William – “we talked a lot about game.. but I was drunk.. shit I forgot”

Sounds like Kevin and Karen had a drinking contest. Karen is in rough shape this morning. Hang in there Karen!

10:13am HOH William and Dre
William – we talked a lot about game.. but I was drunk shit I forgot
Dre says last night there was a “reunion” between Jackie, Emily, Dillon and Bruno trying to figure out how to not be on the block”
Dre – I know that Dillon, EMiy and Bruno were working together
William says it’s better to put up Bruno over Kevin
Dre says right now Kevin like William he can work to build something with him.
Dre – “Guard your heart because it’s not real”

Dre makes William pinky promise he won’t get feelings for Kevin

Dre says Kevin wanted to protect Jackie that is why Kevin is telling him that Sindy voted William.
Dre – why would Sindy vote against you..
Dre says Sindy is with Neda, Neda wanted Gary out, ‘Neda was the chief’. That vote was entirely a group thing for that side of the house why would Snidy go against the group.
Dre says William should tell Sindy that Kevin said that
Wiliam – no

William adds even if it’s true he’s not putting up Sindy. William thinks that Kevin see Sindy is getting closer to Ika than Neda.
William mentioned putting up Jackie as a pawn. Dre thinks he needs to put up 2 strong players.
Dre warns him that Jackie and Kevin both lie.
Dre mentions Emily and Dillon are scared about going on the block it’s a sign they don’t have as many numbers backing them up.

Dre says Jackie is fake and doesn’t think she is..
Dre – Crazy people.. when they know they’re crazy it’s the first part of solving the problem
Dre says Jackie went around and told everyone that Dre was campaigning to keep Cassandra.
William says Jackie is as fake as his stuffed dog.

Dre says she liked Gary but he kept throwing her name out there “He treated me like a salami”
Dre – I don’t miss him
William – I don’t either

Demetres and Ika Poolside
Talking about the potential of a instant eviction happening and what to happen if Dillon and Emily go up. They agree Dillon will be the one they vote out. Ika points out that EMily is a stronger player than Dillon.
Demetres says it really doesn’t matter as long as Jackie, Emily or Dillon go home.
Ika warns that Emily and Jackie are getting super close.

11:40pm Ika and Bruno Poolside
Bruno thinks it’s a instant eviction. Mentions that William told them he doesn’t know if he’ll get his room after the lockdown.
Ika says it’s for sure two of Jackie, Emily, Dillon going up.
Bruno – sick

Demetres, Ika and Bruno
Ika says Dre/William distrust comes from Kevin.

11:00am Ika and Bruno poolside Demetres in and out as he works out.
Ika says that neda told her Sindy is annoying because of her stories. Ika doesn’t mind Sindy’s stories. Ika mentions that Neda doesn’t mind Dillon and Emily’s stories but mind Sindys.
Ika – I don’t even think of the 100 thousand dollars sometimes I think about how much I hate these mother f*** people

Ika says bruno, Sindy, Demetres or herself are teh ones she wants to win the game.
They mention how Neda’s power is unfair.
Ika brings up Neda saying if Cassandra comes back Neda is going to sit in the corner and not play this game, “people see you being a brat”

Bruno says if Ika and Demetres are on the block he’s keeping Ika.

3:33pm Feeds have been down for most of the day.. no idea why it’s BBCAN..
6:23pm No feeds never
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Dre and William are very naive thinking Gary was the only one so shady. if only they knew Ika played the middle all this time. She has thrown their names utb to the six several times and they blindly think she has been loyal. It’s like they think Ika has never been in an alliance at all with anybody, but knows all the info from the other side. How do they not get it? She would not know all of it if she was not a member of them.


Glad Gary is gone so sick off seeing all the makeup sessions


Neda is getting a shitty edit , she is a bit of a brat but ika is nasty and needs to go ! So happy Gary and Cass and their huge egos are gone !

Bb fan

Thank you!! Agreed! Glad their gone makes this much more bearable. Just need to get rid of Ika and Karen. And yea production is definitely editing neda out as the villain of this season, even though Neda’s playing a pretty strategic game this season.


Neda is making it pretty easy for production to give her that edit…

sunny dee

production doesn’t really have to do anything to show that edit

she’s made so many snarky comments, and made Cindy with an S cry. not cool


Ugh yes Sindy with an S telling Jackie to grow a thick skin and it is a privilege to be thrown shade by Ms. Ika Wong who has been legitimately trying to pick a fight with Jackie, and then running crying to the diary room cause someone was teasing her. Why don’t you take your own advise Sindy. It is the game. Grow a thick skin honey.

Guy From Canada

Jesus Karen, are you that dinosaur from Jurassic park that blinded Newman? But then again that fossil did survive to the end as well……


I think if I was William I would do something bold and nominate Sindy and Kevin.

