“We need to do some thinking. You need to know what you are doing”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 18-50-29-056_jpg

6:48pm Goblins Looking at the memory wall
Meg – Jason got screwed
James – Jackie
Meg – Jackie got screwed big time
James says he had packed before double eviction

Meg – remember Jason in here he’s always fun
James says he was the one person always up late outside smoking
Meg – he was such a good guy

James – live feeds are saved
Meg – Ya
James – Ohh god.. I don’t think you can get the video back.. live feeds that’s live
James doesn’t think they record the feeds.
Meg says she really doesn’t know.
James – I kinda want to get them next year and watch them go crazy in the house
James – I swear I did watch live feeds one year they were all around the kitchen it was boring..
James- I think the live feeds are just for family

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 19-31-54-762_jpg

7:30pm Steve working out sh1t just got real

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 19-38-09-758_jpg

7:36pm HAve nots Goblins
James flossing
James – I would have to say I’m one pretty good looking asian guy

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 19-42-44-759_jpg
James reads Austin’s first HOH letter

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 19-44-10-934_jpg
James points out she stepped in dog shit

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 20-10-05-909_jpg

8:08pm Steve and Vanessa HOH
Steve – we are going to have problems, you just told me to run for 20 minutes I ran for 20 minutes it was a terrible idea.
Vanessa – how the f*** are you going to win final 3 second round

Vanessa – I’ve been doing some thinking, Have you, started doing some thinking.
They chat about working out every day to get them ready for the final 3 competition.
Vanessa – I’ve been doing some thinking, we need to do some thinking. you need to know what you are doing. it might be double eviction.. expect the unexpected it’ either this week or next
Steve says they’ve done it before where they went from 6 to 4
Steve – Last year it was 7 to 5 this week it would be 8 to 6
Vanessa – they’ve done 6 to 4
Steve- they have season 8, Did you see Season 8
Vanessa – no
Steve – WHAT

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 20-41-27-893_jpg

8:39pm Bathroom Steve and Julia
Julia – are you going to vote for me
Steve – Yes
Julia _ If you vote for me I’ll give you a back massage
Steve – make it two
Julia – we’ve just made a deal
Austin joins them. Steve tells them he really enjoyed Meg’s speech today.
Julia – Kick rocks.. that’s what was said

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 21-03-15-430_jpg

8:59pm Bathroom Twins, Austin and Steve
Making plans to party after the show. Steve will be the driver.
Steve brings up their season hasn’t had a big twist that they know of.
Austin points out the twins.

Steve says “Rosemary” (Someone in castin) always says she wants to cast people that will never live together under normal circumstances/.
Feeds cut ..
When they come back Steve is asking to play a game of Chess against Austin without an audience.
Austin laughs says the twins won’t allow it.
The twins grumble.

Austin says he met a lot of the cast last years during the casting process. (They’re not allowed to talk during the casting it’s a lengthy process where they stay in a hotel for a while and undergo interviews etc. During this they are grouped together and share common eating space. )
Austin lists them off.
Steve – you met all the detonators.. hey that’s maybe how they all met
Austin – ya

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 21-15-37-192_jpg

9:14pm 2 Beers and a bottle of wine (LOL don’t go overboard)
A twin points out the Chardonnay is “hot”
Julia – Steve you going to share a shot of fireball with me
Steve – I don’t know what is going on after FInale
Julia – lets get drunk

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 21-43-38-258_jpg

9:39pm Austin and Liz
Going through james HOH scenarios. Austin thinks Vanessa and Julia will go up.
Austin – Julia’s the sure fire way for Vanessa to go home you are not
Austin thinks Jmac will put up Julia and James, “Julia is the pawn until she wins HOH”
Austin says Steve will put up Johnny Mac or James, “Or he’ll ask one of us to be a pawn.. he’ll ask Julia”
Austin says it’s coming down to winning comps they need to win.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 22-08-32-049_jpg
10:06pm Austin and James
James starts hinting at the two of them making a run to the end. Austin thinks they would both have a good chance to win as long as Austin can win a couple more competitions.
Austin – After this week it’s all veto

10:42pm Backyard Steve and Jmac talking about old console games

10:54pm Kitchen Steve tells them a story about the first naked women he ever saw He was looking for cheat codes for his game cube and typed cheat.com

Austin has a story about a friend looking for Zelda walkthroughs and instead went to a porrn site.
They brings up stories of living without internet.

