“Worst case scenario, if Julia goes… I can stay close to Liz, you stick with James”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 15-24-24-665_jpg

3:05pm Vanessa and Johnnymac HOH
Vanessa is questioning if Steve has it in him to make a tough decision in this game.
Jmac says by default james is going to be his new friend but right now they don’t talk much.
Vanessa – you stick with James, Steve will stick close to Julia, and I’ll stick close to Austin.
Vanessa – Worst case scenario, if Julia goes we can still do that plan, I can stay closer to Liz, Steve closer to Austin .
Vanessa – Austin, if I have to put him on the block he’ll always understand.. I’m not nervous about his wrath.. he’s gotta realize with his position in the house..

They talk about Jmac working out too hard with Austin and it hurting his competition performance. Jmac mentions he was doing squats before the HOH competition that Austin won and his legs were too sore.
Vanessa tells him to not work out too hard.

They start talking about Bateria. Jmac explains how there’s this sugar that the bacteria consume get the energy spit out the remains which form up a matrix. It’s within this matrix that the bacteria forms it’s colonies.
Vanessa- what is plaque
Jamc – Bacteria shit

Jmaec starts talking about meeting a girl on Match.com she was 12 hours away from him.
Jmac – she came from a family that it’s important that the guy makes a lot of money.. She wanted kids.. when we were drunk one time she said I can’t see myself with someone making less than 100K a year.. is that wrong
This had jmac really questioning things with her. because both his parents make only 100K together. Jmac says he was a bit insulted from it.

Jamc – she told me I wasn’t supposed to talk to her again, ‘RWWWJJJHAA”
Vanessa – really!

Vanessa share her dating history.. says the one thing Guys have harder than girls is the whole asking girls out on dates. Vanessa says Mel was the one that asked her out ‘This girl (MEL) gets what she wants”
Steve – is she American
Vanessa – No she’s Canadian

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 16-41-48-267_jpg

4:09pm – 4:50pm Vanessa and Steve playing chess
Steve says he plays chess much differently when it’s against Vanessa. mentions executing moves to make Austin happy.
JUJU Joins them.

Chit chat about Chess etc..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 16-28-33-862_jpg

4:25pm -4:50pm Liz and Austin
liz says he got her pants wet
Liz explains to the camera how Austin shorts are wet and he was laying up against her. It’s not the other kind of wet.

They pull the covers over and you can see Austin hand moving around. (Given the history of the hands under the covers one can only guess what is going one)
liz – You’re too much
They begin to kiss.. still hands moving round the crotch area.

[envira-gallery id=”131535″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 16-55-59-037_jpg

5:00pm This…

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 17-49-36-975_jpg

5:30pm Goblins
James – Are you OK
Meg – Yeah, You?
Meg – You seemed sleepy today
They agree time is going to drag on in the Jury House.
James points out the food will be good.
James – it’s miserable here

James saying if the competition is physical he’s going to go beserk.

Meg – I know you are trying to keep me calm about her but oooF
James wants them to handle Vanessa at a strategic level.

Meg tells him to stay close to Austin, “I think Austin and Johnny mac.. Steve I don’t trust him.. he’s too tied to Vanessa”
James – so is Austin

They are agreeing Austin knows the game too well and the showmance cannot make it much further
James says Austin will eventually want to take out Liz, “He’s got to realize he can’t win against her”
James thinks Vanessa is going to use Steve to take him out.
Meg – James, You gotta be careful of her
Meg – she’s got to go
James – yeah

Meg can tell Vanessa thinks she can manipulate James.
Meg thinks Vanessa is trying to pull him in the take out the twins and Austin.
James now hoping that he wins HOH and Vanessa will tell him to take a shot at Austin /Twins. He’ll then tell Austin this and watch the house explode.
Meg – Put up Steve and Vanessa?
James – ya
Meg is pissed at Vanessa says she’s not going to vote for her and will be pissed even if she gets 2nd place.
James- what if I win and she comes in second
Meg will be pissed at james if that happens.
Meg – I can’t stand how she plays this game.

