“Britini and SB is fine.. Christian won’t even use the veto.. I can convince him if he uses the veto I will put up Alyssa.”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

FYI – Teams are done, Wildcard comps are done, Twist next week with Fan involvement

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Big Brother spoilers – Brit and SB are being nominated if Veto is played Christian goes up if Christian wins Veto and uses it Alyssa goes up.

1:21 am Tiff gets set up in the HOH with the chessboard and cheesy
DX – ideally if we can set something with X this week
Tiff – Christian is going to be gone X will have to solidify something else
Tiff says she brought up the royal flush to Hannah accidentally
DX knows she brought it up to him.
Tiff adds she explained it like a cover so that they weren’t targeted during the Kings’ HOH reigns
Dx brings up making the deal with X on the wall for personal safety but after they fell X told him he wanted the king’s safe as well.
Tiff – then you should have stayed your a$$ up on the wall
Tiff says if Alyssa won the HOH and X and Christian told her to put DX up they would put DX up right now.

DX says he wants teh final three to be him, Tiff with one of Azah, Claire or Hannah.
DX would like to have Ky but he thinks Ky or himself will be take out soon. The next nominations will be two strong guys
Tiff – if I win HOh SB can go I’m not looking to take out no guys. I’m looking at SB, Alyssa Brit.
DX – that’s my next three weeks.
Tiff – I’m still cool about the detectives
DX – keep the detectives.
DX wants to pull Hannah in with them.
Tiff – Claire would be ok with that. Hannah would be cool with that because she doesn’t have anything
DX – my five now are me, Tiff, Claire, Ky and Hannah
Tiff says Ky builds alliance with people and then you don’t see it anymore. She points out hot the detectives never meet.
Tiff – me and you on a daily basis. I know he (Ky) talks to SB daily he’s not talking to me.
They go through all the scenarios and possible nominations using the chessboard. They end with Britini and SB going up.

1:26 am Brit and Azah
Brit – why put up a pawn. If his target is Christian you can beat him why not beat him like a MAN
Azah says she wasn’t planning on putting up Christian or Alyssa if she won HOH.
Azah – a KING is going on the way out and is a target. if he puts me up as a pawn I’m not going to be mad or sad I am going to chill.
Azah – make sure to view things when you talk to him try to keep in mind that he’s playing his own game he has no alliance to us and now everybody in the house is cool with each other. It’s set in stone he wants to go after the kings.
Brit – I’ll be honest with you if you want to get out a king SB is your pawn.
Brit plans to tell DX – I really hope you’re not the one that puts me up the 3rd time in 5 dams weeks because I will be pissed at you trust me when I tell you.
Azah says don’t say pissed “don’t use threatening language”
Brit brings up DX telling her last week if he won on week four she wasn’t going up

1:35 am DF and Ky
DF going on about Tiff not wanting to be “the angry black girl” but she’s walking around giving off that “Stigma”
DF – I told her ‘you have a little bit of an attitude when I was talking to you’
DF – I was like Baby girl don’t do that with me. You flipped out on Derek about the dishes you flip out on everybody else about the dishes. Girl nobody has to do the dishes the way you want them to do them. let people do the dishes if you don’t like it guess what you tell everybody you will do them.
Df thinks Alyssa should go if Alyssa goes that will hurt Christian the most.
They wonder if DX will put a cookout up as a pawn. Ky says they control the target but not the pawn.

2:15 am Showmanceing

2:28 am DX and Tiff
They have the chessboard out working through scenarios.
Tiff – I know Ky wants you to take a shot at Christian has he not said that to you?
DX – pretty explicitly
Tiff says she’s surprised Azah gave her a run for her money today in the HOH competition
DX says if he’s being honest he’s surprised Tiffany gave Azah a run for her money “Azah bikes across the country and I know Tiffany never left Detriot before (hse laughs)”
DX says SB and Brit are a good pair to put up. “Make BIGD happy make Azah Happy”
DX – If BIGD hits the blook my ass will be cooked.. He’s playing a good game he put the fear of God in me
Tiff – everybody scared of him
Tiff – After next week the royal flush is dead.
DX – this is perfect, X is already onboard with this
Tiff – I could get him to relax and get comfortable that SB is the target because he already knows I want him gone.
DX says if SB gets houseguest choice she’s picking Christian “F** it maybe Brit too? I don’t know they might both pick Christian”
Tiff – you need someone on the block you can trust
DX – if he takes SB off
Tiff – who would you put up?
DX – goddamn I would have to put up Alyssa
Tiff – yes, That weakens Christian
DX – she is just isn’t a threat
Tiff – she was up there with you giving you a run for your money
DX – if I take Alyssa out I’m dead
DX – Britini and SB is fine.. actually damn maybe Christian won’t even use the veto he would keep Alyssa over SB any day of the week I can convince him if he uses the veto I will put up Alyssa..
Tiff – he won’t even use it SB goes home and he buys himself another week
DX – SB goes home that’s not bad
Tiff – damn it took us a whole hour and a half to get there.