11:26pm Chess and Chit chat. The goblins are alone playing pool.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-31 23-34-52-391_jpg

11:36pm Pool…. and some chit chat..
James – the only people that fought for the Veto was Vanessa
Meg – I don’t think they cared who won
James knows for sure Austin didn’t try to win it he was just trying to hide it.
They bring up Austin scolding Liz for not looking like she’s trying hard enough in the POV. “You do not do that when Vanessa is HOH”
Meg – “why are they so scared of her”

James about Vanessa – she likes to be the one doing the mind f***G she doesn’t like being mind F****D

11:50pm Goblins
Meg says Ausitn puts up with a lot with Liz.
This is why James is questioning if the relationship will last.

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Oh please Steve pretending to be socializing with people after the finale party? He will be locked right back in his mothers basement the day after finale

The Judge

Lol. I dont know how i’m going to sleep now. I keep laughing at your comment

Omg-Steve is Better Silent

Doesn’t Steve get creepier every time he opens his mouth? It’s gets a hard on telling us how weird he is, like Christine last year. He discusses his farts ad nauseum, picks his nose constantly, he hates to wash his hands after using toilet, he can’t believe people yell at him for it, he can’t stand food with flavor, his lactose intolerance, he can’t stand alcohol, he hates doing anything physical, he wants to work at Disney, talks more about every attraction than Becky did about Germany. He can’t go to the Wrap Party cuz his mommy will be here and well her likes being a baby.

I see him as a furry fetish, or an adult baby in diapers fetish who likes to poop and get changed. He says he loves Vanessa’s speeches especially when she yells at him, okay he’s into S&M, you’d have to, to be Vanessa’s friend. He is sooo tired from exercising 5 minutes, he’s giving up on endurance comps. Good the sooner you’re out the better. His googoo gaga routine is excruciating. I hope his parents can see how they crippled him when they watch him on TV.

Vanessa tries to get him to talk game, possible DE, asks if he’s been thinking, he says no, plays baby mommy with her instead. Eeeeewww. When he was quiet, we could root for him imagining his personality must be better than the others. Now he’s Mr Gabby and the fantasy is dashed. He’s as annoying as the Twins or JMac. Now we are down to rooting for anyone who makes adult sentences. He’s definitely off unstable illogical and I’d get him out sooner than later. He says he’d never play this game again, never do All-Stars. Thank you sweet baby Jeezus, thank you.

New low

Who is popping zits in the kitchen? Is it the wrestler, the gambler, the frat boy, the dentist, or one of the twits?


Everybody’s fav rave, the dentist.


I don’t understand why a lot of James fans don’t like Jmac I love them both. Jmac and James both come from humble backgrounds. Jmac has tons of Student debt because his family is middle class they make under 100,000 combined. He is what most families would love to see from their children, which may be boring. The others besides James are from wealthy families so they can party all day and night and have their bills paid by their parents. James partied a lot and said he needed to change and was for his daughter. In the house he is more fun because until he had his daughter that’s what he did. Why hate on Jmac because he was trying to make his parents proud. He has a manic harmless side to him probably just to relieve the stress. He is not use to drama like this because if you are going to make good grades and supporting yourself through college you are not hanging out with partiers. James has dealt with his share of drama but is now doing what’s right because of his child, good on him. Both good guys hope they both win money. Ps most doc and dentist parents either are doc or have money so they do a lot better a lot quicker I will take him sometime to pay back those loan. I have friend who is 40 with 2 kids and still paying on loans they are as much as a house payment


The twin twist was planned to be a big twist, but once a HG figured it out, than everyone begaij protecting them, it became a borefest. Any became one of the.most annoying twists in bb history.


Liz made tuna tacos. They should have been named “spit tacos.” She put her fingers in the toppings, grabbed some, ate it, licked her fingers, then stuck her spit covered fingers back in the toppings and did it again. After this she served the toppings to other people to eat on their tacos. The other houseguests should put her on the block for that. Just saying.

site crashes

I don’t know what it is, but a lot of times when I come on this site my computer crashes. Is it just my computer?


Same here! But I access the site through my phone and always assumed it was something involving that. I have no issues on any other site. I’ve always wondered if it was just me or if there were others lol.


Samsung Galaxy S4. I actually had the same issue with this site last season as well. It loads perfectly but a few minutes on the page and it freezes and has to reload. Coincidentally though just last week it quit doing it on my end. I wondered if you guys had updated something. Crash or no crash, your site is bad ass and you and Dawg aren’t so bad either 😉 Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!