James thinking him and Austin making a run to final 2.
James – I’m not going to trust him if he’s with Liz, I aint dumb

James about Vanessa “She’s the villain, she an emotional villain”
Meg – I’m happy I got to Jury
Meg – I just hope I made a contribution somehow in the game

Meg – don’t you wish we could drink wine tonight
James wonders who the first guy will be in Jury. Points out how earlier there was way more girls than guys now the Jury is full of Girls
Meg – Girls don’t like girls
Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 18-16-58-461_jpg
Meg – what is your favorite colour
James – I don’t have one , I like Camo
Meg – So many fun people are gone

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 18-24-19-664_jpg

6:08pm Austin’s workout plan.. He will make you sweat

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 18-25-59-664_jpg

6:25pm James is going to prank the house. He tells Meg about the plan. He found a some Of “Big BRother Cards” he’s going to grab one and wait until after he comes out of the Diary room. He’ll then read it out to make them all thinks it’s real.
James- Vanessa will be like why didn’t they call me

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 18-41-30-927_jpg
6:27pm James walks out into the backyard to read the card.. CBS decides to block the feeds

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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I hit comments takes me to donate guys



Wayne Gretzky

So if Vanessa marries Mel she’ll be Canadian, eh?

the coreys

Maybe vanessa can stop talking shit about if Steve has it in him to make a big move and man up and send Julia home.

I’ll still hate her but I’ll respect the move.

Vlad putin

breflurskich drerogopok Vanessa wadrashik tcullim bospikop Meg! Hahaha!!!


Your right huh-Guess that makes you a good player if you can bully people to do your dirty work? Guess when intimidating undercover detectives and screaming con woman lawyers are pitted against waitresses & introverted adults living with parents recruited because they never saw the show it makes them look even more masterful. Guess when recruits from Bad Girls Club & lawyers stage fights & humiliate players until they cry it’s even more entertaining. Guess when the millionaire lawyer rewrites rules & bribes poor contestants its funny to see them tricked to lose. Guess when the unemployed prostitute themselves in front of their parents to get a prize we call them America’s Sweethearts. Guess when the millionaire lawyer uses drugs to enhance concentration and overdoses to paranoid mania it’s theater. Guess they don’t take regular applicants of all ages it would be too realistic and more boring than potball. Guess this really isn’t a social experiment. And because the fairies steer it isn’t unexpected. Guess not.


Actually, it is very realistic. The rich get richer, and the man has a hand in everything. You get to use the internet, and some people out there are looking for signal. Enjoy the privledge.
I hope Van goes DE! Wishful thinking, I know.

is it just me

you guess correctly


Got this from an inside source that during Zing Bots episode Vanessa made three different alliances with him and promised to buy him a rocket ship.


can’t help but wonder if word got out thursday was a double eviction steve and jmac would flip.


Steve already knows its DE this week. He told Vanessa, not sure if he told Jmack.


When did he tell her that? Was it just speculation or does he know for sure because when he was talking to JMac yesterday they were both saying next week.


It was the night Vanessa won hoh I believe. He was in the hoh room with just her and said he’s pretty sure it should be this week. I have no idea why he thinks that. And maybe he’s keeping the thought mostly to himself. Vanessa didn’t say much about it when he said it. At least I can’t remember her response so it must not of been anything big.


I have to admit I have been skimming over some of the conversations lately, they just talk about the same things over and over. But maybe she didn’t believe him because it seems like everyone keeps saying DE next week.


Read the next update. She does say it’s either this week or next. So pretty much Vanessa and Steve are planning for it.


You all know Austin wanted to get rid of Julia since he told poor Jason, and the Austin used that to save his own sorry butt from going on the block. He DEFINITELY is slimy and would vote Julia out (hopefully) but then blame Steve for the deciding vote. Vote Julia OUT.


Maybe Judas will vote her out. We can only hope


But they still need 3 votes to evict her..need to flip JMac.

Vanessa Wants It...

Vanessa put Julia up, and she’s ready to start the revolution to take Austin & JMAC to Final 3. Give it to her! Steve needs to follow and James idea to put Steve up against Van is good.