Tiff – that’s your best option right there..
DX – he won’t use it
Tiff – either way if he uses it on anybody Alyssa goes up .. that’s it.
TIFF – she’s coming for you she’s saying your name..
DX – in what context.
Tiff says she wasn’t told it directly he best talk to another detective that’s not Ky and he’ll know. (Claire)
They go back to looking at the chessboard.
DX wants to throw the POV to Ky “so he gets another comp win”
Tiff – he’ll use it to pull SB down
DX – ohh f***
Tiff -t hat’s good you can then backdoor Christian.. that’s the point
DX – ohh yeah

Tiff tells him in the nomination speech to say he’s heard both of them say his name as targets. So both Brit and Sb are his targets.
Tiff – Brit you tell her in private she’s not your target
Tiff – you talk to Brit she can keep it quiet she’s been doing this sh1t since week 1 (Umm Yikes)
DX – my conversations are tomorrow.
Tiff – talk to Britini last
Tiff instructs him during his one on one’s listen more talk less take a page out of Ky’s books, “Have people make deals with you even if it’s a one week deal doesn’t have to be final anything or an alliance”
Tiff – use this HOH to put yourself in a position of power. Don’t tell them anything that you don’t have to even KYLAND
Tiff – KYLAND.. his… valuable source is information and the more he has the better he places this game. He kinda reminds me of Derek from Big Brother 16 if you give him information you become COdy. You do not want to give him all your information so you can be Cody BB22.
DX – Damn we are Derick and Cody ..
Tiff – not anymore..
Tiff – SB is going to roll with this royal flush just so you know. That is the song she’s singing right now. That is the thing about an alliance people can hide behind it.

DX says production told him he shouldn’t tell who is going on the block. “I’m not telling anyone who my nominations are”
Tiff – I’m so surprised nobody is knocking at your door. Do they think you’re in bed? (Some people like to sleep at 3am!)
Tiff – Ky hasn’t come up here
DX – I talked to Ky
DX – Me, Azah, Brit, BIGD have not talked one one one.
DX – I’m not doing team interviews.. *(Hurray)

DX – who are you scared of in this house?
Tiff – you want to use the word scared? who do you feel is the biggest threat.. who is the most threatening to your game?
DX says he’ll tell people “I will honour the deals aI made on the wall.. ON the wall”
Tiff – after nominations you don’t have to explain anything to anyone.
They go over the questions he asks tomorrow.
Tiff to production- you can turn off the lights in the coral room if they requested I’m not planning on going to bed anytime soon (yikes)
DX – Azah would give a one week deal and she’ll respect that.
Tiff – deals are meant to be made in the Big Brother house this new BB where people feel like if you make a deal it has to be a full alliance to the end that’s no it
Tiff – we can make a one week deal, two week, we can make whatever deal that will work for us. I like a nice one week deal
Tiff – I was just waiting for Alyssa to fall.
DX says Alyssa told him she was waiting for Azah to fall
Tiff – Damn
DX – I think Alyssa would have nominated Azah.
DX says that Alyssa did not try to get Christian safety on the wall she just asked for her own safety.
Tiff – Brit pulled me to the side and said don’t you find it weird that X made a deal for himself and not his team. I was like the teams are not valid anymore.
Tiff – she said as soon as he said himself he fell. I was like he was about to fall anyways.
Tiff – when you are on that wall and you are struggling the real you came out. she couldn’t think about his team and she couldn’t think about Christian.
DX – Alyssa knows it’s a game and she will accept if Christian went. She did not try to cut him any kind of deal.
DX – she still believes in the flush
Tiff – they do .. they only believe in the flush to keep Christian safe.. the flush protects them
DX – and Christian protect them.
Tiff – in the double he’s coming for you there’s no benefit for you to keep him.
Tiff tells him not to think too much he needs his rest. He should be happy with his win.
DX – I can’t be in this game without you
Tiff – you got a plan. sleep on it tonight.. Dream about going fishing tonight. You know what you have to do
DX – thank you this is super helpful
3:16 am Tiff leaves.

