“Azah gave me two weeks of safety.. I can put up her two team members BIGD and Brit and I’m not getting backlash from it”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

FYI – Teams are done, Wildcard comps are done, Twist next week with Fan involvement

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(I didn’t include DerekX’s questions with the one on ones there are 6 of them with potential a,b,c components. Many don’t apply to certain players. This post has his questions) Britini and Sb are going up.

11:13 am DX and Christian’s one on one
Christian says he’s most threatened by Azah only because she told him during his one on ones that she would have put him up.
Christian – do I trust her more now because she’s honest?
DX – what about the 8?
Christian – Kyland, he has a person in every group..
Christian says he heard BIGD say DX’s name. He’s scared of a physical threat. It was right before this last HOH.

Christian – I’m your shield you are my Christian
Christian says Hannah is the 9th member of the Royal Flush “if I had anything to say about it”
Christian says if he wins Veto he’ll do what DX wants just like he’s done for X.
DX – will you go up as a pawn this week
Christian – no because I’m not a pawn
Christian says his nominations would be Azah and Brit he thinks another girl should go.

After Christian leaves, DX talks to the camera
“For Christian most interesting thing.. Again he said Kyland.. I feel like he’s most threatened by me.”
“Should I keep Christian in this game so he can go after Kyland.. no that is so dumb.. why would I keep Christian in this game. He’s not coming after me. His advice for me put up a target that is coming after you. Number two put next to someone that won’t come after you the following week”
“Is Christian going to come after me?”
“I would keep Christian in this game so that.. if someone.. if the Jokers win? who is he shielding me against? If I take out Christian now I’m losing a chance to take a shot at someone else.. SB who will really take a shot at me”
Dx points out when asked who he wants safe this week he doesn’t say X only Alyssa.
DX – BIGD feels threatened by me? I can take that dude to the end
DX notes the important part of that conversation was Christian feels threatened by Kyland. He goes to review his grid near the end table and the feeds flip.

11:41 am Sb and Dx
Sarah Beth is most threatened by someone outside of the royal flush the jokers. Says Brit is the one she trusts the least out of the jokers is Brit. Sb stresses that she’s at the bottom of the totem pole for the kings and the queens.
SB – I feel great with Ky I can trust Ky I don’t see if he will put me up.
SB adds if she can form something with Ky and a third person she would be “100% down”
SB – I would be upset. If I went up as a pawn I would be pretty upset.. I’m not going to lie
SB – Christian wants to keep you in the game 100% .. I feel like none of the KINGS will want to break up the alliance. The ones I Would be most worried about are the queens but they never told me.. So we might be good as far as the alliance goes
DX – I’m on the bottom of the totem pole on both sides..
SB – I like the idea of me you and Kyland working together it’s one from each time. Claire and Tiffany are super super close
SB – Christian and Xavier and super super close
SB says the people in the 8 that talk the least game to her are Claire, Tiff and Xavier.

DX talks to the camera
“She’s right.. SB is right.. She is at the bottom of the kings and the bottom of the queens its in her best interest to work with me and Kyland.
DX called into the Diary room.. (That’s Kraken level BS if he’s called for noms right now)

12:12 pm Hannah talking to the camera now but she didn’t wear a microphone at first.. lol
Saying the Royal flush is a stupid name for an alliance. adds she needs to turn down how annoyance levels.
Hannah – I didn’t need to be part of it because the whole premise was to protect DerekX.. either way, I’m protected by the cookout so I’m in no jeopardy in this game (Right now)
Hanna – I have to stop throwing competitions. Hopefully, you see me win HOH I’ll be coming for a KING.. Sarah Beth..

Feeds flip to Brit all dolled up. BIGD tells her she doesn’t have to worry.

12:31 pm feeds showed DX going upstairs with X but the 4 feeds stay stuck on DF and Ky Cracking eggs.

12:33 pm Chrsitian and Brit
Christian is giving her the DX Pre nomination questions. He can’t remember them all.
Christian – He’s asking really good questions
Christian – do not tell Alyssa
Brit – but you’re nervous?
Christian – I’m nervous
Brit – why are you nervous
Feeds flip to Xavier and DX.

12:36 pm X and DX
X says on a personal level he’s not threatened by anybody. On a game level, the only person he’s threatened by is Britini only because he’s given her a reason to put him up.
X clears up he’s not Gunning for Britini she’s just the only person he can think of that would have a problem with him.
X wouldn’t want to take a shot at a strong competitor in the 8 he wants to keep the physical threats as shields
X – If I take out you and Christian I’m next
X wants the Royal FLush safe this week.
DX asks for details if he could name two people who would he want to be safe.
X – I would look at members of my team first after my team you and Kyland, then Tiffany.. Claire would be last.
DX accepts this answer
X asks who out of the Kings will DX be targeting
DX won’t say.
X – I’m safe and Alyssa is safe there are two people left.