If James puts up Steve and Vanessa up, then the twins will put James and JohnMac up the week after. If James does that, he just does the dirty work for Austwins.

No More Twins if Julia is Out

Read it again, Vanessa approved Julia on block= Julia voted out this week=no more Twins=no more 3 headed monster=Vanessa or Austin Out in DE = Meg/James/JMAC and or Steve voting together= Liz or Austin out next week.

wrathful furry

Wait, why no more pot ball or sling bands? (They figured out that it doesn’t make good TV and/or is boring?)

Also, what’s the story with Vanessa supposedly getting hints in her beanie & HOH basket? (I’m paying attention, I promise!)

The twins = lizards comments mean I can barely look at them anymore. THANKS, GUYS-uh!

Montel Williams

These women are NOT lizard/human hybrids and I am not their creator. There is a lot of false information on this forum.


There is no more slingband because when the 4 jurors came back in the house Becky stole the headbands when she left. I guess there’s no more potball because Meg came up with it and since she’s going home she doesn’t want to play any more. Johnny Mac hated potball anyway.


They should make up Pan Ball and play it while Meg’s crying in the have not room.


Nice one, Becky. Too bad she didn’t steal all of the pots as well.


Meg busy giving James all sorts of great ideas on how he can get himself evicted even faster. She’s insufferable.


Meg is being whiny and selfish. Go to Jury like you deserve for not winning a single thing this season. Julia needs to go next. Then we we will have people who seem to like the game, really want to win and proving it almost daily, and compete. Makes me sick that Meg doesnt help around the house at all. How bratty!

Nasty twins

Is Thursday double eviction?????




Are you sure?????




Liz and Austin….Ewwwwww !!!!


Twitwins or avatars with skin that sheds and voices only an auskank could love.
Avatar needs their stars back before the austink eats them both.


I would like to see a FLY land on Austin’s forehead while he and Liz are talking face to face. I wonder if Liz could repress the impulse to catch it with her tongue.


Poor Meg, Boo-hoo. Too bad you can’t sleep your way to the finals.
And what exactly has Meg contributed to the game? Slathering on lipstick and talking shit about people then laughing?
Oh that’s right I forgot, she contributed to her entire alliance of her “peeps” being voted out. Fricken dummy.
James’ only hope at winning is for Meg to be voted out; she has single handedly ruined his game with her hair-brained ideas. And even on her way out the door she is still giving him horrible game advice. Ffs Meg, stfu and go put some more lipstick on.
I’m probably the only person that is ecstatic that she’s finally leaving. I would have hated to see her useless ass being drug to the f2 just to guarantee a win. Sleeping all day and night does not deserve the $50k for second place. In fact I feel that she has been so useless that she doesn’t even deserve her stipend, unless she is the saboteur sent in to sabotage James’ game. If that’s the case than she’s done a great job of ruining poor James’ game.


All the game moves James decided so far made the Austwins so strong in this game. I think James will continue playing the game personal, not logical, this will lead to the Austwins end up in final 2. That is why I am not rooting for James winning anything, James does not have any game strategy. James might be lucky to find the veto card this week to save himself, but luck will run out and will not get James to the end. From this point, Game strategy and Winning Comps with skills and memory will get to final 2.


I like James and my only hope is that Jmac can quickly reel him in. Get him to think nonemotionally and strategize how he can take Vanessa out without ruining his game.

freud's cigar

As of their last conversation, Jmac doesn’t want Vanessa out of the game. I’ve yet to hear anything to contradict this.
JMac would point James at Austin and Liz if the current conversations aren’t Jmac and Vanessa blowing smoke up each other’s a$$es.

HELL yea

JMAC needs to reel in James… JMAC is a BRILLIANT strategist, his go to is throw that competition or who wants me to go up as a pawn-I’ll volunteer! Boring as hell.


Oh the hypocracy
Pot calling kettle
“HG” said that
“HG” to DR for Meds
Johnnie Mac in DR for hundredth time
Meg hanging out in have nots
Liztin kiss(yuk)
I never lied in this game(Van)
HG lied they have to go(Van…..lol)
Lets go camping Meg
No more pot ball
HG in BR getting ready for the day
Hg to bathroom washes face back to bed.