4:30 am everyone sleeping
9:00 am Houseguest getting up

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another name

….. hmmmm.
Taking a minute to collect my thoughts.
Xavier/ Dx one on one has concluded. To me it was more blah blah blah than Dx’s proposed set up something with Xavier for the future in the game. Xavier was going down the ‘make sure you have the numbers and safety moving forward’ track. I expect Ky to parrot that with 2000 tangents.
The conversation between Dx and Claire. He’s practice running his one on one questions.
Truthfully, the questions and the way he’s asking them in his dry run? Not good. Not good for his future in the game really.
One point of interest: they talk about Xavier. Claire mentions seeing Xavier having out of place long conversations with certain people and worrying he could have something going with some of them. She names them. It’s the cookout. She’s the closest in the house to clocking them.
I expect Ky to swoop in to try to keep SB safe. Oh, I think Ky is about to talk to Dx, let’s see?
Well that didn’t take long. He pretty much led with keep SB safe. Tbh, I think the conversation between Ky and Dx is going surprisingly bad for both of them. I just don’t think either of them KNOW it’s going surprisingly bad. With Ky’s micromanaging style of combatting unpredictability, and down low need to view others as his puppets (just my opinion), he’s going to feel he’s lost control of Dx. With all of the information he’s been getting from the other detectives, Dx is going to feel like Ky is stringing him along.
Dx has just told Ky that he fears taking out Christian because then Ky and X will take out Dx. Dx has NOT learned to say less and listen more. AT ALL.
Example of why I believe Dx is not actively listening:
Ky says to Dx “if you do take the shot (against Christian), I don’t think anyone besides Alyssa would put the two of us up.”
Dissect that. Especially the two of us part. Ky is not qualifying that if Dx takes the shot then Dx is safe from everyone but Alyssa. Ky is saying that Alyssa is the only one that might put Ky and Dx on the block together. Even then, Ky has GOT to know darn well Alyssa would gun for Dx and Hannah. He’s trying to establish fraternity through shared threat to maintain his connection to Dx with faulty premise.
In my opinion… that was not a good meeting.

DX is going to give out far more information than he takes in. He has no guile. Whatsoever.
This should be fun (eyeroll), in that maaaan, now we’re going to have to watch Tiff scramble to clean up after Dx. She’s already lugging a couch around on her back, and dragging Azah’s bed behind her… and now she’s going to be sweeping too. This is going to get annoying.

The one on one with Alyssa? SOOOOO many red flags going up that I immediately wonder if Dx knows semaphore.


Just write tiffany the check now and get it over with. I have not seen someone dominate the house like this since Derek L.

BB fan

Derek X is literally a puppet and a tool for the cookout! What is wrong with him they are completely using him and have no intention of taking him far. How can he not see that leaving Christian and SB in the game allows him to have more time because the targets will be on them!


Yup – Another Name NAILED IT saying Tiff probably would be even more lethal if it wasn’t for having to pick up the slack for Azah & Big D (protecting them primarily) and needing to overplay.

I’ll add in she’s also having to counter the selfish play of X & Ky — b/c let’s be real—

X made sure HE was safe – then tried that nonsense once off the wall “and don’t put up any Kings either” lying to Ally that DX replied “deal”. He DID NOT – he said I’ll honor you & Alyssa like I said ON the wall & we’ll talk about the rest. X’s only purpose behind these actions were to look good to his team – the lie can only be viewed as a way to try to target DX moving forward. And the fact he thinks DX will just keep them all safe (as he told Ky) is naive & shows X is still only looking at HIS best option which is for Brit to leave since she’s the one person he knows could target him. Plus he wants to get all the Kings to jury so he has 3 voters over anyone in the Cookout & 3 allies who would always evict another Cookout member over him.

Ky is even more selfish b/c he told DX to put up Brit & Azah & not tell anyone (other than Hannah who Ky also told). And he’d already been drilling into DX that if he won HOH he HAS to back door Christian. Every part of this request is tailor-made for Ky. It keeps Big D off the block (which he would’ve claimed credit for), it protects SB who is his main ally in the house & it ensures either Brit or Christian leave which are the two people Ky is most worried would target him. The worst part of this scenario for Baby D is he wouldn’t have any desire for Brit to be the one leaving & he has a great relationship with Azah so has no desire to put her up.

