“This is my opportunity to find out if I was right to trust Xavier. Honestly, I think I was. As dumb as it sounds.”

HOH: Xavier
Nominations: Azah and Kyland
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Big Brother Spoilers – Will X use the veto on Kyland?

12:49 am Chit chat and music

1:30 am BIGD and Azah
DF – Ky is going to be the death of me. He made it clear that He earned to be in top three and if I don’t pick him basically I am not a man of my word.
DF – that shows that I’m selfish and that I’m not a good person. that’s what I got from the conversations.
Azah – he ain’t earned shit. If he would have won that veto he earned top 3. If you won that veto then you earned top three. The person that earned top three is X.
DF – he feels like he protected people. He feels like that he could have gotten X out at top 5. He feels like X should be bringing him to top three and I should be bringing him to top three.
Azah – how would he have gotten X out at top 5?
DF – pulling Hannah down. Me going up. and Hannah would send X home.
Azah – he didn’t
DF – maybe him and X have a deal I didn’t know about
DF – I’m just venting to you he’s making me feel like the worst person ever.
DF – Am I a bad person sending him home?
Azah – no, I don’t think so.
Azah – I could be here telling you you are a bad person sending me home.
DF – I know that. I’m not going to send you home.. NO. No matter what I do someone is getting hurt.
DF – obviously I’m sending him home I already made my mind up. The things he’s saying to me it’s like. I wanted to work with people that are honest I deserve to be here. If you are a man of your word I trust you. You aren’t going to do anything.
DF – I feel like at this point I’m telling you the same thing this is how I put it. I’m telling you the same thing I told Azah. You never know what Xavier might do. He could use the veto and bring down Azah and me and you are on the block. Like. We don’t know. He might keep noms the same we don’t know.
Azah – I thought Xavier told you to just keep telling him not to worry about stuff and not give up hope. There’s going to be a lot these next 4 days.
DF – some crazy things that made me feel like.. mother f***er this is a game. Are we really taking this sh1t that personal? It’s a game.
DF – He’s like I put in a lot of work..
Azah – So did Tiffany. she put in a lot of work.. WORK and strategy. Hannah put in work too.
DF – if he ends up going he’s going to look at me like a bad person..
Azah – he’s the judge of good people and bad people?
DF – no only god is. This is all before he went out to the hot tub with you.
DF – Obviously I’m not getting rid of you. I’m just venting cause I have nobody else to talk to.

DF – his argument to me is because he won Veto twice that is why no one was able to get him out. He won HOH at 6 and veto at the 6 and veto at the 5th. He’s saying there’s no way anyone can ever.. Could vote him out. He like really didn’t need no body in order for him to get to the point where he is at now.
Azah – what are you going to do with that
DF – He’s looking at me kinda like he’s done a lot for me so I should do a lot for him. I’m like at the six it don’t matter who put me up I wouldn’t have gone home. At the 5th you could have put me up and I still wouldn’t have gone home. Nobody was getting rid of me it would be dumb for their game. If one of the girls would have won it would have been a whole different scenario. You 9ky) and X would have been on the block you won veto X would have gone home.

DF – he’s saying he could have played this game a whole different way he could have been selfish the entire time. Played a dirty game and made it to the end to get the money. He’s like I brought people along that I felt were honest and not money greedy and things like that.
Azah – he couldn’t have gotten me out at six if he tried and I won at 5.
DF – He’s saying in general he’s talking about X and Me.. HE’s trying to say he was bringing people along that were going to be like Honest.. and straightforward and THINGS LIKE THAT.
DF – he was like I went forward with you because I trust you. I went further with her because I trust her. I went forward with X because I trust him
Azah – you went forward cause you had no other options.
DF – I said that.. Tell you the truth KYLAND everyone was coming for you.
Azah – does he even know that
DF – I told him that. Tiffany pulled a selfish move but he did too.
Azah – how many deals have you gone back on in this game
DF – it would have been his.
DF wonders if Kyland will look at taking him out as a game move or if they will see it as “you lied to my face we had a promise he sent me home”
Azah – did you have a final three or two with Kyland
DF – no just that we wouldn’t vote each other out.
DF – no matter what he’s going home we know that.