BB sure is exciting LOL…..

On a serious note if the DE is leaked that really sucks. Everyone will cut deals before hand. Austin will scoop up James and J Mac and Steve are in big trouble unless they are HOH. James might forget any deal if he won HOH and put up Van and Austin. That could create a crazy vote. With twins not supporting Austin and J/S supporting Austin the opposite of what you would think will happen. James breaks the tie. Any one of the twits likely go J Mac and James. Johnnie could go jury during the DE easily. The twits would have 2 votes plus HOH they decide alone.


I can’t wait for double eviction…. I would love to see Vanessa or Liz evicted but if John or Steve leave oh well….


And the slow realization from James that Meg is actually repulsed by him and has been using him as a meat shield.


Well it looks like Meg is going. The way the next two evictions are looking, Austin/Liz or John/James or Vanessa and one of the other four. But Vanessa has John, Steve, Austin and twins backing her. James winning would be the true underdog story. I could see him keep getting nominated and winning veto. But right now Vanessa seems to be the front runner.


Rachel did it when the odds were against her! GO JAMES GO!


But there’s no one in the house that’s good at mental and physical like rachael. Everyone is either pretty much good at one or the other or neither lol


Vanessa needs to take a terrible player with few jury friends (MEG) to final 2. Any other person would be stupid not to take Van to final 2 bc she has so many enemies in jury.


Completely disagree. I would not want to sit next to van in f2. Everyone doesn’t like her in jury , yes. But generally people put that aside and realize they don’t like her because she had a hand in all their evictions. There will always be one or two bitter jury members , but usually they think about game play. I’m not a van fan but if she makes f2 she deserves to win(unfortunately). People have wanted her out for so long but she keeps getting the target on to someone else. If she survives, give her the money

Ferris Bueler

Tell that to Russel Hantz and Dan G .

freud's cigar

All of Meg’s Peeps ARE the jury right now. How is that having no friends in jury?
Shelli thinks Meg was her friend (Shelli doesn’t know Meg was sour on Shelli because she was thirsty for Clay). Jackie and Becky were Meg’s friends. If Vanessa is taking Meg that means James is in jury too. That’s four votes.


It’s always better to take a floater to the end than a gamer even if they are unpopular. At the end of BB Can3 Ian Terry did the last jury interview before the vote. He said that the jury should put aside their emotions for a second and ask themselves which person they can “live with” losing BB to. The jury will often decide it’s better to lose to a good player than someone useless.


Are steve and JMac going to try and throw the HOH on Thurs? Steve knows it’s DE..

skeptical onlooker

Vanessa whipping her soldier into shape. ( She’s having Steve run..work out..he’s exhausted!!
She’s scheming..and I think she’s seriously considering saying bye to Julia.
Why? She can’t justify taking Julia to final 2. She knows Steve is getting close to Steve..and Johnny Mac. Also…James isn’t gunning for Julia.
So…The plot thickens.
Keep Meg….and rope James and Meg in to help get rid of Austin and liz. Have Steve and Johnny get out meg and James.
Final 3..Her/Steve/Johnny.
Take Steve to final 2.
Vanessa will start the ball rolling this week.
She will throw Austin et al under the bus to James and Meg.
AND…..Austin and Liz will be FUMING that Vanessa did this..gun for her.
Then..Vanessa has *validation* to get rid of them
She’s in the HOH….plotting away.
Whole lotta shakin going to go down.

Not a Van Fan

Actually it’s the perfect week for Van to get Julia out. She was supposedly distraught that James won POV; no one knows she’s working with JMac; she has no control over how they vote, JMac & Steve lied to her; and she can’t play for HOH so it won’t be her fault if another Austwit goes next.