Tiff not only gives DX a way to ensure one of his targets leaves (SB or Chris) but she gets him to recognize SHE is the one who truly has his back. For Tiff if SB leaves she’ll be happy b/c it cuts the SB/Ky ties — she can tell Azah that Ky tried to get her put OTB & she can tell Big D she saved BOTH Azah/Big D from going up. Although she’d rather Ally left before Chris & there is jeopardy of Ky/X trying to use her to target Tiff they can’t really afford to put Tiff in jeopardy w/o her blowing up both their games in jury (b/c now she can demonstrate how she worked with a non-cookout member to help them figure out the best way to take out one of his two top targets (even though she had no reason to target Christian) whereas both X/Ky only tried to use him to help themselves.

Sure, there might be some hard feelings from Ky but maybe he should’ve thought about the fact people aren’t just there to propel him further in the game — b/c everyone has desires to win & play their own game.

BB fan

Tiffany truly Having Derek X back ?
Please she is completely using Derek X like a tool this week to get her way and if DX goes through with it, it would be that stupid! Can’t people see the DX would be ruining the game as well as his- Derek X Might as well just write the cookout a check himself!


This annoys me so much:

“Brit plans to tell DX – I really hope you’re not the one that puts me up the 3rd time in 5 dams weeks because I will be pissed at you trust me when I tell you.”

What TV show do you think you’re on? It’s part of the GAME. Please, someone also inform DF this, too! There are no guarantees – no one is safe. There can only be one winner.
Why would you think you’re exempt from the block? Sheeeeesh! I mean, it’s a smart move – but why are people buying or putting up with this behavior!?


100% agree! Brit is not a big target. She can be taken out at any point. But I want to see her on the block, week after week, just because of her “I did my due diligence” attitude.

I’d love to see DF on the block, too. Why is everyone so scared of his reaction? What’s he gonna do? Burn the house down while lying on the couch?


But she did her due diligence! >:(


*Goes on Big Brother, the show where you expect the unexpected*

Brit: *gets nominated*
Also Brit: *shocked pikachu face*


Brit and Big D are playing that sort of game this year. With her I think it’s shows her immaturity. She strikes me as someone who seldom hears the word ‘no’. She’s so over the top. I mean you have to love her confidence – despite never winning a comp she approaches every single comp like she’s Janelle. Clearly she doesn’t understand the nuances of the game based on her expectations – you don’t simply get time off in BB simply b/c you had to face adversity. And if we’re being real there was no chance of her leaving in either scenario. She’s relying on the ploy to make people feel sorry for her & plays it up. That “show” is even wearing thin on Azah who called her out saying do you think threatening him is the way to go? (or something to that effect).

The other obvious fact is NOTHING she says is ever her own idea. It’s always something someone else tells her & then she reiterates it. Last week her pitch to the showmance to try to get DX re-nomed came from Whit, her pitch to DF & Azah to keep Whit b/c Hannah had ties everywhere came from SB. Tiff & Claire were the ones who pointed out Ally is the glue to the Kings & should leave before Christian b/c he’s malleable .. etc, etc.. I’ve yet to hear her utter one thing that was her own idea.

She was also pegged as the hamster you couldn’t share secrets with early in the game.

As for Big D I’ve never liked the threat game but that’s what he does – he threatens to go ballistic if he’s nominated. It’s NOT a winning strategy but it’s one that often gets people deep in the game b/c no one wants to deal with the drama. It also typically leads to being targeted at DE but “the others” don’t know about the Cookout so unless he’s up against another Cookout member he’s unfortunately probably safe (although I’ll hold out hope X/Ky/Tiff realize it’ll be a good opportunity to cut him & lessen the load they’re carrying).

Atm both Ky & X are comfortable dragging him deep in the game but X is even starting to call him out on his BS .When DF suggested “they” could be nominated X says who? you and me? he laughed at him saying I’m safe & who would you sit beside that you would leave against? Big D knows he needs X so he also never targets him with his shade/jokes & he has a crush on Ky. I also tend to think X sees how much work Big D is in terms of him adding no value or help to the Cookout other than a vote whereas Ky, Tiff, Hannah & even Azah would be more likely to win if he needed to be saved in a comp.


(no, I’m not THAT Frenchie. He gave all Frenchies around the world a very bad name.)

What do you guys think: If DerekX could have it his way, would he want to take Christian out, or not? Let’s say DerekX wins the veto, does he use it?
I feel like he’s very subtly fighting back Tiff when she tells him he needs to bd Christian…


Tiff: “Dream about going fishing tonight.” LMAO with this Frenchie reference. Yeah, DX is looking to evict a big fish this week, and Tiff is ecstatic that he’s doing her dirty work.