I would say Sindy you are a pawn and I know you can win the veto and pull yourself down and open up the backdoor for me! If you don’t I feel like your alliance will let you go over Kevin, you are on the bottom girl!

And then Kevin, you may be my close ally and I don’t want you to go, you better hope sindy doesn’t jordan parhar you. Its time to see if your alliance has your back!

These people need to show their alliance whose really high on the totem pole! If william nominates Emily and Dillon or even Jackie, every knows they are low. But if you create distrust by putting Dillon up against Bruno, it shows Emily that she’s expendable as well, because they will choose Bruno over Dillon.


dre is so delusional that even when kevin tells the truth, she will always still think it’s a lie


Yeah, I think a lot of it is Ika’s doing, though. She told Dre that Kevin is a liar and that he is only playing William. She is going around making people avare of his game and then complains that people don’t trust him.

Someone please contain Neda she is slowly turning into literal cancer

Karen got fuckin rekt.

another name

I’ve been reading exit interviews of former house guests. My big question is… do any of the interviewers watch feeds? Are they not allowed to ask questions based on what we see on feeds, but only what is presented in episodes?
I mean, to Dallas I’d have been asking ‘do you feel bad about telling Dillon and Emily to target Ika and Sindy because they are the puppet masters behind Demetres considering Ika seemed supportive of you after your nomination?’ To Cassandra I’d have been asking ‘you’ve said you wanted to work with Neda, but you did tell people you wanted her gone before she got her immunity and then later the moment her immunity was over… so how does that work?’ And I’d pretty much be asking Gary that same question, ‘after putting it out to so many people that Neda needed to be evicted as soon as her immunity is over, isn’t it a bit disingenuous to say you wouldn’t go after her? Or are you just being careful with your words, meaning you wouldn’t nominate her yourself, but you’d vote her out?’
Okay. I’m feeling like the exit interviews are company line to match production edit story line. Am I the only one?


Yeah, yeah, I get it… you all think Neda is a big meanie.

But can we just take a moment to talk about the fact that in the previous episode Jackie started crying & was upset because she was feeling attacked by Ika, and Sindy sat there and pretended to care but later laughed about it in the diary room and stated “It’s a priveledge to be thrown some shade by the the Ms. Ika Wong…”

Now last night’s episode Sindy is in tears because Neda is joking around with her & poking some fun…



There does seem to be a double standard in how actions of equal cruelty are measured:
Ika makes Jackie cry and feel bullied (with no apology): it seems to be funny.
Neda makes Sindy cry and feel bullied (with an apology the next day): burn it… burn it with fire! plunge a stake in it’s heart and chop off it’s head!



I just don’t understand.

I personally find Ika to be far meaner but yet she seems to be gaining popularity with fans quickly, and Neda is looked at as the mean girl. I just don’t understand. I’m not saying Neda is perfect (she is definitely snarkier this season than she was in her first), but how people are loving on Ika and then proceeding to hate on Neda for being a mean girl in the same post is beyond me..


Because Ika is funny. Neda is just another mean girl who got lucky with Canada’s vote.


Firstly, Ika is an underdog this season. It’s human nature to feel a connection to an underdog..we’ve all been there, right? Secondly Ika owns her image, she’s said that she’d rather tell someone to their face what she thinks of them instead of going behind their backs. Neda still wants to be seen as the brilliant sweetheart that got done wrong by a man. That just doesn’t fit this year.


I guess Sindy does not feel privileged to be shaded by Neda. They r all mean at times. Right or wrong people find Ika entertaing. Neda not so much. It may not be fair but who says life is fair.


Ika is horrible. I really have a hard time thinking of anyone else from any previous season that I dislike more than I dislike her in the house. Ugh. I really don’t understand where the Ika love comes from (especially if you’re hating on Neda for being a mean person in the same sentence)…

Jackie isn’t winning any Big Brother’s any time soon, but I’m just waiting for the day Ika goes home on a Jackie HOH. It’l be so so good.

yup yup yup

ME wrote : ” I really have a hard time thinking of anyone else from any previous season that I dislike more than I dislike her in the house. ” GARY. I wanted Gary gone since I saw him on the Season 5 roster. Highly overrated player. Annoying as Frankie from BBUS. If Big Brother wants a LGBQT winner so damn bad then they should just create ” Alternative Lifestyle Big Brother ” I stopped watching BBUS after the “Vaneyes” season. If Gary makes it back on this season I will stop watching BBCAN as well.


You all crack me up complaining about Neda and Ika being mean and bitchy . They are NOTHING compared to the girls on BBUK going after each other lol BBUK has the best drama out of any of the Big Brothers. But I’m from the US and still my fav. BBCAN is on the bottom of my list out of BBUS, BBUK, BBAU when it was on. Anyways Neda and Ika are not even that bad.