Kevin “They think I’m here and they’re there, when I’m actually here and they’re there.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 17
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-16 14-33-28-864

5:30pm Up in the HOH room – Kevin, Jordan, Godfrey, Bruno, Willow, Pilar, Brittnee, Ashleigh and Zach are hanging out chatting about random things. Willow talks to Sarah about how in the beginning she got her and Ashleigh mixed up but later realized they were totally different but both really cool. Willow comments to Pilar that she (Willow) is just trying to make good tv by laying with Sarah. Willow says Pilar I thought you were a bombshell! Willow says that when she first saw Bruno she thought “there’s my husband, then I was devastated when I found out he was married.” I thought I could come in here and find my husband. When I saw Johnny I thought he was cute and then found out he was gay. Willow sticks her foot in Godfrey’s pocket and says when she first saw Godfrey she thought this guy is a sexy beast!

Willow and Sarah try to convince Jordan to shave. Jordan says If I win the next HOH I’ll shave my beard. If you guys all drop Paul Jackson style I’ll shave my beard. Willow asks Sarah if you could pick any of the girls to date who would it be? Sarah says based off first impressions? B and Naeha but I could tell Naeha wasn’t flirting the way she was talking. Sarah says “Naeha wouldn’t have found me attractive.” Willow asks what do you mean? Sarah says “she is very particular and I’m a disgusting mess of a person.”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-16 14-33-39-349

5:50pm Kevin and Pilar head to the bedroom – Pilar tells Kevin that he’s funny. Kevin says you calling someone funny is like telling someone they’re human. Pilar and Kevin kiss. Pilar and Kevin head to the bathroom to try to make a deck of cards using makeup and paper towel. They abandon the idea to do it with makeup when Kevin realizes the makeup will be gone after making 6 cards.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-16 14-51-13-757

6:15pm Zach, Bobby, Pilar, Ashleigh and Kevin are in the kitchen. Bobby and Ashleigh head to the living room to play the game Kevin taught them. The camera’s switch to Kevin and Pilar in the bathroom again trying to make cards with mustard. Kevin says this week is going to be crazy! Pilar says everyone thinks its going to be you. AND then surprise. Keivn says Bobby and Bruno think I’m here, and they’re there…(below them) when I’m actually here and they’re there. (above them) Pilar says its going to be a big move an unexpected move.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-16 15-49-19-333

6:30pm Willow and Jordan talk about penis size. Jordan says “I will tell you that right now, it does not meet the requirement of eight and a half (inches)” (Willow lied last week saying the last guy she dated was 8.5 inches long) Willow says I’m sure it does. Jordan says you’ll find out when we go on a date.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-16 15-34-56-809

6:45pm – 6:55pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. The feeds come back and they comment that they’ll be sequestered in 15 minutes. (HOH lockdown) Kevin goes to the HOH room. He asks Kevin are you ready to see your face up there? Jordan says yeah. Kevin says you’re a smart guy you wouldn’t do it unless you knew you were 100% safe. Kevin leaves. Jordan comments to Sarah “At least I hope I’m okay.”

7pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. The nomination ceremony is likely happening now..

8:52pm Feeds still blocked
9:41pm Feeds still blocked

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Willow is so awkward around Sarah it’s actually funny. I’d prefer watching these two than Pilar and Kevin slobbering all over each other just cause I can’t stand Pilar always telling Kevin he’s so funny or so nice and then giggling. She knows she’s not 12 right?


Seriously I don’t know how she got cast on this show, she is the worst…what has she done other then suck face with Kevin. She doesn’t have a strategic bone in her body, the second she says something the boys just pat her on her head and basically tell her to be quite. If I didn’t think she was so useless I would be extremely offended.


To me it’s funny when i see Pilar coming across a group of people talking game, she takes off right away so that she doesn’t disturb them


Hey Dawg, when you said that Willow put her foot in Godfrey’s pocket…I thought it was some obscure expression I’d never heard…that meant she was buttering him up or showering him with compliments. Then I saw the pic you posted and realized you meant that she literally put her foot in his pocket. Whoops…think I need some sleep.


Just looked at the Slice Schedule for After Dark. no After Dark 18, 21, 22 (23rd isn’t shown yet) doesn’t look good for feeds..

I’m predicting No feeds at all Friday, Monday and Tuesday


Kevin literally deserves to be choked ????




Zzzzz… worst season ever. I’m going to watch The Brady Bunch. At least Alice makes better plays for Sam the butcher.


Shut up with the negative dramatics! It’s not the worst season ever. It’s off to a slow start, as with most seasons. Sooner or later the house is gonna be divided and Jp and Zach will be exposed, not to mention a useful twistos twist will be set.


Wow. Coming from a coward who won’t identify themselves except with a period. Who throws a hissy fit because they don’t like someone else’s opinion? Childish much? I stand by what I said. Worst season ever. And the ratings, as well as the network shift, are proof it’s true.


Its true, this season is shit!!!
The only decent person is sarah????


Lol coward? It’s all over the Internet regardless of the name you idiot. And honestly, worst season ever? Did you say the same thing for bbcan2 , bb16 etc? Under no circumstances would you people be grateful for anything, ever. Why even bother watching the show if you know that you’re gonna hate it regardless? This is why bbfans have a bad rep

subaru forester

BB16 was garbage
BBCAN1 was epic
BBCAN2 was epic
BBCAN3 is so far boring but not worse than BB16.

another name

kfc first five evictee return competition: recreate the secret 11 herbs and spices formula and make a bucket full of Kentucky fried slop. first one to eat the whole bucket wins.


just your tweet about the slice schedule and no afterdarks 18,21,22 OH Snap!! Peeps are gonna be mad if that happens!!


Some people are saying their TV schedules show different so who knows what is going to happen.


How is Naeha leading Johnny in the ‘Who do you want to return’ vote??


people may be dissppointed by johnny and prefer te idea of gving naeha a shot. face it tho the pov was rigged against him they all still have to win. i ont love what jon did to neda last year becuz it was sabs at the end i hated. BUT if ned wanted to be final 2 she needed to win her way there and she didnt. jonny needed to win or connect well and he ddnt. naeha has a plan and it might work if others aent afraid.

i just find her hsrd to watch because she is really tooooo intense. thatis why ppl wanted her out she always seems to be up to somehing lol plus “grumpycat” face

i think feeds will be down for when whoever comes back in and i think try ae not coming back until ater noms and pov so it doesnt affect noms. so that is all down by tomorrow of course someone comes back and feeds are down until it is revealed to us sunday. feeds down so not leaked.


1. Naeha is hot.
2. Naeha is smarter & more strategic.
3. Naeha didn’t sell her allies out in a desperate attempt to stay.
4. Naeha got screwed out of her chance to win veto.
5. Johnny is a grown man that thinks it’s cute to talk like a baby.
6. Everyone is tired of Johnny’s desperate attempts to make Kevin gay or like him.
7. EVERYONE is sick of hearing Kevy Wevy.


Its dumb blocking the feeds, it doesn’t matter who comes in. If we were in jury phase I will block the feeds but not at this stage of the game. BBCAN feeds suck. IF the girls were smart and naeha is back, they will evict Jordan this week. Then let bobby or Bruno win hoh, take out zack, and they should be winning the game if they were smart.