I know this will not happen, but I’d personally love to see Tiff/DX in the F2 just to see how everyone votes. My guess is that several members of the Cookout would choose DX over Tiff to win.

BB fan

DX isn’t getting there! If he goes through with targeting Christian it just further confirms how blinded and foolish he is for doing the cookout’s dirty work. They will cut Derek X in a heartbeat long before there’s five people left!
Final 2 DX please Tiffany is just completely using his HOH this week!

I cannot stand Tiffany but she is completely running over Derek X and owning him just using him getting no blood on her hands and getting her way!
Hints why Tifffany would get a vote over
Derek X – that’s not even a question!

It is very freaking simple you keep the showmance Have Christian and Alyssa target the cook out and do the dirty work because they will be the biggest house target going forward and that helps you down the road to get further and closer to the end but the way you’re going to see it
Is That Derek X is too inept to realize it- Hannah and Tiffany are playing him like a fiddle and are not good for his game!
What he is doing is completely dumb!


Derek X realizes that he is the Cody to Kyland’s Derrick and isn’t going to let that happen…

OK but you just became the Cody to Tiffany’s Derrick so yeah that is a lateral move..

He needs to wise up and become his own Derrick and get his own Cody.

The bad thing for him is that most of the players left are not stupid like Cody was in BB 16. Christian is probably the best choice but he is seemingly going to be evicted this week if he or someone else doesn’t win the Veto and not use it.

I’d say Azah or The Couch would be Codys (actually more like Victorias lol) but The Cookout will still reward their stupidity and or laziness just to get a black winner in the history books…

It’s really sad that Azah or The Couch could conceivably win if they are dragged to the end and say get lucky by winning the final HOH or even worse being taken to the end by say Derek X who at that point would have at least 4 wins under his belt yet would lose because of his race (5-4 loss if all of The Cookout members do as they say and vote for a member regardless of how sh*t their game was)…

The Cookout wouldn’t be so devoted to their cause if the stupid Season 3 producers didn’t F**K over Danielle Reyes and cost her her win…

So yeah I’m really going to need a wall yeller to work their magic and expose The Cookout to spice this game up.

At this point I’m completely fine with Kyland (my top guy), Tiffany (my top girl), Xavier, and Hannah winning. Same goes for Sarah Beth, Derek X, Claire, and even Christian/Alyssa.

Britini, The Couch, and Azah don’t deserve to win sh*t at this point in time.

I do hope they especially and all the people step it up though.

Taste of Medicine

Historically, many non-black characters were floaters and were carried to the top 4 due to being similar in culture, background, and race as the dominant alliance . This has been going on for 22 seasons! Lol

Big Daddy

I am so bored with this season.

Brit's Bag of Pills

Simon, have you counted how many bottles of meds are in Brittanys plastic baggy & zoomed in to see what they’re for? I’m worried she may be a tad nutz & a safety hazard to the other houseguest.


You can clearly see the bag of pills after she goes to unpack her bag after her second time on the block (in 12 weeks!). There must be 8-10 bottles.

Stewie Griffin

I saw that bag o’ pills and I couldn’t believe it. My 82 granny doesn’t take that many meds.


Britt and SB doesn’t sound like a DX move, i’d like to see Christian go personally. But the cookout sure is without detection funny nobody’s picking up on that


So boring. I enjoy the cast, but another season of what the hosue wants, unanimous votes, as soon as you’re on the block there is no chance to change anything. I never liked teams, any of the times they did it. This is why. I don’t mind any of the HGs winning, I think any of them deserve it, but there is literally nothing to watch. BORING!

Just Sayin'

I cannot wait to see brit on the block again hahaha it’s hilarious, I hope she goes up every week


Ha Ha! I agree! Brit is hilarious in her unfounded righteous indignation!
Her humble brags & boasts before one of the VETO challenge something like “with my dance and athletic ability I should be good at this” and “I was Valedictorian of my College” but then couldn’t figure out that she had a 4 in her hand that could have gotten DX out and she didn’t.

BUT….the BEST part was the look on Brit’s face when she realized that DX and Tiff were like…..“Wait, what?? They’re targeting ME? BUT WHY?”

ROFLMAO. #Throwback lols


Ok All I can hope for is America puts a wrench in Tiffany’s game


To each their own — I’d rather see it put a big wrench in Big D’s game like have voters pick a nominee & force him to move off the couch into a nomination chair. And, he wouldn’t be able go ballistic as he frequently threatens b/c it would be the voters who put him there.

PLUS — it might clue in the rest of TC to just play their own games.