2:00 am Ky alone in the have nots
2 am Saturday night.. Final 4 just played the final veto.. I lost BAD First one out before Azah before Derek.. BIGD.. it was a balance agility thing. I’ve never been more disappointed with myself my entire life.. Wait that’s not true. This game is like a bubble so it feels like your whole world so I say things like that. I have done things in my life outside of this house where I’m more. disappointed than that BUT like I said when you are in here the game becomes your whole world.
I let down myself, My family, my friends, and anyone in America that might possibly be cheering for me. I’m sorry
I don’t feel sorry for myself just sorry for letting all you down
This is my opportunity to find out if I was right to trust Xavier. Honestly, I think I was. As dumb as it sounds. I would be surprised if he decides to A) not use the veto on me and B) use it on BIGD and BIGD not save me and C) use it on Azah.. all these are possible.
The point of trouble I have with X is I don’t think he realizes how much more forthcoming..
Feeds cut. When we’re back..
I straight up told BIGD YO! if X doesn’t use the veto on me and I’m at his mercy he would be the sole vote to evict. He would have an easier time ensuring his path to final 2 if he cuts me. I told him that. That was stupid of me.
I wanted him to know that I don’t like taking advantage of people when they don’t know things.
I remember I got asked if I’m too nice to play this game. Maybe I am but I don’t think I am. I had a lot of people, Tiffany, Hannah, DX, Claire, SB, at least half the jury tell me that I couldn’t trust Xavier that he wants to win TOO much to even risk bringing a competitor further in the game if he ever had a chance to cut them he would cut me. I told every single one of them they are wrong not to their face I decided they are wrong not to trust Xavier.
Now that I’m finally in that moment it’s scary. I don’t know if people will look at it and say I’m dumb or I am smart, or honourable, respectable, or what. Maybe naive or foolish, I dunno.

I don’t regret any of my decisions I feel I was making the right ones given what I knew. The only bad decision was not stopping to take more deep breaths during the veto competition. To get my mind right. YO Kyland what is your strategy right now SPEED was not working I needed to slow down. I needed to use my head and try to get more control and not worry if I was first every round. I feel this is the type of competition where someone with a temperament like my dads.. which I think Xavier kinda has. That calmer temperament. I’ve been under pressure in this game I’ve done well but two times I didn’t. On the flip side competitor wise. UGH.. I’m devastated to have lost so badly. LAst place in the final 4 veto against two players that have historically not done great in a lot of competitions.
I love BIGD for fighting his heart out to win that one for me. I need to thank him again for that tomorrow. I know that was on his mind trying to win so that he can show me. So he can pay me back. He doesn’t need to I love him. I appreciate his heart and his loyalty.
I need to figure out why he’s (x) is bringing me. He kinda told me once but I feel like we talked more about why we each want to win not why it would be cool for the other one to be wining. The answer is kinda similar I would love to check and confirm for sure. If any family or friends are watching and you are crying that Xavier is in the other room saying he’s excited to cut me and walk to final 2 or final HOH.. I’m sorry I was too trusting everyone else was right. I don’t think they are he seems too good of a guy. He does know how important it is how the winner of this season is looked at. Ohh god I hope he does.

I was going for three in a row. Sucks to not be able to save yourself. It’s not a feeling I’ve been used to this summer. Especially since I’ve been worried about keeping 6 other people safe. Keeping Xavier safe.. he probably didn’t need rescuing I needed to keep him safe for me.
Xavier’s family I hope you raised him in a way so he knows how important it is that this seasons winner be representative of a lot of different characteristics besides simply a will to win by any means necessary. It’s just a game. Maybe some people admire that play even by someone that doesn’t have to play that way. I could be wrong.
I’m scared all the people that told me not to believe Xavier were right but I don’t think they are
I kept Xavier safe for two weeks in a row just need him to keep me safe for one. Just one.. this next one I will win this final HOH and Bring Xavier with me. Honestly, if his social agreements give him the wins mad respect. He brought me past four he’s an honourable guy. I have nothing but love for him. Love and respect for having such an exemplary winner.
The fact that he also like me wants to compete against Tyler and Cody, Or play with them. Oh my god what a dream. I was so devasted that Cody and Tyler couldn’t link up and face off. that would have been DOPE.

Good night..

2:30 am Zzzzzzzzz
10:00 am Wake up

10:20 am BIGD and Xavier
BIGD goes over his conversation with Ky last night. How Kyland chose them to go with because he thought they were men of their word.
Xavier – No matter what we didn’t go back on our word. I promised you and you promised me.
Xavier – at this point, either one of them is a viable option I just need you to get comfortable with the idea of it being either one of them. Before you were no Azah no matter what. NO we need to consider both of them. We’ll take the next couple days to figure out what would be best for US
X – for me I just need to know can you beat Azah? I’m pretty positive if Azah beats both of us she’s taking you not me. IF we bring Kyland its more of a toss-up who he brings you or I
BigD – It’s funny how he went from Weeks again.. Ohh we’re never going to vote out each other we have each other back.
Azah joins them.