X says keeping a strong competitor will help them out. “If there was shot to be taken at our team.. her [SB] and Ky are tight.. I don’t know how that will affect the flush”
X goes on and more or less says Sarah Beth is the member of this team he would choose to go up.
Tiffany comes up with some food for DX.
X – I don’t want any shot taken at anyone who was on my team
DX – what would you do if you were HOH this week
X says it would be the only person that would take a shot at him. Brit. “I would look at the jokers.. the former jokers”

DX doesn’t talk to the camera after this conversation. Just inhales the food Tiff gave him.

1:00 pm A pirate, A pink from grease, a flower child

1:02 pm Brit and DX
Brit squeezes him “HI HOW ARE YOU”
DX – I should have fallen off that wall..
Brit – threatened? no one.. There was a team that was safe as long as I was vulnerable.
Brit – Direct threat I would say, Alyssa. I see how social of a game she’s playing. She’s very social she’s well-liked.
Brit – I think we can run this.. people will never expect this pairing. You know I am not coming after you I am not.
Brit – I would rather not be the pawn. I have been off the block the same number of weeks I’ve been on. there has been people that haven’t touched the block and don’t know how it feels but I know you have to do what’s best for your game.
Brit says if she won HOH she would hit the kings.

Brit says she wants what’s best for him in this game, “You haven’t had an easy road here. I am not coming for you” Whoever you want to do it this week go for it and I’ll fully support it”

DX going over the conversation making mental notes ‘The most important thing for me with Britini is .. umm… she said she would be willing to go up as a pawn and she said she wants to work with me so she might be understanding about it”

1:22 pm DX and Azah
Azah – Alyssa is threatening to me. Out of all the girls in the house
Azah says Alyssa is the only girl that works out with the guys on a regular basis
Azah’s two people to keep safe this week are her Jokers BIGD and Britini
Azah – never mentioned your name in terms of your name being mentioned by other people.. Whitney only
DerekX – is there any scenario where you would rather I pick you over another person as a pawn
Azah says no
Azah says if she won HOH she would target Alyssa and a pawn. She likes Sarah Beth and she thinks Zavier is cute.
Dx – let’s make a deal.. You’re not on my radar. Honestly, I can make a two-week deal easy.. a three-week deal easy
Azah – ok three-week deal
DX – I can make a four-week deal easy ..
Azah – ok four weeks I’m not going to touch you, your not going to touch me
DX says he can do 2 weeks she won’t touch the block and a 4 week she won’t go home
they hug to seal it.


DX talks to the camera “This is perfect Azah gave me two weeks of safety.. I can put up her two team members BIGD and Briti and I’m not getting backlash from it this is good”
DX – I keep Azah in this game I keep Alyssa in this game they target each other BOOM

1:46 pm DF and Derek
DF – I’m not going to lie I have a GREAT social game..
DF says he won’t flip out if he’s a pawn but warns him he’s playing with fire. “I respect your decision”
DX – there’s a plan I want to do
DF – I’m good at mastermind plans that is why I’m in this game
DF – If I see my face I’ll take it as I’m a pawn.

DF – I’ve been waiting for these f*ing teams to end so everyone can stop being safety sally
DF leaves..
DX – I’m so f***ed

2:21 pm Hannah and DX
DX finds out that people are talking about his questions downstairs. He’s surprised about this. (LOL). They go over his questions and the responses he received.
DX says she’s good along with Tiffany and Claire.
DX tells her she’s not a pawn.
DX asks if Christian won next week would he go after DX.
Hannah – eys. His reaction to you winning yesterday confirmed it to me.
Hannah says if she had won HOH she would target SB but she might go after Christian so she can beat him at the punch.
DX is concerned about putting SB up with the intention to Back door Christian will only bring SB and Kyland closer toegether
Hannah – if you put up Brit and BIGD that’s totally fine and the plan doesn’t work Bri goes home.. How likely will Brit put you up over SB
DX – way less likely

Hannah – Azah said to me regardless of what happens she will trust the process. hopefully, BIGD will be able to adopt the same mentalilty
DX – he is
Hannah – if he sees his face on the block
DX – 100% he’ll be okay about it
Hannah – what is your biggest fear about putting up BIGD and what is your biggest fear about putting up Sarah Beth?
DX – If I pt up BigD and Brit and the noms stay the same I waste my HOH to take out Brit
DX – if I put up Brit and SB. THe plus side noms stay the same SB goes home. On the downside, if the plan is successful both of them come off the block. now?
Hannah – what if you tell Christian not to use the veto.
DX – Sarah Beth already told me she would not take it well if she went on the block
Hannah – if bigD stays on the block you think he will handle it better personally?
DX thinks so
Dx asks her not to tell anyone what they talk about not even TIFF

Hannah leaves..

