that trigger.

It looks like I am gonna be wrong in my prediction as X is putting alot of pressure on BIG D to cut KY…if X takes either of these 2 losers to final 2 , jury should give the money to them to teach X a lesson for BB24 players!

BB fan

That might be the only redeemable thing about the season is if Xavier loses – then again so is couch and Azah losing ugh this might be the first season ever next to 15 that I can’t find anything redeemable about the final three.

Xavier deserves to be in the final two but it’s complete chickensh!t that he’s taking Kyland out when Xavier wins in a landslide probably getting an Unanimous decision against Kyland (SB regrets being close to KY and doesn’t like him lying about cookout) and Kyland wants to take X to the final two.

Azah is not taking Xavier to final 2 and strong possiblity that Derek F is not taking Xavier- with DF being so close to Azah.

But instead Xavier wants to drag somebody like Derek F who did absolutely nothing and will get less votes in jury with Derek F going to the end. This just confirms that this season is just utter garbage because every single person kept defying the proper logic.

It’s just disgusting to think that azah and Derek who have done NOTHING are both going to make the final three and one of them will be in the final two at least if not possibly both if Azah or even DF pulls out a miracle HOH !

I just hope Xavier loses for that reason.
I’m not a huge fan of Kyland but there is NO QUESTION THAT KY deserves to be in the final two! He clearly has played the second best game of the season and it’s not his fault that the guys and especially X who are turning their back on Kyland. This just proves that Ky was screwed either way and that the only way he would’ve made the final three is if he won out with the competitions. There is not a single person in the COOKOUT that wanted to take Kyland passed final four then. The girls were always going to stick together as three!
Xavier wanting to cut Kyland now just further proof of it that Ky had to win out in order to get to the end Because those girls were always going to cut him at final four if not sooner with how beatable Derek is.

Hopeful for a Good Season


The Beef

If DF is so close to Azah, why is he having such a difficult time trying to decide to cut Ky or not? I mean he TALKS about this in front of the woman who’s on the block with Ky, which means if he doesn’t cut Ky, he’s cutting her! That along with all the other stuff he’s said to and about her this week, doesn’t make me feel like he’s that close to her at all.

How would you feel about him if you were Azah, and he was having this difficulty, right to your face? Would you feel like Big D was your “ride or die”, because I don’t think she is for him?

Yeah, Azah has to take the Couch to final 2 if she wins the final HOH, but not because they are close or because they are “ride or die” for each other. She has to take him because it’s the absolute ONLY chance she has to win the game! As for the rest, Big D has treated her like sh!t throughout the season, as he treated most of the women like that. Being an idiot, he thinks he has a better chance to win against X or Ky than he does against Azah, because there are more women on the jury than men. Idiots think like that, and in the Couch’s case, he’s a complete idiot to think he has any chance to win at all against anybody EXCEPT Azah.

Buh Bye

Oh, Couch, Couch, Couch… You being a “Big Guy” has absolutely no bearing on why fans can’t stand you. Nice try. It’s the “keep in mind you might get a big f*ck you” and your misogynistic comments and delusions that make you a walking barf bag. For you to think for even one second you’re remotely “All-Stars” material, puh-leeeeez.

Scott Ellsworth

Theresa was the Mastemind of the Cookout, GENIUS,

The Beef

She must have went out REAL early!


Listening to the conversation with X & Azah, she really does not pay attention. X said that he gave BigD 1 thing to do, vote out the guy he has a crush on which is Ky, X then said what is wrong with BigD, doesn’t he want a check for 50k. That went completely over Azah’s head, she didn’t ask X, wait a minute, so you are g0ing to take BigD to final 2 ??

X really is not as smart as he thinks he is, he makes a lot of comments that expose his hand. As for Couch asking the camera he hopes America likes him, and he wonders how he is being received, I sure hope he goes back and reads this site so he can see that America thought he a total waste of space. He has no game, nothing personal, but the man is annoying and very lazy.

