“[X] does talk to Hannah, Tiff and I do think he talks to KY and he talks with Azah some and BIGD a lot”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

FYI – Teams are done, Wildcard comps are done, Twist next week with Fan involvement

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Big Brother spoilers – Brit and SB are being nominated as of now.

9:30 am Alyssa and christian going over his pitch
Christian- he said after the comp your guys spoke and you promised all the kings safety on top..
christian – what I’m going to do is state my points as like.. these are the reasons why I should stay. It doesn’t matter I know we’re good with the 4 and the royal flush. X said you guys made a deal and we’re all good it doesn’t really matter though because I know we’re with the four
Alyssa – I don’t think I needed that because I trust you and the royal flush
Christian – it doesn’t make sense for us because you’re my biggest shield and I’m your biggest shield if we’re on the block together that is the closest battle if we’re on the block against anyone else we’re going home

9:35 am Claire and DX
DX is going over how he will structure his One on Ones with the house. He has a series of standardized questions for everyone.
THey celebrate they both made it to Jury.
DX goes through his questions “Who are do you feel most threatened for your personal game”
Claire – I worry the most for my personal game is Christian
DX – Really, You’re personal game
Claire explains that Christian will try and weaken DX and might take a shot at her.
Claire – I also worry about X I don’t talk game with him I’ve never talked game with him since the first week.

Claire – I see Ky running around talking to people for 2 hours and I feel X could be similar but I just don’t know. I think X partnered with the biggest guy that’s a strategy the biggest guy gets hit, you breeze through.
Claire says people always say SB and Alyssa out next but what About X?
Claire- he’s likable. I just can’t read him. I try to see who he talks other social games with? He does talk to Hannah, Tiff and I do think he talks to KY and he talks with Azah some and BIGD a lot.
Claire- you don’t really see him talk to other people
DX – how solid are you with the detectives?
Claire- I feel solid about the detective I don’t think that we will turn on each other
Claire isn’t confident she can beat the detectives in the final 2 but she feels good about her chances to win the final 3 HOH.

DX – X I can’t talk a lick of game for a week and I still feel good about him.. KY I don’t talk to him for a day and I’ like this dude’s turning. It’s because he talks game with everyone in this house
Claire – his brain is always turning if he’s not talking to me about it he has to be doing it with someone else. You can always trust Ky will do what is optimal for his own game .. most people will..
DX – at this point I am riding with you and Tiffany
Claire says people will likely target DX first out of the three.
DX says tiff and him pulled out the chessboard last night.
Claire – ohh you pulled out the chessboard?
DX – I was a deep session.. Tiff will fill you in
DX – I want Ky to win the veto this week and ideally..

DX – Third question – who are the people you would not like nominated
Claire – Tiffany, Ky, Hannah, Azah.. that is my list
DX – that’s a fair list
DX – have you ever mentioned my name to anyone or have you heard my name mentioned
Claire – no to saying your name yes hearing you name.. By SB two days ago. This is the context. the conversation was just between her and myself
Claire – she was basically saying that she thinks you are the biggest threat in the game. She was like I don’t know when the other kings will take that shot.. it will be up to you and me to take that shot (See image above for his expression)
Claire – not in the net week but the week after that..
Claire – I was like Ohh interesting
DX – that is really surprising she would tell you that
Clair e- I know. Maybe she just talks to KY and she doesn’t see what is happening in the game.

DX is using gummy bears to track the questions..
DX- Are you willing to go up as a pawn this week.. you can’t .. (next question)
DX – Are you willing to make any deals with me so that you do not end up on the block
Claire – yes
Claire says she suggests he doesn’t offer any deal let them offer the deal
DX – I don’t like the word deal
DX – what would you do if you were HOH this week?
Claire – I personally would say f** it and put Christian and X up on the block
DX – you have huge F***ing energy
Claire – I don’t work with X I don’t work with Christian. I would want Christian out.

Claire says she sees the benefit of putting up SB but not a Joker.
DX – I don’t want to put your personal game in jeopardy If I did nominate SB in my speech I say I heard you said my name.. will she know you said it?
Claire – probably

10:13 am Ky and DX
Ky is the most threatened by Christian. He doesn’t think he can reliably beat him in competitions. Kyland says X has a good social game but he’s good with him.
DX – anyone you would not like to see on the block this week
Ky – no one. These are real relationships, real people.. but it has to be done. I don’t have anyone where I’m like I don’t want this person nominated
DX – anyone you want to keep safe this week?
Ky – SB is another person that wouldn’t do something.. I get the impression she felt good with everyone. Keep that under wraps.. (before going into the HOH)
DX – have you ever mentioned my name or have you ever heard someone say my name
KY says since week one “Frenchie situation” he hasn’t said his name.
Ky pauses for a while as he tries to remember if he’s heard DX’s name. “week 2 one person I think thought the slaughterhouse was a thing because he was very much under Frenchie’s influence”
Ky says he’s willing to go up as a pawn but wants to talk it over first.