2:50 pm DX’s secret notes from his one on ones. He’s torn whether to nom SB or BIGD

Downstairs we have some chilling..

2:59 pm BabyD pulls Brit into his HOH (DX dances around this being a backdoor plan)
Here is my question “if you were to go up on the block is there.. who are the people you would feel more comfortable sitting next to that you would feel good you would stay.. is there anyone?”
Brit – I’m afraid one of these times people will be like you’re out
Brit – I would feel better against guy
Brit – I don’t want to go on the block for a third time
Brit would feel better going on the block against any KING in terms of not kings than any guy.
DX – you are 100% safe you’re not the target you’re not going home. I’m running 7 scenarios .. (LOL)
DX – you have to trust the process
Brit – I do know how to trust the process
Dx says he’s thinking about BIGD “BigD scares me his social game, he talks to a lot of people
Brit – if you think I’m the best option to win the veto and pull myself and do this thing.. and you have no other option than you have to do what’s best for you.
Brit – Do what you need to do. I trust you in this process if we play this correct I’m not going home
DX – I will tell you more in the days to come and you will feel more and more comfortable
DX – I’m not locked in I just wanted to give you a heads up in the speech there will be no slander. I respect you as a player
brit – no question I’m not going home
DX – any scenario you are safe.. You are safe I am HOH .. you are not going home (If Christian/Alyssa win veto Brit in trouble)
Brit – don’t do BIGD .. it’s not going to work. with me, it works.
DX – I’m keeping things locked until Veto.
Brit – third veto.
DX – I don’t want to waste my HOH.
DX says he feels good about Hannah she’s the last person on his team.
Brit – the KINGS are shaking in their boats they’ve been going to the have nots every 5 minutes..
Brit – who are the other people you are considering besides big D?
DX says she is doing him a HUGE favour for being a pawn what can he do for her?
Brit wants a break from not being on the block. Brit goes and but asks for transparency or truth in case she lands on the block again and needs to talk to him about veto.
Brit – I don’t think you have a better option than me.
DX – thank you so much you’re making my life so much easier
Brit – can I be nominated second.
Brit leaves..

Dx alone “Bro dude.. I just convinced Britini to be a pawn .. ”
X comes in to use the bathroom.
Kyland now joins.

DX asks if he f**ed up asking everyone the same questions
Kyland and X don’t think so as long as he wasn’t giving out
DX – the downside is people know the type of information I have.
X leaves..

Ky – you have a decision ?
DX – yes
Ky – has it changed since our last conversation
Dx won’t say

3:48 pm britini ‘The meltdown’ D’Angelo
Brit – At least I know I’m not going home
Brit – just win the veto tomorrow secure the damn safety
(The pills are working?)

3:51 pm DX and Kyland
DX – SB mentioned to me something I considered I think she is a logical player and when she thinks about the flush she’s at the bottom of her team and I say I’m in the same position of both of those.
DX – you see a world where us three work together
Ky laughs.. “I told you yesterday I know I’m third to the queens and 5th to the kings. It’s you and me at the bottom of the flush”
DX – has Sb ever mentioned working with me?
KY – she hasn’t but not against you.. I feel like I am in the same way you’ve never mentioned working with SB. I don’t think that means anything bad.
Ky is up for the three of them working together.
DX says the ultimate goal this week is a KING goes home. “there’s only one way to guarantee a KING goes home and .. another way to make sure it’s very very very likely”
DX – I’m going with the second route. It may not look good until the veto happen. I don’t want to hurt your personal game.
Ky – It’s your HOH. if you see a move that makes sense.
DX asks why would Sb want to work with two strong guys
Ky – SB is not a gamer SB is going to assume that we would take her.
DX – cause we would want to win

DX – what is the risk of the backdoor
Ky – the veto no being used. only two people will 1000% not use it assuming a KING wasn’t up. To my knowledge
DX – there is a scenario where if veto isn’t used a king goes home
Ky says he sees two Kings always using the veto.
Ky – am I Missing this entirely?
DX – you are in the right realm
DX – I have one side of the puzzle fixed just trying to figure out the other side

DX – Fucking sucks I do want to work with her (SB)
Ky – here’s the thing I can’t imagine her making a move against you without telling me? If she did later.