That’s your problem! You need to upgrade to an iPhone. 🙂


Simon I’ve told you often this season my comments do not happen. You guys no I love the site but 50% of my comments do not get accepted
I cannot donate to a broken site
TY for everything you do you guys are great
I usually donate more than the full amount to watch the feeds as am a Canuck. he site has been terrible his season lost 50% of my comments minimum TY guys

BB Snipe

Same. I’ve tried posing a reply a couple of times and nothing happens. Screen refreshes, post doesn’t show up, no error messages. :-/

BB Snipe

Oops, dammit, that’s it. Sorry, didn’t realize it was post-by-approval. Sleep deprivation from BB feeds addiction, I guess…

Nikki Grahams Rant

I been having problems also, It takes a long time to load and slows my computer down. I thought I was just running too many things at once but it also happens when I only have this site up. I also get notices that says (I believe) Shock Flash failed. Not complaining, but after seeing these comments it might be something to look into.


Try a different browser
I bounce between Opera and Firefox
Facebook (which I hate) crashes and bogs down my Firefox
but not with Opera
Where as OBB loads better for me with Firefox than Opera
It’s Microsoft, Google, N The Government(PTB) that are bogging our
Phones and Computers down for the most part
Freedom LOL


OMG I always get the spinning beach ball (Safari) when I have this site open too!


I had that problem a lot during BBCan 3, but it’s been working fine for me this season. (Iphone6)


I am also having same problem starts few days ago. pages keep going up and down and up….etc too.

Grandma G

Simon. I get problems once in a while too but I don’t think it is your site. I believe it is the advertising. Not sure but I think everyone gets different advertising. Right now I am getting Zulilly,, Jeromes and Kids creations. No problems but sometimes an advertisement will cause problems for me until it is gone and replaced by something else.. i am not real savvy but i have noticed advertising causes problems for me on many sites both on my phone and on my computer. Just saying.lol. I’m still donating to your site. It’s THE BEST.


Maybe all of you bitching about screen freezes, crashes and spinning beach balls all just have shit internet service and/or phone providers.


I’m thinking you’re right. I have no issues at all, on my iPhone or computer.


2 Beers and a bottle of wine… You mean each right? zzzzz

bb party

yeah, don’t get too drunk…LMAO…they each get a thimblefull…


I miss James in the Kitty hat! Liz is probably hiding it this week because she is being catty.


Why don’t they give these people more alcohol? Most of them are boring as shit and the bigger personalities are long gone. Vanessa is just batshit crazy and those twits are the most annoying one two punch since gonorrhea and syphilis. Vanessa is on mo many meds who knows what would happen if she added alcohol to the mix. Steve might develop a personality. The twits, well anything to shut them up is fine with me. After watching those two whining hoores I need a bottle of wine myself.

Guy From Canada

I think in BBUSA they have had problems in the past with too much booze (BB2???). But in our BBCAN they love to get them liquored up 😉

BB Snipe

Apparently, during an all-star season a bunch of house guests from jury… Dr Will, Chicken George, Danielle, and someone else, can’t remember who… got all liquored up, “hopped the wall”, hit the clubs, and eventually trashed a golf cart or something. I heard that lead to the booze ration and “no hard stuff” policy.

BB Snipe

Jame Rhine said that while they were in the All-Stars jury house, he, Danielle, Chicken George, and Dr Will got into the hard booze. They hopped the wall and wound up crashing a frat party, hitting the karaoke clubs, and trashing a golf cart. Supposedly that was the start of the booze ration and the end of “the hard stuff’ on BBUS.

June Bug

The Austwins really believe they are not the targets for DE. James would go after Vanessa. I lost any kind of faith in Johnny Mac in making any big move. Steve is the only one that might go after the Austwins, but Steve talks big talk to the cameras but never comes through. If one of the Austwins is not evicted, then I want to go three stooges slap happy on these fools!

Nikki Grahams Rant

Steve talks about targeting the Austwits when he wins HOH. Well he has a golden opportunity this week to take out Julia but won’t. So his talks are worth as much as Vanessa’s deals. He is a sad little boy living in a make believe world, like the computer games he plays.