When I see him peeling potatoes in the kitchen, sitting in a chair, I think, damn, can’t you stand up ? He is so lazy, and then when he said he would love to be invited back for All Stars, REALLY!!! Couch is no All Star. Why would he be invited back to big brother, he can’t win anything, he is a big hot mess, and he’s very jealous and mean hearted.

Azah thinks she has a chance with X, Couch has a crush on Kyland, couch even said yesterday Ky should be flirting with him, hugging up on him, make him feel like he’s wanted, if he wants the couch to vote for him !! That totally turned my stomach, I have never understood why Ky let’s couch sleep with him when he’s HOH, we’ll yes I do, Ky is working him for a vote at the end. But Couch actually feels like he might get more from Ky than cuddling ? Azah & Couch need help !!! Both are falling head over heels for men who don’t want them, they are playing them for a vote..

another name

Azah already confirmed to X and Couch that she’s well aware that they have a final 2… and she’s fine with it. In the Living Room… The day she first said she’d vote out Ky for them, no problem.


Wow. I missed that. Low self-esteem or actually dim? I can’t decide.

BB23 Connoisseur

Yup she said a long time ago that she was perfectly fine with just making it to final three. I think that’s why these last 10-12 seasons have been so terrible. People aren’t playing to win, they’re playing to make it to f3s or f4s or at the very least jury.

The Beef

2nd place pays $75k I believe. I think the $50k reference was to the 3rd place money, not the final 2 money, although I could be wrong about that. I know they pay more than just the top 2 now which is a change from what they used to do, and they all know it. It’s been talked about on here ever since they announced that the top prize for this season was going to be $750k instead of $500k at the beginning of the season.

Scott Ellsworth

I got to be honest I quit watching weeks ago because the show stinks. BigD is still there, he’s the worst player EVER,EVER,EVER. BADbadbadbbbad.

another name

Lack of insight.
Lack of self awareness.
Talking about Old Methdonald.

He blew up everything.
Sorta like plotting to take out Tiff and keep Alyssa at 7, if the logistics had worked and it wasn’t Hannah that won that HOH in the first Double? Or maybe that plot week five to say screw the cookout, keep Christian, and run with the remains of the Royal Flush (that Couch and Azah are still not 100% existed).
He tried to align everybody but clearly didn’t hold a word with anybody.
X had FOUR separate overlapping final three deals, and FIVE final two deals…. in week 9.
He’s down to 2 final 3 deals and 2 final 2 deals… and he’s planning to axe one of them this week.

Is this where we insert the clown music?
Those are two big things in Big Brother. HERE’S A THIRD: OWN YOUR GAME.


DF votes out Ky… X, AZah and DF “battle” it out in the final HoH which X easily wins, X turns his back on DF like he turned his back on Ky and X takes AZah to the final 2 where he beats her handily 9-0.


Couch wants to be asked to be in All Stars BB? He’d be lucky to get an audience seat for it. What a joke. Even X is tired of him spouting off about all the things he’s done to get so far. He doesn’t have the heart to break it to him that none of the things he thinks he’s done would have even affected the game. Yeah Couch, you played such a great game…NOT!

BB23 Connoisseur

“Azah- i never made this a competition, it doesn’t have to be a competition”….Big Brother is literally a competition:) Ugh, Azah was able to play such an honest game because she really didn’t play at all. Just laid around in the jokers den and complained about lack of inclusion lol. Don’t care if people think his game sucked, at least Ky played one. If I was DF, i would blindside X and vote Azah out. And make a deal with Ky beforehand to ensure he is taken to final 2 if it comes down to that. Cause I really need to hear his final speech to the jury…then again I lowkey wanna hear Azah’s too. I would love to hear her tell the jury that they would have made it as far as she did if they hadn’t lie, backstabbed, schemed, manipulated, you know, basically play the game lol.


It’s just a game folks!!! Who really cares? Probably only the people who are playing the game!?