DX – and we can beat her..
DX – if I put up two jokers I don’t want to risk.. I got tendentious hanging onto that wall.
Ky – nope.. you’re right..
DX – you think we can tell her the full plan
Ky – yeh once she’s on the block
DX – she has no reason to tell Christian
Ky – it hurts my personal game the most the biggest thing for me this week is there’s not four kings in Jury
Ky doesn’t want to lose Sb but he wants to make sure a king goes home this week.

DX – this decision keeps killing me and the chance of it not working hurts you the most.. even implementing it bruises your game.
Tiffany starts knocking at the door.

4:30 pm Prodcution calls DX into the Diary room. Tiffany finally gets into teh DR.
Tiffany – you called into the DR and I haven’t had a one-on-one.. people had two one on ones and FOUR one on ones .. I’m very upset..
DX – UMMM.. I think.. the plan is the same.
Tiffany – Okay. I just had to showboat.. You hadn’t talked to me and I didn’t want people to think that we’re working that closely together. You talked to everybody and you didn’t talk to me
Tiffany – what the heck does KY want?
DX – ummm..
Tiff – have you been telling him where his head is?
DX – no
Tiff – good

4:33 pm Feeds cut to Pound Puppies.. SB and Brit going up.. Snore..

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Ok. I have been defending DF against the fatphobes here but after him commenting on being disappointed at himself he was for falling before Jessica from BB21 off the wall and referred to her as THE BIG GIRL….like bro. She could walk without being out of breath. Why are you shocked that she lasted longer than you?! Couldn’t have thought of any other way to describe her? Azuh in the background saying the girls whole name. Haha. Seriously hope he goes home now. His view of himself is warped


The most disappointing part of DF’s fall from the wall was that he didn’t give a dramatic scream like BB21 Jessica. That was one of the best moments of the entire BB21 season.


Jessica wasn’t even that big either. Plus she, and fellow curvy girl Khalia, won HOHs so The Couch better put some respect on their names!


I know of one instance that Hannah threw a competition but don’t know about any others


I hope that Derek X remembers what his would-be girlfriend’s agenda is, not that I blame her for feeling that way


Who cares if Britni or Df goes up they really don’t do anything not good at game but..,,,, that’s easy way out and playing safe he will be playing everyone else’s game and not his own essentially making himself a bigger target these people forget what they signed up for this is a game for almost 800,000 dollars time to play and quit being safe because first chance they get they are taking DX out!


Did anyone catch Tiffany talking to camera saying she has a Plan A) Cookout …AND a Plan B) working with Baby D b/c “he’s the bomb”

I’m curious if she offered more details on this. It certainly confirms how much Tiff is struggling with the game she WANTS to play & the game she feels she HAS to play.

Guaranteed if there was no internal pressure for her to honor the Cookout her F5 would be Hannah, Claire, DX, & Azah (b/c DX/Claire are tight with Azah).

I’m also wondering if the fan votes would give both reward & punishment. If both I’d want Claire/DX to get the reward & want Big D/Ky to get the punishments – THAT would help players I enjoy while also sending a message to Tiff especially (and Azah) & perhaps at that point TC could agree to just play b/c they’d reached jury & not force feed TC getting further in the game than allies individuals within the Cookout would’ve otherwise kept.


What in the fresh hells is going on in the feeds right now? Tiffany is rubbing Christian‘a back as if he is her kid…..

another name

Today’s shrug moment:

Dx’s brain hurts considering all the nomination scenarios.
Dx decides to talk to Britoria again.

Yeah. that’ll clear his head. eyeroll.


Derek X and Kyland: BB’s version of multiverse thinking, lol


OMG. Watching DerekX and Kyland’s one-on-one conversation was the real endurance challenge of the season.


These pre-nom feeds are A-MAZ-ING. I love DX’s approach to gathering intel. I know the Cookout will take-out DX soon, but I sure am rooting for him to get as far as possible. He and Claire need to sync up, and maybe they can both last a little longer.

P.S. – I was shocked at how well DerekF and Brit responded to the possibility of being pawns. Maybe they’re here to play Big Brother after all.


With This last meeting with Kyland and What Kyland said, now I know why nomination ceremonies take as long as they do. I honestly didn’t know that there is 20 minutes of the HoH in the diary room before nominations actually take place. Also, what the blazes was that from Tiffany trying to act as if she and Derek never spoke? Was the mother/child thing with Christian part of that act?


Now POV if Ky, Brit, or DX win it’s snore. If Christian, SB win could be somewhat interesting. Until tomorrow night. Stay tune. ??

another name

Post nominations and all I have to say is:
Dx is no week 3 Spicy V.


DX better watch the web he weaves. He’s let things slip before. Don’t get me wrong, in some ways he is smart and other ways very naive. An excellent comp beast.

Barbi Squires

Where and how do we vote on new twists this year on BB