Big Brother needs to mix it up with some new competition games. It’s getting irritatingly predictable, giving them time to plan/prepare, thus removing the element of surprise. I’d really like to see what they would do in comps they’ve not heard of/seen before. Or atleast put a new spin on some of them. For instance, the classic game of sliding across ice to fill tubs with water using a small measuring cup. Take away the cup, and the ice slides, have them stand on a small podium made of ice with a 2 gallon tub in front of them that has to be filled with their tears. Just straight up crying into it for however long it takes to fill. That could be interesting, and definitely an HOH comp Meg would have the best chance of winning, as well as Vanessa, though I’d give Meg a slight edge over Van. Vanessa may turn on the waterworks more frequently than Meg, but what Meg lacks in quantity she makes up for in quality and duration.


Anyone in that house would be stupid to make a final 2 deal with James.

He wins over anyone in that house, 100%.


Here is what I would do if i was james and I won the next HOH….

….I would put Vanessa & Steve on the block…. Because If Austin,Liz,Julia were to win the veto, they wouldn’t use it…John Wouldn’t use it, because he wouldn’t want to Piss James and Austin/Twins off….I would do everything to get them to vote Vanessa out….

If Steve won the Veto, I would throw John up, try to get them to vote vanessa out….

If Vanessa won the veto, It would have to be John vs Steve that goes to jury….

If Austin,Liz,Julia won the next HOH, I would LIE LIE LIE(say I want to go to final 4 with them and say my word is everything…remember I didn’t put u up…let’s work together and get the other 2 house guest on the other side out……”IF Vanessa stayed”, I would swear up and down that she is a lier about me coming after them because If I was, I would have just put them up when I was HOH and be like, Me putting Steve up proves I’m not working with Steve and John either…Vanessa just wanting u to do her dirty work for her and don’t forget when she was HOH, Julia she put u up as a replacement … Austin, don’t forget U came close to getting put up by her, the week Jason went home.

If Vanessa stayed and won HOH, I would say let’s stop going after eachother, we keep doing that…Austin/Twins going to make it to final 3…. Let’s work together with the other house guest that remains and go after Austin/Twins…I would explain, if you get me out…who u going to have left to help you get austin/twins out…think about it….you at the bottom of that alliance,you need me to help u do the dirty work…u can’t do it all by yourself.

If John or Steve was left in the house(Vanessa evicted), If one of them won HOH, I would explain to them it makes more since for us not to go after eachother, we have to split austin/twins up are they will make it to final 3…Get me out, who going to help keep you safe the next week, when one of those 3 win HOH.

I Would keep fighting to Win Every HOH, VETO from than own.


The Asstwits would absolutely vote out Steve or John if that happened. You have to put up Vanessa next to Liz/Julia to ensure two votes from the remaining Asstwit. Remember that Liz hates John and they all think he is gunning for them because they got him evicted.


It has always worked great for me.
Galaxy note 4
Thank you

Nothing Personal

On galaxy 4 I can see everything but cannot comment. On PC can see and comment.

here at home

Your site works for me fine. I’m on a Mac laptop with Safari and Chrome.

brotalk to human dictionary

This is the part of the game where i usually look at all of the final 2 deals in the house. Just because it gives me an idea of where everyone stands in the game.
Vanessa (4): Austin (may or may not still exist), Julia, Steve, Jmac
Austin (2-3): Vanessa (who knows if it still exists?), Liz, proposed deal with James earlier tonight
Steve (2): Jmac, Vanessa
Jmac(2): Steve, Vanessa
Julia (2): Liz, Vanessa
Liz (2): Austin, Julia
James (almost 1 possibly almost 2): proposed deal with Austin earlier tonight, count Meg if you want.
Meg (1): James
Most players keep their final two deals secret. Multiple final 2 deals are a double edge sword. They can keep you in the game if they are diversified enough that you always have the voting pool covered when nominated, the more you have the harder it is to juggle, but they can lose you jury votes if everything comes out in the wash (they don’t show the jury diary room confessionals like they did in season 2, man did that ever screw over Danielle).


That wasn’t season 2. Dr. Will won season 2. I think Danielle was season 5.

brotalk to human dictionary

Danielle Reyes was season 3. oops. finger slip.


Meg is being such a little whiny b*tch. You have done nothing in this game.

You have no clue why Vanessa is sending you packing. She has an alliance with Austwins and deals with Steve/Jmac. You and James are expendable. Get over it, you suck at BB.

another name

So James is hinting a final two with Austin. It seems to me that you might want to align yourself with someone that can cover the parts of the game where you are lacking… but hey, what do i know?
I haven’t read anyone cheering. Nor have i read any secure the deal and get him to save Meg hogwash. Not even some cheers for Austin for potentially siding with James yet.
Guess i’m not the only one that thinks this is a pretty bad idea.