10:39 am BIGD and Azah talking about Frenchie the clown and how he wanted to get to the end with all women and minorities. BIGD brings up that Frenchie the clown nominated two minorities and a woman was because of Brent. BIGD now blames the first-week noms on X. Saying he stayed up all night with Frenchie the clown the first night but the second night it was X’s job “but he went to bed instead.. he went to bed with his team so guess who was still up? BRent.”

10:56 am Xavier and Kyland
X says he’s going to have his meetings today. he’ll leave Kyland to the end. Xavier says for this Azah talk he’ll bring up that Kyland did use the veto on him last week so he has to consider all options.

11:32 am Everyone together eating breakfast.
Azah talks about never forgetting the look on people’s faces when they get evicted.

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BEST quote of the week, “Azah – he ain’t earned shit.”


Azah should know about not earning shit.

Azah who

Azah should know about not earning shit or piss. What did she do all summer. One HOH was thrown to her. Thanks Xavier


Like Azah earned sh*t! Lol


I am glad that I wasn’t up to hear the conversation between DF & Azah. My blood pressure would have gone up listening them talk as if both of them did more than him


Neither one has done much of anything. Ky and X deserve to make the final two.


I agree with you 100%. Even with the Azah not earning sh!t comment anything but Kyland and X in the finals would be an absolute travesty. Those two deserve to be in the finals without question.


I totally agree. I would hate DF and Azah to win but it looks like one might go to 2nd place. My blood boils. They don’t deserve anything and they are acting like they do. What have they done except take up space?

Sir Kirby Williams

How is there a convo between the two lamest players about Ky not deserving anything?

Ahah is such a joke in this game. Probably doesn’t realize that the HOH she won was thrown to her, and her reign saw the one person she needed that was left, go home.

Next her and Big D will be talking about going on MTV Challenge…maybe BigD will look to follow in daddy’s footsteps and try to get a match vs a Paul brother.


No way either one of them would get accepted on The Challenge. She’s built like a stick and would break so easily. He couldn’t keep up with any of them. I was surprised to see Hughie there this season but, even though he gets on my nerves, he’s still there.

You can try KY but this week is good Bye

Sorry Ky you surviving this eviction just isn’t going to happen. The path to winning 750.000.. or second place money is just much easier for everyone left in the house with you gone. Big D too money hungry and not voting out his best friend in the house, and X is too influential over Big D. X wants that win and money.. he knows his 1A and 1B plans are fully in place with KY gone.


I think X would be stupid to take DF and Azah who would take each other to the two if they won that last toss up competition.


That would make for a Holy Shit ending for the season if that would happen!!


It would also be a slap in the face to all black Americans. The two WORST , true Jokers, being scripted to end up final two.

Jaymie lee

And to all White people for having the non pc correct skin colour.


What are the odds of DF winning anything? Or of Azah beating X?

Isn’t it more likely Ky would beat him? Unless Ky isn’t there.


If Ky was cut and for some unforeseen reason either Azah or DF won the last HOH comp they could take each other and probably would. I would be sick…


I would laugh my a$$ off! Sadly, it would be a complete end of BB for me…

hernanday oleary

They have to win something to take each other to the end. DF won zero all season, Azah only won what he threw to her. X is going to take X to the end with DF and win.


Agreed but it’s slightly a bit risky bringing Couch or Azah in front of the jury as they might see it as an insult to real players. Although I would be very surprised if the jury decides to hand over that money to either one of them


How ironic that if Ky leaves in 4th place he’ll earn the $7500 bonus which means he’ll make just $2500 more than SB who got that $5k POV prize.


And $17.5k less than America’s Favorite Player. :-)


4:40 PM BBT – DF tells Azah that he’s played the same game as Xavier, but Xavier has just won a few comps. Yes you did BIG D…BAHAHAHAHA


Big D thinks he built this.


Sure, Couch has played the same game as X, but X just won a few more comps.

And I’ve made the same strategic business moves as Elon Musk, but Elon just built a few more electric cars and spaceships.


@San Diego Gal! —- OMGosh, that’s hilarious! Let’s extend that metaphor:

I’ve written some romantic messages greeting cards, just like Jane Austen wrote books – but Jane just wrote longer ones and had characters.