DX asks who he would put up if he was Hoh.
Ky says, two jokers. there’s a decent chance SB and X would use the veto and an almost certain chance that the veto is used by anyone other than Alyssa and Christian. That would give him the option to send home who he thinks is the biggest threat. he understands this is different with DX because his relationship with Azah is different. Ky adds that Alyssa and Chrisitan were going after Azah so the noms would be an easy move.
DX asks what he thinks his chances are with X and himself.
Ky doesn’t see anyone outside Britini that would put two of them up anytime soon.
DX – If I take out Christian my biggest fear in this game is you and X take me out
Ky says that would be unlikely.
Ky tells him if he takes the show at Christian and Alyssa the only person that would be going after them next week is Alyssa.
DX says Christian has over 50% success rate at the comps he competed in.
They talk about there not being any girls winning HOH. DX points out that they’re taking out all the guys to.

10:42 am Cam 1 Claire
Claire – why did she (Tiff) tell Hannah about the Royal Flush?
Claire – what was happening with that.. Tiffy you make me nervous
Claire – loose lips sink ships.. she can’t keep track of everything that is happening.

10:51 am After Ky leaves DX is talking to the camera
DX – He said he doesn’t want to nominate SB now I know they are close. the thing that scared me the most was he mentioned once they start moving into the finals he wants to be with people where he knows he has their votes. When I said Tiffany, Claire, and Hannah he started being all shifty about it. If he’s sitting next to me. I’ll have their votes over him so he might change up his side.

10:56 am DX and Alyssa One on One begins.
DX tells her he will honour the deals he made when they were up on the wall
Alyssa is most threatened by Azah. She wants Christian, X and Hannah off the block this week.
Alyssa – I have heard your name out of BIGDd’s mouth he’s said yours and Claire’s name.
Alyssa wants to bring Hannah into the Royal Flush
Alyssa would have nominated Azah and Brit if the veto was used BIGD would go up.
Alyssa asks him if he’s good with the 8
DX doesn’t want to answer that until he’s done all his one on ones.
Alyssa- was the deals on the wall keeping me and X safe or did X talk about the kings
DX – X didn’t mention the kings
DX is more loyal to the 8 (Royal Flush) then the 4 (DX, Hannah, Alyssa, Christian)
Alyssa leaves.
DX talks to the camera says Alyssa mentions out of the 8 people she’s threatened by Ky and Sb. He will bring this up when he puts SB up.
(To help him remember he’s using another gummy bear grid hidden near his end table. If the “red” question was one of interest he tracks it using this second Gummy grid)

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I really hope Christian speaks to DX first if he’s going to out that X told him “you promised all the Kings were safe”. WHY – b/c it will expose X for lying.

Second and more importantly – WTF was Ky doing? He just went out of his way to try to protect SB & was shady on his answers about going deep with Tiff/Claire & Hannah.

His SB response was longer than above: “I do feel like SB is another person that wouldn’t do something that I don’t want. Even before the comp, she was like “I’m good with anyone winning. She was like I feel like me and Hannah have patched things up and Britini is someone I cant trust more

DX already knows from Hannah that SB did that & how sketchy she thought it was that it happened which Ky doesn’t know (nor is he aware that SB said DX has to go as per Claire’s answers to DX’s questions)/

Also Ky’s response to DX saying his greatest fear is whether X/Ky would take him out if he takes out Christian of “interesting. I feel like that would be unlikely. It hadn’t actually crossed my mind.” not only sounded disingenuous it also wasn’t very reassuring.

After Ky left the room DX said: “Kyland said once you start moving into the finals he (Ky) wants to be around people where he knows he will have that vote. When I said Tiffany, Claire and Hannah, he started being a little shifty about it.”

Literally DYING to hear the download of this convo with Tiff (when she learns how hard Ky pitched to keep SB safe but never mentioned her & worse was shady about going deep with her I wonder if that will be all she needs to say screw the Cookout!


I do not think she will say screw the cookout. There are underlying reasons to get the cookout to 6. She might let him go at 7 or 8 or he might go from the cookout first before Big D or Azah but i’d be really surprised if she turned on him. More likely she’ll just take away Sara so she’s no longer an option for him.


As far as Tiffany & Kyland, I don’t know if anything happened because he was one of the people who regularly cheered on everyone who was on the wall except for Tiffany


Wait….Is this so SB can be saved and Christian goes up?