That’s what I was thinking. Pick someone good or decent at mental comps. Since James is in a bind when those come up.


“Meg – “why are they so scared of her”
“James about Vanessa – she likes to be the one doing the mind f***G she doesn’t like being mind F****D”

That sums it up exactly. I can’t believe these idiots are talking about finale and getting drunk. At least Vanessa is ALWAYS in the game. Sure, she’s locked up in the HOH room like a bear hibernating, but she’s playing. Austin and the twins? Vacation.


ugh everyone should be going after twins and Austwit next week. Liz should be main target followed by Austin. Vanessa should be also after evicting those 2.


James wanting to work with Austin? Jmac and Steve not wanting to piss off Vanessa? Steve crushing on Julia?? What glorious drugs is production feeding these people?

Jmac and Steve need to flip and take out the Austwins which is way tighter than the James/Meg duo even without Julia in the mix…eliminate them one by one, maintain a final four with the goblins, take out James, then take Meg to the finale for a very easy win…even with a pro-Goblin majority in the jury, both Steve and Jmac played leaps and bounds better than her. They could also be bros about it and take each other in a “may the best man win” scenario, but come on.

The only way this plan backfires is if James wins F4 HOH and then they vote out Meg and play like hell in the final HOH…a final two with James is a tough spot to be in, but Vanessa and the twins need to be stripped of their power before the rest are picked off.

i hate BB After Dark

I watched as much as I could handle tonight but got bored. Poor BB seemed to practically beg James to wake up and get the house interesting. They kept showing him sleeping. I definitely think they were tempted to yell at him to wake up just as they yell at people to put on microphones.



Geek but not freak

RE: Site crashing…
It has to do with the ad platform. Like housemates, some of the various services don’t play well together.
Try deleting cookies, cache, history. (And avoid any site James would probably have bookmarked…)

NYC Goblin

Love the polls. James is only 0:5% away from Jhony-Mac. Finally people is seeing that J-M has no game? Just flying under someone’s wing, I even find him annoying with the fake voice, it’s all an act, after that akward interview with July I realized he had no idea of te game. Dawg in 4th place love it. And funny that Austwins even adding their percentage they still be last place lol …. That says a lot about twins and Austin


Bwahahahahahahaha at Shit getting real because Steve is working out!!
(I love this site!)
Side eye at Vanessa asking Steve how he expects second round of Final HOH…way to say “throw the comp” Van. If ANY houseguest is thinking of throwing comps from here on out, they need to go to jury.
It would appear Julia is as big a whore as her sister. Steve better get his massage before Thursday; Julia looks like she would renege on a deal.
Everyone knows I am #TeamGoblin and in love with James and Meg’s friendship, but James needs to powwow with Austin and JohnnyMac today.
James is alone in this game (even aligned with Meg, comps wise, he is all alone); JMac is basically alone in this game…Steve will ditch JM for Van and Van will ditch them all for a Twin.
Now that there is a Twin on the block, vote her out and break them up. I know JM sees James and Meg as a duo but he needs to start viewing Meg as a vote that he can use. JMac versus anyone other than James/Meg on the block is going to jury; if he, James and Meg team up with Austin (he would be a secret side unless he can convince Liz to go against Vanessa) could easily take on Vanessa and Steve.
James needs to make Final 2 deals with Vanessa (this week at least she wants to work with him), JMac and Austin. Steve is up in the air.
Of course what will happen is it will be James vs. The Rest of the House while JMac stays low man on everyone’s totem pole throwing comps.


Steve said (to the feedsters) that if it came down to a F3 of him, Vanessa and JMac he would take JMac. He thinks he could beat him in final 2.

BB Snipe

– my replies don’t seem to be showing up here. I tried replying to Toronto Guy a couple times and you once, nothing. Screen refreshes, no error, no post.

@ Toronto Guy – James Rhine says that he, Dr Will, Chicken George, and Danielle all got into the booze in the All Stars jury house. They hopped the wall, crashed a frat party, hit the karaoke bars, trashed a golf cart and made the local news. CBS was pissed and that’s when the booze ration and “no hard stuff” policy started.

BB Snipe

My comments don’t seem to be showing up… trying IE