Jmac and Steve lied to her how? They’ve both been telling her everything. Even in conversations between each other they talk about not lying to her because she always finds out.

brotalk to human dictionary

Austin would not vote out Julia unless both twins were nominated at the same time. Liz would never forgive it and make his life hell. You think she’s loud crude whiny and abrasive now? See what happens if Judas votes out Julia instead of Meg. Not realistic. Sure he wants to get rid of Julia to keep Liz to himself for final two. But he can’t make a move unless it’s to save Liz.
It makes no sense.
For the next hoh I get the feeling it will not be physical again. that would be three physical hoh comps in a row. and on a DE night? I don’t see it happening. Something in my head is seeing another Steve hoh on double eviction night. Don’t hold me to it. It’s just a weird feeling i’m getting. I get the feeling it’s something Production would go for.
James’ current idea of putting up Steve and Vanessa? Why do i get the feeling Vanessa would stay? Especially if my double eviction feeling comes to pass, but even if James became hoh on DE.
One last comment. Did anyone else catch the part of the James / Meg conversation last night where once again James started to wonder if Audrey might have been on to something about the Big Alliance again? Meg’s answer was I don’t think so, do you? …… At this point if Vanessa and the gang came in and admitted it, James and Meg would still be wondering if it was real.
In my mind i’ve always thought the big brother environment is not that big. If any number of people are regularly missing, it’s a good bet they are together somewhere. If you aren’t invited, you probably aren’t part of the group. If you aren’t part of the group, you’re probably a target of the group. Why haven’t this year’s crop been able to figure that out? Perhaps huddling away in a bedroom for days at a time and only speaking to or interacting with certain people isn’t the best way to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on around you.


I want James to win next HOH and put up Austin and Liz. Losing Julia (and I do believe she will be voted out, not Meg) has to happen this week. If one of the two win POV then stick up Steve as replacement otherwise keep the noms the same.

Well, like we didn't know

Loch Nessa, the mean twits, Steve Blando, and Mr. I have an alter ego and tats instead of a personality are Not amusing, witty, cute, or entertaining. More annoying, boring and how the HELL did you get onBB! After James is gone, the only reason to watch is to see them TURN on each other. That at least might be halfway interesting…all the crying and whyAGHhhhhhhhhhing.


I like Meg as person, she is a good egg but she doesn’t deserve to be there any longer and it really has nothing to do with her lack of performance in competitions. She and James, sorry, yes James screwed up.
Mistake 1: Shelli and Clay on the block should have taken Clay down, put up Vanessa, Shelly would have been gone
Mistake 2: the following week, not voting out Vanessa

so let’s forget about mistake number 1, mistake #2 was all Meg, she flipped that vote on Becky. when she gets to the jury house Becky will sit there and say….I told you so. Meg didn’t know how to play this game, whoever ‘found’ her needs to get fired. James should have been smarter himself, he screwed up too. They never equated Vanessa with the demise of their group and Vanessa flipped on them twice. Jeff left when Audrey was supposed to be the target, Jason left when Austin was supposed to be the target and yet….they weren’t going after her. They screwed up.


New strain of bacteria discovered in BB house. Scientists name it Austizlococcus.


Meg is a cry baby. She is stupid to think Vanessa’s after her for personal reason. It’s a numbers game and brass tacks needs to be broken up. Quit being a baby brat!

Steve is a FRAT boy and likes sweets

Okay, this is officially the most boring BB HGs ever- when everyone in the house is spellbound by Steve’s life stories. “I really needed to be a frat boy for two years”


Steve should self evict so he can get some experience in the jury house.
He can clean up after the male prostitutes service the Jury-Women.


“Steve – is she American
Vanessa – No she’s Canadian”

Speaking as a Canadian, Mel must be an idiot.

freud's cigar

I don’t know. Shacking up with a former Maxim and Sports Illustrated model worth approximately 5.2 million Canadian dollars? Sounds rough.
It’s been said that the bb environment heightens all emotions and reactions because of it’s fishbowl always being watched nature. So dial back the cray cray from 11 to about 7 and add the cash. Again, sounds rough.

Liz looks like Kermits new girlfriend

Kermit the frog has a new girlfriend who looks exactly like Liz and Julia!
It is amazing although rumour has it Denise (Kermits new lady) has a better personality.

Twins E----Y----E spacing

Lol, the wide eye spacing! Almost like a fish! Don’t forget the touch of exophthalmos too! Lol