DX pinpointed (as of last night) his two biggest threats as SB & DX, though it might change after he collects his info today. Ky had him focused on back dooring Christian but wanted Azah/Brit OTB so at worst Brit (Ky’s other target) would be ousted.

But, then when he sat with Tiff & she helped him assess the situation DX realized he had to put SB OTB b/c that way even if Christian played/won POV he could threaten to put up Ally if he used it on SB meaning he’d be assured of taking out one of his targets either way. And if anyone else won POV to remove Brit or SB he’d still be able to back door Christian.

However, he’s on the cusp of figuring out back dooring Christian is more a move to help others over himself.


DX is getting great intel in these one on one interviews & I LOVE that he’s talking to live feeders immediately after each one. Straight goods – this is like my favorite HOH reign in YEARS b/c of it.

By the same token I have such angst for DX who is collecting the information he needs BUT b/c he isn’t aware of the Cookout it’s stopping him from piecing things together. Or maybe it’s a matter of already having formed relationships/trust with the wrong people (like Ky & to an extent Tiff even though her preference would be to go deep in the game with DX over TC).

If he could stop to realize Ky was the one who was less forthcoming about protecting him while Christian is all-in then he’d see it’s Chris who would protect him longer than Ky.

Unless he’s a genius & puts it together from his HOH interviews to see the five exist (prob wouldn’t peg Hannah as part of it b/c she wasn’t included in the RF) he’ll have a hard time knowing his best move this week is to put up two of the five in TC.

Let’s say his gut offers that instinct – then he talks to Hannah to gauge her honesty/response, Claire b/c she’d definitely be honest with him (and let’s face it is very close to figuring it out).

At that point he could even hide it somewhat by putting up Azah/Big D initially just to gauge each of X, Ky & Tiff’s reactions. If that led to further confirmation he could take a run at Tiff (with Claire in the room) & ask her outright about the 5. Between the two of them (if Tiff wasn’t honest) I think they would know – similarly to how he clocked Ky for his shady response to working with Tiff, Claire & Hannah deep into the game.

Or maybe she’d just own it. Then he could backdoor Ky b/c Chris/Ally both already cited Ky as an issue, ditto for Claire/Brit. The trick would be the 5th vote as he’d need at least Hannah, Tiff or SB to get there. Would Tiff abandon TC to work with who she wanted anyway, would Hannah do it to prove her trust & how would SB react to learning she’d been duped by Ky & was at best 7th on his list?

Of course even though DX is sitting right on top of figuring it out & Claire is scary close to piecing it together it likely still won’t happen. Oh well — still — I’m really enjoying DX’s HOH & I’m pulling for him to defy the odds to get deep in this game.


Go figure Azah was the ONLY one so far to get 2 weeks safety – extending to 2 more weeks where they’d only be each other’s pawn which will essentially be 3 weeks of safety (5 staying in house) for her b/c he won’t put her up this week either!

Other major takeaways (so far) were Ky’s abysmal interview (see post below) & I’m frigging annoyed that Christian is telling everyone the questions & HOW TO ANSWER so they all say the same things. THAT alone could be a reason to back door him b/c it implies Chris is trying to thwart DX’s getting organic responses (ie: lack of trust). Telling Tiff even dumber move lol.

Finally, I’m dying for DF’s interview & wonder if DX will tell him several people have told me you said you were targeting me if you won HOH! I’d love it to happen just b/c the couch is freaking out so bad you’d think he was getting reupholstered.


I like that we are not in stone what will happen this week. We will get some twists and turn but have a fluid idea what will happen on nominations. Tomorrow and Monday could be fun.

Getting tired of Brit & Big D complain about so much. You seem to know game and need suck it up.

Last I’m looking forward America’s Twist

No fave yet

Love your one on one updates!


OMFG – this Big D time in HOH is soooooo good (scary good – like belly laugh good).

Big D vacillates between glimpses of intelligence (using Whit as pinning something on Hannah that was a lie — smart b/c Whit isn’t there to defend herself – classic BB 101 move (ALWAYS blame the evicted hamsters – especially pre-jury ones). But then turns into the couch lying through his teeth on things DX has a list of evidence about him on.

But the piece d’ resistance was Big D saying “sometimes I wish I wasn’t playing this game and I could just be a mentor for everyone.” (I spewed coffee EVERYWHERE on that one lol)


I’ve been reading live feeds and DX know he’s screwed but I still don’t think he really know his biggest threat is Tiffany. Tiffany game is good but I’d like to see her game blow up. Will see if she can make it to F2.