Carlito's Way

To my recollection, this is the worst final 3 ever. Floaters often coast to the end (and sometimes win – I’m looking at you Nicole), but I don’t recall two people this lame, lazy and undeserving to win a dime, sleeping their way to final 3. It makes X look bad. Shows no respect for the game. X is smart and has to know he would win even if he brought Kyland, who got a lot of blood on his hands. X is tainting his win. If I were a juror, I’d loose respect for X taking TWO people who slept through the entire season. They did absolutely NOTHING. X will obviously win. But a season that was supposed to be so epic and historical, is going to end with a cheap shot that makes X look like a complete loser, IMHO. X has always been too hungry and it’s ain’t pretty – that’s why I could never take to him. And this play is indicative of that hungriness. He doesn’t need to win this way. No mad props to you X. I just can’t respect a guy who would bring DF and Azah, arguably the worst players in BB history, to a season that was supposed to be historical.


I can’t wait for this season to be history.

Just Sayin'

It’s not X’s fault though that Big D and Azah are the worst players of all time, like come on, the guy is trying to win 750000 dollars, I’d get rid of kyland to ensure my win too

Carlito's Way

He’d win anyway.


Not if Ky won Final HOH and took somebody else.

The Beef

You don’t know that, and neither does X. He’s playing to win, and there’s nothing wrong with doing that.


Ensures the win but lose respect. Goes back to Do you want to be liked or respected?


Hahaha $750,000 loser I think he will take the insult…it would’ve been a much better final four with x, Ky, tiff and Hannah but here we are!


Many say Azah is as delusional as Big D but she gets a gold star in my books for being Big D’s primary caretaker. Virtually every HOH comp was followed by him spinning out with block paranoia. Everyone heard these whimpers but typically Azah was left alone to calm him down/let him vent.

Once safe, he immediately shifted to bravado regurgitating his mastermind narrative. Occasionally, Azah would halt his delusions & the duo would argue but for the most part placated him. A recent episode showed her caught in a Kyversation – cut to DR & her saying you just agree b/c nothing he says makes sense. IMO dealing with Big D and his never ending focus on “self” was similar except she likes him a lot more.

However, last night reached a new level of hilarity & delusion even for Big D…

While Ky is in the DR the trio are talking & we’re getting unhinged Big D — ranting about Ky & how they’ve worked so closely with the kicker being DF implying HE USED KY as his weapon to deliver HIS moves…
I have literally had this man do every move that I cannot do because I did not win.”

While X & Azah somehow restrain the laughter, they point out Tiff was going regardless (OKAY X). It’s the unsaid portion I’m dying over —- Ky’s two other HOH’s took out Frenchie (Big D’s BFF/F2) and Britini (Big D’s shared plus 1). So THOSE were YOUR moves Derek? … I can’t!!!!

The trio discuss how to handle the POV with DF continuing to stress about voting out Ky in front of Azah – citing how the jury won’t buy it or appreciate him doing that. Never mind how enjoyable it would be for fans to witness him having to “sadly evote Kyland” live. Clearly, X can’t trust Big D to do it & Azah has zero issues with it. (*see below for more on why Azah likely gets pulled down)

X ends that portion of the convo saying to stay calm – just keep telling him (Ky) not to worry or give up hope. X locks them it down & tells them is HAS TO BE A BLINDSIDE!

Big D waffled a ton while Azah straight up, eyes sparkling says “I’ll do it”. X’s preference is for DF to do it for various reasons (have Ky focus on DF being the one to break the deal — leading to likelihood of Ky favoring X in the vote). The issue is there are days until that veto ceremony & you know Ky is going to drive Big D/X insane with meeting, after meeting, after meeting about this.

(*as per note) Later Big D/Azah convo – the big man is focused on his favorite subject (himself) saying how hard, unfair this all is (imagine how it was for the people playing the game these 11 weeks!) & retells how Ky is pressuring him, trying to make him feel guilty etc & says I told Ky “You never know what X will do. He could use veto on Azah and me/you are on the block. We don’t know… He might keep noms the same we don’t know.”
She reminds him what X said to tell Ky (which is anything but what he said to him). And HELLO Big D — you’re ranting to the person OTB that leaves if you keep Ky could you be more insensitive? Finally, he senses her mounting annoyance & tells her he’s obviously keeping her – but just needs to vent. (right – but you’ve been the one having to manage Azah this entire game right Big D?)

So the fallout from this will be Azah will spill that tea to X (or Ky will). It’s going to piss off X who is already mad DF can’t keep his mouth shut & has caused more damage in 2 days to X’s game than he seemingly did all season. Fortunately, X has options “but first” (lol) he has to assertively dial Big D back in – sternly tell him to STFU & the only thing he wants to hear him saying to Ky is “I’m sure it will be fine.” He might want to hint if DF can’t do that then maybe X needs to adjust his end game! Mind you that might send Big D into his own tail spin. So perhaps, a more delicate – Bro – you’re my F2, I’m asking you to do one simple thing, don’t let me down.

B/c we know how Ky will be on X relentlessly – my guess is he will try to shut it down & feed him a simple “it’s all good, don’t worry” We know Ky isn’t going to let it go with that & will want X to specifically say “I’m using the POV on you” so the lawyer in X will need to search his vernacular for a reasonable facsimile that will appease Ky. Perhaps “don’t worry if I get any indication Big D won’t do the right thing, I’ll use the veto – just chill, you’re stressing me out.”

And, if I’m already thinking this is going to be a long 4 days (Weds evictiont?) especially for X (that’s what you get for partnering with these two men you thought were easier to work with than the women) — then my guess is X will need to take option B (let Azah evict him).

X can’t spill the guys F3, but he can say DF’s paranoia confirms he has a F2 with Ky so essentially he had all 3 of us taking him to F2 which is a bit shady. Then suggest a deal — that “it would be advantageous for them to take each other to F2” (note the wording) get her agreement & confirm he’ll take her down to vote our Ky. She typically stays true to her FIRST deals & since DF never made a F2 technically this would be her first. That would ensure X gets to F2 regardless. He can still take DF or cut him & say b/c I needed to ensure Ky left I made a deal with Azah & besides you’ve made money & I’m sure you’ll get AFP.

X has repeatedly said he believes Big D will win AFP ($25k) so with the 3rd place bonus ($10k right?) & stipend ($12k) and his $7500 for Domino POV X will think Big D is still pulling in $54.5k (that’s a ton considering Tiff will get $12k!) BUT unless TPTB pull a real BS move the 3 finalists for AFP should be DX, Han & Tiff (poss Claire). If Grodner gives it to the person truly voted for it’ll be DX in a landslide, Hannah fans as Another Name noted are bit extra though so she could vault up & Tiff should get a surge especially if former BB players get on that train feeling she did all the CO work & got screwed. Either way Big D would still get 29.5k for spending 3 months horizontal.


Too bad Kyland probably won’t do with X what he did with SB (that all night talk session from hell)


I can’t stand that couch made it this far. The thought of him getting AFP puts me in a tailspin. At first, I wanted DX for AFP. Then, I was so impressed with Claire that I thought I might pull for her. Now, I’m still pi$$ed at the way Tiff went out. I understand game but we all know this year was different for the CO. At least, for most of them. I’m thinking about X of course. Maybe in his head he is telling himself he was all about the mission and the BS he was spewing about Tiff, trying to convince others about her “selfishness,” he was also trying to convince himself. A way to justify cutting her before Alyssa. He just got nasty. He used the CO as a shield. The mission was not his priority. He’s a phony. DF was always nasty! They both seemed to get good edits.

Sorry! I’m venting. The hypocrisy of X calling Tiff selfish is unreal. She set things in motion for the CO. Knowing it was jeopardizing her personal game, she stayed true. I know she made mistakes along the way but I admire her. I know she probably won’t win AFP but I can hope!


I’m with you 100%. X weaponized the cause of the first Black BB winner against Tiffany. He rallied the CO against Tiffany under the guise that she is selfish and doesn’t prioritize the mission, while the entire time he planned to keep his “plus one” and subvert the mission. X’s only redeeming quality is that he did play the game, which is far more than we can say for Couch.

Big Brother 23 Fan

I am voting Tiffany for AFP because she played Big Brother. It’s embarrassing for Derek F and Azah to both still be in the game.


No need to be sorry — I went back to catch some talks from last night & will have a post coming up on how yesterday proved to me just how much Tiff (and to a lesser extent) Hannah were running the house.

Hint: in the last 48 hours X has made at least two BB 101 mistakes that left me shook — I don’t know how he’s being called this season’s master player. Anyway catch up later to see that (need to get another NBA article first – girls gotta eat lol)


“Kyland, You In Danger, Gurl!”
Hilarious recaps thanks to Tamara Tattles. She would be welcome here!

“Big D in his DR session says he likes to be a leader so it is hard for him feel like he is just riding people’s coattails.”

HA HA only if there are coattails made out of a King Duvet. ((that’s not a sizeist joke – it’s just that he’s a king sized couch surfer)) and delusional to boot.


X best bet is to take Azah down and let her vote Ky out. DF vacillates a lot. All Ky has to do is Kiss DF and then it’s over with! Lol! He definitely won’t vote Ky out after that Kiss! Lol


Azah will not only do it, she’ll enjoy it!


What bothers me so much is I’ve been rooting for the 6. It was going to be historic & amazing to have the first Black winner. Now the thought of Big D or Azah sitting in final two & possibly winning changes the narrative completely. Like them, or not, if Ky, X, Tiffany or even Hannah won the season it would be a noble, earned, winner with merits to seriously win over any of the 16 WIN. If Big D wins it will be a joke. Stand up X & be a POC with morals & skills and honor your final 2 with Ky….you still win the money!


This is Big Brother, not Big Giveaway Mistake…


I hope that the SJW learnt the lesson and forcing a winner of a race just for an agenda isn’t worthy.


So you think X will still have morals and honor if he breaks his F2 with BigD, just not if he breaks it with Ky???


So in BB24, will the entire game consist of HGs laying in bed for weeks at a time? Cuz that’s apparently the new winning strategy.


X might be sorry he gave DF the idea that it was OK to break your final deals. DF seemed shocked when X wanted Kyland out at 4.


X should make sure Ky is out. Ky is a threat. Whether you like his gameplay or not it is in his best interest to reduce his risks. Didn’t Ky feel that Tiff and Hannah were threats to his game? Personally I’m just looking forward to last three competitions. My favorite comp was CSI HOH. This is my favorite season. Unfortunately this will be hard to beat. I love the team part but being only one winner sort of backfired. People couldn’t get out of team frame of mine. I liked CO mission but screwed up many personal games. Last thought BB is ONE WINNER GAME! For better or worse people need to use everything to get to $750,000.00.


This >> A) not use the veto on me and B) use it on BIGD . Do they not know how the veto works after all this time on the show. Big D is not on the block. why do they think X can use it on Big /D LOL


“Big D is not on the Block”, but he is a “Blockhead”


X has been my favorite throughout the season. But now that I think of Kyland being cut I am torn. My ideal win would be X at first place and Kyland at 2nd. But would Kyland take X if he had the choice? I don’t known?

another name

Bitter thoughts.
Well, a lot of people that were so focused on the six as a unit never really took the time to look at the individuals, did they?
I’m annoyed, sure. Suddenly it’s a big deal?
I’ve been annoyed since week fricking 3 when I was saying heeelllll… two pieces of furniture are going to be in the top 4 and that sucks. I’m annoyed that that was, in part, viewed as being against the mission. No, that was against a finale night at bed bath and beyond where we are watching a bedpost or a couch be rewarded.

I’m annoyed by something else. They still aren’t owning their games.
Couch is talking like this is the first week anyone has been backstabbed.
He’s either backstabbing Azah or he’s backstabbing Ky. Boohoo.

So what. The entire strategy of the unit was to play dumb, backstab, then go back to playing dumb… so much so that they are still playing dumb now. Playing dumb to the extent that I don’t know if they’re playing or just lacking insight.
I’m not being the moral or ethical cop here. I love a villain that owns their villainy. Some of my favorite moments ever are the big cons, and the big backstabs.
Why I don’t love it this season: I love it when the villainous move is owned by the person that commits the move. This season it’s yay we did it… shut up, if we don’t tell them HOW nobody will ask.
It seems to me that the cookout members left in the game all want the prestige and glory of being in the 6 person alliance that made it to 6 with the first (sorry Tamar, sorry Josh) black person to win… but not a one of them actually wants to own the responsibility for HOW they got their. Sure, two of them will claim they started the alliance, but neither of them are talking about claiming the backstab strategy and owning it.

This rant is brought to you by:
Ky blowing his nose in a tortilla and continuing to use it for dinner.
Couch calling someone else entitled… and not being wrong… but not acknowledging his own entitled existence.
X being X. DO IT OR DON”T. OWN IT. Jee—–pers H. Creepers.
Azah trying to help Couch come up with an argument to win. Eyeroll.


“watching a bedpost or a couch” is dead-on, lol big time